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1951 - 1960


Evening Telegram

January 18, 1952 (Friday)

Gander Notes....
Miss H. Batstone and Miss Patey of the staff of the Hunt Memorial Academy, spent the holiday at English Harbour and St. John's.

Evening Telegram

March 15, 1952 (Saturday)

Port Rexton...
Mrs. Eugene Ivany, who resides on the mainland, is at present visiting her father, John Randell. Mr. Randell is anticipating moving to the mainland with his daughter to take up residence there.

Evening Telegram

March 22, 1952 (Saturday)

Mr. G.G. Christian, who was a patient at the General Hospital for some time, is now greatly improved and convalescent at his home, 32 Waterford Bridge Road.

Evening Telegram

March 22, 1952 (Saturday)

Happy Birthday...
Marion Hynes, 128 Forest Road, was just one year old yesterday. A very happy birthday to Marion, with best wishes from Mommy and Daddy.

Evening Telegram

March 18, 1954 (Thursday)


Mr. and Mrs. James Woodford of Buchans arrived this week to take up residence here.

Bill Howard visited friends on Bell island over the weekend.

John Woodford arrived home recently from Stephenville where he was employed.

Miss Marion Furey an employee of the U.S. Navy Base Argentia spent the weekend with her parents.

Mr. William Woodford is currently spending a holiday at home.

Michael Ezekiel is recovering from injuries which he sustained in a fall.

The many friends of Mrs. Patrick Murphy will be sorry to hear that she is presently in hospital.

Mrs. Michael Ezekiel is confined to her home due to a slight touch of influenza.


Birthday greetings are extended to Miss Geraldine Murphy who will celebrate her birthday March 22nd.

Evening Telegram

April 18, 1957 (Thursday)

Harbour Main.
Avondale. ... Edward Mason of Avondale arrived home from Green's Pond where he had spent some time.  ... Harold Penney of CNT spent the weekend at Avondale.

Evening Telegram

April 18, 1957 (Thursday)

Harbour Main.
James Woodford, who has been working on Bell Island for a year or two left here April 7, to take up work at Tilt Cove.  John Woodford who is working at Tilt Cove recently burnt his arm there and spent a couple of days at his home here in Harbour Main.  He returned to his work April 8.

Evening Telegram

May 2, 1957 (Thursday)

Harbour Main.

Clarence Woodford who is employed with the Department of Fisheries in St. John's, returned from Isle aux Mort where he was for the past seven weeks.

Mrs. John Woodford (Furey) of this place left here April 29 to visit her son, George Furey and family and John Furey, also her son at Gander. Mrs. Woodford is expected to return home May 4.

Frank Costigan is engaged in building a house which is under the supervision of Arthur Lewis of Holyrood.

The men folk of this settlement are engaged in tearing down the old parish hall which will be replaced by a new one story building as soon as the old material is cleared away.  The work is supervised by John Costigan.

Cyril Woodford who is working in the mines at Buchans spent the Easter weekend with his family here but returned to his work April 22.

Evening Telegram

May 2, 1957 (Thursday)

Harbour Grace.

Mrs. Rachael Fifield, Trinity, is visiting her brother Colin Jones, Noad Street, en route to St. John's where she plans to spend a while with other relatives.  Mrs. Fifield is 79 years of age and enjoys traveling.

Thomas Walsh spent his Easter vacation with his mother, Mrs. R. Walsh who has not been feeling well for some time.  She returned with Thomas to his home in Dunville.

Evening Telegram

May 13, 1957 (Monday)

Grand Falls.

Mrs. Alex Hynes has returned from a weeks visit with relatives in St. John's.

Evening Telegram

May 16, 1957 (Thursday)

Mother's Day Gift.
Grand Falls - Mrs. William Dunphy, Carmelite Road, received a mother's day gift in the form of a telegram from Virginia, announcing that twin daughters had arrived on that day for Dr. and Mrs. E. Coogan.  Mrs. Coogan is the former Betty Dunphy.  They have two sons, five and three years old.  Dr. Coogan was formerly residential medical officer at Badger for the AND Co. Ltd.

Evening Telegram

May 18, 1957 (Saturday)

Harbour Main. ....

William Woodford, who is working at Tilt Cove, recently returned home for a few days holiday.

John Woodford, who had been residing at Deer Lake for the past couple of months with relatives, recently passed away in hospital there.  Mr. Woodford resided at Harbour Main for a number of years.  He moved to Deer Lake with his son Mr. Albert Woodford a few months ago.

Evening Telegram

May 20, 1957 (Monday)

Woman Is Killed on C.B. Highway.

Holyrood - Mrs. Stephen Hynes of North Arm, Holyrood, was killed almost instantly late Saturday when she was hit by a truck on the highway near her home.  She was 66 years old.

Driver of the truck was Clarence Costello of Conception Harbour.  Police report that the woman had left her home to use a neighbour's telephone to report a short circuit in the hydro system when the lights in her home failed.  She was on her way home when she was struck by the pick up truck.  Surviving are her husband and several sons and daughters.  The funeral is scheduled for Wednesday.

Evening Telegram

May 21, 1957 (Tuesday)

Grand Falls. .... Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Healey, and their son Thomas Jr., left May 15 for Halifax, where they attended the convocation exercises of Mount St. Vincent College, where their daughter "Tess" received a degree.

Evening Telegram

May 22, 1957 (Wednesday)

Grand Falls. ...

Denny, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Christian, Station Road, has arrived home from the University of New Brunswick to spend a few days with his parents.  He will then journey to Wabush Lake, Labrador where he has secured a position for the summer.

Mrs. Newman Abbott and Mrs. Alex Hynes have returned from a week in St. John's where they attended United Church Women's meetings.

Daily News

May 25, 1957 (Saturday)

Grand Falls.  Robin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hynes, and Max, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Arnold, have arrived from Acadia University to spend the summer at their homes.

Evening Telegram

December 2, 1957 (Monday)

Regina Pacis School Pupils Hold Prize Giving Ceremonies.  Bishops Falls - A day which the pupils of Regina Pacis School had eagerly anticipated was Nov. 19.  In the school auditorium in the presence of their parents and friends they staged their annual entertainment which was followed by the distribution of prizes and diplomas. ... Grade VI ... Lorraine Hynes, 100 per cent theory of music; ... Grade II ... George Saunders, first place in class, 100 per cent in spelling; ...

Evening Telegram

December 5, 1957 (Thursday)


Holyrood - William Crawley, jovial owner of Crawley's tavern and restaurant, is back home again. "Bill" was in St. Clare's Hospital for three weeks, getting medical attention.  All his friends and patrons are glad to see him around again.

Little Johnny Murphy, son of John and Angela Murphy, is also home again from St. Clare's.  Johnny had to receive medical care for complications thought to have been caused from the flu.

Mrs. Frank Beeso Nov. 27, received the news of the sudden passing of her mother, Mrs. Catherine Lane, at Melrose, Trinity Bay.  The funeral was held in Melrose, and Mrs. Beeso left Holyrood by train to be present at the service.

Evening Telegram

December 12, 1957 (Thursday)

Holyrood. ...
Michael Dunphy Jr. and Jack Crawley, both of the Southside of Holyrood, arrived back from Gambo Dec. 6.  The two sportsmen were hunting moose in the area.  They were successful in getting a moose each weighing 1200 pounds.

Evening Telegram

December 20, 1957 (Friday)

Harbour Main - Kevin Woodford who is employed with the Maritime Ore Company at Tilt Cove, is presently home visiting his father Patrick Woodford.

James Woodford arrived from Tilt Cove last Wednesday to spend the Christmas holidays with his family.

Matthew and Patrick Woodford arrived from Goose Bay recently where they had been employed for the past year.

Edward Kennedy is presently home from Goose Bay, to spend the Christmas holidays with his family.

Daily News

December 27, 1957 (Friday)

Statutory Notice.  In the matter of the last will and estate of Martin J. Hynes, late of Port au Port, ... deceased. ... Dated at St. John's this 18th day of December A.D. 1957.  Courage and Green

Solicitors for Executors.

Evening Telegram

June 5, 1958 (Thursday)

Harbour Main.
Joseph Woodford left for Greenland May 30 after spending his holidays here.

Patrick Woodford arrived home May 30 from Goose Bay, Labrador, where he had been working as a bricklayer for the past year.

Margaret Cole arrived home from the Grace Hospital June 1 where she underwent treatment.

Edward LaCour Jr. and Clarence Woodford passed their Knights of Columbus third degree at North River June 1.

Daily News

June 7, 1958

Bell Island News. People in the News.

Mr. Bernard Hawco, Dominion Wabana Ore pensioner is presently on a holiday visit to friends and relatives at Cape Broyle and Harbour Main. ...

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ezekiel who celebrated their wedding anniversary recently.

Evening Telegram

June 10, 1958 (Tuesday)

Social and Personal.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mills and son Corwin of Shoal Harbour were in the city over the week end. Returning with them was their daughter Rowena, Mrs. John McNeill, who had been visiting them.

Evening Telegram

June 13, 1958 (Friday)

John R. Kennedy and William Lewis, who are employed with the western division of the CNR spent June 8 at home.

Miss Genevieve Lewis is spending a short vacation at Gander.

Evening Telegram

June 16, 1958 (Monday)

Harbour Main.
George Furey and his brother John who are both employed by E.P.A. at Gander, were at home Harbour Main for a short while June 8. They motored by car from Gander and returned by T.C.A. John will be going north on his route as pilot and George will be remaining at Gander as mechanical supervisor.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sullivan, of Lake View, Harbour Main, arrived home for a few days from Toronto recently where they have been for the past four years.

Clarence Woodford of this place was home recently on his way to Port-aux-Basques. He is employed by the Fisheries Department.

Walter Corbett of Lake View, Harbour Main, is now working at Argentia where he is employed as painter.

Mr. and Mrs. William Ezekiel were visiting Harbour Main June 8.

Evening Telegram

June 20, 1958 (Friday)

Bishop's Falls.
Mrs. Stephen Hynes was a recent visitor to St. John's where she visited her sister, Mrs. Pleamon Card at the General Hospital.

Daily News

July 4, 1959 (Saturday)

Bell Island News. ... Miss Margaret Hawco of the Mental Hospital staff returned to St. John's Tuesday afternoon after spending a few days here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phonse Hawco, The Front.

Daily News

July 17, 1959 (Friday)

Trinity News. ... We are glad to see Mr. Arch Christian of St. John's on his annual visit to his old home town. Mr. Christian was once actively engaged in the commercial life of this place.

Daily News

August 11, 1959 (Tuesday)

Trinity Notes.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Batson and children of Toronto are here and staying with Mr. Batson's brother, Mr. E. Batson and Mrs. Batson. ...
Miss Nellie Coleridge of Boston, Mass., is here on an extended summer visit to her mother Mrs. Coleridge.

Daily News

August 18, 1959 (Tuesday)

Trinity Notes. ... Miss Nellie Coleridge has returned to Boston after spending several weeks here visiting her brother Peter Coleridge. Miss Nellie Coleridge, Jr., of St. John's, was here over the week-end on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Coleridge.

... Mrs. James Ivany and daughter Bernice, returned from Gander on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ivany and baby also came with them for a holiday.

Daily News

August 25, 1959 (Tuesday)

Trinity Notes. ... Mr. A.G. Christian came on Tuesday and is staying at the Cabins. This is Mr. Christian's second visit here this summer. His many old friends and school-mates of his native place are always glad to see him.

Miss Iris Batson who took a trip to Toronto recently, returned home on Tuesday. On her way back she visited Niagara Falls.

Evening Telegram

January 8, 1960 (Friday)

Grand Falls.

Roger Peaty and Vera Christian have returned to their teaching duties at Glovertown after spending the Christmas season at their homes in Grand Falls.

George Ivany has resumed his studies at Memorial after visiting his parents  in Grand Falls.

Evening Telegram

January 11, 1960 (Monday)

Off Beat History.  Tragedy on Sealing Schooner.

Early in April, 1817 a sealing schooner belonging to Thomas Danson, a merchant of Harbour Grace, blew up a few miles off Cape St. Francis, at the mouth of Conception Bay.  The vessel was most likely returning from the icefields with a load of seal pelts at the time the tragedy occurred, though she could have been just starting out on her second trip.

Apparently the stock of gunpowder carried by the vessel for use by the gunners, for blasting the ice-pack if the vessel became jammed, exploded. Carelessness on the part of some crew member, or perhaps an accidental fire, could have caused the explosion.  In any event it was a shattering explosion.

Most of the crew of the schooner were either killed outright or seriously injured.  Two of the men disappeared altogether - simply blown to atoms. Six dead men were taken to Harbour Grace by another vessel and buried ashore.  The rest were buried at sea or went down with the wreck.  The captain of the ill-fated craft was John Newall or Noel, a well-known Harbour Grace name.  He was mortally injured in the explosion and died the same day as he was landed in Harbour Grace from a rescue ship.



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