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The Harbour Grace Standard
March - November 15, 1873


SurnamePublish DateDetails
DONNELLYApr. 1, 1873On the 27th ult., the wife of the Hon. W.J.S. DONNELLY, of a son.
GADENSept.17, 1873On the 12th inst., the wife of T.W. GADEN, Esq., of a daughter.
LADNERJun. 17, 1873On Sunday morning last, the wife of the Revd. C. Ladner, of a daughter.
MUNROMar. 11,1873On Friday last, the wife of Mr. Thomas MUNRO, of a daughter.
NOBLEAug. 30, 1873On the 27th inst., the wife of Mr. W.C. NOBLE, of a daughter.
TAYLOROct. 4, 1873On Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. Henry TAYLOR, of a son.


NamePublish DateDetails
ALCOCK, Catherine Jul. 30, 1873 On the 25th inst., after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian Resignation to the Divine Will, Catherine, the beloved wife of Capt. Mark ALCOCK, aged 54 years.
BAIRD, Hellen Harvey Jun. 24, 1873 At the same place, on Sunday, the 15th inst., Hellen Harvey, aged 3 years and 4 months, youngest daughter of David and Margaret BAIRD.
BARNES, Mary Sept.10, 1873At St. John's, on Wednesday morning inst., after a long illness, Mary, relict of the late Mr. James BARNES, aged 82 years.
BOLAN, Richard FrancisJul. 15, 1873 Accidently drowned at sea from on board the brigantine, Neitherton, June 16, Richard Francis, second son of the late Capt. Richard BOLAN, aged 26 years.
BOLAND, Capt. Richard Jun. 24, 1873At same place on Monday, 16th inst., Capt. Richard BOLAND, late coast pilot of H.M.S. Lapwing, aged 68 years.
BREAKER, William Oct. 22, 1873On Monday morning last, after a short illness, William, eldest son of Mr. Stephen BREAKER, aged 13 years.
BRYAN, JamesJul. 18, 1873On Saturday 4th inst., after a short illness, James, eldest son of Mr. Richard BRYAN, aged 19 years.
CALLAHAN, MaryAug. 9, 1873On Monday evening last, after a lingering illness, Mary, daughter of the late Mr. John CALLAHAN, aged 16 years.
CARTER, Mary Jane Sept.10, 1873At same place, 7th inst., after a short illness, borne with Christian resignation, Mary Jane CARTER, only daughter of Mr. C.B. BROCKLEHURST, aged 28 years.
CLUNN, Charles Thomas Sept. 3, 1873On Monday morning last, after a short illness, Charles Thomas, only son of Capt. H.W. CLUNN, aged 3 years and 3 months.
COUGHLAN, PatrickJul. 15, 1873Suddenly, at Boston, on Tuesday evening, 1st inst., Patrick, second son of Mr. William COUGHLAN of St. John's, aged 24 years.
CRANE, Wm.May 9, 1873On Monday last, deeply regretted by a large circle of relatives and friends, Mr. Wm. CRANE, aged 62 years.
CRANFORD, Rev. H. L.Jun. 3, 1873At Dartmouth, England, on the 13th ultimo, Rev. H.L. CRANFORD, Wesleyan Minister, aged 31 years.
CULLEN, ThomasJun. 17, 1873At same place, on Thursday evening, Mr. Thomas CULLEN, Cooper, a native of New Ross, Ireland, aged 67 years, 53 of which he spent in this country.
CURRIE, Alexander Jun. 27, 1873At Glasgow, on the 17th inst., deeply regretted by all who knew him, Alexander CURRIE, Esq. The deceased was for many years a resident of St. John's.
DOOLEY, Ann JosephJun. 24, 1873At St. John's on Thursday evening last, Ann Joseph, the beloved wife of Mr. Garrett DOOLEY, and eldest daughter of the late Capt. Denis MEALEY, much and deservedly regretted by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. She leaves a husband and twelve children to mourn their irreparable loss.
DUGGAN, HonoraMar. 28, 1873At St. John's, on the 15th inst., after a brief illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Divine Will, Honora, wife of Mr. Henry DUGGAN, a native of county Tipperary, Ireland, aged 25 years. R.I.P.
DUNPHY, Mrs. DavidJun. 24, 1873At Halifax, N.S., on Saturday morning, 14th inst., after a short illness, Mrs. David DUNPHY, aged 28 years, a native of Newfoundland.
FRENCH, AliceSept.10, 1873On the 5th inst., Alice, daugther of Mr. Stephen FRENCH, aged 4 years and 4 months
GALWAY, JohnJul. 15, 1873On the 12th June, in South Boston, after a short but painful illness of only 9 days, Mr. John GALWAY, cooper, for many years a respectable resident of St. John's, Newfoundland.
GOULD, JaneJun. 27, 1873At Carbonear on the 13th inst., deeply regretted by a large circle of relatives and friends, Jane, relict of the late Thomas GOULD, Esq., aged 73 years.
HAMILTON, AlexandraMay 23, 1873At same place on Monday last, after a long and painful illness, born with Christian Resignation to the Divine Will, Mr. Alexandra HAMILTON, age 68 years. The deceased was a native of Carbonear and leaves a wife and large family to mourn their loss.
HARTY, David JosephMar. 28, 1873At Ochre Pit Cove, on the 17th inst., Mr. David Joseph HARTY, aged 24 years, much and deservedly regretted by all who knew him. R.I.P.
HAYWARD, Julia SarahAug 2, 1873On Monday, at Brookfield, aged 36 years, Julia Sarah, daughter of G.J. HAYWARD, Esq.
KING, SusanaJul. 15, 1873At Portugal Cove, on 30th June, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Divine Will, Mrs. Susana KING, aged 58 years.
LEACH, CatherineAug 2, 1873On the 26th June inst., at Gilbraltar, Mrs. Catherine LEACH, widow of the late William LEACH, Esq., merchant of that city and sister to R.L. MOORE, Esq. H.M. Customs at this port.
MARTIN, ElizabethJun. 17, 1873On Sunday last, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Divine Will, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Mr. Jonathan MARTIN, aged 68 years. Funeral from her late residence at 3 pm tomorrow. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested to attend.
MAYNE, ElizaJun. 20, 1873At Halifax, N.S., on Monday last, after a brief illness, Eliza, beloved wife of Mr. Cawley C. MAYNE, aged 25 years.
MCCARTHY, JohnMay 23, 1873At Carbonear, on Wednesday evening last, deeply regretted by a large circle of relations and friends, John McCARTHY, Esq., Sub collector of Her Majesty's Customs at that port, aged 67 years. Funeral from his late residence tomorrow at 3 p.m. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested to attend.
MEEK, Clara Sophia
MEEK, Charles
May 27, 1873At the Parsonage, Fogo, on Sunday night, the 20th April, Clara Sophia, beloved wife of the Reverend Christopher MEEK, aged 26 years. Also, at the same place, on Tuesday, the 22nd of April, Charles, infant son of Christopher and Clara MEEK, aged 11 days.
MIFFLIN, MaryMay 27, 1873At Bonavista, on the 3rd May, Mary MIFFLIN, aged 4 years and 3 months, eldest daughter of Mr. James HUNT.
MUNN, William DuncanJul. 4, 1873At half-past 2 p.m., deeply regretted by many sorrowing relatives and friends, William Duncan, youngest son of Archibald MUNN, Esq., aged 16 years and 6 months.
NOEL, ClementMar. 11,1873At Carbonear, on the 8th inst., much and deservedly regretted, Mr. Clement NOEL, at the advanced age of 83 years.
PARSONS, CharlotteJul. 11, 1873On Monday, 7th inst., after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian Resignation to the Divine Will, Charlotte, beloved wife of Capt. James PARSONS, aged 38 years.
PAYNE, NicholasMar. 28, 1873At Fogo, on the 1st ult., after a painful illness, borne with Christian Resignation to the Divine Will, Mr. Nicholas PAYNE, pilot, a native of Fogo.
PERRY, EllenJul. 22, 1873At the same place, June 19, of consumption, Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. John PERRY, aged 24 years.
QUINTIN, EmmaOct. 31, 1873On Saturday last, 25th inst., after a protracted illness, Emma, eldest daughter of E.W. QUINTIN, Esq., aged 15 years.
RENDELL, JohnOct. 1, 1873On the 24th inst., after a long and painful illness, Mr. John RENDELL, aged 70 years, a native of Dartmouth, England. The deceased was connected with H.M. Customs for 27 years.
REVETTS, MaryMay 16, 1873On Monday last, after a short illness, Mary, relict of the late Mr. William REVETTS, aged 57 years.
RYAN, MaryMar. 28, 1873At same place, on the 19th inst., after a lingering illness, Mary, eldest daughter of Captain John RYAN, aged 21 years.
SHORTIS, William R.May 23, 1873Yesterday morning, after a lingering illness, borne with true Christian fortitude and pious resignation to the Divine Will, William R. SHORTIS, aged 25 years; eldest son of Michael SHORTIS, Esq. The deceased was a most promising young man and hightly esteemed by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. Having been educated for the priesthood at St. Patrick's College, Carlow, Ireland; and also at College Dupepe, Lotivin, Belgim he was ever a model of scholarship and pleasurable company. He had even at that early age mastered proficiently seven languages and although his demeanour was quiet and exemplary, he was ever ready and willing to impart useful information. The deceased had to return to this his native land some three years ago for the benefit of his health; the best of French, and Belgian physicians recommending his so doing. Alas! a higher than human power has cut off from a grieving circle a youth esteemed by all. Sympathy with his sorrowing friends and relatives is deep and sincere. R.I.P.
STRAPP, ThomasJul. 30, 1873On Thursday morning last, after a long illness, Thomas, third son of Mr. John STRAPP, aged 3 years.
STRATHIE, HelenJul. 22, 1873At Bloomfield, Bonavista Bay, June 11, of whooping cough, Helen, youngest child of Mr. Robert STRATHIE, aged 6 years and 6 months.
TALBOT, WilliamMay 2, 1873On Monday evening last, the 28th ult., William TALBOT, Esq., aged 81 years.
TESSIER, Annie ElizabethJun. 17, 1873At same place, on Thursday, Annie Elizabeth, youngest child of James and Annie TESSIER, aged 11 months.
THOMAS, Nathaniel WallaceJun. 17, 1873At St. John's, on Wednesday the 11th inst., Nathaniel WALLACE, aged seven years and nine months, third son of Mr. Nathaniel THOMAS, hair dresser.
THOMPSON, FrederickMay 27, 1873Also, on the 9th inst. Frederick, third son of Mr. Charles THOMPSON, aged 9 years.
TOOLE, MargaretAug. 23, 1873At River Head, on the 19th inst., alter a brief illness, Margaret TOOLE, aged 70 years. The deceased was a native of the County Kilkenny, Ireland.
VEY, ChristopherSept.10, 1873At Mount Pleasant, Topsail, on Saturday evening, 6th inst., Christopher VEY, aged 78 years.
WORRAL, Elizabeth EllenNov. 12, 1873At St. John's on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Ellen, eldest daughter of James and Sarah WORRAL, aged 5 years.
WORRALL, Annie LouisaOct. 31, 1873At St. John's yesterday evening, Annie Louisa, second daughter of James and Sarah WORRALL, aged 3 years.


SurnamePublish DateDetails
BISHOP - WEAHOct. 1, 1873At Christ Church, Tilt Cove, on Monday, September 8, by the Rev. W.R. Smith, assisted by Rev. C. Meek, the Rev. George H. BISHOP, Missionary at Battle Harbour, Labrador, to Mary Anne, relict of the late ________Weah of Trinity.
BUDD - DODDRIDGESept.13, 1873At New Richmond, Co, Bonaventure, Canada, on the 20th ult., at the residence of John Campbell, Esq., merchant, by the Rev. John Wells, Mr. John C. BUDD, to Isabella M. DODDRIDGE, ninth daughter of John DODDRIDGE, Esq. J.P.
COCHRANE - M'COUBREYSept.13, 1873At New Richmond, Co. Bonaventure, Canada, on the 20th inst., at the residence of John Campbell, Esq., merchant, by the Rev. John Wells, Mr. William Henry COCHRANE, to Margaret Elizabeth M'COUBREY, only daughter of Mr. R. M'COUBREY.
CONWAY - KENAHOct. 1, 1873At Tilt Cove, on the 16th instant, by Rev. Father Brown, Thomas CONWAY, to Elizabeth KENAH.
DEARIN - RYANMay 16, 1873On Wednesday, the 7th inst., at the Cathedral, by the Right Rev. Dr. Carfagnini, assisted by the Rev. D. Falconio, O.S.F., J.J. DEARIN, Esq., to Mary Josephine, eldest daughter of Captain John RYAN.
DONNELLY - JORDANJul. 22, 1873At St. John's, on th 15th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Doyle, at the residence of the bride's brother, Mr. William DONNELLY, to Bridget M., daughter of the late Mr. Patrick JORDAN.
DRYER - LINEGARJul. 15, 1873On Friday, 4th inst., at the Cathedral, St. John's, by the Rev. J. McGrath, Mr. John DRYER to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Capt. James LINEGAR.
EWING - LOVEYSAug. 30, 1873At Toronto, on the 6th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J.J. Rice, Jas. M. EWING, to Selah, daughter of Mr. S. LOVEYS, all of St. John's, Newfoundland.
FURLONG - FLEMINGSept.10, 1873On Monday evening, 8th inst., at the Cathedral, by the Rev. J.P. Delaney, Mr. M. FURLONG to Margaret FLEMING, both of St. John's.
GILL - GAMMONJul. 15, 1873At Pictou on the evening of the 20th June, by the Rev. Mr. Herman, A.M., Mr. Ernest Augustus GILL, formerly of St. John's, Newfoundland, to Miss Sarah E.S. GAMMON, formerly of River John.
HENNESSY - SHELMADINEAug. 9, 1873On Thursday evening last, at the Cathedral by the Very Revd. D. Falconio, O.S.F., Mr. David HENNESSY to Miss Julia Ann SHELMADINE, both of this town.
KELLEY - CLARKEOct. 1, 1873On the 8th instant, at Black Duck Cove, by Rev. Mr. Harrington, Mr. Charles KELLEY, to Charlotte, daughter of the late Mr. John CLARKE, of Cuckle's Cove.
LEACH - DIDDEMMay 20, 1873On the 7th inst., by the Rev. A. Ross, Mr. Edward LEACH, of Devon, England, to Miss Hannah DIDDEM, of Trinity.
MCCARTHY - HARTREYSept. 3, 1873At the Cathedral, yesterday, by the Very Rev. D. Falconio, O.S.F., Mr. Simon McCARTHY, of Carbonear, to Maria, daughter of Mr. Jeremiah HARTREY, of this town.
MCLEAN - MCGILLIVARMay 27, 1873At the residence of the bride's father, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Daniel MacDougall, of St. Andrew's Church, Mr. John McLEAN, Engineer S.S. Ariel, to Janet, daughter of Mr. McGILLIVAR, St. John's, Newfoundland
REDDY - GREYAug. 23, 1873On Thursday evening last, by the Very Revd. D. Falconio, O.S.F., Mr. John REDDY to Miss Mary Ann GREY, both of this town.
SMITH - LAWRENCEJun. 27, 1873On the 21st inst., at Christ Church, Bonavista by the Rev. Henry M. Skinner, Incumbent of Salvage, John J. SMITH, Esq., of Brigus, Conception Bay to Jane, daughter of John LAWRENCE, Esq., Clerk of the Peace, &c.
SPUAREY - WOLFREYJul. 25, 1873At St. Paul's Church, yesterday, by the Rev. Bertram James, Rector, Mr. William R. SPUAREY, to Ann, second daughter of the late Mr. Thomas WOLFREY, both of this town.
STAPLETON - WALSHJul. 30, 1873On Friday last, at the Cathedral by the Very Rev. D. Falconio, O.S.F., Mr. Bartholomew STAPLETON, to Miss Mary WALSH, all of Riverhead.
STERLING - WYLDEJul. 15, 1873At Port Mulgrave, on Tuesday, 12th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J.P. Tremain, Mr. Edgar S. STERLING of Port Hastings, C.B., to Lydia Augusta, fifth daughter of W.H. WYLDE, Esq., M.P.P.
SYKES - MOLLONEYNov. 15, 1873At St. John's on Saturday, 8th inst., at St. Thomas Church, by the Rev. Arthur Wood, Mr. Fred Augustus SYKES, of Manchester, England, to Miss Charlotte MOLLONEY, second daughter of the late J.P. MOLLONEY, of that City.
TOBIN - POWERSept. 6, 1873At St. John's, on Wednesday, 27th inst., at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. John Ryan, Mr. Michael TOBIN, to Bridget, relict of the late Mr. Edward POWER.
WINTER - BELCHERJun. 24, 1873On Thursday evening last, 15th inst., were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at St. James' Chapel in this city, by the Rev. Mr. Horner, Mr. Henry P. WINTER, second son of James Winter, Esq., Her Majesty's Customs, St. John's, Newfoundland, to Fannie, second daughter of E.H.K. BELCHER, Esq., of Clinton Avenue in this city, member of one of the leading firms of the New York swamp. -Brooklyn Colonist, May 17.


SurnamePublish DateDetails
COFFEE InquestMay 13, 1873The inquest held on the body of James COFFEE resulted in a verdict of manslaughter against Richard SINGLETON, and his two sons, Albert and John, all of whom are now in custody. The former under charge of the police at his own home, and the latter in gaol here. The father, in consequence of his wound, cannot be removed for a few days.


Publish DateDetails
May 2, 1873Per Tiger from Halifax - Revd.. Mr. LOCKWOOD, Mrs. LOCKWOOD and child, Mrs. McTAGGART, Messrs. SMITH, HAMBURGER, EATON, McKAY, HARVEY, BENNETT, WOOD and 10 in steerage.
May 2, 1873Per Moravian from Liverpool - Mrs. CORDON, Mrs. BAILLE, Rev. J. MILNER, Hon. Jas. TOBIN W.P. MUNN, Esq., and Messrs. WEBSTER, BUTTERFIELD, ROSSEAU, HODGE, IRVINE, CROWDY, GOODRIGE. Intermediate - Messrs. CAKE, SMITH, McCORMICK, and two in steerage.
May 2, 1873Per Moravian from Halifax - Mrs. J. CARBERY, Miss Ellen REGAN, and Messrs. J.W. FORAN, George RUTHERFORD, J.H. McNEIL, C. MATTHEWS, HAMBURGER, J. BURT, Stephen SPENCE, George HUTCHINGS. Intermediate - Messrs. Wm. BYRNE, Sr., Wm. BYRNE, Jr. Steerage - Mrs. Anne CLOONEY, and five children; Miss READY, Miss MALONE, Mary DUGGAN, Johanna DUGGAN, Norah KEEFE, Mary RYAN, William MARTIN, Patrick MARTIN, William READ.
May 20, 1873Per Nestorian from Liverpool. Cabin - Monsieur JOUBERT, Madame JOUBERT, Blanch FOURNIER (servant), Louise NOCHET (servant), Mr. & Mrs. TESSIER, Mr. TESSIER, Jun., Miss TESSIER and servant, Mr. & Mrs. WHITEAWAY, Mr. & Mrs. OLIPHANT, Miss GLYNN, Messrs. LLOYD, MILNE, LEVILLEY, MORRIS, LARMOUR, DAWE, HERMAN, ADAMS, THOMSON, Capts. BURCHALL and McNEIL. Intermediate - William MARTIN, Steerage - Mrs. MONROE and child, John DRISCOL.
May 20, 1873Per Nestorian for Halifax and Quebec. Saloon - Mr. & Mrs. CROWLEY, Capt. ROSSEAU, Messrs. J.H. BOONE, A. RENNIE, J. FURLONG; 21 in steerage.
Jun. 17, 1873Per Peruvian from Liverpool - The Right Rev. Coadjutor Bishop of Newfoundland, Most Rev. Dr. POWER, Very Rev. PH.H. SLATTERY, Rev. J.R. MURRAY, Mrs. MURRAY, Master F.J. MURRAY, Ellen R. SPANIER, Nurse, Mr. & Mrs. WATERMAN, Mr. & Mrs. BOVIERE, Mr. & Mrs. GRIEVE, Jane SPARROW, servant, Messrs. MOORE, CURLING AND NORFOLK. Intermediate and steerage had 4.
Jun. 17, 1873Per Neptune for Montreal - Stephen RENDELL, Esq., M.H.A., Hon. F.B.T. CARTER, Mr. & Mrs. Robert BOWDEN, Misses FINN and HENEBURY, and 38 in steerage.
Jul. 22, 1873In the Lion for Montreal - Mrs. BUCKLER and 3 children, Messrs. A.W. WALKER, OLIVER, TAYLOR and WILLIAMS.
Jul. 22, 1873In the Nestorian from Halifax - Revds. Messrs. MILLIGAN, DOVE, PEACH, HARRIS, COMBEN, PASCOE, Mrs. MARCH, Miss GILL.
Sept.10, 1873Per Austrian from Liverpool - Mrs. NEYLE, Mrs. A. CURRIE, Mrs. GRAY, Mrs. QUINN, Mrs. LONDON, and infant, Mrs. HALL and child, Miss MALONEY, (rest is missing).
Sept.17, 1873Per Hibernian for Liverpool - Mr. & Mrs. GAZET, Mr. & Mrs. WATERMAN, Mrs. & Miss KENT, Mrs. GRAVIERE and 2 children, Thomas R. JOB, Esq., Messrs. PITTS, MORINET and SQUIRES, Masters Herbert and Robert RENDELL, 1 in steerage.
Oct. 8, 1873Per Hibernian from Liverpool - Rev. Father McGRATH, Messrs. SELLARS, SQUIRES AND O'DONNELL; 3 in steerage.
Oct. 8, 1873Per Hibernian for Halifax - the Right Rev. the Coadjutor Bishop and Mrs. KELLY, Very Rev. Dr. CRANE, Rev. Mr. ISACH, Rev. Mr. CAMPBELL, Rev. Mr. DAVID, Mrs. & Miss BREWER, Miss C. TOOME, Miss E. FURLONG, Miss FOX, Capt. C. PALMER, Messrs. BUCHANNAN, TUCKER, MacKINDOE and MITCHELL. Intermediate - Mr. & Mrs. CHANCEY and child, Mrs. FANNING, 29 in steerage.
Oct. 31, 1873Per Nestorian from Liverpool - Messrs. John MUNN, J.S. BURNETT, Miss MUNN, Miss LETHBRIDGE, Miss E. LeGALLAISE, Rev. S. Abbe TORNOUX. Intermediate - Mr. S. SNOWDON, Geo. H. BRYANT, and Miss BRYANT, one in steerage.
Oct. 31, 1873For Halifax and Quebec - Dr. LANE and wife and 5 children, Mr. & Mrs. BELFIELD, Mrs. NICHOLLS, Mr. HOWES, Arthur RENDELL. Intermediate - Mr. W.T. PARSONS and family, Miss Kate NORMOUR, Ellen Keefe, John O'NEIL, John REID and wife, J.W. ARBOUTHNOTT, Sarah DAY and 46 (children included) in Steerage.

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