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1921 - 1930


Daily News

January 17, 1921 (Monday)

Supreme Court.
The Chief Justice presided at the Supreme Court on Saturday morning and on the opening of the Court, the clerk read the commission of His Excellency the Governor, Sir Alexander Harris, K.C.M.G., etc., appointing the Hon. S.J. Foote as King's Council. After the Hon. Mr. Foote had taken the oath of allegiance and of office, he was congratulated by the Chief Justice on behalf of the bench.

Daily News

January 17, 1921 (Monday)

Mr. F.H. Hue, Newfoundland agent at Montreal, was a passenger by the Rosalind Saturday.

Evening Telegram

January 19, 1921 (Wednesday)

Church Organ Installed.
Rev. Father Finn, Holyrood, has had a splendid new organ installed in his church. The instrument came by the last Rosalind and was transhipped by Mr. McNamara, broker.  It was purchased in Ontario and is a replica of the organ in the Cathedral of Grand Falls.  Father Finn expects to have his new church completed by the spring, the other being destroyed by fire last year.

Evening Telegram

February 24, 1921 (Thursday)

Recluse Dead. The following message was received from Magistrate O’Toole, Conception Harbor, by the Justice Department, yesterday: "Michael O’Neil, an aged man living alone at Avondale, was found dead in his home this afternoon."

Evening Telegram

March 3, 1921 (Thursday)

Candidates Nominated in Harbor Main. ....
Capt. John Lewis - Proposed by John Kennedy, Hr. Main; seconded by Samuel J. Hynes, Kelligrews; Witness - Ml. C. Dunphy, Holyrood.

The Government candidates nominated were Charles Furey and Matthew E. Hawco.

Harbour Grace Standard

March 18, 1921 (Friday)

Schr. Jas. O'Neill, Capt. Ivany, arrived at Gibraltar on Wednesday week from Torreviga, with salt cargo for Munn & Co.

Evening Telegram

May 7, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...  it became known that Capt. Fiander and crew were safe in St. John's after a 56 days passage from Spain. ...  Mr. Peter Coleridge and Mr. Wm. Hiscock, who were with Capt. Fiander have returned to Trinity (May 2nd). ....

Mr. Arch. Christian is preparing to prosecute the shore fishery again this year. ...
- W.J.L.   Trinity, May 7th.

Evening Telegram

May 14, 1921 (Saturday)

October 5th, 1764 "Baptized, a son of James and Mary Ivymy." ...

"Jan. 3rd, 1821. Married, Francis Barnes and Anne Baston, of English Harbor." ... 

Evening Telegram

May 16, 1921 (Monday)

Miss Ethel Blackler, daughter of M.J. Blackler, Butcher, New Gower Street, sailed by the Rosalind, en route to New York, where she will reside in future with her sister, Mrs. W. Hynes. ...

Evening Telegram

May 21, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ....
The most interesting wedding parties of my boyhood days, were those that came to Trinity from the different parts of the Bight - Ireland's Eye, or English Harbor.  They always came to Trinity in a cod seine boat, and usually landed at George Stoneman's wharf.  As the procession passed Mr. Christian's shop, where I was working at the time, all work in the shop was suspended till we counted the couples, ribbons and sashes of the bridesmaids, and saw whether the tall beaver-hat of the father-giver was too big or too small for him.  The same hat always adorned the father-giver, no matter whether he had a big head or a small one.  The understanding of those days was: "If it is a wedding, let it be a wedding," and hence no expense was spared for ribbons and gunpowder. A local custom was responsible to continue the firing of guns till daylight; and hence the saying, which is still a familiar one: "Like an Ireland's Eye wedding; a scattered gun all night."  - W.J.L., May 21, 1921.

Evening Telegram

May 28, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity.   .... 
Another [early marriage] in 1758, is that of Joseph Hart and Mary Bestone, of English Harbour.  And yet another in 1760, is that of Richard Lockyer and Mary Pottle, of English Harbour. It is evident that the Lockyers, Pottles, and Bestones, were amongst the first settlers in English Harbour.  Richard Lockyer had a family of several daughters and two sons.

The daughters became the wives of the men who came later, and the sons died young, hence the name Lockyer died out in English Harbour.  Whilst scores of family names in Trinity have entirely disappeared, it is interesting to notice that the very oldest names are still represented here.  These names are Tavernor, Jones, Rowe, Tibbs and Ivamy.  They appear, however, in the record of baptisms of 1753, showing that the parents of those children then baptized, had been married before the coming of the first resident clergyman (Rev. Benjamin Lindsay) as his first marriage was, as I have pointed out, in 1757.

I now give dates of the beginnings of some families still in Trinity.

Dampier, 1787.  Thomas Dampier, of Dorset, England, married to Ann Sweet, of Trinity.

Collis, 1800.  James Collis, of Somerset, England, married to Jane, widow of James Ivamy, Bonaventure. ...

Hiscock, 1804.  Richard Hiscock, of Dorset, England, married to Sarah Woolridge, South Side, Trinity. ...

Christian, 1808.  Jacob Christian, of Arundell, Norway, married to a daughter of Maurice and Ann Murphy.

Hunt, 1814.  Edmund Hunt, of Dorchester, England, married to Eleanor, daughter of Maurice and Ann Murphy. ...

Pilgrim, 1817.  Thomas Lambert Pilgrim, of Christ Church, Hants, England, married to Hannah Fifield, of North Side, Trinity. ...

Evening Telegram

June 7, 1921 (Tuesday)

Trinity. ...
Every time I go into the Church of England Cemetery, I realize more fully what a fine piece of land it is, for the purpose it is intended; and I often wonder whether another such piece of land could have been found - so larger and so convenient.  It was bought from Mr. Patrick Murphy in 1874, for sixty pounds currency.

Evening Telegram

June 25, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ....
Bugden, 1770.  John Bugden, Junior, of Christ Church, Hants, England, married to Sarah Beston, daughter of Bernard and Martha Beston, of English Harbor. This, I presume, is the beginning of the Bugdens in English Harbor.  A son was born to them in 1772, and baptized John.  There is another entry in the Burial Register as follows: -

March 12th, 1772.  Interred James Bugden, of Christ Church, Hants, England, aged 59 years.  I think he was a brother of John Bugden, Jr. ...

Mr. Gilbert Christian registered at Garland Hotel on Monday and spent the week at Trinity.  Always glad to see you, Gil.

Evening Telegram

June 27, 1921 (Monday)

How the Money Went.  Snow Shoveling at Holyrood.

Appended herewith is a copy of one of the returns in connection with the Government's famous snow shoveling campaign in Harbor Main district just previous to the Bye-Election last March.  This return sheet shows that the amount of $233.31 was allocated on account of special work, viz snow shoveling at Holyrood.  The report is signed by C.R. Kennedy who received $11.11 cents, or 5% for commission.  Mr. Michael Kennedy as foreman who evidently put in four hours more time than any other man received as his share $15.00 at a rate of 50 cents per hour.  Whether the rate of pay which on other public roads was 25 cents per hour, was in this instance raised as an inducement in view of the election, the return sheet does not state.  The discrepancy in the amount of work given would point to discrimination and readers may judge if it was used in favor of the Government candidates Messrs. Hawco and Furey.  The pay for all the workmen was 40 cents per hour, and the list is given herewith: -

Wm. Curran, Jr. 6 hrs at 40c. $2.40
Wm. Curran, Sr. 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Con. Sullivan 6 hrs at 40c.2.40
Dan Sullivan 6 hrs at 40c.2.40
Patrick Hickey 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Jas. McGrath 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Philip Lewis 6 hrs at 40c.2.40
John O'Brien 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
James Crawley 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Jas. Kiley 6 hrs at 40c.2.40
Mat Kiley 6 hrs at 40c.2.40
John Hickey 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
John Morrissey 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Patrick Crawley 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Jas. Crawley, Jr. 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Wm. Kirby 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Rupert Kirby 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Walter Crawley 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Jas. Bennett 6 hrs at 40c.2.40
Jack Furey 6 hrs at 40c.2.40
Wm. Morrissey 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Wm. Fewer 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Theoph. Lacour 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
John F. Power 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Bart O'Brien 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Frank Bennett 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Thos. Kiley 6 hrs at 40c. 2.40
Dan Walsh 5 hrs at 40c. 2.00
Albert Carroll 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
Peter Hickey 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
Eddie Butler 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
Felix Byrne 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
John Byrne 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
W. Walsh 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
John Maloney 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
Richard Walsh 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
John Simmons 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
Wm. Byrne 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
Jas. Hickey 10 hrs at 40c. 4.00
Wm. Grouchy 16 hrs at 40c. 6.40
Pat. Walsh 16 hrs at 40c. 6.40
Aaron Lewis 36 hrs at 40c. [sic]10.40
Walter Joy 36 hrs at 40c. 10.40
Wm. Lewis 36 hrs at 40c. 10.40
M. Hartrey 36 hrs at 40c. 10.40
Jas. Beeso 36 hrs at 40c. 10.40
Ed. Kennedy 36 hrs at 40c. 10.40
Peter Beeso 36 hrs at 40c. 10.40
Philip Timmons 36 hrs at 40c. 10.40
Michael Kennedy, Foreman 30 hrs at 50c15.00
C.R. Kennedy, Commission 11.11
Total 231.91
Returned to Department .40
Total [sic]231.31

A report was current in the city at the time of the Election that all the snow in Harbor Main had been shoveled away.  The return of 40 cents to the department of works would seem to be proof that the rumor was correct.

Evening Telegram

June 30, 1921 (Thursday)

Published by Authority.
His Excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint .... Mr. George Nicholl (Shoal Harbour), to be a member of the Methodist Board of Education for the District of Random North, in place of Mr. Leander Mills, retired.

Evening Telegram

July 2, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ... [start of old and respected family names in Trinity area]

Baston, 1793.  John Baston, of Devon, England, married to Joan Higden, of English Harbor. ...

Mr. Gil Christian spent Sunday in Bonavista and came back to Trinity on Monday.

Evening Telegram

July 7, 1921 (Thursday)

Fatal Accident.  Knocked Down by Bicycle - Aged Woman Dies.

Whilst preceding along Hamilton Street yesterday afternoon an aged woman named Hynes, who lived on Maple Street, off Freshwater Road, was knocked down by a bicycle ridden by a young man named Campbell and died a few hours later.  The victim of the accident, who was 78 years of age, was picked up by Campbell, who had her driven in a motor car to the house of Dr. McNearn, where she was attended to by Dr. Roberts, who said she was dangerously ill.  She died at an early hour this morning.  An enquiry will be held into the accident later.

Daily News

July 8, 1921 (Friday)

Bicycle Fatality.  An elderly lady named Haynes was knocked down by a bicycle ridden by a young man named Campbell on Hamilton Street Wednesday afternoon, and as a result of injuries received, passed away at 2 o'clock yesterday morning.  After the accident occurred, the victim was picked up and taken to the residence of Dr. McNairn, New Gower Street, where she was attended by Dr. Roberts, but despite medical aid, passed away at the hour above stated.  The body was removed to the morgue yesterday morning where a post mortem was held and an enquiry into the accident will be held later.

Evening Telegram

July 9, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...
Goldwithey, 1774.  Henry Goldwithey, married to Jean Jones, daughter of William Jones, Planter in English Harbour.

Lambert, 1780.  George Lambert, of Dorset, England, married to Catherine Ivamy, of English Harbour.

Evening Telegram

July 16, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...
Some marriages of a hundred years ago in Bonavista Bay: - ...
Skeffington - Beaumond, 1825.  Married, John Skeffington and Martha Beaumond, both of Bonavista.

Evening Telegram

July 29, 1921 (Friday)

Thirty Nurses Took Diplomas. ...
A graduate class of thirty nurses was presented by the Training School for Nurses of the Montreal General Hospital at the graduating exercises, which were held June 16 in the lecture hall. ....  Miss Martha Batson and Miss Freda Whitney were the recipients of prizes presented by the board of management for general proficiency. ....

Following were those in the graduating class, 1921: - ... Martha Batson, Trinity Bay, Nfld.; ... Janie Budden, Carbonear, Nfld.; ...

Note:- Miss Batson intends visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Batson, English Harbour, Trinity Bay, in August.  We wish her a pleasant holiday.

Daily News

July 29, 1921 (Thursday)

Mr. James M. Christian arrived by the S.S. Rosalind on a visit to St. John's after an absence of twenty years, and is accompanied by his son.  Mr. Christian has made good in the land of his adoption and is a member of the well-known Hides and Leather firm of B.V. Harrison & Co., New York.  During his stay, which will probably cover a month, he will be a guest of his sister, Mrs. J.S. Currie, of Monkstown Road.

Evening Telegram

August 6, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ....
Miss Nellie Coleridge, of the clerical staff of Mr. Joseph Morris, left for St. John's last week to spend her vacation there.

Daily News

August 16, 1921 (Tuesday)

Carbonear. ...
At 8 p.m. [on Aug. 10, at Methodist garden party] a concert was given in the hall under the direction of Mr. Simpson and Mrs. J. Duff with Mr. Gordon Christian at the piano.  The concert consisted of solos, duets, trios, choruses, violin solos, piano solo (Mr. Christian), characteristic dance, string band and living pictures.  Several of the voices were new to Carbonear audiences and hence the novelty and change were very much enjoyed; the new performances being: Mesdames G. Christian and F. Peach (duet and solos), Messrs. L. Hussey, W.J. Richards (duet and solos), while Mr. Christian's music was much appreciated.  The total proceeds amounted to $400 which goes towards renovating the interior of the College Hall.

Daily News

August 19, 1921 (Friday)

Dunville, P.B. ...
News has been lately received that Mr. Thomas Connors, son of Mr. Patrick Connors, of Dunville, having passed successfully his examination at New York, and of his having been awarded a master's certificate of competency.  We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Connors on their boy's success in the land of Uncle Sam, more especially in view of the fact that Capt. Thomas is only twenty-three years old.  This is the second son to obtain a master's certificate.  "Willie" as he was familiarly known, having passed his examinations, a few years ago under the efficient tuition of Mr. Francis Doyle, of St. John's, and is now making good in the land of the "brave and free", having lately been appointed Superintendent of the Munson Line at New York.  Captain Thomas has recently been married to Miss Mary Healey, of Holyrood, and she is now paying a visit to her friends at Dunville.  The writer also extends congratulations to Mrs. Capt. Connors on the success of her young husband, and predicts for her a pleasant voyage over the Matrimonial Sea.

Evening Telegram

December 10, 1921 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...
Mr. Gilbert Christian registered at the Garland Hotel on Monday night. Always glad to see you "Gill".

Evening Telegram

December 10, 1921 (Saturday)

Loss of Schrs. Hopewell and Waterwitch. And Nineteen Lives. [Note: This is a repeat of a news item from 1875, not something from 1921. - TPH]

Two most distressing marine disasters involving the loss of nineteen lives will long make memorable the storm of last Monday (Nov. 29th, 1875). The early part of the evening was moderate enough, and about four o'clock a craft called the Hopewell, owned by Messrs. Joy of Harbour Main left here for Harbour Main with eight souls on board, including the three brothers Joy (owners of the boat) and a quantity of provisions. Towards dark a gale sprung up, with heavy snowdrift, and at eight o'clock it was at the height of its fury. The Hopewell stuck on Biscan Rock near Cape St. Francis, and in a very short time was broken up, all on board but one man going down to a watery grave. The survivor, named Waugh, got onto a rock and there he remained all night and a great part of the next day. When the S.S. Hercules neared the spot, on her service to Conception Bay, about noon on Tuesday, this poor fellow was seen waving a handkerchief, and Capt. Blandford, of the Hercules, promptly manned a boat and sent her with a strong crew to effect his rescue. The waves ran so high at that time that they could not get near enough to throw a line within Waugh's hold, and a second and third attempt were made before they succeeded in reaching him with a rope and lifepreserver. After three hours spent in the utmost endeavours for his safety, Waugh was pulled off on board the Herculea in a most exhausted condition, but, at all events, saved by the heroic efforts of Capt. Blandford and his crew.

Pouch Cove People to the Rescue.
The Waterwitch which left here for Cupids, soon after the Hopewell, struck in the neighbourhood of Cape St. Francis also, much about the same time. There were twenty-five persons on board and of these twelve, eight men and four women, went down with the vessel. The following letter from the Rev. Mr. Johnson, Church of England Minister at Pouch Cove, shows how the survivors of the Waterwitch escaped, and no praise can exceed the merits of the Pouch Cove people in the saving of these poor creatures, and the care and tenderness with which they succoured them: -
(copy) Parsonage, Pouch Cove, Nov. 30th, 1875.

Dear Sir.
- We had a frightful wreck here last night. The schooner Waterwitch, from St. John's to and belonging to Cupids is a total loss. There were twenty-five souls on board, out of which we saved only thirteen. I was on the spot soon after the terrible news reached the houses, and helped to haul up the survivors. Every man was hauled up, fast to about one hundred fathoms of line as the wreck could not be approached. We could hear their cries all night below us. It was frightful. The people here behaved nobly. Apply to Messrs. Bowring Bros. for trustworthy list which I have forwarded them, of lost and saved.

Yours truly,

Reginald M. Johnson.

P.S. - Skipper's name Samuel Spracklin - saved.

The sujoined [sic] are the names of the lost and saved.
Lost - Moses Spracklin, Jonathan Spracklin, Amelia Spracklin, Priscilla Spracklin, Samuel Wells, Richard Wells, Elias Ford, George Ivany, Solomon Taylor, Joannah Croke.

Saved - Samuel Spracklin, Thomas Ivany, Henry W. Spracklin, Samuel Row, Henry Ivany, Samuel P. Spracklin, Thomas Nosery, Thomas Spracklin, William Wells, Richard Ford, George Wells, James H. Wells, William C. Spracklin.
- From the Times, Dec. 4th, 1875.

[Note: It appears that 2 names are missing from the list of the lost; this is as reported in the paper - TPH.]

Evening Telegram

December 22, 1921 (Thursday)

Mr. Colin Tavernor, the very popular purser of the Reid Nfld. Co., who was taken ill on S.S. Sagona a few days ago, and whose condition since arriving at the Hospital has been critical, is, we are pleased to say, much improved, and it is thought the danger of a second relapse is now passed.

Daily News

October 17, 1922 (Tuesday)

Fined For Using Trawls.
An interesting case was tried at Trinity on Thursday last, when a number of fishermen from English Hr. were charged with a breach of the fishery regulations. It seems that some years ago the fishermen of the place petitioned the Government, asking them to forbid the use of trawls, it being claimed that they interfered with the fishery. Their request was granted, and in the usual course of events became law. This season, however, a number of men from the place, after they had used hook and line, without success, again put their trawls in the water, and despite the old grouch against their use did well with the fish. Other fishermen who had no trawls, objected to their use, and subsequently they were summoned. The case excited keen interest from the fishermen of English Harbour, as well as other parts of the Bay, and after Magistrate Somerton had heard the case he imposed a small fine, and ordered the men who had the trawls to take them out of the water. The fishery in this section was one of the worst in years, and it seems the greater part of the fish were caught in trawls, and the fishermen are rightly indignant over the rules, and will probably petition for their removal at the next session of the House.

Evening Telegram

October 28, 1922 (Saturday)

Answers to Correspondents. ...
Enquirer. - It is impossible to decide the correct way to spell certain surnames of the present day; as owing to the lack of education on the part of some of the old church clerks, who made the entries of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in the old Church Registers, the same name is often spelled differently by the respective clerks. Thus, the name you have inquired about is sometimes spelled Ivymy, at other times Ivamy, and again, as it is spelled to-day, Ivany. The balance of evidence is in favour of Ivamy, and such is the spelling on headstones at Bonaventure and other places.

It is the same in connection with my own family name. Though we spell it Lockyer, the old clerks frequently have entered it Lokier. They did that because it gave phonetically the correct Hampshire pronunciation of the name. It looks as though some names strangely and quickly departed from the original. For instance: - On March 3rd 1783 I find the following entry of baptism: "James, child of Jasper and Ann Hitchcock."

Then three years later, November 15th, 1786, I find the following entry: Baptized "Jasper, child of Jasper and Ann Hiscock." The same persons with surname changed, and permanently changed. ...

Evening Telegram

November 10, 1922 (Friday)

Harbor Grace Notes. ...

Miss Florence Dwyer, who is nursing at Boston, after spending an enjoyable holiday here with her parents, Sergt. and Mrs. Dwyer, returned by the Digby on Monday. Her brother, Mr. Wilfred Dwyer, accompanied her to Boston.

Note: The use of the personal pronoun "I" in some of the articles below, refers to the original author of the newspaper article. This was Canon William Lockyer, the Anglican clergyman in Trinity, who wrote a number of historical and current pieces for the newspaper of the day. The excerpts I have presented are only a small portion of any given piece - they are extremely interesting for anyone with an interest in Trinity or vicinity, but I do not have sufficient time to transcribe them in full.
- Tom Hynes

Evening Telegram

November 11, 1922 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...
I remember when some fifty years ago Patrick Murphy was the President of the Trinity Benefit Club, he would announce at the close of a meeting: "This Club will meet as usual twice a year, on the Faist of All Saints, and on the Faist of the Purification." Well, Wednesday, Nov. 1st was "the Faist of All Saints" and the club held its semi-annual meeting as it has done since 1838, when Rev. William Bullock and others organized it. ...

Evening Telegram

December 2, 1922 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...
Hence, as those names that I have already given of men from Devon and Dorset and Hampshire, were the names of men who had come out to Trinity as English youngsters, so the following names are those of men, who as boys of sixteen years of age came here from Limerick or Cork or Dublin, as Irish youngsters, during the years between 1750 and 1780, and then in later life married and settled down in Trinity at the dates given below; as taken from the old church register.

(Marriages are also sorted and recorded separately in the marriage files.)

1767 - Richard Kene, of the Kingdom of Ireland, and Mary Ann McGrath.

1769 - John Allen and Mary Power, both from Ireland.

1771 - John Canfor of Dungarvin, Ireland, and Hannah Ivymy.

1774 - Maurice Connors and Elizabeth Walsh, both of the Kingdom of Ireland.

1775 - Gerald Keefe of Barnet Tree Parish, County of Waterford, and Ann Cavenot of Queen's County, Kingdom of Ireland.

1779 - Maurice Connors, of Ireland, and Ann Hiscock.

1786 - Darby Quinn, of Ross, Ireland, and Sarah Foster.

1788 - John Morrisey, of the County of Waterford, Ireland, and Margaret Ryan.

1788 - Edwin Meagher, of the County of Tipperary, Ireland, and Patience Bayly.

1789 - Cornelius Maloney, of Waterford, Ireland, and Mary Pinhorn.

1789 - Thomas Dailey, of Inniscarthy, Wexford, and Sarah Harding.

1792 - Patrick Carig, of Tallow, near Youghal, Ireland, and Mary Lambert.

1795 - Dennis Eagen, of Youghal, County of Cork, Kingdom of Ireland, and Hannah Dwyer.

1796 - Edward Scully, of Youghal, Ireland, and Elizabeth Moors.

1798 - William Duffey, of Onan, Kilkenny, Ireland, and Ann Healey.

1801 - William Ennes, of the City of Dublin, Ireland, and Mary Hone.

1801 - John Kirby, of Youghal, Ireland, and Ann Green.

1801 - William Austen, of Tallow, Waterford, Ireland, and Mary Bromley.

1802 - Thomas Britt, of Youghal, Ireland, and Mary Foster. ...

Mr. Gill Christian came to town last week, registered at the Garland, and attended to his business. Glad to see you Gill. ...
W.J.L. [this is William Lockyer - Tom]

Evening Telegram

December 16, 1922 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...
In addition to the counties of Hants, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, being so well represented amongst the early English immigrants to Trinity; the counties of Cheshire, Lancashire, Leicester, Nottingham and Hereford were represented by at least one person each, as recorded in the old marriage registers of St. Paul's Church, as follows:

1801 - William Smart of Foxton, County of Leicester, married Mary Flynn.

1811 - Robert Collingham, of Sutton upon Trent, in the County of Nottingham, married Charlotte Way.

1813 - William Kelson, of Harewood, in the County of Hereford, married Ann Hypditch.

1815 - James Lannigan, of the County of Lancashire, married Susannah Verge....

Mrs. Jacob Woolridge, of Trinity South, died on Sunday last, aged 73 years....

A Few English Harbor Marriages of Seventy Years Ago.

1842. John Penny, Jr. and Sarah Pottle. Witnesses: - James Pottle and Joseph Gover.

1850. Martin Miller and Mary Ivamy. Witnesses: - Rother [sic] Penny and Joseph Hart.

1850. Richard Ivamy and Martha Ivamy. Witnesses: - William Ivamy and Philip Ivamy.

1850. James Walters (of Salmon Cove) and Mary Bastone [sic]. Witnesses:-James Penny and John Bastone.

1850. Martin Ivamy and Ann Bastone. Witnesses: - William Ivamy and William Bastone. ...

A Serious Loss - Our heart-felt sympathy goes out to the fishermen of Champneys, and English Harbor, who lost their fall's catch of fish, by the wreck of the schooner that was taking it to St. John's for sale. Owing to the specially large number of shippers from English Harbor, it constitutes the most serious loss to that settlement that it has experienced for many years past. ...

From Ye Olde Register.

1836. (Married). Thomas Laugher and Mary Bugden. Witnesses:- Miles Swadridge, John Dampier.

1827. (Married). Patrick Fowlow and Sarah Peckham. Witnesses:- Elizabeth Fowlow, Amy Peckham.

1836. (Married). Thomas Fowlow and Catherine Woodman. Witnesses:- Archibald Graham, Samuel Miller. ...

Answers to Correspondents.

Mrs. Ryan, Baccalieu. - Captain John Duffitt reports that you enjoy the Trinity items. I am glad to know that you find them helpful to pass away a lonely hour, and to take you back in happy thought to the scenes of your girlhood days.

I find the following entry in the old Church Register:-

October 9th, 1839. - (Baptized). Anne, daughter of Thomas and Catherine Fowlow, Trinity. (Signed) William Bullock, Priest. ... W.J.L.

Evening Telegram

December 30, 1922 (Saturday)

Important Local Events. [of the past year] ...

Country Fires.
July 16 - A house and barn owned by Mr. J. Dooley, camban [sic - presumably cabman], on the Logy Bay Road, were razed to the ground by a fire which started at 6 p.m. A few minutes afterwards, a barn and its contents owned by Richard Druken, of the Torbay Road was burned to the ground. Both parties carried very little insurance.

Daily News

August 23, 1923 (Thursday)

Motor Accident at Holyrood.
Young Lad Struck by Car, and is Now at Hospital.
A serious motor accident occurred at Holyrood last evening the victim being Master James Walsh, 9 year old son of Mr. Daniel Walsh, of the Street Railway Co., who resides on Cookstown Road, but with his father was spending a holiday at Holyrood. The accident happened about 7.30 o'clock, and it seems that the young lad who was boarding at a house opposite the railway station, with his childlike curiosity, went across the roadway and stood by the railway watching the outgoing train which was then at the station. After the train pulled out, young Walsh started to return to the house, when around the curve came a car driven by Mr. Chesley Pippy, who was bound citywards. Before the car could be stopped it had struck the lad in the head, throwing him to the ground. He was picked up in a semi-conscious state, and at a glance it was seen that he was severely injured. All possible was done by Mr. Pippy and as there was no doctor at Holyrood, Mr. Pippy took the injured lad in his car, and accompanied by the lad's father, Const. Grouchy and the Rev. Fr. Walsh, who was in charge of the parish during Rev. Fr. Finn's absence, hurried to the city, where they arrived about 10.30, when the injured boy was taken to the General Hospital. He regained consciousness before he reached the city, and the Hospital reports at an early hour this morning that he was resting easily, and was spending a good night, and it is believed his injuries are not as serious as at first thought.

Daily News

September 20, 1923 (Thursday)

Our Bell Island Budget. ...
Mr. Thos. Basha, of Bay of Islands, arrived here on Wednesday afternoon on a visit to his daughter, Mrs. S.E. Tuma. ...
Messrs. Chas. Healey and Ernest Ivany, for some time in the employ of the Mechanical Sept., B.E.S. Co., have gone to Curling, where they will take up work with the Nfld. Humber Enterprises. ...
Mr. George Furey, a well-known employee of the Mechanical Dept., B.E.S.Co., left the employ last week, and on Friday proceeded to Hr. Main, where he will spend a few days before leaving for the U.S.A., where he formerly resided. His many friends here wish him success in the Land of the Star Spangled Banner.

Daily News

September 27, 1923 (Thursday)

Our Bell Island Budget.
Mrs. Chas. Foote, who had been visiting relatives in the City, returned home on Friday, accompanied by her daughter, the Misses Evelyn and Doris Foote. Mr. Foote is visiting New York and some of the larger cities in Canada.

Daily News

October 11, 1923 (Thursday)

Our Bell Island Budget. ...
Mr. C.M.F. Foote returned on Friday afternoon from an extended visit to the United States and Canada. While away he had an opportunity of meeting many Newfoundlanders, all of whom are doing well, and his trip to the larger cities was most interesting. ...
Mr. John Hynes, of Portugal Cove, spent Friday and Saturday on Bell Island.

Daily News

October 18, 1923 (Thursday)

Our Bell Island Budget. ...
Mr. William Ezekiel, the well-known blaster of No. 2 Slope, went to Hr. Main on Friday, and will spend a fortnight or so at home. ...
Mr. John Furey, who had been visiting Hr. Main, returned to Bell Island on Sunday evening.

Daily News

October 26, 1923 (Friday)

Mr. Gil Christian, who was on a business trip north, returned by yesterday's express.

Evening Telegram

April 2, 1924 (Wednesday)

Trials on Criminal Charges. ...
Patrick Healey, of Grand Falls, who was charged with bigamy, will also be brought up during this term.

Evening Telegram

April 9, 1924 (Wednesday)

Fire at Salmonier.
  According to a message received last night from Salmonier by Mr. W.J. Walsh, M.H.A., a dwelling house owned by John Penny with all its contents, was destroyed by fire on Monday night, and the occupants barely escaped with their lives.

Evening Telegram

April 12, 1924 (Saturday)

... amongst the hundreds of entries [in the old Trinity church registers], from the first entry in the Marriage Register (1757) to the last one of 1850 there is only one Scotchman mentioned, and he was William Alexander.

The entry in which William Alexander's name occurs for the first time reads as follows: - "July 28th, 1813: Married, William Alexander, of the parish of Campbell Town, Argyleshire, North Britain, and Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Christian Newell of Trinity."

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander wrote their names, respectively, in connection with the entry; and this is a rare thing to find in marriage entries of those years and indicates that the persons were above the ordinary in education.  The marriage was witnessed by George Skelton, J.P.; and James Pointer Garland J.P.

Mr. Alexander was born in "North Britain" (Scotland) in the year 1784.  He came to Newfoundland about the year 1800; but just how he came or where he landed, I am not quite sure; though from what I have heard from the old people they say he came out as a young man in one of Slade's vessels to Greenspond; and for several years he held a responsible position in connection with Slade's business there.  In this position he got a practical idea of Newfoundland business; and then he decided to go into the business for himself in Bonavista, about the year 1810.  He employed one Mr. Strathie and it looks as though Mr. Strathie brought much of his material with him, as the house is still standing and in good repair - and we do not wonder at that, for its frame is largely of English oak.

Then he came to Trinity for a wife, in 1813.  No family was more highly respected at that time than that of Thomas and Christian Newell; and from that family Mr. Alexander selected the youngest daughter, Elizabeth, and they were married as recorded in the entry I have already quoted.  Then they went to Bonavista to live, and during the next nineteen years William Alexander was principal business man in the place.  During those years two daughters and three sons were born to them.  A photograph of Mr. Alexander (now in possession of Rev. Canon Bayly) taken when he was about forty years of age, represents a man of intellect and good nature.  During the month of June 1928, Mrs. Alexander was taken seriously ill.  One day she grew suddenly worse, and as Mr. Alexander hurried up the stairs to her bedside, his haste and anxiety were too much for a weak heart, and he fell dead on the stairs, aged 44 years.

Mr. Robert Alexander (one of William Alexander's sons) was connected with the business of Messrs. J. and W. Stewart in St. John's for several years; and died suddenly in England as he was about to leave for Newfoundland.  He was a rich man and one of the many bequests in his will for the public good, was a thousand pounds, the first contribution towards building the Old Seaman's Home in St. John's.

Mrs. Archibald Graham, of Trinity, in 1823, was a sister of Mrs. William Alexander, and in the baptism of a son born to Archibald and Hannah Graham in that year, the surname Alexander was used as a Christian name - hence Alexander Graham. .... W.J.L.   Trinity, April 12, 1924.

Evening Telegram

April 19, 1924 (Saturday)

... so far as I can find from the old books, only one man came and settled down from Lancashire, and only one man from Cheshire.  The man who came from Lancashire was Robert Jones, and he who came from Cheshire was Joseph Woods.  Joseph Woods came to Trinity in 1770, and Robert Jones came in 1780.  I have already given a detailed account of the deeply interesting history of Robert Jones; and I shall now from the meager information available follow Joseph Woods through his more prosaic life. ...

Information for Enquirers Re Hannah Newhook

Hannah Newell Newhook was born in 1802.  She was a daughter of Chas. and Catherine Newhook; and a sister of Mrs. (Capt.) George Field, Bonaventure.  She married Thomas Gaylor, Jr. of Bonavista in 1826.  She was a widow for several years, and she died at the home of the Newhooks at Long Point (Trinity East) in 1867.  Thomas Gaylor, Jr., was a son of old Captain Thomas Gaylor of Bonavista, who was well known in Trinity during the years of his sea-service; and widow Gaylor had many friends in Trinity.

Evening Telegram

May 3, 1924

Trinity. ...
In 1843 William Hogarth was married again to Elizabeth Jones. To them were born: Patience, Mary, John, James, William, Susannah, Sophia, Jessie, Peter and Amy Ann. ... James was married to Ann Fifield (living).  ...

Some months ago one of the present generation of the Miller families in Bonaventure, asked me if I would kindly give them some information as gathered from the old Church Books, re the coming of his ancestors from the Motherland to Bonaventure, and what part of the Old Country they came from. Probably the person has decided long ago that I was not working very hard about it.  This, however, is not so, for I have spent a good many hours looking for the name Miller in the old Books.  Whilst I have carefully tabulated some ninety entries including the name Miller, from 1760 down to 1825, I have not been able to get a consecutive history of them.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. The old church clerk who entered the marriages from 1753 to 1768 did not include in the entry the name of the country from where the man came; hence there is nothing in it to indicate whether he came from England or Ireland, or whether he was born in Newfoundland.

    Thus it is the first entry (1760) of the doings of a Miller -
    "October 3rd, 1760. - Married Richard Miller and Grace Young."

    If the old clerk had recorded, as a matter of history, that the said Richard Miller was from Dorset, or Limerick, we should know that he was the first of that name to come to Bonaventure.  He did not record it, and hence there is nothing else to indicate it.

  2. It looks to me as though some two or three brothers appeared on the scene about the same time; and hence, before many years, the entries of marriages, baptisms, etc. of the descendants became so interwoven, that it is impossible to trace them from their original sources, respectively.  Evidently a Richard Miller and a Samuel Miller came to Bonaventure about the same time.

    Samuel was married, before the Marriage Register was begun; hence his marriage is not recorded.  There is, however, the following entry in the Baptismal Register:
    "March 5th, 1765 - Baptized a son to Samuel and Elizabeth Miller, named Thomas", and in 1788 this Thomas Miller was married to Mary Dean, and to them were born - Frances, Thomas, George, Solomon, Ann and Samuel.

    Then Samuel Miller, Jr., married Martha Ivany, and to them were born William, Sarah, Samuel, Joseph and James.

    This takes the family down to 1800; but owing to so many with the same Christian name I fail to trace the unbroken line of the Millers in Bonaventure; for in addition to the same Christian names of the past, other men of the same surname came out to Salmon Cove (Trinity Bight) about the same time (1800) and there is nothing in the entries of Marriages and Baptisms to indicate which family is referred to.

    Of the entries (from 1760) of marriages of the Millers, there is only one that indicates where the man came from:  - viz:
    "1825 - Married, Samuel Miller of Clivedon, Somerset, and Mary Tobin; and this is sixty five years after the marriage of Richard Miller and Grace Young in 1760.

Where only one man of the same name came out from the Old Country, and his birthplace is included in his marriage entry, it is easy to trace him and the family, through the Marriage, Baptism and Burial entries, right down to the present, as I have frequently done.  With the Miller family of Bonaventure this is not so, and whilst I believe they are all of Somerset stock, yet I have to admit in efforts to give the family lineage.
W.J.L.   May 3rd, 1924.

Daily News

May 17, 1924 (Saturday)

Mr. John R. Bennett arrived here from England by the Sachem.  He was accompanied by his son, Captain Sidney Bennett.

Evening Telegram

June 7, 1924 (Saturday)

Trinity. ...

1780.  Baptized.  Grace, child of Richard and Sarah Waterman.

1806.  Married.  Joseph Gover of Dorset and Grace Waterman, daughter of the late Richard Waterman and Sarah his wife (now Bailey).

1830.  Married.  James Penny, of English Harbour, and Grace, widow of Joseph Gover.

1842.  Interred.  Grace Penny. ...

Marriages at English Harbour, 1805-19.

1805.  William Barnes and Sweet Pottle; Richard Ryal and Elizabeth Rogers.

1806.  William Batson and Jane Wills; James Penny (Wm.) and Ann Penny (Jas.); Charles Penny (Wm.) and Mary Sweatland.

1808.  James Batson and Elizabeth Higden.

1810.  George Hart and Ann Miller.

1816.  George Ivamy (Jas.) and Catherine Spragg.

1819.  Joseph Barnes (Geo.) and Mary Bugden.

June 7, 1924.  W.J.L.

Evening Telegram

June 18, 1924 (Wednesday)

Violent Assault by Escaped Lunatic.

On Thursday evening last, a male patient of the Lunatic Asylum escaped, and made his way homewards to North Arm, Holyrood, arriving there Friday night.  At that place a 3 year old boy named Kelly, attracted his attention.  The lunatic, so it is stated, badly maltreated the child.

Seizing him by the stomach in his powerful grasp, he attempted to disembowel him.  He then took the child by the arm and smashed the limb.  The authorities were notified of the lunatic's escape and fortunately Constable Grouchy rounded him up and brought him back to the institution.  The child will recover from his injuries.

Daily News

June 28, 1924 (Saturday)

Hon. William Woodford, Minister of Posts, has received word that his sister, Sister Aloysius of the Convent, Ferryland, is very ill, and he is leaving by train to-day to visit her.  The Minister does not expect to be back till after the holidays.

Evening Telegram

January 12, 1925 (Monday)

Harbor Grace Notes.
Miss Irene Dwyer, daughter of Sergt. and Mrs. Dwyer, left here on Saturday last for St, John’s, to take a position as stenographer with Mr. R. Cramm. Renie’s many friends here wish her much success.

Daily News

January 12, 1925 (Monday)

Our Bell Island Budget.
Mr. P.S. Morrissey who was spending the New Year's holidays at Holyrood, returned to Bell Island on Tuesday. Master Hubert Brown spent the vacation here with him.

Evening Telegram

January 16, 1925 (Friday)

Star of the Sea Association of Holyrood.
The annual meeting of the Star of the Sea Association took place in their hall at 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 11th. ... Mr. R. Dwyer, the Secretary, having resigned his position of School Teacher at the end of the school year, after forty years of service, was duly recognized and honored by his ex-pupils.

... Some familiar faces present at the last annual meeting were missing from this.  Their seats were vacant and three worthy brother members, Laurence Barron, Michael O’Rourke, and Matthew J. Dwyer, had laid down the burden of life; some prematurely, others attaining advanced old age. ...

J. A. Hannon was appointed Chairman to conduct the election of new officers, with Messrs. J. J. Maloney and J. J. Carroll as check clerks and Felix Byrne and Wm. Byrne (Jr.) tellers. ...


Mr. Hannon was repeatedly pressed to place himself in nomination for President for the third term, but he declined...

An unanimous call was made for the veteran W. P. Walsh, who enters his fourth term as President.  Chairman Hannon declared the results of the election as follows: -

  • President - W. P. Walsh, elected
  • Vice-President - M. C. Dunphy, re-elected
  • 1st Asst. V. P. - J. J. Maloney, re-elected
  • 2nd Asst. V. P. - J. J. Crawley, elected
  • Treasurer - J. J. Carroll, re-elected
  • Asst. Treasurer - Daniel Walsh, elected
  • Secretary - R. Dwyer, J. P., re-elected
  • Grand Marshall - Patrick Walsh (Sr.), re-elected
  • Deputy G. M. - Wm. Byrne (Sr.), re-elected
  • Custodian - Wm. Byrne (Jr.), re-elected
  • Amusement Committee - F. Byrne, Walter Maloney, John Hickey, Herbert Penney, William Byrne, Edward Joy and Theophilus Lacour ...
  • Mr. Hannon and the following Committee of Auditors appointed, Messrs. W. P. Walsh, E. Kirby, and T. J. Devereaux, were appointed to examine the books of the Association.

Daily News

January 16, 1925 (Friday)

Personalia (Newfoundland Weekly).
We were glad to see Mr. P.F. Halley, buyer for Halley & Co., of St. John's, who arrived in Boston last week on business for his firm. Mr. Halley reports conditions in Newfoundland improving and looks forward with confidence to a successful business year all over the Island. He left for New York on Sunday. ...
Mr. George R. White, formerly of Trinity, and for many years conductor on the cross-country train in Newfoundland was also a welcome visitor at our office. Mr. White has been in the U.S.A. for eighteen years and for the past fifteen years has been connected with the Machine Composition Co. of Boston. ...
We were glad to welcome at our office as visitors ... Mrs. Edward Hynes, of Cambridge, accompanied by her daughter; and many others who drop in at intervals to find out the news from the old home land.

Daily News

February 20, 1925 (Friday)

Personal (Newfoundland Weekly, Boston, February 14)
We were glad to welcome at the office of the "Weekly" during the past week: ...
Mr. Gilbert Ivany, formerly of English Harbor, B.B. [should be T.B. - Tom], and an ex-member of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in which he held a commission as a 2nd Lieut. After the war Mr. Ivany continued his studies for the Methodist Ministry and spent two and a half years on probation in Newfoundland and studied Arts and Theology at Mt. Alison University, Sackville, N.B., Canada. This year he is attending the School of Religion and education and Social Service at Boston University, from which he will graduate in June next. Mr. Ivany has interested himself in the work of the "Weekly" and has consented to act as our representative in Cambridge.

Evening Telegram

March 12, 1926 (Friday)

Holyrood Notes. ....

It is understood that Mr. D. Hennessey, formerly employed with the United Towns Electric Co. as Inspector of Dams, is planning to build a spacious bungalow here this spring.

Miss Nellie Veitch, who formerly taught school at Central Holyrood, was recently transferred to Holyrood South, and is residing with Miss M. A. O’Rourke.

Mr. William P. Cunningham will leave here in the course of a few days to join his brother, Jim, who is residing in Los Angeles, Cal.  We wish him luck in the land of his adoption.

Mr. Michael J. Hickey, Great War veteran, is at present in the city on a brief business trip.

Mr. Felix Byrne, of the Burnstain Hotel, is at present confined to his home suffering from a severe cold.

Mr. Jas. Curran, accompanied by his sister, Mrs. W. J. Powers, left by the last Rosalind for New York after spending the winter with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Curran.

Mrs. W. P. Walsh arrived by last evening’s train from St. John’s where she had been spending a few days with her friends.     .....

Miss Ethel Walsh, who is spending the winter months with her aunt, Mrs. William Kirby, made a short visit to Kelligrews, accompanied by her cousin, Mrs. M. C. Maloney, on a visit to her parents who have recently returned from the Humber.

Mr. Joseph Whelan, the well known violinist, left by the Rosalind a few days ago on a visit to his sister, Mrs. J. J. Hickey, who is residing in Boston.
South Holyrood.

Daily News

September 16, 1926 (Thursday)

Harbour Grace Notes. ...

Mr. Brendan Walsh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Walsh, of this town, has been appointed principal of the R.C. Academy here, and entered upon his duties on Monday.  We trust that much success will attend his efforts.

Daily News

October 22, 1926 (Friday)

Visitors at the Office of the Nfld. Weekly [in Boston]

Mr. and Mrs. Arch Bennett, of Brookline, who just returned from a vacation in New York.  Mr. Bennett was a former resident of St. John’s and Grand Falls, and came to this country about three years ago.  His wife is a daughter of Mrs. Catherine Walsh of Holyrood, C.B.

Daily News

November 30, 1926 (Tuesday)

Harbour Grace Notes. ...

Miss Muriel Dwyer came here on Friday last, and has accepted a position as stenographer with Mr. J.M. Cron.  Muriel’s many friends are pleased to have her this way again.

Daily News

December 8, 1926 (Wednesday)

Published by Authority.

His Excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint... Mr. Moses Clarke (Little Burnt Bay) to be a member of the United Church Board of education for the District of Lewisporte, in place of Mr. John Hynes, retired.

Daily News

December 20, 1926 (Monday)

Visitors at the Nfld. Weekly Office [in Boston].
... J. Alan Penny, formerly of English Harbour, T.B., who has been located in Brooklyn for the past year, left Boston on Sunday for a three months’ visit to his home.

Evening Telegram

January 15, 1927 (Saturday)

Jubilee Year.
Star of the Sea Association of Holyrood Hold Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Star of the Sea Association of Holyrood was held in their Hall on Sunday, January 9th. The "Star" annual has become an institution in Holyrood for the past twenty-five years and always draws a large gathering of members to find out for themselves the doings of the Association, to hear and discuss the report of the officers of the past year, and to take part in the election of new ones for the coming year.

Five new members were admitted, including Fr. M. Dinn, assistant to Rev. W.P. Finn, P.P., Spiritual Director of the association. The roll call showed 109 members and Secretary Dwyer's and Treasurer Carroll's reports which were read to the meeting disclosed increased membership and earnings, economy in expenditure, and increased balance in the treasury - all combined are symbols of the Association's progress and prosperity. Upon motion for adoption, both reports were carried with applause. The Secretary was directed to convey to Rev. W.P. Finn, P.P., Spiritual Director the best wishes of the association for a Happy New Year, to regret his absence from the meetings, the past year and his wise counsel and direction, and to express their pleasure to welcome him back in good health ere long to Association and Parish work.

President Walsh Retires. As the officers were about to vacate their seats, President Walsh congratulated the association on the good showing made the past year, thanked the members for their willingness to help, and then gave his valedictory. He told the meeting ill-health forbade him to continue his usual activities in the Association, and that he was not open to the office of President any longer - an office he had worthily filled for several successive terms, and by virtue of which he was sent last April as a delegate to represent the Association at the Golden Jubilee of the Association Star of the Sea, Placentia. Several leading members spoke and regretted Mr. Walsh's retirement from office and appreciated and eulogized his services and long connection with the association.

Election of Officers. Rev. Fr. Dinn was appointed chairman to conduct the election of officers, who appointed Messrs. J.J. Maloney and Bernard Walsh as his clerks. The election which was well contested, resulted as follows: - President - Mr. P.J. Lewis, elected Vice President - Mr. Edward Kirby, elected 1st Assistant Vice president - Mr. Edward Butler, Jr., elected 2nd Assistant Vice President - Mr. Bernard Walsh, elected Treasurer - Mr. Felix Byrne, elected Assistant Treasurer - Frederick Byrne, elected Secretary - Mr. R. Dwyer, J.P., re-elected Grand Marshall - Mr. Patrick Walsh, re-elected Deputy Grand Marshall - Mr. Bernard Barrett, elected Custodian - Mr. Wm. Byrne, Jr., re-elected Amusement Committee - Messrs. Felix Byrne, Bernard Barrett, Bernard Walsh, Richard Maloney, T.J. Devereaux, Leonard Kiley, James Penney, J.J. Crawley. Auditors - J.A. Hammon [sic, not Hannon - TPH], Wm. Veitch, P.J. Lewis

New Officers Acknowledge Honours.
The new officers were instated by the chairman, Fr. Dinn, who was tendered a hearty vote of thanks for the very able manner in which he conducted the elections. Responding, he promised to do all that he could during his stay in Holyrood, for the advancement of the best interests of the Association. President Lewis, in thanking the meeting for his election was reminiscent, and spoke with a warmth of feeling and appreciation of the work of the association for the past quarter of a century, but was full of zeal, enthusiasm, and confidence to undertake the commencement of the road to the next landmark - the Golden Jubilee. The remaining officers showed their appreciation with thankful acknowledgments. The election disclosed with one exception a new slate. Mr. Lewis, the President, a rising young barrister, sits in the chair his father, Capt. John Lewis, M.H.A., of honoured memory, occupied a quarter of a century ago, and succeeds several outstanding occupants who adorned and dignified the chair and added a wealth of assets to the Association.

Only One Vacancy. But one death was recorded last year, Mr. Thomas Walsh died on Jan. 29th. The association paid the last tribute of respect to their deceased brother member and forwarded a note of sympathy and a Death Benefit of $40.00 to his son, Patrick Walsh.

Jubilee Year.
This is jubilee year and it is the intention to fittingly celebrate this time-honoured event in keeping with the best traditions of the Association and so as to leave some souvenir n the life of the Association. At night a number of invited guest assembled at the home of Secretary Dwyer and were entertained with card games and smokes. Supper was served, after which felicitous and convivial speeches were made by Rev. Fr. Dinn, Mr. P.J. Lewis and Capt. Kennedy. Twas a real feast of reason and flow of the soul which breathed forth some very nice sentiments, and showered bouquets on the host and hostess, to which Mr. Dwyer replied for himself and his good lady, Mrs. Dwyer.

Evening Telegram

January 15, 1927 (Saturday)

Visitors at the office of the Nfld. Weekly, Jan. 8: - ... Mrs. Elizabeth Loring, formerly Mrs. Elizabeth White, of Trinity, daughter of the late Dugald White. Mrs. Loring has been residing in the U.S.A. for thirty years, and for several years has occupied a departmental position at Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass.

Evening Telegram

January 18, 1927 (Tuesday)

Salmonier Notes. ... The latest arrivals from U.S.A. are Messrs. Jas. J. Daley of St. Joseph's and P. Marry of Salmonier, and Mr. Jas. Hawco from Western Canada. Mr. Hawco has been carrying on a successful farming business in Western Canada for the past 15 years.

Evening Telegram

February 28, 1927 (Monday)

Note of Thanks
Charles Costigan, Harbour Main, wishes to thank Drs. Keenan and O'Regan; also Nurses Taylor, O'Neil and all others who attended him during his stay at the General Hospital.

Evening Telegram

March 25, 1927 (Friday)

Personal. ... Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Currie are taking passage to New York by S.S. Nerissa.

Evening Telegram

April 6, 1927 (Wednesday)

Note of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Penney, of Woodford's, wish to thank sincerely the following who by their kind messages and letters of sympathy did so much to help them to bear the heavy blow received by them in the death of their dear son, Frederick, who died at the Sanatorium, St. Ann De Beaupre, March 2nd, 1927, as a result of injuries received by him in an accident while working with the W.I. Bishop Co. on Nov. 20, 1926 - Rev. W.P. Finn, P.P.; Rev. Fr. Dinn, Holyrood; Rev. Dr. Murphy, P.P., Brigus; Rev. Fr. Murphy, Conception; Miss O'Flynn, Mrs. (Capt.) Lewis, Mr. P.J. Lewis of Lewis & Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Veitch, Const. and Mrs. Grouchy and family, Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Kennedy, Miss Annie Kennedy, Miss M.A. O'Rourke, Mrs. Ed. Kirby, Mrs. Pat. Crawley, Mr. J.J. Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. R. O'Dwyer, Dr. O'Dwyer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler, all of Holyrood; Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis, Newtown Road; Miss Burke, Nurse, St. Ann's Hospital; the W.I. Bishop Co., Beaupre; Joseph Penney, Ltd., Tubitt, Beaupre; Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Penney, Mr. and Mrs. John Lacour, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan of Holyrood; Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Costello, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Costello, Mr. and Mrs. David Costello, Gerald and Robert Costello, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wade, Mr. Leo Wade, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Moore, Magistrate and Mrs. M.F. O'Toole, Conception; Mr. and Mrs. N.J. Power, Dunville; Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy, Harbour Main; Mrs. Mary Whalen, of Brookline, Massachusetts; Miss Agnes Fitzgerald, Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.A.; Miss Bertha M. Bennett, Wellesley, Mass., U.S.A.; Mr. and Mrs. John Penney, New York; Miss Mary Penney, Dorchester, Mass.; Mrs. Julia Healey, Brookline, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Noonan, Roxbury; Mrs. John Deady and son and Theresa Deady, Dorchester, Mass.; Ed Parcely [sic] and Jimmie Lausen, Harbour Main; Miss Bertha M. Penney, South Boston; Mr. and Mrs. James Quinlan, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Quinlan, Mrs. John Quinlan, Mr. J.J. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Penney, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Doran, Mr. and Mrs. V.M. Nugent, Woodford's; Mr. and Mrs. P. Crawley, Mr. and Mrs. P. Woodford, W.M. Curran, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Penney, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Penney, Mr. and Mrs. James Penney, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Penney, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKay, Mr. and Mrs. John Penney, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Penney, Woodford's; Miss Hazel Doran, Miss Kathleen Penney, Woodford's; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nugent, Kelligrews; Mr. and Mrs. M. O'Brien, Mrs. Joseph Kennedy, Mrs. Michael Penney, Woodford's; Mrs. Healey and family, Grand Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whalen, Colliers; Mrs. Turbett [sic], Michael and Margaret Turbett, Woodford's; Mr. and Mrs. James Healey.

Evening Telegram

April 14, 1927 (Thursday)

Mr. John Hamlyn, son of Mr. Robert Hamlyn, Hamilton Avenue is leaving by the Newfoundland to-morrow for Boston, where he will remain two weeks before proceeding to New York, where he intends to make his home. ...

Mrs. J.V. O'Dea and daughter, Mary, with Miss Margaret Hannaford, leave on Saturday by S.S. Silvia on a visit to New York.

Evening Telegram

April 18, 1927 (Monday)

Visitors at the Office of the Nfld. Weekly.
We are glad to welcome at the office of the "Weekly" during the past week:
John T. Hynes, formerly of St. John's, who has been residing in Cambridge for the past 25 years. He was accompanied by his son, Cyril, who has been attending the University of Dallas, Texas, for the past two years and is now visiting his parents. He is specializing in geology, especially with reference to the oil areas of that state and goes to Chicago University next year to finish his course. ....

Mrs. P. Bennett (nee Miss Mary Corbett of Holyrood, daughter of Wm. Corbett). Mrs. Bennett left home about 15 years ago, and made a visit there three years ago. Her husband, who has been in this country for over 30 years has not been to the homeland since coming here. He is a stationary engineer with the Seaver Co., manufacturers, in Chelsea.

Evening Telegram

April 30, 1927 (Saturday)

Note of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hynes wish to thank Dr. Keegan and staff of the General Hospital and especially the Sisters and Nurses in Crowdy Ward for their kindness and attention to their little boy whilst at the institution.

Evening Telegram

October 13, 1927 (Thursday)

Personals. ...
Mr. Chauncey Currie, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Currie, returned from New York by the Silvia.

Daily News

November 4, 1927 (Friday)

The Christian Brothers of Mount Cashel acknowledge with thanks the receipt of $500, bequest of the late Frederick Maher of Holyrood, per his brother, John Maher.

Daily News

November 4, 1927 (Friday)

Note of Thanks.
The Superior, Belvedere Orphanage, gratefully acknowledges the receipt of $500.00, bequest of the late Frederick Maher of Holyrood, who died at Saranac Lake.

Evening Telegram

November 17, 1927 (Friday)

Published by Authority.
His Excellency the Governor-in-Council has been pleased to appoint ... Rev. M.P. Dwyer, Messrs. C.J. Furey, Patrick Kennedy, of John, James P. Kennedy, and Thomas Furey, to be the Roman Catholic Board of Education for the District of Harbour Main; Rev. S.J. Kavanagh, Messrs. George Kennedy, Patrick O'Brien, Walter Walsh, and Robert Doyle, to be the Roman Catholic Board of Education for the District of Avondale.

Evening Telegram

November 18, 1927 (Friday)

Visitors at Nfld. Weekly Office. [in Boston - TPH] Miss Margaret Dwyer, daughter of Mrs. Pierce Foley, of Tilting, leaves by the S.S. Farnorth on Nov. 15 to spend the winter at home. - Nov. 12.

Daily News

November 24, 1927 (Friday)

The Christian Brothers of Mount Cashel acknowledge with thanks the receipt of $500, bequest of the late Frederick Maher of Holyrood, per his brother, John Maher.

Evening Telegram

December 13, 1927 (Tuesday)

Newfoundlanders at Dalhousie.
Mr. A.J. Walsh of Holyrood, now in his final law year, shared the honours with another student of being the best pleaders in a competition for a shield representing the premier appeal case lawyer in his class. Out of a class of fourteen Mr. Walsh was chosen, and his name will go on the shield to be kept in the Law School. Mr. Walsh has also led his class each year and won the Carawell prizes given the student making the highest aggregate total marks.

Daily News

December 20, 1927 (Tuesday)

Rev. G. Ivany and Mrs. Ivany of Old Perlican are on a visit to St. John's. Mrs. Ivany has been an inmate at the Grace Hospital for the past two or three days where a slight operation was performed.

Daily News

August 10, 1928 (Friday)

The Bell Island News. ...

Mr. James Dwyer is home from New York, where he has spent the past few years, on a visit to his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Dwyer, of the Beach Hill. ...

Mr. And Mrs. Jas. McDonald of St. John's are visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Dwyer of the Beach Hill.

Daily News

August 24, 1928 (Friday)

Bell Island News. ...

Miss Bessie Dwyer, daughter of Mr. Denis Dwyer, left on Saturday to spend a holiday in Witless Bay.

Evening Telegram

September 9, 1929 (Monday)

Mr. Gordon Christian, L.R.A.W. returned from a holiday trip in Bonavista Bay by S.S. Home this morning.

Evening Telegram

October 8, 1929 (Tuesday)

Banded Birds Identified.
Two banded birds shot several months ago in northern waters have been identified by the Game and Inland Fisheries Board. One is a razor billed Auk banded on August 19th, 1928 at Cluster Island of the Gannett group, Labrador by Oliver L. Austin. The band is 560318. The bird was shot at Long Island, Snap Cove Point near Cartwright on Aug. 9th, 1929. The second bird, a black Guillemot, banded 365632 by Oliver Austin at Cunningham Island, South East of Grady on Aug. 20th, 1928, was taken by Wm. Brown of Eagle River, Sandwich Bay, on August 27th, past, in a small cove between Pack's Harbor and Cartwright. Both birds are migratory.

Evening Telegram

January 8, 1930 (Wednesday)


Gull Island.

$1.00 each - ... Patrick Oliver, Jr.

50 cents each - ... Philip Oliver, ... Joseph Oliver, Jr., ... Joseph Oliver, Sr., James Oliver, ... Andrew Oliver, Jerry Oliver, John Oliver of Peter, ...

40 cents each - Peter Oliver, ...

Daily News

January 9, 1930 (Thursday)

Chiefly Personal. ...

Word was received yesterday from the Institute of Civil Engineers, London, England, that Cyril Joseph Carey was successful in passing for second year work in that institute.  After passing Senior Associate at St. Bonaventure’s College, he attended evening classes in higher mathematics at the Memorial College.  He is a son of Mr. J. P. Carey, manager of Furness, Withy & Co., Ltd., St. John’s.

Daily News

January 9, 1930 (Thursday)

South Coast Disaster Fund. ...

Contributed by the people of the R.C. Parish of St. Brendan’s, per Rev. F.J. Pumphrey

$10.00 each - Wm. F. Hynes, ...

$1.00 each - ... Thos. Hynes Sr., ... Denis Hynes, ...

50 cents each - ... Edward Hynes, Mrs. Edward Hynes, Wm. Hynes of Edward, Mrs. Wm. Hynes of Edward, ... James Hynes, Mrs. James Hynes, ... Patk. Hynes Sr., Wm. Hynes of Thos., Patk. Hynes of Thos., ... James Hynes of Wm., Jas. Hynes of Thos., ... Thos. Hynes of James, ...     Bernard Hynes, ...

25 cents each - ... Peter Hynes, ...

Contributed by the people of Middle Bight ...

$1.00 each - ... John Haines, Samuel Haines Sr., Isaac Haines, O. Haines, Edgar Haines..

Daily News

January 11, 1930 (Saturday)

South Coast Disaster Fund.

List of contributions from Holyrood.

$15.00 - In memory of Dr. Dwyer (per Mr. and Mrs. R. Dwyer).

$10.00 each - Miss M.A. O’Rourke, Richard Dwyer J.P., J.J. Carroll

$5.00 each - Rev. W.P. Finn, John Kielly, Philip Kielly, William Veitch, Mrs. J.A. Veitch, Aaron  Maher, M.C. Dunphy, R.J. Kennedy, Edward Butler Sr., Capt. Walter Kennedy, John Lacour, C.R. Kennedy, Edward Kirby, M.E. Hawco, S.M.

$2.50 - Aaron Lewis (Newtown)

$2.00 each - Peter Hickey, Mrs. W. Kirby, Mrs. Theo Lacour, John Wall, James McGrath, M.C. Maloney, Miss N. Flynn, Mark Penney, Mrs. Edward Kelly, Felix Byrne, Mrs. Ambrose Corbett, Mrs. John Byrne, James Crawley Sr., W.P. Walsh, Dr. Soper, Wm. Curran (North Arm), Mike O’Rourke, Frank Bennett (taxi)

$1.00 each - Edward Beeso, Mrs. Peter Hickey, John O’Brien, Patk. Walsh of Thos., James Quinlan, Bernard Lewis, Miss Susie Byrne, Mrs. M.F. Kennedy, Mrs. Jas. Bennett, Clare Veitch, Hilda Veitch, Wm. Walsh (Central House), Mrs. Wm. Walsh (Central House), Miss Rose Kennedy, James Dwyer, Joseph Penney, John Grouchy, Raymond Walsh, Mrs. Richard Kelly, Mrs. Joseph Kennedy, Mrs. James Healey, Pat Crawley (Woodfords), Thomas McKay, Mrs. T.F. Penney, Mrs. Mary O’Brien, John Brophy, Philip Penney, Edward Joy, Patrick Hawco, James Penney, John Joy, Mrs. Thomas Woodford, Leo Tubrett, Wm. Crawley, Patrick Walsh (Railway), Wm. Curran, Michael Myers, Miss B. Grouchey, Mrs. John Doran, Bart O’Brien (South), Mrs. Janie Beeso, J.J. Maloney, William Taplin, Mrs. Fred Ezekiel, Mrs. J.J. Healey, Bernard Barrett, Mrs. Patrick Penney, Aaron Lewis Sr., John F. Lewis, M.J. Kennedy, Miss Bridget Hennessey, Mrs. John Joy, Mrs. M.E. Byrne, Mrs. J.J. Hicks, Cyril Shea, Mrs. J.J. Crawley, Mrs. Mary Morrissey, James Maloney Sr., Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan, Mrs. Wm. Curran, Wm. Byrne Sr., Patrick Walsh (South), Miss Winnie Emberly, Daniel Walsh, Friend, John O’Rourke, John Maher, Mrs. R. Gates, Mrs. P. O’Neil, Mrs. Frank Bennett Jr., John Byrne, Matthew O’Rourke, Miss M. Grouchey, Miss Hannah Best, James Hennessey, William Ryan, Jas. Maloney Jr., Richard Lewis, Mrs. James Beeso, Michael Tubrett, Michael Penny (Country Path), Mrs. Elizabeth Timmons.

50 cents each - Philip Timmons, Mrs. M.J. Barron, Wm. Dwyer Sr., Philip Healey, Mrs. Thos. O’Connell, Mrs. John Healey, Mrs. John Timmons, Miss Annie Brophy, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. R. Cunningham, Richard Walsh, Philip Woodford, John Bennett, Philip Healey, Miss Kathleen Dwyer, John J. Lewis, James Boland, Mrs. John Penney, Mrs. A. Duggan, Wm. Penney, David Boland, Willie Walsh, James Kielly, Lawrence Murphy, Charles McCarthy, Stephen Healey, Roland Healey, Mrs. Andrew Nash, Mrs. Bart O’Brien (South), John F. Walsh, Stephen Mason, Matthew Penney, Wm. Corbett, Mrs. Thos. Furey, John Murray, Mrs. Thomas McKay, Mrs. P. Austin, Mrs. Walter Lewis, Thomas Healey, John Quinlan, John Furey, Peter Duff, Vincent Brophy, Bart Corbett, Jerome Lewis, Wm. Byrne Jr., John Lewis (7 mile post), Thomas Flood.

40 cents - Mrs. Philip Penney.

30 cents - Mrs. James Healey.

25 cents - Patrick Mason.

20 cents each - Mrs. Cornelius Crawley, Miss Florence Dwyer, Jeremiah Quinlan, Catherine O’Rourke, Philip Grouchey.

10 cents - Mrs. Thos. Kielly.    Loose change - $1.50.

List of contributions from Hr. Main. .....    [Note: I’ve only included entries for Corbett, Costigan, Flynn, Hawco, Murphy, Penney, Wall, Walsh - Tom Hynes]

$5.00 each - ... Michael Walsh, Thomas Corbett, Thomas Flynn (Mcl.), ...

$3.50 - Charles Costigan.   ...

$2.00 each - John Costigan, ... James Murphy, ... Edward Flynn, Mrs. James Corbett, Thomas Hawco (Frank), Frank Hawco Sr., ... Mrs. Joseph Wall, ... James Hawco (Wm.), ...

$1.50 each - Mrs. Thomas J. Hawco, ...

$1.00 each - ... Nicholas Wall (John), ... Nicholas Hawco, ... James Flynn, ... Mrs. Stephen Flynn, Philip Walsh, ... Michael Wall, Mrs. Walter Corbett, ... W.S. Wall. ... Mrs. Timothy Hawco, ... Mrs. Patrick Walsh Jr., ... Peter Hawco Sr., Thomas Hawco (Thos.), ... James J. Hawco, ... Miss Elizabeth Corbett, ... James Penney, Matthew Penney, Mrs. William Wall. ... Mrs. Patrick Murphy, ... Joseph Penney, ... Patrick Costigan, ... Jas. Wall, ... Mrs. William Costigan, Mrs. John Costigan, ... Miss Elinor Corbett, William Murphy, ...

50 cents each - ... Bridget Penney, ... Mrs. Lizzie Wall, ... John Wall, Mary Wall, ... Edward Costigan, ... Richard Walsh, Mrs. Richard Walsh, ... Denis Wall, Stephen Wall, ... Philip Hawco, Michael Corbett, Bartholomew Corbett, Mrs. James Flynn, Mrs. John Corbett, Stephen Hawco, Mrs. John Corbett, Walter Corbett Sr., Patrick Corbett, Mrs. Mary Flynn, ... Martin Wall, Mrs. John Wall, John Wall, ... Thos. Penney, ... Mrs. Walter Walsh, Mrs. Thomas Hawco (Murray), Mrs. Peter Hawco Jr., Mrs. Sarah Hawco, Mrs. William Walsh, ...

Evening Telegram

January 28, 1930 (Tuesday)


English Harbour (Collected by Mark Wells, Geo Budgen [sic], Geo. F. Barnes, and Wm. Penny).

$5.00 each - Rev Wm. [illeg 2 letters]nter, Fred Stone.

$4.00 - Mark Wells.

$2.00 each - Francis Pottle, John Batson, Mrs. John Batson, Fred Fiefield, Herbert Barnes, John

F. Penney, Robt. Wells, Arthur Fiefield, Mary E. Batson, Mark Wells Sr., Geo Budgen, Wm.

Batson, Gilbert Budgen.

$1.50 each - Wm. Wells, Albert Budgen, Wallace Batson, Richard Batson, Hy. Robt. Wells.

$1.00 each - Walter Ivany, Mark Ivany, Robt. J. Ivany, Martin Pottle, Peter Batson, John I.

Pottle, Wilfred Ivany, Geo. Batson, Martin Ivany, Nathan Penney, Mark Penney, Geo F. Barnes,

Elezear [sic] Ivany, Jas. Wells, Wm. Ivany Sr., Herbert Ivany, Wm. Batson, Joseph Ivany, Alex.

Barnes, Arthur Penney, Mrs. Arthur Penney, Nicholas Penney, Mrs. Peter Penney, Westfield

Wells, Urias Penney, John Penney, Lionel Penney, Reuben Penney, Willis Penney, E. Roy Batson,

Edwin Budgen, Joyce Budgen, Mary Wells.

80 cents - Gordon Ford.

70 cents each - Richard Barnes, Mrs. Benj. Penney.

60 cents each - Geo. Ivany, Alex. Penney, Alex. Penney.

50 cents each - Albert Penney, Stephen Barnes, Alex Penney, Wm. Geo. Penney, Ernest Penney,

Master Wm. Penney, Samson Penney, Obediah Penney, Marcella Penney, Wm. J. Barnes, Barnet

Barnes, Mark Barnes Jr., Mrs. Mark Barnes, Wm. Ivany Sr., Wm. Ivany Jr., Albert Ivany, W.J.

Ivany, Edgar Penney, Mrs. Edgar Penney, Mrs. Alex Penney, John Barnes, Mrs. Wm. G. Penney,

Maud Jones, Colin Penney, Heber Wells, Jas. Batson, Mary A. Penney, Frank Penney, Giles

Fiefield, Aaron Ivany, Mrs. Nathan Penney, Obediah Tucker, Mrs. Edwin Budgen, Wm. G.

Bugden [sic], Mrs. Arthur Fiefield, Mrs. Selby Penney, Arthur Bugden, Albert Batson, Joseph

Penney, Mary H. Penney.

40 cents - Mrs. Frank Penney

25 cents each - H.G. Batson, Mrs. Mary E. Hobbs.

Evening Telegram

January 31, 1930 (Friday)


Trinity West. ...

$5.00 each - ... E. Batson, ... Geo. H. Christian, ...

$1.00 each - ... Robert Ivany, Geo. Ivany, ... Mrs. Geo H. Christian, ...

Daily News

February 1, 1930 (Saturday)

South Coast Disaster Fund. ...

Contributed by the people of Trinity West. ...

$1.00: - ... Mrs. Peter Coleridge, Mrs. George H. Christian, ...

Evening Telegram

February 4, 1930 (Tuesday)

Severed thumb with axe.  Mr. James Dooley, the butcher, while making splits at his home, Waterford Bridge, on Saturday last, accidentally severed his thumb with an axe.  Mr. Dooley was rushed to the General Hospital in a state of coma owing to the loss of blood, and up to yesterday his condition was very precarious.  He is now on the road to recovery.

Daily News

February 8, 1930 (Saturday)

Enter Novitiate.

Holyrood, February 5th - ... Only the other day, February 1st, Miss Mary Dunphy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Dunphy, entered the Mother-house of the Novitiate of the Convent of Mercy, Military Road, St. John’s.  This young lady had been teaching in this parish in the Southside for several years past.  Her predecessor in the same school, Miss Nellie Veitch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Veitch entered the Novitiate the same day, and it is scarcely a year since Miss Margaret Hicks entered the same Novitiate.  Two of the former classmates of these young ladies, namely Misses Ida and Rita Bennett have also entered convents in the United States. ...

Evening Telegram

February 13, 1930 (Thursday)


TORBAY - Church of St. John the Evangelist (per Rev. John Carter)

$5.00 each - Mrs. W.H. Liddy, Dr. P. Kirivan.

$2.00 each - Wm. Cullen, Jacob Bradbury Sr., Mrs. Jacob Bradbury Sr., John Manning, W.H. Liddy, Gus Ryan, Richard Manning.

$1.50 - Daniel Shea.

$1.00 each - John Hickey, Geoffrey Morey, Jas. Gosse (Beach), Mrs. Pierre Doyle, Michael Downs, Lawrence White, Richard Ryan, M.C. Road, Sylvester Murphy, Geo. Bradbury, Pierre Doyle, Peter Power, John Manning (Patrick’s Path), Mrs. White, Michael McGrath, Michael Billard, Robt. Morey, Bernard Manning, Edward Power, Jas. Malone (Piper Stock), Jas. Malone (Freshwater), John Ellard, Oliver O’Brien, Mrs. Rich. Cullen, Mrs. John Reddy, Jas. Nolan, Patrick Dunphy, Richard Thorne, Terence O’Toole, Jas. Gosse (Patrick’s Path), Chas. Thorne, Philip Fitzpatrick, John T. Bradbury, Wm. Hickey (North), Denis Coady, Thos. McGrath, P.O., Jas. Crowe, Patk. Larkin Jr., Patk. Bolger, John J. Ryan, Patk. Thorne, John T. Tapper, Wm. Dodd (Beach), Francis Manning, Samuel Manning, Jas. Thorne, Thos. Druken, Thos. Reddy, Thos. Quigley (Piper Stock), Robt. Molloy, Thos. Dodd, Jas. J. Lacey, Edward Cantwell Jr., Michael Hickey, John Reddy, Philip Coady, Michael Reddy, Matthew Quigley, Patk. Ellard, Mrs. Patrick Ellard, Wm. Coady, Jas. Reddy, Chas. Thorne, Richard Thorne Sr.

50 cents each - Mrs. John Tapper, John Martin, Jas. Bradbury, Robt. Bradbury, Mrs. Thos. Roche, Timothy Quigley, Mrs. Ellen Gosse, Michael Kinsella, Mrs. Thos. Dodd, Mrs. Michael Shea, Mrs. Jas. Lacey, Mrs. Wm. Thorne, Jas. Ryan, Mrs. John Power, John Murphy (Bauline Line), Sam Gosse, Mrs. John Lacey, John Roche Sr. (Newtown), John Mahon, Patk. Manning (Hill), Wm. Crowe, Mrs. Jas. Duggan, John Roche, Wm. Gosse (Watson’s), Mrs. Jas. Gosse (Watson’s), Mrs. Eliza Bolger, Wm. Martin, Mrs. R. Ryan, Martin Murphy, Patk. Ryan, Mrs. Hy. Lacey, Thos. Gosse (F.M.R.), Miss Mary Jane Manning, Stephen Gosse, Jacob Bradbury Jr., Thos. Barron, Jesse Manning, John Yeo, Mrs. Patk. Larkin Jr., Samuel Field, Michael Shea, Michael Quigley, Francis Tapper, John Lacey, David Ryan, Sam Gosse, Thos. Jennings, Richard Thorne (Hy.), Jas. Bradbury, John Bradbury, Edward Field, Jas. Gosse (Watson’s), Thos. Shea, Jos. Gosse (Beach), Jas Yeo, David Bolger, Richard Waterman, Wm. Keating, John Gosse (Alfred), Thos. Roche, Richard Thorne (Wm.), Jerry Manning, Peter Doyle, Isaac Gosse, Richard O’Reilly, John Murphy, Mrs. John F. Manning, Mrs. John White, Mrs. John Houlihan, Mrs. Peter Power, Mrs. John Thistle, Thos. Quigley, Lawrence Whalen, Jas. Dunphy, Mrs. Rich. Thorne, Martin Manning, Michael Whitty, John Manning, Ed. Fleming, Patk. Martin, John Roche, Nicholas Quigley, Francis Barron, Patk. Cullen, Michael Brien, Patk. Doyle, Ed. Kelly, Thos. Roche, Wm. Murphy, Jas. Moore, Jas. Dunphy, Patk. Reddy, Mrs. Wm. Molloy, Mrs. Robt. Molloy, John T. Whitty, John Lynch, Robert Gosse, Patk. Ryan, Mrs. M. McGuire, Dave McGuire, Mrs. A. McGuire, Ed. Cantwell, Mrs. P. Morey, Geo. Tapper, Chas. Gosse, Joseph O’Brien, Michael Fennessey, Patk. Whitty, Thos. Martin, Martin Ryan, Mrs. W. Barron, Mrs. J. Crowe, Mrs. Peter Power, Mrs. Jas. Malin [sic], John McGrath, Mrs. W. Ryan, Miss Imelda Reddy, Frank Reddy, Jas. Finn, Ed. Ryan, Robt. Tapper, Thos. Keating, Geo. Ryan, Mrs. Frank Manning, James Byrne, Thos. Flemming, Peter Thorne, James Whitty Jr., Jas. Manning, Thos. Manning, James Whitty Jr., Cornelius Manning, Robert Codner, Richard Yeo, Patrick Crowe,

Joseph Gosse, John Whitty, Francis Barron, Samuel Flemming, James Martin, Mrs. Con Manning, Patrick Manning, Edward Cantwell, George Tapper of John.

Daily News

February 15, 1930 (Saturday)

Personal (Nfld. Weekly). ...

Boston, Feb. 8 - During the week we were glad to welcome at the office of The Weekly: Miss Josephine Dooley and Miss Carol Murphy, both formerly of St. John’s. The former arrived in Boston about three months ago and has a position in the Central Square Theatre, East Boston.  ... Both young ladies are staying at Mrs. Mary Drohan’s, 602 London St., East Boston. ...

Daily News

March 24, 1930 (Monday)

S.S. Sagona via Fogo, March 23 - Thomas Hynes of Kelligrews took sick yesterday.  Have had doctor aboard from S.S. Imogene to give him attention.   (Sgd.)  BLACKWOOD.

S.S. Sagona, via Fogo, March 23 - Crew all on board, all well.  Have transferred body of Thomas Hynes who died this morning to S.S. Eagle.   (Sgd.)  BLACKWOOD.

Daily News

March 31, 1930 (Monday)

Eagle in Saturday Hails for 25,000.

The S.S. Eagle, Captain Wes. Kean, the first arrival from the seal-fishery arrived in port shortly before 12 o’clock on Saturday hailing for 25,000 prime young harps and hoods. ...

The body of Thos. Hynes, a member of the crew of the Sagona who died on board that ship was brought in by the Eagle.

Daily News

April 4, 1930 (Friday)


Boston, Mar. 29 - During the week we were glad to welcome at the offices of the Weekly- ...
John J. Dunphy, of Dunville, Placentia, who has been residing in Boston for the past seventeen years.  He has made frequent trips to his old home during this interval, and was a passenger by the S.S. Farnorth on Tuesday, in another visit to his people.

Daily News

April 5, 1930 (Saturday)

Bell Island News.  Personal. ...

A large number of our workmen left the Island on Saturday to attend the funeral of the late Thos. Hynes, sealer on the Sagona, whose body was brought to port that day by S.S. Eagle.  Mr. Hynes was an employee in the mines for some years and was well known and respected.  His funeral in Kelligrews on Sunday was attended, it is said, by fully a thousand people from all parts of Conception Bay.

Daily News

April 10, 1930 (Thursday)

Sagona’s Crew Shared $58.28.

The specifications of the pelts landed by S.S. Sagona, Captain Charles Blackwood, at Port Union, was received by the Daily News too late for yesterday morning’s issue and appears here-under: - ... Net value $24, 479.06.   One third to crew of 140 men $8, 159.68.  Each man shared $58.28.

Daily News

April 10, 1930 (Thursday)

South Coast Disaster Fund.   ...

Torbay: Church of St. John the Evangelist, per Rev. John Carter...

$1.00 each - .. Oliver O’Brien, ... Mrs. John Reddy, ... Thos. Reddy, ... John Reddy, ...  Michael Reddy, ... Jas. Reddy, ...

50 cents each - ... Michael Kinsella, ... Patk. Reddy, ... John T. Whitty, ... Joseph O’Brien, ... Patk. Whitty, ... Frank Reddy, ... James Whitty, Sr., ... James Whitty, Jr., ... John Whitty, ... Miss Melda Reddy.

Harbour Grace Standard

June 13, 1930 (Friday)

Rev. G.B. Pickering, B.D., who has been pastor of the United Church here for the past five years, notified his congregation on Sunday last of his intention of accepting a call recently received by him to the pastorate of Wesley Church, St. John's. Rev. Pickering came to this country from England in 1906 and entered the Ministry of the Methodist Church. He attended Mount Allison University for three years, graduating in 1912. He has served in several districts among which are Sound Island, P.B., Victoria, Lower Island Cove, Blackhead and Harbor Grace. In 1923 he was elected assistant Secretary of the Conference and Secretary in 1927 and in 1928 was elected President of the Conference. Rev. Pickering endeared himself to the members of his congregation during his term of office here and he and Mrs. Pickering have made many friends here who while regretting their departure wish them every success and happiness in their new home.



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