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1904 Free Press (Vol.4)
August 1904

Printed every Tuesday St. John's, Newfoundland, Price 2 cents
Posted with permission from the Family Tree Group Organization
Grand Falls-Windsor

Family Tree Group



Aug 2, 1904


Mr. R. T. HUSSEY, Mathematical teacher at the Halifax School for the Blind, was married recently at Glengarry to Miss Torry FRASER. Mr. HUSSEY is, we believe, a native of Bonavista Bay , and has been very successful since his admission to the School as a pupil some 18 years ago.


Pilley's Island

July 28th A return friendly cricket match will come off here on the 15th August between the Pilley's Island team and the Tilt Cove eleven.

On the Prospero, it is said, this trip some miners and others are gone down to St. Julien's to work at the copper property there. Are they going to be allowed to do this by the French?

Weather Oppressively hot all over Green Bay . Sandy Cove Island devastated by fire. Wm. COBBS, of Cobb's Cove, lost his house by the fire and other damages to people around the Island .



Mr. W.J. RYALL, of the firm of A.J. Nutting & Co., New York , and brother of Mr. S.L. RYALL, at Anderson 's, is one of the Old Home visitors.

Mr. BEETON, representing the Harmsworths, is now at Millertown, and while there will probably complete arrangements for the establishment of a large pulp industry. - Western Star.

Jonas LEDREW, who leaves a widow and five children , died at Sydney Mines last week after a short illness aged about 50 years. His remains were brought to his home in Conception Bay , where he was buried.

We regret to announce the death of Mrs. James STOTT, which occurred on Sunday afternoon. The deceased lady had been unwell for some time, but it was only a few weeks ago that dangerous symptoms manifested themselves. Mrs. STOTT was a daughter of the late Thomas MCMURDO, and sister of Mrs. M. MONROE, Mrs. John MCNEIL and Mrs. James GORDON. Her funeral takes place at 2:30 this afternoon.

The death of Mr. George STEER, of Lawrence & Co., and eldest son of John STEER, Esq., occurred on Tuesday morning last. He had been ill for a short while from inflammatory rheumatism, which was followed by dangerous complications. The deceased is survived by his father, mother and six brothers, wife and one son. Mrs. STEER, his wife, had been to British Columbia on a visit to her son who is in business there, and had reached Halifax on the way home when she learned of her husband's death. The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon.


The Districts

John MILES, aged 17, was drowned while bathing at Cape Ray , on Sunday week. He was unable to swim and going beyond his depth disappeared before his companions could reach him.

Charles WHITE, of New Perlican, one of the crew of Harris' banker was drowned at St. Peter's Bank on July 6th. He was returning to the vessel when the dory was struck by a sea and capsized. His dory mate held on and was rescued. J. SNOOKS, also of New Perlican, died from heart failure , on the Banks, on board of the schr. Snowbird early in July.



RIGOREAU - On the 30th ult., a daughter to Consul and Mrs. RIGOREAU.

EVANS - On the 28th ult., a son to Mr. B. and Mrs. EVANS.

ROURKE - On July 27th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. ROURKE.

LUCAS - On July 29th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. John LUCAS.

RUSSELL - On July 27th, as son to Mr. and Mrs. C.H. RUSSELL.

CAKE-BROWN - At Bonavista, on the 18th ult., by the Rev. A.G. BAYLY, B.A., Alan G.CAKE, to Isabella BROWN.

OAKLEY - BROWN : At Seattle, on June 29th, by the Rev. Father MURPHY, James OAKLEY, to Annie, daughter of the late Thomas BROWN, both of this city.

CHISLETT-GILLINGHAM - On the 10th inst., at the Gower Street Parsonage, by the Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Frederick George CHISLETT to Miss Irene GILLINGHAM, both of this city.

MURRAY -COX: On the 16th inst., at the Cochrane Street Parsonage, by the Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Abraham MURRAY, to Mrs. Annie COX, both of this city.

NOSEWORTHY-WOUNDY - On the 27th inst., at the residence of Mr. James NICHOLL, brother-in-law of the bride, by the Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Samuel NOSEWORTHY, mate of the barqt. Rosina, to Miss Barbara May WOUNDY.



STOTT: On Sunday, Agnes Douglas, wife of James STOTT.

LEVI - At Boston , On July 24th, Miss Gallah LEVI, formerly of Carbonear, aged 73 years.

WHITTEN - On July 25th, Chas. WHITTEN, aged 70 years.

KNIGHT - Passed peacefully away on July 25th, Charlotte Joy, relict of the late Richard KNIGHT, aged 85 years.

STEER - On July 26th, George J. STEER, eldest son of John and Amelia STEER, aged 51 years.

JERRETT - On Saturday last, at Brigus, Anna, beloved wife of C.A. JERRETT, aged 35 years.

ALLEN On the 28th ult., at Topsail, after a short illness, Ella Margaret, only daughter of Thomas and Jemima ALLEN, aged 18 years.

Aug 9, 1904

Death of Mrs. J. BURNS

A sad ending to the festivities of Old Home Week occurred on Saturday evening, when one of the lady visitors, Mrs. J. BURNS of South Boston died at the Railway Station, after returning from the excursion to Octagon Castle. Her demise was quite sudden and unexpected. At the Castle she appeared to be in the best of health, and when she joined the train there was nothing amiss with her; but Waterford Bridge had only been reached when she was taken suddenly ill and by the time the station was reached she had become unconscious. Dr. LEMON and Rev. Dr. KITCHEN were quickly summoned, but before the arrival of the former life was extinct. The cause of death was apoplexy. Mrs. BURNS was formally a Miss KELLY, of this city and lived on Bond Street . Seventeen years ago she went to the States and married in South Boston . The remains were taken to the residence of Mr. J. MURPHY, on New Gower Street , and her husband was cabled the sad intelligence of her death.


The Districts

The body found at Lamache, reported in last issue, has since been identified as that of the late Dr. MCDONALD, magistrate at Presque, who was drowned while boating.

Thomas Ivany, aged 23, unmarried, a native of Ragged Harbor , and one of the crew of the schooner Mandamus, was accidentally drowned at King's Cove on Friday night. The body has been recovered.

The Timber Estates Co., expect to have the winter's cut of logs at Millertown nearly all sawn by the end of the month, and one of the large mills will cease operations at that time. All the cut at Gander Bay mill will not be sawn this summer, some of it being left over for next spring.

Charles W. LAKE , aged 26, of Fortune, was drowned from the schr. Ronald B on Wednesday night, off Cape Bonavista , by the main-boom swinging over and knocking him overboard. The vessel was brought to and cruised around for a time, but no sign of the unfortunate man was seen, and it supposed he was stunned by the blow and sank immediately. LAKE was a married man, but leaves no children. The vessel was bound here from Botwoodville with a load of lumber for D. THISTLE.


The City

Thomas LEE, aged 14, of Pope Street , lost his life on Sunday evening by drowning. With some companions he visited Morey & Co's wharf to go for a swim, but while his companions went in the water, he started to climb up some skids about 15 feet high, erected there permanently for the use of vessels discharging. He reached the top when suddenly he was seen to fall into the water and sink. The accident was seen from H.M.S. Calypso, and a petty officer with Messrs. J. BOONE and HARVEY were quickly on the scene with a boat. There was no sign of the lad, however, and they started to jig for the body, which after a few minutes, was recovered and conveyed to the morgue, where Dr. KENNEDY examined it. Blood flowed freely from the ears and nose and it is though that as the lad fell he struck the wharf and was rendered unconscious. The news of their boy's death was abruptly told Mr. and Mrs. LEE by some of his companions and they were prostrated with grief.


From the "Gazette"

Messrs. Henry CLARKE (Hall'sBay) and Joseph BAGGS (S.W. Arm, New Bay ) have been made Surveyors of Lumber.



MURRAY - On Aug 3rd of meningitis, Alice, darling child of Patrick and Nellie MURRAY, aged 1 year and 7 months.

MERCER - On the 4th inst., Harriet MERCER, aged 39 years.

RENDELL - On Aug 1st, at Old Perlican, George RENDELL, aged 58 years.

SNOW - On Aug 3rd, of convulsions, Martha (Motty), darling child of James and Mary SNOW, aged one year and three months.

NICHOLS - On July 16th, at Milton Cottage, Kirkstall, aged 84 years, Emma, widow of Rev. George NICHOLS, and last surviving daughter of the late Thomas GILPIN, Esq., of Staincliffe Hall, Yorkshire .

ARMSTRONG - Yesterday, after a short illness James ARMSTRONG, aged 74 years.

NOSEWORTHY - At Pouch Cove, on Sunday, Mary, beloved wife of Nathaniel NOSEWORTHY, aged 31 years.

QUINLON - On August 7th, after a long illness, Statia, beloved wife of E.J. QUINLON, T.N.C., aged 29 years.

Aug 16, 1904


The wedding of Mr. Arthur T. LONG of Bay Islands and Miss Martha WYATT, daughter of Mr. W. WYATT, this city, took place at the C. of E. Cathedral on Saturday evening. Rev. C. CARPENTER performing the ceremony. The bride who wore a cream silk costume, was given away by her brother, Mr. Arthur WYATT, and was attended by Misses E. COYELL and T. WYATT, while Messrs. W. J. LONG and E. BRYANT supported the groom. Afterwards a reception was held at the residence of the bride's father.

The body of William KINSELLA, of Ferryland, arrived from Montreal by express on Saturday for burial. Deceased was only 20 years old, had been working at Montreal for two years, and was a son of Mr. Joseph KINSELLA. His death was due to sunstroke.


The Districts

The little lad who was drowned at Barachois, Cape Ray , on the 28th ult., was John MILES. The body has since been recovered and in inquest was held by Magistrate SQUAREY, who returned a verdict of "accidental death by drowning."

Henry MILLEY, of Norris Arm, fell through his stage, while working on it, on Friday week, striking his head on the rocks below. He received a terrible blow, and did not regain consciousness until arriving at the hospital here on Monday.

While fishing from a dory near Flower's Island Ledge on July 28th, John FAGAN, one of the crew of Gloucester banker Tartar, was drowned. He was a native, belonging to Salmonier. His body was recovered next day, having been found floating in the Tickle, near Flower's Cove, and was buried at the latter place.

The Horwood Lumber Co., Ltd. were advised by telegraph on Tuesday last that their large mill at Dog Bay had been destroyed by fire the previous day, the fire originating in the engine house. This is the second mill lost by the company, their property at Campbellton having been burned by forest fires only a few weeks ago.

Another drowning accident occurred at Burin on the night of Friday, the 5th instant, Joseph KELLY, a young man, being the victim. No person witnessed the occurrence and it is presumed that he fell over the Government wharf, between the store and the wharf, in the opening made by the Mary Hough when she collided with the wharf in May last. The body was not recovered until the following Monday.

Shoal Harbor was nearly wiped out by fire on Thursday. As it was, damage was done to the value of nearly four thousand dollars. Four dwelling houses, the church, two barns, one store, several fences and a large quantity of hay have fallen before the devouring flames, which still rage. This is the second time the place had had to pass through the fire, and it may yet be completely wiped out unless the fire is extinguished.


Alexander Bay

Aug 8th - Yesterday we laid to rest Mrs. Jemima SPURRIE, wife of Isaac SPURRIE and daughter of Elizabeth and Benjamin DAVIS. She died of that awful disease - the white plague.



WATSON - On the 9th instant, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. W. WATSON, Reid Nfld. Co.

VELTS - On Sunday last, 7th August, to Mr. and Mrs. G.R. VELTS, a daughter



Maxwell-Ellis - At Dorchester, Boston, on Aug 30th, by Rev. G. W. PHINNEY, Maud, daughter of Henry ELLIS, St. John's, Newfoundland, to Myrle Preston MAXWELL, of Dorchester, Boston.



DUGGAN - Suddenly, at Maynard , Mass. , Anne, second youngest daughter of Margaret and the late Thomas DUGGAN, a native of Fermeuse, Nfld., aged 27 years.

KINSELLA - At Montreal , on Sunday evening, Aug 7th, William, third son of Joseph and Mary Ann KINSELLA, aged 20 years.

KEIL - On the 8th inst., George, eldest son of Mary and the late John KEIL, aged 20 years.

GRACE - At Newark , N.J. , on the 2nd instant, Willie, youngest son of Thomas and Maggie GRACE, aged 9 years.

DONNELLY - On Aug 4th, after a short illness, Lizzie, daughter of John and the late Mary DONNELLY, aged 14 years.

COLLIS - On Aug 11th, after a short illness, George N. COLLIS, aged 58 years.

BULGER - On Aug 11th, Mary Ann, relict of the late William BULGER.

KERR - On Sunday morning, after a short illness, Mary, beloved wife of Alex. KERR, aged 72 years.

HEALEY - At Blackhead on Aug 14th, Margaret, beloved wife of Joseph HEALEY, aged 34 years.

CONNOLLY - Yesterday morning, of cholera infantum, Leo Paul, only son of J.J. and Minnie CONNOLLY, aged ?12 ½ months.

BOONE - On Sunday, Aug 14, at 6 Carnell Street , St. John's , Rebecca, widow of the late Crispus BOONE, in the 89th year of age. Interment takes place at Port de Grave today.

OAKLEY - At Trinity, on the 9th inst., George OAKLEY (Cooper).

HEALEY - At Blackhead, on the 14th inst., Margaret, wife of Joseph HEALEY, aged 34 years, leaving a husband and six children to mourn their sad loss.

WINTER - At Burin, on the 10th inst., of hemorrhage of the bowels, Jessie C., daughter of the late T.J. WINTER, J.P. Miss Winter was a nurse in the W.C.C. Hospital , Boston and was visiting her native land, when she was suddenly called away.

Aug 23, 1904


The death of Miss Miriam GRIMES, eldest daughter of Police Inspector Grimes, occurred on Thursday night. She was a victim of the white plague, which first attacked her in February, and though the best medial aid was availed of it could not stay the ravages of he disease.

The death of Miss Jessie C. WINTER at Burin, a few days ago, closes a bright, active and useful life. Miss WINTER was for some time in charge of the Post Office at Collins' Cove, Burin, Last year she entered the Woman's C.C. Hospital , Parker Hill Avenue , Boston , to be trained as a professional nurse. During the Old Home Week she returned to her home in Burin where she died. Deeply though their loss is felt by her friends, the grief is lessened by the sense of nearness that interment amid the old, familiar scenes implies.



O'ROURKE On the 14th inst., the wife of Wm. O'ROURKE, of a son.

LUBY - On the 12th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew LUBY.

BAILEY - On the 15th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William BAILEY.

KELLY - on the 18th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John KELLY, of the Reid Nfld. Co.

RODGERS - On the 20th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert ROGERS (Transcribers note - named spelt differently as typed).

CROCKER - On Friday, 12th inst., at Harbor Grace, a daughter to Mr. And Mrs. Alexander CROCKER.



CONNORS-TOBIN - On the 14th inst., at the R.C. Cathedral, by the Ven. Archdeacon O'NEIL, Mr. James CONNORS to Miss Agnes TOBIN, both of this city.

DAVIS - SUMMERS - On July 31st, by Venerable Archdeacon O'NEIL, Mr. James DAVIS to Miss Bridget SUMMERS, both of St. John's , Nfld.



KINSELLA- On the 19th inst., after a long and painful illness, William KINSELLA.

GROUCHY - Suddenly, on Friday morning, William GROUCHY, aged 67 years.

EAGAN - On the 19th inst., Leo, infant son of John and Catherine EAGAN, aged 9 ½ months.

GRIMES - On Aug 18th of consumption, Mariam, eldest daughter of Inspector and Lavinia GRIMES, aged 18 years.

MCGRATH - On Aug 18th, John Roy St. Clair darling child of Harris and Josephine MCGRATH, aged four months.

DUNPHY - On the 18th inst. after a short illness, John DUNPHY, a native of Renews, aged 84 years.

ENGLISH - On the 18th inst., Margaret, relict of the late John ENGLISH, a native of Country, Cork , Ireland .

O'ROURKE- On the 15th inst., John W., infant son of William and Vina O'ROURKE.

NUGENT - August 15th, Mary Ellen, darling child of John and Mary G. NUGENT, aged 3 ½ months.

BENNETT - On August 16th, James ANTHONY, infant child of John and Bridget BENNETT.

SYMMONS - On Aug 14th, Dorothy Alice, darling child of Maud and George SYMMONS, aged 3 months.

Aug 30, 1904

Death's Doings

R.A. BARNES - We regretfully note the death of Mr. Richard A. BARNES which occurred at his home, Queen's Road, on Wednesday last. He had been ill from pleurisy for less than a fortnight, but up to the end hopes were entertained for his recovery. For years Mr. BARNES was book-keeper at Duder's but more recently he had been in the employ of Messrs. T. & M. WINTER. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, and that body was represented at his funeral, which took place on Friday afternoon.

Samuel MCNEILL - Samuel MCNEILL was not an old man, though he had reached the three score years and ten, but trouble had laid its hard hand upon him and the loss of his son a few months ago came as a blow unto the death. Mr. MCNEILL's career was a very interesting one. He was born on the Labrador 72 years ago, and there he lived for many years, becoming a proficient in the Esquimaux tongue. In St. John's he has on several occasions, some important ones, acted as interpreter, and some time ago translated several chapters of the Holy Writings into the Esquimaux tongue for the mission work carried on there. Mr. MCNEILL was a member of the British Society , and for some years had been tyler of the Tasker Lodge, A.F & A.M. , R.S. Guards of honour from both bodies followed his remains from his late residence on Merry-Meeting Road to his final resting place in the beautiful Church of England Cemetery.

Hector FRASER - The death of Mr. Hector FRASER took place on Thursday last, not unexpectedly. The feebleness of age had been much in evidence during recent months, but to the last Mr. FRASER retained his faculties. He passed away weighted beneath the burden of his years, a peaceful transition from time to the Great Beyond. The younger generation will remember little of Mr. FRASER. At The Post Office his work of late did not bring him into contact with the general public. The older generation will remember him as a man of earnestness and activity, who was every ready to push forward all good works. He was the eldest son of the Late Rev. Mr. FRASER, Presbyterian Minister of this city, and amongst his brothers were Dr. FRASER of Bay Roberts, J.O. FRASER, the late postmaster General, and J. McL. FRASER, Commission Merchant of this city. Mr. Hector FRASER was a Past Master of Avalon Lodge, A.F. & A.M., and was a Warrant member and first Master of Royal Oak Lodge, No. 22 O.O.A., the first Orange Lodge instituted in Newfoundland . He died in his 85th year.

Mrs. G. H. TAYLOR - Death was ____ last week with young and middle-aged and old alike. Amongst the aged who bowed to the final call was Mrs. Maria TAYLOR, mother of the well known draper, Mr. John W. TAYLOR of New Gower Street . For some years she had been confined to the house, bit it is only a few months since she took to her bed where she quietly breathed her life into the larger life beyond. Her death was like the stopping of a clock, the pendulum of life swinging slowly and more slowly until imperceptibly its movement ceases. Mrs. TAYLOR was the widow of the late George Hayward TAYLOR of Carbonear, a well known planter of that town who carried on the fisheries at Cape Charles . She survived her husband for nearly 23 years, dying at the patriarchal age of 88. Her remains were conveyed from the residence of her son, Mr. J.W. TAYLOR, 40 LeMarchant Road , to the station, early on Saturday morning, and thence to Carbonear where she was interred by her husband's side. Many of her relatives and family friends followed the hearse to the station, and amongst those who went through to Carbonear to attend the funeral were Mr. J.W. TAYLOR, Mr. Samuel FOGWELL, son-in-law, and Messrs. George JOYCE, W.F. JOYCE and Guy TAYLOR, grandsons of the deceased. Mr. Eugene Taylor, her other surviving son, went to Carbonear the previous day to make the necessary arrangements for the funeral.

Thomas M. MITCHELL - The announcement that Thomas MITCHELL was dead came as a thunderclap amid a summer sky. Only a few hours before he had been seen upon the streets in health and strength. On Wednesday night he went to bed as well as ever but ere Thursday's sun had risen he had exchanged the mortal for immortality. About midnight the family were aroused to learn of his sudden and fatal illness. Rev. Father FYME and Dr. KEEGAN were immediately summoned as well as Dr. MITCHELL, son of the deceased. All that could be done was done, but without avail, so far as the things of time were concerned, for in less than an hour the spirit had passed away. Mr. Thomas MITCHELL was the eldest son of the late Inspector MITCHELL for many years head of the Newfoundland Constabulary, and was born in St. John's in January 1843. At 14 he entered upon a commercial career, and before he had reached his twentieth year had established a bakery which developed and extended into the large and important enterprise so well known to citizens of St. John's . In public life Mr. MITCHELL held many important positions notably in Municipal matters, holding the position of Chairman of the Council for from two to three years. But above all the memory and personality of Thomas MITCHELL must stand identified with his work for the younger generation........Mr. Mitchell leaves a widow and daughters, and one son, Dr. Timothy M. MITCHELL, of this city. Their loss, severe as it is, is shared by the whole city, and blessed by the inseparable memory of a good man's life.


Wedding Bells

BLATCH-PETERS - Thursday afternoon last witnessed the marriage of Miss Janie Louise BLATCH, eldest daughter of H. BLATCH, Esq., to Mr. William Henry PETERS, fifth son of J.E.P. PETERS, Esq. The ceremony took place at Boncloddy Cottage, Pennywell Road , the resident of Mr. BLATCH.......



The Barqt. Minnie, which arrived yesterday from Adiz, had her flag at half mast, because of the death of a member of her crew, which occurred on Sunday morning. The deceased seaman was Thomas BOND, and belonged to Notre Dame Bay . All the voyage out he had been ill, and had just reached in sight of land when death came He was 26 years of age and unmarried.



The marriage of Alexander SHEARING, of Pilley's Island , Nfld, to Miss Leah REED, of North Sydney , took place at the residence of the bride's parents on Tuesday, August 16th. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Joseph SILLARS, pastor of the Methodist Church . After the reception the happy couple left by the Bruce for their future home in Newfoundland .


Alexander Bay

The wedding of Mr. James BLACKWOOD and Miss Emily BUCKLER, daughter of Mr. N. BUCKLER, took place a few days ago, at the Methodist Church , Rev. H. MILLER performing the ceremony. The bride was neatly attired in white cashmere and wore a blue sash. She was given away by her father.


The City

Henry Snow, painter, of Colonial Street, while at work at J. MEEHAN”s residence opposite the East End Fire Hall, Tuesday morning last, was thrown from the top of a ladder to the street and was fatally injured. When picked up he was unconscious, with a bad cut in the forehead, his face bruised and broken and his right leg broken. He was taken to the hospital, and until Saturday remained in a comatose condition., when he passed away. He is married and has a family.


The Districts

The Millertwon loggers have already gone into the woods to begin cutting, and one of the largest of the mills had stopped sawing. At Botwoodville the mills are still busy cutting 1900 logs per day, and getting ready a large shipment for South America .

Joseph MILLER, aged 26, son of Mr. R. MILLER, of the Customs Staff, was drowned on Wednesday at 6 p.m. , while coming over in a dory from Miquelon to Hermitage Cove. No particulars of the accident are to hand, except that MILLER was accompanied in the dory by a man named WALL, who was saved. MILLER had been at Hermitage Cove all the Summer engaged in the manufacture of cod liver oil.



DILLON - On the 16th inst., a daughter to Capt. and Mrs. P.J.DILLON

NEIL - At Sweet Bay, Bonavista Bay, on the 14th inst., the wife of Patrick NEIL, of a son.

JACKMAN - Yesterday morning, a daughter to E.M. and Mrs. JACKMAN



STUCKLESS - JANES - At South Side, Methodist Church, Twillingate, on the 17th inst., by the Rev. Charles HOWSE, Mr. Edward STUCKLESS of North Side, to Miss Lucy JANES of Back Harbor.

PETERS-BLATCH - At Boncloddy Cottage on the 25th inst., by Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. W.H. PETERS to Miss Janie Louise, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry BLATCH.

Moore -LONG - At Gower Street Parsonage, on the 29th inst., by Rev.J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Herbert Wilson MOORE to Miss Amelia LONG.



JARDINE - At Toronto , Ont., on 22nd inst., A. JARDINE, father of J.C. JARDINE, Newfoundland Brewery.

PEET - On August 23rd, of cholera infantum Robert Gordon, infant son of H.J. and Winnie PEET, aged 4 months.

MACNEIL: On the 23rd inst., at 47 Merrymeeting Road , Samuel J. MACNEIL, aged 72 years.

BARNES - Passed peacefully away, on August 24th, after a short illness, Richard A. BARNES.

FLYNN - At South River , on the 24th inst. of consumption, Elizabeth Maud (Lizzie) youngest daughter of Wm. And the late Mary A. FLYNN, aged 23 years.

STOCKLEY - At South Side, Twillingate, on the 19th inst., of consumption, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the late James and Ann STOCKLEY, aged 25 years.

FITZPATRICK - On the 25th inst., after a short illness, William Fitzpatrick, aged 66 years.

STONE - Passed peacefully away on the 25th inst., Charles STONE, aged 85 years.

SWEENEY - At Brooklyn , NY on July 28th, Henry Clinton SWEENEY, aged 19 years, eldest son of E.C. SWEENEY, superintendent of the French Cable Co., New York , and grandson of the late Henry CLINTON of St. Pierre , Miquelon .

MITCHELL - On August 25th, Thomas MITCHELL, aged 62 years.

FRASER - On the 28th inst., Hector Mcl. FRASER, eldest surviving son of the late Rev. Donald Allan FRASER.

HUSSON - On Aug 25th, Anna, daughter of Bridget and the late Wallace HUSSON, aged 15 ½ years.

TAYLOR - On Aug 26th, at the residence of her son, 40 LeMarchant Road, Mrs. Maria TAYLOR, relict of the late George H. TAYLOR, of Carbonear aged 87 ½ years.

YOUNG - On the 25th inst, Maxwell Kenneth, the only son of Wm and Ethel Young, aged 2 months.

WALSH - on the 28th inst., after a long and painful illness, Annie F. Bamrick, beloved wife of Robert WALSH, aged 42 years.

CAMPBELL - On the 26th inst., George, only son of the late John and Margaret CAMPBELL.

LARKIN - On the 28th inst., Mercedes Josephine, darling child of John and Josephine LARKIN, aged 10 months.

SNOW - At the General Hospital , on Saturday, Henry, youngest son of Joseph and Elizabeth SNOW, aged 37 years.

EVELEIGH - On the 27th inst., at the Methodist Orphanage, Hamilton Street , Lizzette EVELEIGH, aged 16 years.

LEARY - Yesterday morning, James J., darling child of Thomas and Mary Leary, aged 3 months.



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