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1908 Newspaper Look-ups
The St. John's Daily News


(Partial listing)


Jan. 2
Rev. Dr. DOVE died, aged 81: also G. P. THOMPSON and Dr. OVERTON of Exploits.

Jan. 3
Mrs. Richard McCARTHY, of Carbonear dies.

Jan. 8
Capt. Chas. DAWE resigns Leadership of Opposition.
Capts. WARREN and CARTY appointed A.D.C.'s to His Excellency.

Jan. 9
Death of Mrs. Garrett BROWNRIGG.

Jan. 11 Marriage of Miss May McCOWAN and Mr. J. S. MUNN.

Jan. 12
The Barnesley horror, 16 children burned to death.

Jan. 14
Geo. WHITE died, aged 73.

Jan. 17
Miss Edith WEEKES, M.D., married at West Somerville to Cyril BUCKWELL.

Jan. 18
Elias MARCH died, aged 66.

Jan. 19
Death of British Attorney-General, Sir John Lawson WALTON.
Two brothers, Jos. And Stephen WHALEN, drowned in Brigus Pond.
Robert C. HATCHER, university student, died at Toronto.

Jan. 21
Major WINTER's prize presented to Sergt. John FAGAN.
Thos. DOYLE, Poor House inmate, found frozen to death in McNeil's Grove.

Jan. 22
Death of Mrs. Eleanor PRITCHARD, daughter of Sir Wm. V. WHITEWAY.

Jan. 23
Funeral of Capt. WESTCOTT at Carbonear.
Fire at Quidi Vidi school.
Wm. CROCKER, of Green's Harbor, drowned.

Jan. 24
Death of Magistrate HUBERT, of Harbor Breton, aged 75.
Wm. WHITE killed at St. John N.B.

Jan. 29
James HAWCO, aged 8 drowned at Chapel's Cove.

Jan. 30
Death of Miss COEN, sister of Lady WINTER.


Feb. 1
Silver wedding, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. SCOTT of Twillingate.
Death of A. O. HATWARD, K.C., age 74
H. T. McCOUBREY, died, aged 36.

Feb. 4
James GORDON, of Baird, Gordon & Co., died in the Isle of Wight, aged 65.
Mrs. Ann WHITEWAY died at Musgrave Harbor, aged 86.

Feb. 8
George HARDING dies at Grand bank, aged 78.
Former American Consul J. T. BARRON died at Brooklyn.

Feb. 9
Inspector General McCOWAN, I.S.O., dies at Montreal, aged 64.

Feb. 10
Dr. W. F. KENNEDY died in the Canary Islands.

Feb. 11
Fatal coasting accident. Five-year-old child crushed to death by street car.
M. F. SMYTH, Singer Sewing machine Co., died, aged 63.
Hon. J. M. KENT appointed Minister of Justice.

Feb. 12
Wm. H. BLACKLER, formerly of Chicago, died on the Southside, aged 62.

Feb. 13
E. M/ JACKMAN attacked Judge EMERSON and Mr. ARCHBALD in the House.

Feb. 14
Funeral of the late I. G. McCOWAN, I.S.O.

Feb. 23
Miner John WALSH killed at Wabana.

Feb. 24
James WATERMAN dies at Fogo.

Feb. 29
Terrible fatality at Bell Island, 4 killed, 2 injured, due to mis-holes.


Mar. 1
Simeon PARSONS died, aged 64.
Stanley PITCHER dropped dead on Hayward Avenue, aged 24.

Mar. 2
Mrs. PHILPOT, eldest daughter of the late Sir Frederick CARTER, died at Bedford, England.

Mar. 3
C. H. HUTCHINGS appointed Deputy Minister of Justice.

Mar. 4
Old Englishman burnt to death at Cobb's Arm, aged 80; also a young girl.

Mar. 6
Philip LEWIS dies at Holyrood, aged 76.
Magistrate McGRATH of Oderin, dies, aged 87.

Mar. 8
William MOSS of Salvage Bay died, aged 79.

Mar. 9
Francis C. PAYNE dies suddenly.
W. C. EARLE died at Bay Roberts, aged 62.

Mar. 14
S.S. Silvia ashore at Vineyard Sound and becomes total wreck.
Jos. POWELL, Carbonear, died, aged 87.

Mar. 18
S.S. Panther lost

Mar. 20
Funeral of Dr. KENNEDY.

Mar. 21
R. G. JOHNSTON died after a brief illness.

Mar. 22
Thos. J. FORAN died, aged 62.

Mar. 23
Sudden death of Henry J. MABIN, aged 64.

Mar. 25
John DAY killed, aged 69.

Mar. 29
Annie MULLINS murder in Boston. Murderer still at large.
Hy. CAMP, of Pushthrough, dies, aged 47.

Mar. 30
Capt. Charles DAWE, former leader of the Opposition, died, aged 63.
J. B. MITCHELL selected as Rhodes' scholar


Apr. 1
Capt. DAWE buried at Bay Roberts.
Sir Wm. WHITEWAY's eightieth birthday.
Death of Mrs. E. A. SCOTT

Apr. 3
Shooting affray at Holyrood, John KELLEY shot by his nephew.
S.S. Walrus Lost.
Death of Head constable FREEMAN at Hr. Grace, aged 58

Apr. 4
Grand Lake lost with 21,000 seals.

Apr. 7
S.S. Adventure arrives with 27,255 seals.
Capt. BOUIA- appointed Road Inspector.
Col. Sir Howard VINCENT died at London.

Apr. 8
Mr. P. H. KNOWLING and Miss EVANS married in Wales.
Virginia Lake arrives with 19,685 seals.

Apr. 10
Death of Samuel J. BOONE, aged 74.

Apr. 12
Disastrous fire at Chelsea.

Apr. 14
Ranger reaches port with 9,647 seals.
Prof. J. W. NICHOLS awarded Carnegie pension.
Bloodhound with 1,871 seals and Vanguard with 8,066 seals reach Harbor Grace.
Death of James FINN of Carbonear.

Apr. 15
Erie arrived with 16,778 seals.
Algerine arrived with 7,448 seals.
Viking arrived with 20,439 seals.
Iceland arrived with 7,234 seals.
Rev. W. KIRBY dies at King's Cove, aged 73.

Apr. 17
Minnie Harris of Grand Bank lost

Apr. 22
Death of Sir Henry CAMPBELL-BANNERMAN, aged 72

Apr. 24
Death of Campbell MacPHERSON at Cannes.

Apr. 25
Wedding of Miss Jean McNEIL and Mr. BLACKBURN.

Apr. 26
S.S. Kite arrives from Gulf with 5,150 seals.

Apr. 27
Southern Cross arrives at Harbor grace with 570 seals.
Aurora arrives with 13,625 seals.


May 1
Terra Nova reaches port with 13,962 seals.

May 2
Labrador arrives with 1,982 seals.
Eagle arrives with 2,787 seals.

May 4
Neptune returns with 23,814 seals.

May 5
Ed. MAHER killed at Harvey's Wharf.

May 7
John CONNORS stabbed near the Long Bridge.
Diana arrives with the key of the fishery and 14,100 seals.

May 8
Fire at Soper & More's block.
Rev. Canon WHITE inducted as Rector of the Cathedral.

May 11
Funeral of Campbell MacPherson.
Mrs. (Rev.) Anthony HILL, daughter of late Hon. John RORKE, died at Victoria Road, Ontario.

May 15
James GUY died at Carbonear, aged 83.

May 21
King vs. TOBIN. Verdict "not guilty".

May 22
Josephine BRODERICK asphyxiated in Boston

May 23
Zebedee GREEN's body recovered from harbour.

May 26
Steamer "Aggie" lost on the Brandies.
The Boston fishing schooner "Fame" lost with seven Newfoundlanders.

May 31
Mrs. G. H. DICKENSON died.


June 1
Mr. Arthur HISCOCK appointed Manager of the Robinson Export Company.
Death of Gen. Sir Redvers BULLER, aged 69.

June 2
F. J. W. RENDELL dies, aged 21.

June 3
Sir Robt. REID dies at Montreal.

June 5
James G. HUNT died, aged 53.

June 6
Funeral of Sir Robt. REID; all enterprises connected with the Company stopped from 11 to 11:15 a.m. and all business places closed from 11 to 11:30 a.m.

June 9
Jos. REID died at Battery.

June 13
Passing of Mrs. Campbell MacPherson.

June 18
William PYNN wins St. Andrew's walking match.
A young man named LAHEY killed by falling over a cliff at Bell Island.

June 24
Death of the Rt. Hon. Sir William V. WHITEWAY in his 81st year.

June 27
Serious fire at Brigus.
Wm. ADAMS drowned at Petty Harbor Motion.
Funeral of the late Sir William WHITEWAY.

June 29
St. John - O'Brien marriage at Avondale.

June 30
STRANG - ENGLISH marriage.


July 1
SNOW - HOUSE wedding.

July 5
Great fire at Hayti.
Dr. STRAPP's residence, Hr. Grace, burnt.

July 6
Mrs. Neil CAMPBELL died.

July 7
Principal BLACKALL gazetted Superintendent of C. of E. Schools.

July 8
Cabman SAGE has serious smash-up.

July 9
S.S. Regulus ashore near Petty Harbour.

July 11
Ed. E. COLLEY dies at London.

July 14
Marriage in England of Chief Justice HORWOOD and Miss HUTCHINSON.

July 15
Rev. C. R. BLOUNT and Miss PARDY married at Grand Bank.

July 16
Death of Rev. Father JACKMAN.

July 17
John J. ASHLEY dies at Blind River, Ont.

July 18
Chas. And Kenneth ROBERTS drowned at Assizes Harbor.

July 22
Rev. Hy. UPHILL and Miss CARTER married.
Death of Paul CARTY, retired inspector of Police.

July 23
Fred RENNIE dies at Cape Bay- lighthouse.

July 26
Terrible storm on Labrador, 39 schooners lost.

July 29
Nathaniel RABBITTS, Brigus, dies.

July 30
Jas. DOOLEY, shipwright, dead.
Mrs. John MURPHY, of Carbonear, died.

July 31
Solomon LeDREW dies at Cupids.


Aug. 1
John BURDEN and John SQUIRES drowned at Salvage.
Robt. WEEKES and two children burned to death at Fair Islands.

Aug. 2
Wm. R. PROWSE, tinsmith, dead.

Aug. 3
Death of Bailiff LANDY.
Joseph JOHNSON drowned off the Narrows.

Aug. 4
Miss Lottie PRATT and Mr. George HARRIS of Grand Bank married.
JAQOUBET - WHITE marriage at St. Pierre.

Aug. 5
Mrs. Sarah BINGHAM dies at Carbonear, aged 82.

Aug. 8
Remains of Arthur MOORE, who was drowned on Sept. 8, 1907, found at Grand Falls.

Aug. 11
Albert BRADBURY dies at Hr. Grace, aged 69.

Aug. 16
Michael WALSH dies at St---- Island, Hudson Bay.

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