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1904 Free Press (Vol.4)
April 1904

Printed every Tuesday St. John's, Newfoundland, Price 2 cents
Posted with permission from the Family Tree Group Organization
Grand Falls-Windsor

Family Tree Group



Apr 5, 1904


On Thursday one of our oldest resident, Mrs. WESTCOTT, mother of Capt. Jos.WESTCOTT, was laid to rest in St. James' Cemetery. Deceased had attained the advanced age of 92 years, and until last summer had enjoyed remarkably good health, when she began to fail.


MARTIN - On March 25th at Hr. Grace, the wife of Absalom MARTIN (P.N.R.) of a daughter.

ROSE - On the 2nd inst., a son to Mr. And Mrs. W.D. ROSE



WILLIAMS - On Good Friday, at Bread and Cheese, Bay Bulls, John WILLIAMS, Sr. aged 80.

WILLETT - On Good Friday, after a short illness, Emily Jessie, aged 32 years, beloved wife of John WILLETT.

HICKEY - on the 31st inst., after a long and painful illness, Joseph, the beloved son of Michael and the late Catherine HICKEY, aged 23 years.

DILLON - Suddenly, on the evening of March 11th, on the s.s. Grand Lake, Matthew DILLON, fireman, aged 44 years.

SNELGROVE - On March 29th, at Lower Island Cove, Wm. John, beloved husband of Mary J. SNELGROVE, Telegraph Operator, and Post Mistress, and only surviving son of Job and Susanna SNELGROVE, aged 36 yrs.

KEILS - On the 27th ult., after a short illness, John KEILS, aged 56 years.

PHELAN - At "Exon" Farm, March 30th, Bridget Heffern, beloved wife of Michael PHELAN, aged 38 years.

BUCKLEY - On March 31st, after a lingering illness, Rachel BUCKLEY, aged 81 years.

TOBIN - On the 30th ult., after a long illness, William eldest son of James and the late Mary TOBIN, aged 23 years.

FORTUNE - At Tor's Cove, on the 29th ult., Minnie daughter of Sylvester and Lucy FORTUNE, aged ?20 years.

CODY - At Riverhead, Harbor Grace, on Saturday March 26th, after a long illness, ? Ellen (paper torn) relict of the late Thomas CODY, aged 65 years.

GRIFFIN - On March 25th, at Harbor Grace after a long illness, Michael GRIFFIN, son of John and Mary GRIFFIN aged 29 years.

Apr 12, 1904

Britannia Cove

Apr 4th - A very sad accident occurred on Good Friday at the slate quarry. A man by the name of John MILLER was working at the cliff and a stone falling from the top of the cliff hit him in the back of the head, crushing his skull. The unfortunate man expired a few minutes after. He was immediately taken to Britannica Cove by his fellow workman. A man being there with his horse and slide he was placed on the slide, as the snow prevented fast driving, a messenger was dispatched on foot who ran three miles with the news to the doctor. Mr. J.T. CURRIE quickly harnessed his horse and drove the doctor out on the ice to meet the men who were bringing the poor fellow along. Nothing, however, could be done as the man had passed into the great beyond. After the doctor examined him and pronounced him dead, Mr. CURRIE took the body on his sleigh and conveyed it to Hodder's Cove where the Rev. Mr. TULK had hastened to break the sad news to the wife who was waiting for husband to come home to his tea. Much sympathy is felt for the widow who, with two small children, have been suddenly bereft of husband and father. The funeral took place at Burgouyne's Cove on Easter Sunday afternoon. The remains of the 10 year old son of Uriah and Deborah LATE was also laid to rest at the same time in Britannia Cove. Correspondent.


Ireland's Eye

March 5th - Deeply do we regret to announce the death of Matthias W., beloved son of James and Rebekah TOOP of Ireland's eye, Trinity Bay , which took place at this residence early on Saturdays morning. Deceased was in his twenty-third year. He bore his illness for two years with patience, always cheerful and happy. He leaves a father, mother, three brothers and three sisters to mourn their sad loss. His demise will be keenly felt and deeply regretted by all. To the sorrowing friends we extend our sincerest sympathies. A.



The veteran Wm. BUTT, of Hr. Grace, died last week at Bay Roberts where he had removed with his son, Rm. William BUTT, two years ago. He was 88 years old.

Mr. John M. DRAKE, son of Capt. DRAKE, of the Glencoe, and one of the most popular of "Newfoundlanders abroad" was married on April 4th to Mrs. E. BARNIE at Hartford, Conn, U.S.A., by the Rev. Henry MACBETH, rector of St. Thomas's Church in that city.

Mrs. PUGH, of Heart's Content, died there on Monday of last week at the age of 62. She was a Miss HOPKINS and a member of one of the best known and most generally esteemed families in the telegraph town. Her daughter, Mrs. RENDELL, with her husband Mr. RENDELL, of the firm of Rendell & Moore, bicycle repairers, etc., of King's Road, was on a visit to Heart's Content at the time.


The Districts

The cost of the Tiwllingate post office is $2,200.

Patrick DAVIS, of Conche, aged 30, was killed, through his brother's gun accidentally going off, on February 7th last. He walked about a quarter of a mile after the accident, but only survived four hours.


MCGINN - On the 8th inst., at 52 Signal Hill Road , a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. P. MCGINN.

BUTT - At Carbonear on Thursday last, a son to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. BUTT.

PARRELL - On March 27th, a daughter to Mrs. and Mrs. Patrick PARRELL.

SMITH on the 8th inst., the wife of Mr. James SMITH, officer of s.s. Silvia, of a daughter.

DONOVAN - On Easter Sunday, a son to Mr. and Mrs. John DONOVAN

BARNES - On Apr 8th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. K.S. BARNES, Water Street .

GAMMON - At Whitbourne, on Apr 8th, the wife of Geo. W. GAMMON, of a son.



West - at 28 St. Charles Street , Longneuil, Montreal , On March 24th, Bickford WEST, aged 55 years, formerly of Bridgewater England .

RICH - On April 7th, after a short illness ______ beloved son of Jane and the late Isaac RICH, aged 20 years.

BURT - On Apr 5th, Amelia M., beloved wife of J. BURT

RYAN - On Apr 6th after a protracted illness, Patrick RYAN, aged 45 years.

FIELD - On Apr 8th, after a lingering illness, Captain Charles FIELD, aged 74 years.

SCOTT - At Chicago , on Easter Sunday, Ellen, daughter of the late William and Anastatia SCOTT, formerly of this city.

COLLINS - On Apr 7th, there passed away at his residence, 37 Bannerman Street , Terence R. COLLINS, in the 80th year of his age.

QUIGLY - At Duluth, Minn., March 24th, Mary Cheep, beloved wife of Michael QUIGLY, formerly of St. John's Newfoundland.

CROUCHER - On April 8th at Trinity, Margaret, beloved wife of John T. CROUCHER, aged 37 years.

SEWARD - On the 8th inst., Sarah SEWARD, aged 16 years, beloved daughter of Matthias and Mary SEWARD.

GLADNEY - On April 11th, at his residence on New Gower Street , Martin GLADNEY, aged 65 years.

HUNT - On April 10th, Mary Ann HUNT, aged 54 years.

BRADSHAW - On April 12th, Henry A., darling child of F.W. and Minnie BRADSHAW, aged 6 ½ months.

Apr 19, 1904


Apr 17th -The Methodist denomination has decided that the new parsonage shall be a stone building. A meeting of the pew holders on Monday evening arrived at this decision. Whether it be a wise one or otherwise remains to be seen. Willing hands have during the week been chopping and fitting the timber which has been placed upon the site, whilst others have hauled stone from the old Cemetery wall to be used in the foundation. Merchants have offered the free use of vessels to bring stone from Pilley's Island , and volunteers are now required to man them. These are not yet forthcoming but will, it is hoped, come forward within the next few days. The estimated coast of the building is about $2000, exclusive of free labour which it is expected will be readily supplied.

Messrs. Norman and Fred SNELGROVE passed through to St. John's by train on Wednesday afternoon. There were returning from Adams ' Cove where they had attended the funeral of their sister the late Mrs. Leonard EVANS.

.............. We regret to learn of the death of Miss Mary MATTHEWS, daughter of the Rev. Solomon MATTHEWS which occurred at Bay Roberts on Saturday. She had been afflicted by the dreaded white plague, consumption. Much sympathy is expressed for Rev. Mr. MATTHEWS, this being his third daughter to be taken away by this disease. Rambler.



Capt. Patrick ST. JOHN died at Conception Harbour on Saturday night.

Mr. John ROBINSON, of Knowling's, is seriously ill, and hopes of his recovery are exceedingly small. He has been suffering from a succession of severe hemorrhages.

Mrs. Leonard J. EVANS, daughter of Benjamin SNELGROVE, Esq, of Catalina, died at Witless Bay last week. She was buried at Adams ' Cove, her brother, Mr. Norman SNELGROVE, and other members of the family being present.

The late Mrs. MACPHERSON On Saturday morning Mrs. Susannah MACPHERSON, widow of the late Peter MACPHERSON, Esq., of this city "fell on sleep" at the age of 76. She had not been well since the death of her beloved daughter, who was the wife of the Rev. G.J. BOND, B.A., of Toronto , but there seemed little reason to fear that the end was so near at hand. Her eldest son Campbell MACPHERSON, Esq., and his family have been traveling for some months on the continent of Europe , and are now on their way home. Mr. Archibald MACPHERSON and Miss MACPHERSON, of Paris, the accomplished artist, who visited St. John's a few months ago, are with Mr. Capbell MACPHERSON, the surviving children. Mrs. MACPHERSON was a lady of exceptional sweetness of character. Her acts of kindness were constant and her benefactions large. Up till recently she was an active church worker, and to the last retained a very real interest in affairs of the church. The funeral took place a t the General Protestant Cemetery yesterday morning, the Revs. Dr. COWPETHWAITE, J.L. DAWSON, And M. FENWICK officiating. A large concourse of citizens, including the employees of the Royal Stores, attended. Mrs. MACPHERSON”s death will leave an ache in many hearts, where her memory will be enshrined in love and praise.



EVELLEY - On the 6th inst., the wife of I.J. EVELLEY, of a daughter

MEWS - On the 11th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. F. MEWS

MEYERS - On Mar 30th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John MEYERS

HANNAFORD - on the 13th inst., the wife of L. HANNAFORD, druggist, of a daughter.

MURPHY - on the 6th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MURPHY.

JAMES - On the 13th inst., a son and daughter to Captain and Mrs. JAMES

SEYMOUR - on the 15th inst., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James SEYMOUR.

STELLITON - On the 9th inst., a son to Mr. and Mrs. Francis STELLITON.



FANE-PILLEY - On March 16th, by the Rev. W.T.D. DUNN, at the residence of the bride, West End, Miss Lila M. PILLEY, and Mr. James W. FANE.

PIKE-MATTHEWS - At the Cochrane St. Parsonage, on the 11th inst., by Rev.Dr. COWPERTHWAITE, Mr. Reuben PIKE to Miss Bessie MATTHEWS, both of this city.



KEEFE - At Plymouth, Mass., on Feb 9th, Patrick KEEFE, a native of this city, but residing in Plymouth, Mass., the past 19 years.

BRADSHAW - On Apr 12th, Henry A., darling child of F.W. and Minnie BRADSHAW, aged 6 ½ months.

CURRAN - On April 18th, little Leo, darling child of James and Bessie CURRAN, aged 8 months.

LANNON - On Apr 13th, James, darling son of John and Mary LANNON, aged 8 years.

HAYES - At Bryant's Cove, Harbor Grace, on the 10th inst., Mary A., beloved daughter of Leanius and the late Fanny HAYES, aged 17 years.

MACPHERSON - On April 16th, at her residence 32 Queen's Road, Susannah, widow of the late Peter MACPHERSON, Esq., aged 76 years.

MATTHEWS - At Bay Roberts, on the 16th inst., Mary E., eldest daughter of Rev. S. MATHEWS.

PYNN - At Quidi Vidi, on the 17th inst., Joseph PYNN, after a long illness, aged 71 years.

CASEY - On the 12th of April, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Mary CASEY, aged 62 years.

REID - On the 6th inst., at Heart's Delight, of brain fever, Sidney Ralph, darling boy of James and Lily REID, aged 7 years and 7 mos.

MABIN - On Apr 18th, Leah, beloved wife of Henry J. MABIN, aged 43 years.

CROCKER - On the 18th, Alexander CROCKER, aged 42 years.


The Districts

Mr. Lewis MALONEY of Witless Bay has been appointed Manger of the whaling factory at St. Mary's.

Mr. George LINDSAY, late of Marshall & Rodger, assumes charge of Mr. P. TEMPLEMAN's Dry Goods business at Bonavista.

A worthy veteran recently passed away at Sound Island , P.B., at the patriarchal age of 86. Mr. Michael BROWN, father of Mrs. Edward BONIA, of Placentia . Mr. BROWN sailed in command of his own schooner as late as six years ago.

The two year old son of Cornelius CRAWLEY of the South Side of Holyrood wandered from home last week. A careful search resulted in finding his body in the river running near the house. The little fellow must have tumbled over the bank, and was found caught between the rocks.

Apr 26, 1904

New Bay

Apr 14th - The winter has been a very severe one, the most severe for many years but the last few days have been very mild and the snow is fast disappearing. The first robin made its appearance yesterday marking the opening of spring.

From various causes our mails have been very irregular, we think the time has come when our mails should come independent of Exploits; and Leading Tickle mail should go via Botwoodville and S.W. Arm.

The few men that were away in the lumber business for the winter are mostly all home, but there will not be as much money in circulation as last year as there were not so many away.

Rabbits are very plentiful up in the Arm, but not nearly as plentiful on the outside as in other years. Foxes are said to be plentiful but none were caught here the winter.

People in general are glad that the Government have taken the duty off flour, molasses and kerosene oil and think it a step in the right direction.

The new contract for steamer stop run outside will not affect us much. The Clyde calling regularly at these small places is a great convenience and we are of the opinion that most of the freight will still come via Lewisporte, i.e. for these small places, but everybody knows there is more freight landed at New Bay than at Fortune Harbor or Leading Tickles.

We heard Mr. Wm. ROBERTS was going to erect a whale factory at Budgell's Brook and we see no reason why he should not do so if he has a mind and capital for it.

On March 11th we had our first visit from the Rev. Mr. TAYLOR for the winter. He went on to S.W. Arm on the 12th and held a missionary meeting, came to New Bay 14th, held missionary meeting here, on the 15th returning home as soon as weather would permit.

Mr. Grimes' term for teaching being over, school closed, but it is opened again at Moor's Cove school for two months, Mr. Stephen PURCHASE being teacher.

After our letter of Jan. 8th appeared in your columns Mr. GRIMES was ordered to call a meeting of building committee and get to work, so we are told that most of the frame of the church is cut and put on the bank at S.E. Arm. We are told also that is proposed to take the schoolhouse from S.E. Arm and put at Cottle's Cove, close up the old church at Moores' Cove and pull it down and use the material towards building the new, if this to be done it will be a quick march to centralization. We repeat there in no money collected not even a unit in the number $1005.00. We refer to these maters because they are public and of vital importance to us as a people. P. MOORS


St. Anthony

Feb 29th - The weather up to date has been the coldest and most stormy ever known. The thermometer has been as low as 20 below zero.

The catch of seals in nets has been above the average this winter. One man caught 25 old harps at one time in two nets.

The Deep Sea Mission Hospital here is now nearly completed. It is a handsome building 36 feet square, and three stories high. The Deep Sea Mission has done and is still doing good work along the coast, healing the sick and relieving the destitute. Dr. GRENFELL is untiring in his efforts for the common good. Among the many things he has done is to provide games, such as bagatelle, checkers, etc. for a social club here, open about four nights a week till 10 p.m. Sometimes the Doctor gives a magic lantern show, at other times a gramophone concert; in fact everything is done to make life better and brighter. Dr. GRENFELL is assisted this winter by a young gentleman from Boston , who is very popular around here.

There was a sad shooting accident at St. Julien's on the 14th inst. Two brothers named DAVIS went duck shooting. One of them set of his gun, the full load entering the body of Patrick DAVIS, who lived only two hours afterwards.

The largely signed petition will be presented to the Government this term asking for the telegraph wire to be extended to this district, also for better steam communication in summer. We trust that the Government will attend to this matter.


(This letter, written on Feb 29th, reached St. John's on April 21st - nearly two months on the way. How's this for isolation? - ED.)


News was received in town yesterday that two miners, Edward OSMOND and John DOWNEY, were seriously injured at the Tilt Cove mines on Saturday. The accident occurred from a premature explosion of dynamite, and it feared that OSMOND will totally lose his sight, while DOWNEY will suffer from a partial loss of that sense. The dynamite was frozen and the men were using it contrary to orders.



The death of Mrs. Amelia PARSONS, widow of the late Capt. Ambrose PARSONS, and mother of the Mr. A.A. PARSONS, Superintendent of the Penitentiary, occurred at Harbor Grace on Saturday afternoon. The deceased lady who had reached the advanced age of 85 years was well know and highly respected at the above place.

Mr. Josiah COLBOURNHE, the late Postmaster and Relieving Officer of Twllingate, died on April 14th at the age of 77. He was People's Warden of St. Peter's Church, Twllingate, and held in general and deserved esteem. He had been unwell for some time, but remained at his official posts until a little over a year ago when he retired.


The Districts

Mr. Charles PITTMAN has been appointed sub-collector at Norris Arm.

An outbreak of diphtheria has occurred at Pouch Cove, and one death, a child of Mr. William SHEA, has taken place. The authorities are doing their utmost to prevent the disease from spreading.

The following Road Board changes have been gazetted. Mr. William SHORT for Ward's Harbor, NDB, vice Mr. Samuel SHORT resigned and Mr. David J. ROWSELL, to be an additional member. Mr. Benjamin LEAR to the Miles Cove and Newtown, Sunday Cove Island Board; Mr. Robert CHAMBERS vice, Mr. George CHAMBERS on the Hermitage Bay North Board; Mr. James KELLY (Freshwater) to the Jerseyside Road Board, district of Placentia and St. Mary's; Mesrs. Henry BUTLER, George BUTTON and Henry INGRAM to form a Road Board for Collett Cove and Hay Cove in the Placentia and St. Mary's district.



A drowning fatality occurred on Wednesday night as the schooner Royal ARCH, Capt. J. HOWELL, was making this port from Catalina. The Captain's son, Elijah, aged 21, was pointing out the lights to his father, when he slipped on the deck load of lumber, which was covered with glitter and fell overboard. A boat was lowered and the young man's brothers went to his rescue, but not the most untiring devotion could help him. He had vanished in the abyss of water, and his body has not yet been recovered. Sympathy with the stricken family is very general and sincere.



POPE - At Lloyd's Depot, Red Indian Lake , on the 1st inst., the wife of Thos. POPE, blacksmith, of a daughter.

NUGENT - On the 18th inst., twin son and daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John NUGENT.

RENNIE - On the 19th inst., the wife of W.H. RENNIE, of a daughter.

CLUNEY - On the 13th inst., a daughter to J. and Mrs. CLUNEY



RICHARDON - SHAUGHROU - At the R.C. Cathedral, on April 20th, by the Rev. A. HOWLEY, MR. William RICHARDSON to Miss Bella SHAUGHROU both of this city.

STANLEY - TAVERNOR - At the Gower St. Parsonage, on the 20th inst., by Rev. J.L. DAWSON, Mr. Samuel George STANLEY to Miss Mary A. TAVERNOR, both of this city.



REDDICKS - Suddenly, at Roxbury , Mass. , Jane, relict of the late Stephen REDICKS, aged 72 years.

MURRAY - On April 21st, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Lydia MURRAY, wife of the late Wm. MURRAY, in her 83rd year.

POWER - At Witless Bay , on the 15th inst after a tedious illness, Martin POWER, aged 81 years.

TRELEGAN - On April 20th, Mary Madeline, darling child of James and Winnie TRELEGAN, aged 17 months.

CHALK - At Elliston, on the 14th inst., after a short illness, Henry CHALK, aged 49 years.

COLBOURNE - At Twillingate, on April 14th, Josiah COLBOURNE, J.P. aged 77 years.

WHITEMARSH - on the 19th inst., after a long illness, Florrie May, darling child of Walter WHITEMARSH, aged 3 years.

HANLON - On Tuesday, Annie, wife of Robert HANLON, in the 50th year of her age, leaving a husband and nine children to mourn their sad loss.

POWER - On April 18th of pneumonia, after a short illness, Kitty, third daughter of Mary and William POWER (pilot) aged 23 years.



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