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The Evening Telegram and other local Newspapers
Weddings, Anniversary, Engagements, and Graduations


Evening Mercury January 21, 1885 (Wednesday)

At St. Paul's Church, Trinity, on January 1st, by the Rev. H. Johnson, Mr. Geo. Oakley, to Miss Susan Spurrell, both of Trinity.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette   January 24, 1885 (Saturday)

Married, at St. Paul's Church, Trinity, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Henry Johnson, Mr. G. Oakley, to Miss Susan Spurrell, both of Trinity.

Evening Mercury June 8, 1885 (Monday)

Marriage. On the 6th inst., at the English Cathedral, by the Rev. A. Heygate, Mr. Henry T. Spurrell, to Sophia youngest daughter of Mr. G. Oakley, of Trinity.

The Evening Telegram   May 14, 1921 (Saturday)

Extracts from the old Church Register, with notes: - 'May 18th, 1846. Married, Thomas Oates, of Wareham, Dorset, England, to Hannah Miller, of English Harbor. Witnesses: George Cutler and George Penny.' Thomas Oates, who lived in Green Bay Cove, below English Harbor, died some fifteen years ago. He was the last Englishman in Trinity Bight who came to this country as a "youngster". ... - W.J.L. Trinity, May 14th.

Evening Telegram   July 26, 1890 (Saturday)

Married. On the 24th inst., at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, by the Rev. Henry Johnson, Frederick Oberg [sic], of Gothenburg, Sweden, to Selina Watkins, daughter of Mr. A. Watkins, of this city.

Evening Telegram December 23, 1995 (Saturday)

Engagement. [with photo of couple]
Ronald and Joanne O'Brien, St. John's, are pleased to announce the
engagement of their daughter, Maureen, to Kevin, son of Dr. Colin and Janet Brown, St. John's, and formerly Glasgow, Scotland. A summer wedding is planned.

Evening Telegram July 18, 1992 (Saturday)
Wedding Announcement [with photo of bride and groom].
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O'Brien
. Announcing the marriage of Loretta, daughter of Eric & Abbie Dawe, Cherry Lane, Manuels & Maurice, son of Adlard & Phyllis O'Brien, L'Anse Au Loup, Labrador at St. John the Evangelist Church, Topsail, June 26, 1992 by Rev. L. Collett and Fr. J. Doody. After a Honeymoon in Maine & P.E.I. they are now settled happily in their new home in Cherry Lane.

Newfoundlander   January 31, 1879 (Friday)

Married. - On Tuesday evening last, at the R.C. Cathedral, by the Rev. W. Forristal, Mr. A. Hiscock, to Miss M.E. O'Brien.

Royal Gazette   November 20, 1888 (Tuesday)

Married. On the 14th inst., at the R.C. Cathedral, by the Rev. Archdeacon Forristal, Mr. Peter Murray, to Miss Mary Ellen O'Brien, both of this city.

Gazette January 25, 1859 (Tuesday)

Married. At Cat's Cove, on Tuesday the 18th inst., by the Rev. Kyran Walsh, Capt. Edward O'Brien, of Bread Cove, to Elizabeth only daughter of Mr. James Wade, jr., of that place.

Royal Gazette January 22, 1884 (Tuesday)

Married. On the 15th inst., at the R. C. Cathedral, by the Rev. Wm. Forristal, Admr., Mr. Laurence O'Brine, to Miss Johanna Kennedy, both of Salmon Cove.

Royal Gazette   February 5, 1884 (Tuesday)

MARRIED. ... On the 31st ult., at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, by the Rev. W. Forristal, Mr. Patrick O'Connell, butcher, to Miss Catherine Doran, both of this city.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette   February 6, 1884 (Wednesday)

Married, on the 31st ult., at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, by the Rev. W. Forristal, Mr. P. O'Connell, butcher, to Miss Catherine Doran, both of this city.

Evening Telegram   January 14, 1899 (Thursday)

Married. At Harbor Main, at the residence of Rev. P.O'Donnell, P.P., on Saturday, Jan. 7th, Mr. John O'Donnell, second son of T.P. O'Donnell, J.P., to Miss Katie Hanrahan, daughter of the late Thos. Hanrahan of Harbor Grace.

Gazette October 16, 1860 (Tuesday)

Marriage. In this town, 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. James Edward O'Neil, to Miss Mary Lucinda O'Donnell, both of Freshwater.

Daily News October 9, 1969 (Thursday)

Wedding Anniversary.
Congratulations are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Grady, of 72 Top Battery, on the occasion of their 31st wedding anniversary October 8. Best wishes from their family and a large circle of friends.

Colonist   September 7, 1887 (Wednesday)

Marriage. - August 7th, at St. Charles' Church, Sydney Place, Brooklyn, by the Rev. J. Ward, Mr. Thomas O'Gready, to Miss M.A. Laracy, both of St. John's, Nfld.

Royal Gazette   May 3, 1887 (Tuesday)

Married. On the 30th ult., at St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev. H. Dunfield, Mr. John C. Oke, to Florence J. Jeans.

Harbour Grace Standard   August 2, 1890 (Saturday)

Marriage. On Thursday morning, at St. Paul's Church, Harbor Grace, by the Rev. Frank Smart, William A. Oke to Sophia Hilda Snow.

Evening Telegram November 7, 1992 (Saturday)

Graduation. [with photo]
Congratulations are extended to Robert Bernard Oliver, son of Esther and Robert Oliver on his Graduation at the Spring Convocation of Memorial University. Rob received a B.A. (Political Science and Business) and is currently working as Executive assistant at Sheila Gillard Studio.

Evening Telegram   January 21, 1896 (Tuesday)

Married. On the 21st inst., at St. Patrick's Church, Riverhead, by the Rev. Dean Ryan, James Bennett, to Mary F. Oliver, both of this city.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette   February 19, 1887 (Saturday)

Married, on the 13th inst., by the same [Ven. Archdeacon Forristal], Mr. Henry Cunningham, to Miss Margaret Oliver, both of Riverhead, St. John's.

Evening Telegram November 7, 1992 (Saturday)

Engagement. [with photo of couple]
Jack and Theresa Fifield are pleased to announce the
engagement of their daughter, Maureen Theresa to Robert Bernard, son of Esther and Robert Oliver. Congratulations from both families and friends.

Royal Gazette January 17, 1882 (Tuesday)

Married. On the 3rd inst., at St. Mary's Church, South-side, by the Rev. E. Botwood, R.D., Mr. William Oliver, of Cornwall, England, to Mary Jane, fourth daughter of Mr. Wm. Hingston.

Daily News   October 4, 1926 (Monday)

MARRIED. On Sept. 29, at the R.C. Cathedral, by Rev. Fr. Sullivan, Mary Holman to Harold Oliver, both of this city.

Evening Telegram   January 9, 1896 (Thursday)

Married, At the R.C. Cathedral, on the 5th inst., by the Rev. John Scott, Administrator, Edward Oliver (bricklayer), to Mary A., youngest daughter of Margaret and the late Thomas Kennedy, both of this city.

Evening Telegram   July 13, 1891 (Monday)

Married. On June 9th, in St. Ann's Church, Montreal, by the Rev. Father Cahill, Richard Oliver, to Adelia McCann, both of Gull Island, Conception Bay, N.F.

Royal Gazette   October 5, 1886 (Tuesday)

Married. On the 27th Sept., at the R.C. Cathedral by the Rev. Archdeacon Forristal, Mr. Peter Oliver, to Miss Johanna Morey, both of this city.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette   October 6, 1886

Marriage. ... On the 27th ult., by the same [Ven. Archdeacon Forristal, referred to in the previous marriage listed], Mr. Peter Oliver to Miss Johanna Morey, both of this city.

Evening Telegram   August 29, 1891 (Saturday)

Married. On the 28th inst., at 73 Military Road, by the Rev. F.R. Duffill, Mr. Martin Olsen, of Havanger, Norway, to Miss Deborah Hewitt, of Trinity.

The Evening Telegram   August 15, 1907 (Thursday)

Wedding Bells. A very quiet wedding was celebrated last night in the home of Mr. M. A. Devine, King's Bridge Road, the contracting parties being Mr. M. J. O'Mara, Mr. Devine's partner in the Trade Review, and Miss Anna Kenny, daughter of the late Patrick and Mary Kenny, Portugal Cove Road. Miss Kenny was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Devine when a child, and has lived with them all her life. The ceremony was performed by Ven. Archdeacon O'Neil, only the immediate friends of the family being present, including Rev. Father Born, of Trepassey. The bridesmaids were Miss Kittie Moore and Miss Clara Kinsella. Mr. Thomas S. Devine was best man, and Mr. M.A. Devine gave the bride away. The bride was attired in white silk gauze, with veil and orange blossoms. After supper the happy couple drove to Ferndale, Petty Harbor Road, where the honeymoon will be spent. They were the recipients of many useful presents and warm congratulations. We join with the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. O'Mara in wishing them a bright and happy future.

Royal Gazette   November 1, 1887 (Tuesday)

Married. At Woodstock Cottage, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. Father Morris, Mr. Edward Dunn, of Topsail Road, to Miss Annie O'Neil, of Topsail.

Evening Telegram   August 17, 1891 (Monday)

Married. On the 15th inst., at the R.C. Cathedral, by the Ven. Archdeacon Forristal, Mr. Andrew J. O'Neill, to Miss Mary Dunphy, both of St. John's.

The Evening Telegram   January 20, 1886 (Wednesday)

Married. At the same time and place [At the Cathedral, Harbor Grace, on the 12th inst.], by his Lordship the Most Rev. Dr. Macdonald, Mr. John Farrell, Boot and Shoe Maker, to Alice, daughter of Capt. D. O'Neil.

Royal Gazette   May 24, 1887 (Tuesday)

Married. On the 12th inst., at Torbay, by the Rev. Father Clarke, Mr. James O'Neil, of Renews, to Miss Ellen Furlong, of Pouch Cove.

Gazette October 16, 1860 (Tuesday)

Marriage. In this town, 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. James Edward O'Neil, to Miss Mary Lucinda O'Donnell, both of Freshwater.

Daily News   January 9, 1919 (Thursday)

WEDDING BELLS. A quiet but very pretty wedding took place here on Sunday last Dec. 29th when Mr. P.W. Maloney and Miss Clara, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Neil [sic] were united in hymen's bonds by the Rev. W.P. Finn, P.P. The bride looked charming in a pale blue costume with raccoon furs and hat to match and was assisted by her sister Ellie, while Mr. J.A. Hannon performed the duties of best man. After the nuptial knot had been tied, the wedding party, who included only the immediate relatives, owing to recent bereavements in both families, proceeded to the home of the bride's parents where a most elaborate spread awaited them. After justice had been done to the numerous delicacies the health of the bride was proposed by Mr. J.A. Hannon to which on the bride's behalf the groom very suitably responded. Short congratulatory speeches were made by Messrs. P.J. Lewis, J.A. Veitch, J.J. Carroll, J.J. Maloney, and J. Crawley, after which the happy couple left for their future home Maloney's Square. The esteem in which the young bride is held was testified by the numerous and costly presents received. The groom who is also a very popular Holyroodian holds the position of engineer with the A.N.D. Co. Grand Falls. The groom's present to the bride was in the form of a cheque, while to the bridesmaid and best man gold signet ring, and gold cuff links, respectively. To the newly wedded couple we tender our sincerest wishes for abundant happiness through life.

Daily News   January 26, 1983 (Wednesday)

Social Events. Mr. and Mrs. James Rogers, 19 Bristol Street, St. John's, take pleasure in announcing the Christmas engagement of their only daughter Denise to Brian, son of Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neill, 36 Newfoundland Drive, St. John's.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette   December 15, 1883 (Saturday)

Married, at Northern Bay, on the 28th ult., by the Rev. M. Hanly, P.P., Mr. Michael O'Niel [sic], of Bay-de-Verde, to Theresa, eldest daughter of Simeon March, Esq., Northern Bay.

Newfoundlander   November 26, 1878 (Tuesday)

Married - On the 21st inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. John Walsh, Mr. Peter O'Rielly, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael Heally [sic], Black Head.

Evening Telegram   November 16, 1920 (Tuesday)

Married. At St. Patrick's Church, St. John's, Sunday, Nov. 7th, by Rev. Fr. Wilson, Mr. Frank O'Rourk [sic] to Miss Sadie Timmons, both of Holyrood.

Evening Telegram December 24, 1965 (Friday)

Wedding Vows Solemnized.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hynes were married by Rev. Bert Cheeseman at Whitbourne recently. The bride is the former Verna Osborne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Osborne of Blaketown; the groom is the son of Edgar Hynes, Sr., and the late Mrs. Hynes of Old Shop. Given in marriage by Luke Bay, the bride was attended by Doreen Osborne as maid of honor and Mrs. George Brinston and Mrs. Daisie Cooper as bridesmaids. Sandra Day was flower girl. Boyd Day acted as best man and Donald Osborne and Donald Morast ushered. The reception was held in the L.O.A. hall at Old Shop. Mr. and Mrs. Hynes will reside at Old Shop.



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