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1919 Events of the Year
The St. John's Daily News


This document includes:





5 - Michael Cantwell from injuries received two days previously at Cabot Tower in a power explosion.
30 - The body of an unknown woman washed ashore at Cappahayden, thought to be a Florizel victim.



1 - Tragic death of Samuel TAYLOR of Wm. South Side, Carbonear, 73.
7 - William MURRAY, Murray's Pond, by shooting.
22 - Little child named OKE severely burned, died a few hours later.


16 - Gladys PARSONS, aged 14 accidentally shot by her 8 year old brother; and died the following day.
27 - Three children drowned through the ice off Brunette Island.


5 - Frederick HILLIER, Griquet, lost in storm, probably walking over the edge of the ice.
6 - Tragic death of Emmanuel MURPHY, Curling, 47.
26 - John JEWER, 12, and Herbert GOSSE, 10, Spaniard's Bay, drowned in Northern Cove Pond.


16 - Peter BURRAGE, New Perlican drowned.
23 - Mrs. SMITH and child, burned to death in fire at residence, Heart's Content.
Darius SHEPPARD, Pools Island, died at Greenspond from injuries received in a saw - mill.


3 - Isaac CRANN, Trinny Cove, Placentia Bay, accidentally killed at Bell Island, 24.
10 - George BISHOP killed at Bell Island through falling of a boiler.
18 - Double tragedy on New Gower Street. Chinese Laundry with the proprietor, Kung WAH, and his wife, burned to death.


19 - Willie DUNPHY, 8, dies from injuries received in an automobile accident at Holyrood.


2 - Mrs. James BLANDFORD drowned at Wesleyville.
11 - Joseph YOUNG, Bank Head, drowned in Tickle River. Married.
12 - Roland BARRETT, 15, son of Editor BARRETT of Western Star, drowned at Curling.
16 - James PYNN, Bristol's Hope, killed at Bell Island, 23.
Henry CORKUM of Lunenburg drowned ex - Banker MOWLEN at Carbonear.
18 - William THOMAS, Carbonear, overcome by fumes when smoking Caplin, 32, married.
25 - Albert WALSH died at Bell Island from injuries received there the previous day.
26 - Theodore MARTIN, 13, drowned at Elliston.
27 - John Butt HARVEY, Freshwater, drowned at Pack's Harbour, Labrador.
30 - Man named KAVANAGH or POWER drowned at Flat Rock.


4 - Tragic death of Edwin DUNN, Cupids, 52.
5 - Tragic death of a man named BLACKMORE at Pilley's Island.
Kenneth Seymour MITCHELL, drowned at Canso, N.S. , aged 7.
11 - John MOYST, 14, killed by a motor car.
13 - Ex - Sergeant Charles PETERS drowned at Quidi Vidi Pond on Regatta Day.
25 - Thomas NORTHCOTT, Lewisporte, 21, and Graham LeDREW, 17, drowned at Grand Falls.


6 - John NOLAN, Salmonier, drowned off Colinet Island.
12 - Richard LAHEY, Lance Cove, Bell Island, killed, aged 16.
16 - Miss Dorothy BARTER dies from injuries received in motor car accident.
18 - Willie PRIDHAM, 4, Petty Harbour, drowned.
30 - James BOND and Albert BENNETT, Petites, drowned through upsetting of dory.


13 - Samuel MARTIN, Wabana, killed near the Pier subway at Sydney.


16 - Henry MILLEY, Nipper's Harbour, killed by falling over a wharf.
30 - Helen LAWLOR, 7, dies from injuries from fire on previous day.


5 - Cornelius O'KEEFE, Tor's Cove , drowned.
13 - T. BRODERICK, H.M.C., dies from injuries received when run over by a horse.
16 - Thomas MATTHEWS, La Scie, dies on the road between that place and Tilt Cove.
20 - Enos GATEHOUSE, died from exposure, being caught in his punt in a snow storm.
26 - John MILLS, 40, married, Twillingate, perishes in storm whilst in the woods.
29 - Rose, 7 year old daughter of Mr. C. McCARTER, Architect, drowned in a well.


"Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends."

AKER, NERO-5041 Heart's Content, accidentally shot, Died at Rouen, France, February 3, 1919.

BALL, MATTHIAS-2814, Exploits, died at General Hospital St. John's of typhoid fever, March 31, 1919.
BARTER, ALEXANDER-4001, killed in action in France, September 29, 1918.
BUCKLEY, JAMES-4274, Botwood, killed in action in France, October 25, 1918.

COISH, LEO-8427, Water Street, died at Military Hospital of pneumonia, January 21, 1919.

DYER, WILLIAM-4605, Chelsea, Mass. Died in hospital at Rouen March 19, 1919.
DICKS, ALMER-3593, Harbour Buffett. Killed in action in France, October 25,1918.

FOWLOW, JOHN-R.N.R. Trinity. Drowned when H.M.S. Erin was lost by mines on February 7, 1919.

GARDENER, FRED J. L.-2475, British Harbour. Died of La Grippe at Parchim, Germany, December 28, 1918. Prisoner of War Since April 14, 1917.

HOBBS, CHARLES-4282, Redcliffe, Bonavista Bay Killed in action in France, October 20, 1918.
HALFYARD, WALLACE-Bonne Bay,.Killed in action in France Oct. 3, 1918.
HURLEY, ROBERT J. -2982 Murphy's Square. Died at General Hospital London, May 9, 1919.
HANNON, RICHARD JOSEPH -3037, Marystown. Killed in action in action in France October 25, 1918.

JANES, CHARLES-3983, N. W. Arm, Valleyfield. Killed in action in France, October 25, 1918.

LEGGE, MARCUS-Lance Corporal, 2691, Heart's Content. Died at Winchester of appendicitis, March 24, 1919.

MADDOX, JOHN-5101, King's Cove. Died at Newton Abbott Devon of Tubercular Peritonitis, May 13, 1919.
MOSHER, GEORGE-4168, Fortune, killed in action in France Oct. 25, 1918.

O'ROURKE, JOHN-1975, corporal, Bay Roberts. Killed in action near Cambrai, April 14, 1917.

POWER, NICHOLAS J-4008, Argentia. Killed in action in France, Sept. 25, 1918.
PRICE, FREDK. J.-R.N.R., 1408X. Accidentally drowned when mine sweeping from H.M.S. Gainsborough, August 10, 1919.

RYAN, CHESLEY-5690, Round Harbour, Notre Dame Bay. Died at General Hospital, St. John's of Meningitis and Tuberculosis, Jan. 9, 1919.
RICK SIMON-4070, Sopp's Arm, St. Barbe. Killed in action in France Sept. 29, 1918.

SEAWARD, FREDERICK-4982, Cupids. Died of influenza at Rouen, Feb. 15, 1919.
SENIOR, RALPH-5880, Convent Square. Killed in action in France, Oct. 25, 1918.
SIMMS, HENRY-4045, Pelley's Island. Killed in action in France October 25, 1918.
SHORT, JOSHUA-1199, Corporal, New Bonaventure. Died of wounds at Wandsworth, June 25, 1919.

TRASK, HEBER, M.M.-3156, Elliston. Killed in action in France Oct. 25, 1918.

WEBB, LEONARD-2675, Victoria Cove, gander Bay. Killed in action in France, October 20, 1918.
WYATT, ARTHUR H.-8130, FLOWER Hill. Drowned in River Tay, April 1919.

N.B.-To make the record complete should be added the names of the heroic lads missing since July 1st, 1916. These names have been twice publish, and now that all hope of their return has disappeared, to re publish would be only to renew heartaches and dim the vision of those whose sorrow has been tempered by the healing influences of time. Added to the Roll should be the names of our returned soldiers who have passed away in one or other of the city hospitals during the year. Some day we hope that a complete record may be obtained, inasmuch as those who died of wounds or illness contracted as a direct results of service, merit equal place and prominence in the Immortal Honour Roll.


Those marked with an asterisk are Newfoundlanders in other regiments of service.

The title of Royal has been conferred upon the Newfoundland Regiment by His Majesty King George.


Lieut - Col James FORBES-ROBERTSON, V.C., D.S.O., M.C.
Private R. T. RICKETTS, V.C., D.S.M., Croix de Guerre.


*Lieut - Col Wm. Hodgson FRANKLIN,
Lieut - Colonel FORBES-ROBERTSON. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.S.O.
Capt. B. BUTLER, M.C. and Bar.
*Lieut. Col. Henry SHEA, R.A.M.C.
Lieut - Col WOODRUFFE.


Captain James John DONNELLY.
Captain Bertram BUTLER and Bar.
Surgeon - Captain William H. PARSONS, R.A.M.C.
Major Adolph Ernest BERNARD.
Captain Arthur MARCH.
Captain Arthur RALEY.
Captain Reginald S. ROWSELL.
Second Lieut. Gerald Guy BYRNE.
*Major Alexander M. JACKSON.
Captain James W. TACHER, R.A.M.C.
Captain Rupert Wilfred BARTLETT and Bar.
Lieutenant Kevin Joseph KEEGAN and Bar.
Captain Jack TURNER.
*Private Michael HARVEY.
Captain R. Grant PATERSON and Bar.
*Lieutenant John A. McGRATH.
Captain Ronald A. AYRE, R.F.C.
Captain Bret TAIT.
Captain Joseph NUNNS.
Capt. G. HICKS.
Second Lieutenant CHAFE.
*Lieut. A. R. BATSON.
Lieut. Stanley GOODYEAR, (Posthumous.)
*Captain Charles FENWICK, C.A.M.C.
Second Lieutenant G. WHITTY.
Captain Herbert RENDELL.
Lieut James MIFFLEN.
Captain John CLIFT.
*Capt. H. R. OKE, Royal Scots, two Bars.
*Lieut Gerald COUGHLAN, M.M.
Capt. Charles FROST.
Second Lieutenant Harry WILLIAMSON.
Second Lieutenant Albert TAYLOR, D.C. M., and Bar.
Lieut. A. S. NEWMAN.
*Lieut. J. S. P. GUY.
Lieut. F. HOPSON.


*Lieutenant Commander John T. RENDELL, R.N.R.
*Lieutenant A. G. DODMAN, R.N.R.
Arthur SOMERTON, Bell Island.


Leander GREEN, R.N.R.
Albert GREGORY, R.N.R.
Martin POTTLE, R.N.R.


Sergeant William Martin GREENE.
Private Richard HYNES.
*Sergeant Albert George DUFFETT.
Private William J. GLADNEY.
Sergeant Peter SAMSON.
Sergeant Cyril GARDNER, and Bar. (Second Lieutenant.)
Lance Corporal William BENOIT.
*Company Sergt. Major Arthur HANDCOCK.
Private Marin PICCO.
*Sergeant William LEWIS.
Sergeant T. J. DUNPHY
Corporal H. R. RAYNES.
Sergeant MURPHY.
Sergeant SPURRELL.
Sergeant PURCELL.
Corporal HOLLETT.
Private SUTTON.
Company Sergeant Major Albert E. JANES.
Sergeant Albert DAVIS.
Sergeant Leo J. FITZPATRICK.
Pte. Thomas PITTMAN.
Sergt. Ernest GULLICKSEN.
*Pte. William RUSSELL.
Sergt. Major Albert TAYLOR, M.C. and Bar.
Sergt. Albert ROSE. M. M.
Sergt. Reginald STANFORD.
Private Richard POWERS.
Private James O'QUINN.
Corporal C. S. CARTER.
Private Wm. ANTHONY.
Private R. T. RICKETTS, V. C., Croix DE Guerre.
Lance Corp M. BRAZILL.
Q.M.S. (2nd Lieut.) W. HAYNES.
Corporal Arthur S. WHALEN.


*Corporal George Tremaine COWAN
Private Stewart DEWLING.
Lance Corporal John COX
Private George PHILLIPS.
Private Thomas White McGRATH.
Second Lieutenant Harold George BARRETT.
Corporal John Joseph MORRISSEY.
Private Matthew COLLINS
*Sergeant Ralph LEWIS.
Sergeant Richard NEVILLE.
Lance Corporal Arthur WEBBER.
Private Alfred MANUEL.
Private David BROWN
Private Oliver GOODLAND
Private Bernard CARROLL.
Private J. P. LEWIS.
Sergeant A. GOOBY.
Sergeant J. R. WATERFIELD.
Sergeant Charles PARSONS and Bar.
Sergeant J. HILLIER.
Lance Corporal W. PITCHER.
Private D. W. CURRAN.
Private J. HOUNSELL.
Private S. ROSE.
Lance Corporal Harold LIDSTONE.
Lance Corporal Thomas Joseph HACKETT.
Corporal F. G. BEST.
Sergeant A. HAMMOND.
Lance Corporal John ROSE.
Private J. H. SIMMS.
Private Patrick O'NEIL.
Private George MULLETT and Bar.
Private Arthur MURRAY.
Private Thomas J. MEANEY.
Private John J. PEDDELL.
Private H. SPURRELL.
Private E. WISEMAN.
Private Frank DAWE.
Private George B. LACEY.
*Corporal Gerald D. COUGHLAN.
Sergeant AITKEN and Bar.
Sergeant BOUTCHER.
Corporal BUTLER.
Corporal TANSLEY
Lance Corporal NICHOL
Lance Corporal PAFFORD.
Private Alex. ADAMS and Bar.
Private ABBOTT
Private BOWDEN.
Private BULGIN.
Private MOORE.
Private McDONALD.
Private GOUDIE and Bar.
Private DAVIS.
Lance Corporal DUNN.
Private PADDICK.
Private REES.
Private JEWER.
*Sergeant T. MORIARITY.
*Private Alfred ANDREWS.
Sergeant M. G. WINTER.
Corporal E. B. CHEESEMAN.
Corporal Edward JOY and Bar.
Corporal J. J. COLLINS.
Lance Corporal T. COOK.
Private L. MOORE.
Private J. LOVELESS.
Private H. DIBBIN.
Private W. FOWLOW.
Private T. A. PITMAN.
Corporal Ralph B. LeDREW.
Private J. G. HAGEN and Bar.
Private Henry KNEE.
Private Pierce POWER.
Private Alfred J. STACEY.
Private Manuel J. BENNETT.
Sergeant Charles CURNEW.
Lance Corporal Matthew BRAZIL.
Lance Corporal Peter SULLIVAN.
Private Freeman BENDELL.
Private John GOSS.
Pte. William Roy SAUNDERS
Private Henry SNOW.
Private Gordon THOMAS.
Private Samuel WHITE.
Private Matthew YETMAN.
Sergeant Gregory GREEN.
Corporal William JOY.
Lance Corporal John O'ROURKE.
Lance Corporal N. L. WOOLFREY.
Private James MOONEY.
Private. Michael WALSH.
Private Bramwell REID.
Private Newman GOUGH.
Private Albert LEE.
Private John MURPHY.
Corporal T. C. MEW.
Private Andrew SMITH.
Private Heber TRASK.
Private Edward O'BRIEN.
Private William KING.
Private Maurice POWER.
Private Richard POWERS, D.C.M.
Lance Corporal H. GARDNER.


Segt. Thos. J. DUNPHY, D.C. M.
Corp. Levi HOLLETT, D.C.M.
Private William SUTTON, D.C.M.
Lieut - Col. T. G. MATHIAS, D.S.O.
2nd Lieut. W. E. McHENRY.
Reg. Sergt. Major E. GULLICKSON, D.C.M.
Sergt. F. N. SOMERTON.


Major Weston MARCH.
Lieut - Col. A. E. BERNARD.
Corporal H. R. RAYNCE???
Capt. Victor Sydney BENNETT, R.A.F.
Private R. T. RICKETTS, V.C., D.C.M. with Golden Star.
Capt. A. RALEY, M.C. With Silver Star.
Lieutenant R. S. STANFORD, D.C.M. with Bronze Star.
Pte. James O'QUINN, D.C.M. with Bronze Star.
Corp. Richard POWERS, D.C.M. with Bronze Star.

3rd. CLASS

Private George PHILLIPS.




Lawrence HAYDEN, R.N.R.


Private A. WEBBER, M.M.


Capt. Rupert W. BARTLETT, M.C. and Bar.


*Stretcher Bearer (Rev.) C. P. DAVIS.
Reg. Sergt. Major C. WHITE.
Reg. Sergt. Major Jas M. McKAY.


Nurse Isabel HOLDEN.
Nurse Mary MAHONEY.


Lieut - Col. W. H. FRANKLIN, C.B.E.
Lieut - Col. W. F. RENDELL, C.B.E.


Lieut. LeMEE.


*Corporal James BALDWIN.
*Lieut - Colonel Henry SHEA. (Twice)
George BIGNELL, R.N.R.
Edgar H. SMITH, R.N.R.
William PEDDLE, R.N.R.
*Lieut - Col. W. H. FRANKLIN, D.S. O.
Thomas PURCELL, R.N.R.
Captain Augustus O'BRIEN
Second Lieutenant W. CLARE.
Private J. CAHILL.

The Newfoundland Regiment

Regimental Sergeant Major McKAY.
Lieutenant Robert P. HOLLOWAY
George COBB, R.N.R.
Sergeant Archibald ASH.
Lance Corporal Arthur F. JEWER.
Private Frederick K. O'NEIL.
Capt. Herbert RENDELL.
Q. M. Sergeant NICHOLLE.
Capt. BUTLER, D.S.O., M.C.
2nd Lieut. WATERMAN.
Rufus PENNEY, R.N.R.



Nov. 25.
P. J. POWER and Miss Hazel P. LEWIS.

Dec. 19.
Ignatius BRENNAN, Little Paradise and Miss Marie WALSH, Bona, P.B.
Dec. 26.
Frederick LEOUARD and Miss Elsie FYME, St. Kyran's
Dec. 27.
Private Albert HANN and Miss Agnes M. McLAUGHLIN at Ayr, Scotland.
Dec. 29
P. W. MALONEY and Miss Clara O'NEIL, at Holyrood.



Jan. 2.
John MERCER, Bishop's Cove, and Susie GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay
William J. STEVENS and Miss Emmie BOONE, Bareneed.
Jan. 5.
James M. TOBIN and Miss Lucy FOLEY, Placentia Bay.
Richard THORNE and Miss Clara Frances TAPPER, Torbay.
Jan. 7.
Sam Burke HORWOOD and Miss Annie Bartram BUTLER.
Jan. 8.
William T. LEGGE, Robinson's N.S. Head and Miss Belle RYAN, Pouch Cove.
Jan. 11
James SLADE and Miss Susannah TRAVERS, Harbour Grace.
Jan. 15.
James J. COLLINS and miss Agnes Mary WAYTE.
Jethro CROWLEY and Miss Edith WHAELEN, Western Bay.
Jan 18.
Lieut - Colonel KNOX-NIVEN and Miss Lois REID.
John J. DUNPHY, Placentia and Mrs. Angela TREMBLETT.
Capt. P. DOBER and Miss Annie GRANT, Burin
Jan. 19.
F. E. PRESTON and Miss Christine MYRON, Bell Island.
Jan. 23.
Pte. Harold KING, Campbellton and Miss Bessie PENNEY, Carbonear.
James McKENNA and Miss Theresa THISTLE, Fogo.
Jan. 24.
Arch SMITH, Bell Island, and Miss Johanna GUSHUE, Avondale.
Lieut. Clarence E. BAGGS, U.S.A., and Miss Ethel G. PENNEY at Brooklyn, N.Y,.


Feb. 6.
William Ronald CHESHIRE and Miss Agnes Paterson HAYWARD.
Feb. 12.
Stanley BURT, Green's Harbour, and Miss Julia LEE, Grand Bank.
Feb. 20.
Samuel WILTON, and Mrs. Leah PAYNE, Bonne Bay.
Feb. 25.
Corporal Peter MANSFIELD and Miss Maude ROGERS.
John GREEN and Miss Madge CURRAN.
Norman McCASKILL, Montreal, and Miss Sophie JONES, Trinity.
Feb. 27.
Robert NOEL and Miss Emma SMITH, Bonne Bay.


Mar. 1.
Hayward PARSONS and Miss Lena YETMAN, Harbour Grace.
Solomon GOSSE and Miss J. Kennedy MAHER'S.
Mar. 4.
Edward George SAUNDERS and Miss May MARTIN, Harbour Grace.
Ex - Pte. William MARTIN and Miss Agnes O'NEIL, Harbour Grace.
Mar. 6.
Herbert Leslie BARTLETT and Miss Bessie Florence THORBURN
Mar. 7.
George E. COURAGE and Miss May Grace HUNT, Harbour Grace.
Mar. 17.
Kenneth FRENCH, Brigus, and Miss Irene RYALL, St. John's.
Mar. 18.
Robert Stanley MAUNDER and Miss Edith May ELLIOTT.
Mar. 19.
J.J.R. McNEILY and Miss Eleanor Duder WHITE.
Mar. 22.
Arthur F. PENNELL and Miss Alberta FRANCIS , Carmanville.
Mar. 26.
Dr. R. A. BREHM, P.H.O. and Miss Alice CAREY.


Apr. 5.
Capt. W. D. EDWARDS and Miss Winifred Thomson McKAY at Glasgow.
Apr. 9.
James YOUNG and Miss Amy Maud ERLEY.
Apr 10.
Norman OSMOND, R.N.R. and Miss Marion TAYLOR, Carbonear.
Apr. 11.
Charles J. GAMBERG and Miss Fanny ANDREWS at Heart's Content.
Francis McGILLEY and Miss Lucy MAHER.
Apr. 13.
Patrick J. DUNNE, Broad Cove, and Miss Gertrude CASEY, Harbour Grace.
Willis L. SPURRELL and Miss Florence May PEARCEY
A. S. WADDEN and Miss Josephine POWER.
Oscar HISCOCK, R.N.R., and Miss Edith MOYSE , Topsail.
Apr. 28.
W. A. FRENCH, Brigus, and Miss Maymie E. GAMBERG.


May 5.
Capt. Finn MALM and Miss Louise COURAGE, Harbour Grace.
May 6.
Alfred COLE, Elliston, and Miss Helen TREMBLETT, Bonavista.
Philip GILLINGHAM and Miss Rachel MORRIS at Waverley, Mass.
May. 11.
John GILLAM and Mrs. Lydia SYMONDS, Bonne Bay.
May 12
John SOPER, Carbonear and Miss Isabelle PYNN, Harbour Grace.
May 14.
Joseph AVERY, Grate's Cove and Miss Bertha SELLARS, Western Bay.
Ernest MAUNDER and Miss Lucille Louise LADLEY.
Ex - Pte Alex PEARCE, Clarenville and Miss Maud SHORT, Hant's Harbour.
May 22.
Walter COOKE and Miss Bertha BRYANT.
May 28
Rev. (Capt.) Garland Granter BURTON and Miss Alice Mary DOWDEN of Greenspond at Halifax.
May 31.
Robert A. TACKER and Miss Edith PEARCEY.


June 3
Charles Alexander STEVENSON and Miss Mildred WARD.
Ex - Sergt. Herbert McCLELLAND and Miss Blanche SOMERTON, Trinity, at Montreal.
June 4
Ex - Sergt. Rowland T. WILLIAMS and Miss Florence M. COOK.
James Raymond HOPKINS and Miss Lizzie Rorke BEMISTER, Carbonear.
June 5
George FINLAY, Trepassey and Miss Bella PETRIE.
H. D. REID, President Reid Nfld Co. and Miss Marcelle ROBERT at Montreal.
Samson BIXBY, Indian Islands and Miss Jennie HAWCO, Chapel Cove.
June 9.
Alexander LACEY, formerly of Botwood, and Miss Thyrza WEIR, formerly of Little Bay Islands, at Toronto.
June 10
John D. CAMPBELL and Miss Mary HALLEY.
June 12.
Sergt. Martin S. RADSHAM and Miss Violet CLARKE at Halifax.
June 14.
William Wellesley WEAVER and Miss Ada Mary HOPEWELL at London.
June 18.
Capt. Stanley DUDER and Miss Emma Louisa PENNEY, Carbonear.
Sergt. Patrick O'NEIL and Miss Teresa O'NEIL at Brooklyn N.Y.
Peter BISHOP and Miss Miriam BAGGS, Broad Cove, B. D. V.
June 22.
Michael MOORE and Miss Maude HICKEY at Torbay.
J.W. ERICKSON of Bridgeport, Conn. and Miss Effie PARSONS of Harbour Grace at Chelsea Mass.
June 23.
Alan DOYLE and Miss Ester KIELEY.
June 24.
John McCARTHY, J.P., Clerk of the District Court and Miss Gertrude KENT.
June 25.
Ex - Pte. HAYSE and Miss Mary MILLER, Port Royal.
Frank MOORES, Freshwater and Miss Lillian G. BURTON, Glovertown.
Herbert Warwick DARBY and Miss Irene PARSONS.
R.Q.M. Sergt. W. J. EATON and Miss Daisy Janet BELL.
Hector REID , Heart's Delight and Miss Violet LEGGE, Garnish.
June 26.
Percival L??DEN and Miss Beatrice E. KENDRICK at Topsail.


July 3
E. J. GOOBIE, New Britain, Conn. and Miss Kathleen GOOBIE.
Capt. J. KEMP and Miss Helen RODGERS.
July 8
Capt. John E. J. FOX and Miss Helen FRASER.
July 9
W. J. DARCY and Miss Genevieve M. MARTIN.
Rev. Eli Reid ANTHONY, B. A., Glovertown and Miss Nellie LORENZEN, Garnish.
July 14
Ex - Pte. Jack ASPEL and Miss Ethel MOORE.
W. J. EWING, Alberta and Miss Minnie DART.
Arthur SQUAREY, Channel and Miss Maud LINDSAY.
July 16
E. W. HALL, Brigus and Miss Alice Edith LEWIS.
Ex. - Pte. James A. TAYLOR and Miss Mary D. McKENDRICK.
William MURRAY and Miss Ellen MORRISSEY.
July 23
Walter F. BUTT and Miss Florence Agnes MOORE.
July 24
Lieut - Commander KENNEDY , R.N. and Miss Frances A. GOSLING.
Ernest FORD and Miss Lily SNOW.
July 29
Ex. - Pte. G. CHAPTER and Miss Mary VOISEY.
July 30
Frederick TIPPLE, Burin and Miss Myre PELLEY, Hant's Harbour.
July 31
John BARTLETT, St. John's and Miss Edith REES, Lance Cove, Bell Island.

Aug. 1
Albert MORRIS and Miss Annie MUGFORD.
Aug. 4
Ex. - Sergt. J. P. MOAKLER and Miss Alice M. PURCELL.
Ex. Corporal Patrick M. GREENE, Pt. Verde and Miss Jennie SMITH, Argentia.
Rev. David COOMBS and Miss Ethel IRISH , Fogo.
Aug. 6
Lieut. James Robert STEELE and Miss Amy Gertrude STEVENSON.
Aug. 7
J. F. ROCHE and Miss Gertrude POWER.
Aug. 14
Ronald J. KENT and Miss Maude COCHRANE.
Aug. 15
Douglas FRENCH and Miss Mary BROWNRIGG.
Aug. 20
Leo F. MACFARLANE and Miss Lillie SNOW.
Aug. 23
Rev. N. COLE, Trinity and Miss Margaret Gertrude PIKE, Carbonear.
Major R. H. TAIT, M.C. and Miss Margaret Gertrude GIBB.
Aug. 24
Michael GRACE and Miss FORAN, Grand Falls.
Aug. 25
Paul MADDOX, Bay Bulls, and Miss Sidney Jean G?erg.
Charles RODWAY and Miss Annie BURRY.
Aug. 28
Senator Nathan GOFF, U.S.A. and Miss Katherine M. PENNEY, Carbonear.


Sept. 3.
Thomas HUGHES and miss Rosalie DELGADO.
George BATISTE, Port aux Basques and Miss Jennie HILLIER, Fortune.
Harry J. CARTER, Gambo and Miss Hattie R. IVANY.
Sept. 8
Capt. T. CONNORS, S.S. Portia, and Miss Margaret WHITE.
Sept. 9
Rev. Dr. SAINT, Heart's Content, and Miss Ethel B. PENNEY, Carbonear.
Sept. 11
Capt. Frederick Field LANGSTAFFE and Miss Annie FREW at Christ Church, England.
J. J. BAKER, Pittsburg, Pa. and Miss Mary MAHONEY, Burin, at Atlantic City.
Sept. 12
Joseph HALFYARD, Nelson, B.C., and Miss Marjorie GOLDER.
Sept. 16.
W. M. FORD, Harbour Grace and Miss Etta DAWE, Bay Roberts.
Mark GOSSE, Jr., Spaniard's Bay and Miss Gladys JONES, Upper Island Cove.
Sept. 17.
George Windsor FOOTE, Carbonear and Miss Lilian Margaret WARD, Harbour Grace.
Ernest KITCHENER, Harbour Grace and Miss Fannie FARRAR, Wabana at Foxtrap.
James J. KEOUGH, Caplin Bay, and Miss Margaret DEVEREAUX, Ferryland.
Sept. 18
Gilbert JAMES, R.N.R. , and Miss Anabelle DROVER, Upper Island Cove.
Sept. 20
John Thomas LUMSDEN and Miss Marjorie Isabel ELLIS.
Eric B. STENTAFORD, Heart's Content and Miss Evelyn Louise ADAMS, St. John's.
Thomas E. TIPPLE and Miss Ruby A. THOMPSON at Whitbourne.
Sept. 21
Thomas BUTLER, Bristol's Hope and Miss Elizabeth NOSEWORTHY, Bryant's Cove.
Sept. 24.
Elijah REID, Dildo and Miss Rosalie HAMLIN,Twillingate.
S. Q. Sergt. R. T. CRUMMEY and Miss Winnifred Mable MARCH, Old Perlican.


Oct. 11.
Harry WHITTEN and Miss Jennie CHRISTOPHER.
Oct. 14.
James SHIELDS and Miss Flossie PEET.
Oct. 15.
James Edgar HYNES and Miss Mary NEWHOOK, Old Shop.
Oct. 16.
William H. LIDDY and Miss Mary MOREY, Pouch Cove.
Thomas J. RYALL, and Miss Dora KEATING.
Oct. 21.
A. E. WHITTEN, St. John's and Miss Efreda REID, Heart's Delight.
Oct. 22.
Lieut George T. MOUSER of Porto Rico and Miss Bessie Winnifred HALFYARD, Watertown Mass.
Oct. 24.
Ex. - Pte. Elijah REID, Dildo and Miss Rosalie HAMLIN, Twillingate.
Oct. 27.
Fred L. BRADSHAW and Miss Mildred C. DUDER at Montreal.
Oct. 29.
Lieut. - Commander A.E. WOODHOUSE, R.N. and Miss Jean EMERSON.
Charles P. PENNEY and Miss Violet THOMSON.
Oct. 30.
Robert James WATTS and Miss Edna COLLINS at Halifax.
Oct. 31.
George F. PENNEY, Otterbury and Miss Melina HARNUM, Heart's Delight.


Nov. 4
Ex.-Pte. Vincent DOBBIN, Upper Island Cove and Miss Mary DUNN, Scotland, at Harbour Grace.
Nov. 5
Reuben FRENCH, Carbonear and Miss Norah BROWN.
Otto STANLEYand Miss Emma SNOW, Harbour Grace.
Nov. 11
Ex.-Pte. Rupert MORRIS and Miss Mabel LeSHANO.
Nov. 12
William WALTERS and Mrs. Matilda HUNT at Harbour Grace.
Capt. Ernest William HUBBELL and Mrs. Madge H. McDOUAGH (nee BOLGER) at Ottowa.
Nov. 13
Albert LOUGHLIN and Miss Effie PARSONS, Flat Islands, Placentia Bay.
Nov. 18
John RYAN and Miss Lucy WALSH at Petty Harbour.
Leo CLEARY and Miss Bessie COADY.
Nov. 19
Rev. Heber GOSSE and Miss Lizzie M. EARLE, Fogo.
Daniel McKINNON and Miss Mary CHAPTER, at Sydney.
Nov. 23
Bernard MANNING and Miss Elizabeth ROACHE at Outer Cove.
Nov. 24
William A. MYLER and Miss May CRIMP.
Nov. 26
James McCARTHY, Carbonear and Miss Ellen BURTON, St. John's.
George GRIFFITHS, Portugal Cove and Miss Mary Ann SAVAGE.
Capt. Jack TURNER, M.C., and Miss Blanche Cassandra IRELAND, Grand Falls.
Nov. 27
Stephen CARNELL, Ochre Pit Cove and Miss L. G. SELLARS, Western Bay.
Constable Michael WOODFORD and Mrs. Mary LEE, Riverhead, St. Mary's.


Dec. 3
Lieut. Hender Travernor PEARSE, R.N., and Miss Annie Boyd BAIRD.
George T. GORDON and Miss Carrie PARSONS, Harbour Grace.
James HOWELL, Freshwater and Miss Cecelia GEORGE, Heart's Content.
Dec. 8
Casimer DOODY, Mosquito and Miss Sarah BYRNE, Flatrock.
Dec. 9
William J. JOYCE, Freshwater and Miss Georgina ASH, Crocker's Cove.
Dec. 10
James POWER and Miss Annie PIKE, Carbonear.
Dec. 17
Neil Shannon LeMESSEURIER and Miss Hilda Maud STRONG.
L. A. HOSKINS, Kelligrews and Miss Jennie SEARL, Bell Island.
Dec. 19
Donald MOORE, St. John's, and Miss Beatrice TETFORD, Harbour Grace.
Dec. 22
Jack PLOUGHMAN, Port Rexton, and Miss Addie HEDGES, Carbonear.



Oct. 8
Pte L. J. KEATING, Harbour Main, C.E.F., killed in action in France.

Nov. 5
Pte Eric Ronald BRADLEY, C.E.F., killed in action in France.
Nov. 28
Mrs. John RENNIE at Calcutta.

Dec. 11
Mark LOVEYS, Western Bay, 65.
Dec. 21
Miss Gladys BUTT, Western Bay, 19.
Dec. 22
Herbert G. HOUSE, Wesleyville, 32.
Dec. 24
John SHEPPARD, South Side, Harbour Grace, 72.
Dec. 26
David BALDWIN, Pouch Cove, 65.
Dec. 29
Mrs. Elizabeth BUTLER, Lower Island Cove.
Dec. 30
Mrs. Elizabeth WHITTEN, Southside, 84.
Dec. 31
Miss Mary Gertrude BARTER at New York.
Mrs. GRANDY, Garnish.



Jan. 1
Mrs, Eugene TAYLOR, Maxse St., 56
Horward TAYLOR, 38.
Mrs. Adah MOORE, Heart's Content, 69
Jan. 2.
Nathan YETMAN, Bryant's Cove, 24
Jan. 3
Arthur MILLER A.A. Tel Co., 29
Mrs. C. B. RANKIN.
Jan. 5.
Capt. Thomas FLETT.
Mrs. Joseph GREEN, Green Hr.
Henry A. BOWRING, at Liverpool, 54.
Leander HARNUM, Whiteway, T.B.
Jan. 6.
Mrs. (Rev.) Mark FENWICK.
Mrs. Stephen MADDOX, Bay Bulls.
Miss Ethel M. GEARY at South Boston.
Jan. 7.
Mrs. Mary Ann COLLINS, 84.
Jan. 8.
Miss Gwendolyn JOYCE, 22
Nicholas KENNEDY, 72.
Cornelius J. O'RYAN.
Mrs. E. J. GODDEN, 27.
Mrs. Bertram OSMOND.
Gladstone TURNER, 15.
Azariah DAWE, Bay Roberts, 66.
Jan. 9.
Mrs. Katherine POWER, Avondale, 63.
Myra Louise PARSONS.
William H. GRANT.
Albert NEWHOOK, Bristol's Hope, 35.
Jan. 10.
Miss Rita STAMP, 20.
Mrs. Fanny SPRIGWELL, Pouch Cove.
Jan. 11.
Mrs. Eliza BUTLER, William St. 96.
Miss Isabella WOODFORD, Woodford's, 21.
Jan. 12.
Mrs. Harold MADDOCK, Carbonear, 34.
Miss Etta NOEL.
Jan. 13.
Aram DOWNTON, 89
Mrs. John FILLIER, Harbour Grace, 73.
Jan. 14.
Charles STEVENSON, 31.
Mrs. Mary KING, Broad Cove, B.D.V. , 100.
Jan. 15.
Mrs. Bentley ALLEN, (nee Hearn of Harbour Breton) in England.
Edward MAHAR, 73
Miss Laura RUSSELL.
Harold W. OKE, Harbour Grace, 23.
Jan. 16.
Edward STEVENSON, Harbour Grace, 71.
Mrs. William HUNT, Harbour Grace. 63.
Jan. 17.
James Alexander SQUIRES, 11.
John FILLIER, Harbour Grace, 80.
Mrs. Eli CRUMMEY, Western Bay.
Jan. 18.
William HOLLETT, Blackhead.
James F. HYNES, Holyrood, 34.
Jan. 19.
Mrs. Sarah LANNIGAN, 73.
Stanley NOEL, 58.
Jan. 20.
Sub - Inspector BAILEY, Nfld. Constabulary, at Harbour Grace, after 50 yrs of service, 68
Mrs. (Dr) W. A. MORRIS at Puerto Plata, San Domingo.
Silas Garfield HICKS, Carmanville, 23.
Jan. 21.
Patrick ENGLISH, 85.
Mrs. Eliza GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay, 89.
Jan. 22.
Miss Katherine O'REILLY.
Miss Florence May CONSTANTINE, 21.
Jan. 24.
Augustus MENCHIONS, Port de Grave.
Michael SHEA, at Chicago.
Jan. 25.
Patrick O'BRIEN, 84.
George GILL, Labrador, at Harbour Grace, 26.
Mrs. Catherine CANE, Harbour Grace, 70.
Jan. 26.
John PENNY, Pilot, 51.
John BABB, Bryant's Cove, 67.
Jan. 27.
Mrs. R. S. MUNN, Sr., Harbour Grace, at Montreal.
Absalom DRISCOLL, 65.
Mrs. John T. CRUMMEY, Western Bay, 39.
Edward REDMAN, Springdale, 44.
Jan. 28.
Miss Leah MILLEY, Western Bay, 22.
Miss Fannie NOEL, South Side, Harbour Grace, 20.
Jan. 29.
Mrs. Amelia FULLER.
Jan. 31.


Feb. 1.
James MURPHY, Cappahayden.
Feb. 2.
Mrs. James MURPHY, Cappahayden.
John WHALEN, Bradley's Cove, B.D.V., 90
Feb. 3.
Mrs. Josephine MOLLOY, Peter's River, 22.
Emmanuel GROUCHY, Pouch Cove, 71.
Feb. 4.
George Grey SHORT.
James GRAHAM, formerly of Harbour Grace, at Jersey, N.Y.
Feb. 5.
Patrick WALSH, Little Bona. P.B.
Feb. 7.
Mrs. Annie Mary PURCHASE.
Mrs. Mary Ann MARCH, formerly of Old Perlican, 78.
Feb. 9.
John MARSHALL, Bay Roberts, 64.
A. C. CHAMBERS, formerly of Harbour Buffett, at Sydney, 50.
Feb. 10.
Mrs. Katherine STONE, 89.
Mrs. Michael CONNORS, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 75.
Mrs. Alexander MILLEY, Western Bay, 62.
Feb. 11.
Mrs. Rosanna MURPHY, 84.
Rev. Sister Mary Josephine McINTOSH, Presentation Convent.
Feb. 12.
Rev. Bro. A. P. KENNEDY, at New York, 66.
Feb. 13.
Miss Susie ROPER, Bonavista, at Regina.
Feb. 14.
Mrs. Andrew O'NEIL, 32.
Mrs. John SPARKS, Harbour Grace, 62.
Feb. 16.
Miss Francis REYNOLDS, Harbour Grace, 71
Mrs. Benjamin SIMMONS, Bristol's Hope 68.
. Feb. 17.
Miss Edith JENNINGS at Torquay, 37.
Feb. 18.
Hon. Charles H. EMERSON, K.C., Registrar Supreme Court, at Boston, 56.
Feb. 19.
Hugh Hoyles CARTER, K.C., 71
Miss Gertrude Mabel WHITEWAY, 23.
James Cyril GROVES, 20.
John REYNOLDS, gardener at Government House, at St. John, N.B.
Walter RYAN, Harbour Grace, 36.
Feb. 20.
Mrs. Abraham SNOW, 67
Mrs. William HOOPER, 78.
Miss Daisy ROBERTS, Twillingate, 23.
Miss Creusa TURPIN, St. Lawrence, 18.
Feb. 21.
William Henry MARSHALL, 49.
Feb. 22.
Edward O'BRIEN, Fermeuse, 70
Alonzo FOWLOW, Trinity.
Feb. 23.
Mrs. James GULLAGE, 61
Michael J. HARTLEY.
Miss Jean McINTOSH, Calvert.
Mrs. William UPSHALL, 26.
Mrs. (Rev.) Silas KINGWELL at New Glasgow.
Feb. 24.
John HARGETY, Pilot. 84.
Ralph ROBERTS, at Winnipeg, 28.
Feb. 26.
Mrs. J. Charles CARTER
Edgar Alexander POLLOCK at Grennock, 25.
Feb. 27.
Miss Minnie GOODRIDGE, at Southsea, Hants, England.
Feb. 28.
A. J. O'ROURKE, 28.
Mrs. William BUTT, Harbour Grace, 60.


Mar. 1.
Mrs. Elsie May DuTOT, 33.
Harry SMITH, ex - C.E.F., at Liverpool.
Mar. 3.
Katie J. KAVANAGH, Logy Bay, 17.
Mar. 4.
Mrs. Ernest SPRACKLIN.
Mrs. Mary HEALEY, Blackhead, 82
Mrs. William MALLARD, Quidi Vidi, 64.
James BRAY, Harbour Grace, 63.
Mar. 5.
Miss Florence RYAN, Aquaforte.
Mar. 7.
Donald WYATT, 13.
Mar. 8.
Mrs. Edwin WHITEWAY, 66.
Denis BYRNE, 86.
Mar. 9.
William Augustus TAYLOR, Carbonear, 46.
Mar. 10.
Villiers C. PEARCE.
Mrs. Mark GIBBONS, 53.
Mar. 11.
Michael STAPLETON, formerly of Harbour Grace, at Boston.
Mar. 12.
Rev. Patrick B. PHELAN, Holyoke, Mass, 73.
Ronald TOBIN, Ship Cove, Cape Shore.
Mar. 13.
Mrs. Margaret WALSH, 68.
Mar. 14.
Robert Chesley TRAPNELL, Harbour Grace, 22.
Howard MERCER, Bay Roberts, 16.
Mar. 16.
John P. FLYNN, 28.
Edward F. COAKER, 75.
Mar. 17.
Mrs. Mary A. TOBIN, 67.
Mrs. Mary FREEMAN, 92.
Rev. J. E. HUNTER, (Crossley and Hunter), 63.
David RYAN, 48.
Mar. 18.
Mrs. Jessie Eales AYRE, Old Placentia Road.
Mrs. Mary NORTHCOTT, South Side, Harbour Grace, 76.
Mar. 20.
Mrs. Elizabeth PAYNE, 83.
Mar. 21.
Alexander MOORE.
Mrs. Catherine FURLONG.
Patrick FORTUNE, Tor's Cove, 20.
Mar. 23.
Mrs. Maria HARTERY.
Gideon WAY, 72.
Mar. 24.
Miss Annie COADY
Miss. Clara EVANS, Adam's Cove, 18.
Pte. Patrick O'LEARY, C.E.F., Whitbourne, at Brampton Military Hospital, 27
Mar. 25.
Mrs. John B. CURRAN at Tory, N.Y.
Mar. 26.
Mrs. Alan HUDSON. Lower Island Cove, 57.
Mrs. M. PRIOR, Ferryland, at Alexandria, Egypt.
Mar. 27.
Mrs. Joseph MILLER, Springdale Street, 69.
John R. DAWSON, Bay Roberts
Nathaniel SPARKES, 81.
Mar. 28.
Mrs. Mary Ann WALSH, Otterbury, Harbour Grace, 64.
Miss Katherine MURPHY, 56.
Mar. 29.
Mrs. Mary WHEALEN, 68.
John WHITE, Cooper.
Mar. 30.
Mrs. Ann Jane LeDREW, 68.
Mar. 31.
Mrs. Mary COADY.


April 1.
J. BAINES, Current Island, at Port aux Choix.
April 2
Mrs. David POWER, Salmonier, a bride of two months.
April 4.
Patrick HOULIHAN, 75.
Willis HERALD, Bristol's Hope, at Sydney.
April 5.
William Joseph COADY, Bay Bulls.
James COX, G.P.O., 62.
Mrs. Clara SULLIVAN, King's Cove, 92.
April 8.
Miss. Ada Victoria WINDSOR, Aquaforte.
April 9.
Rev. Dr. HAZLEWOOD, Toronto, 62.
Garrett DALTON, 78.
April 10.
Joseph HARDING, Portugal Cove, 37.
April 11.
Mrs. J. TURNER, 63.
April 12.
John B. GILES, 58.
Moses BROWN, Harbour Grace, 77.
April 13.
Mrs. Mary Gorman DALTON, 63.
Mrs. Bernard PARSONS, Harbour Grace, 75.
April 14.
Mrs. Patrick KENNEDY, 52.
Mrs. Ralph McDONALD (nee Alice MORINE) at Toronto.
April 15.
Mrs. Abraham SMITH, 32.
April 16.
Mrs. Walter MORRISSEY, 36.
April 17.
Mrs. Johanna SKIFFINGTON, 86.
April 18.
John K. PERCEY, at St. John, N.B.
April 19.
Mrs. Charlotte Ann CHAFE, Harbour Grace, 98.
April 20.
Edmond DERRICK, 81.
Arthur Ernest TRAPNELL, Harbour Grace, 19.
Mary ROWE, 14.
April 21.
Mrs. Ronald MacDONALD, 24.
Mrs. Nathaniel TAYLOR, South Side, Caerbonear, 83.
April 22.
Mrs. Levi DIAMOND, 80
Ex - Pte. William Roy SAUNDERS, M.M., Carbonear.
April 23.
Patrick MALONE, at Sydney, 76.
Mrs. J. G. HUNT, 57.
William WARD, H.M.C., Harbour Grace, 67.
David McCRINDLE, 62.
Mrs. Anna RICE, 91.
Mr. PENDER, Plank Road.
April 24.
Daniel KIDNEY, at Lynn, Mass. 55
April 25.
James BUCKLEY, 75.
April 26.
Richard SHORTALL, Cross Roads, 84.
April 27.
Miss Maria STAUNTON, Cochrane St.


May 1.
Mrs. Caroline BROWN, King's Cove.
May 2.
Esau FIFIELD, Bonavista, 83.
May 3.
Mrs. Alexander McLACHLAN.
May 5.
George NEAL, at Montreal, 54.
Bernard DAWE, Manuels, 29.
May 6.
George HOLLEY, 19.
May 8.
Capt. Peter NELSON. 68.
May 9.
Mrs. William HENNESSY, Harbour Grace, 79.
Michael SULLIVAN, Grand Falls, 56.
Josiah CARTER, Hibb's Cove, Port de Grave, 21.
May 11.
Albert BRADSHAW, formerly M.H.A., at Victoria, B.C.
Mrs. Thomas KEHOE, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 59.
James MARTIN, Harbour Grace, 68.
May 12.
Mrs. Priscilla RODGERS, 77.
Mrs. Hannah PARSONS, Freshwater, B.D.V.
May 13.
Mrs. James DUNN,
Mrs. John SUMMERS at Toronto, 52.
May 14.
William J. MOORE, 21.
Mrs. Susannah MARTIN, Harbour Grace, 73.
Mrs. James ADAMS, Harbour Grace, 73.
May 15.
Thomas HAYNES, veteran, 77.
May 16.
William BILLINGSBY, 64.
May 17.
Mrs. Margaret WILSON, 62
May 18.
Frank MAJOR, 20.
William LUNGRIGAN, Peter's River.
Mrs. George CROCKER, Carbonear, 81.
May 20.
Richard FENNELL, 64.
George DODD, 77.
Mrs. Mary MURPHY, Harbour Main, 80.
Mrs. John CLARKE, Carbonear.
May 22
Mrs. Rebecca CRUMMEY, Western Bay, 97.
Thomas SHANNAHAN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 82.
May 24.
Mrs. William MERCER
May 25.
Charles GILL.
May 27.
Mrs. William WINSOR, Sr., Wesleyville.
Charles A. MOORE.
May 28.
Elizabeth ASH.
May 29.
Daniel DUGGAN, 83
May 31,
William O'TOOLE, 48.
William Joseph TRICCO, 24.


June 1.
William J. GODLEY, 44.
June 3.
Mrs. Anna Marie HOLLOWAY, Island Cove, Random, 59.
June 4.
Mrs. George SMITH, Cupids, 77.
June 5. Bramwell C. BENNETT, 16.
June 7.
Miss Florence TAYLOR, Bristol's Hope, 35.
Miss Grace HOLLETT, Sound Island, 25.
June 13.
Mrs. Hannah TOBIN, 25.
Mrs. W. V. DRAYTON, Cochrane House.
Edmund CHAYTOR, 46.
Silas Partridge HOUSE, native of St. John's, electrotyper and inventor, at Brooklyn, New York, 98.
June 14.
Thomas ROLLS, Sr., 82.
Jonathan HOPKINS, Heart's Content, at Halifax, 75.
June 15.
Mrs. William WALSH, 72.
June 18.
George TUFF, J.P., Old Perlican.
June 19.
James KELLY, Torbay, 84.
Mrs. John CRAMM, Lower Small Point, 77.
June 23.
Mrs. Catherine BROWN, formerly of Carbonear, 76.
Mrs. Mena L. F. NORBERG, 63.
June 24.
Mrs. Alice HOGAN, Northern Bay, 87.
June 25.
Mrs. Jabez EVANS, 69.
June 26.
Thomas MILLEY, Western Bay, 77.
June 27.
Henry C. MORRIS at Halifax.
June 29.
Mrs. Samuel CHAFE.
Mrs. James ROBERTS, 58.
June 30.
Mrs. R. V. BROWN, Brownsdale, 83.


July 1.
James EVANS, J.P., Adams's Cove, 80.
Mrs. James THOMPSON, ??
Mrs. Catherine SHORTALL, 72.
Mrs. Sarah TARGETT, (Holyrood)
James BRANSFIELD, Carbonear, 91.
July 3.
Solomon ROBERTS, J. P., Change Island, 61.
July 4.
Eli JANES, 74.
July 5.
July 6.
Miss Elizabeth FLYNN, 18.
July 8.
Edward O'BRIEN, 72.
Mrs. Charles CROCKER, Harbour Grace, 36.
July 9.
Mrs. Richard BRETT, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 95.
July 10.
Andrew McDONALD, Kilbride, 90.
William BENNETT, Bell Island.
George BADCOCK, Shearstown, 88.
July 12.
Mrs. John SQUIRES, 24.
July 13.
Very Rev. Dean DOUTNEY, at Renews, 74.
July 16.
Mrs. Margaret KEEFE, Bristol's Hope, 90.
July 17.
Thomas WALLACE, 28.
July 18.
Mrs. Edward SAUNDERS, Cape Cove, near Tilting.
July 20.
Miss Mary Alice RAFTUS.
Mrs. John COLLIER, Lord's Cove.
July 21.
John CONNORS, 70.
Mrs. Annie FLETT, 74.
John E. WALKER, Harbour Grace, 68.
July 22.
Bernard PARSONS, J.P., Harbour Grace, 73.
John BOURIDGE, 38.
Mrs. A. W. CAMERON (nee HIERLIHY), at Athol, Mass.
July 25.
William Anthony BENNETT, 73.
Mrs. Thomas BULLEY.
July 26.
James MILLER, Topsail
Edward STEVENSON, 27.
July 27.
Mrs. Caroline PYNN, Carbonear, 93.
Mrs. Julia NOFTALL, 75.
July 29.
Ralph McL. BISHOP, 33.
James MILLER, Topsail, 61
July 30.
Michael J. DONNELLY.
July 31.
George GEARY, Ferryland.


Aug. 1.
Mrs. John RYAN.
AUG. 2.
William SCANLAN, 17.
Aug. 3.
Mrs. Ellen S. SINNOTT, 85.
Aug. 4.
William PRICE, Petty Harbour, 47.
Aug. 5.
Mrs. James GRIEVE, Grennock.
Aug. 8.
John ASH, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 80.
Aug. 9.
Abram TAYLOR, 75.
Mrs. John WALSH, 29.
Mrs. John BELLOWS, 48.
Aug. 11.
John LaCOUR, Harbour Main, 59.
Aug. 13.
Capt. John G. SNOW, 66.
Mrs. Mary Ann BUSH, 67.
Aug. 15.
Mrs. Nicholas SHANNAHAN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 80.
Aug. 18.
John O'NEIL, Bay de Verde, 77.
Mrs. Benjamin TAYLOR, 64.
Aug. 20.
Mrs. John CURTIS, Trepassey.
Mrs. William GORMAN.
Aug. 21.
Mrs. William S. LOCKYER, Trinity, 55.
Joseph LeGROW, 57,
Aug. 22.
Miss Kittie LAHEY, Harbour Grace, 84.
Aug. 23.
Mrs. J. T. LAWTON, Wabana
Mrs. W. A. ELLIS.
Martin RYAN, 57.
Aug. 25.
Mrs. Caroline BUTT, 80.
Aug. 26.
Rev. E. Pollett WARD, 41.
Mrs. George PENNEY, Ramea.
Aug. 27.
Andrew GRAY, formerly of Twillingate, 80.
Mrs. Edmund TUFF.
George REID, Lock's Cove, Hare Bay, 70.
Aug. 28.
Mrs. Stephen WHELAN, 68.
Aug. 29.
Abraham BURT, North Battery, 41.
Aug. 30.
Timothy TEEN, 65.
Aug. 31.
Edward LANNON, Placentia, 81.
Miss Esther CRUMMEY, 21.


Sept. 2.
Michael RICHARDS, Topsail.
Harold HUSSEY, 19.
Sept. 4.
William L. HADDON, Heart's Content, 65.
Mrs. Ann BOWER.
Sept. 6.
Mrs. James WALSH, Ferryland.
Mrs. Norah McGRATH, 87.
Edgar Norman BELBIN, 22.
Sept. 7.
Patrick E. WOODFORD, Harbour Main, 58.
Mrs. Agnes RICE, 65.
James F. GOODLAND, 50.
Sept. 8.
Mrs. Charles BUTT, Bay Roberts, 30.
Sept. 10.
Mrs. George PYE, Battle Harbour, 57.
Sept. 11.
Mrs. Jane SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace, 77.
John KANE.
Sept. 12.
Miss Katherine LAHEY, Harbour Grace, 84.
Patrick ALCOCK, Harbour Grace, 65.
Thomas P. SULLIVAN, St. Leonard's.
Mrs. Mary O'NEIL, Harbour Grace, 88.
Sept. 13.
Dr. DUNN, Broad Cove, Bay de Verde.
George DANIELS, 18.
Sept. 14.
Michael O'BRIEN, 24.
Mrs. John SULLIVAN, Harbour Grace, 67.
Sept. 18.
Mrs. Henry BROWN, Harbour Grace, 78.
Sept. 20.
Mrs. Leah GILLINGHAM, 64.
Sept. 21.
Mrs. Sarah R. WATERMAN, Fogo, at Beverley, Mass.
Sept. 22.
Mrs. Mary Ann BUTLER, Port de Grave.
Mrs. Julia SPARKES, Harbour Grace, 60.
Sept. 23.
Mrs. Andrew C. BLACKWOOD.
Miss Katherine Marion STRANG.
Alfonso LEARING, 16.
Sept. 24.
Charles Victor LEWIS, ex - R.N.R., 22.
G. H. FURNEAUX, New Perlican.
Sept. 28.
Mrs. Catherine MORRISSEY, 82.
Lieut. Commander Nicholas FOGARTY, of U.S. Navy at Colorado.


Oct. 1.
Philip MAHONEY, Holyrood, 89.
Albert SPHIRE, 24.
Oct. 2.
Antonio NARDINI, Main River.
Oct. 4.
Patrick BYRNE, 75
Oct. 5.
Patrick DELANEY, 72.
Duncan HOWELL, Carbonear, 40.
Oct. 6.
Mrs. Julia Anne CLARE, Harbour Grace, 78.
Oct. 7.
Mrs. Susannah HOPKINS, Heart's Content, 76.
Mrs. John STAPLETON, Harbour Grace, 63.
Oct. 8.
William EARLE, Portugal Cove, 77.
William G. WITHYCOMBE, 79.
Oct. 9.
Peter HIGGINS, formerly of Harbour Grace, at Boston.
Oct. 10.
Thomas F. VAVASOUR, G.P.O.
Mrs. Flora E. BUTT, 58.
Oct. 12.
Mrs. James KIRBY.
Oct. 13.
Miss Margaret WALSH, 92.
Oct. 14.
Robert E. HOWELL, Carbonear, 69.
Alfred HULL, Twillingate, 22.
Oct. 16.
Mrs. Nathaniel NOSEWORTHY, Pouch Cove, 73.
Mrs. Elizabeth HARVEY, Bell Island.
Oct. 19.
Mrs. Pearce GARLAND, 70.
James ANDREWS, 74.
Mrs. Thomas DWYER, Torbay.
Oct. 20.
James BRANSFIELD, Carbonear, 93.
Oct. 21.
Agnes WALKER, Benton.
Oct. 22.
Mrs. William CAMPBELL, 66.
Mrs. Mary RYAN, 45.
Oct. 23.
Mrs. Kenneth COFFIN, King's Cove, at Trinity.
Capt. Frank O'LEARY.
Mrs. Margaret WALSH, 64.
Oct. 24.
Jack WALSH, Aguathuna, 18.
Martin McALLISTER, at New York, 38.
Mrs. Bridget JACKMAN.
Oct. 25.
Mrs. E. J. RYAN, Trinity.
Mrs. Frank BRADY.
Oct. 27.
Miss Bessie MITCHELL at Chicago
Oct. 28.
Andrew RUTHERFORD, Harbour Grace, 92.
Oct. 29.
Joseph UDELL, Carbonear, 79.
Mrs. HEDGES, Carbonear.
Oct. 31.
Joseph COOK, 84.


Nov. 1.
Joseph Baine OSMOND, Moreton's Harbour, at Montreal, 62.
Mrs. Louisa ERNEST, at Freshwater, 65.
James FLETCHER, at Chicago, 75.
Nov. 2.
Robert PICCO, Portugal Cove, 55.
Nov. 3.
Mrs. E. J. WHITTY, 35.
Nov. 4.
Richard BYRNE, 81.
Nov. 6.
Frank BRANSFIELD, Crocker's Cove, 80.
Nov. 7.
Mrs. Margaret DRYSDALE, Carbonear, 84.
Michael FAHEY, Western Bay, 77.
Mrs. Mary Ann KELLY, 60.
Nov. 8.
Laurence HAYDEN, 65.
Mrs. Edward RUSSELL, 74
Nov. 9.
Patrick J. MYLER, 53.
Nov. 10.
William P. RYAN, Salvage.
Capt. James WELLS, Bristol's Hope, at Boston, 62.
Nov. 12.
Benjamin RIDEOUT, Long Pond, 64.
R. SMITH, Bishop's Cove, 46.
Nov. 14.
John RYAN, Spaniard's Bay, 75.
Mrs. Garrett SEVIOUR,
Mrs. Ellen Mary LARKIN, 46.
Mrs. Elizabeth SCANLAN, Harbour Grace, 64.
Nov. 17.
Mrs. Louisa HALL, 82.
Nov. 18.
Capt. William YETMAN, Harbour Grace, 61.
Mrs. Peter KEARNEY, 70.
Nov. 19.
Mrs. Ann NORTHCOTT, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 75.
Rita CONNORS, 12.
Nov. 20.
Mrs. (Rev) W. T. D. DUNN, Grand Falls.
Nov. 21.
John GRIFFIN, Ferndale, N.E. Arm, Placentia.
Nov. 23.
William O'DRISCOLL, Mobile
George BARTLETT, 99.
Mrs. Elizabeth Urquhart HENDERSON, 73.
John P. MAHAR, Harbour Grace, 77.
Nov. 24.
William H. DAVIDSON.
Nov. 25.
Patrick MURPHY, former Road Inspector, 76.
Benjamin W. MOORES, New Bay, 60.
Nov. 26.
Mrs. George TUCKER, Spaniard's Bay , 74.
Nov. 30.
Miss. Mary Dolorosa RYAN, Placentia, 20.


Dec. 2.
Cornelius O'DRISCOLL, Clarenville.
Mrs. William HAMPTON.
Dec. 3.
Mrs. Austin SHEPPARD, Fort Amherst.
Dec. 4.
Ex. Pte. Denis MEALYEY.
Dec. 5.
James MAHAR, Light Keeper, Harbour Grace, 65.
Mrs. Susannah WELLS, Bristol's Hope, 82.
Mrs. Elizabeth BRYANT, 48.
Dec. 6.
Reginald M. THOMAS, 26.
Leonard PARSONS, South Side, Harbour Grace, 33.
Dec. 7.
Mrs. E. L. WADDEN, 36.
Dec. 8
John STEPHENS, the Goulds, at Bareneed.
Mrs. Annie DUFFY.
Dec. 9.
Miss Ellen SPARROW, Burin, 69.
John RYAN, Harbour Grace, 60.
Dec. 10.
Mrs. James EARLES
John ARNOLD, 44.
Dec. 12.
James FOLEY, 56.
Dec. 14.
Moses O'NEIL, Freshwater Valley, 70.
William AINSWORTH, 82.
Little daughter of H. E. PYNN, aged 5 1/2 years, dies on incoming express.
Robert SNOW, Harbour Grace, 59.
Dec. 15.
William POWELL, Burnt Head, Carbonear.
Dec. 17.
John BUTT, Freshwater, B.D.V., 65.
Frank MORIARITY, Harbour Grace, 42.
Mrs. Bride BOUDRIGE, 37.
Mrs. Lawrence CUNNINGHAM.
Dec. 18.
Mrs. Mary MURRAY at Cupids, 79.
Dec. 19.
Mrs. Charlotte MERCER, Bay Roberts, 87.
Patrick O'DONOVAN, 62.
Thomas MURPHY, at Maceio.
Dec. 20.
Mrs. Mary PARRETT, 88.
Mrs. Mary DALEY, 84.
Patrick TARRANT, 74.
Dec. 21.
John Edgar Pickavant PETERS, 81.
Michael CONNORS, 54.
Mrs. John J. O'BRIEN.
Dec. 22.
Thomas KELLY, Cooper.
Dec. 23.
Henry PARSONS, 88.
Dec. 25.
Cyril Kitchener CHAPMAN, 20.
Dec. 26.
William NORMAN, 70.
Dec. 27.
Mrs. Rebecca ELMS, 75.
John HALLEY, 21.
Dec. 28.
Mrs. Mary A. JACKMAN.



Jan. 7.
Schr. Kimberley ashore on west coast of Lagley.
Jan. 8.
Schr. G. Blanche reported abandoned.
Jan. 11.
Schr. Benevolence, St. Pierre to Grand Bank, ashore. Total Loss.
Jan. 17.
S.S. Manchester Brigade arrives with S.S. LeCoq in tow.
Jan. 21.
Capt. PORTER and crew of the Barqt. John abandoned 100 miles South West of Cape Race, brought into Portland, Maine by S.S. Bayano, Crew Frostbitten.
Jan. 23.
Rescued crew of Schr. Minnie Harris reach Grand Bank.
Jan. 28.
Capt. C. H. LAKE and crew of Frances B. Mesquite, arrive at Baltimore.
Jan. 29.
Crew of wrecked schooner Helen Stewart arrive at New York.
Jan. 30.
Capt. PORTER and crew of wrecked Barquentine John arrive.

Feb. 17.
S.S. J.M. Guffey towed to port by S.S. Ramore Head.
Feb. 18.
Capt. KEEPING and crew of wrecked schooner William Morton lost on Jan. 5, arrive in New York on S.S. Freshwater from Seville.
Feb. 23.
Capt. LEE and crew of five of wrecked schooner Theresa Maud of Grand Bank arrive at New York aboard the S.S. Glen Eden.

March 1.
Schr. Gladys Fearn, Burin to Oporto, reported abandoned in Mid - ocean.
March 3.
Shipwrecked crew of Danish schooner Abba reach port from Cape Broyle.
March 4.
S.S. Appenine, Lewisporte to St. John's, aground near Witless Point.
March 26.
Schooner Cecil Fearn, Capt. J. WHEALEN, reported lost off Spain.
March 28.
Seaman COADY of the Schr. Eddie Therauilt, reported lost on voyage to Barbados.

April 3.
Benjamin TIBBO, Grand Bank drowned while trawling on the Banks.
April 5.
Disastrous Boiler explosion on S.S. Cape Breton off Cape Spear, 5 men killed, Chief Engineer McARTHUR, Second Engineer SCOTT, donkeyman MOORES of Kelligrews, and two Chinamen.
Schr. Jennie E. Ritcey reported lost off Sicily.
April 6.
S.S. Wellington returns after two days, with bows stove in.
April 7.
Gasoline explosion on Schr. Edward Fry of New Perlican, 3 men injured.
April 8.
Schooner Margaret arrives at Fortune and reports death of Richard Martin COOK from pneumonia.
April 11.
Disable steamer Ranger towed in by S.S. Eagle.
April 14.
Schr. Caribou Hill, Harbour Grace, reported abandoned at sea.

May 14.
William CLUETT, of Fortune, lost in motor boat when returning from St. Pierre.
May 25.
S. S. Cassandre arrives in leaky condition, caused by striking a growler.
Schr. James N. Stanley arrives at Grand Bank and reports the loss of two men belonging to Jacques, Fortune on May 16th.
May 27.
News received of the loss of schrs. Phileen, Capt KENDRICK and Annie M. Nadean, Capt. STEWARD, at sea.

June 7.
Schr. Albet J. Lutz of Catalina, capsized in a squal off Renews, William L. JOHNSON, married drowned.
June 12.
Capt. STEWART and part of crew of the wrecked Annie N. Nadeau arrive from Liverpool.
June 22.
Wrecked schooner Fern refloated and towed into King's Cove.
Brigantine Callidora destroyed by fire at Carbonear.

July 2.
Schr. General Currie from Libon arrives at Marystown with shipwrecked crew of Schooner Burleigh.
July 3.
Schooner Thomas W., Capt. HANN, reported lost 60 miles off Barbados.
July 10.
Damaged Allan Liner Grampian reaches port. Two men killed in Collision.
July 12.
Disabled steamer Oniven, Ardrossen to Campbellton N.B., towed into port.
Schooner Diver Jack, total wreck at Forteau, Straits.
July 19.
John JOHNSON and George HARRIS of Fortune Bay, drowned from the dories of the banker Preceptor.
July 31.
Five-masted Schr. Jane Palmer, towed to port by S.S. Thetis after springing a leak.

Aug. 5.
Capt. and crew of wrecked schooner Nina L.C. reach port.
Aug. 6.
S.S. War Witch and schr. Gullia collide off St. Pierre, 19 lost.
Aug. 18.
Banking schooner Flora S. Nickerson arrives at Grand Bank reporting Samuel POOLE of Corbin, drowned at sea. Married.

Sept. 1
Crew of wrecked schr. Dellecnac arrive.
Sept. 23.
S.S. Rosalind ashore in Long Island Sound.

Oct. 11.
Five - masted schooner Selene of Cape Town, South Africa, lumber laden from Halifax, puts into port with Captain badly injured.
Oct. 19.
S.S. Woundrichen, 15 days from Dartmouth, England, to Sandy Hook, towed into port by S.S. West Cressy, with rudder gone.
Oct. 20.
Reported S.S. Toronto rescued crew of Schrs, General Knox and Alice M. Moulton in mid ocean. Philip FITZPATRICK, Cook of the Knox, drowned at sea Oct. 14.
Oct. 29.
S.S. Tioga and Schr. Herbert Fearn, Capt. KEMP, reported in collision on way to Barrie from Fleetwood, schooner's crew picked up by another steamer.

Nov. 2.
Schr. J. R. Bradley abandoned, Crew landed at Barbados.
Nov. 4.
Seven seamen from foundered schooner Nerette of Bonavista, landed at Sydney from S.S. Germanicus from Holland to Montreal.
The Mcl. Borden, Capt. W. SHEPARD, reported burnt at sea and abandoned, crew landed in Spain.
Nov. 6.
Schr. J.J. Moulton, Capt. O'NEIL, lost at Henley Harbour: also schooners belonging to Jerrett, Brigus, Munn, Harbour Grace and Simmons, Harbour Grace.
Nov. 8.
Schr. Louisa A.W.B. of Freshwater driven ashore on rocks near LaScie.
Nov. 9.
S.S. Polar Land with crew of 51, lost off Nova Scotia. Ralph PENNEY of Trinity a victim.
Schr. Gigantic of St. John's, Lisbon to Harbour Buffett, reported abandoned at sea. Crew taken to New York by S.S. Craigmore.
Nov. 10
Schr. Florence reported lost at Indian Tickle, Labrador.
Nov. 11
S.S. Avondale, Philadelphia to Plymouth, towed into port.
Nov. 12
Bowrings schooner Blanca reported abandoned in mid-ocean and crew taken to Charleston, S.C., by an American steamer.
Nov. 14
Barqt. Olinda of Carbonear, reported lost at Francis Barbour Bight.
Schr. Faustina found, bottom-up, and towed to Bay Bulls, crew of 6 lost.
Nov. 15
Schr. Arabia total wreck at entrance to St. Peter's Canal.
Nov. 22
Captain and crew of abandoned schooner Blanca arrive.
Nov. 23
S.S. Monmouth, 3 days from New York to Manchester, towed in by S.S. LeQuesnoy for repairs.
Nov. 24
Schr. Haskel of Bonavista, reported missing since leaving Griquet three weeks previously.
Nov. 27
Capt. SHEPPARD and crew of the schr. William McL. Borden, burnt off the coast of Spain on Oct. 30th, return.

Dec. 4
Four vessels driven out of Carbonear Harbour and lost.
Dec. 7
Message received saying that the bodies of four men from the wrecked schr. Minnie J. Dicks had been washed ashore at St. Pierre.
Dec. 11.
S.S. Merion, Boston to Manchester, puts in with fire in her hold.
Reid steamer Ethie total wreck off Martin's Point, Bonne Bay.
Schr. Grace Darling sank at Clarke's Beach, Herring Neck.
Dec. 14.
Schrs Falcon and Excelia wrecked on Langley Island.
Three masted schooner Barbara McDonald driven ashore at Blackhead near Cape Race, Captain drowned in storm of previous Wednesday.
Schr. Rose M., Capt. HAMILTON driven ashore at Lewisporte
Schr. Gondola , Capt. GILLINGHAM, reported ashore at Fleur de Lys.
Schr. Primus reported total wreck at St. Anthony.
Mate and crew of Barbara McDonald reach town.
Schr. Misty Star, Capt. FUDGE, reported wrecked on French Coast.
Dec. 19
D.I. & S Co. Hochelega, Rotterdam to Louisburg, puts in for repairs.
Dec. 20.
Schr. Sordello, Capt Stanley DUDER, driven ashore at Rocky Bay, Fogo. Subsequently refloated.
Schr. Carl Tibbo total wreck at Apsey Cove.
Schr. Lousi H. driven ashore at Stone Cove and Lost.
Schr. Allen F. Rose, Capt. KEEPING, ashore at Ramea.
Auxiliary Schr. F.P.U. ashore at Woody Island, Gander Bay, passengers and crew have narrow escape.
Dec. 22.
Crew of Burgeo schooner Milnorini reported taken off their foundering vessel in mid Atlantic.
Schr. Lady Mabel, Capt. COMERFORD, ashore at Mall Bay.
Capt. EDGECOMBE and crew of wrecked S.S. Westerian, arrive.
Capt. BRUSHETT, and crew of wrecked schr. Gertrude, return.
Schr. Humming Bird of Twillingate, with 1400 qtls. Fish wrecked at Blackhead Bay.
Dec. 26.
S.S. Dundee total wreck at Noggin's Isld., Ganger Bay, Passengers and crew saved.
S.S. Kamerina towed into port in damaged condition.
Schr. Winifred, with 500 qtls. Fish, Western Bay to St. John's, ashore at Carbonear.
Dec. 29
Dutch steamer Anton Von Driel lost with all of crew but three, at St. Shotts
S.S. Home frozen in at Lewisporte.Dec. 26.
S.S. Dundee total wreck at Noggin's Isld., Gander Bay, Passengers and crew saved.


April 10
Sopwith aeroplane, Pilot HAWKER and Navigator GRIEVE, makes a successful air - flight from Mount Pearl.
April 11
Martinsyde aeroplane arrives by S.S. Sachem.
April 17
Martinsyde aeroplane makes successful trial flight.

May 3.
Trepassey welcomes United States hydroplane, nine warships and two sea planes arrive.
May 10
U. S. sea planes reach Trepassey. Hendley Page machine reaches St. John's.
May 15
Dirigible blimp C - 5 arrives from Montauk Point. Later she bursts her moorings at Pleasantville, drifts to sea and is lost.
N. C. - 4 reaches Trepassey from Halifax.
May 16
Three United States seaplanes leave Trepassey for Azores.
May 17
N. C - 4 arrives at Horta, Azores.
May 18
Sopwith airplane, Pilot HAWKER and Commander GRIEVE, leave on the first trans - Atlantic flight carrying the first trans - ocean air mail.
Martinsyde airplane Raymor, when on the trans - ocean voyage, comes to grief at Pleasantville, Pilot RAYNHAM and Navigator MORGAN injured.
May 24
S. S. Glendevon arrives with Vickers bombing plane aboard.
May 25
News reaches that HAWKER and GRIEVE were picked up 1100 miles east of St. John's by the Danish steamer Mary and landed at Thurso.
May 27
N.C 4 reaches Lisbon.
May 31
N.C 4 reaches Plymouth.
Sopwith airplane picked up at sea and brought to Plymouth.

June 9
Wheels and under - carriage of Sopwith machine, cast away by HAWKER and GRIEVE, picked up 12 miles off Cape St. Mary's and landed at Presque.
Successful trial flight of Vickers-Vimy-Rolls biplane, Capt. ALCOCK and Lieut. BROWN.
June 10
Second trial flight of Handley Page machine.
June 14
Vickers -Vimy airplane sails from Lester Field on Trans - Atlantic flight, leaving at 1.43 p.m. local time.
June 15.
Capt. ALCOCK and Lieut. BROWN arrive saftely in Vickers - Vimy airplane at Clifden, Ireland, making a 16 hour voyage from St. John's, thus accomplishing the first successful non - stop trans - Atlantic flight. Launching at Lester Farm they breakfasted in Ireland.
June 17
ALCOCK and BROWN arrive in London and meet enthusiastic reception.
June 20
ALCOCK and BROWN knighted by King George.

July 4
Martinsyde machine, now rebuilt, with RAYNHAM and BIDDLECOMBE in control, makes first trial flight.
Handley Page machine. Admiral Mark KERR, leaves Harbour Grace for Mineota, U.S.A.
Dirigible R - 34 passes over Newfoundland and Clarenville to St. Jacques via the Terrenceville - Garnish - Grand bank air route.
July 5
Handley Page machine comes to grief at Parrsboro, N.S.
July 6
British dirigible R - 34 reaches Mineota, N.Y. Completing the first non - stop dirigible trans - Atlantic flight in 108 hours, 12 minutes.
July 8
Dirigible R - 34 leaves before midnight on return trip to Scotland.
July 13
Dirigible R - 34 arrives at Pulham, Norfolk, 75 hours from Mineota, N.Y.
July 14
Second trial spin of rebuilt Martinsyde biplane.
July 17
Martinsyde biplane crashes when making second attempt and abandons the experiment.
July 21
Pilot RAYNHAM and Navigator BIDDLECOMBE, of the Martinsyde machine, sail for England on the Grampain. Oct. 9
Handley page bomber leaves Parrsboro for New York, but is forced to land at Greensport, N.Y.

Nov. 12
Capt. Ross SMITH leaves Hounslow Heath on the first air voyage to Australia.

Dec. 10
Capt. Ross SMITH reaches Australia 28 days from England.
Dec. 19
Capt. Sir John ALCOCK who made the first trans - Atlantic flight dies at Rouen though his plane crashing to earth the previous day when over the River Seine.
Dec. 23
Capt. Ross SMITH created a Knight of the Order of the British Empire, thus sharing the year's aviation honours with ALCOCK and BROWN.


March 12.
Sealing fleet, 9 steamers sail.
March 30.
Sable I., Capt. FARQUHAR, first arrival with 3,477 seals.

April 2.
S.S. Diana, Capt. PARSONS arrives with 2,878 seals.
April 5.
S.S. Thetis, Capt. W. WINSOR, arrives with 12,909 seals.
One of the Eagle's crew, STONE of Bay Bulls, reported to have died of influenza at the ice.
April 6.
S.S. Fogota, Capt. DALTON, arrives at Harbour Grace with 6,109 seals.
April 7.
S.S. Seal arrives at Harbour Grace with 10,632 seals.
April 11.
S.S. Eagle, Capt. BISHOP, arrives with 15,729 seals.
S.S. Ranger, Capt. WINSOR, arrives with 3,729 seals
April 13.
S.S. Neptune, Capt. BARBOUR, arrives with 13,223 seals.
April 15.
S.S. Terra Nova, Capt. A. KEAN, arrives with 12,568 seals.
April 18.
S.S. Viking, Capt. BARTLETT, arrives from Gulf fishery with 88 seals.

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