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1904 Free Press (Vol.4)
June 1904

Printed every Tuesday St. John's, Newfoundland, Price 2 cents
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Grand Falls-Windsor

Family Tree Group



Jun 7, 1904

The Districts

The death of Mr. Charles RENDELL, an aged and respected resident of Heart's Content, occurred on the 26th ult. Deceased is survived by two sons, W.J. RENDELL, engineer, now at Dawson City , and Gordon, who is at Heart's Content, and three daughters.

News was received by the Glencoe that Mrs. Samuel BENNETT, of Port au Bras, near Burin, committed suicide early last week. Secreting herself in a room with her husband's razor she cut a deep gash in her throat, severing the jugular vein. As soon as she was discovered Dr. SMITH was summoned, but he could do nothing for her and she died an hour later. Beside her husband three children survive her.


OAKLEY - At Port Blandford, B.B., on May 28th, the wife of S.R. OAKLEY, of a son.

CORBETT - At Sydney, on May 21st, a son to Mr. and Mrs. J.A. CORBETT, late of St. John's .



HICKS -RUSSELL - At Alexander St. Church, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Charles LENCH, Mr. Aquila HICKS to Miss Bertha RUSSSELL, both of Western Arm, Fogo District.

CHRISTCHLEY - PARSONS - At the Gower Street Methodist Parsonage, on the 23rd ult., by the Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Thomas CHRISTCHLEY, to Miss May Louisa PARSONS, both of Greenspond.

THORNE - STROUD - At the Gower Street Methodist Parsonage, on the 31st ult., by the Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Robert THORNE, of Boston, Mass., to Miss Fannie STROUD, of Alexander Bay.



MACNAMARA - On the 3rd last, after a lingering illness, Mary, the beloved wife of Terrence MACNAMARA, aged 56 years.

ROWE - On June 3rd, Mary, beloved wife of Jacob ROWE, aged 54 years.

HOLWELL - At the South Side, suddenly on May 31st, John eldest son of the late Henry and Anastatia HOLWELL, aged 31 years.

BURTON - On the 30th ult., at Bay De Leau, W. BURTON , an old and respected resident of that place.

VINNICOMBE On May 30th, Josie, wife of Hugh VINNICOMBE, aged 24 years.

SCAPLIN - On May 31st, Jean Hope, darling child of Edward and Lena SCAPLIN, aged one year.

CHAFE - on the 31st ult., at Bay Bulls, after a short illness, Lacy A., widow of the late Edward CHAFE of Petty Harbor .

MCELVENIE - On Jun 1st, after a lingering illness, Mary, widow of the late Hugh MCELVENIE, aged 69 years.

June 14, 1904

Wedding at Twillingate

St Peter's Church was the scene of a very pretty wedding ceremony on Wednesday evening, the 8th inst., when Mr. Samuel C. THOMPSON, Deputy of C. of E. Superintendent of Education led to the Altar Miss Rosetta May (Rosie) youngest daughter of Thomas PEYTON, Esq., J.P. Miss PEYTON was a member of the choir and a general favorite and will be missed from the church and community, but no doubt our loss will be the Inspectors' gain; "So mote it be!" Canon TEMPLE R.D. officiated, assisted by Rev. E. BUTLER, and the hymns used were "The Voice that Breathed o'er Eden", "How welcome was the Call" whilst the fine organ under the manipulation of Miss Manuel (who by the way is soon to follow Miss Rosie) sent forth the joyous strains, as the party entered and retired. The bride was supported by Misses Maggie GRAY, Flossie SCOTT and four tiny tots - Eleanor, Amy, Mary AITKEN and Dolly McCallum SCOTT all nicely attired, as was also the bride who looked charming in handsome costume, veil, wreath, etc. The groom was assisted by Messrs Augustus PEYTON and Norman GRAY, the former also acting as father giver. Amongst the guest who occupied front seats were Miss Stirling, Miss PEYTON, Mr. A. PEYTON. W.J. SCOTT, JP, and wife and it may added the J.P. led to the same alter over 20 years ago, the eldest daughter of Mr. PEYTONS' s family, and the marriage to-day, the youngest, closed the list of daughters, the other two, Mrs. AITKEN and Mrs. William BAIRD being married during the intervening years. The wedding party spent a pleasant evening at the home of Mr. PETYON, and the happy pair leave for St. John's , their future home by the s.s. Prospero, probably the first bridal pair to travel on her this side of the Atlantic. They will be followed by the warmest wishes of a host of friends, who wish them heartily "Bon Voyage:". Correspondent , Twillingate, Jun 9, 1904.


From the Gazette

Mr. Ambrose LILLY has been made a member of the Exploits, Burnt Island Road Board vice Mr. G. Foote, resigned; and Messrs. Joseph GILLARD, Thomas VERGE, Selby VERGE, James GILLARD and Adam SAUNDERS form a Road Board for Southern Arm, Green Bay .



The death of Mrs. J. McL. MUIR occurred on Wednesday last after a short illness. The deceased lady was the mother of Councilor C.F.MUIR, and sister of Mr. R.C. SMITH, of the Anglo-American Telegraph CO. As a token of respect the regular weekly meeting of the Municipal Council was adjourned for two hours on Friday, and the Mayor and Councilors attended the funeral.

While in the city last week Mr. Robert MOULTON, of Burgeo, was advised by telegraph of the serious illness of his son, Thomas, aged 21. Hoping to get home in time to be with him before he died, Mr. MOULTON hired a special train on Wednesday which made the trip across the country in twenty-three hours, but the young man passed away at midnight . The sincerest sympathy of his friends has gone out to Mr. MOULTON in the great sorrow that has befallen him.

Mr. and Mrs. William HARRIS, of Monkstown Road , celebrated their golden wedding on Friday last, making it the occasion of a pleasant family reunion. Their children, nine in all, are living today and are as follows: Hon. John, William, James and Thomas, Mrs. M.F. SMYTH, Mrs. P.J. DOYLE, Sisters Marie Raphael and M. CALLISTA (Sister of Charity in New York), Miss A. HARRIS and in addition surrounding them are twenty -eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. Mr. and Mrs. HARRIS are both still active and were the recipients of hearty congratulations from their many friends.

John HICKEY, aged 23, a native of Conception Bay , with his dory mate, went astray during a fog about a fortnight ago, when their vessel the Robin Hood was about 8 miles off St. Paul 's Island . As the men have not since been heard from it is supposed that their dory was overturned and they were drowned.

While the s.s. Siberian was at Philadelphia on her last trip one of the deck boys, James MCELHINEY, aged ?16, was drowned while swimming the Deleware. The weather was extremely hot, and with others of the crew he went in for a dip, but being taken with cramps sunk out of sight before assistance could be rendered.


Cat Harbour

May 28th - We regret to say that Mr. George PARSONS has been ill for some time past from internal cancer. Mr. Parsons, who for many years has been one of the most prominent men in any social enterprise, is now greatly missed, being confined to his house.

Since our last correspondence two deaths have occurred in this neighborhood. One Mrs. Lewis GUDYER, who very quickly succumbed to that dread disease consumption, and the other Mrs. Abraham GUDYER.

Mrs. R.H. WHITEWAY, of St. John's , is paying a visit to her brother, Mr. George PARSONS who is above referred to. Padden


The Districts

W. RICE, working at the Timber Estates saw mill at Norris Arm had his right arm cut off above the elbow while working the edger on Monday of last week. The arm was later amputated at the shoulder, Drs. WOODBURY, CHAMBERLAIN and PILOT performing the operation.



HARTWELL- At Bauline, Ferryland District, on April 29th, a son to Mr. And Mrs. Patrick HARTWELL.



WARREN-HAWKINGS - At the Methodist Church, St. Anthony, by Rev. H. COPPIN, J.C. WARREN, of St. Anthony , to Ida, daughter of Mr. H.W. WATKINS, of this town.

PENNELL-WHITE - At the Methodist Parsonage, Twillingate, on the 31st ult, by Rev. Charles HOWSE, Mr. Robert PENNELL, to Miss Louisa WHITE, both of Farmer's Arm.

CLARKE-STOCKLEY - At the same place on the 1st inst., and by the same, Mr. Willis CLARKE, of Farmer's Arm, to Miss Maud STOCKLEY, of South Side, Twillingate.

FORBES - GREEN - On the 8th inst., at Channel, by Rev. Mr. REID, Mr. S.G. FORBES to Miss Ida May GREEN, both of this city.

THOMPSON - PEYTON - On Jun 8th, at St. Peter's Church Twillingate, by the Rev. Canon TEMPLE, R.D., assisted by the Rev. E.A. BUTLER, Samuel C. THOMPSON, Esq., Assistant Superintendent of the C.of E. School , to Rosetta Mary, youngest daughter of Thomas PEYTON Esq., of Back Harbour , Twillingate.



MURPHY - Passed peacefully away on the 9th inst., at his residence Waterford Bridge Road, after a long illness, Martin MURPHY, in his 78th year, 50 of which he spent in this country; a native of Country Waterford, Ireland.

WALSH - On the 8th inst., Mrs. Anna Stack WALSH, aged 75 years.

MUIR - On June 8th, Isabella, widow of J. Mcl. MUIR.

MCDONALD - On Jun 8th, after a short illness, Alice, wife of John MCDONALD ,, Kilbride.

FRENCH - On Saturday last after a short illness, Elizabeth, wife of George FRENCH (T.N.C.) and daughter of the late George PIPPY, aged 64 years.

ELLIOTT - At Crow Head, on May 29th, Mr. John ELLIOTT, aged 68 years.

WATKINS - At South Side, Twillingate, on May 29th, Mary, relict of the late Hugh WATKINS, aged 78 years.

BAGG - At Bluff Head Cove, on May 30th, Jane, relict of the late John BAGG, aged 76 years.

WHITE - At Ragged Point, on May 31st, Eliza beloved wife of Abner White, aged 19 years.

JENKINS - drowned, in St. John's Narrows , on Jun 1st, George JENKINS, son of the late Andrew JENKINS of Jenkins's Arm, Twillingate, aged 24 years.

MARSHALL - On the 7th inst., Edward Maxse, infant son of Robert and Susannah MARSHALL.

Jun 21, 1904


The death of Mr. John DUNPHY, who for a long number of years was chief clerk at the Poor Commissioner's Office, occurred Friday last at the advanced age of 83 years. He was a native of Waterford City , Ireland .

Miss Mollie MCNEIL, daughter of the late John MCNEIL, Esq., and the Mr. Alan GOODRIDGE were married on Thursday last by the Rev. A. ROBERTSON at the residence of the bride's mother, Waterford Bridge Road . The bride was attired in a handsome dress of white and attended by her sister, Mrs. Jean MCNEIL, as bridesmaid. The groomsman was Mr. T.B. GOODRIDGE. After the ceremony a reception was held and refreshments served to the guest, and later amid the hearty good wishes of their friends Mr. and Mrs. GOODRIDGE drove to Mount Scio where they remained for a few days.


The Districts

Walter AVERY, aged 9, was drowned while trouting at North West Brook, Northern Bight, on Jun 4th. In running over the rocks he slipped and fell into the river, and before his comrades could render assistance he had gone to the bottom. The body was afterwards discovered.

Two cases of Diphtheria broke out at Sound Island last week. The victims being two children of Edward HAYSE. Dr. CHISHOLM was sent from Whitbourne to attend them but before he had arrived one child died. The other child is dangerously ill, but the doctor hopes to bring her through, and is doing his best to prevent the disease from spreading further.



Cook - On the 15th inst., the wife of William COOK, of a daughter.

ALLAN - At Montreal , on the 15th inst., the wife of R.A. ALLAN, of a son.

STIRLING - On the 9th of June, at Wabana Mine, Bell Island, the wife of James STIRLING, of a daughter.

BRENNAN - At Kilbride, on the 28th ult., the wife of Stephen BRENNAN of a son.



MCNIEL - GOODRIDGE - On the 16th inst., at the residence of the Bride's mother, by the Rev. A. ROBERTSON, Miss Mollie MCNEIL to Mr. Alan C. GOODRIDGE.

TEMPTLE - MANUEL - On June 14th, at St. Peter's Church, Twillingate, by the Rev. Canon TEMPLE, R.D., assisted by the Rev. E.A. BUTLER of Fogo, Mr. W.B. TEMPLE, Operator, Postmaster and Sub-Collector for Glenwood, to Sarah C., only daughter of Mr. Obadiah MANUEL of Twillingate.



MANNING - On June 16th after a short illness, Bride, beloved wife of Constable MANNING, aged 31 years.

DUNPHY - On the 17th Inst, John DUNPHY, a native of Waterford City , Ireland , aged 83 years.

STAMP - On June 18th, after a short illness, James, son of Thomas and Catherine STAMP, aged 16 years.

POWER - On June 19th, after a tedious illness, Johanna, the beloved wife of John POWER, and third daughter of the late Segt. P. COADY.

ROGERS - On the 13th inst., after a lingering illness, James RODGERS, aged 66 years.

FRENCH - On Jun 14th, at 23 Cooktown Road , Dorothy, child of John J. and the late Catherine A. FRENCH, aged 5 months.

PIKE - At Bost , USA , on May 19th, after a short illness, Joseph PIKE, brother of Mrs. R. G. PIKE of this city.

WEBBER - On June 9th, Isabella Agnes, second daughter of Charles and Sarah Jane WEBBER, aged 3 years and 9 months.

LYNCH - At Conche, on April 27th, after a short illness, Edward LYNCH, R.C. teacher, aged 36 years.

DOWER - At Conche, on May 1st, after a long illness, Francis, beloved son of James and Johanna DOWER.

MAHER - At the General Hospital , on June 14th, Julia MAHER, aged 26 years, a native of Norris Arm.

LEDREW - At Cupids, on the 14th inst., Malcolm, child of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. LEDREW, aged 2 ½ years.

June 28 , 1904


The death of William CARNELL, ex-road inspector, occurred on Wednesday last. Deceased, who had reached the age of 81 years, was a well-known figure in the city, and had been ill for only a few months. He was a member of the Masonic and British fraternities, and members from both bodies attended the funeral, which took place on Saturday.

The wedding of Mr. W.S. FREW and Miss Frances M. BLAIR took place at the residence of Henry BLAIR, Esq., on Wednesday evening last, Rev. A. ROBERTSON officiating at the ceremony. The bride who was given away by her father, and attended by Miss Flora FREW and Miss Edna BLAIR, wore a pretty costume of cream voile. After a reception and luncheon, the happy couple left for Placentia where they are spending the honeymoon.

The marriage of Mr. W. COLLINS, of Bowring Bros. Office and Miss G.A. SAUNDERS, was solemnized at the residence of the bride's brother, Quidi Vidi Road on Wednesday evening. Rev. Father MCNAMARA being the officiating clergyman. Mr. P.F. COLLINS was best man and Miss Marion SAUNDERS was bridesmaid. After a luncheon the newly married couple drove to Chamberlains to spend the honeymoon.

The marriage of Mr. Harold Bishop and Miss Prudence GOWANS took place at the home of the bride's parents, Springdale St. , on Wednesday afternoon, in the presence of a large number of friends. Rev. A ROBERTSON performing the ceremony. The duties of bridesmaid were done by Mrs. Maggie GOWANS, while Mr. R. BISHOP was best man. The happy couple left for Avondale to spend a few days, but will visit other centers before returning from their honeymoon trip.

The marriage of Miss Gertrude E. EDGAR and Mr. Arthur THOMPSON took place at the Presbyterian Church on Tuesday evening last. Rev A. ROBERTSON performing the ceremony. The bride was robed in a dress of cream silk, trimmed with chiffon, with orange blossoms and bridal veil, was given away by her uncle, Hon. Capt. BLANDFORD, and attended by Miss Maggie EDGAR and Miss Agnes THOMSPON, as bridesmaids. The groomsman was Mr. W.N. KNOWLING. After the ceremony the party drove to Donovan's where a banquet was served. Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSON spend their honeymoon at Placentia .


The City

Elsie, the little two year old child, of Mr. and Mrs. John LIDSTONE, 36 Wickford Street , was burned to death on Friday morning. She had got out of bed and was evidently playing with a poker when she had heated at the kitchen stove and which she caught her flannelette nightdress. Her screams wakened and mother and drew the attention of a girl named MORGAN who wrapped the child in a quilt and extinguished the flames. The child was badly burned and her vital parts affected and in a few hours she died. Dr. PIKE was called and relieved the little one's agony.


The Districts

The lighthouse on Gull Island , Cape John , as burnt on Friday night, but the iron tower in which the light was kept is all right so that the light is not shut off. The fire occurred at 7 p.m. , from what cause it is as presently unknown, and the residential part of the building, in which two families lived, was totally destroyed with its contents. The families are now living in a small shed which was used as a workshop and supplies are being hurried to them The news of the fire was brought to the mainland by fishermen who passed there and witnessed it.

The death of Mr. George H. LEMESSURIER occurred at 11 o'clock last night at his home on New Gower Street . The deceased, who for a large number of years had been a faithful and efficient official in the postal department, had reached the advanced age of ninety years. For the past six years he had not been engaged in active work, having been pensioned in 1898. Four sons - Peter, George, John and Alexander - and one daughter, Mrs. (Rev) Walter SMITH, of Portugal Cove survive him



DIAMOND - On the 20th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. S. DIAMOND, Quidi Vidi Road .

PERLIN - On the 20th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. I. PERLIN.

BARNES - At Ottawa , Ontario , on the 14th inst., a son to Mr. And Mrs. W.A. BARNES.



WELLS - THOMEY At Little Bay, by Rev. A. PITTMAN, at the resident of J.B. BLANDFORD, Esq., J.P., Mr. Doyle WELLS to Miss Mary THOMEY (school teacher), lately of Hr. Grace.



REID - On Jun 20th, after a long illness, Johanna Corbett, beloved wife of James REID.

SHEARS - At Pouch Cove Parsonage, on Sunday afternoon, Raymond Goldie, beloved child of Wilfred and Marion SHEARS, aged 4 years.

HOPKINS - At Carbonear, on the 15th inst, Emma Muriel, beloved child of Augustus and Hazel HOPKINS, aged 10 months.

CARNELL - On Jun 22nd, at 4:45, William CARNELL, late Road Inspector, East End, in his 81st year.

TEMPLETON - On Jun 21st, Robert TEMPLETON, a native of Glenluce, Wigtonshire , Scotland .

SEXTON - At Norris Arm, June 16th, Bridget, aged 23 years, daughter of Thomas SEXTON.

ELLIS - On Jun 22nd, Alice, infant child of Bessie and Charles ELLIS, aged 4 months.

SAINT - AT Bonavista, Thursa B., daughter of the late Jabez SAINT.

POWER - At Mobile , on the 13th inst., after a lingering illness, Mary, beloved wife of Michael POWER, aged 73 years.



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