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1831 - 1840


Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

September 13, 1831

Valuable Fee-simple Property.

On Thursday the 20th October next, Will be Submitted for Sale, By Public Auction, on the Premises, at Harbor Grace, All those extensive and valuable Premises situated in Harbor Grace, belonging to the Bankrupt Estate of Mr. W.W. Danson

[provides list of stores, wharves, shops, etc.]

Also, the Premises at Holy-Road, belonging to the said Bankrupt Estate, consisting of
A good Dwelling-House, 2 Stores, Counting-House, Shop, Coopers’ Shop, Cook-Room, Wharf, 2 Stages, 3 large Flakes, Cellar, with Net Loft over; Garden and Meadow Ground, with Cow-House, and 4 Tenements for Fishermen.

These Premises are in excellent condition, and most of the erections have been recently made.

And [premises at Bay de Verde]

Further particulars relative to these Properties may be obtained, and plans of the same seen, by application to Robinson & Brookings, St. John’s or James Hippesley, Harbor Grace.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

September 13, 1831


All persons indebted to, or who have in his, her or their possession any of the Estate or Effects of HUGH WILLIAM DANSON, of the City of Bristol, and of Newfoundland, Merchant, an English Bankrupt, are hereby required to pay or deliver the same forthwith to the Subscribers, or either of them, they being the Agents, in this Island, of the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of the said Hugh Wm. Danson, and alone authorized to receive the same; - And all Persons having demands upon the said Estate, whereof the subject matter arose in Newfoundland or its Dependencies, are desired to exhibit the same forthwith, duly attested, either to Mr. JAMES HIPPISLEY, at Harbor-Grace, or at the office of ROBINSON & BROOKING, in St. John’s.

And all Persons having, or pretending to have, any preferable claim upon the Funds of the said Estate, are required to set forth in their Affidavit of Debt the nature of such claim, showing on what ground it is considered preferable. ROBINSON & BROOKING

By their Attorney




St. John’s, 28th June, 1831.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

October 4, 1831 (Tuesday)


The Sale of those Premises situated at Harbor-Grace, Holy-Rood and Bay-de-Verd, belonging to the Bankrupt Estate of Mr. Hugh W. Danson, advertised for the 20th October next, is POSTPONED by order of the Assignees. Robinson & Brooking

Agents of the Assignees

Sept. 27.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

January 7, 1834 (Tuesday)

The Grand Jury have found true bills against the following prisoners, viz. ...

John Hennessey, for the Murder of Timothy Rourke at Hollyrood [sic] ...

Tobias Mandeville, Arthur Spring, and Catherine Snow, for the Murder of John Snow, at Port-de-Grave.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

January 14, 1834 (Tuesday)

Supreme Court.

On Wednesday last, the Supreme Court was occupied in the consideration of the three following criminal cases: - ... John Hennesy [sic], for the Murder of Timothy Rourke, at Holyrood. - A verdict of Manslaughter was returned in this case. ....

On Friday the 10th, Tobias Mandeville, Arthur Spring, and Catherine Snow, were put to the Bar, on their trial for the wilful murder of John Snow, a respectable planter of Port-de-Grave - the husband of the prisoner Catherine Snow, and the master of the prisoner Spring. - This trial excited the most painful interest, - and occupied the attention of the Court for upwards of twelve hours; - when the Jury brought in a verdict of "Guilty" against all the Prisoners; and after a most eloquent and affecting address from the Chief Judge, sentence of Death was passed on them by his Lordship - to be carried into effect on the following Monday (yesterday). Tobias Mandeville, being found Guilty of Murder, was sentenced to be hung by the neck until dead; and his body to be dissected and anatomized: - Arthur Spring, the servant, and Catherine Snow, the wife, of the deceased, were declared Guilty of Petit-Treason, and accordingly sentenced to be drawn to the place of execution on a hurdle, - and their bodies, after death, also to be given to the surgeons for dissection.

Catherine Snow then moved the Court in arrest of the sentence of Execution; - alleging, as a plea, her being at that time enceinte; upon which the Court ordered that a Jury of Twelve respectable Matrons should be Empaneled to decide on the truth or falsity of the Prisoner’s allegation; a Jury of that description accordingly met on Saturday morning, and returned a verdict (in substance) that the Prisoner was in the situation stated in her plea. - She has therefore been respited until the next Session of the Supreme Court.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

January 14, 1834 (Tuesday)

EXECUTION. - Yesterday morning, pursuant to sentence, Tobias Mandeville and Arthur Spring (found guilty of the murder of John Snow, at Port-de-Grave) were executed at the new drop, erected at the West End of the Court House. - These unfortunate and wretched men (who, we understand, have experienced the most unremitting attention from the Right Reverend Dr. Fleming and his Clergy, from the time of passing of the sentence until the moment of their death) appear to have met their death with much firmness; and it is to be fervently hoped, that they may experience that forgiveness from a merciful Redeemer, which, from the dreadful nature of their crime, they could not expect from their fellow men.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

January 14, 1834 (Tuesday)

The bodies of the malefactors Mandeville and Spring, in place of being dissected, are, we understand, to be taken to Port-de-Grave - there to be hung in chains, as a warning to others of the fatal effects of crime.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser

July 22, 1834 (Tuesday)

EXECUTION - Catherine Snow, convicted in the January term of the Supreme Court, of being accessary to the murder of her husband, John Snow, of Port-de-Grave, and then sentenced to die - (but execution of which sentence was stayed, in consequence of her being pregnant) - yesterday morning suffered the last awful penalty of the Law, at the drop erected at the west end of the Court House. The unfortunate woman was attended, to the last moment, with unceasing assiduity, by the Clergy of the R.C. Church; and she met her fate with much apparent firmness. Her body, after dissection (conformably to the sentence), was, we understand, interred last evening.



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