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1904 Free Press (Vol.4)
January 1904

Posted with permission from the Family Tree Group Organization
Grand Falls-Windsor
Family Tree Group



Jan 5, 1904


We want correspondents in places where we are not already represented, and will gladly send stamps, stationery and a free copy of the paper to any who may be willing to act in that capacity. Address all communications to Free Press Office, 310 Water Street, St. John's.


Jan 3 - New Year's Day was observed as a holiday in conformity to a time honoured custom, and the day being fine and mild was given up to general enjoyment. The C.E.A.A. held their annual parade and attended divine service in St. James' Church. The procession numbered about 150 and marched through the town accompanied by the L.O.A. band. Forty members of the Orange Society went by special train at 5:30 a.m. to take part in the demonstration at St. John's, returning at 10:00 p.m. Two of our foreign-going ships are now due from Cadiz . The stormy weather has, no doubt, deterred them from running in to land. When the present storm subsides we hope to see them safely anchored. Rambler.


The Districts

A telegraph office was opened at Botwoodville on Saturday; this will be a great convenience to the mill owners and residents.

The new R.C. Church recently finished at Tilton Harbour , was opened for divine service on Christmas Day, the Rev. W. FINN, the pastor, celebrating the first mass in it.

Another outbreak of diphtheria is reported at Orderin, P.B. and a child of Mr. LAKE, died on the 29th ult. There were several other cases, but none were expected to result fatally.

Captain G. FOOTE and crew of the schooner Jersey, who were found guilty of taking bait to St. Pierre and selling it to the French in July last, was sentenced by Magistrate FORSEY at Burin a few days ago. The captain will have to serve 60 days in prison for the offence, and the men 40 days each.

The death of Mrs. Eleanor MUNN, widow of Archibald MUNN, occurred at Harbor Grace on New Year's Day. Deceased, who had reached the ripe age of 84 years, was the eldest daughter of the late Rev. William ELLIS, the well-known Methodist minister. Four children survive her: Messrs. James D., J.F. and Miss Naomi Munn of Harbor Grace and Mrs. BREEZE of Boston .

A correspondent from Pilley's Island writes: - "Pilley's Island has done good work this season, the output of ore being, I am told, over 34,000 tons. This is an excellent result. Next season it is expected there will be a much larger amount of ore shipped. I have heard it reported that Mr. C.F. TAYLOR may probably move in the matter of getting Little Bay to work again for copper."

Yesterday morning's storm caused considerable damage for shipping at Hr. Grace. A dispatch to the evening papers states that Ryan's Quickstep was badly wrecked, her mainmast and jib boom being gone; the Pembina drove ashore in Pitts' dock, but was uninjured; Munn's McGowen drove down the harbor, but was secured at McRae's wharf, while the Madeline, Trio, Volgerdelta, Merimac, Pioneer and June Ainslee were more or less damaged. The wind blew at hurricane rate from the W.S.W and the sea was almost a mass of foam. No great damage was done to any property on the land.

Word was received in town last week that Mr. Gilbert TAVERNER, timekeeper at Baie Verte mine, was accidentally killed there on Tuesday last. Deceased was about 27 years of age, and was the son of Captain J. H. TAVERNER, of Little Bay. He had been employed at the mine for about a year. His body was brought to Little Bay by the Virginia Lake for burial. His death was caused by an ore care running over him. He was standing on a empty car when the train became derailed, and jumping to save himself he fell on the track, and the car crushed over him killing him instantly. He was greatly liked at the mine and his awful death caused a gloom over the whole community.

A painful and very nearly fatal accident occurred here on the evening of Monday last. Mr. John BARRETT was walking up Water St. in the dusk, when in passing him, a horse seied violently at some mummers, who were standing in the roadway. Mr. BARRETT was thrown heavily to the ground and when picked up and conveyed to his house it was feared that he had sustained some severe injury. Fortunately, however, when Dr. MCLEOD arrived and examined him, it was found that he had received nothing more serious than a severe shaking. This was quite enough for a man of his advanced age. However, under the skillful and painstaking treatment of Dr. MCLEOD, we have no doubt that his ultimate recovery is assured. - Bay Roberts Outlook

A Northwest gale sprang up with great suddenness at Bay of Islands on Monday night, and while it lasted did much damage to shipping in the bay. S.A. Active and Ubique were driven ashore, the latter while returning from the mines lost her cable and dory, and it was at great peril to their lives that the crew and Dr. AMES got shore. Captain HUELIN's vessel Merrimac dragged her anchors and came near drifting up the bay. The D.A. Mader, owner by U.CHINN, of Bay St. George, came in contact with BAGG Bros. Wharf and received much damage to her stern. La France, Capt. BALLAM, got ashore on Legge's Point, but was not much damaged. The American vessel H. M. Stanley, taking herring cargo at Mr. AUGWIN's wharf was forced on the beach but came off unhurt. We have not yet heard from the Arms, but the damage done to nets and boats must have been very great. - Western Star.


LEDREW-STRONG - on the 23rd ult., at the Methodist church, North Sydney, by the Rev. D.W. JOHNSTON, M.A., James J. LEDREW to Fanny STRONG, both of Newfoundland

MCKEOUGH-SHEAVES On the 23rd ult, at the Methodist parsonage, North Sydney , by the Rev. D.W. JOHNSTON, M.A., George B. MCKEOUGH, of Boyleton, Guysbor Co, to Laura SHEAVES, of Port-aux-Basques, Nfld.

CAVE - STOWE - At the Methodist Parsonage Harbor Grace, on the 10th ult., by the Rev. J. PINCOCK, George DAVE to Elizabeth STOWE, both of Bay Roberts.


DAY - On Dec 31st after a lingering illness, Mary DAY, aged 72 years, leaving 3 sons and 2 daughters.

PYNN - At Brooklyn , NY , Dec 19th of the inward convulsions, Florence Margaret, aged 4 yrs 10 months, only daughter of William W. PYNN (printer) formerly of this city.

CHAPLIN - On Dec 30th , John, eldest son of James and Mary CHAPLIN, aged 6 years and 9 months.

MITCHELL - On Saturday, 26th ult., after a long illness, Emanuel MITCHELL, aged 70 years, leaving a wife, three daughters and one son to mourn their sad loss. Boston papers please copy.

DORMIDY - After a very short illness, Richard DORMIDY, aged 37 years, St. John , NB papers please copy.

BUCKLEY - On Dec 30th , after a short illness, Michael, son of James and the late Elizabeth BUCKLEY, aged 21 years.

BENSON - Passed peacefully away, on the 29th ult., Joseph son, of Thomas and the late Sarah BENSON, aged 26 years.

TRAPNELL - At Point St. Charles, Montreal , on the 10th Dec. After a painful illness, Jane Elson, wife of Jacob TRAPNELL, formerly of Harbor Grace, aged 58 years.

BARRY - On Sunday, Dec 13th , at St. Edouard Street, off Upper St. Denis Street, Montreal, J. BARRY, Chief Ranger of Father Dowd Court, I.O.F. President of Branch 10, A.O.H. a native of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland in his 37th year.

NEILL - At Harbor Grace, on the Dec 24th , after a long illness, Mary, relict of John NEILL ( Bannerman Lake Road ) aged 86 years. The deceased was before her marriage with John NEILL, the wife of Patrick SULLIVAN, and one son Joseph survives her, living now in Boston . Her other sons Patrick, Edward, John and David (who was killed on the Placentia line some seven years ago), predeceased her.


On Thursday last James CARNELL, aged 16, while removing a belt from a loose to a tight pulley, with his right foot, at the Horwood Lumber Co.'s factory, got the limb caught in the pulley and had it badly fractured. Dr. FRASER attended the lad, and after getting him home administered chloroform and set the fractures. It will be some time before CARNELL will be able to get about properly, but he was fortunate in not losing the limb entirely.


A fire occurred at the dry good store of Mr. Jesse WHITEWAY, opposite the Post Office on Wednesday evening last, which caused a lot of damage to his stock. While one of his assistants, Joshua BURT, was lighting the gas in the west window some decorations about the pipe caught on fire and though the clerk burned his hands badly in trying to extinguish the blaze it spread quickly. An alarm was ____ from box 81 , and the firemen were quickly on the scene and soon had it under control. Mr. WHITEWAY was insured for only $4000.


Roland BARRETT, aged 17, an employee of the mail factory, died almost suddenly on Thursday evening. In the morning he went to his home, on Springdale Street , and complained to his parents that he was sick. He was apparently not very ill though he vomited at intervals and it was not until after tea hour that his father went for Dr. STEBB seeing that he was worse. When the doctor arrived the lad was dead, having passed away during his father's absence. Thinking the case a strange one Mr. BARRETT reported his son's death to the police, and Dr. RENDELL was called. He pronounced death from natural causes, but did not state the nature of the malady from which the lad suffered. BARRETT was an industrious lad, and well liked by those with whom he worked.

Jan 12, 1904

Ship-Wrecked Mariners - In its issue on Thursday the Herald related the story of some shipwrecked men who returned by the Silvia, and the inhuman treatment they received at the hands of some of the people of Hawkesbury , NS . The men whose names are: James ROWSE, John FLAHERTY, Patrick DUNN and Richard WALKER, all belonged to Brigus, C.B., and formed the crew of the schooner Winona, which vessel they were bringing from Boston, where she had been purchased by Mr. HISCOCK of Brigus. Good weather was at first met, and during a heavy snowstorm on the night of the 1st inst. she struck near Hawkesbury. After two hours exposure in a leaky boat, and suffering intensely from cold they reached that port. In this miserable condition they called at several residences, and telling of their pitiful plight begged shelter and sustenance, but when they communicated their nationally they were refused admittance and almost driven from the doors, and were compelled to gather what wood they could find and light a fire on the beach, around which they spent the night. That any person could be refused shelter on a stormy and cold night it is difficult to imagine, but that such treatment could be meted out to shipwrecked mariners, wet, hungry and chilled from exposure - it is too terrible to think. Such inhuman treatment is rarely heard of, and the Nova Scotians who treated our poor fellows so badly have gained a reputation for themselves, that not even the worst savage would envy. One of the crew, WALKER, is now suffering from a chill as a result of having to remain in his wet clothing. The Winona was insured for $1800.

Britannia Cove

There have been many things of interest and much may be said of what has happened since the last report from this place. William CURRIE whose death was announced in a recent number of the Free Press, has passed to his eternal reward. His death seems to have broken a tender cord in the centre of social life of this community inasmuch as his death was the first break in the immediate circle of the most prominent family in the commercial and social life of Britannia Cove.

The Districts

Mrs. Josiah FISHER, mother of C. Fisher, J.P., of Corner Brook , Bay of Islands , passed away on New Year's day, at the advanced age of 92 years. Deceased had been failing for some time and for seven or eight years had been totally blind.

A dispatch in yesterday's News from Ferryland states that Ben, the little three year son of Mr. Richard COSTELLO, was drowned at Caplin Bay on Sunday morning. With his Brother Dick, aged six, he was playing on the ice above the gut bridge and fell into the water. Being missed after a time friends started to search for them, and Dick was found in the landwash insensible. After a time he was brought back to life, but no sign of Ben's body has yet been found though neighbors are using every effort to discover the little fellow's remains.

Word was received in town on Friday night of the death by accident, at Sydney , of William WALSH, aged 22, of this city. He was on a ladder disconnecting an iron pipe fifteen feet above the floor, which had become frozen, when in some way he slipped from the ladder to the brick floor, striking on his head. Medical aid was summoned and he was conveyed to Brookland hospital, where it was found that his skull was badly fractured and little hope was held out for his recovery. Twenty-eight hours afterwards he passed away, having regained consciousness for only a few minutes. He was the only support of his widowed mother, and was by trade a plumber, having worked at Gear's previous to going to Sydney . His body arrived by express last night.


MARCH - At East Somerville, Mass. , on the 25th Dec. a son to Mr. and Mrs. Willis J. MARCH.

HUDSON On New Year's Day, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William HUDSON.


LeDREW-PAGE - At the Hamilton St. Methodist Parsonage, on the 2nd inst., by the Rev. Charles LENCH, Mr. Henry A. LEDREW to Fanny PAGE, both of Cupids.

POND-PAYNE - at the Hamilton St. Methodist Parsonage, on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Charles LENCH, Mr. Thomas POND, of Cambridge, Mass. to Miss Phoebe PAYNE, of Fogo.

THORNE-NOSEWOTHY - At St. Paul 's Church, Harbor Grace, on the 6th inst., by the Rev. Canon NOEL. William THORNE, of St. John 's to Lizzie, third daughter of Mr. Josiah NOSEWORTHY, of that town.

BRADBURY-BRADBURY - on the 27th , at the Methodist Parsonage Harbor Grace by the Rev. J. PINCOCK, Robert BRADBURY to Annie BRADBURY, both of Harbor Grace.

NOFTALL-SMITH - At Cochrane Street Church on the 6th inst., by the Rev. COWPERTHWAITE, Mr. George NOFTALL, to Miss Laura SMITH, both of this city.

JANES - HINES - At 46 ?Wickfored St., St. John's on the 11th inst, by Rev. J. L. DAWSON, Mr. Alexander JANES to Miss Beatrice Maude HINES of Catalina.

RALPH - MCCARTHY - At the Gower St. Parsonage, on the 11th inst., by Rev. J. L. DAWSON, Mr. John RALPH, of Flat Islands , B.B. to Miss Mary Isabella McCARTHY of Bay-de-Verde.


WISEMAN - on the 31st ult., after a lingering illness, James WISEMAN.

CORCORAN - On the 3rd inst., after a long illness, Maurice, son of the late James and Johanna CORCORAN, aged 20 years

MCGRATH on the 3rd inst, after a long illness, Annie, wife of John MCGRATH, aged 35 years.

MUNN At Harbor Grace, on New Year's Day, at 4:30 p.m., Elinor, relict of Archibald MUNN, and eldest daughter of the late Rev. W. ELLIS, M.M., aged ?82 years, leaving two sons and two daughters.

VERGE - At Harbor Grace, on the 7th inst., after a long illness, Maria VERGE, widow of the Richard VERGE, aged 77 years.

LAHEY - on the 2nd inst., at Harbor Grace, after a long illness, Michael LAHEY, fourth son of the late Richard LAHEY, leaving a wife and one daughter, aged 68 years.

COURAGE On Jany. 4th , at Harbor Grace, after a lingering illness, Frances, wife of Robert COURAGE, aged 73 years.

WHYLES - At Twillingate, on the 21st Dec., James WHYLES, a native of Brighton , England , aged 90 years.

POWER - on the 4th inst. James POWER, aged 77 years.

KEARNEY - On Jany. 6th , at his residence, 119 Duckworth Street, after a lingering illness, John J. KEARNEY, aged 50 years.

WILKINSON - on the 6th inst, Hannah, beloved wife of the late Samuel WILKINSON, aged 57 years, leaving three sons and two daughters to mourn their sad loss.

WALSH - On Jany, 8th after a long illness Kate Kielley, beloved wife of James WALSH.

CHAFE - On Jany. 7th , Thomas CHAFE, a native of Petty Hr., aged 92 yrs.

BULLEY - On the 7th inst., after a long illness, fortified by the rites of the church, James BULLEY, aged 51 years, leaving a sorrowing wife and numerous friends to mourn their sad loss.

WHELAN - on the 8th inst., after a long illness, Elizabeth, wife of the late James WHELAN, aged 68 years.

CAINES - on the 10th inst., after a long and painful illness, Elsie HOLDEN, darling child of Fannie and Levi CAINES, aged 10 years.

DAWE - on Sunday night, of heart disease, Emma, relict of the late George DAWE, aged 62 years, leaving one son, at present in China, and three brothers in Bareneed, Port-de-Grave, and a large circle of friends to mourn their sad loss.

WALSH - Killed at Sydney , on Jany, 7th , William, the eldest son of Bridget and the late John WALSH, aged 22 years.

Jan 19, 1904


The schr. ?Wueen, T. SMITH, with timber for the Mining Company at Bell Island was wrecked in the recent storm at that Island . The crew returned from Topsail by last nights' train. Rambler.

Little Bay, NDB

The Messrs. STEWART and FOOTE returned a short time ago from Golden Ville, Mings, where I learn; they have been very successful in gold mining. It is thought by experienced mining men who have visited there that the country in and about Ming's may yet rival the Klondike in gold production. Pilley's Island mine is employing about two hundred and fifty men at the present time, and the prospects there are very encouraging as they have an enormous ore bed in sight in the new workings. The only drawback there, it seems is that the employees are not paid regularly, sometimes having to wait two months for a payday.

Keels, B.B.

There passed peacefully away at Keels, B.B. on Dec 31, 1903 , fortified by the rites of Holy Church , Margaret relict of the late James TAPLLIN, of Holyrood, Conception Bay . Deceased was in her 71st year and was a native of King's Cove, but resided a number of years at Holyrood. Leaving it after the death of her husband, which occurred a few years ago, she came to spend her remaining years with her relatives at Keels. Being of a kind and charitable disposition she was much esteemed and respected by all who knew her, particularly her relatives and friends. She bore her illness with patience and Christian resignation and we trust she is gone to reap the reward of a well spent life and will be greeted with the beautiful words addressed to all fearful Christians "Come ye blessed of my Father possess the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of this world." W.

The Districts

The Reid Co. opened a telegraph office at the Topsails last week. The operator in charge being Mr. James HACKETT.

His Excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint Rev. John H. BOONE, to be a member of the Church of England Board of education for the District of Trinity, in place of Rev. H. WILSON, left the District, Ensign Thomas PITCHER, to be a member of the SA Board of Education for the district of Twillingate, in place of Adj. Snow, left the district; Messrs. John Thomas MOREY, Archibald MARTIN, Jasper REID, and Jacob MOREY to be a Road Board for Newtown and Miles Cove, Sunday Cove, Island, district of Twillingate.

J. PROWSE aged 60, whose death we chronicle in our obituary column, lost his life by drowning off Boston Harbor recently. He was one of the crew of the dredge Gen Doe, and during a blinding snowstorm she was wrecked and 3 of her crew of 17 were drowned. PROWSE was a native of Fermeuse, and for several years had resided in the States.


TAYLOR-FORWARD - At the Methodist Parsonage, Harbor Grace, the Rev. J. PINCOCK, Charles Edward TAYLOR to Eveline FORWARD, both of Carbonear.

NOSEWORTHY-BROWN - At the Methodist Parsonage, Harbor Grace, on the ??th inst., by the Rev. James VINCOCK, Charles NOSEWORTHY to PATIENCE BROWN , both of that place.


FOLEY - On the 14th inst., at Harbor grace, Elizabeth , relict of Stephen FOLEY, and mother of John FOLEY (Postmaster) aged 76 years. The deceased was born in Tilton Harbor , but lived for the greater part of her life at the above place.

CRANE - At Upper Island Cove, on the 30th Dec, William CRANE, aged 57 years.

WALSH - Killed, at Sydney , on the 7th inst., William WALSH aged 22 years, leaving a mother and brother to mourn their sad loss.

HUTCHINGS On Jany. 16th after a long and painful illness, Sarah, daughter of James and Caroline HUTCHINGS, aged 21 years.

KENNY on the 13th inst. Mary, beloved wife of the late James KENNY, master cooper.

O'NEIL - Drowned on Dec 26th , at East Boston, on the ill fated dredge Gen Doe, William O'Neil, a native of Fermeuse, Newfoundland, aged ?60 years.

HUDSON - At Adam's Cove on the 10th inst., after a long and painful illness, Elisa, beloved wife of Levi HUDSON, aged 42 years, leaving a husband and six children to mourn their sad loss.

REAY - At Western Bay on the 13th inst., Margaret beloved wife of Rev. J. REAY.

SUMMERS - on the 15th inst., at Dorchester Mass. , May, only daughter of M.J. and the late Catherine Summers, aged 15 years.

CROUCHER - At Trinity, Jany. 14th , Harrison Ridley, infant son of John T. and Margaret CROUCHER, aged four months.

MCCORMACK - On Jany. 15th , after a lingering illness, Timonty MCCORMACK, aged 69 years.

BURKE - On Saturday morning Jany. 16th after an illness of short duration, William second son of James BURKE, Flat Rock, fortified by rites of his religion, aged 19 years.

CROTTY- on Jany. 17th after a short illness in the 28th year of her age, Mary Joseph, the beloved wife of Daniel CROTTY. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn their sad loss.

O'Neil - On the 17th inst., after a short illness, William O'Neil (baker).

Jan 26, 1904

New Bay

Are we too presuming when we ask your liberty to publish a few jottings from New Bay .

Well, sir, we have shaken hands with our old friend of 1903 and most cordially welcome in 1904. Our old friend did not bring all sunshine, and we do not expect our new friend to bring us everything sweet, but all round we hope for a happy and prosperous year.

The s.s. Clyde has done splendid service through the past season, and we miss the sound of her whistle now that she calls no more till next spring. Great credit is due our efficient Captain KNEE and his officers for the excellent service done. It is a great pity that Sunday service could not be done away with. Certainly it would be profitable to all concerned.

Our mails now. Well, we don't know how they are, and shall not until the first winter mail arrives. When that will be nobody knows.

Through the past year our people have managed in one way or another to provide for the winter, and we hear no complaining in our streets. Death has visited us and taken from our midst the infant of a few months, and also those whose years numbered more than three score and ten.

A committee was formed some months ago to arrange about building a central church, but so far nothing practical has been done - no timber brought to the site and not one dollar laid down, unless it be from outside source. It is a pity, as there ought to be a better showing.

Time for day school is divided, half at Moor's Cove, half at S.E. Arm, and are told that the teacher, Mr. GRIMES goes day after day and no scholar, and that he does not get any day more than four or five. This also is a pity, and does not look like victory and progress.

We have not heard anything about the gold mine for a long time. Perhaps when the warm spring weather comes again it will revive.

It was rumored here some time ago that Mr. A. Yates, of this place, and Mr. W.J. SCOTT of Twillingate, would offer themselves as candidates for next fall's election. If this be true, the electors of this important district will feel highly complimented to have two such noble men willing to represent them in the House of Assembly. But the ballot will tell who will come out successful, eh!

Hoping, dear sir, you will pardon me, and wishing you and all your readers a very Happy New Year.

I am, yours sincerely,

P. Moors

Jan 8th , 1904

P.S. - I had forgotten to say that on Christmas Eve, in the Salvation Army Barracks, a Christmas Tree was exhibited, which reflected credit on the officers and friends, it being the first ever had at New Bay. P.M.


Jan 17 - The winter so far has been exceptionally severe. From Christmas till the 10th of January, the thermometer registered from zero to twelve degrees below - twelve below zero being the lowest yet. Thursday and Friday was almost mild, but Saturday again was freezing almost to zero. The weather has been most favorable for our work and the loggers are doing splendid. This will be the largest operation in the history of Botwoodville. By the end of the season the total will certainly be fifteen million feet.

Rev. Mr. MUIR arrived here on Thursday to take up duties of Methodist parson, in place of the Rev. W. PALMER who has gone to Canada on sick live.

Miss STRONG also arrived here on Thursday, as teacher for the Methodist school.

Mr. D. LEWIS, member of the late firm of Windsor & Lewis, mill-owners of this Bay, is very ill. Mr. LEWIS has been in the fur and trapping business for some years, and was brought out of the woods just before Christmas. Although a little better, he does not expect to be able to take to the woods again this winter.

We are now connected to the rest of the world by telegraph wire. A nice comfortable office is already finished and fitted, even to a coal shove. All that is wanted to complete it is the operator.



On Tuesday last Mrs. Elizabeth PALFREY, widow of the late Richard PALFREY, Esq., passed away in her 81st year. The deceased lady was a sister of Mrs. C.R. AYRE and Mrs. J. FREEMAN, and mother of Mrs. R. E. HOLLOWAY, of this city.

The marriage of Miss Beatrice S. BARTLETT, daughter of Capt. W.J. and Mrs. BARTLETT, of Brigus, to Mr. Wilfred DOVE of this city, takes place at the former town today. We extend our congratulations to both. On next Tuesday another daughter of Capt. BARTLETT, Miss Hilda N. BARTLETT, will be married at the Methodist Church , Brigus, to Mr. Walter WILLS, of St. John's .

An employee of the Timber Estates named John PORTER, met with a serious accident at Glenwood on Saturday week. He was in the woods looking for game and accidentally got his revolver caught in a tree, discharging it. The bullet penetrated his right leg, and it was with the greatest difficulty he got home. Dr. CHAMBERLAIN was called and dressed the wound, but later the bullet was probed for and removed by Dr. CHANDLER, who brought the man on here to the hospital on Tuesday night. The wound was not a dangerous one, but the patient was very weak from loss of blood, and it will be some little time before he will have fully recovered.

The City

Engineer James CURTIS died on Thursday at the age of 66 years. Deceased was well-known and for a large number of years was in the employ of John MUNN & Co of Harbor Grace. His remains were taken to Harbor Grace on Friday morning, interment taking place there on Saturday.


MAUNDER - On the 20th inst., a son to Mr. And Mrs. Geo. MAUNDER.


MARTIN-BARTLETT - On Jany. 14th , at the home of the bride's parents, Belle Isle, by the Rev. E. ANDREWS, Mr. Frederick Robert MARTIN late of St. John's to Mary Lucinda (May) Bartlett, eldest daughter of Capt. BARTLETT of s.s. Progress.

KING-MARTIN - On Jany. 7th, in the Methodist Church, Hickman's Harbor, by the Rev. J.E. PETERS, M.A., Edgar J. KING of Deer Harbor, to Amelia MARTIN, of Hickman's Harbor.

LONG - MOSS - At Open Hall, on Jany. 10th , by the Rev. T.E. LYNCH, P.P., Mr. John LONG, R.C. Teacher, To Miss Lizzie MOSS, of the same place.

FLYNN-FEEHAN - On Sunday night, at the residence of the bride Water St. West , by the Very Rev. Dean RYAN, assisted by the Rev. W. JACKMAN, Mr. A.D. FLYNN to Mrs. Mary J. FEEHAN.


DEADY - Jany. 19th , Susannah Geary, wife of Mr. Thos. DEADY, aged 67 years.

SCOTT - On the 18ith inst., after a short illness, Olivia, beloved wife of John SCOTT.

WHITE - On the 19th inst., Frank R., son of Kate and the late George WHITE, aged 21 yrs.

MURPHY - At Daniel's Cove, T.B. on the 10th inst., John MURPHY, leaving a wife, 4 children and one brother to mourn their sad loss.

MCGRATH - On Jany. 19th , after a short illness, Susanna, beloved wife of John MCGRATH.

PALFREY - On Jany. 19th , Elizabeth, widow of the late Richard PALFREY, aged 81 years.

WHITEMARSH - On Jany. 19th of consumption, Lottie B., infant child of William and Flora WHITEMARSH, aged 2 months.

POWER - at Bell Island , on the 16th inst., after a short illness, Eliza relict of the late John POWER , aged 81 years.

SULLIVAN - On Jany. 20th , after a lingering illness, Maud Gertrude, youngest daughter of Patrick and Selina Sullivan, aged 19 years.

SLATTERY - On Jany. 21st , of convulsions, Frank, youngest son of James and Julia SLATTERY.

HARTIGAN at Rencontre, on Dec. 21st , Patrick HARTIGAN in the 80th year of his age, leaving 3 sons and 2 daughters and a large circle of friends to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate father and friend. May he rest in peace.

COOPER - on Jany. 6th , at Random Head Lighthouse, William R.H.COOPER, aged 20 years and nine months.

CROCKER - On Jany. 20th . At Harbor Grace, Ernest, son of Samuel and Isabel CROCKER, aged 7 months.

PIKE - At Mosquito, on the 1st inst., Martha Cates, formerly of Pool's Island , wife of William PIKE, of Mosquito, aged 26 years.

O'REILLY - On Jany. 22nd , Ferdinand, beloved son of Patrick and Sarah O'REILLLY, aged 10 years and 6 months.

COOK - On Jany. 22nd , infant child of William T. and Frances COOK.

FARRELL - On the 22nd inst., after a short illness, Mary, relict of the late Maurice FARRELL (formerly storekeeper at O'Dwyer's)

BUTLER - On Jany. 22nd , at Pouch Cove, after a lingering illness, J. BUTLER, aged 66 years.

MULLALY, - Suddenly, on Saturday night, of heart failure, Michael MULLALY (cooper), a native of Country Kilkenny, Ireland, in 72nd year, 55 of which he spent in this country.

MOLLOY - On the 24th inst., Reta, infant child of Thomas and Bride MOLLOY.

FIELD - on the 24th inst, Isabella May, darling child of John and Lizzie FIELD, aged 9 months.

SPENCER - On Jany. 24th , after a lingering illness, Sarah Belle, darling child of Albert and Patience SPENCER.

TRACEY - At Kilbride, on Jany. 24th , Elizabeth, only daughter of James and Catherine TRACEY.



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