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1861 Newspaper Look-ups
The St. John's Daily News


May 1, 1861

A Card:
Henry EARLE, Army and Navy Tailor, and General Clothier, Water-Street,.........St. John's Newfoundland. Begs to return his best thanks to His Excellency the Governor and predecessors, for the past 20 years; to the Board of Ordinance and the Garrison in general, to Clergymen of different denominations, and the public generally of this Island, for their kind support; and would inform those who have sent on their orders this spring to be executed, that in consequence, principally from malicious slander and misrepresentation from whom better things are spoken but not practised, and tyranny and persecution from a private clique, his business is so injured that he is compelled to give up the same, and desires now to be intimate to his friends and the public in general, that he has opened a HOTEL, styled "THE PRINCE of WALES," which may be recognized by His Royal Highness's motto and plume. Refreshments can be had as customary. Brandy, Gin, Whiskey, Jamaca Rum, Port, Sherry, Ale, Porter, &c., by the bottle, quart or gallon. Also, Ginger Beer, Soda Water, Lemonade, Ginger Wine, &c., &c. - Terms, Cash on delivery. H. E. can accommodate a few gentlemen with Board and Lodging.

May 27, 1861

Here is a little poem that was in the St. John's Daily News. The author's name was not recorded.

Mr. Editor.- In looking over some old papers. I came across the following doggrel attempt in la Hood. The only thing that can be said in extenuation of the perpetration, is, that the story is founded on fact, and, was written many years ago, when I was a minor."


"Bill Blowpipe was a sturdy lad,
A collier to his trade,
Few smarter ever took in hand,
A shovel, pick, or spade.
A son of temperence Billy was,
Held drunkeness a sin,
And yet he often used to take,
A strong pull at the GIN.
Bill told me once, with a grave face,
And swore upon his soul;
That Parry oft had press'd him hard,
To search out for the POLE.
His answer 'mused me mightily,
At which I straightway laugh'd,
"Sir, if you pleaseI'd rather go,
A searching for a SHAFT."
An early biped too was Bill-
Was up at the cock of crow,
When other folks were getting up,
He'd started down BELOW.
The first within the CAGE to take,
Upon the PERCH his stand,
But different from all other birds,
Bill held his BILL in hand.
One morn the skipper said to him,
"If you regard your bones,
MInd, use your HUMPHRY DAVY,
Or you'll go to Davy Jones."
No danger fear'd to light his pipe,
The gause from lamp, Bill drew,
In doing so, he FIR'D the DAMP,
And was to pieces BLEW.
At JUMP and DRILL none could excel,
And well his BILL could ply,
But he until that fatal morn,
Was never known to FLY.
Now all you jolly col-liers,
A warning take by me,
Lest making free with BITUMEN,
You'l need your 'bituary."

May 29, 1861


At Blackhead, 15th inst., Mr. Edward HEALY, 95 years. Deceased was one of the first settlers at Blackhead, and resided there 50 years.

Ship News:


May 28 - Father Matthew, Boudrot, Tatamagouche, 15. Harvey, Tucker & Co. Lively, Kervin, Wallace, 8, J. & W. Boyd Eliza, Croucher, Porto Rico via Liverpool, N.S., C. F. Bennet & Co. Annie Grieve, McLean, Liverpool, 30, Baine, Johnston & Co. Garland, McLeod, P. E. Island, 8, Clift, Wood & Co. G. McKean, Adams, LaHave-, 8, J. McLoughlan Mary Bell, Day, Sydney, 5, P. & L. Tessier Albert, Cassidy, Liverpool, 33, K. McLea & Son


May 28 - Leader, Vigneau, Demerara, Harvey, Tucker & Co. Sonora, Knight, Sydney, McBride & Kerr James Stewart, Ross, Havana, J. & W. Stewart Challenge, Shelly, Greencock, Baine, Johnston & Co. Rover, O'Brien, Wallace, T. N. Malloy Anna Mary, Dixon, Quebec, Job Brothers & Co.

May 10 - Harriet, Brazils, Bowring Brothers
May 17 - Daring, Europe, Bowring Brothers
May 21 - Runnymede-, Brazils, McBride & Kerr Trinity, West Indies, McBride & Kerr
May 23 - Dauntless, Ireland, Baine, Johnston & Co.
May 27 - Rovers Bride, Queenstown, McBride & Kerr
May 28 - Hunter, Clyde, J. & W. Stewart

July 4, 1861


Note: (Spelled exactly as it was printed)

"We regret to learn that an awful catastrophe occurred at Newman's Cove early on Saturday morning last, a small settlement about seven miles distant from Bonavista. A fire broke out in the house of a man named BROWN, who with his son, were out fishing, when, melancholy to relative, five of his daughters were burnt to death in the flames. The mother escaped through a window with her hair all swinged off. The remains of the unhappy victims were buried same day in the Roman Catholic churchyard."


"BRENNAN and KELLY will run their Spring-cushioned Covered WAGGON from the Custom House to Waterford Bridge every Evening, leaving the Custom House at half-past four ans Seven, p.m. FARE, to and from, 1s 3d. ALSO, Open to Excursion Parties at all times, and on the most reasonable terms."


At New Perlican, on the 15th of June, after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian submission to the Devine will, James, son of Mr. James ETHERIDGE, aged 34 years.

On Sunday morning after a lingering illness, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. John DUNPHY, aged 13 years.

July 31, 1861


On Saturday evening last, in the Congregational Chapel, Queen's Road, by the Rev. C. PEDLEY. Mr. Thomas MABIN, to Annie, daughter of Mr. V. MERCHANT, of this place.


At her residence, in Cambridge, Mass., 17th inst., Catherine, relict of the late James MELLIDGE, Esq., aged 85 years.

On Thursday morning last, Mr. Michael DALEY, aged 66 years, a native of the County Wexford, Ireland.

On the 26th inst., at Windsor Lake, Mr. James PHELAN, aged 65 years.

Sept. 18, 1861


"BY AUTHORITY.- Intimation having been received from the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade, that in the future it would be advisable for one Medical Officer to attend on sick and disabled British Seamen at the Port of St. John's, the Governer has appointed Doctor William Cawley Simms to perform that duty; which has been intimated to the Shipping-Master, and of which all parties concerned will take notice."


On Tuesday morning last, after a short but severe illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Devine will, Mr. Edward ELLARD, a native of the county Wexford, Ireland, aged 46 years

On Saturday afternoon, after a short illness, James Francis, second son of Mr Patrick HYNES, aged 13 years.

On Saturday night, the 15th instant, William WEST, a native of Somersetshire, England, aged 84 years. His funeral will take place this day, (Wednesday) at 3 o'clock, p. m., from the residence of Mr. Robert HUNT, Nonpareil Cottage, Signal Hill Road, when the friends of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend.

On Saturday last, after a lingering illness, aged 56 years. Mr. Thomas TUCKER.

Sept. 20, 1861


On Tuesday evening last, after a long illness, Mr. Micheal FOGERTY, third son of James FOGERTY, victualler, aged 21 years. His funeral will take place this day, (Friday) at 3 o'clock, p.m., when friends and aquantences of the family are respectfully invited to attend.

Oct. 7, 1861


On Saturday morning, the 5th inst., after a lingering illness, aged 49 years, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. John Walters, carpenter. Her funeral will take place this evening at 3 o'clock, when the friends and aquaintances of the family are requested to attend.

Ship News:


Oct. 5 - Miranda, Symons, New York, 8, Bowring Brothers


Oct. 5 - Vulcan, Dooley, Sydney, J. and W. Stewart


Oct. 4 - Thomas Wright, Bristol, C. F. Bennett and Co. Oct. 5 - Mountain Avenue, (AM) Baltimore, Baine, Johnston and Co.


In the Miranda from New York, Mrs. Furlong, Miss King

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