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1907-e Newspaper Look-ups (A Partial Listing)
The St. John's Daily News

Thur. Jan 2, 1908
Events of the Year - 1907

Jan. 1
        Stephen ANDREWS killed.
        Brakesman SQUIRES killed, through falling between cars, when in motion, at Glenwood.
Jan. 2
        John LYNCH, Superintendent, Harbor Grace Water Co., dead, aged 82.
Jan. 4
        Whaler "Finn" and schooner "Cygnet" in collision.
Jan. 7
        Richard BOWLES, of Marystown, drowned.
Jan. 8
        Appeal case - CRANE and DuBOIS - commenced.
Jan. 11
        Fire destroys house of Thomas and Eli BROWN, Redcliffe, B. B.
Jan. 12
        John MARSHALL died at Burin, aged 65.
Jan. 13
        Mr. Joseph GREENE, son of M. K. GREENE, Esq., Municipal Council, obtains degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
Jan. 15
        CHAFE vs. Municipal Council - verdict for plaintiff - $50.00.
        W. B. PAYNE appointed Superintendent of Fisheries.
Jan. 16
        Rev. Lawrence KAVANAGH of St. Joseph's College, dies in Philadelphia.
Jan. 17
        Death of Richard H. TAYLOR, Carbonear, aged 82.
        Death of John MADDOCK, Harbor Grace, aged 81.
Jan. 18
        Death of Miss Annie TESSIER.
Jan 19
        Mark DELANY of Bay Roberts, killed in a saw mill accident.
        Arthur J. HERDER admitted as a Solicitor.
        Sister Veronica of Carbonear Convent died, aged 68.
Jan. 22
        George GILLIAM drowned at Port aux Basques.
        Walter LeROUX appointed French Consular agent at Sandy point.
Jan 23
        Plaintiff awarded $500 in case of HOWLETT vs. Reid-Newfoundland Co.
        Tasker COOK appointed Norwegian Consul.
        Warrant issued for arrest of A. H. BOWN for embezzlement.
Jan. 24
        Capt. Robert BARTLETT and Boatswain MURPHY return after 18 months with Perry expedition.
        Wm. WHITELEY, the "Universal Provider", murdered.
Jan. 25
        Death of Samuel P. BOWDEN.
        Death of Hon. A. G. BLAIR
        Death of Sir Francis H. EVANS.
        Brigantine Robin lost off Fogo Head.
Jan. 26
        Wm. A. SLATTERY died.
        John T. OAKLEY died at Greenspond, aged 75.
 Jan 28
        Body of Steward, James CAMERON, of Silvia, found near Harvey's Pier.
        Verdict for Captain WINSOR in case of BLANDFORD vs. WINSOR and WINSOR vs. BLANDFORD.
Jan. 30
        Sir Alexander SWETTENHAM resigns
        R. J. HART of Halifax, dead.
Jan 31
        Death of Captain Arthur JACKMAN, aged 64.
        Timothy EATON of Toronto, dead.
        Mrs. Will DUDER and Miss PROWSE tie for the Ladies' Curling Trophy.
        Augustus SWEENEY committed to trial for the willful murder of Stephen ANDREWS.

Feb. 3
        Lady Victoria GRENFELL, daughter of Earl GREY, died.
Feb. 4
        Archbishop MacDONALD leaves Harbor Grace.
Feb. 6
        Robert BURT of Musgrave Harbor, dead, aged 82.
Feb. 8
        Death of John CALLANAN.
Feb. 12
        Death of Mrs. A. J. McNEILY
Feb. 18
        Archbishop HOWLEY lectures on "The Holy Sepulchre".
        Fire at Bay Roberts, PICCOT and DAWE's premises.
        Death of Patrick FINN, Carbonear.
        Edward CHAPMAN, died at Westminster, B.C.
Feb. 19
        Jury in King vs. SWEENEY dis-agreed.
Feb. 22
        Archbishop HOWLEY, installed Bishop of St. John's, 1895
Feb. 25
        Death of Mrs. (Rev.) Edwin MOORE at Shoal Harbor.
        Dr. LLOYD lectures on "The British Constitution".
        Whaler "Finn" lost in Red Sea.
Feb. 27
        Hochelaga Protestant School, Montreal, destroyed, Miss MAXWELL and a 
		large number of the children burned to death.

        Mrs. Eva BURSELL's property at Bay Roberts burned.

        Harbor Main votes against saloons 998 to 267.

Feb. 28
        Mary PHELAN fatally burned.

Mar. 1
        A. H. SALTER wins Cowan Medal, and F. W. HAYWARD and J. W. SHIRRAN, tie for Wright Medal.
Mar. 2
        Silver Wedding, William J. MARTIN, of Martin Hardware Co.
Mar. 4
        Seven-year-old son of Tidewater COLLINS drowned at Placentia
        Governor SWELTENHAM's- resignation accepted.
Mar. 7
        Wreck of the steamship "Leopard" at Blackhead.
Mar. 10
        John Alexander DOWIE, Elijah II, died.
Mar. 15
        Schr. "Lucile" , Captain KENNEDY, lost in mid-ocean.
Mar. 16
        John BUTLER and Robert COURAGE die at Harbor Grace.
Mar. 17
        Death of J. ROGERS, Greenspond, aged 98.
Mar. 18
        Wreck of the White Star Liner "Suevic", near the Lizard.
        Wreck of the Elder-Dempster steamer "Jabba", near Paul Point.
        Fire at BENNET's Brewery.
Mar. 19
        Harry WINTER chosen Rhodes Scholar.
Mar. 21
        "Jesse L. Smith" sinks at Crosbie's Wharf.
        Death of Katherine GAUL.
        Death of Peter SAMWAYS, Twillingate, aged 85.
Mar. 22
        Mr. M. P. CASHIN censured by party vote.
        Death of Matthew JACKMAN, Sr., Bell Island.
Mar. 23
        Death of Thos. W. GADEN, aged 60.
Mar.  24
        Death of Mrs. Thos. BEARNS, aged 92-. (Age hard to read)
        S.S. Greenland lost.

Apr. 1
        Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. WHITEWAY, 79th birthday.
Apr. 2
        Dr. DUNCAN appointed Resident Physician at the Insane Asylum.
Apr. 7
        James BROWN of Lance au Loop, died.
        Job's Schr. "Jessy", wrecked in Fortune Bay.
        ELSWORTH brothers frozen to death near Carmanville.
Apr. 9
        LARACY-McCARTHY wedding.
Apr. 10
        General BOOTH's 78th birthday.
Apr. 13
        G. S. MULLIGAN arrested and sentenced to two years.
Apr. 14
        Death of Michael O'DEA, aged 74.
Apr. 19
        Death of Hon. Capt. Philip CLEARY, aged 82.
Apr. 25
        Death of J. W. W. SPRY, aged 68.
Apr. 30
        Death of Mrs. (Dr.) McLEOD, Bay Roberts.

May 5
        Emile SUNDMAN, of steamer "St. Gothard", drowned.
May  9
        James BUCKLEY suicides.
May 11
        "Vesta Pearl" lost near Cape Gregory.
May 14
        "Mary May" lost in the Narrows.
        James ROGERS, died, aged 66
        W. H. MADDICK, died, aged 54
May 15
        Bishop KELLY dies at Inverness, aged 75.
May 19
        Michael DONOVAN dies, aged 70.
May 20
        Sir Wm. and Lady MacGREGOR visit Placentia.
May 21
        Mrs. Wm. O'NEIL drowned at Manuels, aged 80.
May 25
        Death of Frank D. LILLY, K.C.
May 26
        R. H. COLLINS dies in Boston.
May  28
        Accident to Nurse EDGAR at Montreal.
        William HAYES accidentally shot at Lewisporte.
        Two men, BAKER and EVILLY, drowned at Burin.
May 29
        Death of Harold JANES.
        Presentation to Hon. G. S. RENDELL by Board of Underwriters.
        Three men lost from schooner "Mary St. John" at Lamaline.
May 31
        Schooner "Guardian", of Greenspond, sinks off Sydney.
        Death of Mrs. Katherine LYNCH, of Harbor Grace.

June 1
        Charles DAY, of Old Shop, killed at Bell Island.
June 3
        John A. E. FURNEAUX, proprieter "Evening Herald", died.
June 5
        Boss Croker wins the Derby.
June 6
        SOMERS - MacNEILY wedding.
June 7
        Rev. Fr. BRYAN, S.J., dies at Montreal.
June 9
        Death of Capt. Levi NOSEWORTHY, aged 61.
        Meshach STARES, of Brooklyn, B.B., dead, aged 88.
June 10
        Robert T. CHARLES, died, aged 22.
        Death of Mrs. T. PARKER
June 11
        McKAY - CAMPBELL wedding.
        PRITCHARD - WHITEWAY wedding.
        S.O.E. Presentation to Mr. W. H. MARTIN.
June 14
        Death of Mrs. (Dr.) MILLIGAN, aged 81.
June 15
        Sudden death of Edgar J. HOOK
        JACKMAN - NORRIS wedding at Three Arms.
June 16
        Private BURGESS, C.L.B., died at the hospital.
June 18
        A daughter to Lady Viti PAGET, eldest daughter of Sir William MacGREGOR.
June 19
        George BOYD memorial unveiled at Harbor Grace.
June 20
        Miss NICHOL memorial unveiled at Carbonear.
        Bert HAYWARD wins Twenty Mile Walking Match.
June 24
        HALL - ROBINSON wedding.
June 25
        B. MERCER wins Bay Roberts Walking Match.
June 26
        Death of Mrs. J. C. TOUSSANT, aged 95.
        Sir Robert REID knighted.
        Hon. James S. PITTS made C.M.G.
        His Excellency Sir Wm. MacGREGOR made a G.C.M.G.
        Sir W. B. BOWRING knighted.
June 27
        Three Presque men drowned off Gull Island.

July 1
        William GOULD, of Carbonear, died, aged seventeen.
July 3
        TUFF - PARSONS wedding.
July 5
        Timothy DONOVAN died, aged 82.
July 6
        Jack MOORE, aged 6, killed by a passing cart.
July 8
        Rev, Sidney BENNET and Miss WINSOR married at Wesleyville.
July 9
        COLLINGWOOD - PETLEY marriage, Harbor Grace.
        COX - HOUSE wedding, Gooseberry Island.
July 11
        ASH - MacKENZIE wedding.
        James HEARTY of Turk's Cove, died, aged 83
July 13
        Fatal fire on Colonial Street, Mrs. FITZPATRICK burnt to death.
July 15
        Presentation and farewell to Rev. Bro. SLATTERY
July 16
        Capt. Joseph C. TAYLOR dies at Carbonear.
July 17
        Death of Claire WHITEWAY.
        Mrs. Jane BURKE, Brigus, dead, aged 95.
July 21
        Robert A. SLEATER, dead.
July 24
        MacGREGOR - MacDONALD marraige.
July 27
        Resignation from Cabinet of Sir Edward MORRIS.
        Mr. P. T. McGRATH leaves the Herald.
July 31
        Jonathon PARSONS dies at Harbor Grace, aged 85.

Aug 1
        Mr. R. A. ANDERSON succeeds Mr. W. W. WATSON as manager of Bank of Nova Scotia.
Aug 4
        Hon. J. M. KENT, B.A., appointed Minister of Justice.
Aug 12
        Death of Andrew PARSONS at Harbor Grace.
Aug 14
        S.S. Micmac wrecked at Broad Cove.
        O'MARA - KENNEDY marriage.
Aug 18
        Maurice MALONE dies at Carbonear.
Aug 21
        The BOWCOCK farm purchased for Government purposes.
Aug 23
        Death of Richard McCARTHY, Carbonear, aged 88.
Aug 24
        Captain Charles DAWE returns from England.
        Captain John HOGAN dies.
        H. T. PEARCE dies at Twillingate, aged 74.
Aug 27
        Mrs. W. T. S. CARTER dies at Ferryland.
Aug 29
        Hubert PARSONS, aged 8, killed by a street car.

Sept. 1
        George LAYNOR dies, aged 83.
Sept. 2
        Peter BRAY killed at Bell Island.
Sept. 5
        Wilson TIBBO drowned at Garnish.
Sept. 6
        Captain WINSOR dies at Wesleyville.
Sept. 10
        Dr. McCULLOCH appointed Magistrate at Oderin.
Sept. 12
        CANNING - KNIGHT marriage.

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