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1910 Newspaper Look-ups
The St. John's Daily News

Tues. Jan. 3, 1911


Jan. 3
Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John JEANS.

Jan. 4
Geo. Hall dies at Channel. Age 46.

Jan. 7
RIDEOUT killed at Grand Falls.

Jan. 8
W. J. HAGEN dies, aged 42.

Schr. "Montrose" wrecked at Peter's River.

Jan. 9
Clement ALCOCK dies, age 50.

Cardinal SATOLLI dead, aged 71.

Jan. 11
SINNOTT - SUMMERS wedding at Plancentia.

Jan. 12
Death of Mrs. James JARDINE.

Jan. 13
John McCARTHY died, age 72.

W. J. HIGGINS admitted to the Bar.

Death of Lewis H. MILLER, age 58.

Jan. 14
"S.S. Labrador" bought by James BAIRD, Ltd.
Jan. 15
Bishop McNEIL appointed Archbishop of Vancouver.

Jan. 17
William RICE crushed to death by a pile driver.

Jan. 18
Geo. JOYCE died, aged 44.

Jan. 19
Log Cabin Spruce Brook burned down.

Wm. SOPER died, aged 81.

Jan. 20
STRONG - HADDON wedding.

Jan. 25
Death of Rev Dr. Alex. HOWLEY at Salmonier.


Feb. 2
Sir George A. DRUMMOND, President of Bank of Montreal died.

Feb. 7
Mr. RICHARDSON succeeds Mr. McLEOD as Manager of Bank of Nove Scotia.

Feb. 8
Peter GOSS dies, aged 79.

VEY - ROSS wedding.

Feb. 12
Death of Miss Annie PIPPY, aged 87.

Feb. 13
Death of J. J. O'REILLY.

Feb. 16
Death of W. P. WALSH, formerly M.H.A. for St. John's, aged 80.

Feb. 20
Caleb YOUNG dies, aged 95.
Michael PARREL dies, aged 87.

Feb. 23
John WAUGH, well known guide, dies, aged 74.

Feb. 26
Capt. MOSS died.

Alexander B. KING died, aged 37.

Feb. 27
Death of Mrs. SMITH, wife of Rev. Canon SMITH.


Mar. 21
Mr. John MAUNDER dies, aged 22.

Mar. 28
Death of John HILLYARD at Black Head.

Mar. 30
"S.S. Iceland" lost.


Apr. 1
Capt. KEAN in the "Florizel" brings in largest trip on record, 49,000.

Apr. 3
"Newfoundland" arrives with 24,000.

Apr. 7
Death of Bishop CAMERON of Antigorish, aged 83.

Apr. 8
Mrs. Elizabeth LeMESSURIER dies, aged 88.

Apr. 18
Patrick STRAPP of Harbour Main, dies, aged 91.

Apr. 25
"Boethic" with 30,000 arrives, with "S.S. Eric" in tow.
Apr. 28
Charles LeDREW, the Kelligrew's hermit, found dead.


May 10
Mator GIBBS retired.

May 13
"S.S. Louise" wrecked near Indian Island.

May 22
Death of Alexander RANKIN.

May 24
Earl of Stamford, born in Newfoundland, died.

May 25
C. A. M. PINSENT died, aged 44.

May 28
Death of Loius INKPEN, aged 38.

May 30
Capt. PELLY died at Hant's Hr., aged 80.

Capt. William BISHOP died at Wesleyville.


June 4
John LINDBERG dead, aged 68.

June 6
Bonnell ST. HILL rescues Michael REGAN from drowning.

June 7
Death of Goldwin SMITH at Toronto.

June 19
Patrick COSTELLO died at Avondale, aged 72.

June 20
Marriage of Miss May ALWARD and Mr. Joseph DOWNEY, M.H.A.

June 21
Sudden death of W. B. PAYNE, aged 61.

June 22
DOWNS wins 20 mile walking match.

June 23

June 24
Death of Rev. Solomon MATTHEWS at pouch Cove.

June 30
ATKINSON - SNOWDEN wedding at Brigus.

Rev. Dr. SUTHERLAND dies at Toronto.


July 6

POPE - CORNICK wedding.

July 11
MORRIS - ROBLEY wedding at Truro.

July 12
Campbellton N. B., destroyed by fire.

July 14
Benjamin TULK and son drowned at Tilton Harbor.

July 18
Sir Edward SHEA sworn in as Deputy Governor.

July 20
Two men killed at Grand Falls, whilst engaged in construction work.

GODDEN - KNIGHT wedding.

July 21
Dr. ALLAN died at Harbor Grace.

July 23
BAIRD - ASH wedding at Trinity.

July 25
Charles DEVINE drowned at Kenney's Pond.

July 27
William JOYCE drowned in Long Pond.

July 31
Dr. CRIPPEN and Clara LeNEVE arrested at Montreal.


Aug. 4
Willie LLOYD and Herbert MARTIN drowned in Quidi Vidi.

Oil factory explosion at Bay de Verde.

Aug. 10
W. H. PETERS vs. WEBSTER for slander, damages claimed, $25,000.

Aug. 12
Capt. Geo. HISCOCK dies, aged 79.

Aug. 14
Death of Earl SPENCER, aged 75.

Aug. 15
Death of Mark OSMOND, J. P., at Moreton's Hr., aged 80.

Aug. 17

Fatal gasoline explosion at Sandy Point.

Aug. 19
Alexander Street Church destroyed by fire.

Schooner "Terra Nova" wrecked near St. Pierre.

Aug. 24


Lawrence HANNAFORD, druggist, died at Grand Falls

Aug. 25
James J. COLLINS drowned.


Sept. 1
PIPPY - SAMWAYS wedding.

Sept. 2
Leonard BOONE killed at Sydney.

Sept. 5
Mrs. GOODISON, widow of Rev. Jno. GOODISON, died at Carbonear.

Sept. 7
Alexander CHRISTIAN died, aged 57.

Sept. 10
Geo. MOORS of Northern Bay, dead, aged 60.

Sept. 12
Death of Rev. Fr. BATTCOCK at Holyrood.

Mrs. Wilcox SPRACKLIN of Hr. Grace, dies at North Sydney.

Sept. 13
Thomas PENNEY killed, aged 17.

Sept. 14
BROWN - CROCKER wedding.

Sept. 15
DIXON - WARREN wedding.

NIPPARD killed in the Dog Bay mills.

Sept. 16
Stephen SHUTE acquitted of murder charge in Montreal.
Sept. 18
Francis DILLON of the South Side burned to death.

Sept. 19
Young man named KELLY killed on track near Bishop Falls.

Sept. 20
Mrs. Capt. BARNES dies at Pilley's Island, aged 85.

Sept. 21
Robert J. MOORE died, aged 67.

Sept. 22
ANGEL - BARTLETT wedding at Brigus.

Sept. 24
Hazel MOORE, aged 10, burnt to death.

Adam KING and son drowned at Bonaventure.

Sept. 27
Lieut. Governor FRAZER of Nova Scotia died, aged 67.

Sept. 28

Sept. 29
Sir John Vezey STRONG elected Lord Mayor.

WOOD - SHAMBLER wedding.

Sept. 30
Miss CARMICHAEL wins Jubilee Scholarship.


Oct. 1
Benjamin KNOTT and Eli DENNIS of Dally's Cove, died from exposure.

Oct. 4
Schooner "Kronen" wrecked at Bonavista.

Oct. 5
Magistrate O'DONNELL dies at Bell Island, aged 58.
Daughters of Empire, Newfoundland Chapter organized, Lady HORWOOD, President.

Mr. A. B. DALLAS dies at Pernambuco.

WATSON - WHITE wedding at Botwood.

Oct. 8
Schooners "Ella Francis" and "Sea Nymph" wrecked at Fortune.

Oct. 11
Right Rev. Bishop JONES attains 70th year.

Schooner "H. M. Gardner" wrecked at Change Islands.

"Lizzie M." lost at Hawke's Harbor, Labrador.

Oct. 12
TAIT - ANDERSON wedding at Edinburgh.

Oct. 14
Mrs. R. H. PINSENT returns, after 5 years in Japan.

Oct. 16
Stanley KETCHEL, the pugilist, murdered.

Oct. 17
Death of Mrs. Julia Ward HOWE, aged 91, at Middleton, Rhode Island.

Oct. 18
Capt. Bob BARTLETT banquetted by Tasker Lodge.

COOPER - BRIGHT wedding.

Death of Mrs. Edward H. DAVEY.

Oct. 20
SMITH - EDGAR wedding at Brigus.

Oct. 21
CRIPPEN sentenced to death.

Oct. 22
Death of Mr. William HARRIS, aged 82.

Oct. 23
Steamer "Regulus" lost off Petty Harbor.

Schooner "Golden Arrow" lost in Placentia Bay.

Oct. 25
Ethel LeNEVE acquitted.

Oct. 28
Death of the Rev. William KENDALL, aged 62.

Death of Mrs. J. W. N. JOHNSTONE.

Oct. 30
Jacob H. CHAFE died, aged 47.


Nov. 1
Willie BAGG drowned in Sandy Lake, Curling.

Nov. 3
Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Edward THOMAS.

Nov. 5
Arthur PIKE killed at Sydney.

Nov. 6
Charles ELLIS died, aged 80.

Sir Clifton ROBINSON dies at New York.

Nov. 7
Schooner "Corn" wrecked at Sydney.

Nov. 8
Francis KEEFE drowned at Bay de Verde.

Nov. 9

Nov. 13
Death of James MOORE, aged 31.

Nov. 17
John FLYN, H.M.C., dies at Harbor Grace.

Nov. 19
Sudden death of Phillip FIELD, aged 32.

Thomas EMBERLEY killed at Petit Fort through gun bursting.

Nov. 21
Death of Count Leo TOLSTOL.

Sudden death of Joseph MACKEY, J.P., Carbonear.

"Elsie B." wrecked at Tack's Beach.

Nov. 23
Shooting at Bay Roberts, Dr. PRITCHARD shot by operator DUNLOP.

Dr. CRIPPEN hanged.

Nov. 24
TOBIN - MOORE wedding.

Nov. 25
E. H. K. BELCER, charter member of St. John's Lodge, A. F. & A. M., 
died at Brooklyn, N.Y., aged 85.

NOEL - LILLY wedding at Trinity.

Nov. 30
82nd Anniversary of Hon. James BAIRD's birthday.


Dec. 10
Death of Rev. Dean BORN, aged 66.

Dec. 12
Rev. Dr. MURRAY of Presbyterian Witness, died at Halifax.

Dec. 13
Stabbing affray on "S.S. Benedict", Diaz SPANISH fireman, arrested.

Patrick GRACE died, aged 93.

Dec. 14
DUDER's premises bought by Nfld. Produce Co.

Dec. 16
Big storm on West Coast. Two brothers, WHITE, drowned at Trout River, St. Barbe.

Dec. 19
William BUSSEY, Fox Trap, killed on railway track near Mount Pearl.

Death of Mrs. John BARRON.

Dec. 20
Death of Rev. Jesse HEYFIELD, of Heart's Content, aged 55.

Death of John W. COLLIER, aged 66.

Death of Miss Celia PETERS, aged 86.

Dec. 22
Captain FRENCH and Lieut. BRANDON sentenced at Liepsic, 
to 4 years imprisonment for espionage.


Dec. 24
Mrs. THISTLE disappears, apparently suicide.

Dec. 26
Two men injured at Portugal Cove through bursting of a gun.

Dec. 31
Old year passes with the lowest record of cold for 1910. 
Thermometer registered zero on Water Street.

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