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1904 Free Press (Vol.4)
September 1904

Printed every Tuesday St. John's, Newfoundland, Price 2 cents
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Grand Falls-Windsor

Family Tree Group



Sept 6, 1904

Tilt Cove Notes

The people living around the shores of NDB begin to feel somewhat easier. The recent rains have probably put out the forest fires, and relieved the tension of many a householder whose entire possessions seemed destined to be a prey to the devouring element.

Sunday the 28th ult, will be remembered by the inhabitants of Little Bay and vicinity. Forest fires raged so fiercely that not a few houses were destroyed.

The s.s. Prospero was delayed at Little Bay, arriving here on Sunday with about 40 families of those who had lost their homes, and others who thought it wise to leave. The steamer returned again to S.W. Arm and Little Bay, towing along some fishing vessels in which the goods of threatened householders might be safely placed.

G. ROBERTS, Esq., MHA, returning in the Clyde on Saturday, very kindly assisted the destitute families, procuring for them the assistance of the steamer, and providing them with provisions and other necessities............Correspondent


Flat Islands , P.B.

Serious Accident - Sept 1st - On Saturday, August 27th , this little community was startled by a report that a little girl, Caroline Senior, aged ten years, had fallen into the Government well and had drowned. The Methodist minister was quickly on the scene and made every effort to restore animation without success. In all the probability the deceased had been overcome by an apoplectic fit while in the act of drawing water. The community felt the accident very keenly and the parents received every sympathy.

(From private sources we learn that in the case of Little Caroline SENIOR, artificial respiration was tried for four hours without success. It is probable that the child was suffocated in a fit - ED)



The express brought to Clarenville last week the body of a man named BARRETT, who was recently killed at Brunswick , Maine , by an electric shock received while climbing an electric pole. The body was being sent to the former home of the deceased at Old Perlican, for interment.


City news

Mrs. Robert CRIMP, of Long's Hill, whose death occurred suddenly on Wednesday, passed away under truly pathetic circumstances. On Tuesday her little one year old baby girl died from cholera infantum and she was up all that night. Her husband had been weak in mind during the week and was about the house, causing a great deal of worry. On Wednesday she felt unwell and stated to her neighbors that she was afraid the trouble would kill her. About noon she expired suddenly. Deceased was 38 years of age, and besides the husband, six children survive her, four of whom are too young to take care of themselves.


The Districts

Mr. WARREN, the oldest resident of Channel died there recently. He was a native of Dorset , England .

During the past week an extensive forest fire raged at New Bay , near Campbellton, threatening the latter place and Lewisporte.

Thursday's Telegram contained a report of a terrible case of suicide which occurred at Mall Bay , St. Mary's. The unfortunate was a young woman named Mary DALEY, who secretly secured a kerosene lamp, poured the contents over her and then set fire to herself. Before death came to relieve her she suffered the most dreadful agony, the flesh being burnt from her body. For some time previous she had been acting strangely, and it was while her father was at St. Mary's getting ticket to bring her to the Lunatic Asylum here that she committed the terrible act.



James ALLEN, aged 60 years, of Topsoil, died suddenly on Duckworth Street at 5:45 p.m. yesterday. He had been into Callahan, Glass & Co. to get an order for some board to finish some work for that firm, and had only left the building when he fell to the ground and expired. Death was due to heart failure.



CAINES - On the 4th inst., the wife of Sergt. L. CAINES, East End Fire Hall, of a daughter.

MAHER - at 108 Duckworth Street , on the 11th ________ the wife of Mr. Frank MAHER, chief engineer of the ss. ?? Erik, of a son. (Transcriber's note - page torn)

CONSTABLE - On the 23rd August, the wife of Alex C. CONSTABLE, of Alderburn, Norris Arm, of a son.

MCCOURBREY - On August 29th, the wife of H. T. MCCOURBREY, of a son.



ANDERSON - On Friday last, at 3 p.m. George ANDERSON, aged 78 years.

NOFTALL - On Friday, Sept 2nd of cholera infantum, Bertha Fox, darling child of Joseph and Laura NOFTALL, aged 6 months.

COADY - On Aug 30th of cholera infantum, James Edward, darling child of Michael and Katie COADY, aged 5 weeks.

POPE - On the 27th ult. of cholera infantum, Francis, darling child of Thos. and Margaret POPE, aged 4 months.

LEWIS - On Aug 30, of cholera infantum, Edward Patrick, darling child of Charles and Lizzie LEWIS, aged 5 months, and 7 days.

FLEMING - On Aug 30, after a long illness, Mrs. Ellen FLEMING, aged 71 years.

BOND - At sea, on August the 28, after a long and painful illness, Thomas Joseph, only and beloved son of Capt. Charles and Theresa BOND, aged 19 years and 6 mos.

COOPER - On Aug 30, after a long and painful illness, Lydia , beloved wife of Eleazer COOPER.

Wills - On the 30th ult. after a long and painful illness, Henry WILLS, aged 35 years.

SAVAGE - On the 31st ult. of cholera infantum, Madeline, infant child of Jeremiah and Bridget SAVAGE, aged 6 months and 15 days.

COLBERT - At St. Michaels, district of Ferryland, on Aug 25, Michael COLBERT, aged 75 years.

WALL - On the 1st inst. of cholera infantum, Ellen, darling child of John and Mary WALL, aged 8 months.

CRIMP On the 29th ult, of cholera infantum, Mary, darling child of Robert and Winifred Crimp, aged 1 year.

CRIMP - Suddenly on Aug 31st of heart failure, Winifred, beloved wife of Robert CRIMP, aged 38 years.

FTIZGERALD = On Aug 18th at 1 Leonard Ave, Cambridge, Mass, Regina, daughter of David H. and Joanna FITZXGERALD, aged 20 years and 3 months.

HOLLOWAY - On the 4th inst., at Principal's residence, Methodist College , Robert E. HOLLOWAY.

MYRON - On the 3rd inst., Edward John, infant son of James and Bernie MYRON, aged 2 months.

BLANDFORD - At Herring Neck, on the 1st inst., Selina, widow of the late Esau BLANDFORD, aged 74 years.

FORSEY - passed peacefully away on Sunday at 5:15 a.m. , Richard FORSEY.

Sept 13, 1904


WALSH - On Saturday last, at noon , a daughter to James and Elizabeth WALSH.

PEDDLE - On Aug 6th the wife of A. PEDDLE, of Reid Nfld Co. of a son.

HAMMOND - On Aug 24th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. T. HAMMOND



OAKLEY -VAVASOUR - On Aug 13, at Greenspond, by the Rev. D.W. BLACKALL, Mr. Kenneth OAKLEY, of Greenspond, to Miss Bessie VAVASOUR, of St. John's.

CAMPBELL-MUNRO - On August 15th, at Port Arthur, Ontario, by the Rev. S.C. MURRAY, Florence Helen, daughter of the late Neil CAMBELL, St. John's, to Thomas MUNRO, of Winnipeg.

STAFFORD-KERIVAN - On Sept 7th, at St. Patrick's Church, by the Most Rev. Dean RYAN, Mr. Michael STAFFORD to Miss Ellen KERIVAN, both of this city.

WHALEN -GOOD - At the Hamilton Street Methodist Parsonage, on the 6th inst., by the Rev. W.T. D. DUNN, George WHELAN, of Job's Cove, Bay-de-Verde, to Miss Patience GOOD, of Upper Island Cove.



MORRISEY - On Sept 6, after a brief illness, Felix Augustine, the beloved son of Patrick and Bridget Morrissey, aged 5 years and 6 months.

POWER - On Sept 5th, darling child of Elizabeth and John POWER, aged 10 months.

PEDDLE on the 3rd inst., Harold, infant son of Albert and Jennie PEDDLE, aged 1 month.

KNOX - On the 6th inst., after a long and painful illness, Annie, beloved wife of Bartl. KNOX, aged 53 years.

HAMMOND - On the 6th inst. after a short illness, Bridge (Bride) beloved wife of Thomas HAMMOND , locksmith, aged 28 years.

MURRAY - On Aug 23rd, at Battle Harbor Hospital , Patrick MURRAY, aged 30 years.

ROIL - On Sept 6th, Sarah Isabel, second eldest daughter of James and Ann M. ROIL, aged 16 ½ years.

MURPHY - On the 5th inst., Mary Catherine, darling child of J.F. and Winifred MURPHY, aged 6 months.

HOWLETT - On Sept 7th James HOWLETT, aged 74 years, a native of Country Wexford, Ireland .

FRASER - At Sydney , on the 7th inst., Oswald child of A.D. and Bessie FRASER, aged 8 months.

POWER - On the 5th inst., Robert John Thomas, darling child of H.J. and Elizabeth POWER, aged 10 months.

CANTWELL - On the 8th inst., after a long and painful illness, Mary Ellen, eldest daughter of Thomas and the late Mary Ann CANTWELL, aged 16 ½ years.

DEBOURKE - On Sunday, Ellen, beloved wife of Richard DEBOURKE, and daughter of the late Edward and Margaret FARRELL.

SHEA - On the 10th inst., after a short illness, Michael SHEA, aged 73 years.

FORSYTH - On the 11th inst., of convulsions, Mary Gertrude darling child of W.J. and Mrs. FORSYTH, aged 3 months and 24 days.

HIGGINS - At Goddenville, (Spaniard's Bay) on Sept 3, after a short illness, Amelia (Kennedy) wife of William HIGGINS, formerly of Bell Isle, aged 72 years.

WALSH - On Sept 3rd at Harbor Grace, after a short illness, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James WALSH, and second daughter of the late George GORDON, aged 36 years.

CLEARY - At the South Side, Harbor Grace, on Sept 6th, after a long illness, John CLEARY, an old and well known resident of that place, aged 79 years.

PERCY - On Sept 10th, of Brights's disease, Walter J. PERCY, aged 24 years.

BYRNE - On Sept 9th, after a long illness, Margaret, relict of the late Patrick BYRNE, aged 82 years, a native of Country Kilkenny, Ireland , Parish Mooncoin.

Sept 20, 1904


The Rev. Charles HACKETT of Fogo, who preached in Gower Street church on Sunday night last, left by yesterday morning's train for Carbonear, where he will be married on Thursday next to Miss May GOULD, eldest daughter of the late W.T. GOULD, Esq., of that town.

In a recent issue we referred to the severe illness of the Rev. W.A. PALMER, late of Botwoodville. It will be remembered that he was to have been removed to Toronto . Such was not to be, for he passed away on Sept 4th, at the Muskoka Sanitarium, leaving a widow, with two sons and a daughter to mourn their loss. Mr. PALMER was an earnest and devoted minister, and his passing will cause many a heartache in the circuits where he has so faithfully laboured.


The Districts

Maurice BARRY, of Red Island , P.B., was recently drowned at that place. It is supposed that while sculling out to the fishing grounds the oar dropped from the score hole and he was thrown overboard. The accident, the first intimation of which was the finding of the empty boat, occurred early in the morning before daylight. The body was discovered floating near Oderin. Barry was 30 years old and leaves a wife and two children.



JAMES - At Brigus on the 11th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. M.J. JAMES, of Bell Island .

FARDY - At Carbonear, on the 11th inst., a daughter to Constable and Mrs. FARDY.



CROCKER-WISEMAN - On September 8th, at St. Thomas ' Church by the Rev. Canon DUNFIELD, Mr. Heber CROCKER to Miss Carrie WISEMAN, both of this city.

CONNOLLY-LAMBE - Last evening , at 191 Duckworth Street , by the Rev. Father MACMNMARA, Miss Isabel LAMBE, to Mr. Laurence CONNOLLY, painter.

FOWLOW-EBSARY - At the home of the bride, Southside, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. W.T. D. DUNN, Mr. Alonzo FOWLOW, to Miss Gertrude B. EBSARY, both of this city.



HAMMOND - On Sept 15, of consumption, Deborah Annie, beloved wife of Robert HAMMOND.

FIRTH - On Sept 16, Catherine (Kate) FIRTH, aged 59 years.

BRAMFITT - At Laurel Lake, Pennsylvania, on the 5th inst., at Manse, Sarah, beloved wife of Rev. R. BRAMFITT, and daughter of the late Capt. G. FILMORE.

WILSON - On Sept 15, after a tedious illness, at her residence, Long's Hill, Mary, relict of the late Joseph WILSON.

GOODLAND - On Sept 16, Eric Victor, infant son of W.H. and Clara GOODLAND, aged 14 months.

MACKEY - On Sept 17, William Thos. infant son of James and Annabelle MACKEY.

STONE - At Halifax , NS , on the 12th inst., Joseph S., eldest son of Henry and the late Susannah STONE, aged 53 years, a native of St. John's , Newfoundland .

TOBIN - On Saturday evening, after a short illness, William, second youngest son of William and Margaret TOBIN, aged 27 years.

MARTIN - On the 18th inst., after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Ellen MARTIN, aged 77 years.

LYONS - Yesterday, after a long illness, Bridget, daughter of the late Julia and Ernest LYONS.

STAMP - On the 17th inst., of cholera infantum, Mary Ellen, darling child of Joseph and Josephine STAMP, aged 3 mos.

FACEY - Last evening, at his residence, 57 Springdale Street , after a lingering illness, Capt. Samuel FACEY, aged 85 years.

Sept 27, 1904


Sept 25 - Two very interesting social events took place on Thursday the 22nd . I refer to the marriage of Rev. Charles HACKETT, of Fogo, to Miss GOULD, daughter of the late Wm. T. GOULD, Esq., and of Mr. Patrick LEE, conductor Reid Nfld., Co, to Miss Mary FAHEY. Anticipating that another pen will furnish the columns of the Free Press with a full account of the former, I waive the privilege of doing so, confining myself to a short account of the latter. Mr. W. SWANSBOROUGH, of Topsoil, the veteran songster of Newfoundland, passing through halted at the home of a friend on Thursday, and wrote the following impromptu lines in whose sentiments all the friends of the contracting parties join:-

"On the day the sun crossed the line,
In Carbonear, old town,
Two couples knelt at Hymen's shrine
Life's road to travel down,
They took the vows to constant be,
As long as life shall last,
We wish them health and happiness
Until that bourne is passed."



Sept 26, 1904 - We hall with delight and satisfaction that the WHITEWAY-MORISON party have amalgamated with the Tory party and that Mr. MORISON is coming to NDB with Mr. GOODRIDGE. We have not the least doubt but that the Tory candidates will be successful. The signs of the times predict a defeat for the Liberals in this district.


Death of J.F. APSEY

Harbor Grace lost one of its best known and most respected citizens, by death, on Tuesday last, in the person of J.F. APSEY, Esq. For many years Mr. Apsey held a high position in business circles there, and no one was better known or more generally esteemed than he. Born at Carbonear, seventy years ago, a son of Mr. George APSEY, he spent the whole of his life in Conception Bay . ..........He leaves a widow and daughter, Mrs. George PATESON, at Harbor Grace, three sons, George, Fletcher and Arthur, who are in the States......


Wedding Bells

There was a pretty and interesting wedding at Warminster , England , on Sept 8th, the Rev. A.A. CRAMP of Port - de - Grave, being married to Helen, daughter of Henry SIMMINSON, Esq. The ceremony was performed and an address given by the Rt. Rev. J.F. WELSH, Bishop designate of Trinidad , and formerly Principal of St. Boniface College, Warminster, where the bridegroom was formerly a student. Mr. and Mrs. CRAMP sailed from Liverpool on the Siberian arriving here yesterday.....


The marriage of Rev. James BELL, incumbent of Bay Roberts, and Miss A.M. CORK, of Brooklands, Billinghurse, Susex , England , took place at the C.E .Cathedral on Wednesday afternoon. The ceremony, which was choral, was performed by Rev. Canon COLLEY, assisted by Rev. Canon NOEL.....

At the home of R. WRIGHT, Esq., Hillhead, Freshwater Road , the wedding of the eldest daughter, Miss Susie Bruce WRIGHT to Mr. John Y. MUNRO, of Inverness , Scotland , was celebrated on Tuesday last at 3 p.m. ....


Sir Alfred Harmsworth arrived by the Bruce at Port-aux-Basques on Friday, where he was met by Dr. H.D. REID, who took him to Millertown in his private car.


The Districts

John Thomas SMITH, aged 23, of Point Moll, Marqueise, P.B., was drowned on Point Verde Bank on yesterday week. While his two companions left in a small boat to take up their trawls, he was knocked overboard by the boom. The accident was witnessed from other boats, who shouted to his companions and they rowed back to save him. They just reached him, and one of them placed an oar under his arm, but he was too weak to hold it, and sinking, did not rise again.



STEPHENS-TRIMM - On Sept 3rd, at St. Mark's church, Ford Devonport, by the Rev. J. DAVIS, Alfred E., youngest son of the late J. STEPHENS, R.N., and Susan STEPHENS, of Devonport, to Annie, third daughter of William and Eunice TRIMM, of Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

PRIMM-O'NEIL - On Sept 11, at St. Joseph's Church, Somerville, Mass., by Rev. Father CLAIRE, Mr. M. PRIMM, to Miss Nellie O'NEIL, both of St. John's.

CRAMP-SIMMINSON - On Sept 8th at the Minster Warminster, England , by the Rev. J.F. WELSH, Bishop designate, of Trinidad , assisted by the Revs. J.R. STUART, and H.R. WHYTEHEAD, vicar, the Rev. Albert A. CRAMP, Incumbent of Port-de-Grave, Newfoundland, to Helen, eldest daughter of Henry SIMMINSON, Warminster, Wilts, England.


KENNEDY - On the 21 inst., Andrew, darling child of F rank and Bridget KENNEDY, aged 9 mos.

GARLAND - At Boston , on the 12th inst., of Typhoid Pneumonia, John B., youngest son of Charles D. and Elizabeth Garland, aged 27 years, formerly of Newfoundland .

FACEY - On Sept 19th, after a lingering illness, Capt. FACEY, aged 81 years.

EDENS - At Sydney, On Aug 31st, Graham Augustine, third and youngest son of George W. and May EDENS, aged 1 year.

ROACH - On Sept 21st, Bridget, daughter of Thomas and the late Mary ROACH, aged 49 years.

SHOUGHORUE - On the 23rd inst., Bridget SHOUGHORUE, aged 47 years.

TILLY - On Saturday, of cholera infantum, Ernest Marmaduke, darling child of James and Minnie TILLY, aged 2 mos.



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