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1904 Free Press (Vol.4)
July 1904

Printed every Tuesday St. John's, Newfoundland, Price 2 cents
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Grand Falls-Windsor

Family Tree Group



Jul 5, 1904

Forest Fires

Millertown, Glenwood, Lewisporte, Norris Arm and Botwoodville were also threatened with disaster, extensive fires raging in the vicinity of each place. Milling operations at all places were at a standstill, but the timely fall of rain extinguished the conflagrations and the places escaped.


Community destroyed by fire

On Wednesday night Notre Dame Junction was entirely wiped out by forest fire. The little settlement was built in the woods and once the fire reached it, all attempts on the part of the residents to save the various properties were fruitless. The mill of the New Lands Lumber Co, 150 feet in length, one of the largest in this section of the country, of which Mr. J.F. DOWNEY was manger, stores, railway station, telegraph office, freight shed, two new section houses, the camp of the lumbermen and railway track, all were destroyed. The lumber people were said to have lost nearly a million feet of timber, while it is stated that the property destroyed amounted to the value, to nearly $60,000. Fortunately most of the winter's cut of logs were in a pond nearby and were saved.... When the fire came down the junction the residents were compelled to abandon the place and most of them went to Norris Arm. Practically nothing was saved. Only one man named OSMOND was injured....


Fire at Campbellton

Another destructive fire on Friday at Campbellton and the large mills there with neighbouring houses were swept away. Twenty-four families were burned out .... The loss would have been much greater but that the Reid Company's steamer "Clyde" was held up there and the people were given permission to put their property on board. A large quantity of valuable timber was destroyed and it is feared the operations of the Company will be almost totally crippled.



TOBIN - On Jun 29th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. M. TOBIN, Nunnery Hill.

LOWE - On Jun 30th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. W.J. LOWE.

DIAMOND - On July 1st, a son to Mr. and Mrs. W. DIAMOND.

RANDELL - On July 1st, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. RANDEALL, Mate of schr. Grace.

PITTMAN - On the 3rd inst., the wife of Mr. A. PITTMAN, of a son.



Steward - Henderson - At the residence of the bride's parents, City Terrace, on Jun 29th, by Rev. A. ROBERTSON, Alex STEWART to Jessie, daughter of H. HENDERSON, of this city.

SHORTALL -FLYNN - On The 29th ult., at St. Patrick's' Church, by Rev. Dean RYAN, D.D., Mr. Thos. SHORTALL to Miss Rosetta FLYNN, both of this city.



BEARNS- On July 3rd Maud, eldest daughter of Thomas and Cecilia BEARNS.

POWER - On the 3rd inst., after a long illness, Mary J., beloved daughter of Edward and Mary A. POWER, aged 18 years.

MANNING - On Saturday, Thomas MANNING, aged 72 years.

COADY - on the 2nd inst., after a short illness John COADY, a native of Renews, aged 62 years.

THOMEY, - On June 26th at Harbor Grace, Mrs. Margaret THOMEY, aged 69 years.

WHTIEWAY - On Jun 27th, at Harbor Grace, after a long illness, Herbert, son of Henry WHITEWAY, aged 12 years.

HAWE, At Mosquito, on June 28th, Richard HAWE, aged 77 years.

PIKE - At the Hospital, St. John's , on June 25th, Mary, wife of the late George PIKE, formerly of Harbor Grace, and daughter of the late Jacob NOSEWORTHY, South Side, aged 56 years.

LEMESSURIER - On Jun 27th, George Hare LEMESSURIER, aged 90 years.

KNOWLTON - At St. John , NB , on the 15th ult., Mary Grace, beloved wife of Capt. Daniel KNOWLTON, in the 79th year of her age, a native of St. John's , Nfld.

POWER - At Tor's Cove, on the 22nd, ult., after a long illness, Mary Anne, beloved wife of John POWER, aged 58 years.

MARTIN - On June 29th, Elizabeth Muir, wife of John MARTIN, C.E., aged 77 years.

DODD - On the 20th inst., after a long illness, Mary Josephine , beloved wife of Thomas DODD.

REDMOND - On July 1st, after a short illness, Nicholas, youngest son of T. REDMOND, and the late Margaret AYLWARD, aged 22 years.

FITZGERALD - On the 1st inst., of convulsions, Frank Severn, darling child of H.F. and Minnie FITZGERALD, aged 6 months.

DOYLE - On the 2nd inst., after a short illness, Matthew DOYLE, aged 70 years.

July 12, 1904


The suggestion of the Free Press in regard to a memorial to the late Miss NICHOL, postmistress, who lost her life in the endeavor to arouse the other inmates of the burning building, has taken practical shape. A meeting of ladies of the this town held on Saturday morning, appointed a committee who will receive voluntary contributions towards this laudable object.....


St. Anthony

June 27th - A sad shooting accident occurred at ? Cremaillere, two miles from here on Thursday last. A man named Adam RICE was out in a boat shooting birds. It appears that seeing some he caught his gun by the barrel to pull it towards him, and the hammer striking the side of the boat, it exploded. The whole load entered his thigh about four inches below the hip, almost severing it from the body and completely shattering the bone. Although the surgeon of the H.M.S. Alert arrived six hours after the accident and did all that could be done for him, he was so weakened by the loss of blood that he died within ten hours of the accident. Poor RICE had only been married six months and leaves a young widow to mourn his loss.

July 4, 1904


The wedding of Mr. John VALENTINE and Miss Emma CHURCHILL took place at St. Mary's Church on Tuesday last, the Rev. C.V. COGSAN officiating. The bride who was given away by her uncle, Wm. CHURCHILL, Esq., Inspector Public Building , was attired in a pretty dress of cream stain and carried a bouquet and was attended by Misses Jess and Gertie CHURCHILL as bridesmaids. Messrs. F. BREHM and S.D. BLANDFORD performed the duties of groomsmen. The couple spent the honeymoon at Placentia .



July 3rd, 1904 - The worse forest fire yet experienced here has been raging for five days without intermission. The men are worn out with continual fighting night and day. Thirteen dwelling houses were burnt in Northern Arm on Wednesday afternoon. The fire had been raging in the interior for a week or more but no one thought it so near. The alarm was given and hands left the mill to save their dwelling but most of them were only in time to see everything they owned in flames. Fortunately some of the women had the pluck to save a portion of the furniture by dragging it to the water; others only hauled it out of the house to be burnt outside; a few saved their houses by sticking to them and fighting the flames at the risk of their own lives. The following is a list of those who lost their dwelling houses - James ANTLE, Thomas ANTLE, William SHEPPARD, Henry SHEPPARD, Wm. BARRETT, Clem BARRETT, Henry POPE, Clem HUTCHINGS, Alfred HUTCHINGS, Samuel ELSON, Sr, Charles HART, Chesley LEDREW, Joshua ROGERS.

On Thursday forenoon commenced a three days battle with the fiery element around the mills. On Wednesday it did not reach up to the main settlement and at nightfall it seemed to have spent itself, but when the wind breezed up on Thursday forenoon it was evident that a desperate fight had to take place. The wise preparations of the officials of the company made the days before, and the noble stand the men took we can thank for saving the mill, and in fact, the whole settlement. Only one house came to grief since Wednesday (Fred K. SEYMOUR's , Peter's Arm). There is very little wind this evening, and if we get some rain we may escape further injury.

A very large extent of timber country is on fire. The fire extends from here to New Bay , Big Pond and to Badger Lake . Another fire extends from Norris Arm to Lewisporte and Glenwood.

The company had to abandon their drive on Northern Brook, temporarily on account of the fire.

The mills have been closed down for four days on the same account.



The Districts

The Telegram published a dispatch from King' Cove on Saturday, which stated that John KEHOE of Plate Cove, committed suicide by hanging himself to a fence on Thursday. He was aged 70 years and unmarried.


The City

Mrs. MAHER who was burnt at her home on Holloway Street , on Monday of last week, has since died. She was 81 years of age and the shock to her system was so great that she could not rally from it.

Yesterday afternoon the body of William PENDERGAST, whose disappearance has been a mystery for the past month, was found by two schoolboys on the South Side Hill, about 1000 ____ from St. Mary's Church in a direct line up the hill. The lads were picking flowers when they came across the body, and they immediately communicated with the police. The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition and undertaker Martin and his assistants found some difficulty in placing it in a coffin. The remains were taken to his home, the news of the discovery of the body having been previously broken to his sister by Rev. Fr. FYME. The general opinion regarding his death is that PENDERGAST, who was probably demented, wandered about the hills several days until becoming exhausted he lay down and perished. The unfortunate man was a cooper for many years in the employ of Baine Johnston & Co., and later with Mr. BARR. He was sixty years of age and a member of the Star of the Sea Association.



BROWN - On Jun 21st, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick BROWN.

MIRON - On Jun 23rd, as son to Mr. and Mrs. James MIRON.

MARSHALL - On Jun 24th, a daughter to Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph MARSHALL

POWER - On June 24th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas POWER

PHELAN - On June 28th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. James PHELAN.

DORMADY - On Jun 28th, twin sons to Mr. and Mrs. John DORMADY.

BRUSHETT - On July 1st, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Archibald BRUSHETT.

Power - On July 2nd, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward POWER



DEMPSEY-STRACHAN At St. Ann's Church, Montreal, on Jun 22nd, by the Rev. Father FORTIER, Isabella DEMPSEY, of Harbor GRACE to John W. STRACHAN, of Montreal.

VALENTINE - CHURCHILL - On July 5th, at St. Mary's Church, St. John's, by the Rev. C. COGAN, Emma CHURCHILL, eldest daughter of Mr. A. CHURCHILL to John VALENTINE.

KIRBY - BURGESS - At 186 North St., Halifax, on Jun 6th by Rev. J.L. BATTY, James KIRBY of Halifax, to Bella BURGESS, of Burin, Newfoundland.



MAHER - On July 6th, after a short illness, Mrs. Catherine MAHER, aged 81 years.

BRIEN - On Wednesday, the 6th inst., at Kilbride, Margaret, relict of the late John BRIEN.

HAYES On July 6th, Mary, relict of the late John HAYES, aged 65 years.

DORMADY - On the 29th ult., infant son of John and Ellie DORMADY.

MARSHALL - On the 2nd inst. Mary Ellen, infant daughter of Joseph and Kate MARSHALL.

WINTER - At the Parsonage, Western Cove, White Bay , on Friday, 1st July, Anne, widow of James M. WINTER, aged 87 years.

SHEPPARD - At Lark Harbor , On June 18th, Dorcas Ann, child of William and Sarah SHEPPARD, aged 15 months.

MURRAY - At Lark Harbor , on June 27th, Elizabeth, wife of Richard MURRAN, aged 28 years. (Transcriber's note - two different surnames used in this death announcement).

SAUNDERS On the 6th ult., at Denver , Colorado , William, son of Margaret and the late Daniel SAUNDERS, aged 22 years.

GARLAND - On June 24th, at 17 Appleton St., West , Summerville, George Parsons GARLAND, aged 66 years, a native of Lower Island Cove, Newfoundland

MURPHY - On July 5th, after a short illness, Margaret, relict of the late Martin MURPHY, a native of Country Wexford, Ireland.

BOLAN - At Caplin Bay, on the 20th inst., Bridget Ann, wife of Edward BOLAN, eldest daughter of Matthew and Teresa ROSSITOR.

MOORS At Blackhead on the 4th inst., Flossie, aged 10 years, daughter of Marian and the late John F. MOORS.

BURDEN - Suddenly, at Broad Cove, on the 4th inst., James BURDEN, aged 71 years.

Jul 19, 1904


The death of two old citizens occurred the past week, - Mr. James KELLY and Mr. John C. FOOTE. The former was born in Ireland nearly eighty years ago and came to this country at the tender age of two years. He spent nearly the whole of his life here occupied in the chief industry of the colony at which he accumulated sufficient means to give him considerable comfort in declining years. He removed to the States several years ago but owing to the death of his wife returned. Mr. FOOTE, whose death occurred on Saturday morning, as a well known figure. He had been ailing for several months. His wife, who is in delicate health, survives him.


Botwoodville July 10th, 1904 -

The forest fires are all out, the rain on Monday and Tuesday having extinguished them. The damage done to timberland by the recent forest fires is considerable. The Exploits River Lumber and Pulp Company suffered to the extent of one hundred million feet, Crown Lands to the extent of twenty million feet. G.L. Phillips, New Bay , to the extent of forty million, and the three mile limit to the extent of fifty million feet. This, of course, is not a total loss, as the burnt timber will be good for several years. The Company also lost in dams and camps to the value of three thousand dollars. The loss to inhabitants in dwelling hoses, out-houses, fences, animals, etc., is estimated at about $4500, the heaviest losers being Alfred Hutchings, $650; James ANTLE $550; Chesley LEDREW, $400; Samuel ELSON, $400; and Charles HART, $350.

A very sad drowning accident occurred on Tuesday last near Thawart Island, Exploits Bay, by the upsetting of a punt in which were three men, Thomas COLES, Jr., Robert COLES and Robert PORTER. Robert COLES saved himself by holding on to the boat, but the other two men were drowned. Thomas COLES, aged 32, is the eldest son of Thomas COLES, Sr., Sparrable Cove, and leaves a wife and three children. Robert PORTER is the son of the late Robert PORTER, farmer, of Porterville , aged 22, unmarried. The sad affair has case a gloom over the whole place, as both men were well known.

Hon. H.J.B. WOODS, Postmaster-General, visited this place lastt week, partly on official business, and also on his firm's business, his vessel being here.

The Canadian steamer (survey) the s.s. Elleanor, is at present in this port.

The L.O. Association are having a big time on 12th, the proceeds of which go to the fund for the relief of the fire sufferers.




The wedding of Miss Minnie WOODS, daughter of Postmaster General WOODS, and Rev. J.M. RICE., B.A., takes place this afternoon at "Bemister Place"


The Districts

The s.s. Ingram returned on Friday from Gull Island , Cape John , where she had been with lumber, etc., for the building of the new lighthouse. Capt. YOUNG reports that forest fires were raging all over Green Bay as the steamer passed on the way here and at times the smoke was so dense that it was almost impossible to see the way along.

Walter ROWE, aged 14, of Norris Arm, was injured at the New Lands Mill on Friday and was brought on here to hospital by Bruce Express on Saturday. He was engaged in edging a board and as he lifted the rollers the saw drove the board backward and struck him a severe blow on the forehead, fracturing the skull. He was attended by Dr. WOODBURY who bound up his wound. It is feared the lad will have a hard struggle to recover from the accident.



LANG - At Whitbourne, on the 18th inst., the wife of Charles LANG, of a son.

CONNOLLY - On the 7th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. J.J CONNOLLY.

CASEY - On the 2nd inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. CASEY.



TURNER-GARLAND - At Lower Island Cove, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. R. W. FREEMAN, Edwin TURNER to Harriet GARLAND.

BURSEY-MORRIS - At Lower Island Cove, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. R.W. FREEMAN, Herbert BURSEY to Clara Ann MORRIS.

MCDONALD-STEVENSON - On June 29th, at Boston, Mass., USA, at St. Patrick's Parochial residence by the Rev. Thomas WALSH, Peter M. MCDONALD to Mary Jeniter STEVENSON, both of Nfld.

FITZGERALD-ANTINORI: On the 14th inst., at St. Joseph's Altar, St. Patrick's Church, by the Very Rev. Dean RYAN, Mr. James FTIZGERALD, N.F. Constabulary, to Miss Mary ANTINORI, both of this city.

RANDELLL - On July 15th, Richard PATRICK, infant son of James and Mary RANDELL, aged 15 days.

COOK - On the 14th inst., after a short illness, Eliza COOK, aged 69 years.

STEPHENSON - On July 13th, after a short illness, Margaret, relict of the late Patrick STEPHENSON, aged 75 years.

FAWCETT - On July 15th, James, the beloved son of Thomas and Mary FAWCETT, aged 21 years.

YOUNG - At Toronto , On Jun 28th, of Typhoid Pneumonia, Louisa, beloved wife of Caleb YOUNG, aged 71 years.

LEGROW - On Monday, the 11th inst., Gladys Mary, only daughter of Joseph and Mary LEGROW, aged 2 years.

LESHANO - On the 12th inst., of heart failure, Charles James, second eldest son of William and Julia LESHANO, aged 40 years.

JERRETT - At Brigus, on the 12th inst., Wilbert Stanley, darling child of C.A. and Anna JERRETT, aged 1 year and 7 months.

July 26, 1904

Forest fires

The schr. Jane Ainslie, Capt . FROST, arrived on Sunday evening from Gander Bay , with a load of lumber for the Horwood Lumber Co., She reports forest fires all over Green Bay . Gander Bay , Rocky Bay , New Bay and Beavertown have been almost utterly destroyed. At Victoria Cove, Gander Bay , about a fortnight ago fire wiped out every house but seven in the place, and the Jane Ainslie had to go up the coast and procure timber to build huts, and food for the sufferers, most of whom lost all their belongings. At New Bay a number of houses were demolished, and when the flames came down the residents, who were mostly women, the men being on the Labrador , took to the boats and rowed out of danger. The fires extend from Rocky Bay West to Lewisporte, and the telegraph wires are all down between Beaver Cove, Gander Bay and Gambo. On Saturday fires raged inside of Clarenville and Trinity Bay was filled with smoke.



The marriage of Miss Emma. G. Ashton ADRAIN and Mr. R.F. HORWOOD will take place at 38 LeMarchant Road on Tuesday, August 2nd.

Mr. Andrew CARNELL, manager of Carnell's Carriage Factory, was married to Miss Mabel PAYNE, daughter of W.B. PAYNE, Esq., at St. Thomas 's Church on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. Canon DUNFIELD. ........

On Wednesday evening the wedding of Miss Eda GALE, second daughter of Mr. T.W. GALE and Mr. W.G. SMITH, manager of the Empire Wood Co., was solemnized at the Congregational Church. .........

The wedding of Miss Winifred WOODS, daughter of Hon. H.J.B. WOODS, and Rev. J.M. RICE, B.A., took place at Bemister Place , on Tuesday afternoon, last the Rev. L. CURTIS, D.D, officiating.......

At Bonavista, July 18th, the wedding of Miss Mary J. FORBES, daughter of R.E. FORBES, Esq., M.D., and Mr. Joseph SELLARS of Marshall Bros., this city, took place in the Methodist Church , Rev. J. T. Newman performing the ceremony..........


The Districts

Harvey HODGE, son of Mr. D. HODGE, was seriously injured at Fogo on Wednesday evening by the bursting of a cannon. With others he was celebrating the wedding of Mr. HYDE, bookkeeper for the firm, when the cannon which he was firing burst and he received the force of the explosion in his face. His eyes were injured; the flesh on his forehead badly torn, and he received a severe scalp wound from a fragment of flying iron. He was picked up unconscious, but Dr. MALCOLM who attended him, brought him to and believes he will recover without losing his sight.

Forest fires sprung up again last week and at Dog Bay and Campbellton further damage was done. At the former place on Wednesday afternoon a fierce blaze raged on the south side of the Bay, causing a lot of destruction. Fourteen houses belonging to residents there were consumed with mostly all they contained, for a time the large mill owned by the Horwood Lumber Co., was in danger of destruction and it was only due to the hard work of Manager MEWS and employees that the property was saved. At Campbellton another fire raged, and for a time the houses remaining from the last fire were threatened. The s.s. Prospero, which arrived on Saturday, reported that the whole district of Twillingate seemed to be a mass of forest fires. The ship had to lie up two nights, as it was impossible to proceed through the dense smoke. Off Sunday Island water had to be pored over the decks to prevent the sparks which were flying about from igniting the woodwork. The people at this place had to take their boats fearing the whole place would be destroyed.

A Newfoundlander named Nathaniel GOSS, was fatally assaulted by a woman named Pearle RICKER at Lebue , Maine , on July 18th , by having his throat cut with a razor. The woman called on GOSS at night at this boarding house, and later persons passing on the street heard GOSS cry for assistance. Miss RICKER was taken to the police station where she raved so wildly and talked so incoherently as to give rise to the belief that she was insane. Further than to say that she loved him, the woman declined to say why she wounded GOSSE.



MCGINN - On the 22nd inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. F. MCGINN.

CLINTON - At St. Jacques, on 2nd inst., a daughter to H.R. and Mrs. CLINTON, H.M. Customs.

PITTMAN - On Saturday, July 23rd, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson PITTMAN.

BELLOWS - On the 18th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William BELLOWS.

HYNES - On the 5th inst., a daughter to Mr. K. and Fanny HYNES.



BOWRING-DACOSTA - At the Cathedral, Barbados , B.W.I., on the 29th of June, by the Rev., Thomas GARDINER, Will BOWRING, second son of the late Charles BOWRING, of St. John's Nfld., to Violet, eldest daughter of Darnley C. DACOSTA of Barbados .

DONNELLY - SPRATT - On July 24th at St. Patrick's Church, by Very Rev. Dean RYAN, Mr. Wm. DONNELLY to Miss Lizzie SPRATT, both of this city.

CAKE-BROWN - At Bonavista, on the 18th inst., by Rev. A.G. BAYLEY, B.A., Alan G. CAKE to Isabella BROWN.



BOUZAN - At St. Patrick's Little Bay, on the 22nd inst., Bridget, wife of John BOUZAN, and daughter of Capt. John DELANEY.

HAYES - On the 18th inst., after a brief illness, James HAYES, aged 78 years, a native of Co. Cork, Ireland.

LARKIN - At Torbay , on the 18th inst., May, beloved, wife of Thomas LARKIN, aged 71 years.

DINN - On July 22nd, after a long illness, Mary Ann, a native of Renews, beloved wife of Denis DINN, aged 69 years.

BYRN - On the 20th inst., Jane, beloved wife of James BYRN, and daughter of the late William KEATS, of Carbonear.



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