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1961 - 1970


Evening Telegram

March 1, 1963 (Friday)

Grand Falls personals.
Grand Falls - Edward Healey, post master at Grand Falls has been appointed supervisor over the following post offices in the central area: Grand Falls, Badger, Bishop's Falls, Botwood, Buchans, Winsor, Buchans Junction, Millertown, Millertown Junction and Springdale. ...

Jack Dunphy of Cabot Road, Grand Falls, left Feb. 18, for Viet Nam, Indo-China, where he will act in an advisory capacity for the installation of a ground wood department of a new paper mill now under construction there. Last year Mr. Dunphy went to India on a similar mission.

Evening Telegram

March 12, 1963 (Friday)

Grand Falls news briefs. ...

Mrs. E. Christian has returned home after undergoing a period of treatment in hospital at Grand Falls. ...

Vera Christian of the teaching staff in Glovertown, recently spent some time at her home in Grand Falls. ...

Daily News

December 31, 1964 (Thursday)

Necrology [for past year]. ...

Jan. 17 - David Barnes, Champneys West ...

May 31 - George A. Hynes, 81 ...

August 16 - Mary Ellen Bennett, 80 (30?), Holyrood, C.B.

Daily News

December 31, 1964 (Thursday)

Fatalities. ...

November 14, 1964 - Francis Joseph Wall, 18, of Holyrood, loses life in motor accident...

Evening Telegram

March 26, 1965 (Friday)

New Harbour personals.
Lawrence and Lloyd Hefford, Buchans, visited relatives here March 21.
(Transcribed by Diane Ivany Hynes)

Evening Telegram

April 23, 1965 (Friday)

Seal Hunter Shot in Hip.
A young Newfoundland seal hunter was accidentally shot in the hip Thursday morning from the blast of a 12-gauge shotgun fired at point blank range. He is now receiving treatment at the St. John's General Hospital. The accident occurred early yesterday in Trinity Bay, on the east coast of the province, and the victim of the shooting accident was airlifted at first to the cottage hospital at Bonavista, by a helicopter from the Department of Health. Later the helicopter had to resume the mercy flight and bring Edwin Sheppard, 25 of Champneys East to St. John's. He arrived at 2:30 PM. Sheppard was shot in the hip by a companion Donald Nurse, whose 12-gauge shotgun was accidentally discharged. Early reports was that Sheppard was in serious condition. However, The Telegram made a later check with the hospital and Dr. A. W. Taylor, Superintendent said his condition is satisfactory.
(Transcribed by Diane Ivany Hynes)

Evening Telegram

July 14, 1965 (Wednesday)

Man Is Killed.
Bell Island - (Staff) - Bernard Hawco, 86, was fatally injured in a motor accident not far from his home on lance Cove Road 6 p.m. yesterday. The aged man was walking east on the road when he was hit by a car driven by Miss Bernadine O'Brien. Suffering from two broken legs, head injuries and other apparent lacerations, the victim was examined on the scene by Dr. John Derjanecz who ordered him taken by ambulance to hospital in St. John's. He died in the hospital slightly after arrival. Miss O'Brien was proceeding west on Lance Cove Road. Her car had to cross an overpass named Stewart's Bridge. The overpass is elevated, forming a blind hill. The accident victim was walking on the road 60 yards west of the overpass. The driver evidently swerved left to avoid hitting the man. Mr. Hawco is mourned by four sons, Walter, Albert and Alphonsus on Bell Island and Augustus in Galt, Ont. Also three daughters, Margaret, Mrs. Leo Fowler, Loretta, Mrs. Clem Ezekiel, and Lena, Mrs. Ed O'Quinn.

Evening Telegram

July 30, 1965 (Friday)

Clarke's Beach personals. ...
Mr. and Mrs. James Snow of Philadelphia are now vacationing with Mr. Snow's aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald at Love-Lane. Mr. Snow is formerly of North River.

Evening Telegram

August 13, 1965 (Friday)

Social scene. ...
Mrs. Patrick Beeso accompanied by daughters Jane and Donna, arrived in St. John's from Boston Aug. 5 to visit friends and relatives in Holyrood. This is Mrs. Beeso's first visit in the province in 45 years.

Evening Telegram

August 13, 1965 (Friday)

New Harbour. ...
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Foote are spending two weeks vacation with Mrs. Foote's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hefford, before leaving for Harbour Buffett.

Evening Telegram

August 27, 1965 (Friday)

New Harbour news. ...
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hefford returned to Buchans, Aug. 12, following their annual vacation visiting relatives and friends here.

Evening Telegram

September 3, 1965 (Friday)

New Harbour notes. ...
Mrs. L.C. Hefford and son David, have returned home from Harbour Buffett, where they spent a week visiting her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Foote.

Evening Telegram

October 1, 1965 (Friday)

New Harbour notes. ...
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Day and son Wade, returned to Bridgewater, N.S., Sept. 25 after spending their annual vacation visiting Mrs. Day's mother, Mrs. Bessie Smith here and Mr. Day's parents, at Old Shop, T.B. They were accompanied by Reginald Smith who plans to visit his sister at Bridgewater.

Lawrence Hefford, Buchans, recently visited relatives here.

Evening Telegram

November 1, 1965 (Monday)

101 Years Old. [with photo]
A native of Trinity, Trinity Bay, who first saw the light of day in 1864, Stephen Hewitt yesterday celebrated his 101st birthday at his home 142 Bonaventure Ave. As part of the birthday celebrations the Salvation Army Band from the Citadel Corps was at his home yesterday morning to play for him. He is the oldest member of the corps and hopes to be able to attend church services at the Citadel next Sunday.

Eight of Mr. Hewitt's great grandchildren were at his home yesterday and messages and cards were received from relatives and friends. Mr. Hewitt, who has lived through many memorable and historic events in Newfoundland, is enjoying good health and is able to get up and around. He also enjoys good hearing ad eyesight and can read any type of print without the aid of glasses. He reads the Bible regularly.

Like his father, Mr. Hewitt in his younger days became a fisherman and for several years made an annual trip to Labrador for the fishing season. He also fished on the Grand Banks and for 20 springs sailed to the icefields for the sealfishery. He came to St. John's about 80 years ago. He first lived on Central Street and a few years later built his own home on Bonaventure Avenue. At that time his home was the first one in the area and he decided to build there because he wanted to grow some crops. His home is now located at the intersection of Bonaventure Avenue and Elizabeth Avenue. The son of Philip and Caroline Hewitt, he married the former Amelia Butt. His wife died 26 years ago. He is the father of 12 children, eight of whom are still living.

Evening Telegram

November 5, 1965 (Friday)

New Harbor notes.

Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Smith have returned to their home at Lunenburg, N.S. after spending two weeks vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Smith, New Harbor and Mr. and Mrs. William Elford, Dildo.

Mrs. Clayton Foote returned to harbor Buffett Oct. 31 after spending a week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hefford.

Other guests during the week were Mrs. Wilson Peddle, Heart's Content, and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Harris, New Chelsea. ...

The Salvation Army Home and School Association of Dildo and New Harbor held their annual meeting recently. The election of officers was conducted by Mrs. Mundy, and resulted as follows: president, Mrs. L. C. Hefford; vice-president, Mrs. John Reid; secretary treasurer, Mr. Mundy; social convenor, Mrs. Stephen Higdon. Members of the Executive are: Capt. Loveplace, commanding officer, and Mr. J. Hickman, principal of the school.

Evening Telegram

December 10, 1965 (Friday)

Social scene. ...
Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Toope, Trinity, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 8. They were married at St. George's Church, Ireland's Eye, by Rev. Whitehouse.

Evening Telegram

December 28, 1965 (Tuesday)

Two Violent Deaths During Weekend.
Two fatalities were recorded in Newfoundland during the holiday weekend pushing the violent death toll to 217, two less than the all-time record of 219 recorded in the province last year. Thirty-nine-year-old Cyril Patrick Hannon of Holyrood, about 30 miles west of St. John's, was killed Monday night when the car he was driving skidded off the highway and overturned in a water filled ditch. Hannon, who was employed as a mechanic at Furey's Garage in Holyrood, was the lone occupant of the vehicle. It is not immediately known if Mr. Hannon died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident or if he drowned in the water filled ditch. An autopsy will be performed to ascertain the exact cause of death. Police believe that slippery roads in the Holyrood area as a result of the light snow fall Monday caused the accident. The accident happened early yesterday evening. Hannon was married.

A fire fatality also occurred yesterday when 72-year-old William Field of McNeill Street in St. John's died in a fire that destroyed his home. Mr. Field, who was trapped on the second floor of his two storey home, is believed to have died from suffocation. A post-mortem will be carried out. The two fatalities brought to 11 the number of violent deaths in Newfoundland for December. This compares with 30 for December last year.

Daily News

August 31, 1966 (Wednesday)

[with photo, caption: Left to right - Mrs. (Dr.) O'Regan, Kevin O'Regan, Mrs. Hynes, John Hynes, Mrs. Kevin O'Regan.]

Blue Puttee Supports Kevin O'Regan.
[political ad during provincial election, with photo]

It was way back in 1885 .. 81 years ago that John Hynes was born on the Island of St. Brendan's in Bonavista Bay. He was the son of a fisherman and as was the custom of those far-off years he became accustomed to the ways of the sea at an early age, and in fact, he was often tucked away in the bow of his father's skiff before he was ten years of age.

John Hynes left home at St. Brendan's when he was only 12 years of age .. that was in 1897 when St. John's was just getting back to normal and was rebuilding after the great fire. Within three years John Hynes was a young man and he can recall attending the spirited political meetings of those days and shouting for the Liberals.

From then on his personal Log as it were, reads some thing like a Cook's Tour record. In World War One he travelled over all the battlefields of Europe and suffered with many of his countrymen in the disastrous Dardanelles campaign. That was an experience he will never forget especially the weeks and months he spent in hospitals.

In later years he worked as a coal miner in Cape Breton and then returned again to settle down in his adopted hometown of St. John's. He had a busy and successful life working as a coal miner, carpenter and other occupations until his retirement a few years ago.

His first wife died and then three years ago at 78 years of age, he married again this time to 60-year-old Mabel Mills, they live at 55 Bannerman Street and are as happy as they can be in their neat little home.

On Sunday afternoon, the Liberal candidate for St. John's East, Kevin O'Regan, at the invitation of Mr. Hynes, introduced his wife and mother to Mr. and Mrs. Hynes and had a grand old chat about old times.

Mr. Hynes, who is as bright as a button at 81 years, cautioned Kevin to stand fast by the Liberal cause and said he would be out knocking on doors if only his legs would permit him to get around.

John Hynes is one of the oldest living members of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and on the home front is probably one of the oldest "fighting Liberals" in the province.

Evening Telegram

October 7, 1966 (Friday)

War Veterans News-Views.

Lost Trail.

Mike Crawley, Holyrood, who served with the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit during the Second World War, is anxious to get in touch with his brother, Angus Crawley, who served with the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Mike thinks he may be residing in the United States, but he has not heard from him for over 15 years.

Daily News

August 23, 1968 (Friday)

[with photo]

The Revered E. Hunt, retired Anglican priest who served for many years in Newfoundland, celebrated his 80th birthday recently at a gathering attended by members of his family. Rev. Hunt was licensed as a layreader at the age of 15. He taught school at English Harbour, Trinity Bay and used to walk seven miles to visit his parents in Trinity on Saturday and back for services on Sunday. He taught for six years before entering Queen's College. He was a deacon at Coley's Point, and was ordained a priest in 1916, serving the parishes of Twillingate, New Harbour, Heart's Delight and Spaniards' Bay before retiring in 1953.

Daily News

September 27, 1968 (Friday)


In the matter of the Last Will and Estate of Matthew O'Rourke, late of Holyrood in the Electoral District of Harbour Main, in the Province of Newfoundland, farmer (retired), deceased. [request for creditors to send particulars of their claim.] Dated at St. John's this 20th day of September A.D. 1968.
Philip J. Lewis
Solicitor for the Executor. ...

Daily News

March 27, 1969 (Thursday)

She's 103.

Today is a special day for Mrs. Martha Murray of Adams Cove, Conception Bay. It's her birthday and, at 103, she is one of the oldest persons in the province.
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Murray!



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