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The Daily News
1923 Year End



The Tale of the Sea

Dec 30, 1922
Schooner Port Union partly burned to the water's edge at Port Union.

S. S. Sebastopol ashore at Channel, second time on the one trip. Refloated.


January 1923

4       Schooner Armistice, Captain J. Petite, reported foundered in mid-ocean. Crew saved.

5       8       Monroe & Co's , schooner Scotch Cure, caught in a pan of ice and driven out of Change Islands. picked up by S. S. Seal, Captain Carter, and towed in to Seldom Come By, where crew, which had abandoned her rejoined.

9       Norwegian Steamer Skaraas, 19 days from Narvick, Norway, bound to Philadelphia, arrives with steering gear out of order and deck damages

11       Schooner Eleanor E. , Kinsella Master, bound from Ferryland to St. John's , runs ashore near Witless Bay. Crew escape in safety.

12       Tern schooner Frank R Forsey, Captain Rose, strikes pier at Grand Bank and sinks. She was homeward bound from Setubal with salt. Refloated the next day owing to melting , and moored in the basin.

14       Tern schooner General Jacob, S Harris, Ltd. , ashore at Langlade, Miquelon. Subsequently refloated and towed to Grand Bank.

18       Norwegian schooner Helder, 10 day from Baltimore bound to Denmark, reaches harbour in leaky condition. S. S. Sachem picks up disabled Norwegian Steamer Capto, in lat. 49.45 N. , long 40.10 W. , and starts towing her to St. John's.

26       Capt. James Ellis of the Emperor of Scotland in terrific storm rescued Capt. Kearley and crew of the schooner Clintonia of Belleoram, amid grave difficulties. The crew were compelled to throw themselves into the water, where they were picked up. The vessel was burned and the lifeboats smashed. The Clintonia was bound from Fortune Bay to Halifax. Crew were brought to New York.

28       S.S. Sachem arrives with steamer Capto in tow. Hawser parted of four different occasions. Storms and fields of ice impeded progress. Two was about seven hundred miles and occupied ten days. The Capto was ore laden from Narock to Sydney. Capt. Petite and crew of the wrecked schooner armistice, rescued by S. S. Horner city and carried to Newport, Wales, arrive by S. S. Sachem.



6       Schooner Workman, Capt. Ansty, St. John's to Seville, reported sunk in mid-ocean, Crew rescued by S. S. Maryland and landed at Madeira

8       S. S Kyle, after 5 days of terrible experience, arrives at Port aux Basque, with steering gear broken, ship iced up, and crew frost bitten.

14       American Shipping Board steamer, Bellingham, Captain Henry Morgan, bound from Finland ports to Boston, enters port short of coal and provisions, One man, Seaman Head 35 drowned.

20       Tern schooner Marguerite Ryan, Cadiz to Trinity, reported abandoned in mid-ocean. Crew rescued and landed in Panama.

23       Cap. Thomas Janes and crew of six sunken schooner A. B. Barteau of St. John's from Port Ambroy, inward, rescued by Norwegian steamer Hauk, badly frostbitten after several days on the ice.

25       Crew of the marguerite Ryan, Trapini to Trinity, rescued in January in mid-0cean by S. S. Corinthian and landed at Christobal, reach Boston.



1       Crew of the abandoned schooner Frank H Adams of Catalina landed   at Milford Haven. The derelict towed into Vigo, Spain, two day earlier.

4       S. S. Sagona, Captain Tavenor, arrives from Louisbury, the round trip having occupied 21 days, mostly spent in the ice off Scatterie.

5       S. S. Belvernon arrives 5 ½ days from Halifax, with remains of Robert Clance fishermen who died in Hospital at Boston: also carrying crew of the schooner James O'Neill, Oporto to St. John's which was abandoned off St. Peirre on March 3rd.

6       Capt. James and crew of the ill fated schooner A. B. Barteau, brought to port by S. S. Hauk and taken to hospital. Had been three day s and three nights on the ice before rescued.

10       Schooner Bohemia abandoned and set on fire at lat. 45. , N long 55.13 W , Crew rescued by schooner Admiral Drake, and subsequently transferred to S. S. Arawa

19       Schooner Nellie T Walters, 61 days from Lisbon to Burin, puts into Halifax after terrific experience.

30       Schooner Gladys M Hollett abandoned at sea. Crew rescued by S. S. Sable Island and landed at St. John's the following day.



3       Capt. Cluett and crew of the schooner Rita M Cluett, bound home from Oporto, rescued by S. S. President Fillmore. The schooner was subsequently fired 360 miles south of Cape Race , and crew transferred to U. A. Patrol-cutter Tamps, were landed at Halifax on April 5th

12       Tern schooner General Ironsides arrives in Halifax 70 days from Portugal bound to St. John's. Schooner Admiral Drake from New York to St. John's, 70 days out, reaches Halifax

17       Barquentine Clutha , Capt. Burke, reported abandoned in Lat. 41 N. , Long 47W. , and set on fire. The crew rescued by schooner Jean Campbell, Transferred to S. S. Orduna and landed in England.

21       Schooner Gay Gordon, Captain Fudge abandoned in Lat. 41.45 N. , Long 41.41W. Crew rescued.

29       Schooner Cape Race, Captain Mark Burke, arrives 76 day from Seville.



3       First Trans Atlantic steamer to arrive at Montreal for the season is the S. S. Holingbroke.

6       Captain Burke and six of the crew of the Barquentine Clutha, abandoned at sea, arrive at Halifax by S. S. Pittsburgh from Southampton.

7       S. S. Portia, Capt. Field arrives after 80 days round trip due to ice conditions.

8       Four women and 23 men walk 8 miles over treacherous ice field between S. S. Kyle and Flat Point after being ice bound in sight of land for 10 days with provisions dwindling to vanishing point. Just after landing the wind changed and the S. S. Kyle reached North Sydney.

9       Between 40 and 50 Trans-Atlantic passenger steamers caught in the ice in Canadian waters.

15       Schooner Spencer Lake driven ashore at Woods Island, by ice.

19       S. S. Glenburnie ashore at Spot Point, Highlands, Bay St. George, refloated three days later.

20       Schooner Spencer Lake refloated by Canadian Government S. S. Montealm

21       S. S. Oxonian, Capt. Thomas, with bows badly damaged, and leaking, reach port, carrying 818 head of cattle, bound for Montreal to Birkenhead.
C. P. R. Liner Mervale, Capt. Lewis, crash on rocks at Cape Freels, one mile from Cape Pine. Passengers and crew number 436 reach St. John's by train from Trepassey two days later. Was bound from Montreal to Liverpool. Was backed off but sank. Formerly Allan Liner Corsican.

26       C. P. R. Liner Melita arrives from Montreal, takes passengers and crew of wrecked S. S. Marvale, and proceeds to England. S. S. Rosalind collided with schr. Bertie Oke  from Musgravetown, doing some damage.

31       Schooner Pellen grounds on sand bank in Port au Port Bay.



14       Schooner Portia of Raleigh abandoned the previous night, when she struck Cranford's Island, runs ashore at Indian Islands. Sails were set when she struck. Later the schooner slipped off and was driven under sail to Indian Island.

19       Schooner Herbert Warren given up as lost at sea.

23       Schooner Florence B of Haystack abandoned 14 miles off Cape Pine. Crew rescued by schooner Ethel H Dicks, Captain Fagan, and landed at St. Mary's.

27       S. S. Seal, Captain Jacob Kean, with 200 passengers, freaks four blades of propellor off Snug Harbour. S. S. Ranger, Capt Abraham Kean, brings assistance.

29       Norwegian steamer O. K. Knudsen, coal laden, Sydney to Wabana, struck gull Island Point near St. Vincent's. Crew landed at Peter's River. Vessel total loss.



1       S. S. Banda, Sydney to Granville France, coal laden, struck Watering Cove, one mile east of the Knudsen wreck. Crew saved. Total loss. Was a French ship of 3893 tons gross.

2       S. S. Advance from Boston, runs ashore in a fog while entering Halifax Harbor and breaks in two; 3458 tons. Ship ran between Boston and Halifax and St. John's.

12       French Warship arrives with several of the crew of the banker Bessileur of St. Malo rescued after the vessel had taken fire through a gasoline explosion. One sailor succumbed to his injuries just before arrival

16       Danish schooner Centaurus which left Harbor Buffett on February 7th for Oporto, and whose Captain had been arrested for shooting one of the crew reported missing.



13       Schooner Edward Roy, Captain Thomas O'Brien, Curling, driven ashore near North Sydney. S. S. Sable I. , Capt. Murley, collides with wreck and is beached four miles from Lamaline.

16       Schooner Luica from Fortune Harbour to Curling runs ashore on Woods Island.

18       Schooner Minnie Parsons Pierce Judge, Master lost at Belle Isle in a gale.

23       S. S. Sable I successfully refloated. Schooner Conqueror, with 500 quintals of fish lost at New Harbour, Grosswater Bay
Labrador Banking schooner, Harmonia, arrives at Carbonear with Portuguese sailor aboard, picked up near Virgin rock, four days previously.

31       Portuguese Cruiser Carvalboe Arango goes ashore half a mile north of La Manche. Is pulled off by S. S. Watchful and towed to St. John's. S. S. Roxburgh ashore 14 miles from Botwood.



1       Portuguese Cruiser Carvalboe Arango arrives with six of the crew seriously injured. One seaman has both legs amputated and another one leg. S. S. Roxburgh refloated and arrives at St. John's two day later.

9       Italian steamer Vesuvio arrives with steering out of order. Steam tug Hero sinks at her moorings.

23       Schooner Jacinth owned by John Barbour, Newtown ashore at Cape Ballard. -Total Wreck. Schooner Lorna Doone of Port Union, Capt. Rideout, lost with 600 quintals of fish off Cape Bonavista.



1       S.S. Troutpool ashore at St. Pierre Island. Total Loss. Schooner Mona Fortune, strikes breakwater at Souris, P.E.I. and sinks. Schooner Allan F. Ross breaks anchorage at St. Pierre and is driven on the rocks. Subsequently reach harbor. Three schooners post at Port au Brass. Schooner Electric Flash total wreck at Renews.

2       Schooner Quickstop, Capt. Bennett, sinks at Burnt Island wharf. Schooner Nortman W Strong Capt. Wiseman, lost off Castle Hyde near little St. Lawrence.

8       Refloated schooner Electric Flash towed to St. John's
Schooner Wilfred G. Jones. George Gooby, master, destroyed by fire at Snook's Arm.

16       Schooner Jean Dundonald Duff, Capt. C. Forward, abandoned in Lat. 42.28 N. , Long 24.43 W. Crew rescued by S. S. Arawa and landed in Colon, Panama.

18       Schooner Freedom, Capt. Noseworthy, arrives at Carbonear, 26 days from North Sydney.

24       Schooner William L Macdonald on fire off New Jersey Coast, abandoned . Crew rescued by S. S. Manuel included Hugh Grandy  Mate; John R Haines, Cook; Jerry Bungay, Charles Skinner and James keeping, all of Newfoundland.



12       Newfoundland schooner Lizzie Divvan from P. E. I. strikes Cerberus Rock off Arichat. Crew rescued by S. S. Robert G Cann.

14       Schooner Olive May, Captain Walter Barbour, ashore at Crocker's Cove Point, Carbonear.

25       Schooner Rosaleen, Barrett, Master, of Bishop's Cove, abandoned at Middle Cove.



1       Schooner Little Princess, belonging to Capt. A Kean, reported abandoned in mid-ocean.

3       S. S. Gustavsholm, Capt. Stevenson, 9 days out from Norfolk Va. , to Gottenburg, Sweden, puts in for repairs.

4       Schooner Ria of Grand Bank ashore off the Point , Harbour Grace Beach.

15       Schooner Nahada, Capt. J. C. Peddle, belonging to Benjamin Stied, Musgravetown, B. B. runs ashore near Baccalieu, bound for Canada Harbour to St. John's, crew narrowly escape but save none of their belongings.

21       S. S. Silvia makes fastest record, 37 hours from St. John's to Halifax.



Dec. 13
       Body of Miss Lindsay discovered half a mile from the schoolhouse near Cartwright, Labrador.




1       M. Garland, 13 son of Thomas Garland, formerly Hair Dresser in St. John's, accidently killed when playing with a revolver at Culver City, California.
David Burge, Friday's Bay, left home and believed drowned.

13       George Kelloway, 27, killed by fall of coal in Victoria Mine, Glace Bay.

14       Thomas ford, H. M. C. Channel, overcome by blizzard between Channel and Port aux Basques, dies a few minutes after rescue.

20       George Wells of Little Bay, struck by an automobile at Renton, Washington State, U.S.A. the previous day, died age 41



4       Second Officer, Robert Carter, of Port aux Basques, washed overboard from S.S. Kyle, 32
Bernard Dollamont, fireman on S. S. Watuka, drowned in Halifax Harbour.

5       Herbert Blondin 30 and Miles O'Brien 26 of Bay Bulls, swept over board from schooner Elizabeth Howard and lost. Both unmarried.

14       Capt. William Sutton drowned at Seal Cove, British Columbia.
John Prasugan 80, left his home in Flat Bay Brook, for Sandy Point, St. George and perished in the snow. Body found a few days later.

15       two young girls, daughters of Ralph Costard, Cape George, received severe injuries from lighting a fire with gasoline and died two days later.

17       Charles Vatcher, Lower Battery, 21, drowned at Skerries Cove, outside the Narrows when bird shooting. Married, one child, body recovered the following Monday
Young man named Emberley of Paradise, P. B. accidently shot by his own gun which exploded when being played with by his dog in the boat, in which he was bird-shooting

19       John T Tobin, Trepassey, 18 found dead in severe blizzard.

20       Joseph Hayes, Renews, 18, found dead in Fermeuse Station where he had sought refuge from the blizzard of the previous day
Henry Briff, Admiral's Cove, 60 found dead from exposure to blizzard of previous day.
Frozen body of Peter Raymond of the Goulds, another victim of the blizzard, found six miles from his home.



12       Isaac Sansom, 63, and Augustus Sansom, 50, of Winterton drowned off Greats Cove Point.

25       In early morning fire on Spencer Street, John Donovan, aged 85, burned to death, others of family narrowly escape.



1       George Penney, Heart's Content killed there when discharging coal from S. S. Cranley.

6       Thomas Strowbridge aged and almost blind, drowned from schooner Dixie at Harbour Breton.
Thomas Kennedy, 74, of Green Point, near Gaultois, struck by a stone thrown by a young man and died five days later.

10       George Mallatt of Yarmouth, N.S. sailor on the S. S. Wascana, at Bell Island, struck by a car loaded with ore and instantly killed.

17       Gregory Lewis, Holyrood, dies in hospital at Sydney, after amputation of both legs due to a fall in the steel works
James Curran accidently killed at New Aberdeen Colliery, 22

22       Shelby Gosse, 17, Bell Island, died from injuries received through being struck by a loaded car on the Nova Scotia Pier.

23       Vincent Slaney, St. Lawrence, reported lost from schooner Ellen and Mary of Grand Bank.

25       Leo Cluny, Ex-Pte. in Forestry Battalion, reported killed in Quebec by a falling derrick.

28       James Boone dies as result of a carriage accident on the previous day at Flat rock, St. John's East.



7       Herbert Hammond, Portugal Cove, falls between cars of ore on Bell Island and is badly crushed.
George Drover, Hodges Cove, drowned at Harbour Steady, Millertown, when driving logs.

10       Little lad named Peddle, aged 4 strays from his home. Body found long after, probably fell off Railway Trestle.

14       Mrs. Williams James, Georgetown, Brigus, dies from severe burns received the previous day.

15       Alice Gulley, Bonne Bay, 18, when insane, suicides .

20       John St. John, Harbour Grace, 47, John L Wellon, Ladle Cove, 30; and Adam Kean, Musgrave Harbour, 59 drowned at Grand Falls, through upsetting of boat.

21       Leo Cluney killed at Quebec.

21       Jeremiah Callahan of Humber Brook, drowned while conveying some tourists up the river.



4       Alfred Martin, Hickman's Harbour, falls over wharf and is drowned, 57

9       Alfred Skinner, Belloram, 38, drowned 80 miles off shore through fall from deck of schooner Dorothy I. , whose brother Ralph Skinner, was Master.

11       Little Mollie Humphries, 4 ½ killed by motorcycle on Cornwall Avenue.

16       John S Horrow, Ship's Harbour, P. B. , drowned when swimming in St. John Harbour New Brunswick.

26       Augustus McNeil drowned off St. Shotts.

31       Gerald Griffiths, 12, accidently killed by motor car on the South Side Road.



4       Leonard Hart, killed at Fogo in a saw-mill accident.

9       Thomas Whalen, Bryants Cove, instantly killed at Bell Island, 28.

13       William and Maxwell Inkpen of Burin, drowned.

16       Raymond Lever, Heart's content 16, falls over public wharf and is drowned.
Thomas Fitzgerald, Mobile, killed at Boston. Remains interred in his native place on Aug. 25th

22       James Lomond, Channel, one of the crew of the S. S. Stella Maris, Capt. Renouf, washed overboard in heavy weather and drowned.

23       Herbert Dawe, killed by fall from 8th floor of the Robert Simpson Building, Toronto.

28       S. Mollow, 82, Fishery Warden, and his 7 year old granddaughter, drowned in the Serpentine River, St. George's.

29       Herbert Pike, drowned while bathing at Topsail
Young man, son of Edward Rowe of Norris Arm, drowned from motor boat opposite Mill Point, Botwood, when on the way to Fogo.



2       Fracas at Chapel's Cove, Harbour Main, when man named Fewer was assaulted by another named Hawco. Fewer as result of injuries received died in hospital on September 13th. Hawco charged with wilful murder.

3       Miss Hilda Horney, 23, killed by runaway car at Bell Island.

6       Thomas McCarthy injured in boiler explosion at the royal Hotel, St. John N.B. , on August 26th, dies there if his injuries.

9       Agusta Joe Berie of the Portuguese Cruiser, Carvalhoe Aranjo, dies after double amputation at the Hospital due to severe injuries received in storm at sea.

13       William Kenway, Flat Island, P.B. knocked overboard, by the main boom of a fishing vessel, and is drowned.

20       Henry Peddle 28, crushed to death at Besco Steel plant, Sydney.

25       James Brown, Grand Bank, 16 accidentally and fatally shoots himself at Lamaline.

27       John Hopkins died in hospital from injuries caused by a fall from a ladder when making alterations on the tower of the Methodist College, the previous Tuesday.



1       Vincent Molloy, Marystown, lost with schooner General Parr.
Daniel Strout of Rose Blanche, blown overboard and drowned.
Arthur Childs, English Harbour Fortune Bay, washed overboard from schooner Effie May when homeward bound from Labrador

2       Freight train overturns near Northern Bight, due to embankment washed away by storm. Engine Driver Charles Cahill, 45, killed.

9       Gladys Inkpen, 8, Ship's cove, Burin, burned to death , her clothing catching from the flame of a kerosene oil stove.
Five year old daughter of James Chapman, Little Bay Islands, burned to death.



21       Michael Bulger, Flat rock, accidentally killed when discharging locomotive for the Humber, at the St. John's Dry Dock.

26       Samuel Murphy, Colliers, killed at Bell Island, when trying to board a trip of cars.

29       Ronald John Carter of Greenspond drowned at Montreal.



7       Arthur Hampton, Portland, B. B. killed through bursting of a block and tackle when engaged in hauling a house.

8       Body of Florence White, Conception Harbour, a domestic found dead in Waterford River.

20       Lewis Mitchell, Kelly Cove, Burin, drowned though falling overboard when mooring his boat.





11       Arthur Donaldson Malcolm formerly of Fogo, at Detroit, U. S. A.

22       Mrs. J. T. Murphy, Placentia

28       Miss Josephine Hogan, Northern Bay, 16

29       Mrs. Mary Brophy, Bay Roberts, 86
Mrs. Benson, Grates Cove, 33

30       Williams Ashbourne, Twillingate, 55
Mrs. Bessie Milley





2       Henry T Nicol
Louis Crocker, Bonne Bay, 15
George H Jost, architect, at Musquodoboit, 71

3       Mrs. Ellen Chafe, Petty Harbour, 83.
Miss Annie Hussey, Port de Grave, 14

4       Alexander McKinley, 60

5       Miss Emma Grace Grant, South Side, Carbonear, 24

6       Mrs. Bridget Penney, 76

7       Mrs, Ellen Healey, 84
Moses W Moore, Heart's Content, at North Sydney

8       Mrs. Mary A Kennedy, 80
Mrs. Reuben Vatcher, Freshwater, B. D. V. , 65.

9       Rev. W. S. Howell, Carbonear, at Boyestown, N. B. 28.
Mrs. Margaret Dowden 65
George Cooper, Lower Island Cove, 82
Joseph Hayward Pike, at San Francisco, 69  

10       Capt. Edward English, 76

12       Mrs. A. D. Arnaud, in London.

14       Mrs. Emily Paul, 80

15       John J Moore, 49

16       Mrs. Elizabeth O'Driscoll, Mobile
Mrs. Margaret Farrell, Harbour Grace, 84

17       Frederick Donald Rose, 24
Miss Beatrice Noseworthy, 15½

18       Mrs. (Lieut. Com.) Colvile, nee Withers, at Southsea, England
Mrs. Elizabeth Whalen, 85
Mrs. Sarah Ann Eales, 84

19       Ex-Constable Thomas McBay, 63
Mrs. Jessie Louise Pippy
James Bennett, Carbonear, 80 (cire)
Nicholas Wade, conception Harbour, 86

20       Mill Lillian Chown
Elijah Milley, 67
William Arthur Way, Grand Falls, 11

21       Arthur Follett Paddon , at Toronto
Mrs. Elizabeth Murrin, 45
Simeon Simms, Carbonear.

22       John Burden, Carbonear.

23       John P. Collins. at New York, 71
Mrs. Isabella King, 102*
William Purcell, Harbour Grace

24       Dennis Hollahan at Halifax, 61

25       Capt. Richard Drake, 78
Bernard Byrne, Brigus, 38
Mrs. Brettle Howell, Carbonear, 23

26       Miss Ida O'Toole Presque, 22

27       Mrs. Theodore Peers, Heart's Content, at Sydney, N.S. 52
Albert Piercey, New Perlican

28       Mrs. Chesley Noseworthy, 23
Mrs. Harry Rogers, 30
George Stewart, Bell Island, 40

29       Simeon Pidgeon, formerly of Burin, at Toronto, 80



1       James Roche, 81

2       Ena Bernardine Vinicombe, 10
Thomas Morrissey, Riverhead Harbour Grace, 72

4       Mrs. Maurice F. Power, Marystown.

6       Mrs. Patrick J Power, 38

7       Mrs. Elizabeth Foran
Miss Margery Fennessey

8       Hon. J. A. Cliff, K.C. , C. B. E. 66

10       Mrs. Mark W. Pike, Channel
Mrs. Edward Crummey, Western Bay, 69

11       Mrs. Mary O'Neill, 82
Edward Osmond, Carbonear

12       Mrs. Hector Ross

13       Mrs. Elizabeth Barnham
William Ash, Crocker's Cove, Carbonear

15       Miss Marie Thorburn, 17
Mrs. Thomas J Fitzgibbon

16       Alexander McDougall, 75

17       Ex-Lieut. William Lloyd Woods, 32
Edward Taffe at Military Hospital, Ottawa

18       Mrs. John B Wadland, 60
William H Sellars, 66
Thomas R Delaney, Bay Roberts, 36

19       Ex-Pte. Edward Cummingham, 35

20       Sir Thomas Roddick at Montreal, 77

21       John B Mitchell, 68

22       Herbert Nicholas Renouf, 12
Arthur MacFrances, 11
Mrs. Ishmael Tucker, Burnt point, B.D.V. 40
Mrs. Daniel Dwyer, Bell Island (circ)70
Mrs. Elizabeth C Lake, Fortune, 76

23       George Hierlihy, Bay Roberts, 30
Mrs. Joseph McCarthy, 60

24       Judge Oke, Harbour Grace, 65
Mrs. Bridget O'Flaherty, Northern Bay, 48

25       Mrs. Richard Penny
John Taylor, Carbonear.

26       Nicholas L Cousens, 73
William Thomas Pippy, 86
Mrs. David Luscombe, at New York

27       R. L. Parsons, H. M. C. , Harbour Grace

28       Mrs. William LeCain, formerly of Brookfield, B. B. , at Halifax.



3       Mrs. Annie Marie Burke, Brigus, 78
Peter Oliver, 73
Mrs. Joseph Baggs, 70

4       Robert Vaters, Victoria, 23
Emile Handcock, at Montreal, 79

5       Miss Stella Bemister, Carbonear, 85
William Scott, Vic President and General Manager A.N.D. , Co, Grand Falls, at Southsea, England

6       Mrs. Elizabeth Rose, Western Bay, 84
John Costello, Avondale, at Northern Bight. Mrs. Samuel Emberly, Carbonear, 87

8       Mrs. Bride Siteman, Carbonear
George Butt, South Side, Carbonear
John J Linehan, John's Pond, St. Mary's Bay

9       Mrs. Thomas Tobin

10       James Jacobs
Mrs. Hugh Vavasour
Mrs. Mary Ann Sweeney, Carbonear, (Circ) 89

11       Peter House, Pools Island (circ) 80

12       Alexander Noseworthy, 72

13       Henry Nelson Blatch, 70
Mrs. Ellen Power, formerly of Placentia, 89

14       John Snow, Halifax, 77
Mrs. Patrick Ryan, Kilbride, 23
James Hussey, 66
George A Scott.

15       Mrs. George W Gushue, 77
Mrs. Juliana Guy, Catalina, 72
George Axford Williams, 90

16       George Hiscock, Hodge's Cove, T. B. suddenly aboard sealing Viking at the Gulf ice-fields
Mrs. Richard Penney, Fortune Harbour

17       Mrs. Charles March at Cambridge, Mass. Regional Rowland Colbourne, Grand Falls
Mrs. Joseph Dickson Cave. Miss Bridget Fleming, formerly of Bay Robert's

19       Miss Alice Barrett, Brigus
William Tobin, Harbour Grace

20       Mrs. Bridge Parker

21       Mrs. W. E. Ladley, at Detroit, Mich. , U.S.A.

22       Mrs. Johanna Hawco, 68
Mrs. Jane Wilson, 86
James Follett, Angle's Cove, Cape Shore, 81

23       Nellie D Kean, 13
George Marshall, Irish Town, Carbonear

25       Levi Noseworthy, Pouch Cove, aboard S. S. Terra Nova at the ice-fields

26       Mrs. G. J. French, S.A. William J Ryall, 76

27       Matthew Kelly, Cabman, 50
Mrs. Mary Bulley, 70
Mrs. Patrick Hayes, Bell Island, 44

28       Lawrence Daley, H. M. C. 72
Eve Cook, 10
Bridget M McGrath, Argentia, 11
Mrs. Theresa King, Broad Cove, B. D. V.

31       Mrs. Margaret Broders, Torbay
Laurence Boland, Outer Cove, 76



1       Miss Margaret English
Mrs. Elizabeth Lee

2       James Collins, Placentia, 86
Ernest LeMoine, Grand Falls, 46

3       David Coady, 70
Mrs. Samuel Chaytor, Topsail, 78
Miss May Theresa Power at Brooklyn New York

4       Thomas Colbourne, Wild Bight, N. D. B. , 83
Stephen woodland,. New Melbourne, 84
Mrs. Levi Butt, Western Bay

6       Mrs. Catherine Tobin, Witless Bay, 84

7       Mrs. Michael Darcey, Kilbride, 61
John F Donovan, 44

8       James Gushue, 54

9       Rev. Jens Jensen, Harbour Breton, at Tucson Arizona, 40

10       Mrs. Thomas B Hewardine, at Halifax
Mrs. John Carter, Brookfield, 78

11       Dr. Neil McKendrick, Placentia, 70
James Scott, 78

14       Benjamin Calpin, 77 dropped dead at the Marine Slip, North Sydney
Benjamin Gallop, at North Sydney, 70

17       Thomas Fagan, 72
Mrs. George Cummings, 82

19       Seymour S. Stentaford, Heart's Content, 70
Mrs. Snowden Hallett

20       Mrs. Thomas Kennedy, 34
Mrs. Margaret Tobin, 79

21       William French, Southside, Carbonear, in hospital at Gibraltar (date uncertain)

22       Mrs. William Knight
Miss Mary Fewer, Chapel Arm, 22

24       Miss Carrie Louise Lind, Grand Falls, 25
Leonard Vokey, Spaniard's Bay, 41

25       Mrs. Bridget Rogers, 64
Thomas O'Keefe, the Grove, near Harbour Grace, at Mattapan, U. S. A.

26       Samuel Angel, 90
Miss Emma Bradshaw, Placentia, 79
Willis Wiseman, Little Bay Island

30       Henry Chafe, Petty Harbour, 65
John Boone
William Crotty, Sr.



1       Ex-Pte Cyril A Larner, Placentia, 31

2       Mrs. George Reid and Infant

6       Alan Findlater, 65

7       Mrs. Norah Nurse

8       Mrs. Agnes Mitchell, 82
Agatha Tobin, Ship Cove, Cape Shore, 10

9       Ex-Col. Knox-Niven at Alton, Hants, 46

10       William J Griffin

12       Mrs. John F. Chaplin
Mrs. John Butt
Miss Helen Isabella Stevenson, at Montreal

15       Miss Margaret Bambrick, 75
Miss Rhoda Bells Gillespie, Carbonear, 42

16       Joseph Keneally at Bristol, Conn.

17       Ex-Sapper Fred Benoit, St. George, at the Sanatorium, Kentville, N.S. 23

18       Mrs. Catherine Ebbs, 88
Rev. Sister Ann Guinan, Presentation Convent, 64

19       Mrs. J. M. (Rev. Dr. J. A. )Rogers, at Halifax, 78
J. b. Gorman, H. M. C. , Harbour Breton, 57

20       Mark Escott, 36
James Cassell, Harbour Deep aboard S. S. Portia en route to St. Anthony hospital

22       Former Chief Warden Geoffrey Kelly, 85
Mrs. James Murphy, 57
Charles A McLarty, at Norfolk Va. , 60

23       Mrs.Bridget Coady. Mrs. Edward F Carter
J Hickey, 62

24       Miss Theresa Byrne, 31

27       Mrs. Thomas Churchill, Carbonear, 74
Miss Mary Burns, North Sydney, 60

28       Miss Muriel Earle, 17

29       Miss Elizabeth Lee, 74

30       Ex-Sergeant Joseph Symonds, 33
Tolson Rendell, Heart's Content

31       Stephen Durdle, New Melbourne at Sydney
Mrs. Joseph Stanley, Kilbride.



1       Miss Edith Gertrude White, 21

2       John Pynn, South Side, 88

3       Mrs. Bridget Nickerson, 79
Moses Gillespie, Carbonear (circ) 75

5       Emmanuel Kearly at North Sydney
Mrs. Mary Louisa Gillion, 82

9       Thomas Ryan
Miss Gertrude Byrne, 21

10       Edwin W Lyon, 75
Mrs. Elizabeth Butler O'Rourke, 64
Patrick O'Grady, Carbonear, 66

11       Mrs. Bridget Jordan Donnelly
Thomas Finn, Carbonear, 86
Mrs. Richard Horwood, Carbonear, 78

13       Mrs. Mary Waddleton
Andrew Loder, Fogo, 75

15       Mrs. Albert Dicks, Bell Island, 35

16       Patrick Brown, Bell Island

17       Bertram George Maunder, 20
Miss Jessie B Sclater

18       Mrs. Johannah Brennan, 75

19       William J Ashley, 23

20       Robert M Grant, 64

23       Mary Moorey, nee Vinicome at Chicago
Isaac Mercer of Samuel, Bay Roberts, 68

24       Dennis Fennessey Wabana, 74

26       John Dempsey, formerly of Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 83

27       Mrs. J. R Mullings
Miss Dora Snow

28       Ciceley Kelly, 93

30       Mrs. Alfred Butt, Carbonear
Mrs. Ambrose Penney, South Side, Carbonear.



1       Mrs. Bridget Coady
Walter French, Bareneed, at Chelsea, Mass. 41

4       Mrs. Fred J King
Walter Waterman Horwood. Philip Moore, at Montreal, 79
Thomas White, 35

5       Miss Vera McCoubrey, at Glandale, Cal. , U. S. A. 17

7       George Freeman Gillingham, 49
Mrs. Johanna Fennell

8       E Allen Dowden
Hector Ross, at Topsail, 75

10       Miss May Matilda Barnes, Irish Town, Carbonear, 17

15       E. B. Colbourne, H. M. C. at Bishop Falls
Dr. A. B. Lehr, 62
John E Day, 62

16       George Forward, Carbonear, 70
Patrick Power, 68
Peter Cowan, Topsail Road, 58
James Oakley

18       Mrs. Amelia Collins, 84

19       Thomas Hammond 69
Mrs. J Pearcey, 68

20       Mrs. Elizabeth Escott, 30
Miss Nora St. Croix
Mrs. John L Thorne (nee Peace) at Toronto, 42

21       Mrs. Thomas Stamp at South Boston

22       Mrs. Emily Abbott
Mrs. Margaret Walsh, 75
Mrs. Alphonso Abbott

24       James Richardson, 75

26       Thomas Dewling, 81
Rev. Dr. Whalen, North River, suddenly aboard his steamer at Battle Harbour. Mrs. Samuel Thistle, Broad Cove, D. B. V.

27       William Whalen, Chapel's Cove, 77

28       Rev. Dr. Hugh Pedley, suddenly at Montreal

30       Mrs. John Power, Logy Bay.



4       David M Luscombe, 70

5       William John Oakley, 24
Miss Mary Ann Doyle, Harbour Main, 27

6       Mrs. Frances Kennedy at Cambridge, Mass.

7       George J Keough, 72

9       Mrs. Abigail Doyle, Carbonear, 76

10       William Davis, P. M. , Freshwater, B .D. V. , (circ. ) 72

12       Miss Rowena Penney, formerly of Carbonear, 86
Mrs. Shenstone Parsons, Channel

13       Miss Nellie Jackman, 21

14       Miss Alice Druken 19

15       P. R. Keating, Harbour Main, 28
Maurice Hurley, Grand Falls, 69

17       Alexander Roger, 74

19       Mrs. Susannah L Udell, Carbonear, 73

20       George E Butler, 21

21       William M Tracey

22       Mrs. Henry Sheppard, Point Leamington, 34

23       Paul Hynes, Placentia Junction, 78
Stephen Dillion, Mobile

24       Rev. Mother Patrick Walsh, Presentation Convent, Renews (circ) 70
Mrs. Harriett Small

25       John Kielly, Petty Harbour, 69

26       Miss Annie Way, Bonavista, at Carbonear, 17

28       James P Guy, Carbonear, 61

29       Elizabeth Hill Hughes.

30       Miss Kitty Devereaux, Ferryland, 36

31       Mrs. William Ring
Mrs. Ellen Buckley Wiseman
Mrs. Mary Wix Rendell (Hon. Stephen Rendell), (Circ), 90



1       Mrs. Susan Dean, Victoria

3       William Butt, Carbonear, 78

4       Mrs. James Croke, 58

5       Mrs. Johannah Samuelson

6       Mrs. Louisa Mews, 80
Mrs. Joseph Power, 44

8       Richard V O'Brien, Topsail, 23

9       Mrs. Mary Walsh, 68
Mrs. Rachel Husson, 90

11       Mrs. Michael McLougian, 54

13       Johannah Conway. Bell Island, 53

15       Miss Elizabeth Strathie Watts
Mrs. Margaret Milley, 74

16       M. T. Flynn, Burin, at St. John, N.B. (Circ) 70
James Pelley, South Side, Carbonear, 84

18       Mrs. Henry Coffin, 68

19       Arthur Wilson, 15
William Henry Goudie, 64

20       Earl Miller, 24
Graham Wilcox, Heart's Content, 22
John J Brien, 68

21       Rev. Roderick MacDonald at Antigonish, 76

22       Mrs. F. G. House
Miss Bride Miskel, 17

23       Mrs. Charles Marshall, Carbonear
Joshua Whiteway, Job's Cove, 22

24       Mrs. Archibald Harvey, 35
Mrs. Henry Brown, 41

25       Mrs. James Battcock, 66
Mrs. Thomas Power, St. Kyran's

26       Samuel Snelgrove, 64
Mrs. Joseph J. Miller, 62

28       Miss Minnie O'Leary

29       James Francis Fitzgerald, 85
Ex-Pte Joseph Hurley, 24
William Good, 84
Mrs. William Kavanagh, Bell Island
Phyllis May Soper, 8



1       Francis Cooper, 80

2       Mrs. E Day (nee Mary Lockyer) at Toronto
Mrs. Margaret Coady, 86

4       Miss Janie Burke, Carbonear, 24
John W. Clarke, Victoria, 67

5       James Weir, 95
Aubery George Osmond, Morton's Harbour. Aubery Kelly, Badger Quay, a Port au Port.

6       George Blundon, 58

7       Patrick Ronia, Placentia, 75
Capt. Thomas O'Brien, Harbour Grace

8       Mrs. Bridget Haggerty, 90
Eugeno Parsons

9       Miss Gertrude Delahunty, 19
Mrs. Susannah Briffett, Rosedale, Alexander Bay, 96         

11       E. J. Hoskins, Traffic Manager Nfld. Govt. Railway

12       Mrs Abram Matthews, Sibley's Cove, Trinity Bay, 29       

13       Miss Margaret Smyth, 16
Mrs. Johanna Wickham

14       Mrs. Bernard Quinn, Carbonear

15       Joseph Morris, Trinity , 88

17       James H Moore, J. P. Heart's Content, 80

18       Miss Margaret Simms, 88

19       Dr. William Talbot, Scully, at Placentia, 52
Mrs. Mary O'Leary of Torbay, at Boston
William Hamar Greenwood in Toronto.

21       Mrs. William Bowman, suddenly, at Bay Bulls.

23       Mrs. Mary L Pike (Rev. J. M. Pike) at Columbia, South Carolina

24       Robert W Penney, 95
Rev. Bro. O'Flanagan of Mount St. Francis, 38

25       Mrs. Mary J Ramsey

26       J Williams, H. M. C. , Bay Bulls

29       Edward Pottle, 34

30       Austin Collins, Placentia
Mrs. Hannah Manuel Bowden , 74

31       Miss Florence Lench, Brigus, 23
John J Mullaly, 60
Capt. Picco of the schooner Olive Moore, in Hospital at Seville.



2       James Battcock, 78

3       David Barrett, Bell Island

4       Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson, Fox Harbour, 72
William John Squires, 11

5       Mrs. James Normore, Bell Island
Mrs. Samuel K Hutton, formerly of Labrador, at Poole, England.

9       John Winter, Burin
James A King, 28
Mrs. Edward Gardner, 45
Mrs. Samuel H. Garland

10       Miss Mamie Kirby

11       Miss Margaret Bolin, 85

12       Mrs. M Moore, Torrington Cottage. Mrs. Janet Tizzard

13       Mrs. W. J. Siteman, formerly of Placentia at New York

14       Charles Roberts, formerly of Brigus at New York, 57

16       William J Churchill, 50

17       William Croswell Pearce, 47
Mrs. George Bennett, Old Perlican
Mrs. Robert Macintosh, at Pittsburgh, Pa.

18       Mrs. J Nunns
Mrs. Fred Stone, Bell Island, 52

19       Miss Margaret Russell, 24

20       Frederick Martin, formerly of Harbour Grace, 78

22       William Pike, Carbonear.

23       Miss Mary Evangeline Howley, 16
Hon. George Knowling, M. L. C. 83

25       James Anderson, Calvert, 77
Miss Vera Morrel Crossman, 22
Miss Sarah C McDougall, 85
James Morgan, 43

26       Mrs. Moses LeDrew , Cupids, 65
Richard Saundors, Wabana

27       Mrs. Elizabeth Duggan, 75
Louisa Adeline Taylor, formerly of Carbonear, at Montreal

30       Nathan Sparkes, 55
Alexander Pottle, 64



1       Patrick Fitzgerald, Marystown suddenly whilst driving home to Burin, 60
Mrs. Mark Gosse, Wabana, 29

2       John T Cummins, 39
Miss Minnie Bearns
John Beer, 68

3       Mrs. John (Leah) Squires
Miss Annie Myrick, Cape Race

4       Thomas Cull, Caplin Cove, B. D. V. , 58
Rev. Canon Cartwright, at Edinburgh, 60

5       William Small, 86
William J Laurie

6       Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy, 76

8       Mrs. (Rev. ) Henry Abraham, nee Julia Milligan, at Eastville, Illinois

12       Mrs. Elizabeth Green, Brigus, 73

13       Mrs. Ann Mahon
Mrs. Robert Downs

16       Thomas Aspell

17       Patrick McGrath, 48

19       Willie Keeping, English Harbour, 17
Philip O'Neil, Holyrood
George Warr, Springdale, N. D. B.

20       Mrs. Bridget O'Keefe. 88
Matthew Patterson, Placentia, 87

21       Mrs. Ellen Evans
Miss Mary Cuddihy, 70

22       John Kelly, 84
Miss Edith Blanche Sellars, 13
William forsey, Grand Bank, 28

24       Samuel Frelich
Ex-Sergeant John P Moakler, Chief Reported, Daily News and Free Press, 29

26       James M Laracy, 58
Mrs. John F Fox.

27       Miss Ellen Kearsey, 27

29       Richard Power, 8


Marriages of the Year


Dec. 20       Joseph Byrne and Miss Alice M Clatney, at New York

28       Hubert Pike and Miss Leonora Forward, Carbonear
Joseph Bishop, Western Bay and Miss Martha Tucker, Burnt Point.
Fred G. Smith and Miss Maggie Alice Lake, Fortune




1       Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. English

4       James Frederick Pike and Miss Margaret Powell, Carbonear

9       John S O'Flahery and Miss Christina Mcguire

14       John O'Neil and Miss Louisa Waddleton, Trepassey

15       Robert Nelson Hopkins, Heart's Content, and Miss Mary Ellen Sharpe, Blaketown

17       Joseph C Barbour and Miss Hettie May Gill, Newtown, B. B.

18       Silver Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carbage, Bell Island. John Younger and Miss Bertha M Young, Upper Island Cove.

21       Dr. O'Connell and Miss Bride Collins, Placentia.

23       Patrick J Vinicombe and Miss Bride Galway

24       Philip Walsh and Miss May O'Toole
Elmore Howell and Miss Carrie Winsor, Westville

25       Alfred H Le Vaillant and Miss Bessie M Taylor
Andrew Horwood and Miss Vina Rowena Maidment

31       William Collins, Placentia, and Miss Mary O'Neil, St. John's



1       Charles B Spencer and Miss Marian Phoebe Hewitt, Fortune

8       Frank M Ewing and Miss Rosa Belle Pynn
Charles E Butler, Hobart, Tasmania, and Miss Keva Allardyce

10       Robert Inkpen Hollett, Great Burin, and Miss Pearl Bowden Bradbury, Bay Roberts.
Ronald J Jackman and Miss Annie Harrison, Bell Island, at New York

12       William P Meehan and Miss Gertrude O'Leary

14       Charles Best, Brookfield, B. B. and Miss Mabel Ridout, Middle Arm.

20       Capt. W. V. Warren and Miss Annie Beatrice Wright

26       William Brown, Brownsdale, and Miss Elsie Rowe, Whalen's Brook

28       Wallace John Richards, Heart's Content, and Miss Nina Marguerite Taylor, Carbonear.



6       Walter Wells and Miss Annie Soper, Bristol's Hope

10       Arthur A Bennett and Miss Sarah Spencer

24       Leslie W Waterman, Hartford Conn. , and Miss Elsie Harper Croucher, Point Verde, Placentia



1       Laurance Turner, Boston and Miss Kathryn Gosse, Dorchester, Mass, formerly of St. John's

8       Hugh Kearney and Miss Hettie Butler

11       Robert James Mercer and Miss Fannie Moore, Bay Roberts, at Glace Bay

12       George F Skinner, Twillingate, and Miss Alfreda Badcock, Bay Roberts.
Charles W Hatcher and Lillian Louisa Nichols.

18       Warren A Little and Miss Carrie Isabel Mifflen, Bonavista

25       Snowden L Mercer, Bay Roberts, and Miss Florence Whiteway, St. John's

30       R. W. Miller and Miss Ruth Adams.



15       Lloyd Weston Fowler, Topsail, and Miss Frances Victoria Rooney

16       Adjt. C Woodland, S. A. , and Capt. S. Shute, S.A.

23       Walter French and Miss Ada Hutchings, Bell Island.

26       J. H. Marshall, St. John's and Miss Bessie Pepper, Bay Roberts.



2       R Alan Edward and Miss Lily Wakely

5       Francis T Gushue and Miss Nellie Henley

6       Donald M Parsons and Miss Beatrice Chafe, at West Lynn, Mass.
Willis F Ayers and Miss Gladys Bonnell, Lamaline

10       Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Peckham.

11       Louis A O'Brien and Miss Mary Jones, Harbour Grace.

19       P Nagle, Tor's Cove, and Mrs. L. G. O'Driscoll, Bay Bulls

23       Frederick Gordon Bradley, Ll.B. , and Miss Ethel Louise Roper at Bonavista

25       John F McDonald and Miss Isabel M Larkin

26       James Henry Newell, Brigus and Miss Winnifred May Kennedy, Western Bay, at Manuels

27       William Gillis and Miss Hettie Marshall
James Kelley and Miss Gertrude Peddigrew
Pte. John J Butler and Miss Isabelle McDonald

28       Llewellyn Crane, St. John's and Hilda Pike, Freshwater, B. D. V.

30       Maxwell Eugene Young Heart's Content, and Miss Annie Dove Pike, Carbonear.



2       W. B. Walsh and Miss Mary O'Rourke at Somerville, Mass.

4       Capt. Heber Noseworthy, S. A. , and Capt. Mabel Barter, S.A.
W. J. Jackman and Miss Nellie O'Brien

5       David Moore and Miss Nellie Curran

6       Rex Oldford, Musgrave Town, and Miss Drusie Woolfrey, Lewisport

15       Patrick Parsley and Mrs. Mary Hunt at Avondale.

18       Albert Parsons, West Wabana, and Mrs. John Gover.

19       Eric Ellis and Miss Elsie Churchill
A. E. Bishop, Western Bay, and Miss Lillan Butt, Harbour Grace.

23       DIAMOND WEDDING (60TH) OF Hon. George and Mrs. Knowling,

29       Golden Wedding, William Ring and Miss Katie McGrath.
Leonard G. M. Garland and Miss Gertrude M Matheson.

30       Max Rowsell and Miss Beatrice Stowe.



1       John Evans , Adams Cove, and Miss Ella Kennedy, Western Bay
Walter Duffet and Miss Ethel M Gillingham

4       Walter Butt and Miss May Taylor Bonne Bay, at North Sydney

6       William Power and Miss Elizabeth Kirby.
Gordon Rose and Miss Ethel Bragg, Channel.
John Barrett, Old Perlican, and Miss Marion March.

7       Rev. J. H. Leamon Salem, Mass., and Miss Clarice Phillips, at Steubenville, Ohio

18       Harvey B. Earle and Miss Hilda March of Carbonear, at Worcester, Mass.

21       Capt. Joseph Hewitt, S. A. , and Ensign May Frampton, S. A. , Grand Falls

22       Arthur Greenland and Miss Irene Cave, Bay Roberts
John P Evans and Miss Mary Sullivan
William Sullivan and Miss Kitty Quigley, Bell Island

25       George Sparkes Day, Old Perlican, and Miss Jennie Mildred Murray, Adams Cove, at Chelsea, Mass.

28       Chesley Greening of "Ours" and Miss Lillan Bennett, Bell Island.



1       Robert E Evans and Miss Marguerite Bailey of Harbour Grace at Iberville, P.Q.

4       Norman Troop, Windsor, N. S. and Miss Ruth Bartlett Duncan, at Windsor.
Patrick F Halley and Miss Alice Mary Byrne
William A Tucker and Miss Alice Elson Furneaux.

5       Frank Bennett and Miss Nina Louise Crosbie
Melvin A Girvan and Miss Marjorie M Goodison, Carbonear.
Leslie L Rees and Miss Julia Godden, Bell Island.

8       George Adams, Jr. and Miss Elsie Taylor at Topsail

10       Frank Cramm, Old Perlican, and Miss Ethel Clara Bishop, Western Bay, at Carbonear.

11       Frank J Devereaux and Miss Alice M Dee.
Jerome F Williams and Miss Selina F Power, Argentia
James Kennedy and Miss Lizzie Lieber, Bell Island.

12       William A Bastow and Miss Winifred Reid
Ernest Taylor, Carbonear, and Miss Barbara Anne Burry, Bonavista, at Warsaw, Ont.
J Horward Trapnell, Harbour Grace, and Mrs. George Melvor, at North Sydney

15       George Snow and Miss Ethel Barnes

19       John W Kent and Miss Clare Mullowney, at Witless Bay
David LeShane and Miss Sadie Currie, North Sydney
Martin Cedric West and Miss Mary Shea.

20       Richard Trainer, Fermeuse, and Miss Winifred Horan, South Side, St. John's.
Capt. Guy Hemfray Pinsnet, M.C. and Miss Ethel Betty Brittan, at Sheepstor Parish Church, England.

26       Daniel Clarence Pitcher Winterton, and Miss Avora May Hutchinson, at Canning, N. S.
William V Jones, Upper Island Cove, and Miss Elsie Baggs, Broad Cove, B.D.V.
William French, Winterton, and Miss Alice Rendell, Heart's Content , at Detroit, Mich.

29       Walter Edhund Carr, Robin, Manitoba, and Miss Nellie Pincock, Winnipeg, formerly of Newfoundland.



4       James S Ayre and Miss Ethel Manuel, at Valley Forge, Pa. , U.S.A

6       Gerald M Paddon and Miss Gertrude Mary Edens.
Leonard S, A, Field and Miss Violet Lee Smith, at Brooklyn N. Y.

9       Norman Henry, Ballymena County Antrim and Miss Bertha Isabel Snow,

10       Dr. Walter S Parsons of Shanghai, China, and Miss Mary Isobel Hayward at Montreal

11       Charles Bejamin Scott, R. N. , Mount Pearl Wireless Station, and Miss Gwendolyn Currie Parsons.

20       Daniel Watts Macdonald Elkorn, Manitoba, and Miss Frances Gibb, at Humarock, Mass

22       Archibald R Hare, Louisburg, and Miss Theresa Matthew, Burgeo, at Whitney Pier.

24       Samuel McCarthy, Crockers Cove, and Miss Bride Kenneally, Carbonear

25       James Williams and Miss May Kennedy, Lance Cove, Bell Island.
D Murray Breeze, Boston, and Miss Helen Elizabeth Allen, at Upper Cape, N.B.

31       Thomas Ryan, St. John's, and Miss Catherine Brennan, Cape Shore, Placentia Bay



2       Patrick O'Driscoll, St. John's and Miss Nora Fitzgerald, Fogo

3       Cyril Mare, St. John's and Miss Florrie Ford, Jackson Arm, White Bay

6       Joseph Harvey and Miss Maud Hutching, Bell Island

7       Walter Miles and Miss Olive Scaplen, at Victoria, B. C.
Leslie R Curtis and Miss Marion Edith Kendall
J. C Langston and Miss Isabel Mary Ewing at Montreal
Wright U Morgan, Washington, and Miss Katherine Isabel Oakes, at Baltimore.

8       Ernest Sheppard, Harbour Grace, and Miss Annie Beatrice Smith, Spaniard's Bay

14       John L Stattery and Miss Hilda M Kelly

16       Arthur Coleman and Miss Margaret Coleman at Glace Bay

21       George Davey and Miss Florence Victoria Ebsary
Bryan Johnson and Miss Violet Sydney Wallace, at Sydney, C. B.
Ephraim Jones, Laurenceton and Miss Minna Martin, Heart's Content.

22       Aloysius Greene, Point Verde, and Miss May Matelda Collins, S. E. Arm, Placentia

24       William Oliver Boutilier, Dartmouth, and Miss Margaret Mitchell, St. John's, at Halifax.

27       Golden Wedding, Dr. Newton Wright Hoyles, K. C. and Mrs. Hoyles, Toronto

28       Edwin G Arnott and Miss Ina Warren
J. W. Hillier and Mrs. S Peach, St. John's

29       Robert Butler, Bell Island, and Mrs. Margaret Mason, Avondale.

30       James Dalahunty and Miss Bessie Connors, Bell Island.



1       Rev. M. B. Way and Miss Margaret Vallis, Ramea

4       Robert Lingren, Alberta, and Miss Elsa Clarks of Victoria

5       James Pike and Miss Emma Parsons, Carbonear

12       Garfield Warren and Miss Helen Osbourne, Gooseberry Island

13       Maxwell Blandford and Miss Alice Cheeseman, Port au Bras

19       Otto Morrel Best and Miss Susan Brown, Tack's Beach, at St. John's

21       William Henry Ellis R.C.A. and   Missing ----

22       Robert Coveyduck, Salmon Cove, Clark's Beach, and Miss Ethel Young, Carbonear.



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