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1904 Free Press (Vol.4)
February 1904

Printed every Tuesday St. John's, Newfoundland, Price 2 cents
Posted with permission from the Family Tree Group Organization
Grand Falls-Windsor
Family Tree Group



Feb 2, 1904


We regret to learn of the death of Mrs. Sarah WHITE, wife of Rev. J.J. White, of Herring Neck. The deceased lady was well known and highly respected in the city, being a daughter of the late Dr. STABB and a sister to Dr. F.A. STABB and Mrs. A.S. RENDELL.


MACDONNEL - on the 16th Jany at St. George's , a son to Margaret and Magistrate MACDONNEL.

CANTWELL - On the 24th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. CANTWELL.

MOYST - On the 24th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John MOYST.

STAMP - On the 14th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. William STAMP.

BARTER - on Jany. 10th , a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jonas BARTER.

FITZGERALD - On Jany. 11th , a son to Mr. and Mrs. H.F. FITZGERALD.

AVERY - On Jany. 17th , a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Norman AVERY.

SNOW - On Jany. 20th , a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. George SNOW.

BYRNE - On Jany. 25th , a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence BYRNE.

RUSSELL On Jany. 26th , a son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph RUSSELL.

TAYLOR - On Jany. 30th , a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James TAYLOR.

SULLIVAN - On Jan. 30th , a son to Mr. and Mrs. M.S. SULLIVAN.


EDNEY-DODD - at the R.C. Cathedral on Wednesday evening, by Rev. Alex HOWLEY, Wm. EDNEY to Miss Norah DODD, both of this city.

DOVE-BARTLETT - At Hawthornville, Brigus, on Jany. 26th by Rev.Jabez ____, Wilfred Richard Henry DOVE, son of Rev. Jas. DOVE, D.D., St. John's to Beatrice Stentaford, daughter of Capt. Wm. BARTLETT.

HOGAN -HOOK - On Jany. 27th , at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. Dr. KITCHEN, cousin of the bride, Theresa, youngest daughter of the late Patrick HOGAN, to Edgar HOOK, of Honiton, England.


POWER - On the 25th ult, Jane, the beloved daughter of Joseph and Alice FOLEY, and loving wife of Benjamin POWER.

ASH - On Jany. 25th , at 6 pm , James ASH, aged 79 years, a native of Hr. Grace.

KELLEY - on the 27th ult, after a short illness, Margaret, daughter of the late William KELLEY, and wife of James KELLEY, aged 56 years.

PHELAN - On Jany 27th , after a short illness, Michael, son of Michael and Bridget PHELAN, Exon Farm, aged 3 years and 9 mos.

WOOLFREY - At Toronto , Ont., on Jany. 27th , Mrs. Thos. WOOLFREY, formerly of Harbor Grace and mother of Mrs. Arthur HAYWARD, of this city.

ROUST - At Boston , on the 23rd inst., Catherine, beloved wife of William ROUST.

HAYDEN - On Jany. 26th , after a lingering illness, Bridget, eldest daughter of the late Daniel and Bridget HAYDEN.

CASHIN - on the 27th ult., after a long illness, William, son of the late Thomas and Mary CASHIN.

KENNY - On Jany. 29th , after a short illness, Ellie SMART beloved wife of James J. KENNY. (cooper)

HANLEY - on the 28th inst., after a short illness, John V. HANLEY, aged 37 years.

DOUGHERTY - On the 27th ult, of consumption, Kate, darling child of John and Mary J. DOUGHERTY, aged 7 yrs and 6 mos.

CLARKE - On the 27th ult., Hannah, darling child of Thomas and Ellen CLARKE, aged 1 year and 6 months.

O'BRIEN - On the 29th inst., after a short illness, Anastatia, beloved wife of Thomas O'Brien.

WHITE - ON the 29th ult., at the Parsonage, Herring Neck, Sarah, beloved wife of the Rev. James J. WHITE, in her 39th year.

COADY - At Bay Bulls, on the 28th ult., the wife of Mr. Matthew COADY, aged 54 years.

PAYNE - On Sunday, Jany. 31st , Wm. PAYNE, in his 86th years, a native of Harbor Grace.

Feb 9, 1904


Mr. George Forward, until recently an employee of Messrs. J. RORKE and Sons, died on Monday at midnight . He had been for several years agent for the firm at Francis Harbor , Labrador . Interment took place on Thursday.


SULLIVAN - On Jany. 30th , a son to Mr. And Mrs. M.S. SULLIVAN.

ELLIS - On the 6th inst., a son to Mr. And Mrs. Joseph ELLIS.


VEY-HICKMAN - At the Methodist Church , Fortune, Jany. 21st , by Rev. J.J. WHEATLEY, George VEY, of H.M. CUSTOMS Fortune, to Clara Augusta HICKMAN, daughter of the late Capt. John HICKMAN, of Fortune.

WILLS-BARTLETT - At Hawthorne Villa, residence of Capt. W.J. BARFTLETT, Brigus, Mr. Walter Woodman WILLS, of St. John's, to Miss Hilda Northway BARTLETT, daughter of Capt. BARTLETT.

BAKER-CULLEN - At the R.C. Cathedral, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Father HOWLEY, Mr. Wm. BAKER, to Miss Maggie CULLEN, both of this city.

HOOPER-PITMAN - At North Sydney , C.B., on Jany. 30th , by Rev. A.P. SHATFORD, John HOOPER, of St. Pierre , Miq., to Harriett F. PITMAN, of Lamaline, Nfld.


DEBOURKE - on the 2nd inst., of convulsions, Alexander, infant son of John and Julia DEBOURKE, aged nine months.

MURPHY- Feb 2nd, at 25 Bond Street , Mrs. Alice MURPHY, widow of the late Capt. James MURPHY, of Catalina, mother of J.J.MURPHY (Gambo).

HADDON - On Feb 3rd , at the residence of her son, 58 Monkstown Road , Mary A., widow of the late John HADDEN, aged 80 years.

STONE - On Feb. 4th , Roy, darling child of James A. and F. STONE, aged 2 years and 3 months.

LAWLOR - On the 4th inst., after a long illness James (Stan) LAWLOR, aged 17 years.

HEALEY - On Feb. 5th , Willie, darling child of Michael and Emma HEALEY, aged 8 mos.

SHEA - At Boston , on Jany. 28th , Daniel SHEA.

MCGRATH - On Feb 7th , Margarte, widow of the late Thomas MCGRATH, aged 83 years.

SAUNDERS - On 6th inst., Hannah, widow of the late Charles SAUNDERS, aged 80 years.

HOWLETT - On the 7th inst., Samuel HOWLETT, aged 64 years.

HOPKINS - on the 6th inst., of pneumonia, Myrtis, darling child of Selby and Mary A. HOPKINS, aged 2 years and 4 months.

Feb 16, 1904

A message to Messrs. Munn & Co., of Harbor Grace, from Capt. CULLEN, of the schooner Victory, at Barbados , conveyed the news that Mate Michael TOBIN had died on the way down. Deceased was a well-known seaman, and the last winter was the mate with Capt. J. KENNEDY in the Pioneer at the time she was driven to sea and lost.

The Boston Herald of January 29th reports the death by accident of Mr. Michael COMERFORD, 62 years old, a native of this place. He had been found the previous day upon the tracks of the Boston Albany railroad, in the freight shed near Albany Street , with his head cut off. His identity was established from papers found in his pocket. Deceased was a retired mail carrier of this place, and went to Boston in November last on a visit to his niece, intending to return home again the coming spring. It is supposed that he must have wandered on to the railroad tracks and while trying to escape one train must have been struck by another.


BUTLER on the 11th inst., a daughter to Mr. And Mrs. P.G. BUTLER.


VOKEY -SHEPPARD - At St. James' Church, Lark Harbor , on the 27th ult., by the Rev. Hy. PETLEY, Leonard VOKEY to Naomi SHEPPARD, both of Lark Harbor .

SHEPPARD-COMPAGNON- At St.James' Church, Lark Harbor , on the 27th ult, by Rev. Hy. PETLEY, Martin SHEPPARD, of Lark Harbor to Elzina COMPAGNON, of John's Beach.

WATSON-SAMS - At York Harbor , on the 28th ult., by Rev. Hy. PETLEY, Lucius WATSON, of Corner Brook , to Martha Anne SAMS, of York Harbor .

BRAKE-TAYLOR - At. St. Mary's Church, Birchy Cove, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Hy. PETLEY, Jeremiah BRAKE, of Meadows, to Mary Emma TAYLOR, of Summerside.

GALWAY-MURPHY-At the R.C. Cathedral, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. J. HOWLEY, Mr. Thomas GALWAY, to Miss Mary MURPHY, both of this city.


DOYLE - On Feb 7th , Janie, darling child of Robert and Mary DOYLE, aged 2½ mos.

HAYES - On Feb 7th , after a short illness, Patrick, beloved son of Mary and the late John HAYES aged 44 years.

NOONAN - On the 9th inst., Minetta, infant child of James L. and Amelia NOONAN.

SQUIRES - On the 10th inst., Mary, wife of John SQUIRES, aged 32 years.

RODGERS - At Burnt Point, Conception Bay , on Feb 2nd , after a long and painful illness, James RODGERS, aged 23 years.

DINN - on the 11th inst., after a short illness, Mary Ann, beloved wife of John DINN, aged 19 years and youngest daughter of Ambrose and Eliza NOSEWORTHY.

BURRIDGE - On Feb 12th , John BURRIDGE, aged 69 years, a native of Abbotskerswell, Devonshire , England .

CLARKE - At Carbonear, on Feb 8th , Richard Clarke, aged 73 years.

DUNPHY - On Feb 13th , Mrs. Martin DUNPHY, daughter of Bridget and the late William WALSH, aged 32 years.

REID - At Heart's Delight, on Jany. 27th , Dougal Gordon, darling boy of James and Lily REID, aged 5 years and 5 months.

POWER - On Saturday night, Bessie, widow of the late Thomas POWER, aged 30 years.

KELLY - on Sunday, Sarah, relict of the late Edward KELLY, aged 73 years.

STEVENS - On Saturday last, Feb 13th at Catalina, the wife of Mr. George STEVENS, aged 38 years.

MAHAR - On the 13th inst., Francis, darling child of Peter and Cecilia MAHAR aged 1 year.

JONES - On the 14th inst., John Joseph, darling child of Herbert and Rosanna JONES, aged 4 mos.

Fraser - At his residence "Torosay", on the 14th inst., James O. FRASER, aged 77 years.

Feb 23, 1904


On Feb 11th at the residence of her mother, Robie Street , Halifax , Miss Winnifred BURBIDGE was married to Mr. J.D. CLARKE of Kentville, the Rev. G.W.F. GLENDENNING officiating. Mrs. CLARKE, who is a niece of Mr. Justice BURBIDGE, has many relatives in this country who extend their best wishes to her and her husband. Her father, the late D.H. BURBIDGE, Esq., was for some years principal of the Carbonear Methodist Grammar School of which town her mother, formerly Miss Leah HOYCE , is a native.


SAVAGE - On the 15th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. J.E. SAVAGE.

SAMWAYS - At Point Pleasant , Burgeo, on the 5th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. SAMWAYS.

WOOD - On Ash Wednesday Feb. 17th , a daughter to L.A.O. and Mrs. WOOD.


TAVERNER-BABSTOCK-At the Gower Street Parsonage, on Jany. 27th , by Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Benjamin TAVERNER to Miss Amelia BABSTOCK, both of this city.

COOK-HOWELL - At The Gower Street Parsonage, on the 17th inst., by the Rev.J.L. DAWSON, Mr. William Robert COOK, 31 Wickford Street , to Miss Elizabeth HOWELL, of Mosquito.

BUTLER-BUTT - At the Gower Street Parsonage, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Walter James BUTLER, to Miss Drusilla BUTT, both of St. John's.

SHEEHAN-DEADY - On Feb 15th , at the residence of the bride, by Rev. Fr. McDermott, John J. SHEEHAN to Alice M. DEADY, both of this city.

RENDELL-MANAHAN - On Jan 27th , at Greenswood, B.C., by the Rev. M.G.M. MCKEE, G. Arthur RENDELL, of Eholt, to Marian Laura, daughter of James MANAHAN, Esq., of Lanark, Ont.

LANE-LONG - At Open Hall, Jan 25th , by Rev. T.E. LYNCH, P.P., Mr. C.W. LANE of Ticke Cove to Miss Lizzie T. LONG of Open Hall.


GIBBONS - At. St. Mary's on Saturday, after a week's illness, James, aged 6 mos, only son of Stephen and Nora GIBBONS, telegraph office.

GUSHUE - On Feb. 20th , after a short illness, Annie, beloved wife of Francis GUSHUE, tinsmith, aged 34 years.

GEORGE - On the 17th inst., after a short illness, Frances, widow of the late William GEORGE, a native of Harbor Grace, aged 65 years.

COLLINS - On the 16th inst., after a long illness, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William COLLINS, aged 29 years.

CAREW - On the 9th inst., at Admiral's Cove, Cape Broyle, after a long and painful illness, Anna, beloved wife of Peter CAREW, and daughter of Ellie and the late James O'BRIEN.

SCANLAN - On Wednesday last, at Harbor Grace, after a long illness, Patrick SCANLAN, late of H.M. Customs, aged 55 years.

SMITH - At Bishop's Cove, on Wednesday 11th inst., William SMITH, aged 75 years.

FORD - At Island Cove, on Saturday last Jeremiah FORD, aged 66 years.

TAYLOR - On Feb 16th , after a short illness, Jonathan TAYLOR, aged 73 years.

HUSSEY - On the 14th inst., of consumption, Joseph HUSSEY, youngest son of the late Maggie and John HUSSEY, aged 21 years.

BUTT-On Feb 15th , after a long illness, John C. BUTT, aged 66 years.

O'Neil - At East Boston, Mass., Jan 17th , of heart failure, Susie, only daughter of William H. and M.A. O'NEIL in the 21st year of her age.

POWER - At St. Joseph 's Salmonier, Feb 8th , after a long illness, Nora, beloved daughter of Maurice and Mary POWER, aged 17 years.

COOK - On the 17th inst., Rebecca, relict of the late Thomas COOK, aged 91 years.

THISTLE - On the 17th inst., of bronchitis, Charles, infant son of William and Eliza THISTLE, aged 3 mos.

BURGESS - On the 16th inst., James, darling child of Albert and Lizzie BURGESS, aged 18 mos.

PHELAN on the 11th inst., at Logy Bay , after a long illness, Andrew, son of Nicholas and Jane PHELAN, aged 19 years.

DOWSLEY - At Convent of Mercy, St. Bride's Littledale, on the 21st inst., Mother M. Xaverlus DOWSLEY, in the 64th year of her age.

MILLER - Yesterday morning, of bronchitis, Ellen Gertrude (Nellie), infant child of Martin and Mary MILLER, aged 4 mos.

NOSEWORTHY - On the 21st , Willie, darling son of John and Annie NOSEWORTHY, aged 1 year and 6 mos.

PARSONS - Yesterday morning, after a painful illness, Julia Sarah, only daughter of Capt. R.H. and Martha PARSONS, aged 23 years.



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