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1931 - 1940


Daily News

March 4, 1931 (Wednesday)

Motor Licenses, 1931.

1701 - Bart Dunphy, Salmonier...

1761 - Joseph Penny, North Arm Holyrood ..."

Daily News

March 7, 1931 (Saturday)

Appointments Gazetted.

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Martin J. Hynes (Port au Port), to be a Justice of the Peace for the Colony.†† ... March 3, 1931.

Daily News

March 11, 1931 (Wednesday)

Motor Licenses, 1931.

1780 - Wm. Ivany, Oxen Pond Rd.

1781 - James J. Curran, Brigus Cross Roads ...

Evening Telegram

March 17, 1931 (Tuesday)

Crew list from S.S. Viking, involved in disaster at ice fields:

"Alfred Fifield † ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Trinity ††††††††††† Sealer ...

Michael Kinsella †††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Outer Cove †† Sealer ..."

Evening Telegram

March 23, 1931 (Monday)

Revised list of survivors from S.S. Viking disaster:

" ... Alfred Fifield, Trinity, ... Michael Kinsella, Outer Cove..."

Daily News

April 1, 1931 (Wednesday)

Motor Licenses, 1931.

1941 - F.H. Hue, Waterford Bridge Road ...

1951 - M.C. Dunphy, Holyrood ...

2004 - John Ivany, Grand Falls ...

Daily News

April 8, 1931 (Wednesday)

Motor Licenses, 1931.

2091 - S.M. Christian, 39 Merrymeeting Road ...

2153 - W.H. Christian, Leslie St. ...

Evening Telegram

April 22, 1931 (Wednesday)

The Reparations Account.

The following is a statement of the amounts paid out of Reparations Account to prisoners of war, to seamen, passengers or dependents. ...

Dooley, Estate of Michael J., schr "McKay" $600.00 ...

Hines, James, mate, "Roma" $700.00 ...

Ivany, William, 3rd cook, "Stephano" $600.00 ...

Penney, Stephen L., seaman, "Dorothy Duff" $600.00

Penney, James Leonard, seaman, "Ruth Hickman" $600.00 ...

Daily News

September 3, 1932 (Saturday)

Results C.H.E.† Exams. ...

Grade X. ... Shoal Harbour E. - Marjorie F. Mills. .... Trinity - Marion E. Christian. ..

Grade IX. ... English Hr.† - M. W. Penny, V. Batstone.†† ...Hr. Main - Rose Parseley, Alphonsus Hawco.

Daily News

September 5, 1932 (Monday)

Results C.H.E. Exams. ..

Grade VIII. .. English Hr.† - A. Penney, Florence Batstone, Lillian Bugden.

Daily News

September 6, 1932 (Tuesday)

Results C.H.E. Exams. ...

Grade Seven Passes ...† Holyrood - R. Barron, E. Dunphy, J. Veitch, Annie Carroll, Rose Gates, Mary Taplin, Hilda Veitch, G.A. Penney, Katherine OíRourke. ..

Grade VI. ..† English Hr.† - Letta M. Penny, Phyllis Pottle, R.E. Evans, ...† Hr. Main - Ellen T. Dalton, Mary F. Ezekiel, Mary F. Hickey, Ellen M. Kennedy, Elizabeth Merner, Angela T. Merner, Margaret M. Parsley, Veronica M. Terry, Margaret M. Woodford, Cecilia M. Woodford, J. Corbett, J. Murphy, H.N. Hawco, P.F. Sullivan, Lillian M.A. Kennedy, Fannie M. Woodford. ... Holyrood - R. Besso, Nora Barron, Gertrude Carroll, Laura Fraser, Kitty Fraser, Madonna Furey, Nellie Hawco, Mary Ryan, Rita Timmons, Patricia L. Healey, Lizzie H. Penney, P.J. Browne, A.B. Lewis, L.J. Wall. ..

Daily News

September 16, 1932 (Friday)

Appointments Gazetted. ...

His Excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint ... Mr. W.J. Power (Dunville) to be Deputy Crown Lands Surveyor.

Department of the Secretary of State, September 13, 1932.

Daily News

October 8, 1932 (Saturday)

Trinity Notes. ...

Messrs. Arch Christian and A. Coleridge who went to St. Johnís by the S.S. Aranda, returned home by the yacht M.F. Grant.

Daily News

October 14, 1932 (Friday)

Grand Falls Notes.††† ....

Miss Jean Christian of Trinity visited Grand Falls for her first time, last week, and was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. Locke.† It was Jeanís first visit to a paper town and during her stay here made many friends.† She speaks well of the paper town hospitality and is looking forward to another vacation here when that period arrives next year.

Daily News

October 15, 1932 (Saturday)

Trinity Notes. ...

It gives me great pleasure to record that the various typhoid patients appear to be on the road to recovery.† Mrs. Maurice Christian, a trained nurse has recently been busy attending professionally Mr. and Mrs. Arthur White, both typhoid cases.

Messrs. Christian, Monroe and Summers who in the spring cultivated an area of unused land, are very busy these days harvesting.

Daily News

March 9, 1936 (Monday)

Man Missing From Home Since Saturday.
Mr. James Hynes, of the Battery, left his home on Saturday and has not since returned and his relatives are very worried about him. Yesterday the police were notified and friends explored every avenue in an endeavour to find some information about him but to no avail. It was first thought that he might have gone to the ice in one of the sealing ships, but no steamer has reported him on board. Mr. Hynes was a regular workman at the Furness Withy premises. He has a wife and four children. Anyone who can supply any information about him would be conferring a great favour on his relatives if they would pass it on to them or the police.

Daily News

March 13, 1936 (Friday)

Trinity Notes. Personal. ...

The first of the trouters has secured a very good catch. Mr. G.H. Christian was in a few days ago and at Rocky Pond managed to capture enough to spur him on for greater captures later in the year. We hope to come, too, George.

Miss M. Batson of English Harbour is a welcome visitor to Trinity where she is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. Batson. ...

Dies Suddenly. On Wednesday during the past week Mr. A. Bugden of English Harbour engaged in pulling wood, came home with one load and left again for a second trip, but failing to return at night a search was made and his lifeless body was found in the path and his dogs remaining by his side. Death was due to heart failure. To the bereaved we extend our sincere sympathy.

From messages received to-day, Saturday, we regret to hear of the death of Mr. Frank Christian at Corner Brook. Deceased was about forty-five years of age. No particulars have been received. The late Mr. Christian was a native of Trinity, son of the late James Christian. To the sorrowing relatives we extend sympathy.

Western Star

July 14, 1936 (Wednesday)

Serious Accident.
Workman in Hospital in Critical Condition as Result of Explosion of Gasoline Tank.
On Monday morning while a workman named John Hynes, employed by Corner Brook Garage Co. was engaged in repairing a gasoline tank belonging to a motor truck, the tank exploded and injured him so seriously that one of his legs had to be amputated and the other is fractured in several places. A fellow workman, Wallace Garreau, who was nearby at the time of the explosion, escaped without injury.

The tank had been removed from the truck, the gasoline drained from it and the tank flushed out with water before repairs were begun, and it was thought quite safe for the use of an oxy-acetylene torch. Work had begun just a short time when the terrific explosion occurred and sections of jagged metal were hurled with tremendous force away from the spot. Hynes happened to be directly in the path of one of the large sections and was severely injured while Garreau escaped without a scratch. The injured man was quickly conveyed to hospital where one of his legs was amputated, and his other injuries attended to. It was reported on Tuesday morning that he had spent a good night.

Western Star

July 29, 1936 (Wednesday)

Rev. G. Ivany spent a couple of days at Spruce Brook fishing.

Daily News

September 1, 1936 (Tuesday)

CHE Results. Grade 10 Commercial.
Prince of Wales College. ... Marion Christian.
(Transcribed by Diane Ivany Hynes)

Western Star

September 23, 1936 (Wednesday)

Rev. G. Ivany is planning a short hunting trip to Crabbes next week.

Daily News

September 24, 1936 (Thursday)

Trinity Notes.

Repairs to R.C. Chapel. Trinity, Sept. 12 - Under the capable workmanship of Messrs. Wm. Sullivan, Alfred Hayter and helpers the Roman Catholic chapel has had the tower recovered and painted white, and other necessary repairs effected, the whole edifice being painted. Consequently the building presents a very pleasing appearance. Some necessary renovation was also effected to the belfry outside the chapel. Unhappily when working on a scaffold around the belfry Mr. Alfred Hayter fell to the ground, a distance of approximately 15 feet, but fell across a nail box on the ground. As a result one of his ribs was fractured and a thigh bone broken. Dr. Sinclair and Mrs. E.J. Ryan were quickly on the scene, a stretcher was improvised and the bone was set. However, with the severe shock sustained, the man has suffered much during the past three days. We extend our sincere sympathy and trust that the recovery, though no doubt taking some time, may be complete.
(Transcribed by Diane Ivany Hynes)

Western Star

October 28, 1936 (Wednesday)

Lad Falls Over Cliff And Is Killed.
A lad of nine years, named Wells, fell over a cliff at English Harbour on Thursday and was killed. The boy fell while walking along the edge of a cliff, into the water. He had gone to drive home some sheep which were out grazing. The body when recovered showed marks of severe injuries from contact with the cliff. The lad was a son of Isaac Wells of English Hr.

Daily News

December 9, 1936 (Wednesday)

Fire Damages Summer House at Piccott's Pond.
Property of Mr. G.G. Christian is Burned on Monday Night - Origin is Mystery.
The summer residence of Mr. G.G. Christian, which is situated at Piccott's Pond, Portugal Cove Road, with all its contents was totally destroyed by fire sometime Monday night but the origin of the blaze is a mystery. Mr. Christian, who lives at 44 Leslie street, last visited his summer house on Wednesday last and when he left everything was intact. Yesterday morning he was informed of the fire which had occurred during the previous night though no report of it had been made to the police who were first apprised by Mr. Christian. The house was valued at $1,000.00 and the contents at $200.00. Insurance was carried on the building to about one-third of the value.

Daily News

December 19, 1936 (Saturday)

Note of Thanks.
Mrs. R.J. Finn of Woodfords desires to express her thanks to people at Woodfords, Spaniard's Bay, St. John's and all other places who sent Mass Cards, letters of Sympathy, Wreaths or in any manner whatever expressed their condolence on the death of her mother, the late Mrs. Edward Ryan.

Daily News

December 23, 1936 (Wednesday)

Mr. H. Gordon Christian, who was to have conducted the musical part of the programme at the Prince of Wales College Speech day to-night, is now confined to his home with influenza.

Evening Telegram

January 2, 1937 (Saturday)

RHODES SCHOLAR. John B. Ashley. [with photo]
At a meeting of the Rhodes Scholarship Committee at Government House on Monday, John B. Ashley was elected Newfoundland Rhodes Scholar for 1937.

Mr. Ashley who is now a student at Dalhousie is the son of Mr. William J. Ashley, night superintendent of the Anglo-American Telegraph Company, and Mrs. Ashley, Merrymeeting Road, St. John's. Entering St. Bonaventure's College in 1922, and from 1927 when he took Grade VII examination he led every class, climaxing his success in 1932 by winning the Jubilee Scholarship. After a year at the Memorial University College, he proceeded to Dalhousie University, taking, on the advice of President Paton the Classical course. In the entrance classical examination, open to students from the Maritimes as well, he won the scholarship of $600.00. In 1924 he came first in the Honours Course, thus winning the Sydney Oland Scholarship of $100.00 and the Studley Quoit Prize of $50.00, and was also awarded the $200.00 prize of the North British Society. In the next year he gained further distinctions, among them the Robert McLennan Scholarship of $150.00.

A brilliant student, the new Rhodes Scholar has also taken a prominent part in athletics, showing special prowess in jumping, and taking part in football, hockey, basketball and other games. His knowledge of games together with his qualities on leadership secured for him last year the position of Playgrounds instructor.

To the winner of the Rhodes Scholarship, to his parents and to St. Bonaventure's and the Memorial Colleges, The Telegram extends heartiest congratulations and trusts that his marked ability will lead him to further successes at Oxford.

Evening Telegram

January 2, 1937 (Saturday)

7-Year-Old Drowned at New Hr.
On Thursday afternoon, while playing on the ice at Squinch Pond, New Harbour, Harry Lloyd Smith, aged seven, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Smith, was accidentally drowned. His body was recovered. The above was contained in a message to the Chief of Police from Constable G. Bemister, New Harbour.

Daily News

January 5, 1937 (Tuesday)

Mr. Harry Smith New Music Master P. of W. College. Succeeds to Position Held by Late H. Gordon Christian.
The appointment of Mr. Harry Smith, Mus. Bac., A.R.C.M., as music master at the Prince of Wales College was confirmed by the executive of the College Board of Governors yesterday afternoon. Mr. Smith, who thus succeeds to the position left vacant by the lamented death of Mr. Gordon Christian, has been organist at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church for more than four years. He is a skilled musician and has had teaching experience in England - at Taplow and Wolverhampton College - where his work was very highly commended. His training particularly fits him for the work which he has now undertaken. Mr. Smith will continue as organist at the Kirk.

Daily News

January 7, 1937 (Thursday)

Trinity Notes. ...
Mr. and Mrs. E. Batson spent the first part of Christmas visiting Mr. Batson's parents at English Hr. Mr. Ernest Batson returned to his home, English Hr., on Christmas day, after spending the past 2 or 3 weeks with his brother at Trinity. ...

By the S.S. Sagona outward arrived Mr. A. Stewart, of St. John's, to spend a few days in Trinity visiting his son, Harry, accountant at the Royal Bank of Canada. Mr. Stewart is registered at the "Christian" hotel, and we wish him pleasant memories of Trinity.

A fellow passenger by the S.S. Sagona was Mr. W. Hiscock, to attend the funeral of his mother, the late Mrs. E. C. Hiscock.

By the train on Friday arrived Mr. R. Hiscock, of the firm of Messrs. Goodyear & House, Corner Brook. ...

Evening Telegram

January 9, 1937 (Saturday)

Corner Brook Notes.
The late H. Gordon Christian. News of the late Gordon Christian's death was received here with deep regret by the many friends of this talented musician, who was so well known to all lovers of music in this country.

Western Star

January 20, 1937 (Wednesday)

First United Church.
Rev. G. Ivany of Curling will be the guest preacher this Sunday morning at Corner Brook United Church.

Evening Telegram

February 22, 1937 (Monday)

In Nova Scotia.
Miner Killed.
George Toms, a former native of Trinity, Newfoundland, was instantly killed in No. 24 colliery, Glace Bay, C.B., during the past week when a fall of coal claimed one life and caused injuries to two other coal-miners. Toms was engaged at his work in the mine when the coal slide occurred and it required some time before his body could be taken from the scene. He was rushed to the surface but examination by doctors showed that he had been killed almost instantly. Toms came to Cape Breton fifteen years ago from Trinity, Newfoundland, and since that time has been employed as a coal-miner in various coal collieries. He is survived by his widow and two sons, living at Glace Bay, C.B. Surviving also are his aged father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Toms, residing at Trinity, Newfoundland. Interment took place at Glace Bay, C.B.



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