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1911-e Newspaper Look-ups
The St. John's Daily News

Sat. Dec. 30, 1911

NOTE: Some entries are hard to read on these pages.


Jan. 2
Edward F. MYLLUS arrested for slandering the King.

Jan. 3
James J. KIELLY died, aged 66.

Explosion at Sydney Mines, 6 Newfoundlanders killed.

Golden Jubilee of Rev. Mother O'DOWD.


Jan. 4
J. FOX elected Rhodes Scholar.

Jan. 5
W. S. BENDELL died, aged 54.

Jan. 7
Capt. Henry THOMEY died at Harbor Grace, aged 91.

Jan. 13
Thomas CULLEN, Henry Street, dies, aged 65.

Jan. 15
John COOK, J.P., Heart's Content, died.

Jan. 16
Annual meeting Board of Trade, Hon. W. C. JOB elected President.

Jan. 20
Dr. LeDREW's residence, Twillingate, destroyed by fire.

J. E. RENDELL died at Montreal.

Two boys smothered in snow storm near Fogo.

Jan. 22
Dennis SHEA, Hr. Grace died, aged 92.

NOTE: The next two dates here seem to be out of order, 
I'm transcribing as published.

Jan. 26
MULLINS murder case re-opened at Boston.

Jan. 25
Sir Charles DILKE died, aged 68.

Annual meeting City Club, Hon. R. WATSON elected President.

Jan. 29
Death of Miss KNOWLING.


Feb. 1
MYLLUS tried and sentenced to 22 months imprisonment.

Feb. 2
J. V. MUNRO died, aged 30.

Feb. 9
DUNLOP convicted for shooting Dr. PRITCHARD.

Feb. 10
Lord Charles BERESFORD retires from active service.

Death of Rev. John C. SIDEY in British Columbia.

Feb. 20
Rev. Mother Patrick MAHER dies at Placentia.

Feb. 21
DUNLOP appeal rejected.

Feb. 22
Death of Alexander F. SHIRRAN, aged 78.

Feb. 23
McRAE - NOEL wedding at Hr. Grace.

Feb. 25
Sudden death at St. John's. of mailman McNEIL, of Carbonear.

Jesse PARSONS, Divinity Student, of Newtown, B. B., drowned at 
Durham, England.

Feb. 26
Death of Lord WOLVERHAMPTON, the first Methodist peer.

Feb. 27
Death of C. W. H. TESSIER at Rochester, Minn.

Feb. 28

Big fire at Norris Arm.

MULLINS murder re-trial refused at Boston.


Mar. 1
Admiral Curzon HOWE died.

Death of Capt. J. MacDONALD, aged 65.

Mar. 2
Death of Miss Mary EDENS at Luxemburg, Germany.

Mar. 4
Death of Rev. Canon DUNFIELD.

Death of J. J. PITTMAN, Barrister.

Mar. 7
Fire at FREW's Dry Goods.

Mar. 10
Death of E. H. DAVEY, M.H.A.

Mar. 11
Capt. JACOBS fatally injured, aged 60.

Mar. 16
Death of Mrs. C. R. AYRE, aged ??.

Mar. 18
Death of Alex. D. FRAZER at Sydney, aged 37.

Mar. 19
Death of Rev. Mother Joseph Theresa HALPIN of Presentation Order.

Mar. 23
Death of John (Jock) MARTIN, aged 93.

Mar. 24
Wreck of "S.S. Bruce" at ???-a-Dieu.

Mar. 27
Charles D. SHELDON, "get rich quick" financier, arrested at Pittsburg.


Apr. 2
J. T. PHELAN died.

Apr. 4
William CAMP, Pushthrough, died, aged 48.

Apr. 7
Peter MATTHEWS, J.P., of New Perlican, died.

Apr. 9
Vincent MURPHY, aged 3, drowned near the Battery.

Apr. 20
Death of John STRATHIE? at Whitbourne, aged 83.

Apr. 21
Levi THORNE killed at Burin.

Apr. 23
Rev. G. Ross GODDEN inducted as Rector of St. Thomas's.


May 5
Lionel J. BENNING died, aged 36.

May 6
PROWSE's Folly burnt to the ground.

May 11
Rev. H. C. HATCHER, B.D., died at Catalina.

Rev. H. C. POWER nominated Bishop of St. George's.

May 14
Engineer James GELIATELY? Died.

May 18
"S.S. Minerva" sold.

May 22
Reid Company purchases "S.S. Solway".

May 24
Rev. Bro. BYRNE of St Bon's dies.

May 25
Death of five Nfld. fishermen ????? reported.

Death of Mrs. BISHOP, wife of the Hon. R. K. BISHOP.

May 30
Sir W. S. GILBERT drowned.

May 31
Death of W. G. PIPPY.


June 2
Fatal landslide, Cape Cove, P. B., one man killed.

June 3
Death of Absolom DRISCOLL, aged 81

June 11
Carrie NATION dead.

June 16
Death of the Rev. father ROE at Hr. Main.

June 17
Avondale church destroyed by lightning.

June 19
Sir E. P. MORRIS appointed Privy Councillor.

Lieut. Col. PITTS, C.M.G., resigns from Methodist Guards.

Death of Head Const. Peter McBAY, aged 88.

June 26
James MOORE died, aged 55.

June 28
Big fire at Musgrave Hr.

Sir William HORWOOD Administrator.


July 7
R. R. Wood, B.A., elected President of N.T.A.

July 10
McCARTHY - HOWLEY wedding.

July 12

Corner stone of new school at New Perlican laid by Sir William HORWOOD.

July 16
Rev Dr. COWPERWAITE completes a half century of active work.

July 17
P. J. O'REILLY of Placentia, died at Saranac Lake.

July 18

July 20
WHITE - McDOUGAL wedding.

July 27
ATLAY - O'DWYER wedding.


Aug. 1
Cruiser "Niobe" wrecked at Clarke's Harbor.

Aug. 4
Jacob TUCKER, Broad Cove, died, aged 74.

Aug. 8
Mrs. PINSENT returns to mission work in Japan.

Aug. 9
City Hall opened by Administrator HORWOOD.

Big fire at Botwood.

Aug. 10

Aug. 13
Rt. Rev. Mgr. BROWN died, aged 64.

Aug. 15
Capt. James MURPHY of Placentia, dies.

Aug. 16
Eleven year old boy killed on train at Hr. Grace.

Aug. 17
Sudden death of P. R. BOWERS, aged 67.

Death of A. C. SKIFFINGTON at Tickle Cove.

Aug. 25
William DAYMOND died, aged 89.

Aug. 26
BUTTON - THISTLE wedding at Little Bay Island.

Aug. 27
T. J. GREEN died.

Alexander A. LUSH died, aged 47.


Sept. 1
Death of Edward McHALE.

Sept. 4
Death of Justinian DOWELL, J.P., at Change Islands.

Sept. 18
Premier STOLYPIN dies from wound inflicted by assassin.

Sept. 20
Anna PARNELL, sister of the great Irish leader, drowned.

Sept. 21
Death of Arapi PASHA, aged 72.

"Lady Napier" abandoned at sea.

Sept. 25
T. W. GALE died, aged 64.

Sept. 30


Oct. 1
Death of Thomas HAYES, furrier, aged 87.

Wm. HOWLETT killed at Petty Harbor.

Oct. 2
Edward GAUL died, aged 84.

Death of Robert WRIGHT, Sr., aged 62.

Oct. 5
Samuel SMALL of Moreton's Hr. died, aged 82.

Oct. 6
John MADDIGAN, aged 14, accidentally killed at Browning's bakery.

Oct. 7
Death of Sir James WINTER, K.C.M.G., aged 66.

Oct. 9
Death of Alexander J. W. McNEILLY, K.C., aged 66.

Oct. 12
Amanda HOWELL reaches hospital after eleven days and nights in woods, 
living on roots and berries.  Life saved, but both legs amputated.

Oct. 14
State Funeral for Sir James WINTER.

Oct. 19
W. C. HAWKER, J.P., died at Carbonear, aged 80.

Oct. 23
Hon. D. J. GREENE elected President of the Law Society.

Oct. 25
Patrick MURRAY died at Winsor Lake, aged 77.

Oct. 26


Nov. 4
"S.S. Clyde" strands at Little Bay.

Nov. 7

Nov. 8
Resignation of Rt. Hon. A. J. BALFOUR.

Nov. 9
CAMERON - GOULD wedding at Carbonear.

Death of Elijah LANNING at Leading Tickles, aged 62.

Nov. 12
Robert GREEN of Placentia, died, aged 83.

Nov. 13
Andrew TURNER died, aged 72.

Nov. 18
William MOSDELL, Bay Roberts, diedaged 89.

Nov. 19
"Riseover" wrecked on Muddy Shag Rock.

Nov. 20
Sudden death off J. W. CALDWELL.

Nov. 24
Iron Horse enters Ferryland for first time.

Nov. 27
Death of Alexander MARSHALL, aged 76.

Thomas LeFEUVRE elected M.H.A. by acclamation, for Burin.

Nov. 29
Admiral BRIDGEMAN appointed First Sea Lord.

Nov. 30
Isaac KESSOPP of St. Jacques, died suddenly, aged 45.


Dec. 1
The McNAMARA's pleaded guilty to dynamiting "Times" office at Los Angeles.

Dec. 5
The McNAMARA's sentenced: one to life imprisonment, the other to 15 years.

Dec. 9
Nicholas WADDEN dies, aged 95.

Dec. 12
Death of the Hon. D. J. GREENE, aged 61.

"Nina L." lost in mid-ocean.

Dec. 14
State Funeral for ex-Premier, Hon. D. J. GREENE.

Dec. 19
Michael J. COONEY died, aged 81.

Dec. 20
Pierson CURTIS elected Rhodes Scholar.

Dec. 21
Robert Wall died, aged 74.

Death of J. L. MURPHY, J. P., of Trepassey.

Dec. 26
Steamship "Renwick" lost off Green Island.

Dec. 28

Special thanks to Marina Carew Aita for her help with this project.

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