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1896 Newspaper Look-ups
The St. John's Daily News


Mon. July 20, 1896


COSTIGAN - At the Terra Nova Hotel, Bell Isle, July 17th, the wife of Richard COSTIGAN, of a son.


VEY - On the 4th of June, at Fitzroy Street, Geelong, James VEY, second son of Christopher VEY, of St. John's Nfld, aged 73 years.

KNIGHT - On the 17th inst., after a short illness, Susanah, beloved wife of Edward G. KNIGHT. Funeral this Monday at 3 p.m., from her late residence, George Street. Friends and acquaintences will please attend without further notice.

COFFIN - On Saturday, 19th inst., of acute pneumonia, Elsie May, youngest child of A. E. and the late Diana COFFIN, aged 4 years and 8 months.

GRACE - At Montreal, July 3rd, Michael GRACE, aged 79 years, a native of Nfld.

MORRISSEY - On Saturday last, Maggie, only daughter of Ann and the late Wm. MORRISSEY, aged 39 years. Funeral to-day from her late residence, 268 Theatre Hill.

Sun. July 26, 1896


HARRIS - On the 24th inst., the wife of Daniel HARRIS, of a daughter.

Wed. Oct. 14, 1896


(There appears to be a misspelling in the names here. I don't know which one is correct, so I'm posting it "as printed")

DAWE - COBEDUCK - On Saturday, 10th inst., at Parsonage, by the Rev. J. T. NEWMAN, Abraham DAWE, of Lower Gullies, to Annie COBEDUCK, of Seal Cove, Conception Bay.

STREET - BISHOP - On October 10th, at Gower Street, Methodist parsonage, by Rev. L. CURTIS, Mr. John STREET, and Miss Eliza Ann BISHOP, both of St. John's.


GLYNN - At Bay Bulls, Oct. 2nd, after a long and tedious illness, Mary Sarah GLYNN, aged 18 years; she leaves a sorrowful father and mother, two brothers and a sister, and a large circle of friends to mourn their sad loss. Dearly loved but early lost.

Tues. Oct. 20, 1896


EBSARY - PICCOTT - On October 17th, 1896, by the Rev. J. T. NEWMAN, Stephen E. EBSARY, to Julia A. PICCOTT, both of St. John's, South Side.


COLE - On October 19th, suddenly, Martha, relict of the late Captain John COLE, aged 92 years. Funeral on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. from her son-in-laws residence (Edward MAHER), Allan's Square. R.I.P.


A young man of the East End went to visit a young lady friend of his who resides in the West End on Sunday night. Just as he was going to enter the house, he saw posted over the door "Diphtheria". He drew back suddenly and fainted on the door-step. After a short while he came to and realizing his danger, speedily left the locality.

Wed. Oct. 21, 1896


POWER - At Torbay, Monday morning, Jane, the beloved wife of Patrick POWER, aged 56 years. She leaves a husband, three daughters and three sons to mourn their sad loss.

Mon. Oct. 26, 1896


BARNITT - BUTLER - At the C. of E. Cathedral, by the Rev. H. Bradford, Mr. Edward BARNITT, of Lancashire, England, to Elfreda BUTLER, of St. John's.

HEALEY - WILLIAMS - On the 22nd inst., at the R. C. Cathedral, by Rev. Mon. SCOTT, Michael HEALEY, of Cookstown, to Emma, eldest daughter of Michael WILLIAMS, Esq., Bay Bulls.

LEWIS - RENDELL - On Oct. 21st, in Gower Street Methodist Church, by Rev. L. CURTIS, Mr. William James LEWIS, to Miss Clara RENDELL, both of St. John's

GALLOP - TROWELL - On Sept. 19th, at St. Catherine's Church, Hatcham, by the Rev. Howard TRUSCOTT, M.A., Vicar, Edward Francis Baker, son of the late William Joshua GALLOP, Esq., J.P., of Harbor Briton, Nfld., and grandson of Mrs. J. R. MULLINGS, Sr., of this city, to Alice, youngest daughter of the late Charles TROWELL, Esq., of New Cross.

Tues. Nov. 3, 1896


To-day, Tuesday, at 11 o'clock Corner George and Queen Streets Tweeds (Suit and Pants Lengths), Children's Ulsters, Sheets, Men's Shirts and Drawers, Serge Jackets, School Bags, Braces, Towels, caps, Carpet, Slippers, Toilet Soaps, Albums, Pictures, Cash Boxes and 1 Silver Watch, after which 1 Superior Trunk, 1 Couch (leather cloth), 1 Storm Sash. J. W. PENNEY, Auctioneer


"Bob" FITZSIMMONS, with his wife and child, and his manager has gone to San Francisco, where he will box Tom SHARKEY, on or about December 5th, for a purse of $10,000. He is confident of winning, and says he will be ready for CORBETT when he has done with SHARKEY.

By reference to our front page will be noticed Mr. J. W. PENNEY's advertisement. Mr. PENNEY is a young man of enterprise and ability and with the push he possesses, will we are sure, soon make a name for himself in the auctioneer line. His first sale will take place to-day at 11 o'clock at the corner of George and Queen Streets.

Messrs. MUIR and TAYLOR have struck on a very appropriate name for their new building which is about to be erected on Water Street. Not only has the name been decided upon, but actually cut out, and at present a block of freestone, bearing the following, in raised characters, may be seen at Mr. MUIR's workshop on Duckworth Street: "CABOT BUILDING, 1897".

Two employees of the N. N. & W. Railway, Messrs. Wm. and Chas. PUSHIE, are leaving by the Coban for a trip to their homes in Canada. The former, who is a conductor, has not been home for three years. They are both relatives of the late Wm. PUSHIE, who lost his life in a snow-fight at Whitbourne some few years ago, Charles being a brother and William a cousin. They have the same jolly, good-hearted way about them which won their deceased relative so many friends.

Yesterday an out harbor man could be seen travelling up and down Water Street enquiring for a young man who wore a pink shirt in a grocery store. What his business was nobody knew, but all noted his excited mood.

All the dangerous spots about the city have not yet been protected by rails, while a few of them, such as that place opposite the Mercy Convent on Military Road, will need some repairs to retaining walls to make them safe before the winter sets in.

The marriage of Mr. John DOODY, and Miss Mary V. WHITE, which was to be celebrated at Holyrood yesterday has been deferred till to-day. They will be married by the Rev. Dean RYAN, at St. Patrick's Church, Riverhead, at 7:30 a.m. and leave by train at 9:30 for Holyrood, the later going on to Salmonier.

Pedestrians passing near Jackson's & Co.s store yesterday were rather surprised to see an electric light pole in the vicinity, decorated with what appeared to be the spoils of war gathered from the field of battle after an Amazonian combat. It looked as if someone had "made fur fly", because amongst the articles was a fur collar, a piece of a black bonnet with beads thereon and a lot of other scraps of feminine habiliments that would puzzle a first class costumer to name. The specimens hung high upon the pole while beneath was scrawled on a very dirty piece of paper, the following: "The owner can have the things be takin' them off the pole".


ASH - HOWELL - At the Parsonage, Carbonear, on the 31st ult., by the Rev. H. P. COWPERTHWAITE, Mr. Nicholas ASH, to Miss Mary Jane HOWELL, both of Carbonear.


CONDON - On last evening, Maud Loretto, second youngest daughter of Margaret and the late Daniel CONDON, aged 15 years. Funeral to-day, at 10 o'clock, from family residence, City Terrace. PHIPPARD - At Great Placentia, after a long and tedious illness, borne with patience and resignation to the Will of God, and fortified with the rites of Holy Church, Henry PHIPPARD, aged 39 years. R.I.P. PERRY - At Indian Islands, Oct. 28th, Sarah, relict of the late Nicholas PERRY, aged 77 years; the last of four families who first settled on the Islands fifty years ago.

Thurs. Nov. 5, 1896


The Cauld Cannon party given by Miss O'NEIL of the West End on Monday night was a most enjoyable affair - over 20 couples sat down to the repast. A young lady in a Water Street book and stationary store, found the ring. Though nobody acknowledged finding the button, it is affirmed that a certain young lady, not 100 miles from Queens Street, got it but would not own it.

The worst spurt of mud for the season is now spread over the city streets. It is bad enough on the higher levels, but on Duckworth Street, New Gower Street, and especially Water Street it beggars description. The man or woman who wouldn't give a cent to a crossing sweeper yesterday, either couldn't afford it or doesn't appreciate the labors of the little chaps.


SHAWNER - On October 31st, Hubert Gordon, darling child of Charles and Annie SHAWNER, aged 6 months. "Fell asleep in Jesus".

EARLE - On Tuesday morning, Maria, the beloved wife of Henry EARLE, Sergeant at Arms. Funeral on Friday at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, 128 Gower Street. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.

Wed. Nov. 25, 1896


HOWLETT - STOCKMAN - At Petty Harbor, on Sunday, the 22nd inst., by the Rev. Father TIERNEY, P.P., Mr William HOWLETT to Miss STOCKMAN, both of that place.

HOWLETT - CHAFE - At the same place, on Monday, 23rd inst., by the same, Mr. Philip HOWLETT to Miss CHAFE, both of Petty Harbor.

HOWLETT - BREEN - At the same place, on last night, by the same, Mr. John HOWLETT to Miss BREEN, both of that settlement.

THISTLE - CHURCHILL - On Nov. 23rd, at the Parsonage, Hamilton Street, by the Rev. T. T. NEWMAN, Reuben THISTLE, of Hickman's Harbor, T.B., to Mary CHURCHILL, of Trinity. T.B.


FROST - On Nov. 20th, at North West Brook, Northern Bight Random, Sarah Jane FROST, daughter of Hannibal FROST, aged 19 years.

Thur. Dec. 3, 1896


SULLIVAN - O'BRIEN - On the 26th ult., at the R. C. Cathedral, by the Rev. Monsignor SCOTT, Mr. Patrick SULLIVAN, to Miss Maggie A. O'BRIEN, both of St. John's.

HANCOCK - MILLER - On Dec. 1st., at the East End Methodist Parsonage, No. 10 Gower Street, by Rev. George PAINE, Mr. Eli HANCOCK, of St. John's, to Miss Mary MILLER, of Trinity.

TUCK - SOPER - At Brigus, on Nov. 26, in the Methodist parsonage, by Rev J. WILSON, George TUCK, of Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay, to Miss Sarah SOPER, of the same place.

COVEYDUCK - KING - At Brigus, on Nov. 30th, Thomas COVEYDUCK, of Cupids, to Miss E. S. KING, of Brigus.

Mon. Dec. 7, 1896


KERSEY - On the 3rd inst., the wife of William KERSEY, harness maker, of a son.


O'NEIL - At Freshwater, yesterday (Sunday) morning, Bridget, relict of the late Moses O'NEIL, aged 100 years. her funeral will take place to-morrow, Tuesday, from her late residence, Freshwater Road.

WILLS - On December 5th, Harriet B., wife of the late Henry WILLS, carpenter, aged 87 years, a native of Dittesham, Devonshire, England, 51 years of which she spent in this country. Funeral on Tuesday next at 2:30 p.m., from her late residence, 35 Long's Hill. Friends will please accept this, the only intimation.

Tues. Dec. 8, 1896


POWER - Suddenly, last evening, of convulsions, Reta, eldest child of Michael and Maggie POWER, aged 4 years. Funeral this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.


WILLIAMS - HARVEY - On the 5th inst., at St. Mary's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon BOTWOOD, Samuel WILLIAMS, of Hamilton Street, to Elizabeth, daughter of William HARVEY, of Southside.

Tues. Dec. 15, 1896


HAWKINS - HOFFE - On the 5th inst., at Change Islands, in the Church of S. Margaret, V. & M., by the Rev. G. S. CHAMBERLAIN, Incumbant and S. P. G. Missionary, John Henry HAWKINS, to Margaret HOFFE.

PICKFORD - GRIMES - On the 8th inst., at Herring Neck, in the Church of S. Mary the Virgin, by the same, Edwin PICKFORD, to Harriet GRIMES. HINES - GALE - At Indian Islands, on Nov. 30th, by rev. H. J. INDOE, B. A., Mr. Charles HINES, to Mrs. Elizabeth GALE.

(I don't quite understand this one, HODDINOTT isn't mentioned after the initial announcement)

HODDINOTT - SHEPHERD - At the same place, by the same, on Dec. 1, Frederick WHITE, to Rosanna, daughter of Henry SHEPHERD

PENNY -BOONE - At Little Seldom Come By, on Dec. 10th, by the same, Reuben, eldest son of George PENNY, to Clara, eldest daughter of Thomas BOONE.


GALE - At Indian Islands, Nov. 6th, John GALE, aged 23 years.

NORMORE - At Cann Islands, Nov. 4th, William NORMORE, aged 67 years. On Dec. 5th, his mother Clara, a relict of the late Henry NORMORE, aged 93 years. Both natives of Lower Island Cove.

CRUTE - Darling little Lizzie, child of Augustin and Bridget CRUTE, aged 4 years.

        "A precious one from us has gone,
        A voice we loved is stilled,
        A place is vacant in our home,
        Which never can be filled.

        God in His wisdom has recalled,
        The child his love had given,
        Although her body moulders here,
        Her soul is safe in Heaven."

Wed. Dec. 16, 1896


WHITTEN - On the 15th inst., Georgina Searle, aged 11 years, beloved and youngest daughter of George B. and the late Elizabeth WHITTEN; funeral to-day, at 1:30 p.m., from her late residence, Fairmead Farm.

Thurs. Dec. 17, 1896


CROKE - On Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 15th, the wife of Thomas CROKE, of a daughter.

JEANS - On the 10th inst., the wife of Henry JEANS, of a son.

WALSH - On the 11th inst., the wife of John WALSH, of a daughter.

CONSTANTINE - On the 14th inst., the wife of Philip CONSTANTINE, of a daughter.

FRENCH - On the 15th inst., the wife of Richard FRENCH, of a son.


EARLE - At New Glasgow, Nov. 27th, Charles EARLE, a native of Bay Roberts, aged 39 years, leaving a widow and two children to mourn their sad loss.

Fri. Dec. 18, 1896


PAYNE - HAWKINS - On the 16th Dec., at St. Mary's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon BOTWOOD, Charles John PAYNE, of Aquaforte, to Mary Jane, daughter of Henry HAWKINS, of St. John's.


POWER - On Wednesday night, after a long and painful illness, and deeply regretted, Ellan, beloved wife of Edward POWER, aged 41 years. Funeral from her late residence, 96 Duckworth Street, on Saturday, at 2:30 p.m.; relatives and friends are respectfully requested to attend.

Wed. Dec. 23, 1896


FRENCH - On the 15th inst., the wife of Patrick FRENCH, of a son.


(In this entry, they spelled the name PIERCY 2 diff. ways. I don't know which is correct)

DUFFETT - PIERCY - At the Cathedral Church of St. John the Baptist, on Tuesday, 22nd December, by the Rev. Canon BROWN, LL. D., Thomas DUFFETT, of this city, to Ellen, widow of the late William PIERCEY, of Scilly Cove.


MARTIN - At Heart's Content, Dec. 22nd, Mary, wife of A. R. MARTIN, aged 42 years.

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