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1912 Events of the Year
The St. John's Daily News

Tue. Dec. 31, 1912


Jan. 1
Judge PROWSE created C.M. G.

Thomas BERRIDGE, of Burns and Berridge, Solicitor for Newfoundland, Knighted.

Jan. 2
Hon. P. T. McGRATH appointed to Legislative Council.

Jan. 4
Severe snowstorms and gales commenced.

Jan. 5
John GUY flagstaff and pole at Cupids blown down.

Jan. 8
Minnie H. Hickey ashore at Governor's Island.

Jan. 9
Snow storm of exceptional severity, all traffic tied up.

Express derailed at Little River.

Jan. 10
Storm reaches its climax.  On the West Coast wind driving at 90 miles an hour.

Jan. 11
Fire at BEARN's Grocery.  Four houses destroyed.

"S.S. Pretorian" on fire, 130 miles off Malin Head.

Jan. 14
Hon. Donald MORISON elected President of the Law Society.

Jan. 19
"S.S. Kanawha" arrives badly damaged by fire.

Jan. 22
WHITEWAY Memorial unveiled in Masonic Temple by Mrs. CLIFT.

Jan. 26
Fire at P. FORTUNE's Dry Goods store, Water Street W.

Jan. 28
BERRIGAN's cottage, Cove Road, destroyed by fire.

Jan. 29
G. C. FEARN elected President of the Board of Trade.


Feb. 3
Fire at Moore & Co.'s.

Feb. 12
Rt. Rev. Mgr. WALSH interred at Brigus.

Feb. 13
Hon. John HARRIS, gazetted President of the Legislative Council, 
vice Sir Edward SHEA, retired.

Feb. 16
Strike at West Wabana Mine.

Feb. 17
BAIRD's Laundry and JOHNSTON's Factory at Nagle's Hill destroyed by fire.

Feb. 19
Silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. ELLIS.

Feb. 21
Supreme Court quashes conviction of James DOWER and Edward LANE 
for Sunday fishing.


Mar. 6
Fortune-teller MILLET arrested and subsequently deported.

Mar. 11
Holdsworth Block destroyed by fire.  Loss $50,000.

Barquentine "Maggie", Capt. CONNORS, abandoned at sea.  Crew rescued 
by "S.S. Sagona".

Mar. 15
"S.S. Bonavista" wrecked at Brier Island, Nova Scotia.

Mar. 25
Schooner "Grace Tibbo" wrecked near Rose Blanche.

Mar. 29
Schr. "Louisa A." wrecked at Conaigre.

Mar. 31
Schr. "Corona" abandoned 175 miles S.E. of Cape Spear.


Apr. 1
Schr. "Blue Jacket" abandoned at sea.

Apr. 6
Fisherman's Advocate attacks Hon. Donald MORISON and demands his dismissal 
from Executive Council.

Apr. 23
Dr. PATERSON succeeds Lieut. Col. McNEIL as Chief of the Nfld. Highlanders.


May 5
Archbishop HOWLEY leaves for Ottowa.

May 14
Schooner "Alma Grace" of Old Perlican wrecked near St. Lawrence.

May 15
Schooner "Edith Emery" lost off Keppel's Island.

May 16
"S.S. Algerine" sails in search of "Titanic" victims.

Parson's Pond post office destroyed by fire.

May 17
Schooner "Devonia" lost on a reef 18 miles from Pernambuco.

May 19
Funeral of A. H. SEYMOUR, M.H. A.

First Forest fire on the South Side Hills for 1912.

May 21
Capt. FITZPATRICK retired from Coastal Service and is succeeded by 
Capt. Joe KEAN.

Mail robbery on "S.S. Glencoe".

May 27
Forest fires near Lewisporte and in Salvage.

May 28
Mount Allison University confers D.D. degree on Rev. M. FENWICK.

May 31
GLYNN homestead on South Side, two houses, destroyed by fire.


June 1
Methodist Guards Armory destroyed by fire.

June 2
HODGE's premises at Change Islands destroyed by fire.

June 7
Silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John LEAMON.

June 13
Adela VERNE at the College Hall, first appearance after a long illness.

June 14
Regatta Committee meets, Mr. Arthur HISCOCK elected President.

June 23
Rev. Chas. HACKETT's farewell Sermon at the Congregational Church.

Rev. Canon TEMPLE's funeral at Twillingate.

June 26
Rev. Chas. LENCH elected President of the Methodist Conference.

June 27
Hon. D. MORISON vindicated by His Excellency the Governor from charges 
leveled by the "Advocate" and "Telegram".


July 1
KENNY homestead, Portugal Cove Road, destroyed by fire.

"Wilhelmina" ashore at Peter's River.

July 4
Silver wedding of Lieut.-Col. And Mrs. RENDELL.

July 15
"S.S. Algerine", Capt. John BARTLETT, crushed in the ice at Pond's Inlet.

July 17
Fire at Bell Island, damages $15,000.

July 18
Rev. C. A. WHITEMARSH, M.A., B.D., assumes pastorate of Cochrane St Church.

July 22
"S.S. Wilhelmina" re-floated.


Aug. 3
"Nellie R." launched and christened by Miss REID.

Aug. 9
Allan Liner "Corsican" collided with iceberg in Straits of Belle Isle.

Aug. 11
Rev. Joseph THACKERY farewells.

Aug. 17
Rev. and Mrs. THACKERY leave for Ottowa.

Aug. 20
Rev. S. H. and Mrs. SOPER leave for China.

Aug. 21
Shamrock Cup won at Harbour Grace by L. O. A.

Aug. 27
Retirement of His Excellency Sir Ralph WILLIAMS announced.

Aug. 29
Memorial Service for General BOOTH at College Hal.

R. C. Church at Grate's Cove consecrated by Archbishop HOWLEY.


Sept. 2
Mr. John GREEN missing.  Not since heard from.

Sept. 6
Disastrous gale on Labrador, 20 vessels wrecked.

Sept. 8
Brigrades search for Mr. GREEN


Oct. 3
Jubilee Hotel, Norris Arm, destroyed by fire.

Oct. 5
"S.S. Bengore Head" struck off Flower's Cove ledge.

Oct. 8
Rev. Dr. FENWICK appointed Superintendent of Newfoundland Methodist Missions.

Oct. 17
His Excellency Walter E. DAVIDSON, C.M.G., announced as Newfoundlands next 
Governor. (Can't read last sentence)

Oct. 23
Schooner "Dorothy" lost at Western Tickle, Fogo.

Oct. 27
Highlanders presentation to former Lieut.-Col. McNEIL.

Oct. 29
C. of E. cemetery at Harbor Grace consecrated by Bishop JONES.


Nov. 1
Residence of Mrs. MOYSE, including Post Office, at Topsail, destroyed by fire.

Nov. 13
C.C.C. Armory, at Carbonear, opened.

Nov. 16
"S.S. Morien" leaves Louisburg on her last voyage.

Nov. 19
Bishop JONES opens Bay Roberts Bazaar.

Nov. 20
Wesley L. A. Bazaar opened by Lady MORRIS.

Poultry Show opened by Hon. George KNOWLING.

Nov. 21
Corner Stone of Musgravetown Methodist Church laid.

Nov. 23
Rev. Canon SMITH appointed Bishop's Commissary.

Nov. 24
Rev. W. H. THOMAS assumes Pastorate of Congregational Church.

Nov. 30
At Harbor Grace, Hon. Mr. Justice JOHNSON refuses prominent citizens as 
jurors in SPRACKLIN case.


Dec. 2
Arrival of the "Skipper-Parson" of the Pacific, with Mrs. And Miss ANTLE.

Dec. 4
J. P. HOWLEY, F.G.S., writes letter to "Daily News" saying that Newfoundland 
has coal in abundance, and urging the formation of an operating company.

Schr. "Lake Simcoe" arrives with prisoner DUKE, charged with murder of 
John SEARS, a sailor aboard.

Dec. 7
Rt. Rev. Mgr. McCARTHY appointed Vicar-General of Harbour Grace Diocese.

Dec. 14
Schooner "Tasmania" wrecked off Cape Ballard.

Dec. 17
John DUKE pronounced guilty of murder of seaman SEARS, but insane, sentenced 
to imprisonment during His Majesty's Pleasure.

Dec. 20
"S.S. Florence" lost off St. Shott's, 22 out of 27 lost.

Dec. 21
Mail car on express with Christmas Mails burned at "Camp Four".

Dec. 25
"Earl of Devon" wrecked near Greenspond.

Schr. "Elena", Capt. HARTIGAN, lost near Rencontre.

Dec. 27
St. John's Masonic Lodge Installation and Presentation to retiring 
Master Bro. J. S. CURRIE.

George H. HAYWARD, Methodist College, elected Rhodes Scholar.

Dec. 28
Benton Station burned to the ground.

Clarenville Round House burned.

Dec. 29
Silver Jubilee of Rev. Father BROWN of St. Jacques.

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