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 Bay Roberts Guardian


        C. E. Russell Proprietor                                                                            MF 5148


Transcribed by Maxine Edwards, February 2002.


Some pages in the original contain flaws and other defects, which appear on the film.


Monday, January 5, 1931

Died at Coley’s Point, Jan. 2nd, GILBERT MARTIN (late Royal Nfld. Regiment), aged 35 years.  Left to mourn are a wife, two children and father, Mr. Henry Martin.  Funeral took place Jan. 4th to the U.C. cemetery, Coley’s Pt.


Died suddenly, at Coley’s Point, Jan. 3rd, Capt. JOSEPH ROACH (late mercantile marine), aged 38 years.  Leaving to mourn a wife, seven children and four brothers, Ananias, Henry and Robert, of Coley’s Pt., and Isaac in N.S.  The deceased was well-known in many parts of the country, and particularly in Bay Roberts and vicinity.  For a number of years he was a master of sailing vessels to Labrador, where he was in charge of Messrs. MacRae & Sons fish premises at Grady.  During the Great War he commanded several vessels on trips to Europe and was awarded a Mercantile Marine service medal.  He was deputy-sheriff for Bay Roberts section for several years. Funeral Jan. 6th, to the church of St. John the Evangelist, Coley’s Point. (This is a combination of two separate articles on the deceased.)


Friday, January 9, 1931

Tragedy at Curling – JOHN W. THISTLE, aged 38 years, a barber of Curling, was shot in his home on New Year’s Eve and died in the Corner Brook Hospital a few hours later.  A .32 calibre revolver was found by his side with three of the five chambers containing empty shells, and two loaded cartridges in the other chambers.  One bullet had entered his head behind the left ear, while other parts of his face and chest had several bruises.  Thistle left his barber shop about 11 o’clock on the night of the tragedy, made a purchase at a store and then went home.  After he arrived home his wife went to the yard to take in some clothes, while the unfortunate man went to the basement off a pantry.  While in the yard, Mrs. Thistle heard a shot and returning to the house found her husband lying on the floor.  She immediately notified some neighbors who, on finding the man badly injured, called Dr. O’Connell and Rev. Fr. Brosnan.  After a hurried examination the doctor ordered Thistle to the Corner Brook Hospital where he expired.  As the result of a statement made by Mrs. Thistle, the police secured information sufficient to warrant the arrest of a young man named REGINALD BOLAND, who, on Saturday, was brought before Mr. Wm. Milley, J.P., and Mr. S.D, Cook, J.P., and formally charged with murder.  The prisoner was committed to trial in the Supreme Court at St. John’s and was brought there this week.


January 16 issue missing.



Friday, January 23, 1931

Accidentally drowned at Long Beach Pond, Coley’s Point, January 14th, 1931, OLIVIA PENNEY, aged 11 years and 6 months, daughter of Felix and the late Mary Ann Penney, of Deer Lake, and niece of Mr. Eleazar Tippett, of Coley’s Point.  Funeral took place to the U.C. cemetery, Coley’s Point, Jan. 16th.


Nfld. Seaman Saves Wife and Child in Conflagration – Halifax – Grasped from almost certain death as leaping flames were fast eating their way up through the second and third floors of the apartment house at 5 Victoria Rd. recently, 12 persons, two of whom sustaining injuries, were thrillingly rescued by firemen, while a heroic husband and father, RICHARD PICCO, formerly of Portugal Cove, by the use of a slim clothes-line, piloted his wife and baby to safety from a second story window, the flames licking at their heels as they made their way from the smoke-filled rooms.


Died at Butlerville, Shearstown, Jan. 19th, after a lingering illness, WILLIAM PARSONS, aged 76 years.  Leaving a wife, three sons and three daughters to mourn their sad loss.  Funeral took place Wednesday to the C. of E. cemetery.


Died at St. John’s, Jan. 22nd, ELIZABETH (Bessie) S. HUTCHINGS, aged 87 years, widow of the late George A. Hutchings.  Mr. H.V. Hutchings, Asst. Deputy Minister of Customs is a son.


Friday, January 30, 1931

Died at Bonavista, Jan. 23rd, 1931, JOSEPH ROLLS, aged 80 years.  Leaving four daughters and one son to mourn their sad loss.


Nfld. Native Killed While Rum Running – Capt. WILLIAM CLUETT, formerly of Belleoram, Nfld., captain of the ship “Josephine K.” was sot by United States coast guards while on a rum-running trip with $100,000 worth of liquor on board.  The coast guard cutter gave chase to the vessel and fired several shots across her bow but the vessel did not stop. One of the shots hit the captain and it proved fatal.  The crew of 15 men were then placed under arrest.  He leaves a wife and two children at Lunenburg and a mother and sisters at St. John’s.  He had planned for this trip to be his last in the rum running business.  Trouble is likely to arise over the killing of Capt. Cluett.


Born at Brooklyn, N.Y., on Dec. 21st, to Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD O’KEEFE, a daughter.


Married at the R.C. Church, North River, Jan. 28th, by the Rev. G.A. Thibault, P.P., JOHN BRIEN to JOHANNA MORRISSEY, both of North River.


Friday, February 6, 1931

Died at Brigus, Feb. 3rd, SARAH J. DOTCHON, wife of Rev. Wm. D. Dotchon, United Church minister.


Died at Whiting, Ind., U.S.A., on Jan. 31st, after a short illness of pneumonia, the Rev. Dr. T.H. JAMES, formerly of the Nfld. Conference, leaving to mourn one daughter and two sisters in the U.S.A., and one brother, W.C. James, of St. John’s.


Died at Country Rd., Jan. 31st, JOHN GOOSNEY, aged 67 years, beloved husband of Mary J. Goosney.  Leaving a wife, two sons, Robert and Allan, and one brother, Isaac, to mourn their sad loss.  Funeral took place Feb. 3rd, to the C. of E. cemetery.


Friday, February 13, 1931

The passing of Rev. CHARLES LENCH, which occurred at Brigus, C.B., this (Friday) morning, will be learnt with country-wide regret.  The late Mr. Lench was born at Dudley, Staffordshire, England, seventy-two years ago and came to this country as a young man to enter the Methodist Ministry.  During the intervening years he has been pastor of many circuits around the coast of Nfld.  For several years past he was pastor of the Brigus circuit, and retired from the active ministry a short while ago continuing his residence at Brigus.  He has been at various times President and Secretary of the Methodist (now United Church) conference.  In 1924 Rev. Lench was elected to visit Palestine under the McPherson bequest.  The late Mr. Lench was the author of a number of books treating with religious and historical subjects.  A prominent member of the Loyal Orange Assoc., Rev. Lench was for several years Grand Chaplain and was a regular attendant at the sessions of Provincial Grand Lodge.  Left to mourn his passing are a wife, four sons, Charles H., Thomas A., William H., and James R., and one daughter, M. Lillian, to all of whom sympathy is extended.  The funeral takes place at Brigus, Feb. 15th.


There passed away at Bishop’s Cove this afternoon (Friday), EFFIE, second daughter of Joseph and Mary LYNCH in her 19th year. For almost two years she lived at Bay Roberts West and only three weeks ago left to spend a short vacation at her home, in apparent good health, but after a few days was taken ill which developed into meningitis from which she never recovered.  The blow comes especially hard to the father and mother, for it is only a few years since the loss of a brother and son in the ill-fated motor boat,  “Bullbird” with all hands, on her return from the Labrador.  She leaves to mourn their sad loss father, mother, two sisters, two brothers and many friends.


Friday, February 20, 1931

Died Feb. 17th, BRIDGET, relict of the late John MAHONEY, of the Birch Hills, Bay Roberts, aged 85 years.  Left to mourn are three sons, Denis, John and James, and four daughters, Mrs. Thos. Abbott, Mrs. John Hurley, Mrs. Patrick Abbott, and Mrs. John Laracy.  Funeral took place on Thursday to the North River, R.C. cemetery.


FREDERICK CURNEW, late Customs Collector at Belleoram, was found guilty of gross indecency by a jury at St. John’s last week.  He was sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labor. There are so many prisoners confined in the penitentiary at St. John’s that this week the authorities had to remove six prisoners to the jail at Harbor Grace.


At the Supreme Court, February 17th, the Grand Jury brought in a True Bill for murder against REGINALD BOLAND of Curling.


Died at Bay Roberts West, Feb. 19th, JOSEPH RUSSELL, aged 79 years.  Leaving a son, Reuben A., with whom he lived, and two daughters, Mrs. Wm, Russell, Coley’s Point, and Mrs. Jas. Reid, Goulds, South River, 14 grandchildren; also two brothers and one sister, viz:- John at Seattle, Wash., U.S.A., Azariah at Millinocket, Maine, U.S.A., and Mrs. Ellen Smith at Bangor, Me., U.S.A., to mourn their sad loss.  Funeral takes place Feb. 21st.  (This is a combination of two separate articles on the deceased.)


Friday, February 27, 1931

In the presence of a large gathering, Miss EMMIE MERCER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mercer, of Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts, was married to JOHN C. GREGORY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Gregory, of Queen’s Cove, R.S., Trinity Bay, on February 14, 1931, in Sixth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, N.Y.  The procession was led by Miss Marion Mercer, sister of the Bride, and Miss Gladys Gregory, sister of the Groom.  The Bride followed leaning on the left arm of her first cousin, Mr. Jas. Parsons, formerly of Port de Grave, who acting as father giver, escorted her in front of the Rev. George Bronson, D.D., where she was joined by the Groom and best man.


THOMAS PEDDLE, aged 69, was instantly killed on Wed. when he fell from the parapet of the dry dock at St. John’s, striking the first gallery and rolling from gallery to gallery until he struck the floor of the dock.  At the time of the accident he was directing some men who were placing the blades on the S.S. Caribou’s propeller.  The traveling crane was moving west with a sling of keel blocks.  When the crane was a few feet from Mr. Peddle he looked around, and seeing the crane coming toward him involuntarily stepped over the edge, hitting the first gallery with his head. One of his sons was the first to reach his father.  He was employed around the dock for 35 years, 18 years permanently.  He leaves a wife, daughter and 3 sons.


Sydney, Feb. 21 – GEORGE BECKETT was found guilty of the murder of NICHOLAS MARTHOS by trial jury.  After deliberating an hour and twenty minutes the Supreme Court petit jury returned a verdict of guilty in the Beckett case, and Judge Hugh Ross will impose sentence at the close of the court term, a week or so hence.  J.W. Maddin, K.C. and N.R.McArthur, K.C., summed up the case for the Crown, which produced 36 witnesses at the trial.  No witnesses were brought forward on behalf of the accused, his council, M.A. Patterson, confining his defence to his address to the jury yesterday.


Mr. THOS. KING, of Broad Cove, B.D.V., who has resided in Boston for the past few years, was accidentally killed recently.  He was working on a rigging job, and, while taking down the rigging, over-balanced in reaching for a block that was being passed to him and fell into an elevator well.  Mr. King was 57 years old, and leaves a wife and six children.


The BOLAND murder case commenced on Monday last before a special jury at the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Horwood presiding.  Hon. F.G. Bradley, Solicitor General, assisted by Mr. Walsh, prosecuted, while Mr. C.E. Hunt, assisted by Mr. Gordon Higgins, defended the accused.  Several witnesses, including the murdered man’s wife, gave evidence concerning the circumstances surrounding the murder of her husband.  The case was postponed for a day awaiting the arrival of witnesses who were on the storm bound cross country train.


Friday, March 6, 1931

The 16 year old son of William MURRIN, Spaniard’s Bay, passed away this (Saturday) morning.  He had been ill with meningitis.


WM. MURSELL, of Twillingate, was drowned by falling through the ice whilst crossing from Twillingate to Indian Cove on Saturday last. A companion MAX WHEELER, was rescued.


Reginald Boland held as Material Witness. – Saturday last, RITA THISTLE, widow of John Thistle, was arrested on a charge of murdering her husband on Dec. 31st last, thus opening a second chapter in the story of the aftermath of the crime.  The preliminary enquiry takes place at Curling.  Mrs. Thistle was a material witness for the Crown in the trial last week of Reginald Boland for the murder of her husband, the trial ending in an acquittal of Mr. Boland.  Mrs. Thistle was removed to the penitentiary.  She was formally charged in the Magistrate’s Court in St. John’s by Mr. McCarthy.J.P. as follows: - “Rita Thistle,” you stand charged for that you, the said accused, at Curling, Bay of Islands, the 31st day of Dec., 1930, feloniously, willfully and of your malice aforethought did kill and murder one, John Thistle, against Our Lord the King, his Crown and dignity.  Mr. Parsons of the firm of Parsons, Walsh, acting for the Crown moved for the preliminary enquiry to be held before Magistrate Vatcher at Corner Brook on March 4th. Two minutes after Mrs. Thistle had been arraigned, Reginald Boland was called into court and reminded that he had been subpoenaed to appear at Corner Brook for the preliminary enquiry.  Mr. Parsons informed the court that Reg Boland was a material witness and asked that he be bound over to appear.  The court fixed the bonds at $6,000, $3,000 by himself and two $1500 each additional. Bonds for this amount were signed by Mr. Henry J. Peddigrew of St. John’s and Mr. Maurice E. Boland, Curling.  By express Monday the accused Rita Thistle, was taken to Corner Brook.  She is represented by Mr. C.H. Fox, K.C., who left by the same train.  Mr. Walsh of Parsons & Walsh, also left by the same train to represent the Crown.


Died at Toronto, Ont., March 1st, Field Major ARTHUR SHEARD, S.A., of Yorkshire, England.  Leaving to mourn a wife, nee Annie Moore, of this place.


Died, March 2nd, after a short illness, WILLIAM J. MERCER (of Alfred), aged 64 years.  Leaving a wife, one son, Robert J., and one daughter, Dorothy, four grandchildren, an adopted son, Lewis Mercer, four brothers and one sister to mourn their sad loss.  Funeral took place March 4th, to the C. of E. cemetery.




Friday, March 13, 1931

Lunenburg, N.S. Feb. 26 – The schr. Marguerite Tanner, Captain Angus Tanner, one of the fresh fishing fleet of the Lunenburg Cold Storage Co., arrived here this morning, reporting the loss of two crew members, ALTON HILTZ, 28 years old, single, of Martin’s Point and ARCHIBALD PARSONS, Rose Blanche, Nfld., about the same age, and as far as is known, unmarried.  The Marguerite Tanner was fishing yesterday on the Emerald Banks, in moderate weather.  The men went out in their dories to attend their trawls and on returning to the vessel the dory containing these two men failed to return.  On searching they found the boat bottom up, but no trace of the occupants, and their fate is shrouded in mystery, as Capt. Tanner cannot understand how the accident happened as the dory was not loaded and the weather was moderate.


Died at Country Road, March 12th, WILLIAM PARSONS (of Joseph), aged 76 years.  Funeral takes place March 15th.


Friday, March 20, 1931

Those Missing from the Viking – The following is the unofficial list of those missing from the S.S. Viking: VARRICK  FRISSEL, New York; A.E. PENROD, N.Y.; E. CRONIN (stowaway), St. John’s; DAVID WINTER, master-watch, Valleyfield; J. WHEELER, master-watch, Lower Island Cove; WILLIAM GOODWIN, cook, Torbay; CHARLES FRY, cook, Brigus; ISRAEL FOLEY, Bonavista; GEO. CROSS, Badger’s Quay; ALBIN OAKLEY, Wesleyville; JAMES LINTHORNE, Brigus; JOHN AUSTIN, Brownsdale; MALCOLM WEBBER, Cupids, JOHN BREAKER, Brigus; JOSEPH KELLY, Brigus; CHARLES McGRATH, Colliers; JOSEPH KENNEDY, Gull Island; JOSEPH STOCKLEY, Brookfield; ZACK THISTLE, Pouch Cove; PATRICK BARTLETT, Brigus; HENRY SPARKES, Brigus; GEO. SPRACKLIN, Brigus; STEPHEN MULLETT, Wesleyville; JOHN ROCHE, St. John’s; ROLAND CARTER, St. John’s; JOSEPH MURPHY, St. John’s; FRED CARNELL, St. John’s, H. HANSFORD, St. John’s; HAROLD WISEMAN, St. John’s; ANTHONY TAYLOR. Varick Frissell and A.E. Penrod, of New York were engaged completing the moving pictures begun last year on board the same ship.


Death of Carbonear Man – Writing from Toronto recently, Field Major Wm. E. Parsons, S.A., retired, states that they have just lost by death one of the best young men that ever came from Newfoundland to Canada, in the person of Field Major S. ASH, formerly of Carbonear.  He passed away at London, Ontario, March 8th, 1931.  For many years he was an active member of the Salvation Army.


On March 13th, Mrs. RITA THISTLE, of Curling, was brought back to St. John’s.  Mrs. Thistle was committed for trial at the Supreme Court last week at Corner Brook for the murder of her husband, John Thistle, on the night of Dec. 31, 1930.  As to new evidence which has been stated to have been unearthed, the nature of it, of course, could not be secured, but it is understood that this new evidence is the property of the defence.


Terrible Tragedy Among Our Brave Sealers – The S.S. Viking in the icefloes in White Bay, near the Horse Islands, is blown up on Sunday night, March 15th – Majority of those on board reach Horse Island – about 28 are missing – other ships rescue three men floating away on stern of ship – three others picked up in dory.  Government handled situation well.


Immediately on receipt of the news Monday morning the Government decided to rush the ocean-going tug Foundation Franklin and the S.S. Sagona to the scene.  The former got away early in the afternoon and the latter almost 5 o’clock.  Minister of Marine & Fisheries Lake wirelessed to the sealing fleet, which were in the Strait of Belle Isle, and asked the captains to go to the scene as quickly as possible and render assistance.  All responded to the call except the Terra Nova, which had passed through the Straits and was well in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The Sagona found three men – Wireless Operator CLAYTON KING, of Brigus; Navigator KENNEDY, of St. John’s, and HARRY SARGENT, an American, floating on a part of the ship’s stern twelve miles away from the scene of the disaster.  The Beothic rescued three men in a dory – W.G. JOHNSON, master-watch, ALFRED KEAN, second-hand, and FRED BEST, assistant of talking picture party, RICHARD KING, another survivor, reached the Island alone. One hundred and eighteen men reached the Island and reported the disaster to Operator BARTLETT.  Among this number was the Captain of the Viking, ABRAM KEAN, Jr., who is reported to be very ill.  Some among this number, no doubt, had to be carried by their comrades over rough and heaving ice and in the darkness to the Island.  It must certainly have been a terrible ordeal.  For some days the Sagona and other steamers have been trying to penetrate the ice barrier and reach the Island to bring food and medical help to the crew there, but at this writing they have only reached to within four miles. With only 38 families on the island it can easily be seen what a hard problem it was to shelter and feed such a large number of men.  Arrangements were made for all those who could travel over the ice to leave the island and reach the steamers some miles away.  The crews of the steamers accompanied by doctors, get them on board the Sagona and take them to St. John’s where all those requiring medical attention would get it.   Wireless Operator King had his leg injured and his feet frost bitten, and was in a serious condition.  The others rescued from the dory and the wreckage had only minor injuries.  The Eagle and Neptune on reaching the actual spot among the icefields where the disaster took place, which drifted by that time to a point about 12 miles SE of Cape John Gull Island.


Friday, March 27, 1931

Passed peacefully away, March 15th, after a lingering illness, REBECCA JANE, beloved wife of Charles S. FRENCH.  The late Mrs. French was the daughter of John and the late Julia French, and was in her 46th year. The funeral took place March 17th to the C. of E. cemetery, Coley’s Point.  Left to mourn are a husband, three sons, two step-sons, one step-daughter, an aged father and two sisters.


Died March 24th, ANNIE TIPPETT, widow of the late Robert Tippett, Coley’s Point (South), aged 66 years. Leaving to mourn one brother in the U.S.A. and one sister, one adopted son, besides a large number of relatives and friends. Funeral took place March 26th to the U.C. cemetery.


Died at Bay Roberts, March 22nd, HENRY WELLS, formerly of Gooseberry Islands, B.B., aged 75 years.  Leaving to mourn one son, Frank, of this town, two sisters, Mrs. E. Payne, Gooseberry Islands, and Mrs. A. Genge, Alexander Bay.  Funeral took place March 24th to the U.C. cemetery.


Passed peacefully away March 26th, after a short illness, HENRY BAGGS, of this town, aged 77 years.  Left to mourn are a wife, one son, John, residing in Boston, Mass., four daughters, Mrs. John Snow, Country Road, Mrs. Arch Bishop, Everett, Mass., Mrs. Thomas Mercer at home, and Mrs. Bas. Parsons, Coley’s Point, and 8 grandchildren.  Funeral takes place tomorrow Saturday to the C. of E. cemetery.


List of Dead or Missing - Following is a list of corrected names from available facts of those dead or missing and presumed dead in the Viking disaster:  Varrick FISSELLl, N.Y.; A.E. PENROD, N.Y.; Capt. Kennedy, navigator, St. John’s; David WINTER, master-watch, Valleyfield, B.B.; J.J.  Wheeler, master-watch, Lower Island Cove,B.D.V.; William Goodwin, cook, New Melbourne; Samuel White, Pool’s Island; George Cross, Badger’s Quay; John Austin,Brownsdale; Joseph Stockley, Brookfield; Stephen Mullett, Wesleyville; Robert Bartlett, Brigus; John Brake, Brigus;  James Linthorne, Georgetown, Brigus; Charles Fry, cook, Brigus; Joseph Kelly, Brigus; Patrick Bartlett, Brigus; Zachary Thistle, Pouch Cove; E. Cronin, St. John’s; John J. Roach, St. John’s, Roland Carter, St. John’s; Joseph Burke, St. John’s; Joseph Murphy, St. John’s; Fred Carnell, St. John’s; Henry Hansford, St. John’s; Harold Wiseman, St. John’s; Anthony Taylor, St. John’s.


Recalls disaster to the Tigress  in 1874. – On April 2nd, 1874, S.S. Tigress, Capt. Isaac Bartlett of Bay Roberts, was in the ice 80 miles off The Funks, the S.S. Panther towed her out, left her, saw her again Thursday under sail, after they parted Sat. the boiler of the Tigress burst, causing the death of 21 men, including two engineers by scalding.  Most of them died soon after the explosion.  The two engineers lingered until Sat.  The Tigress sailed home bringing the bodies.  She had 2000 seals.  She arrived safely at Bay Roberts and in due time landed the bodies, and then went to St. John’s with the bodies of Pat Peddigrew and Chief Engineer Brick. An inquiry held, showed that water had become low in the boiler and when the feed cock was turned on the crown of the fire-box gave way. The steam then rushed out through the furnace and scalded on who were in the engine room. The engineer, Mr. Brick, was an excellent, careful and sober man, but was deceived by the gauge glass, which indicated a sufficiency of water. The duct must have been choked, which is not an uncommon occurrence.  The poor fellow had apparently neglected to try the cock.  The following is a list of the person killed: James Bartlett (the Captain’s son), married, Bay Roberts; James Walsh, unmarried, Bay Roberts; John Snow, unmarried, Bay Roberts; John Rourke, wife and one child, Bay Roberts; Elijah Mercer, wife and five children, Bay Roberts; Henry Holmes, wife and four children, Bay Roberts; James Snow, wife and five children, Bay Roberts; John Jones, wife and three children, Bay Roberts; Edward Snow, Isaac Kearley, Bay Roberts; Garland Courage, wife and six children, Harbour Grace; William Butler, wife and one child, Port de Grave;  George Butler, wife and one child, Port de Grave; William Hurley, Liverpool; William Reynolds, Dublin; Michael McCabe, unmarried, Southern Gut; John Hollohan, unmarried, Holyrood; Samuel Booth, engineer, Philadelphia; James Brick, wife and five children, St. John’s; Patrick Peddigrew, unmarried, St. John’s.  She came back to Bay Roberts under sail with 2000 seals. - Daily News.


In the early hours of March 2nd, after a short illness, the soul of William James Mercer (of Alfred) passed to his eternal reward.  Deceased who was 64 years of age, had for most of his life enjoyed good health, but sometime during the month of October last, he developed stomach trouble, finding it difficult at times to swallow any kind of food.  Shortly afterwards he proceeded to the General Hospital, but as nothing could be done for him, he returned to his home. The funeral took place March 4th, Rev. Rowe officiating.  He leaves to mourn his passing one son, Robert James, one daughter, Dorothy, four grandchildren, four brothers, Samuel and Moses of Bay Roberts and Coley’s Point, respectively, Albert and Thomas, and one sister Mary, whose addresses at present are unknown.


Born Feb. 16th, 1932 to Mr. and Mrs. John Woodlands, Cambridge, Mass., a son.


Friday, April 3, 1931

Fatal accident as Friday’s number one express was between Cook’s Pond siding and Cook’s Brook siding yesterday, Frederick Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore of Corner Brook, fell from one of the cars, was fatally injured and passed away a few hours after at the Corner Brook General Hospital. Freddie as he was familiarly known was a passenger on the express and in company with Mr. W. Stansford, was bound for his father’s camp, which is located in the vicinity of Cook’s Brook.  The young man was on the platform of the car, presumably preferring the fresh air to that of the closed car and as the whistle blew at Pond Crossing, he entered the car and remarked to Mr. Stansford that it was time to get ready to leave.  He then took his suitcase, which he left on the platform outside the door of the car, and was waiting on the platform for the train to stop.  As Mr. Stansford emerged from the car entrance shortly after, he was just in time to see his companion swing around one of the handrails and disappear beneath the cars.  It is possible that as the train was going through a cut at the time, the young man in falling was deflected from the snow bank toward the rails.  Mr. Stanford called for assistance and the express was stopped by means of the gong cord.  The unconscious and mangled form of the young victim was found some few hundred yards back lying near the rails.  The train officials picked him up as quickly as possible, had a car detached from the train, placed him on board and after notifying Corner Brook rushed him there.  On arrival here, the injured lad was taken to the hospital where on examination it was found that his left arm was practically torn away and the shoulder and side badly lacerated.  One leg was fractured and there was severe bruises and cuts about the head and back. Despite all that could be done and without regaining consciousness, the patient passed away.  Freddie Moore was but 17 years old, bright and active and the sudden ending of his promising young life comes as a severe blow to his parents and other members of his family.  At the time of the accident his parents were waiting at the siding for his arrival, and were but a short distance away when the train pulled up. Both mother and son had intended on leaving Tuesday’s express on a trip to Montreal. – Humber Herald, March 28th


Radio Operator of the Horse Islands Described – OTIS BARTLETT, whose name was on every lip during the days following the Viking Disaster, was born at Goose Cove, a mile from Trinity, on July 27th, 1909, son of George G. Bartlett, J.P., and Mary R.  He was educated at the C. of E. high school, Trinity and learnt telegraphy from Messrs. Hoskins and Fowler at Trinity Junction railway station.  Twice he made application to the railway for a position without success, and received the appointment to Horse Islands, getting his knowledge of wireless on a trip down on S.S. Home.  He was transferred to Campbellton, July 1930, but became seriously ill there, his father having to be sent for, who, on the doctor’s advice, took him home to Trinity.  On recovering somewhat he came to St. John’s for hospital treatment and did some work relieving at Harbour Grace and Port Albert.  Otis returned to Horse Islands in October 1930, and resumed the work that a few months later was to prove of such tremendous importance.  A friend describing Otis Bartlett states “he has pale blue eyes and dark hair, wears shell-rimmed glasses and is by nature quiet and retiring. He is a member of St. Paul’s Lodge S.U.F., Trinity.  His parents selected the name Otis from some storybooks, which took their fancy. –Daily News


Obituary – The funeral of the late Capt. WILLIAM KENNEDY, navigator of the ill fated Viking took place March 26th.  Interment was at Belvedere Cemetery, St. John’s, and the service for the dead was read by Rev. Father M. Kennedy.  Capt. Wm. Kennedy, son of the late Capt. Nicholas and Margaret Kennedy, formerly of Carbonear, was in his 45th year.  His career has been short, but far from uneventful.  At the age of ten years, he with his parents were inadvertently left behind on Labrador without food and were rescued just in time by Captain Delaney, of the S.S. Grand Lake.  At the age of twenty he was Captain of the Jessie L. Smith, out of Crosbies, and during the war period he was in the Atilla when she was so fiercely shelled by the enemy.  In November last, he left St. John’s as mate of the John W. Miller, with Capt. Horwood and again was barely rescued in time, being taken from the sinking ship on Christmas Day by a German liner, reaching home on January 25th. He was offered three ships to navigate to the seal fishery, and on account of having made previous trips in her, he chose the Viking.  After the explosion on the Viking, his unselfish devotion to duty, his unswerving loyalty to his comrades and his undying bravery, excited the admiration of the world.  Torn and mangled, burned and crushed, he yet managed to exist on the floating wreckage for 44 hours, until rescued by the Sagona, and during that period, he exerted himself unceasingly on behalf of his two fellow survivors, both of whom have given unstinted testimony of the bravery and resourcefulness of Capt. Kennedy.  The limit had, however, been reached.  His terrible injuries, coupled with the exposure midst the northern ice floes proved too great and his soul passed away just prior to the arrival of the rescue ship to St. John’s.


Friday, April 10, 1931

A mysterious incident occurred last week when a Mrs. MAIDMENT of Grand Falls boarded the express at that place, having purchased a ticket there to go to Port aux Basques to visit her mother, disappeared and from the time the express left Millertown Junction has not been seen.  When the train reached Port aux Basques, the woman was not on board and search parties from Millertown immediately began scouring the country after the finding of tracks leading from the railway near Millertown Junction.  As ten days has elapsed since the woman was last seen, there is little hope of her being found alive, unless she found shelter.


A young woman named ELIZA GILLARD, of Springdale, N.D.B., died at King’s Point on Saturday last after being assaulted at the latter place by a young man, FRANCIS OXFORD, who slashed her throat and face with a knife or razor, inflicting such severe wounds that she succumbed a few hours later.  Oxford, who is subject to temporary fits of insanity, was arrested on charge of murder and was brought to St. John’s on Friday’s express to stand trial for his crime.  The tragedy was the outcome of a love affair in which Oxford threatened suicide unless the girl married him, to this she agreed, but later recalled her decision which led up to the attack.


ROBERT OSMOND, 25 year old labourer of St. John’s, attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a bread knife at his home on Monday last.  His brother was quickly on the scene and a doctor was hastily summoned, who ordered the unfortunate man to the hospital. He was believed to be worried over recent troubles.


Mr. BENJAMIN SQUIRES, husband of Emily Squires, died on Sat. evening at his residence 78 Main St. after a lengthy illness.  Mr. Squires was born at Bay Roberts, Nfld. over 80 years ago and formerly resided at New Glasgow, N.S.  He moved to this city seven years ago (Hamilton, Ontario).  Left to mourn his death are his widow, two sons, Edward Squires of this city, and J.B. Squires of St. Catherine’s and three daughters, Mrs. C.H.Good, and Mrs. Thomas Marshall, both of this city, and Mrs. Arch Kearley of Preston, N.S. – Hamilton, Ontario


Friday, April 17, 1931

The funeral of Mrs. MICHAEL POWER and her five children, all victims of the fire which destroyed the Power home, at Shearstown, early Saturday morning last, took place Sunday afternoon. The bodies which were gathered from the ruins by a group of men under the direction of Head Constable Dwyer, were wrapped in sheets and enclosed in one large coffin. The procession wended its way solemnly to the R.C. cemetery where the committal service was held and the remains laid to rest.  Mr. MICHAEL POWER, husband and father of last Saturday’s victims was taken to the General Hospital on Sunday last to receive medical attention.


Sydney, April 17th – With only 13 days before the date fixed for Old Perlican convicted slayer of his execution, GEORGE BECKETT, of Nicholas Marthos, is awaiting an answer from Ottawa to his application for executive clemency.  The construction of the scaffold is proceeding.


JAMES BOLAND, late postmaster at Corner Brook, and charged with the embezzlement of a sum of $5,384.95 from the Post Office department, was found guilty by special jury on Friday night, and a sentence of 18 months imprisonment and a fine of $5,384.95 was imposed.


Friday, April 24, 1931

Died at Country Road, April 21, THOMAS MERCER, beloved husband of Anna Mercer, aged 81 years.  Left to mourn are a widow and one daughter, Mrs. Robert Dawe, Country Road.  Funeral took place Thursday to the S.A. Citadel and Coley’s Point cemetery.


Died at Beachy Cove, April 23, WILLIAM KEARLEY, aged 67 years.  Funeral takes place on Saturday.


Passed peacefully away, March 26th, after a short illness, HENRY BAGGS, beloved husband of Fanny Baggs, aged 77 years.  Left to mourn his passing are a wife, one son, John, residing in Everett, Mass., four daughters, Mrs. John Snow, Country Road, Mrs. Arch Bishop, Everett, Mass., Mrs. Thomas Mercer, at home and Mrs. Bas. Parsons, Coley’s Point.  Also, one brother, Mr. James Baggs, sr., of this town; two sisters, Mrs. J. Richards, French Shore, and Mrs. B. Squires, Hamilton, Ontario, and 8 grandchildren.  The remains were laid to rest in the C. of E. cemetery, March 28th.


May 1 issue not published.


Friday, May 8, 1931

Lady BENNETT, wife of Sir John R. Bennett, passed away April 28th after a lengthy illness.  The late Lady Bennett (nee Laura Jane Taylor) was born in Reading, England, on the 8th of August 1867, and came to Nfld. when only a child.  Her marriage to Sir John, then Mr. Bennett, took place in 1891 and the long period of 40 years has been one of unalloyed happiness.  Lady Bennett was always a prominent in the social life of the community, and her friends who were legion counted it a privilege to have the honor of her friendship.  She is survived by her husband, three sons, Frank, M.H.A. of Gaden’s Ltd., Sidney, Managing Director of the Marine Agencies, and Dr. Raymond, and one daughter, Miss Marguerite, who has during the long period of her mother’s illness been in constant attendance, and who brought consolation to the mother she loved so well.  The funeral took place April 29.  Interment was at the C. of E. cemetery.


Passed peacefully away at St. John’s, April 19th, a respectable resident of this town in the person of WILLIAM BRADBURY, at the ripe age of 84 years.   Deceased had enjoyed very good health until a short while before his death, when he was stricken with an internal malady which necessitated him being rushed to the General Hospital on the 13trh of April, from which disease he never recovered. He leaves to mourn four sons, Isaac and John, residing at Winniped-osis, Manitoba, Rev. Wm. James, of Montreal, P.Q., and Jesse of this town, with whom he resided.  Also, one brother, Mr. Abram Bradbury, one sister, Mrs. Robert Churchill, both of this town, and 13 grandchildren. His wife predeceased him 18 years ago.  His remains were brought to his home in Bay Roberts for burial.  Funeral took place April 22, to the United Church and cemetery.


Mrs. RITA THISTLE, who was charged with the murder of her husband, John Thistle, on Dec. 31st last year at Curling, was declared not guilty by a jury who heard the case recently at that place.


Died at Bay Roberts, May 8th, JOHN BADCOCK (shoemaker), beloved husband of Sarah Badcock, aged 72 years.  Left to mourn are a wife, two sons, John and Maurice, and one daughter, Margaret, all residing in Boston.  Funeral takes place to the R.C. cemetery, May 10th.


Died at Bay Roberts, April 26th, after a short illness, ARTHUR, darling child of Arthur and Lilian BELBIN, aged 2 years and 10 months.  Funeral took place to the S.A. cemetery, April 28th.


Passed peacefully away at St. John’s, May 3rd, ISAAC SNOW, aged 68 years, a native of Bay Roberts.  Leaving to mourn a wife, two sons, one daughter and one sister.


Passed peacefully away, May 3rd, HARRY B. GREAVES, aged 76 years.  Deceased was the father of Mrs. John Duff of Carbonear.


TIPPETT, Mrs. ANNIE, last heard from in 1910, was then living in or near New York.  She had two daughters, Lucinda Grace and Alice.  Her sister-in-law, Mrs. H.O. Roberts, 1529 18th Ave., New Westminster, B.C. would like to hear from her.


With deep regret we record the passing at the General Hospital, St. John’s, April 29th, of GEORGE EDWARD RUSSELL, of this town, second son of C.E. Russell, J.P. Proprietor of the Guardian, and the late Frances M. Russell, at the age of 20 years and 10 months.  Deceased entered the hospital April 12th to undergo an operation for appendicitis which was at first apparently successful.  For over a week his condition improved daily, on April 21st complications of a serious nature developed.  For a week he suffered severe pain and on April 28th doctors decided a second operation was necessary.  This was performed Tuesday night, and for several hours following it the patient appeared to have recovered, and with his strong and healthy constitution, it was hoped he would soon be out of danger.  Unhappily this was not to be, for a relapse occurred at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 29th, and despite the efforts of doctors and nurses and the loving care of relatives, he gradually sank and at 7:15 o’clock Wednesday evening, the gentle spirit of George Russell winged its flight from time into eternity. He leaves a father, four brothers, Charlie, Arthur, David and Wilson, all at home, and two sisters, Gladys (Mrs. W.E. Cave) of Flint, Michigan, U.S.A., and Winnie, at home to mourn their sad loss.  The funeral from the General Hospital, St. John’s to the railway station Thursday morning, May 8th was attended by a number of friends, including Rev. G. B. Pickering, Pastor of Wesley United Church, and representatives of the Orange Grand Lodge, Messrs. Jordan Milley and R.J. Crummey.  Mr. Andrew Carnell was the undertaker.  On arrival at the railway station, the remains which were accompanied on the train by his brother, Charlie, were met by a large number of relatives and friends and escorted to his late residence from where the funeral took place to Central United Church and cemetery, May 2nd.


Since the Viking disaster, CLAYTON KING, the wireless operator who suffered so severely and had extremities of his two legs amputated, was also blinded in one eye by a piece of wood an inch long and a half inch thick entering the forehead just above the eye. So far he has lost the sight in one eye, this piece of wood has been extracted.  This fragment of wood is probably the only piece of the ill fated Viking preserved and Mr. King is keeping it as a souvenir. The Guardian representative visited Clayton quite recently within the past few weeks, and while suffering much pain, we found him to be always cheerful and optimistic. He has to undergo another operation on his leg shortly.  For two years Mr. King was a wireless operator at Fishing Ships Harbor, Labrador.


Friday, May 15, 1931

Died at Bay Roberts West, May 13th, ELIZABETH BRENNAN, relict of the late John Brennan, aged 79 years.  Left to mourn are three sons, Walter and Augustus, at Cambridge, Mass., and Mark at home, three daughters, Mrs. Edward Neville and Mrs. John Finn, of Cambridge and Mrs. Patrick T. Delaney, at Shearstown.  Funeral took place from the R.C. church and cemetery, May 15th.


The death of Mr. JAMES O’NEIL CONROY, eldest son of Mr. Charles O’Neil Conroy, of St. John’s, occurred suddenly on Monday evening last.  The deceased was 30  years of age and was a successful barrister-at-law, being city solicitor.  He was taken suddenly ill on Sunday with hemorrhaging of the brain, and despite all that could be done, death resulted Monday evening. He leaves to mourn a wife, one son and one daughter, together with his parents, three sisters and four brothers.


Friday, May 22, 1931

JAMES PITTMAN was the victim of a painful accident on Monday last at Britannia, when two toes of his right foot were severed by a saw in the mill.  The man was taken to the General Hospital for treatment.


Entered into rest Tuesday, May 19th, ANNE, widow of the late Nicholas EFFORD, formerly of Port de Grave, aged 95 years.


Passed peacefully away Thursday morning, JAMES GREEN, aged 43 years, of the Royal Naval Reserve, 1546X.  Leaving to mourn wife, four children, one brother and two sisters to mourn their loss.


Died at the General Hospital, after a brief illness, FRANK REDMOND, aged 25 years, third engineer of S.S. Argyle, son of D.P. and the late Mary Redmond.


Passed peacefully away at Heart’s Content, 19th inst., LAURA LOUISE TAYLOR, wife of Duncan J. Taylor, leaving to mourn two daughters, Mrs. J.H. Roberts, of St. John’s and Mrs. J.A. Rowe, of Heart’s Content. Interment at Carbonear.


Died at Newport Naval Hospital, Rhode Island, U.S.A., May 14th, after a prolonged illness, ALFRED FRANCIS, youngest son of Garland and Sarah BUTLER, aged 38 years.  Deceased served in the Great War with the 1st Nfld. Regiment 1914-1918.  Contracted enteric fever at Gallopoli in 1915, severely wounded in action at Gueudecourt, Oct. 12th, 1916.  Leaves one brother and three sisters in Newfoundland and two sisters in U.S.A. to mourn their loss.  Funeral at So. Manchester, Conn.  Inserted by Rev. W.H. Butler, South River.


Married at the R.C. church here on May 19th, by Rev. G.A Thibault, P.P., MAGDALEN M. (Della), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. P.J. FITZPATRICK, of this town, to THOMAS L. JAMES, son of Mr. William James, of St. John’s.


Friday, May 29, 1931

Mr. PATRICK HOGAN, of Carbonear, is at the General Hospital as a result of being gored yesterday in the leg by a cow.  He was driving the cow to the station when it attacked him, throwing him to the ground and piercing his left leg with one of its horns.  He was driven to town and entered the hospital in early afternoon. – News


Obituary – Shortly before midnight, May 19th, the call came to Field Major PETER SAINSBURY, S.A., who passed away at the Grace Hospital, St. John’s, following an operation which was performed two weeks ago.  Major Sainsbury was District Officer at Grand Bank and one of the most valuable officers in the Army.  Some years ago he was in charge of the local core here.  He leaves to mourn beside his wife, formerly Ensign Miller, one son, Howard, at Grand Bank, and two daughters, Jean and Ruby, who is a S.A. teacher at Gambo;  three sisters, Major Sainsbury in Social Work in St. John’s, Mrs. Staff Captain Earle, of Windsor, Ont., and Mrs. Capt. Job Blackwood, of Safe Hr.; four brothers, Major Martin Sainsbury, S.A., at Seattle, Wash., Samuel, mining contractor at Toronto, Edward and William at Wesleyville.  Funeral took place today, Friday, from the residence of his sister, Major R. Sainsbury, Casey St.


In Magistrate’s Court at St. John’s, HARRY MUNDEN, Brigus, arrested a week ago for soliciting alms by fake pretences, was fined $25.00.  Munden pretended he was a sufferer in the Viking disaster and collected $20.00 from the charitably disposed.


Died at Spaniard’s Bay, May 30th, after a short illness, GEORGE COLLINS, aged 81 years.  Funeral takes place May 31st.


Obituary – Mr. H.W.LeMESSURIER, C.M.J., Deputy Minister of Customs, passed away May 27th after an illness of 12 months.  Deceased was born at St. John’s, Aug. 19th, 1848 and was therefore in his 83rd year.  He was engaged in commercial business until 1889 when he was appointed Editor of the Evening Herald, which position he filled until 1892. He became Dept. Minister of Customs in 1898, he represented the District of Burin in the House of Assembly.  Mr. LeMessurier was a life long member of St. Thomas’s church and was for 40 years Superintendent of the Sunday School. He was also a member of the Masonic Fraternity.


We record today the death of Mr. JOSEPH PETERS, of St. John’s.  Deceased passed within the vale suddenly May 17th (Sunday).  On Saturday he was actively engaged in his work in the department of which he was one of the controllers.  Shortly after he retired on Saturday night, he was stricken.  For some years he served the firms of A. Goodridge Sons, Ayre & Sons, and Crosbie & Co. 1924 he was appointed a member of the Board of Liquor Control.  He was a member of the United Church and a Mason.  He leaves a widow and six children.


Friday, June 5, 1931

FRANCIS OXFORD, tried in St. John’s last week on a charge of murder on Eliza Gilliard at King’s Point, was judged insane by the special jury.  He was committed to the Lunatic Asylum on Tuesday night. * (April 10th news spelled the surname as Gillard.)


The death occurred at the General Hospital, St. John’s, June 3rd, of Mr. GEORGE E. TURNER, aged 26 years.  Mr. Turner, who was a native of England, came to this country several years ago as organist of Wesley United Church.  Last year, while spending vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sparkes, Shearstown, Mr. Turner played and sang on several occasions in Central United Church here.  His demise followed a lengthy illness.


FRANK ARCHIBALD who was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment on a charge of manslaughter and THOMAS R. MOORE who was serving a like term on a similar charge, were both released from custody on Tuesday.  The former spent a considerable portion of his term at the General Hospital from where he was released.  The latter was released from the sanatorium where he had been for some time past.  Daily News, June 4.


Friday, June 12, 1931

Died at Spaniard’s Bay, June 7th, SARAH JANE, widow of the late Henry William HUTCHINGS and daughter of the late Charles SNOW of this town, aged 71 years.  Left to mourn are one adopted son William Hutchings at Halifax, N.S., and two brothers, Henry Chas. Snow of this town, and George Snow, Boston, Mass.  Funeral took place June 9th to the C. of E. cemetery, Spaniard’s Bay.


Friday, June 26, 1931

Died at Coley’s Point, June 5th, EILEEN MAY, darling child of Isaac and Jennie SNOW, aged one year.


JOHN SKEANS, who was supposed to have set fire to his dwelling house at Colliers last week, when his daughter in law and her child were burnt to death and who at the time was badly burned, passed away on Tuesday night last.


Friday, July 10, 1931

The S.A. Citadel here was the scene of a very pretty wedding July 8th, when Capt DOROTHY DAWE, S.A., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Batten Dawe of Long Beach Pond was united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony to Capt. GEORGE WHEELER, S.A., son of Mrs. George Wheeler of Greenspond.  Comdt. J. Caines performed the ceremony. The bride who was attired in a conventional Army uniform with bridal sash was attended by Capt. Annie Spencer, S.A., while the groom was supported by Mr. John Dawe, Jr., cousin of the bride.


Died at Coley’s Point, Thursday evening, JEAN MILLICENT, darling child of Harold & Cora MORGAN, aged 19 months.  Funeral July 11th to the U.C. cemetery.


Friday, July 24, 1931

The marriage of Capt. JACK BATTEN, S.A., son of Mr. & Mrs. John Batten of this town, and Capt. ETHEL BARTER, daughter of Mr. Jonas Barter, took place at St. John’s last week.


Friday, July 31, 1931

Passed peacefully away at French’s Cove, July 16th, after a lengthy illness, FANNIE, widow of the late Abram MENCHIONS.  She was 87 years of age and left to mourn their sad loss are four sons, William, James and Albert residing at Vancouver, B.C., Arthur at home; two daughters, Mrs. Matthew Patten, Port de Grave and Mrs. (Capt.) Richard Badcock of this town.  Also 22 grandchildren and a number of great grandchildren.  Two brothers, Capt. John Parsons, M.H.A. of this town and William James of Vancouver, B.C. ; five sisters, Mrs. Mary A. Mosdell, Mrs. Selina French, Mrs. Henry Mercer, all of this town, Mrs. Robert Mercer of Boston, Mass. and Mrs. Capt. Albert Dawe of Vancouver, B.C.  Funeral took place July 18th from her son’s residence, French’s Cove. Interment was made to the C. of E. cemetery.


Passed away at her late residence 132 Warden Park Ave., Toronto, July 26th, IVY IRENE, beloved wife of Roy OLDFORD, son of R.S. Oldford, of Musgravetown.


Passed peacefully away at St. John’s, July 29th, LOUISE PITCHER, wife of William 

LITTLEJOHN, aged 58 years.  Leaving to mourn husband, five sons, one daughter, three

brothers, three sisters and three grandchildren.  Funeral took place Thursday.


DUNCAN SNOW, aged 12 years, was drowned in the Exploits River near Grand Falls while fishing on Thursday afternoon.


Friday, August 7, 1931

In a drunken brawl at a house at Blackhead near St. John’s on Sunday night last, a man named LEONARD SELLARS, of St. John’s, was shot by a gun in the hands of JOHN HYNES. Hynes was arrested and charged with attempted murder.


FRANK COSTELLO, aged 46 years, a resident of Conception Harbour, was fatally injured in #6 mine at Wabana on August 4th, when he was struck by an empty trip of 4 ton ore cars on one of the drag levels and received internal injuries by coming in contact with the roof prop.  Costello leaves a wife and nine children.


Friday, August 14, 1931

Died at Cupids, C.B., on August 10, ANNIE, widow of the late Capt. Azariah SMITH, aged 81 years.  Funeral took place Thursday afternoon.


Issues missing: Aug. 21, 28; Sept. 4, 11.




Friday, September 18, 1931

Died at Crane’s Brook, Sept. 11th, JOHN CHURCHILL, aged 60 years.


News was received in town this week concerning a very sad and fatal accident which occurred at Provincetown, Mass., on Sept. 2, whereby WILLIS PARSONS, son of the late Wm. Parsons of Crane’s Brook lost his life.


Died at French’s Cove, Sept. 14th, JANE, widow of the late JOHN BADCOCK, aged 77 years.  Left to mourn are two sons, Henry William and John of French’s Cove, and three daughters, Mrs. L. Hutchings of Tilton, Mrs. Stephen Bowering and Mrs. Wm. Dawe of Country Road, one brother, Stephen Earle, two sisters, Mrs. Jas. Hedderson of Shearstown and Mrs. Moses Gosse, New Harbour, T.B., besides a number of grandchildren.  Funeral took place Wed. to the C. of E. church and cemetery.


Died at Crane’s Brook, Sept. 14th, ELLEN, widow of the late George PARSONS, aged 63 years.  Left to mourn are four sons, William at Toronto, George at home, Clarence and John in the U.S.A., one daughter, Mrs. Esau Mercer, Dorchester, Mass., two brothers, Wm. J. and Abner Snow of Shearstown and four grandchildren.  Funeral took place to the C. of E. church and cemetery, Sept. 16th.


Issue missing: Sept. 25.


Friday, October 9, 1931

A young man, THOMAS P. O’NEILL, aged 24, who lives at Pennywell Rd., St. John’s, lost his life while partridge shooting on the Southern Shore Monday morning.  A full charge of the gun he was carrying entered his body, he passed away about half an hour afterwards.


Died at Dock, Bareneed, Oct. 1st, ABRAM, beloved husband of Naomi RICHARDS, leaving a wife, two sons and three daughters to mourn their loss.  Funeral took place Oct. 3.


Friday, October 16, 1931

The sad news of the passing of Mr. FRANK TAYLOR, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Taylor of the Southside, was received from St. Anthony on Oct. 5th.  The deceased, who was 21 years of age, was fishing at Fishing Ships Harbor with his father and brothers this summer and was taken ill.  He went to St. Anthony and entered hospital there for treatment, later returning to Fishing Ships Hr. He was on his way home two trips ago and was forced to leave the ship and re-enter hospital at St. Anthony.  His father and brothers returned by the last boat having seen the deceased in the hospital on their way along.  The remains will be brought home for interment as early as possible.  Left to mourn besides his parents are three brothers, Roy, Herbert and Harvey, and two sisters, Miss Hazel, at home, and Mrs. H. Snelgrove at Cape Race. – H.G. Standard.


The body of JAMES ELMES, Stone’s Cove, was brought to Grand Bank by the schooner Lavinia on Tuesday, he died at Labrador on Oct. 4th.

PERCY BRADBURY, aged 16, son of Robert and Rebecca Bradbury, Crane’s Brook, fell over the cliff a distance of about 15 feet into the water at Crane’s Brook, Sunday afternoon last.  In falling, he struck his head against a rock, which inflicted a deep gash in the side of his head.  He was in the water some minutes before he was rescued by some men who were called to the spot by his companions.  Dr. Pritchard was called to attend the boy.


Friday, October 13, 1931

Mr. WILLIAM SAUNDERS, senior, of Shearstown, was married recently to Miss JULIA MERCER, of Bay Roberts.  We congratulate Mr. Saunders on securing a smart young partner for himself.


Mrs. ELIZABETH LeDREW, widow of the late John M. LeDrew, passed away at Toronto, Ont. on August 7th after a long illness.  Mrs. LeDrew was a former resident of Cupids, lived in St. John’s one and a half years and with her husband was among the first Newfoundlanders to settle in Toronto.


Friday, October 30, 1931

Died at Crane’s Brook, Oct. 24th, IRENE, beloved wife of Stephen WALSH, aged 40 years.  Leaving to mourn a husband, two sons and one daughter.  Funeral took place on Monday to the C. of E. cemetery.


Friday, November 6, 1931

Passed away at Summerside, P.E.I., October 30th, EMMA, wife of Daniel WHITE, and daughter of the late Edward and Mary SNOW, of this town.  She leaves to mourn a husband, daughter and son at Summerside.  Also two sisters, Mrs. Samuel Greenland, Coley’s Pt., Mrs. Nath Shepherd of Lynn, Mass., and one brother, Mr. Philip Snow at Watertown, Mass.


Died at Montclair, N.J. on Oct. 30th, LEAH FRENCH, aged 81 years, daughter of the late John and Jane French of Coley’s Pt.  She leaves one brother, Esau French of Coley’s Pt. to mourn his loss.  Her remains will be brought to Coley’s Pt. for burial. Leah French left home over 50 years ago and spent all her life in other countries.


The death occurred Friday of ERIC STANLEY, fifth son of Mr. Andrew L. (editor of this paper) and Mrs. BARRETT, at their home, Curling West.  Four years ago Eric was stricken with acute appendicitis and spent nearly 4 months in Corner Brook General Hospital where he underwent surgical treatment.  It was at this time when his vitality was at a very low ebb that the seeds of the disease which terminated fatally were contracted.  From the operation he recovered and was able to get around, but in February of last year his condition became such that he was compelled to take to his bed.  Deceased was in the prime of youth, having passed his 17th birthday on the 11th of Sept.  Left to mourn besides his father and mother are seven sisters, Elsie, Greta, Patricia, Jean and Vivian at home, Hilary (Mrs. H. Mifflen) at Brooklyn, N.S., and Inez at Montreal.  Also three brothers, Frank, Cyril and Laddie at home. – Western Star.


Died at Crane’s Brook, Oct. 31st, after a short illness, PATIENCE CRANE, widow of the late Joseph Crane.  Leaving to mourn their sad loss two sons and two daughters. Funeral took place to the C. of E. cemetery, Nov. 2nd.


Friday, November 13, 1931

JOHN POWER, 57 years old, resident of the Topsail Rd. near Donovan’s, was struck by a car driven by Berkeley Garland of Carbonear, Tues. morning last.  He was so badly injured that he had to be rushed to the General Hospital.  He is still unconscious.


On Tues. two emergency cases transpired when a young man BROWN, son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Brown of Bluff Head Cove and a man RIDEOUT of Western Head received wounds due to explosion of their gun.  Brown had fingers shot off one hand and Rideout had his hip shot away when in the act of picking up his gun.  Both men were out bird shooting in a boat. – Twillingate Sun.


Passed peacefully away at Hr. Grace, Nov. 6th, at the residence of Mrs. Chafe, LOUSIE WILCOX, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Thomas Wilcox of Brigus, aged 58 years.  The remains were taken to Brigus by train Friday, a and funeral took place from Capt. Samuel Wilcox’s residence, Nov. 7th.  Interment being at the C. of E. cemetery.  Left to mourn are three brothers, James Wilcox, Heart’s Content, Munden Wilcox, Bell Island, Robert Wilcox, Boston, and two sisters, Mrs. William Collingwood, St. John’s and Mrs. Minnie Young, Galveston, Texas, U.S.A.


Mrs. H. T. NEWELL, arrived here from Halifax, N.S. via St. John’s, Nov. 5th , on a visit to her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Arch WILCOX.  She was accompanied from St. John’s by her sister, Mrs. Frank Munn.


Friday, November 20, 1931

LEAH FRENCH will be buried Nov. 22.


Friday, November 27, 1931

Before the Supreme Court, Hr. Grace, on Tuesday last, a jury found AUBREY NEWELL, late Relieving Officer at Clarke’s Beach, guilty of defalcations in his accounts.  He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.


Married at All Hollow’s Church, North River, Nov. 24th by Rev. G.A. Thibault, P.P., MARY, daughter of Michael and the late Sarah POWER of Shearstown, to Mr. MARTIN DELANEY, son of the late James and Alice Delaney of this town.


Monday evening whilst Mrs. JOSEPH OLIVER of 157 Casey St., St. John’s was visiting Dr. Fraser’s surgery for treatment she was seized with a heart attack and had to be sent to the hospital.  She was conveyed to the institution in ambulance.  The attack proved fatal and this morning Mrs. Oliver passed within the vale.  She was 53 years of age.


Died at Coley’s Pt., Nov. 20th, JAMES, darling child of James J. and Mildred SNOW, aged one year.

Died at Coley’s Pt., Nov.22nd, FANNIE, widow of the late John FRENCH, aged 83 years.  Left to mourn is one son William Rumbolt.  Funeral Tuesday to the C. of E. cemetery.


Mr. JOHN POWER, farmer, of Topsail Rd., succumbed to his injuries at the General Hospital on Sat.  Deceased was injured when he was hit by a motorcar whilst he was standing on the road talking to a man in a truck and the force of the blow received rendered him unconscious.  After being taken to the hospital his condition never showed signs of improvement, and despite all efforts to save his life, death came on Saturday.


Mr. SAMUEL ANTHONY DAWE has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Colony.


Died at Greenspond, Nov. 17th, J. W. JEANS, Stipendiary Magistrate.


Died at Newtown, B.B., Nov. 21st, Capt. THOMAS BARBOUR, aged 82 years.  Leaving to mourn their sad loss, wife, four sons and two daughters.


Died at Hr. Grace, Nov. 26th, Capt. JAMES PIKE, aged 74 years.  Leaving to mourn a wife, six sons and two daughters.


The jury in the case of HARRY FOOTE of Carbonear charged with arson in connection with the last fire in Carbonear, returned a verdict of not guilty.


Born on Nov. 23rd to Mr. & Mrs. J. MacBAIRD “Richmond” Topsail Rd., St. John’s, a son.


Friday, December 14, 1931

A very pretty wedding was solemnized at St. Matthew’s church on Wed.  The contracting parties being ANNIE MAUD, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. MERCER and Mr. ALEC LITTLEJOHNS, son of Mr. & Mrs. James Littlejohns, both of this town.  The bride was attended by Misses Lulu Mercer and Grace Littlejohns, sisters of the bride and groom respectively.  Mr. Wm. Littlejohns, cousin of the groom, acted as best man.


Mr. KENNETH M. MERCER arrived here about three weeks ago to see his father, Mr. Richard Mercer, who was then very ill, but has since died.


Born at the Rectory, Trinity East, on Nov. 27th to Rev. ABS and Mrs. STERLING, a son.


Died suddenly at Coley’s Pt., Dec. 1st, SAMUEL, beloved husband of Sarah Grace DAWE.  Left to mourn are one brother, Isaac at home, two sons, Wm. R. and Samuel of Nfld. Light & Power Co. Ltd., four daughters, Fanny, Grace and Violet in U.S.A., and Agnes at home.  Also several grandchildren.  Funeral was at Coley’s Pt., Dec. 3rd.


Died at St. John’s Dec. 2nd, SUSANNAH CALPIN, widow of the late Charles Calpin, of Bay Roberts, aged 87 years.  Funeral took place from the railway station here today.


Obit – GEORGE BUTT, aged 76 years.  The late Mr. Butt was a native of Lamaline and was for many years on the staff of the Western Union Telegraph Co. at St. Pierre.  He was transferred to Heart’s Content about 36 years ago.  The deceased had been in failing health for about 6 months and four weeks ago he was confined to his bed.  He was a member and very staunch supporter of the Anglican Church.  Funeral took place Nov. 14th.  Left to mourn are a wife, three daughters and three sons, Mrs. Frederick Anderson, Mrs. John J. Young and Mrs. Peach of Heart’s Content, Mr. George S. Butt of Bay Roberts and Charles and Arthur of N.Y.


Married at Wesley Manse on Dec. 2nd, 1931, by Rev. G.B. Pickering, FANNIE NORTH of Bay Roberts to WILLIAM A. TRASK of Grand Falls.


Friday, December 11, 1931

Died at Brigus, C.B., Dec. 7th, JOHN PAYNE, aged 73 years.  Leaving a widow, two sons, Ernest of the W.U. Cable Staff of this town, and Harry at Brigus, and one daughter Emmie, at home.  Funeral Dec. 9th to the U.C. cemetery.


Passed away at St. John’s Dec. 4th, STANLEY CRANE, leaving to mourn wife, nee Sarah French, three daughters, Etta, nurse, Brooklyn, N.Y., Mrs. H.J. Burns, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Mary, at home and one son William H. of the Royal Stores.


Before a special jury at the Supreme Court, St. John’s, on Friday last, Mrs. JANE ELLSWORTH, of Corner Brook, was found guilty and sentenced by Hon. Mr. Justice Higgins, to 18 months imprisonment on a charge of burning an insured building at Rocky Hr. in which was contained the Post Office.


A young man JAMES DOYLE, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Doyle of Petty Hr., lost his life by drowning on Thursday when the slide drawn by two dogs on which he and his brother were crossing Petty Hr. Long Pond, broke through the ice, the brother, JOSEPH, grabbed one of the dogs and was rescued.


Passed away Dec. 6th, at her daughter’s residence, Mrs. Chas. Noseworthy, 16 Monroe St., St. John’s, after a tedious illness, ELIZABETH, aged 79 years, widow of the late Moses PARSONS of Bay Roberts East, leaving to mourn four sons, Thomas, William, Isaac and Albert at Bay Roberts, and four daughters Mrs. Geo. Parsons, Bay Roberts, Mrs. James Tuck, Hant’s Hr., Mrs. Chas Noseworthy, St. John’s and Mrs. Frederick Murphy, Stoneham, Mass.  Also two brothers William and Isaac Russell, both at Bay Roberts and two sisters, Mrs. Fanny Baggs, Bay Roberts and Mrs. Julia Stevens at New Glasgow, also a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.  The remains were brought here on Monday’s noon train for interment.  Funeral took place Tuesday to the C. of E. cemetery.


Friday, December 18, 1931

We regret to record the passing of Miss ELLA DELANEY, daughter of the late Patrick and Mary Delaney, who died this evening, aged 67 years.  She had been ill only two days.  Miss Delaney conducted a shop for years at Bay Roberts West, and was well known.  A sister, Bridget Delaney is housekeeper with Rev. Fr. Casey at Fortune Hr. The funeral will take place on Sunday.


ALICE, little 5 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael GODSELL, Cross Roads, passed away at the General Hosptial, St. John, Dec. 16th.  She was admitted to the hospital the previous Friday.  Alice swallowed some lye a few months ago from the effect of which she never recovered.  Everything possible was done to save her your life.


Thursday, December 24, 1931

Died at the residence of her brother, Thomas Bowering, on Dec. 19th, after a long illness, CATHERINE, widow of the late Jacob MORGAN, aged 76 years.  Leaving to mourn three brothers, Thomas at home, James at Gonic, N.H., U.S.A., and Robert at Winnipeg, Can.  Funeral took place Dec. 22 to the S.A. Citadel and cemetery, Coley’s Pt.


On December 12th at Govt. House, St. John’s, RUDOLPH DUDER, son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Charles Duder, was selected as Rhodes Scholar for 1932 by the Rhodes scholarship committee.  Mr. Duder is now at McGill University studying for an Arts degree.  He received his early training at Bishop Field College and later at the Memorial University College, going to McGill in 1930.



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