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1918 Events of the Year
The St. John's Daily News



This document includes:



2 - Capt Harold BOWRING, R.A.M. C. and Miss Margaret Doris SMITH, at Kuntsford, England.
23 - Dr. Joseph GARDAM, U.S.A.C. and Miss Ernestine DEMPSTER at Newark, N.J.


2 - J Ernest FLIGHT and Miss Elsie NOSEWORTHY, Pouch Cove.
6 - Patrick HANLON, Portugal Cove and Miss Mary FITZGERALD.
7 - Frank HEALEY, Avondale and Miss Jennie SLANEY, St. Lawrence.
8 - W. R. WARREN, K. C., and Miss Emily Jackson MARE.
9 - Thomas SCEVIOUR, Gasters, Harbour Main and Miss Mollie COSTELLOE, Avondale
12 - George BAKER, Elliston and Miss Sarah PIERCEY, Winterton
15 - John O'REILLY and Miss Nellie M. HEALEY, Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay.
16 - Harry HUTCHINGS and Miss Frances May GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay.
17 - E. W. A. NEWHOOK and Miss Bertha Lillian BALDOCK.
20 - J. JONES, St. Philip's and Miss P. HUNT, Newtown.
22 - James GOFF and Miss Madge KEOUGH, Carbonear
24 - Mark BUTT and Miss Patience POTTLE, Frestwater, Bay De Verde.
26 - William J BENDELL, Clarkes Beach and Miss Marion G. IVANY, Botwood.
29 - Dr. H. A. SMITH and Miss Katherine BURNHAM.
30 - George A. NOEL and Miss Emma Gertrude PARSONS, Freshwater, Bay de Verde.
George HOBBS, Brigus Junction and Miss Susanna FORD, Fogo.
John MERCER and Miss Helen GREELEY, Tilton

4 - Thomas C. COLLINS, Lamaline, and Miss Lillian KELLY, Freshwater, Placentia
5 - William J. BEMISTER, Fredericton, and Miss Gertrude WOOLFREY, Horwood.
6 - Robert Arthur HUNT and Miss Edith MOORES, Freshwater.
Raymond V. JUDD, Dalkey, Ireland, and Miss Mary G. Torpey SHEA, Westmount, St. John's, at Dalkey.
10 - Robert COLE and Miss Agnes BROPHY.
Michael P. STAPLETON, Harbour Grace, and Miss Margaret CONNOLLY, Bristol's Hope.
11 - Capt. George STEWART, Bell Island and Miss Bertha McKAY, Harbour Grace.
19 - Sergt. J. J. OAKLEY and Miss Christina SMITH, Ayr, Scotland at Earlscourt.

27 - Major Weston MARCH, M.C., Croix de Guerre, and Miss Helen BROWNLEE at Dundee; Capt. Bertram BUTLER, D.S.O., M.C., officiating as Best Man.
30 - John A. BARRETT, Coley's Point, and Miss Julia BATSTONE, English Harbour.

9 - Robert ANGEL and Miss Bride NEVILLE.
14 - Edward BOLGER, Kilkenny, Ireland, and Miss Lena GUY, Catalina, at Malden, Mass
16 - Wilfred CLEARY and Miss Dorothy LASH.
18 - Hedley KNIGHT and Miss Annie RIDEOUT, Moreton's Harbour.
22 - H. BROWN and Miss Alberta MILLER.
William GREEN, Old Perlican, and Miss Mary WHYTE, Victoria.
John E. EDWARDS, Lawn, and Miss Lucy GRANT, Corbin.
24 - Michael J. O'DONNELL, Vermont, and Miss Nellie CALLAHAN, St. John's
Lieut.-Surgeon Paul Carroll BENNETT, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Miss Jacqueline Terese SCOTT of Fogo.
25 - T. V. HARTNETT and Miss Marjorie Douglas BRETEAU.
29 - David LUNDRIGAN, Roxbury, Mass., and Miss Bride TOBIN.
30 - J. RIGGS, Charlottetown, P.E.I., and Miss Jean STRANG.
Ambrose BUCKINGHAM, St. John's, and Miss Georgina SCOTT, Twillingate.

11 - Lieut. Stanley Cecil JAMES and Miss Gertrude CAVE.
12 - Arthur THOMEY, Bristol's Hope, and Miss Mary A. WALSH, Harbour Grace.
16 - Ex-Pte. William PARSONS and Miss Bessie GILLINGHAM.
20 - Pte. J. MADDICK and Miss Mabel MEADE.
22 - S. E. PINSENT and Miss Violet RALPH.
24 - Edgar Norman BELBIN and Miss Ada Marie SHEPPARD at Harbour Grace.
27 - J. A. GARLAND and Miss Lucy WHITE.

5 - Samuel Francis BARTLETT, Bareneed and Miss Florence Marion WARFORD, Port de Grave.
12 - F. Ronald CLARKE and Miss Marguerite W. PARSONS.
Harold TAVERNOR and Miss Belle YOUNG, at Dantforth, Maine, U.S.A.
15 - Rev. Dr. JONES, Rector of St.. Thomas's, and Miss Ethel May ANGEL at Liberty, N.Y
19 - J. J. CARROLL and Miss Bessie MALONEY, Holyrood.
20 - Staff Sergeant George R. SEVIOUR and Miss Nellie F. MURPHY.
26 - Alexander CAMPBELL and Miss Viola Louise JOLIFFE.
Raymond C. HEFFERMAN and Miss Ida Florence NOSEWORTHY.
Frank HOULIHAN and Miss Monica LAHEY.
Augustus MERCER and Miss Lucy SNOW.
Dr. John A. BURKE and Miss Theresa COZZOLINO, at Sydney.
27 - John R. MULLINS and Miss Elizabeth Boyle.
30 - Capt. Albert N. PARDY, Grand Bank, and Miss Rebecca ANDREWS at Topsail.

1 - Capt. Ruben BENSON and Miss Ethel May VASEY.
Edgar J. O'HARA and Miss Christina FLYNN, Marystown, at St. John, N.B
4 -Willis Penney, Bay Bulls, and Miss Ada E. NASH.
7 - Sidney EDGAR and Miss Sarah SIM, Grand Falls.
9 - William Angus REID and Miss Gladys Harvey JOB.
10 - J. T. ROWE, St. John's, and Miss Maggie WHELAN, Placentia.
11 - C. BROWN and Miss O. MIFFLIN, Bonavista.
17 - Harry J. JAMES, Clarenville, and Miss E. Louise ROGERS, Catalina.
22 - A. Douglas COX and Miss Eleanor CHAFE.
Pte. Orestes SHORT, Hant's Harbour and Miss Violet HOLMES, Shearstown, at Truro, N.S.
24 - Rev. Oliver JACKSON and Miss Rosalie NOSEWORTHY at Clarke's Beach.
Walter S. MOORE and Miss Effie Morton ENGLISH.
Albert BALL and Mrs. Julia SHAW.
25 - Thomas WALSH and Miss Gertrude BYRNE.
Rev. T. E. LODER, C.F., Grand Falls and Miss Annie WALLBRIDGE of Buckingham Gate, London at Norbiton, Surrey.
27 - Capt. Amund AMONSEN and Miss Mary HANRAHAN, Harbour Grace.

3 - R. Maxwell DUFF, Harbour Grace ands Miss Edna Jean ROBERTSON at Toronto.
8 - Brian DUNFIELD and Miss Sybil JOHNSON at New York.
15 - John R. CHAFE and Miss Bride BAILEY
William MILLS and Miss Violet MERCER, Thoroughfare, Trinity Bay.
16 - R. FARWELL, Eastport, and Miss E. M. PAYNE, Fogo.
20 - Lieut. Hector McNEIL and Miss Etta STRONG.
Corporal Jack OLIPHANT and Miss Julia FRENCH.
Munden WILCOX, Bell Island, and Miss Jessie ABBOTT, Charlottetown, B.B.
25 - William HEARN and Miss Jean McKAY.
Michael J. HOGAN, Northern Bay, and Miss Bride DUNN, Broadcove, Bay de Verde.
27 - J. F. MILLER and Miss May HARRIS.
31 - Frederick W. PINCOCK and Miss Millicent WOODS at Toronto.
Hazen A RUSSELL and Miss Ora JOHNSON at Catalina.

4 - Ainley YOUNG and Miss Nellie HOPKINS, Heart's Content.
5 - T. POWER and Miss Nettie MURPHY, Trepassey.
R. W. SULLIVAN and Miss Agnes RYAN.
Charles W. BATES, Quebec, and Miss Florence WILCOX, formerly of Placentia.
10 - John D. MOLLOY, Peter's River, and Miss Josephine DELANEY.
Sergeant Frederick SMALLWOOD and Miss Mabel ROWE.
Allan O. NURSE and Miss Emmie BUTLER, Topsail.
John McGRATH, formerly of Conche, and Miss Mary FLYNN, Long Island, Nfld., at Toronto.
11 - R. J. SMITH, Cupids, and Miss Ada NOSEWORTHY, Clarke's Beach.
Michael McDONALD, St. John's, and Miss Maggie QUIRK, Fortune Harbour.
12 - Rev. F. Gordon WEIR and Miss Ross W. BURRY, at Toronto.
15 - Harvey BRAY and Mrs. Mamie MAWNN at Bay Roberts.
Ex-Pte William CLEARY and Miss Catherine CODNER at Boston, Mass.
16 - Joseph LACEY and Miss May GUY, Catalina.
17 - Lemuel ANTHONY and Miss Marjorie LAYMAN.
William DWYER and Miss Florence DOBBIN.
20 - Pte. Ernest WHEELER and Miss Norah FRENCH.
23 - Michael HAGERTY, Moncton, N.B., and Miss Madge MADDIGAN.
24 - Const. John R. SQUIBB, Harbour Breton, and Miss Lily Dorothea ANTHONY, Channel.
H. M. K. WHITEWAY and Miss Ellen NETTEN, Topsail
26 - Lance Corporal Norman PARDY and Miss Violet A. IVANY.
30 - Charles GRACE and Miss Mary WHITTY.
Rev. Wilfred TAYLOR, Bolton, P. Q., and Miss Gwendoline DAWE, Port de Grave.

1 - Private Charles C. OKE and Miss Ethel Mabel THOMAS.
2 - Harry ADIE and Miss Charlotte GALLANT at Wesleyville.
9 - Sergeant Frank WARREN and Miss Minnie K. OAKLEY.
10 - Payson J. KINSELLA and Miss Marie GEARIN.
Capt. Frank STOODLEY and Miss Bertha Fox WOOD, Grand Bank.
John HOLMAN, New York and Miss Meta BRADSHAW, Placentia
13 - Private Maurice CARBERRY and Miss Lizzie BURROWS.
17 - Charles REELIS and Miss Julia CLINTON.
23 - Peter M. DUFF and Miss Violet DICKENSON, at Montreal.
24 - Leonard INKPEN, Burin Bay, and Miss Bella SPRACKLIN, Cupids.
28 - Herbert GREAVES, Montreal, and Miss Jeannie A. CRITCH.
29 - William PUDDICOMBE and Miss May CARSON, Harbour Grace.
Edward SHAW and Mrs. Mabel SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace.

4 - Anthony THOMPSON and Miss Josie DONOVAN.
5 - W. J. BRETT and Miss Christina NEWELL.
John G. WILCOX, Heart's Content, and Miss Mabel BEMISTER, New Perlican.
6 - John MATHIESON and Miss Jessie C. SMITH at Petty Harbour.
George LEARNING and Miss Sadie HISCOCK , Winterton.
Hilary C. CAREY and Miss Georgina LESTER.
7 - Michael TOBIN and Miss Alice CURTIN.
Joseph HILLIER, Lamaline and Miss Lilian LOCKYER, Isle Valen.
8 - Jerome RYAN and Miss Elizabeth CURTIS, St. Joseph, Salmonier.
9 - John POLLOCK, St. John's, and Miss Elsa M. S. COURAGE, Catalina.
12 - Edwin J. PACK, Bay Bulls, and Miss Bertha BOONE, Bareneed.
18 - Henry PEDDIGROW and Miss Elizabeth HIGGINS.
21 - Joseph JANES, Grates Cove, and Miss Minnie NOFTALL, Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
27 - George A. BRODERICK and Miss Lily REID, Freshwater, near Carbonear.
28 - Thomas M. CLARE and Miss Gertrude M. DOYLE.
Daniel HICKS and Miss Myra SAINT, Bonavista.
30 - A. BURTON, Bay de l'Eau, and Mrs. M. MURPHY, St. John's.

6 - William ELLIOT and Miss Leah WHEELER, Summerford, N.D.B.
11 - Charles BUTT and Miss Laura MARSHALL, Freshwater, B.D.V.
18 - William FLYNN, St. Anne's, and Miss Laura ROGERS, St. Kyran's.
23 - Archdale S. LEWIS and Miss Elsie F. BRINKLOW.


Pte. Cyril BISHOP, Cupid, killed in action in France, Sept 15 1916
Pte. Horatio BALDWIN, Pouch Cove, C.E.F., killed in action in France Nov. 5 1917
Lieut. L.B. CUNNINGHAM, R.A.F., C.E.F., died in France, August 22, 1918.
Lieut. Edward JEFFERY, Seaforth Highlanders, Whitborne, died of wounds in France 1918.


24 - Miss Minnie PARSONS, Ochre Pit Cove, 24
29 - Mrs. Sarah KEOUGH, Chapel St., 72.


1 - James P. HOWLEY, F.G. S., 71
Martin BAMBRICK, Angel Place.
Tobias JACKMAN, Shaw's Street
2 - Miss Adela PUMPHREY, Harbour Grace, 24
Mrs. Katherine PYNN, 66
4 - Richard RYAN, Burnt Point, B.D.V., 19
Eli SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace, 24
Thomas NEWHOOK, New Harbour, 85
5 - John WHITTEN at Brockton, Mass, 88
7 - John MILLER, 65
9 - Rt. Rev. Llewellyn JONES, D.D., Bishop of Newfoundland.
10 - Mrs. John HOGAN, Waterford Bridge Road, 79.
Mrs. Mary A. SEAWARD
Mrs. William WALTERS, Harbour Grace.
11 - John J. WINDSON, formerly of Aquaforte, 68
Michael K. GREENE, 70.
Capt. John DAVIS, Carbonear, 75
12 - Edward GUILFOYLE, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 73
Moses SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace, 73
13 - William A. GRISH, 40
14 - Thomas CLOUSTON, 75
15 - James J. SINNOTT, Placentia, 61
16 - Mrs. Louisa A. CALDWELL, 75
S. SEYMOUR, Pouch Cove.
17 - Patrick DALTON, 45
18 - Mrs. Frances MANUEL, Twillingate, 44.
Miss Jessie Sybil COLE, 20
Miss May HARTIGAN, Placentia.
Nora WAY, Newtown, 55.
19 - Joseph GARLAND, Harbour Grace, 72
20 - Mrs. Mary LAMBERT at Grand Mere, P.Q., 45
21 - William BEST, Cape Broyle, 21
Mrs. Andrew SQUIRES
Thomas WHITE, Portugal Cove, 75
22 - Miss Jean CROSBIE at Saranao Lake, 18
John BARRON, Dunville, 96.
25 - Mrs. Albert J. BAYLY, 38 --- Further information provided by Mrs. Bayly's granddaughter - She was Mrs. A.J. Bayly, wife of Albert J. Bayly - she was only 38. Her maiden name was Mary Margaret Madore, born 1880. She was from Heatherton baptised R.C. church. Mother was Mary (MacDonald) Madore and Father Francis Madore. Her children were all Anglican. Sincerely,Phebe Prowse(Daughter of Helen(Bayly) Prowse (Note Helen's obituary Western Star January 2004
James CARTWELL, Cape Race, 59.
Stephen B. PIKE, Carbonear, 85.
26 - Mrs. Elizabeth McCOURT.
Mark WHALEN, Western Bay.
Miss Amelia E. CRUMMEY, Western Bay.
29 - Mrs. Elizabeth Pynn EBSARY, 77.
30 - Michael O'KEEFE, 74.
31 - Mrs. Ellen BUTLER, Holyrood, 87.
Moses BURTON, Harbour Buffett, 84.

1 - James W. KEATING, Channel.
2 - Mrs. Thomas MALONE, 48.
3 - Richard BRADSHAW, Placentia, at New York, 81
5 - Mrs. Eliza HOWELL, 74.
7 - Ignatius HICKEY, Terrenceville, 18
9 - Cpt. Arthur HOLMES, Fogo, at Port McNicholl, Ont., 58.
10 - Mrs. Ellen MAHONEY.
Mrs. George R. JENKINS, Western Bay, North, 23.
11 - Mrs. Charles GAMBERG.
F. H. ARNAUD, first Manager of Royal Bank, at Folkestone, England
14 - Mrs. Daniel Joseph GREENE.
Mrs. Leah DOMINEY, 76.
Edward F. RYAN.
George TUCKER, St. Pierre.
16 - Mrs. Anne O'Mara EVANS, at Charleston, Mass.
17 - W. J. ADAMS, 34
19 - Cpt. James VIGUS, Burin, 67
20 - Mrs. William PURCELL, 27.
22 - Mrs. Thomas GAULTON, 47.
25 - Mrs. Mary O'REILLY, Placentia, 89.
26 - Thomas RYAN, Carbonear Road, 78.
George SCOTT, Cochrane Street.

2 - Mrs. Janie GUY, Carbonear, 90
F. BURROWS, Manager N.S.S. Co., Belle Island
3 - Catherine DUNN, Hr. Grace at Roxbury, Mass.
4 - George ROSE, Western Bay, 82.
6 - James MARTIN, 68.
7 - William PEARCE, 52.
Mark BECKHAM, Harbour Grace, 24
Mrs. Samuel SHORT, Hant's Harbour, 70.
8 - James LEARNING
9 - F. COLLINS, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 94.
Angus McEACHREN, Curling, 81.
10 - Mrs. Caroline PIKE, Harbour Grace, 73.
12 - John BENNETT, 77.
13 - Rt. Rev. Mgr. St. JOHN, Torbay, 70.
George SMITH, 38.
James COADY, 76.
Mrs. Mary DWYER, Jersey Side, Placentia.
15 - Lemuel PELLEY, Hant's Harbour
18 - Michael LINEGAR, 84.
19 - Maria Frances BAILEY, Old Bonaventure, 27.
23 - Robert J. PITTMAN, Clarenville.
Eric BENSON, 77.
24 - Mrs. Mary A. LUNDRIGAN.
William MARTIN, Harbour Grace, at Montreal, 37.
Mrs. John ASH, Harbour Grace, 78.
26 - John J. SMITH, Brigus, 78.
Mrs. Joseph PIPPY at Nevada, Iowa.
Aubrey OSMOND, Greenespond, on S.S. Thetis, 26.
27 - John HEALEY, North Arm, Holyrood, 64.
28 - Mrs. Mary Batten CURNEW.
Mrs. Susannah MARCH, 75.
29 - Mrs. Sarah HONEYWELL, 92.
Mrs. Phoebe PARSONS, Harbour Grace, 57.
Reuben EDGECOMBE, 72.
30 - Miss ROGERS.
31 - Mrs. Mary DAWE, formerly of Port de Grave, 75.
Thomas POOLE, Colliers, 59.

1 - James PIKE, 63
2 - Dr. Walter A. STRAPP, Harbour Grace, 50.
3 - Mrs. Nora ENGLISH.
Maurice J. MURRAY
4 - Mrs. Johanna WILLIAM, Patrick Street, 95.
5 - Miss Maud TOBUN, 18.
6 - Capt. Harvey WEBB (married to Miss Eva MacPHERSON) at Netley.
7 - Mrs. John BUTT, Harbour Grace,38.
8 - Mrs. Ellen CARRIGAN, New Gower Street.
Norman MUNN, Harbour Grace, 52.
9 - Mrs. Joseph EVANS at Halifax.
Benjamin PARSONS, H.M.C., at Harbour Grace,72.
10 - William BULLEY, 78.
11 - Edwin J. DUDER, Carpasian, 65.
John DALTON, Cape Broyle, 88.
12 - Mrs. William TOBIN, 28.
Thomas G. CROSBIE at St. Louis, U.S.A., 50
John W. TAYLOR, Jr., at Chelsea, Mass.
14 - Mrs. Mary Ann FITZPATRICK, 72.
15 - Miss Elfreda H. PARSONS, Jubilee Cottage.
16 - Dr. Henry SHEA, 83.
17 - Joseph COLBOURNE ,Carbonear, 57.
Mrs. Elizabeth HOOD, Bay Roberts,73.
21 - Frederick MOORES, Pouch Cove, 23.
22 - Andrew WHEALEN, formerly of Placentia.
Miss Elsie MOONEY, Placentia.
James ROURKE, Carbonear, 73.
23 - Mrs. John YOUNG, 63.
24 - Mrs. James McGRATH, 45.
25 - Alphonsus NASH, 19.
26 - John M. COLLINS, 52.
27 - John GEARY, Cooper, 80.
Mrs. William VERGE, Harbour Grace, 35.
William J. CLUNEY, ex. R.N.R., at Kelligrews, 23.
Sergeant Graham DUFF, Harbour Grace, C.E.F., dead of wounds in France.
28 - R. GLADNEY.
Mrs. Mary MURPHY, Harbor Grace, 86.
29 - Edward M. TAAFE, 15.
30 - Mrs. Sarah POWER, Caplin Bay, 83.
Patrick NORRIS, Witless Bay, 57.
Robert ASH, Harbour Grace, 77.

2 - Mrs. Catherine FARRELL.
Miss Sarah CRUMMEY, Western Bay 22.
3 - James MERCHANT, at Sydney, 77.
Henry BRAY, Harbour Grace, 74.
4 - Mrs. Mary TOBIN, 48.
Henry MERCER, Shearstown, Bay Roberts, 65.
6 - Mrs. W. H. SAUNDERS, Brazil's Square, 55.
7 - George LEE, Petty Harbour, 78
9 - Miss Nellie CAMPBELL, Nursing Superintendent at the Sanitarium
Thomas J. VAVASOUR, 47.
12 - Thomas J. RYAN, 52
Mrs. Lavinia Norman PERRY, Nell Island.
13 - Samuel McBAY, 50.
John HIGGINS, Harbour Grace, at Boston, 68.
14 - Mrs. Mary GALWAY, 75.
16 C. R. Rendell , Heart's Content.
18 - Rev. C. W. HOLLANDS, Carbonear
Thomas O'NEIL, 80.
20 - Patrick J. ABBOTT, 86.
Louis CHOLLET, J.P., Flat Island, P.B.
21 - Patrick LAKE, Branch, 19.
Sergeant Frank VAUGHAN, 35.
Moses LEWIS, 93.
Edmund HISCOCK, Brigus, 81.
23 - Miss Bella GAMBERG
Ambrose POWER, Branch, 76.
24 - John T. FITZPATRICK, 67.
25 - John H. NOONAN, H.M.C., 63.
26 - Miss Alice M. ASHMAN, Prescott Street.
Hubert Claude KING, 25.
Matthew DUNN, Bell Island, 36.
27 - Robert KEARNEY
28 - Andrew RYAN, 65.
Mrs. Johanna ROCHFORD, 70.
30 - Moses DROVER, 74.
Mrs. T. J. FORAN, Sr.
Michael KELLY, Cabman, 50.
Mrs. Ann MERCER, Mercer Cove, Bay Roberts, 81.
31 - Miss Winnie COEFIELD, 20.
Mrs. Mary DENIEF, 84.
William WHITE, formerly H.M.C., South Side, 73.

1 - James MULCAHEY, Bay Bulls
2 - Miss Agnes M. WALSH
Mrs. Elizabeth LIDSTONE.
M. A. O'BRIEN, H.M.C., 47
3 - Mrs. Margaret NASH
Mrs. Ruth GOSSE, Whitbourne, 75.
7 - William COOMBES, Burnt Head, Carbonear.
8 - Dr. FORBES, Bonavista, 69.
Jack F. McDONALD, 19.
John CHANNING, 77.
9 - Patrick PHALEN, 72.
Mrs. Johanna SULLIVAN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 79
10 - Mrs. Elizabeth KEEFE, Cape Broyle, 83.
11 - Michael J. SUTTON, 58.
Benjamin GHANEY, Colliers, 89.
12 - Mrs. Mary GLASCO.
13 - Mrs. May Tetford O'DEA, 40.
Rev. Sister Margaret Mary O'DEA, Mercy Convent.
15 - Philip J. MOTTY, 84.
Andrew POWER, Harbour Grace, 62.
16 - Mrs. Alice FLEMING, 64.
Mrs. Mary Udell DAVIS, Carbonear, 73.
Mrs. Hannah RYAN, Adams Cove, 93.
17 - Miss Bridget DILLON
18 - William FIELD, 64.
Mrs. Michael CLEMENS, 22.
19 - Very Rev. Father VEREKER, Ferryland, 80.
Mrs. Flora WELLS, Harbour Grace, 84.
22 - Michael LEARY, Harbour Grace, 37.
24 - Mrs. James THOMPSON.
Mrs. Eliza Warren ENGLAND, 66.
Mrs. H. SPERKMAN, Cupids, at Sydney, 75.
25 - Francis WADDEN
Mrs. Frederick SNOW, Sr., Harbour Grace, 93.
26 - Miss Marie M. SULLIVAN, King's Cove, 26.
27 - Mrs. Daniel KINSELLA, 69.
Mrs. W. H. FORD, Harbour Grace, 45.
29 - Mrs. Arthur OAKLEY
30 - Mrs. Maria BRENNAN
Rev. Fr. WHEALAN, St. Lawrence, 68.
Mrs. Patrick WALSH, 65.

1 - Capt. James CHADDER.
Mrs. Louisa J. GALE, 61.
Mrs. James Burridge ATWELL, at Cambridge, Mass.
3 - Head Constable PATTEN, 72.
James DONNELLY, Riverhead, Harbour Grace.
Mrs. Walter BRAY, Harbour Grace, 25.
4 - Kenneth RENOUF, H. M.C., Robinson Head, 60.
Capt. Harry PARSONS, formerly of Harbour Grace , at Victoria, B.C.
5 - Mrs. James TIZZARD, 76.
Robert DONNELLY, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 70.
6 - Walter J. MITCHAM, 40.
Mrs. Jane FROST, Hillview, 78.
7 - Allan Bond COLLINS, 25.
Josiah WILLIAMS, Harbour Grace, 61.
8 - Capt. Patrick DALEY, Mall Bay, 50.
Miss Effie SNOW, Harbour Grace, 17.
9 - Harry J. MURPHY, 25.
Henry J. SEYMOUR, 53.
Mrs. A. W. PARSONS, 74.
11 - Miss Mary BUTLER, Harbour Grace, 22.
12 - Mrs. H. D. REID (Reid-Nfld, Co.)
Joseph PIPPY suddenly at Lewisporte.
Rev. Sister M. RAPHARL, formerly Miss Jessie J. BRYAN, of Tilting, at Hoyansburgh, New York.
15 - Mrs. Blanche (C.S.) PINSENT, at Hughesville, Maryland.
16 - John OLLERHEAD, Heart's Content.
17 - Mrs. A. M. MACKAY, 80.
Thomas J. McGRATH.
18 - Malcolm GARLAND, Lower Island Cove.
Rev. Sister Martha KENNEALLY, Renews, 83.
Widow Matthew McGRATH, Riverhead, Harbour Grace.
20 - P.C. O'DRISCOLL, 80.
22 - James HEARN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 80.
24 - Michael MEANEY, Avondale, 57.
25 - Rev. Cannon COLLEY, Kelligrews, 59.
28 - Sister Ethel MOORE, South River, at General Hospital.
29 - Miss Gertrude RYAN, 21.
31 - Miss Emma HOUSE.
Mrs. Eliol SMITH.

1 - Mrs. Mary GALGAY, 84.
John H. WILLIAMS, Bay Bulls
F. P. KEOUGH, Bonavista.
Patrick MARNELL at Montreal, 67.
5 - James GARLAND, Lower Island Cove, 21.
3 - Nathaniel MORRIS, formerly of Trinity
5 - Patrick MANNING
6 - John RYAN, shipwright, 77.
8 - Mrs. Moses BUTTON, New Melbourne, 81.
Mrs. M. J. MURRAY, St. Lawrence, 48.
9 - Albert GOODYEAR, Grand Falls.
11 - Mrs. Margaret JANES, 76.
13 - Thomas O'KEEFE, 70.
18 - Mrs. Wilfred SHEARS, 38.
19 - Capt. Robert KEEFE, S. E. Arm, Placentia
20 - Mrs. Plemon TAYLOR.
Rev. Sister M. Joseph RAWLINS, Burin Convent.
22 - Lieut. L.B. CUNNINGHAM, R.A.F., died in France.
24 - Joseph PRETTY, South Dildo, Trinity Bay, suddenly in his motor boat at Botwood.
26 - Joseph CONNOLLY, 77.
27 - Thomas BENTLEY, chauffeur, at Topsail, 46.
Mrs. Ann WALSH, 93.
James BROWN, J.P., Bonavista, 90.
28 - William Norman SNELGROVE, J.P., Catalina, 63.
Miss Florence RYAN, 20.
Hubert John CHURCHILL, 18.
Major Frank H. BOWRING, King's Liverpool Irish Regiment, Killed in action.
Lieut. Hedley GOODYEAR, C.E.F. Grand Falls, killed in action.
30 - Mrs. Joseph FRELICH, 29.
Mrs. RODWAY, Bonavista.

2 - Rev. J. L. DAWSON, B.A., at Halifax, 67.
Mrs. Catherine COLBERT, Harbour Grace, 73.
3 - Joseph HANLON, Portugal Cove.
4 - Stephen ASH, 26.
5 - Michael FLEMING, Harbour Grace.
6 - John T. MULLEY, Blackhead, B.D.V., 58.
8 - Mrs. William NOSEWORTHY, Harbour Grace, 78.
9 - William L. FARRELL, Ferryland, 23.
James REID, Heart's Delight, 69.
Alan F. WHITTEN, South side, at New York, 50.
10 - Alexander D. BROWN, 63.
Mrs. Leonard HUTCHING, Harbour Grace.
11 - Mrs. Thomas CUDDIHY, at Montreal, 84.
James F. DONAHUE at Brookline, Mass.
12 - James MILLIGAN, Grand Bank, 74.
David SKIRVING at Punta Arenas, 75.
14 - Henry BARNES, formerly Road Inspector.
15 - John GRIFFIN, furrier, 98.
Gerald J. COADY, suddenly at Harbour Grace, 30.
16 - James DAVIS, Harbour Grace, 77.
17 - Thomas FOLEY, Brigus, 72
18 - Thomas O'BRIEN, 62.
19 - John Goodison HILL, C.F.A., B.E.F., of wounds in France
20 - Mrs. Sarah HALFYARD, Ochre Pit Cove, 78.
Louis CRANFORD, 14.
21 - Mrs. Hannah RYAN, 62.
Mrs. James BURT.
Mr. Louise Way GREEN, 75.
Mrs. Anastasia GREENE, Point Verde, 68.
22 - John H. G. SIMMS, 90.
Mrs. Judith GENT, at Aquaforte, 85.
23 - John H. MOTTY, 39.
24 - John NEVILLE, Topsail Road, 74
Mrs. Mary Dalton FURLONG, 75.
25 - William TRAVERS, Harbour Grace, 81.
26 - Joseph BULGER, 77.
27 - Engineer Lieut. Austin P. CANNING, U.S.N., 37.
28 - Rev. Sister Cecelia KEATING at Dorchester, Mass.
29 - Elias DRISCOLL, 69.
Mrs. Lucinda SIMMONS, 63.
John THOMEY, Bristol's Hope, 57.
30 - John JARDINE, J.P., Bay Roberts.
Mrs. Harriet PARSONS, Harbour Grace, 80.
Michael KELLEY, Harbour Grace, 38.
Frank DAWSON, Bay Roberts.

1 - Mrs. William WHITE in Saskatchewan.
Edwin J. MacGREGOR, G. P. O., 40.
Donald McISSAC, Searston, 83.
2 - Mrs. Ellen JOYCE at Montreal.
4 - John STAFFORD.
Mrs. Eliza SKEANS.
Mrs. William SMALL, Lewisporte, 21.
Capt. JENSEN, Danish schooner Immanuel, at St. Anthony.
5 - Edward J. KEARSEY, formerly of Daily New Staff, at Somerville, Mass.
John NOSEWORTHY, Pouch Cove, 79.
6 - Michael CAREW, Pouch Cove, 85.
James O'NEIL, Bay Roberts.
8 - Mrs. Jessie EMBERLEY, 47.
Denis COLLIER, St. Alban's, suddenly in St. John's.
Pte. John L. KEATING, C.E. F. , Harbour Main, killed in action in France.
10 - Jacob CHAFE, Petty Harbour, 78.
11 - Mrs. William SHARP.
12 - James FITZGERALD, Western Bay, 47.
13 - Miss Marjorie JANES, Hant's Harbour, at Everett, Mass.
Miss Clara Adelaide SCAPLIN, 18.
14 - Mrs. Matilda Francis HUDSON, Adam's Cove, 87.
Miss Irene HORWOOD, 24
Cadet John T. DUNPHY of Placentia, C.A.F., at Toronto.
Andrew GRANT, Placentia,75.
Wilfred BRADBURY, Harbour Grace,21.
15 - Rev. Fr. DEVEREAUX, Argentia, 30.
Charles Raymond FROST, at Sydney, 18.
Miss Bertha GUSHUE, 26.
16 - Thomas MOTT, Dartmouth, 91.
Miss Virtue KEAN.
Miss Dotty Barbara POMEROY, 21.
17 - Miss Emily SNOW, 24.
Mrs. M. O'REILLY, Placentia.
18 - Former Inspector General J. S. SULLIVAN, 72.
Mrs. Martin COLE, King's Bridge.
John HOLLETT, 20.
George SNELGROVE, Harbour Grace, 72.
Mrs. J. J. ROBERTS, Fortune Harbour.
19 - John HENDERSON, Burgeo, 92.
Peter DOOLING, 40.
Allen POLLETT, New Harbour, at Sydney ,28.
20 - Miss Elizabeth Ann HEALE.
John SCAPLIN, 72.
Pte. Arch. CALVERT, Siberian Forces, C.E.F., at Victoria, B.C.
Miss Annie LYNCH, Harbour Grace, 19.
Mrs. Tryphoena COOKE, in Saskatchewan.
Miss Anastasia HYNES, Holyrood, in New York, 21.
21 - Mrs. Capt. CAVANAGH at Halifax.
Miss Frances BUDGEN, 20.
Mrs. Margaret HOWLEY.
Mrs. Wilfred TULK, Harbour Buffett.
22 - Patrick HEALEY 78.
Patrick WALSH, Witless Bay.
Mrs. Alex I. ROWE, Grand Falls.
23 - Hon. James ANGEL, 81.
Mrs. Rhoda MILLS, 45.
Mrs. George FOOTE, in New York City.
24 - R. J. ROGERS, Electric Light Co.
William ADAMS, 26.
25 - Otto George BURT, 24.
26 - Mrs. Bridget MALONE, Carbonear, 74.
John STEER, 94.
Miss Ethel DICKENSON, whilst nursing at the Grenfell Emergency Hospital.
John FORD, 78.
Harris SPENCER, Coley's Point, at Vancouver
27 - Miss Ann BUTT, Harbouir Grace, 62.
Mrs. James SNELGROVE, Bear's Cove, Harbour Grace, 67.
28 - Thomas BUCKLEY, 72.
Charles SWEENEY, 38.
Mrs. Josie HATFIELD, Tor's Cove, 22
Samuel H. GOVER.
Thomas SHEEHAN in Canada, 27.
Miss Agnes SAMPSON, Argentia, 20.
John Stabb TAYLOR, 77.
Cyril A. DICKS, 21.
Ex-Sergeant James CAREW, 70.
Mrs. Elizabeth WOODFORD, Harbour Main, at Brooklyn 44.
29 - Mrs. Martha PYNN, Quidi Vidi, 77.
William COLLINS, 27.
30 - Miss Mary MEALEY
Wesley CRAM, Old Perlican, 30.
31 - Mrs. W. F. KELLY, Livingstone St.
Mrs. Sarah RYAN 90.

1 - Daniel CINES, 30.
Samuel JOY at Heart's Content.
Thomas GUY, Catalina, 26.
2 - William H. CHARLES, 35.
Miss Mary MURPHY, George St. 17.
Mrs. Arthur R. THOMSON, Harbour Grace.
Thomas DAVIS, Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay, at Boston.
3 - Capt. AXFORD, H.M.C., South Side, 71.
Frank SMYTH, Bond Street, 16.
Mrs. (Canon) DUNFIELD.
Mrs. Jessie LYNCH, Duckworth Street.
W. H. FARNHAM at Everett, Mass, 54.
Edward MALLARD, Quidi Vidi.
Allan O'NIEL, 18.
4 - Garrett CHRISTOPHER. H.M.C.
Arthur BARRETT, Old Perlican.
William J. BROPHY in New Jersey, 36.
6 - Mrs. Lucy Mary HANSEN
Capt. Frank ASH, Trinity, 84.
7 - Miss Clara May BARTLETT, 16.
Patrick SNOW, Harbour Grace, 60.
8 - Mrs. Mary MURPHY, 85.
William LeGROW, 21.
9 - Mrs. William EVANS.
10 - William J. CLOUSTON, 67.
Mrs. Mary A. CAHILL, 65.
11 - Patrick SMITH, Patrick street, 80.
12 - Mrs. Bridget QUIRK, 83.
George UMBERSON, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 65.
13 - Mrs. Albert PIKE, Harbour Grace, 78.
Thomas GRANT, Corbin, 58.
14 - Mrs. Rose E. EARLE, Bay Roberts.
15 - George R. LILLY, J.P., 70.
John James CARNELL, 72
Miss Maria Bennett LAING, 38.
16 - Mrs. Mary Ann McGRATH.
William MURPHY, 73.
17 - William Robert SEXTON at Ahuntzic, Interned at Trinity, 58.
Sergeant J. W. (Dawson) Rodgers at Halifax 27.
18 - Former R.N.R. Stephen SMITH of Griquet at Charleston, B.B.
19 - Mrs. Ann STABB, Bonavista, 78.
Stephen WILLIAMS, Harbour Grace.74.
20 - Edwin George CHAFE, Petty Harbour.
Mrs. Mary O'NEILL, 66.
Miss Catherine GOFF, Harbour Grace,70.
21 - George PEACH, formerly of Carbonear, at Balmoral, Manitoba 68.
24 - Robert G. MARSHALL, Long's Hill, at Pilley's Island.
26 - Thomas MAYSON, 75.
28 - Mrs. Elizabeth PEARCE, formerly of Carbonear, 82.
Miss Fanny HOPKINS, Carbonear, 19.
Mrs. Lavinia BRADBURY, Bear's Cove, Harbour Grace.
30 - James UMBERSON, Harbour Grace. 29.

1 - Capt. Thomas GEARY, Carbonear.
Patrick DOYLE, Gull Island, B.D.V., 43.
4 - Robert Stanley MITCHELL, 18.
6 - John WHITEWAY, Harbour Grace. 84.
Nathaniel NICHOLAS, Harbour Grace 22.
7 - Mrs. Catherine CARROLL
Mrs. W. J. (Canon) LOCKYER, Port Morien, C.B., interred at Trinity.
8 - H. W. JANES, Hant's Harbour, 40.
10 - Robert COLE, King's Bridge, 78.
Matthew FRENCH, Harbour Grace, 77.
11 - Mrs. Anne Maddock CLARE.
12 - Edward DELANEY, Bay Roberts, at Sydney, 21.
13 - Elias GREENE, 80.
Thomas Francis POWER, 30.
14 - Mrs. Ellen BURKE, Flat Rock, 68.
15 - Mrs. Jane POWER, 80.
Benoni SULEY, Heart's Content, 18.
16 - John GUSHUE, St. Joseph, Salmonier, 47.
Josiah BENSON, 15.
19 - John Francis CALLAHAN, 31.
20 - Mrs. John F. FLYNN, Salmonier.
James HALLERN, 60.
Mrs. Elizabeth A. HALL, Carbonear, 77.
22 - Paul MACKEY, Carbonear, 27.
23 - Mrs. T. J. MURPHY, Water Street West, 33.
25 - Mrs. John M. WALSH, 34.
Mrs. John ELLIS, Charlton street.
James KELT.
26 - Gladys May HORWOOD, 14.
Thomas Joseph BOYLE.
Stephen McDONALD, Boggin St. 64.
27 - Mrs. Ann DALTON, Cape Broyle 88.
28 - Julianne COLEMAN. 75.
29 - John C. RYAN, 62.
Gertrude Mary MEANEY.


Dec. 29, 1917- Guatemala City destroyed by fire. Homeless number 12,500
Dec. 30. 1917- Destructive Fire in Glace Bay.


1 - Alaska joins the dry states.
2 - Former sealer Aurora lost with all hands when returning to England with the Shackleton Relief Expedition.
4 - Explorer Steffansen reported at Herschell Island.
Hospital Ship Rawa torpedoed by Huns in Bristol Channel
5 - Premier Lloyd George makes definite statement of Britain's Peace Terms before Trade's Union delegation.
Disastrous flood in Siam
Lord Reading succeeds Ambassador Spring Rice at Washington.
Germany recognizes the Republic of Finland.
Hun sailors and submarine assassins mutiny at Keil, 38 officers killed.
8 - President Wilson restates United States was aims enumerating 14 definite conditions.
Hughes Ministry in Australia resigns because of defeat of Conscription.
Lithuania declares independence.
9 - New Ministry formed in Australia by Premier Hughes.
Daily Mail announces that a group of Texile men have captured Germany's secret recipes of the Dye industry.
11 - Germans at Brest Litvosk declare their peace proposal withdrawn.
Disastrous mining explosion at Helmerend England, 160 killed.
New admiralty Board Announced
New admiralty Wemyss First Lord.
14 - Death of former Congressman Gardner.
Zero weather in New York.
Yarmouth bombed from sea for five minutes, 4 killed.
Former Premier Caillaux of France arrested for Treason.
15 - Hungarian Cabinet resigns.
16 - Fuel famine in United States
17 - Turkestan proclaimed a Federal Republic.
Francoeur resolution proposing withdrawal of Quebec from Confederation introduced in the Quebec Legislature.
18 - Man-Power bill passes second reading in Commons after a secret session without division.
19 - President Wilson endorses Dr. Garfield Shut-down Fuel Order.
20 - British sink the Breslau and beach the Goeben at the entrance to the Dardenells.
Bolshevists dissolve the Constituent Assembly at Petrograd.
General Sir Beauchamp Duff suicides, 63.
21 - First "heatless day" in New York and zero weather.
Sir William Carson resigns from the war Cabinet.
22 - France charters 30 Hun Ships interned in Brazil.
23 - Francoeur Confederation Secession motion withdrawn
Mining tragedy at Stellarton, N. S. About 100 killed.
25 - Chancellor Von Huertling says cession of Alsace-Lorraine out of the question.
Mackay, Queensland, destroyed by cyclone, many fatalities. Loss $4,000,000.
26 - Revolution in Finland.
27 - Cunarder Andnia torpedoed off Ulster Coast.
28 - Two air-raid on London, 47 killed
29 - Italian gains in Asiago Plateau.
30 - Strikes in Hunland, 700,000 out in Berlin.
Big air-raid over Paris, 45 killed 207 injured.

1 - Half million dollar fire in C. P.R. Block Winnipeg
2 - Supreme War Council at Versailles close for day session.
John L. Sullivan, former Champion Pugilist dies, 59
3 - Church property in Russia confiscated.
4 - Halifax Disaster Enquiry results in blame being attached to Captain and Pilot who were arrested, Commander Wyatt is censured.
6 - Cunard Liner Tuscania torpedoed off Irish Coat 264 lives lost.
9 - Ukranians sign peace with Central Powers.
10 - Russians at Brest-Litovsk declare war at an end order general demobilization.
11 - Death of former Sultan Abdul Hamid, Abdu the Damned of History.
12 - Eight session of British Parliament opens.
14 - Sir Cecil Spring-Rice recently British Ambassador at Washington, died suddenly at Ottawa.
15 - Hun destroyers raid Dover and sink eight patrol boats.
Marshal Joffre enrolled amongst the Immortals.
16 - Hun aircraft raid on London.
General Wilson succeeds General Sir William Robertson as Chief of Staff.
18 - Kiev Capital of Ukraine captured by Bolshevists, 4,000 killed.
19 - Suicide of General Kaledines, Hetman of the Don Cossacks.
22 - British capture Jericho.
24 - Former Governor Sir H. A. Blake dies 78.
25 - Revolution in Costa Rica.
Suicide of Grand Duke of Mecklinburg-Stretlz.
Huns capture Reval, Russian naval base on the Gulf of Finland.
26 - Carnegie Corporation give a million dollars to McGill University.
British Hospital Ship Glenart Castle Torpedoed, 144 lost.

1 - Archbishop of York arrives in New York.
2 - S.S. Calgarian Torpedoed off Irish Coast.
3 - Russo-German Peace Treaty signed.
4 - Commons honour late General Maude, Grant of $125,000 to his widow.
5 - Peace Treaty signed between Rumania and the Austro huns.
6 - John Redmond, loyalist and Nationaist Leader died aged 67.
Dr. Suarez elected President of Colombia.
7 - Cardinal Serafini died, age 66.
Peace Treaty between Finland and Germany
British make three mile advance in Palestine.
Big air raid over London.
8 - Air raid over Paris.
10 - British airmen bombard Stuttgart.
11 - Renewed air-rids over Paris.
12 - British aviators bombard Coblenz.
Hun airships attack Yorkshire Coast.
John Dillon succeeds John Redmond as Nationalist Leader.
13 - Turks enter Ezerum.
Huns enter Odessa.
18 - Dominion of Canada Parliament assembles.
British bomb Mennheim.
20 - Britain and United States take over Dutch Ships in their ports totaling a million tons.
21 - Hun's last gamble commences, extends over a fifty mile front.
Intensive artillery, bombardment shakes houses in England where detonations are distinctly heard.
Naval action off Dunkirk. 3 enemy destroyers and 2 torpedo boats sunk.
22 - British cross the Jordan.
Huns force back British defences on Western Front.
23 - Paris bombarded by long-distance guns 76 miles off at St. Gobain.
Capt. William Redmond elected at Waterford.
Death of Sir Collingwood Schrieber 87.
Ex-Premier Asquith announces that he is still leader of the Liberal Party.
24 - Huns cross the Somme.
French relieve British at Noyon end of the line.
25 - Huns retake Baoaume, Peronne Guiscard and other places.
26 - Noye, Noyon and other towns occupied by enemy.
27 - Desperate German assaults on whole British line
Russians recapture Odessa.
Lloyd George urges United States to hurry reinforcements to France.
28 - Great British victory in Mesoptamia, Turkish fore virtually destroyed,. 3.000 prisoners taken.
French retire from Montdidier
29 - General Foch appointed Generalissimo of Allied armies on Western Front.
Anti-Conscription riots in Quebec.
Paris again bombarded by long-range guns, 75 killed and 90 injured by shells falling on a church.
Extreme depth of German wedge reaches 37 miles.
30 - Chancellor Burwash, D. D., dies in Toronto.

1 - British capture German positions on Luce River. Hun drive stopped.
Justic Drysdale place blame on the Mont Blanc for Halifax Distaster.
4 - Huns resume offensive towards Amiens.
Japanese land at Vladivostok.
Irish convention closes.
6 - British recapture position north of Albert.
Third Liberty Loan launched in United States.
9 - Irish Convention report tabled in House of Commons.
Man-power Bill 18 to 51 introduced by Premier Lloyd George.
Huns launch attack on Belgian Front.
Irish Catholic Bishop protest against Conscription.
10 - British recapture Givenchy
11 - British evacuate Armentieres.
12 - Field Marshal Haig halts retreat.
Terrific fighting in Flanders.
14 - Rioting in Vienna.
15 - Huns take Neuve Eglise
Huns enter Helsingfors, Capital of Finland.
Baron Burian succeeds Count Czernin as Austrain Foreign Minister.
16 - Huns take part of Messines Ridge.
Bolo Pasha, super-spy executed in Paris.
Man-power Bill passes third reading.
17 - British retire from certain lines in Ypres Salient, but take successful offensive in the region of Arras.
Huns capture Poelcapelle and Langemarck.
18 Viscount Milner succeeds Lord Derby as Secretary of War.
Derby appointed Plenipotentiary of France.
Austin Chamberlain joins the Cabinet.
19 - Man power Bill becomes law.
Huns complete the destruction of Rheims.
21 - British gain around Givenchy, Fertubert, and Albert.
22 - Baron von Ruhthofen, celebrated Hun aviator, killed.
23 - British sink concrete vessels in daring operations at Zeebrugge and Ostend, bottling up the U-boat bases.
25 - Terrific fighting in Amiens and Ypres regions.
26 - Kemmel Hill, near Ypres, captured by Huns.
29 - Edward Shott, M.P. succeeds H. E. Duke as Chief Secretary of Ireland.

1 - Huns enter Sebastopol
5 - Austrian Emperor closes parliament owing to disturbances.
6 - Field Marshal Lord French appointed Viceroy of Ireland.
7 - Nicaragua declares war on Germany.
8 - General Maurice changes Lloyd George and Bonar Law with making false statements in Parliament.
9 - Cabinet crisis ends. Asquith's motion for Select Committee to enquire into Maurice charges defeated.
10 - Obsolete cruiser Vindictive filled with cement sunk across the entrance to Ostend Harbour, daring sequel to the equally daring raid of April 23rd.
12 - Release of Hon. H. S. Beland, formerly P.M.G. for Canada, for four years prisoner of War in Germany. Exchanged for Von Buelow.
14 - Italian naval units enter the port of Pola and torpedo Austrian battleship.
Rhodes Scholarship elections again postponed.
Golden wedding of Sir Wilfred and Lady Laurier.
James Gordon Bennett of the New York Herald died in Paris.
15 - Allies new mine-field in the North Sea covering 22,000 squares miles becomes operative,
"Kings' Certificate and Discharge for all ranks established.
Premier Lloyd George leaves for the Imperial Conference.
16 - Swing bridge over Suez Canal at Kaatara completed.
18 - Important and successful air-rid on Cologne.
Numerous arrests of Sinn-Feiners including De Valera and Griffiths. German Conspiracy alleged.
Australian gain on Amiens front.
19 - Fifty-four killed and 179 injured in Hun air-raids over London.
Huns drop bombs on hospitals behind British lines in France killing over 300 persons.
27 - Huns renew big offensive on Western Front.
Italians launch an attack on Austrians ------- of Lake Garda.
29 - Desperate fighting on Aisne Front. Huns capture Soissons but are held there.
31 - Huns reach the Marne-and are stopped there.
John Ross Robertson of the Toronto Telegram dies.

1 - U-boat initiate North Atlantic campaign off New Jersey Coast 5 steamers and 8 vessels sunk.
Three cent postage introduced in England after 70 years of penny postage.
6-7 - Allies make big advances in Chateau-Therry region
9 - Huns start their final Paris drive and fail.
13 - Big Allied advance in Macedonia
Many Sinn-Feiners arrested in Dublin
14 - Peru takes possession of Hun vessels.
Hun offensive on Montdidier front checked.
Turks capture Tabiz, Persia.
15 - Austrians open great offensive on Italian front. They cross the River Piave.
Men from 49 to 51 called up in England.
17 - Admiral Sir Alfred Paget, husband of Miss Viti MacGregor, dies aged 66.
Poles under their National Flag enter the first line trenches in support of the Allies on the Western Front.
18 - Allied troops on Italian front repulse Austrians at every point.
19 - Hun fourth offensive on west front around Rheims proves abortive.
20 - Big strikes in Vienna. Troubles throughout Austrians.
Lieut. Colonel Forbes Robertson awarded th V. C.
23 - Austrians driven across the Plave.
24 - Austrians in full retreat, 45,000 prisoners taken.
27 - Hospital ship Landovery Castle sunk by Hun Submarine 70 miles off Irish Coast 254 lives lost including 16 Canadian nursing sisters.
First American troops landed in Italy.
29 - Successful Italian offensive.
Huns occupy Tiflis Capital of Caucasus Government.
Bolshevists surrender Black Sea Fleet to Huns.

3 - Viscount Rhonds famous and eminently successful food Controller dies 62.
Sultan Mahmoud or Mohammed V dies 73.
4 - Officially announced that United States has 1,019,115 troops in France.
6 - Silver Wedding of King George and Queen Mary-Long may they live and reign!
Major John Purroy Mitchell former mayor of New York killed when flying in a scout machine.
Mohammed VI proclaimed Sultan of Turkey.
Count von Mirbach, German Ambassador to Russia assassinated at Moscow.
Great uprising against Germans in Ukraine.
9 - Resignation of Chancellor Von Kuehlmann, who said that Germany could not expect a military victor, Admiral Von Heintze succeeds him.
10 - French and Italians win great successes in Albania.
11 - Italians advance 15 miles on a 50 mile front in Albania.
French gain ground from the Marne to the Aisne.
13 - Premier Lloyd George announces that the British Dominions will have a voice in determining terms of Peace.
14 - Fifth Hun offensive since March is held up in eight hours.
15 - Hayti declares war on Germany.
16 - Nicholas Romanoff ex-Czar reported murdered or executed in Siberia.
Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt American /air Service, son of ex-President Roosevelt killed in France.
18 - The beginning of the end. General Foch launches big counter-offensive on the Western Front, which swells in volume with each succeeding week and does not cry halt till Huns haul down their flag of infamy, and their white flag of surrender is followed by the Armistice of Nov.11th
19 - Honduras declares was on Germany.
French and Americans capture 17,000 prisoners and 360 guns.
20 - Huns retreat across the Marne "They shall not pass" becomes prophecy fulfilled.
White Star liner Justicia, 32,234 tons sunk by torpedo off Irish coast 11 killed.
23 - President Wilson announces that Telegraph and Telephone companies will be taken over for the duration of the war.
Nationalists resume their seats in the House of Commons.
25 - General Foch using pincer system in Soissons-Rheims salient both jaws close in on Germans who are heavily re-inforced.
Baron Von Sussarck succeeds Von Seidler as Austrian Premier.
27 - Agreement between Ukraina nd Roumania effective.
28 Allied troops cross the Ourcq River.
29 - Breach between Turkey and Germany.
30 - British Admiralty announce net gain in shipping for three months 300,000 tons.

2 - French capture Soissons.
3 - Huns submarine sinks schooner off the coast of Maine.
Huns torpedo Hospital Ship Warilda 123 missing
Allied troops at Vladivostok
5 - Soissons-Rheims salient eliminated by the Allies.
10 - French capture Montdider
British capture Chaulnes
20 - Huns capture the schooner Triumph and use it as a Raider on the Grand Banks
21 - French capture Lassigny
26 - British re-capture Monchy le Prenx and several other towns and villages.
27 - French capture Roye
28 - British capture Bapaune
French take Noyon
29 - British take Comles
30 - U.S. congress passes the Man Power Bill 18 to 45
Police strike in London
Bolshevist Lenine shot not fatally.
31 - Spain takes over German interned ships.

1 - British re-capture Peronne
Australians take Mont St Quentin
2 - Canadians break through the Wotan Switch Line
4 - British capture Ploegstract
Guiscard captured by British.
6 - British take Neuve Chapelle
7 - Bolshevists declare war on China.
9 - C. P. R. Liner Missanabl torpedoed one day out from British port.
12 - First American offensive on the St. Miheil Salient commences, Combres captured.
Sir George Reid former Australian High Commissioner and former Premier died.
13 - Americans clean up the st. Miheil Saient in 24 hours, 20,000 prisoners and 60 canons taken.
14 - Lady Alferd Paget (nee Viti Macgregor) died 33
15 - Betrayal of Russia by Lenine and Trotsky paid agent of the Huns exposed by the United States Government.
16 - Germany makes an insolent peace offer to Belgium.
Advance in Macedonia, gallant little Serbia comes back.
Austrian Peace note meets with prompt rejection.
17 - Death of Cardinal Farley, New York
19 - General Allenby's brilliant victory in Palestine, 18,000 prisoners.
20 - Woeuvres captured by British.
25 - General Allenby's prisoners number 40,000.
Big advance in Macedonia Anglo Serbs great victory.
Archbishop Ireland dead at St. Paul, Minnesota, aged 80.
26 - French American attack on the Champagne front.
27 - Bulgaria asks for an armistice.
Serbians captured Istib.
29 - Belgians re-capture Dixmude.
30 - Bulgaria surrenders unconditionally and hostilities end at Noon.

1 - French troops enter St. Quentin.
General Allenby's forces occupy Damascus
2 - Methodist General Conference opens at Hamilton, Ont.
Arabs recognized as belligerents by Entente.
Prince Maximilian of Bavaria becomes Chancellor.
3 - British occupy Armentieres and Lens.
Ferdinand the Fox of the Balkans abdicates. Boris succeeds as King of Bulgaria.
5 - Germany makes peace proposals.
Nothing doing.
7 - U.S. Senators unanimously spurn the Hun peace offer.
French capture Berry au Bac
Rheims delivered from Hun oppression.
8 - British take Cambrai, Canadians first to enter.
10 - Irish mail-boat Leinster torpedoed 400 lost.
British capture Le Cateau.
12 - Germany professes readiness to accept President Wilson peace terms, but ask appointment of a Commission to arrange details of evacuation.
French capture Le Fere
Serbians retake Nish
13 - French enter Laon.
14 - President Wilson's decisive reply to the Huns.
British capture Menin and Roulers.
15 - Durazzo taken by British and Italian naval forcers.
16 - British Government recognize Polish National Army
Terrible forest fire in Minnesota
17 - King and Queen of Belgium enter Ostend.
Doual Ostend, Bruges and Lille entered by allied armies.
The Soil of Greece rid of enemy troops.
Allies occupy Zeeburgge
21 - U. S. oversubscribes Fourth Liberty loan of six billion dollars by nearly a billion.
Allied troops cross the Scheldte.
Sir Charles Fitzpatrick Lieut-Governor of Quebec vice Sir Evariste Le Blanc deceased.
22 - Severe earthquake in Guatemala
King and Queen of Belgium enter Bruges.
24 - Dr. Karl Liebknecht released
C. P. R. Liner Princes Sophia lost with 75 of crew and 268 passengers on Vanderbilt Reef, British Columbia..
25 - Count Julien Andrassey succeeds Baron Burian as Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister.
26 - Aleppo captured by British
Bishop Boyd Carpenter dies.
27 - General Ludendorff resigns
Allied offensive on Italian front commences 37,000 prisoners taken.
29 - Independence of Hungary achieved.
30 - Austrians evacuate Montenegro
31 - Armistice with Turkey signed at noon.
British enter Asiago.

1 - Revolution in Hungary
Revolution in Austria
Count Tisza assassinated.
Smashing British and Italian victory, over 30, 000 prisoners.
2 - Austria signs armistice taking effect from 3 p.m.
King Boris of Bulgaria abdicates
3 - Huns full retreat on Western Front.
Italians land at Trieste.
Argonne region cleared of Huns
4 - President Wilson notifies Germany that application for Peace terms must be made to Marshal Foch
British capture Le Quesnoy.
7 - Americans enter Sedan
Mutiny in Hun fleet at Keil
Revolt in Hamburg
British enter Valenciennes.
8 - Revolution in Germany
Chancellor Maximillian resigns
King William of Wurtemburg abdicates.
Allies enter Sarajevo- "the excuse for the war."
9 - Kaiser Wilhelm's abdication reported.
Freiderich Ebert Socialist succeeds as Chancellor
Polish republic formed
British take Maubeuge
British battleship Britiannia torpedoed near Gibraltar
10 - Hesse Darmstadt declared a Republic.
Cettinje, capital of Montenegro, liberated.
11 - Armistic signed and the War is ended at 11 a.m. p time
William Hohenzollern makes escape to Holland.
German Petty crowns and coronets tumble and abdications of princelings are of daily occurrence.
Recruiting suspended in Britain.
Commons adjourn for Prayer in St. Margaret's Church.
Mine-Sweeper Ascot last of the U-Boat victims is torpedoed, 53 drowned.
King Frederick of Saxony dethroned.
British capture Mons and the Old Contemptible are avenged
Outstanding draft cancelled by President Wilson.
12 - Republic of Germany proclaimed.
Earthquakes at Porto Rico.
13 - Allied fleets celebrate the armistice.
14 - Socialist government installed at Berlin
German forces in East Africa surrender.
15 - Czecho-Slovak Republic proclaimed
Shipping Censorship removed.
16 - Belgian advance guards enter Brussels.
17 - S. S. Cascapedia wrecked 120 miles west of Cape Race.
Huns leave Finland.
19 - Total British army casualties during the War Number 3,049,991, of whom 658,065 were killed.
French enter Metz.
Burgomaster, the heroic Adolph Max of Brussels, returns there after long captivity. Emperor Karl of Austria abdicates.
20 - First batch of U-Boat pirates surrender to Admiral Tyrwhitt of Harwick.
21 - The most ignominious surrender in history. 71 Hun ships of war, including 9 battleships, 7 cruisers and 50 destroyers surrender to Admiral Beatty at Scapa Flow.
King George and Queen Mary review the Grand Fleet and meet tremendous ovation from officers and men.
British parliament prorogued.
Little Willie, the Crown Prince, runs for refuge to a small Parsonage on the Dutch Island of Wieringen.
22 - King Albert, Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family of Belgium enter Brussels at 10.30 p.m., Royal Nfld Regiment take part in the triumphal entry.
26 - British Naval casualties total 39,766 of whom 33,361 were killed.
British Mercantile Marine and fishing Boat casualties total 14,461 killed.
British troops in Constantinople.
Black Sea Fleet surrenders to British squadron.
27 - British dead during War number a million.
28 - Enthusiastic reception of King George, Queen Mary, Prince of Wales and Prince Albert in Paris.
Kaiser issues his abdication decree.
29 - King George confers the Order of Merit on Marshal Foch.
30 - Republic of Lithuania proclaimed at Riga.

1 - British troops cross German frontier.
2 - President Wilson addresses Congress.
3 - U. S. influenza roll exceeds 300,000
London honors Marshal Foch.
4 - Nomination day in Britain, 104 returned unopposed.
President Wilson leaves in U.S.S. George Washington for Peace Congress.
6 - Death of Duke of Grafton, 97
Crown Prince renounces rights to German Throne.
Massacre of Jews at Lemberg, 1,000 killed.
7 - "Britain's Day" in United States.
Relations between Chili and Peru near snapping point.
8 - Premier Clemenceau hands the keys of the city of Metz, lost since 1870, to the Mayor.
9 - Cotton spinners strike in England, 100,000 out.
French and Americans enter Aixla Chapelle.
10 - General Allenby makes State entry in Aleppo.
11 - War Bill of Germans is $120,000,000,000, says Premier Lloyd George.
Dr. Solf, Hun (German) Foreign Minister resigns.
12 - British in Bonn
Montreal Police Force on Strike.
President Wilson arrives at Brest, France.
British occupy Cologne. Royal Newfoundland Regiment participates.
13 - French occupy Odessa.
14 - Election day in Britain.
President Paes of Portugal, assassinated.
President Wilson reached Paris.
15 - Americans in Coblenz.
16 - British enter Cologne. Royal Newfoundland Regiment take part.
17 - Von Mackensen interned by Hungarian Government.
British and Canadian Armies cross the Rhine.
Admiral Castro elected President of Portugal.
19 -Field Marshal Haig with Generals Plumer, Rawlinson, Birdwood, Bying and Horne acclaimed on arrival in London.
Hun revolutionaries arrest Krupp directors.
Poles land at Dantzig
King Victor Emmanuel in Paris.
21 - Russian casualties exceed 9,000,000, of which 1,700,000 represent the killed.
Italian fatalities number 500,000.
Huns evacuate Reval
Toronto police strike ends.
Death of ex-Ambassador Walter Hines Page.
Paris University confers its first honorary degree-President Wilson made LL.D.
24 - Ex-Czar Nicholas Romanoff and family reported alive.
26 - President Wilson at Buckingham Palace.
27 - Princess Patricia betrothed to heir of Earl of Dalhouie.
28 - Lloyd George Coalition Government returns with huge majority, winning 461 seats out of 707.
29 - Perm captured from Bolshevists with 18,000 prisoners.
Elbert Cabinet falls.


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