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The Evening Telegram and Other Local Papers
In Memoriam


Evening Telegram   April 18, 1969 (Friday)

In fond and loving memory of a dear Husband Lawrence Cantwell who was accidentally killed April 21st, 1967. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul. - Ever remembered and sadly missed by his wife Agnes.

Evening Telegram   October 7, 1922 (Saturday)

In loving memory of my dear son David Michael Carew, Killed in Action, October 7, 1915, at Gallipoli; also his brother John at Beaumont Hamel, July 1st, 1916. May they rest in peace. [poem] - Inserted by their mother.

CAREW, Pte. Victor & Carew, Pte. Vincent
Daily News   November 23, 1926 (Tuesday)
... In fond and loving remembrance of No, 1560, Pte. Victor Carew, killed in action Nov. 20th, 1917, at Cambrai; also his brother, No. 3140, Pte. Vincent Carew, killed in action July 10th, 1917, somewhere in France, dearly beloved sons of the late Henry and Esther Carew, Cape Broyle. Jesus have mercy on them.

Evening Telegram   October 7, 1929 (Monday)

In loving memory of my dear sons, Donald Michael Carew, killed Oct. 7, 1915, also his brother, John, killed July 1st. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls. - Inserted by their mother and father.

Evening Telegram June 11, 1965 (Friday)

In fond and loving memory of our dear Son and Brother Gerald Carey who was accidentally killed on the Brookfield Bridge June 11th, 1958. [poem] - Ever remembered by family.

Evening Telegram November 28, 1992 (Saturday)

In loving memory of a dear Mother Bertha Carey age 69 years who passed away November 30, 1991. [poem] - Your beloved daughter Gwen.

Evening Telegram May 11, 1996 (Saturday)

In loving memory of a dear Mother, Father, Grandparents, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, Lucy M. Carey who passed away May 12, 1994, age 83 years, and Stephen J. Carey who passed away June 18, 1989, age 81 years. [poem]. Ever remembered and ever loved by daughters: Mary, Bernie, Donna and sons-in-law Leo and Joe. [poem]. Too dearly loved to be forgotten by grandchildren Krista, Carla, Stephen and Leah.

Telegram October 2, 1998 (Friday)

[with photo]. In fond and loving memory of a dear Daughter and Sister Eunice Carey who passed away October 2, 1995, age 48 years. [poem]. Ever remembered and sadly missed by Mom, Buck, Pauline, Don, Barb, Cathy, Leo, Rick, Tony, Em - special friend John.

The Evening Telegram   November 16, 1996 (Saturday)

In loving memory of dear Parents, Grandparents, Daughter and Sister. Valetta and Gus Carey November 18, 1995     October 3, 1991. Brenda Walsh July 26, 1988. [poem] - by Maureen, Henry, Gary and Rosalie.

Daily News   September 13, 1910 (Tuesday)

Note of Thanks. A.H. Christian wishes to tender many thanks to the friends who sent such kind expressions of sympathy on the death of his dear brother, Alexander. Also, to Miss Southcott of the General Hospital, and her efficient staff of nurses of "Carson Ward" for their kindest attentions to him while at the institution.

Daily News September 18, 1936 (Friday)

In loving memory of my dear father, Archibald Christian. (Deceased September 9th, 1936).
Father, your name is written on my heart,
Not spoken oft aloud for other ears,
Yet murmured o'er and o'er; to sacred to impart
And tied with lasting love and burning tears.

Your happy smile will never fade away,
And loving hands that helped me o'er and o'er
Will help me still on life's hard lonely way,
Your shining faith will light my way before.

Could I have looked into your dear bright eyes,
Before they closed in that long, long sleep,
My heart would not feel quite so sad to-day -
But you are happy dear - I must not weep!

And, so until my aching eyes will close,
I shall forever love your memory dear;
And, pleasing Him Who taketh back Hos own,
I I'll clasp your hand and we'll be happy There.

Mrs. Mabel Christian Parsons
4396 Harvard Avenue
Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, Can.
September 10th, 1936.
(Transcribed by Diane Ivany Hynes)

Evening Telegram January 2, 1937 (Saturday)
[same in Daily
A Tribute. To the late H.G. CHRISTIAN.

Hush! The curtain drops and saddened hearts
Under great strain of grief and sympathy,
Bow to the Master's will. For he who now is dead
Ever while living of his genius most willingly
Resolved to leave behind when organ's tones are still
The indelible impression of his work, his mind and will.

Gone is the musician! But the strains
Of music - of his own rendering - still remain
Reverberating fresh and entrancingly in our memory,
Deep bass and other voices he did so well train
On many occasions filled his soul with glee,
Now all his choir lament and mourn in harmony.

Church and college suffer loss irreparable,
His talents rare he gave to them unstintingly.
Rich was his store of music - which to us he shared
In various ways. Our souls he often wafted gently
Skyward, where in perfect harmony the heavenly choir sings
To-day those fingers that once touched the organ's keys are
Inanimate and cold as common clay
Alas! Hubert Gordon Christian has passed on, but
Never! Never! Shall his memory fade away.
Edmund J. Wornell

Evening Telegram January 16, 1937 (Saturday)

In Memoriam. Of My Dear Brother, Gordon Christian, Deceased, December 29th, 1936.
With heart so sad that words may scarcely fall,
My wearied mind would piece together still
Some cherished, loving thoughts I now recall
Of thee, dear brother mine, whose place no one may fill.

The very soul of music inward born -
Before small lips could frame the simple word.
Those tiny fingers mystically would find
Sweet melodies from that dear organ board.

So did it grow, the charm of soul expressed;
No grander music ever stirred my heart -
The joyful dance that made life fairly glow!
Again - those deeper tones renting the very soul apart!

Oh brother mine, the joy that once I knew
In music such as thine, today is bare;
Yet, through good music, I shall think of you,
Though life to me seems sadder in that lovely sphere.

And God, who gave that precious gift to you,
Lent for a while its wondrous beauty here.
The earth is richer for the seeds that grew,
But God was ready, so He called you There.

4396 Harvard Avenue, N.D.G.
Montreal, Quebec.
January 8th, 1937.

Evening Telegram   April 18, 1950 (Tuesday)

In memoriam. In loving memory of Philip Corbett who departed this life on April 18th, 1942. [poem] - Inserted by his wife, and daughter, Mrs. Lawrence O'Neill.

CORBETT, Walter Joseph
The Evening Telegram   June 21, 1997 (Saturday)

In loving memory of a dear Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather Walter Joseph Corbett, who joined our Dear Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother (Harriett) on June 22, 1996. [poem.] Forever loved by daughter Connie (Derrick), grandson Adam, granddaughter Danielle (Herb), great-grandson Andrew.

The Evening Telegram   November 9, 1996 (Saturday)

Cards of Thanks. COSTIGAN 1923-1996. We the family of the late Mary E. Costigan of Harbour Main, would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks .... Rick and Jane Gorman & Family.

CRAWLEY, Patrick
Evening Telegram   December 7, 1927 (Wednesday)

On Dec. 3rd, there passed to the Great Beyond, the soul of Mr. Patrick Crawley, after an illness of but three short weeks, loving care and medical skills were exerted to ease the sufferings and prolong the life of one who was esteemed and respected by all who knew him, but without avail, for the Master of life and death had summoned his faithful steward to his account, and full of trust and resignation, the soul of Patrick Crawley went forth to God leaving behind him many friends and no enemies. On Monday his funeral took place to the South Side Cemetery preceded by the Star of the Sea Society of which he was a prominent member.
The life of Patrick Crawley was marked by honest dealing, charity to his neighbor, fidelity to his friends, love for his home and family, devotion to his God and his religious duties, always a devout Catholic, his last moments were loaded with the rites of holy church. The final prayers were pronounced by Rev. Fr. Dwyer, P.P., Harbor Main. Mr. Crawley will be sadly missed by his loving wife and children, but his virtuous example and his kindly deeds will be long remembered. Left to mourn are his wife and five sons, Cornelius in British Columbia; William and John in New York; Patrick in Sydney; and Walter who just reached home before his father's death, also four daughters, Mrs. R. Bidiscombe and Mrs. W. Mangan, New York; and Cecilia and Margaret at home. To all of whom sincere sympathy goes out in their bitter loss. [prayer] COM.

Evening Telegram   March 20, 1954 (Saturday)

(Mrs. J.S. Currie)
Like unto stars that gleam across the sky,
Shedding a radiance ever bright and clear
Are counted those who truly walk aright -
The brave souls faring forth, devoid of fear.
Within her sphere of live she freely gave
Of time and talent as she saw the light.
She labored long and well before the day
Dawned for her in that land where all is bright.
It's but a little while to wait, until
The cord that bound her loved ones to her is replaced
By one that, through the long eternity,
Will bind them e'en more firmly by God's grace.
- M.M.P.



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