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The Evening Telegram and other local Newspapers
Miscellaneous Birth Announcements


Daily News   June 4, 1973 (Monday)

Born to John and Rose (nee Walsh) of Harbour Main, a daughter, weighing 7 lbs. 10 ozs. on Thursday, May 31st at Grace General Hospital. A sister for John Jr.

Daily News June 19, 1974 (Wednesday)

Born to George and Shirley (nee Healey) of Conception Hr. a daughter weighing 6 lbs. 11 ozs. on Thursday, June 13, 1974 at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital. A sister for Bradley.

Evening Telegram   June 3, 1989 (Saturday)

- Born to Albert and Diane (nee Power) May 29th, a beautiful 7 lb. 14 oz. baby sister for Andrew. Proud grandparents Francis and Nellie Power of Chapel Arm, Albert and Jean Dalton of Harbour Main. Great grandmother Mary Power. Special thanks to Dr. Walley and staff of 4 East. Also Dr. Wozniak, caseroom 4 west staff of St. Clare's.

Telegram November 13, 1999 (Saturday)

Fred and Kaye are proud to announce the arrival of their daughter, Emily Anne, born October 18, 1999, weighing 7 lbs. 4 oz. Proud grandparents are John and Myrtle Hynes and Ronald and Genevieve Dalton.

Daily News May 15, 1974 (Wednesday)

Born to William & Jeane (nee Ruby) of Holyrood, a son weighing 8 lbs. 7 ozs. on Tuesday, May 7th at Grace General Hospital. A brother for P.J.

Evening Telegram October 7, 1989 (Saturday)

Born to Mike and Denise, a baby girl, Sunday, October 01, 1989 at 0943, weight 7 lb. 12 ¾ oz. A sister for James and granddaughter for Mrs. Pauline Dawson, Bay Roberts and Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Corbett, Holyrood. A special thank you to Dr. M. Patricia Cook and Nurse Bernadine Moyles and caseroom, nursing and 2nd floor Obstetrical staff 5A66.

Evening Telegram March 29, 1997 (Saturday)

Chris and Barbara (Veitch) are thrilled to announce the birth of Laura Jane Mary, a sister for Jeffrey and Michael. Born March 21, 1997, at 8:41 a.m., weighing 9 lbs. 6 ½ ozs. Proud grandparents are Noel and Mary Veitch, St. John’s, and Raymond Dawson, England. Special thanks to Dr. Cherry Pike and the Grace Hospital Caseroom staff.

Evening Telegram May 14, 1976 (Friday)

Born to John and Lorraine (nee Crawley) of Holyrood, a son, weighing 9 lbs. 1¼ ozs. on Thursday, May 11th at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital. A brother for Darlene and Brenda.

Daily News April 19, 1974 (Friday)

Born to Michael and Alice (nee McGrath) of St. John's. a son, weighing 7 lbs. 8 ozs. on Saturday, April 13. 1974 at 1:28 a.m. at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital. A brother for Heather.

The Evening Telegram    September 11, 1976, (Saturday)

Born to Edward and Teresa (nee Reardon) on September 9th, a baby girl, 8 lbs. 14 ozs, at St. Clare's.

Evening Telegram March 11, 1980 (Tuesday)

Nicola Anne is proud to announce the arrival of her baby sister, Lisa Marie, weighing 8 lbs. 4 ozs. at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital on March 9th at 9:15 p.m. Proud parents are Edward and Theresa Donovan, Goulds. Special thanks to Dr. L. Lawton and Case Room Staff.

Evening Telegram April 19, 1980 (Saturday)

Brian and Helen (nee Moriarty) of Dartmouth, N.S., are delighted to announce the arrival of their chosen daughter, Erin Julia, born March 21st. Proud grandparents are John and Nell Moriarty and Tom and Irene Donovan, all of St. John's.

Newfoundland Express    January 17, 1861 (Thursday)

Birth - On Wednesday, 2nd instant, the wife of Mr. Garrett Dooley, of a son.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette    March 6, 1889 (Wednesday)

Birth, on the 3rd inst., by the wife of John Dooley, of a son.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette    May 14, 1890 (Wednesday)

Born, on the 8th inst., the wife of John Dooley, of a daughter.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette    June 11, 1890 (Wednesday)

Birth, on the 28th ult., the wife of Francis Dooley, of a daughter.

Evening Telegram   September 7, 1891 (Monday)

Born. On the 4th inst., the wife of Mr. John Dooley, Signal Hill road, of a son.

Evening Telegram   June 5, 1896 (Friday)

Born. On the 5th inst., the wife of Peter Dooley, of a daughter.

The Evening Telegram    March 9, 1926

BORN. At Waterford Bridge, on March 3rd, to James and May Dooley, a son.

Evening Telegram March 22, 1927 (Tuesday)

On March 22nd, to Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Dooley, Veteran Farm, Kenmount Road, a daughter.

The Evening Telegram    May 16, 1942 (Saturday)

At St. Clare's Mercy Hospital on May 13th, to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dooley (nee Katherine Barrett), a daughter. (Mother and baby doing well).

The Evening Telegram    August 16, 1980 (Saturday)

Born to Stephen and Bernice (nee Colbert) of Burnt Cove, their first child, a beautiful daughter weighing 8 lbs. 14 ozs. on Sunday, August 3, 1980, 12:27 p.m. at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital. Proud grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Colbert and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doyle.

The Evening Telegram    May 20, 1995 (Saturday)

Born to David and Kimberley (nee Barrett) on May 6, 1995, a precious little girl, Ashley Lynn, weighing 8 lb. 5 oz. Proud grandparents are Pat and Madonna Doyle, Marie MacDonald and Richard (Dick) Barrett. Great-grandparents Mary Doyle, Ester Carey, Alice Barrett, and Elizabeth Bulger. Three aunts: Wanda, Denise and Evelyn Doyle.

Daily News May 20, 1974 (Monday)

Born to Gordon and Glenys (nee Penney) of Mt. Pearl, a daughter, weighing 7 lbs. 10½ ozs. on Tuesday, May 14, 1974 at Grace General Hospital. A sister for Glenn.

The Evening Telegram    May 8, 1993 (Saturday)

Jacqueline and Stephen of Sherwood Park, Edmonton, are pleased to announce the arrival of their son, Spencer Harrison, born April 30th, weighing 6 lb. 13 oz. Proud grandmothers are Joan Duff of Paradise and Catherine Kirby, Holyrood.

Evening Telegram    November 11, 1995 (Saturday)

Michael and Tracy Duffy of Torbay are pleased to announce the arrival of their first child, a baby girl, Jennifer Elizabeth, born on Friday, November 3, at 8:37 a.m., weight 7 lbs. 9¾ ozs., 49 cm. long, at the Grace Hospital. She is the first grandchild for Pearl Duffy and second for Yvonne Hickey. Proud great-grandparents are Hubert and Mary Hynes and William and Mary Thistle, all of St. John's. Special thanks extended to Drs. Tennant, Kravitz and the Obstetrics and Caseroom staff at the Grace Hospital.

Daily News   April 26, 1950 (Wednesday)

Born at Banting Memorial Hospital, Gander on March 30th, 1950 to Mary, wife of John P. Dunphy, a daughter (Maureen Margaret).

Evening Telegram    May 16, 1957 (Thursday)

"Mother's Day Gift"
Grand Falls - Mrs. William Dunphy, Carmelite Road, received a mother's day gift in the form of a telegram from Virginia, announcing that twin daughters had arrived on that day for Dr. and Mrs. E. Coogan. Mrs. Coogan is the former Betty Dunphy. They have two sons, five and three years old. Dr. Coogan was formerly residential medical officer at Badger for the AND Co. Ltd.

Evening Telegram December 17, 1965 (Friday)

Born on December 13th at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital, to Gerard and Kathleen Dunphy (nee Halleran), the Goulds, a son 8 lbs. 11¼ ozs. A brother for Kevin, Gerard and Joan.

Daily News    September 3, 1974 (Tuesday)

Born to Kevin and Geraldine (nee Flynn) of Holyrood North, a son weighing 7 lbs. 6 ozs. on Wednesday, Aug. 28, 1974 at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital. A brother for Kevin and Shirley.

Telegram December 31, 1999 (Friday)

Jason, Jeannie, Alysha and Heidi joyously announce the early arrival of their Christmas baby, Kiera Mary on December 13, 1999. Glowing grandparents are Doug and Lorraine Mercer, St. John`s and Mary Dunphy, Corner Brook. With Poppy Alex beaming his blessing from heaven. Special thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Tennent and staff at the Grace Hospital.

Colonist    July 4, 1887 (Monday)

Birth. Dwyer - At Sandy Point, Bay St. George, on the 17th June, the wife of M.E. Dwyer, Esq., J.P., of a son.

Evening Telegram   February 11, 1896 (Tuesday)

Born. At Fogo, on the 22nd ult., the wife of John Dwyer, of a daughter.

Evening Telegram   January 18, 1921 (Tuesday)

Born. On the 13th of January, a son to Mr. and Mrs. William Dwyer, 24 Bond Street.

Evening Telegram    December 13, 1922 (Wednesday)

Born. On Dec. 12th, to Mr. and Mrs. John Dwyer, 4 Barter's Hill, a son.

Daily News   May 7, 1973 (Monday)

Born to Raymond and Rita (nee O'Brien) of Bell island, a son weighing 7 lbs. 5 ozs. on Thursday, May 3 at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital.

Daily News    July 3, 1974 (Wednesday)

Born to Terrence and Margaret (nee Blyde) of St. John's a son, weighing 8 lbs 8½ ozs. on Saturday, June 29 at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital. A brother for Lisa.

The Evening Telegram    June 14, 1997 (Saturday)

Kevin and Beverly (nee Parsons) are pleased to announce the arrival of their first child, Leigh Kathleen on June 2, 1997, weighing 8 lbs. 12½ oz. Proud grandparents are Dorothy and Alec Parsons and Kathleen Dwyer. Very special thanks to Dr. Cherry Pike, Dr. Sun and nursing staff of the 2nd and 4th floors of the Grace.



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