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From The St. John's Daily News



Published Thur. Dec. 31, 1914

This document includes:








Dec. 29
Mr. Tasker COOK appointed Officier d'Academie' by the French Government.

Dec. 30
Dr. Cluny MacPHERSON gazetted as Knight of Grace of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.


Jan. 1
George RIDEOUT and his son-in-law, W. OLIVER, badly injured in shooting accident.

House of W. BENNETT, Buchanan St., destroyed by fire.

Jan. 10
Rt. Hon. Sir Robert BOND resigns leadership of Liberal-Union Party, and his seat in the Legislature.

Jan. 12
Fire at the store of John HARRIS.

Jan. 16
Brigantine "Mayflower", Capt. HALFYARD, abandoned at sea.

Jan. 18
Cochrane Street Methodist Church destroyed by fire. Loss $65,000 Schooner "Annie Banks" abandoned at sea.

Jan. 19
Schooner "Banshee" abandoned at sea.

Jan. 22
Schooner "Tobeatic" abandoned 190 miles off the Western Islands.

Jan. 26
Annual meeting of the Board of Trade. Mr. J. S. MUNN elected President.


Feb. 1
Fire at Badger. Store of J. C. TOBIN destroyed.

Feb. 5
"Blanche Curry" passed Cape Race. Not since heard of.

Feb. 6
Fire at Bell Island. GOLDSTEINS premises destroyed. Capt. HALFYARD and crew of wrecked "Mayflower" arrive by "Almeriana".

Feb. 10
Fire at POPE's Furniture Factory. Loss about $9,000.

Feb. 12
R. A. SQUIRES re-elected Grand Master, L.O.A.

Feb. 20
Schooner "Ellinor" of Pushthrough lost at Patrick's Cove.

Feb. 25
Presbyterian Manse, Curling, destroyed by fire.


Mar. 2
PATTERSON wins 3 mile skating rink, SQUIRES second.

Mar. 5
Minister of Finance, CASHIN, sues Daily Mail for libel, damages $50,000.

Mar. 16
Hon. R. A. SQUIRES sworn in Minister of Justice. Hon. S. D. BLANDFORD sworn in Minister of Agriculture. A man found, after wandering a week on South Side hills. Aphasia.

Mar. 17
"City of Sydney" wrecked on Shag Rock, Halifax Harbour.

Mar. 18
William MARSHALL buried.

Mar. 21
Salvation Army schoolhouse at Botwood destroyed by fire.

Mar. 24
"S.S. City of Sydney" breaks up.

Mar. 28
Fire at Nail factory. Damages $10,000.

Mar. 31
The worst storm for many years commences. S.S. Newfoundland's crew meet terrible disaster. S. S. Southern Cross lost near Trepassey Bay with all hands.


Apr. 2
Survivors of the Newfoundland's crew reach the ship; 77 dead.

Apr. 3
S. S. Kyle, with Minister PICCOTT, sails in search for Southern Cross.

Apr. 4
S.S. Bellaventure, Capt. RANDELL, arrives with her sombre cargo of the Newfoundland's dead, and survivors. Sealer Boethic, Capt. W. C. WINSOR arive with 28,308. Sealer Bellaventure's catch, 13,690.

Apr. 5
Sealer Erik, Capt. D. MARTIN, arrives with 19,077. Sealer Terra Nova, Capt. W. BARTLETT, arrives with 24,536. Apr. 7 Sealer Bonaventure, Capt. PARSONS, arrives with 10,759. Sealer Adventure, Capt. Jacob KEAN, arrives with 12,176. Sealer Newfoundland, Capt. Wesley KEAN, arrives with 538. Sealer Florizel, Capt. Joseph KEAN, arrives with 17,643.

Apr. 8
Sealer Stephano, Capt. Abram KEAN, arrives with 22,210.

Apr. 9
Sealer Nascopie, Capt. G. BARBOUR, arrives with 18,151.

Apr. 12
Sealer Bloodhound, Capt. J. WINSOR, arrives with 8,323. Sealer Seal, Capt. MURLEY, arrives with 5,987. S.S. Kyle returns after prolonged but fruitless search for Southern Cross.

Apr. 14
Sealer Ranger, Capt. Kenneth KNEE, arrives with 1,585. D. M. the King confers title of Honorable for life on Donald MORISON, K.C.

Apr. 19
Sealer Sagona, Capt. S. R. WINSOR, arrives with 11,045. Sealer Fogota, Capt. S. BARBOUR, arrives with 2,936.

Apr. 20
Sealer Viking, Capt. W. BARTLETT, arrives with 10,587. Sealer eagle, Capt. E. BISHOP, arrives with 8, 260.

Apr. 29
Sealer Neptune, Capt. WILCOX, arrives with 10,354. Sealer Kite, Capt. BURGESS, arrives with1,850.


May 3
Sealer Diana, Capt. B. BARBOUR, brings key of the seal fishery, 5,700seals.

May 12
Superintendent BURKE receives M. A. degree from St. Francis Xavier College, Antigonish.

May 24
Station Hose, Placentia Junction, destroyed by lightning. Telegraph office at Long Harbour Beach, Fortune bay, wrecked by lightning.

May 29
Capt. Robert BARTLETT reaches St. Michaels, North Alaska, reports Karluk crushed in the ice in January. S.S. Fogota ashore at Musgrave Harbour. S.S. Fiona picks up wrecked crew of the Stella Maris, abandoned off Ramea the previous day.


June 1
Charles H. TRANFIELD appointed Superintendent of the Western Union Cable System at Heart's Content, vice Mr. BELLAMY, retired. EDISON Talking Pictures at the Casino.

June 3
Governor DAVIDSON created a K.C.M.G. Auditor General BERTEAU created an I.S.O.

June 4
Dwelling and store of Capt. S. R. WINSOR, Wesleyville, destroyed by fire. Incendiary arrested. Loss $6,000.

June 5
Superintendent BURKE receives L.L.D. degree from Ottowa University.

June 6
WAREHAM's premises, Guner's Cove, St. John's, destroyed by fire.

June 17
Big fire at MARTIN's Hardware. Loss $50,000.

June 22
Sir Thomas RODDICK knighted.


July 9
Hugh PALMER of trinity, blows off his right arm when firing salute in Duke's honor at Blanc Sablon.

July 10
S.S. Invermore runs on rocks at Brig Harbour Point, Labrador. Total loss.

July 16
Stella Maris becomes a permanent submarine. Sinks in harbour.

July 18
Roman Catholic Church at Kelligrews destroyed by fire.

July 19
The POWER residence, Torbay Rd. destroyed by fire.

July 23
Capt. Bob BARTLETT sails for Nome in the Bear to rescue Karluk's crew.

July 28
Silver Jubilee of Rev. Father McGRATH, Bell Island.


Aug. 2
Royal Naval Reserves called out.

Aug. 12
Volunteer movement initiated in C.L.B. Armoury, Governor presides.

Aug. 22 Enrolment of 1st Newfoundland Regiment commences.

Aug. 29
S.S. Floriston strikes an iceberg and is beached near Port Saunders.


Sept. 5
H.M.S. Niobe sails from St. John's with 100 Naval Reservists; 7 others join at Halifax.

Sept. 21
Officers 1st Newfoundland Regiment commissioned.

Sept. 23
Harold KNIGHT wins Jubilee Scholarship. SAUNDERS and HOWELL's factory at Norris Arm burned.

Sept. 26
S.S. Cacouna a total loss off Ferryland Head.


Oct. 1
Colours presented to Newfoundland Regiment by Lieut.-Col. Sir W. E. DAVIDSON.

Oct. 3
1st Newfoundland Regiment embarks on S.S. Florizel for England. Rev. Dr. CHOWN becomes General Superintendent of the Methodist Church of Canada and Newfoundland. Rev. Dr. CARMAN Superintendent Emeritus.

Oct. 4
S.S. Florizel with 525 volunteers, sails at 11 p.m. to join the Canadian Contingent transports and convoys for England.

Oct. 16
Mrs. Susan MATTHEWS of Burgeo, reaches her 100th year.
Apt. Harold BARTLETT of Schr. Laddie, returns from Far North. Explored Belchers Island.
Premises of E. MANUEL, Lewistporte, destroyed by fire.

Oct. 27
Landslide at Mount Moriah, Bay of Islands.


Nov. 6
S.S. Franconia leaves with 305 Naval Reservists.

Nov. 18
S.S. Carthaginian sails with 149 Naval Reservists.

Nov. 22
Rev. A. E. E. LEGGE iducyed by Rev. Canon SMITH as Rector of Portugal Cove.

Nov. 25
Major R. deH. BURTON gazetted temporary Lieutenant-Colonel of Newfoundland Regiment.

Nov. 30
Recruiting for Newfoundland 2nd Contingent commences.


Dec. 3
Magistrate LILLY of Trinity retires after half a century spent in the public service.

Dec. 14
Fire on Sagona, Chief Steward Patrick CODY, burned to death.

Dec. 17
German prisoners transferred to Harbour Grace. Mongolian sails with 153 Naval Reservists under command of Sub-Leiutenant Stanley DUDER.



Jan. 1
Mrs. Elijah BENSON, 84. Capt. Patrick DELANEY, 68.

Jan. 3
Mrs. Bridget ASHLEY.

Jan. 9
John NASH, 43. Louisa LOCKE, 52. Mrs. Mary (Patrick) CARRIGAN. Francis LEARY, 51.

Jan. 10
Thomas PARKER, 62. Edward CUMMINS, 20. Jan. 15 William STEVENSON, 63.

Jan. 19
Augustus HUTCHINGS, 31.

Jan. 24
Mrs. Charlotte COOPER, 55.

Jan. 25
Alick DEMPSTER, 16. Mrs. Caroline COWAN, Brookfield, 90. Mrs. Johanna MOLLOY. Capt. John JACKMAN.

Jan. 26
Andrew O'NEILL, Cooper, 60. Miss Kitty POWER, 20.

Jan. 27
Hon. James S. PITTS, C.M.G., 66. D. W. PROWSE, K.C., C.M.G., 80. Mrs. Elizabeth Ann CASEY, 70. Miss Una May TAYLOR, 22.

Jan. 29?
Rev. Dr. Frederick WOODS at Melrose, Mass., 80.

Jan. 31
Mrs. Margaret LEARY. Denis McCARTHY, 70. Michael FITZGERALD, 58.


Feb. 4?
Mrs. Bridget FURLONG.

Feb. 6?
Mrs. Julia (Albert) WHITTEN, South Side. Samuel SHAW.

Feb. 13
Mrs. (Hon. Dr.) SKELTON, 76. Mrs. Lizzie Cleary (Thomas) MORRIS. Capt. John GREEN, 90.

Feb. 14
Mrs. W. A. O'D. KELLY, 35. Mrs. Thomas SPOONER. Miss Emily Gertrude PAYNE, 22

Feb. 15?

Feb. 17
Henry G. COLLIS. John M. McDONALD, 36. Mrs. Reta Sinnott JONES at London Ont., 25.

Feb. 18
Robert Edgar HORWOOD, 80. Mrs. Hannah HARVEY, 50. Miss LeGALLAIS at Leamington Spa?, England, 79.

Feb. 19
Mrs. Catherine LAWLOR, 73.

Feb. 20
John J. FURLONG at Boston, Mass., 35.

Feb. 21
John BRICK, 22. James LANGSTON, in Chicago, 63.

Feb. 25
W. A. MARSHALL (Marshall Bros.), at Manchester, England, 43. Mrs. Olivia TAYLOR, 65.

Feb. 28
Mrs. Sarah Ann (D.W.) PROWSE, 84. Michael DILLON, 47.


Mar. 4
Mrs. James WALKER at Montreal.

Mar. 11
Hon. W. J. S. DONNELLY, 70. Miss Bridget HOGAN, 83.

Mar. 13
James MULLINS, 38.

Mar. 18
Joseph J. NEWMAN, 68.

Mar. 19
Mrs. Mary EGAN, 74.

Mar. 21
James NASH, farmer, 57.

Mar. 22
Edward J. RAWLINS, 57.

Mar. 27
Mrs. Elizabeth H. SYMONDS, 57.

Mar. 30
Mrs. W. R. WARREN, 34. Gordon RYALL, 17.

Mar. 31
John CUMMINS, 69.


Apr. 1
Charles S. PINSENT, 75. Mrs. Margaret KEAN, 70 Mrs. ???? BYRNE. John WILLIAMS, Forest House, the Goulds, 89. Apr. 3 Thomas BURTON, 55.

Apr. 6
Mrs. Susie Whalen MEANEY, 42.

Apr. 8

Apr. 9
W. J. REDSTONE at Halifax, 46.

Apr. 10
Richard RYAN, 77.

Apr. 12
Laurence J. COADY.

Apr. 15
James G. DWYER, 44. Patrick McCAFFEY, 62.

Apr. 21
Mrs. Mary MEANEY, 58.

Apr. 23
Mrs. Thomas MOTT at Dartmouth, N.S., 83.

Apr. 24
Donald McRae BROWNING, M.A, K.C., 54.

Apr. 26 Terence McNAMARA, 68. Const. W. MARCH, 50. Mrs. Maria RYAN, 67.

Apr. 27
Miss Madge FANNING, 18. Jacob CHAFE, South Side.

Apr. 28
Capt. Richard MEALEY, 57.

Apr. 29
Edward KELLY, carpenter. Samuel Ashton EALES, 80.


May 2
Patrick D. BURKE, H.M.C., 56.

May 3
Mary MOLLOY, 80. Miss Annie M. MEAGHER.

May 5
Mrs. Richard HARVEY, 42.

May 6
Mrs. Mary MARSHALL, 32.

May 7
John DUFFITT, 74.

May 9
William John BRAGUE, 21.

May 10

May 14
Sylvester MURPHY, 24. Miss Minnie MURPHY, 22.

May 17
John CARTER, 24.

May 18
Mrs. Eleanor SHORTALL.

May 20
Henry NOFTALL, 43

May 23
Miss Sarah Jane WINSOR, 58.

May 24
Mrs. Bridget Meaney WALSH, 52.

May 27
Thomas MURPHY, painter, 55.

May 30
Miss Mary Ann Power.

May 31
Miss Mabel Isabel ROONEY, 18.


June 1
Miss Ann WALSH, Long's Hill.

June 2
Mrs. Martha WHITTEN, South Side.

June 4
Maisie Bernier MARCH, 16.

June 6
Willaim AYLWARD at Lynn, Mass., 42.

June 7
Mrs. Lucy Kennedy EVANS. Miss Bride O'NEIL, 25.

June 9
Mrs. Margaret GOSSE, 90.

June 13
Mrs. Bridget Devereaux CONNORS, 79.

June 14
Joseph L. ROSS, 73. Mrs. Catherine O'LEARY.

June 18
John T. COLLOINS. Mrs. Richard HICKEY, 60.

June 20
John DUNCAN, Old Placentia Road.

June 22
Miss Elsie GOSSE, 18. June 23
Mrs. Fanny GARDNER, formerly of Bareneed, 80.

June 24
Peter MOLLOY, 44.

June 25
Mrs. Margaret Haley BURFITT, 73.


July 3
Mrs. Emma LeDREW, at Gravenhurst, Ont.

July 10
James FORSYTH, 70.

July 15
Robert C. STEIN. Henry Charles GILL, 16.

July 16
Patrick J. WALSH, 83. Samuel BOWCOCK, farmer, 67.

July 19
Capt. Frank SEDGMAN, 52.

July 21
Edward F. CUMMINS, 93.

July 22
Miss Kate BRODERICK. Mrs. Elizabeth Mabel FLYNN, 89.

July 25
Robert Percival, son of Rev. Cannon WHITE.

July 31
Mrs. Elizabeth CAREW, at Brooklyn, N.Y., 79.


Aug. 1
Robert Dixon CAVE.

Aug. 2
Mrs. Mary HURLEY, 84.

Aug. 5
Mrs. Louise MULROONEY, 64.

Aug. 6
Mrs. Mary DUCHEMIN at New York.

Aug. 10
Mrs. Albert S. PURCHASE at Roxbury, Mass.

Aug. 11
Mrs. Mary (Edward) KELLY, 67.

Aug. 12
Charles FRENCH of Harbour Grace, 59.

Aug. 15
Mrs. Catherine RYAN.

Aug. 22
Mrs. Elizabeth WHELAN, 72.

Aug. 23
Samuel ELLIS, 47.

Aug. 26
Mrs. George T. HUDSON.

Aug. 27
Miss Sadie MORRIS, 18.

Aug. 30
Mrs. Agnes Evans PRATT, at Lynn, Mass.


Sept. 4
Miss Margaret COLLINS.

Sept. 6
Mrs. Sarah Power THORPEY.

Sept. 9
Mrs. Elizabeth POWER, 90. Adam RAMSEY.

Sept. 10
John CORMACK, 69.

Sept. 12
Mrs. Elizabeth CHURCHILL, 29.

Sept. 15
Mrs. Elizabeth DONOVAN, of Donovan's, 82.
Robert MOONEY, 59.
Mrs. Robert DICKS.
George BAMBRICK, 36.

Sept. 16 Alfred VINCENT, H.M.C., 66.
James O'NEIL, 63.

Sept. 18
Michael BROWN.
William RYAN.

Sept. 20
Lieutenant Commander Bernard M. HARVEY, died in action when H.M.S. Crecy was torpedoed - The first on Newfoundland's Immortal Honour roll in the War of 1914.

Sept. 23
Peter WALSH, 56.

Sept. 24
Mrs. Mary CARNELL.
Stephen ANTLE, 72.

Sept. 25
William HURLEY, 73.

Sept. 27
Head Constable WINSLOW, Crimean Veteran, 84.

Sept. 29
Miss Mary Ellen LIDDY, Torbay.
Mrs. Charlotte Ellen ATWILL.


Oct. 2
Aubrey J. CROCKER, 79.
Mrs. Julia JOHNSTON.

Oct. 6
Mrs. Ellen STEVENSON, 100, a centenarian.
Martin Ryan, 68.

Oct. 7
John M. JACKMAN, 44.
Mrs. Lizzie TEMPLE, 37.
Mrs. Emily J. MORRISSEY at Providence, Rhode Island.

Oct. 10
Capt. Wm. FARRELL, 60.
James O'NEIL, Major's Path, 85.

Oct. 15
Most Rev. Dr. HOWLEY, Arch-bishop of St. John's, 71.

Oct. 17
Alfred W. SIMONS

Oct. 19
Elizabeth J. NOSEWORTHY, 77.

Oct. 22
Edward WALSH, 20.
William MULLALLY, at South Omaha, Nebraska, 53.

Oct. 23
Eric Henry COEN, 21.
Nicholas J. COADY, 40.

Oct. 25
John HART, carpenter, 61.

Oct. 26
Mrs. Lydia BURGESS, formerly of Burin.

Oct. 27
Mrs. Elizabeth MOORE, 58.

Oct. 28
John STAMP, 77.
Eleazer LEWIS, 47.

Oct. 30
Rev. Theodore W. CLIFT, in Aiken, South Carolina.
Miss Mary ELLIS, 21.


Nov. 2
Sergeant Joseph CORBETT, N.F.C., 69.
Mrs. Elizabeth FISCHER, 68.

Nov. 4
Mrs. Katherine GAMBERG.

Nov. 5
Mrs. J. HENLEY, 37.
Mrs. Mary O'DONNELL, Logy Bay.

Nov. 6
A. ROBERTS, Hamilton Avenue, 60.

Nov. 9
Patrick J. O'NEILL.
Miss Annie BREEN.
Mrs. J. R. MOSS, 54.
John Albert COOK, South Side.

Nov. 10
William LANGMEAD, painter.
Rev. Mother Bridget KENNEDY, Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square, 64.
Mrs. Ann CAUL, 62.

Nov. 11
Mrs. Letitia VAVASOUR, 66.
Lieut.-Commander ATLAY, R.N., died at Deal, whilst in active service.

Nov. 12
James J. BARRON.
Miss Sarah G. MENCHINTON, 34.
George GAMBERG, 52.
John STIDSTONE, at Boston, Mass.

Nov. 15
Conductor Stephen HOWLETT, 68.
Lawrence SHEEHAN, 77.
Mrs. Ellen HOOKEY, 76.

Nov. 17
Mrs. Elizabeth SQUAREY, at Shaldon, Devonshire, England.

Nov. 20
Robert CARTER, 19.
Maurice GREENE.

Nov. 23
Mrs. John BOWRING, Terra Nova, Sifton Park, Liverpool, 77.

Nov. 24
Mrs. Catherine (Hugh W.) MARTIN, 60.

Nov. 25
Robert Campbell SMITH, Supt. Anglo-American Cable Co., 54.

Nov. 26
Joseph ANGEL, Maddox Cove, 74.
Mrs. Bridget DUNPHY, Torbay, 73.

Nov. 29
Mrs. Barbara (Hon. M.P.) GIBBS.
Mrs. Jane (John) CRAGG.

Nov. 30
Samuel GARRETT, 70.


Dec. 4

Dec. 5
Miss Lilian HACKETT, 18.

Dec. 6
W. J. McKAY, 50.
Mrs. Agnes J. EVANS, 30.

Dec. 9
Mrs. Mary Jane BREEN, 48.

Dec. 10
Mrs. George WHITE, Cathedral St., 80.

Dec. 15
Brendan CLEARY, 23.
Miss Sarah PENSTON, 46.

Dec. 16
Mrs. Ellen CARROLL.
Mrs. Elizabeth Hoy CHISHOLM.

Dec. 17
Henry ELLIS, 73.
Mrs. Thomas HAYES, 79.

Dec. 19
Thomas HALL, 69.
Stephen FREEMAN, 56.

Dec. 20
George A. COLLOINS, G.P.O., 52.
Mrs. (Dr.) J. I. O'CONNELL, Interred at Dartmouth N.S.

Dec. 22
Matthew AYLWARD, Kilbride.

Dec. 26
Mrs. Katherine (John) O'DEA.

Dec. 28
James WALLACE, Livingstone St., 65.



Dec. 27
Mrs. Katie GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay.

Dec. 30
Robert William BONNELL, Lord's Cove, 94.


Jan. 1
Samuel E. ADEY, Hant's Harbour.
Mrs. Jonathan WEBBER, Harbour Grace, at Buffalo, 80.
Miss Ann FOGARTY, Harbour Grace, 78.

Jan. 6
Mrs. Alice (Edward) SHEEHAN, Brigus, 70.

Jan. 7
Mrs. Catherine WOODFORD, Holyrood, 87.
Robert RYDER, Bonavista, 88.

Jan. 10
Baxter PERRY, Newtown.

Jan. 16
Thomas GROUCHY, Pouch Cove, 27.

Jan. 17
Mrs. Charles COX; S.E. Arm, New Bay.
Mrs. Robert J. BARRETT, Woody Island, P.B., 41.

Jan. 19
Rev. Canon BISHOP at Harbor Breton, 70.
Rev. Sister de PATTYIE, at Presentation Convent, Harbour Grace, 71.

Jan. 22
Leonard LITTLE, Bonavista.

Jan. 25
Mrs. William BRIDLE, Carbonear, 82.

Jan. 27
Rev. Sister Frances, presentation Convent, Harbour Grace, 82.


Feb. 3
Mrs. Theresa HICKS, Bonavista, 79.

Feb. 4
George BROWN, Harbour Grace, 76.
Mrs. Emma ROWE, Heart's Content, 49.

Feb. 5
Mrs. A. CHANCEY, Cape Broyle, 86.
Mrs. H. M. HERBERT, Millertown.
John NORMAN, Newtown, B. B.

Feb. 8
Mrs. HARLICK, Harbour Grace, 80.

Feb. 9
Mrs. Catherine MARKS, Carbonear.
Mrs. Frazer PENNEY, South Side, Carbonear, 30.
Isaac COLLINS, Flat Island, Placentia Bay, 88.

Feb. 10
James O'NEILL, Witless Bay.
Miss Susie SNOW, Harbour Grace, 22.

Feb. 12
Ex-Constable GREEN, Bell Island.

Feb. 14
Duncan PARSONS, Little Bay Islands, 58.

Feb. 17
Geo. F. BEST, Merasheen, 41.
Mrs. Geo. T. GORDON, Harbour Grace, 40.

Feb. 20
Mrs. James BURDEN, Carbonear.
Michael FENNELL, Bonavista, 71.

Feb. 21
Mrs. Emily HOWELL, Carbonear, at Chelsea, Mass.

Feb. 23
Mrs. John PARSONS, Newtown.
Jacob OAKLEY, Badgers Quay, B.B.

Feb. 24
Thomas McMURDO, Harbor Main, 68.

Feb. 28
Mrs. Alice SKAIN, Colliers, over 80.
Miss Mary COLE, Harbour Grace.


Mar. 2
Mrs. Henry GOSSE, Harbour Grace, 79.
Mrs. Catherine SHEA, Pouch Cove.

Mar. 6
Richard HORWOOD, Carbonear, 80.
William MILLER, Harbour Grace, 77.

Mar. 8
John LYLE, Carbonear.

Mar. 9
Charles McCARTHY, South Side, Carbonear.

Mar. 12
Thomas ABBOTT, Lighthouse keeper, Squarrey Head, 72.

Mar. 13
Mrs. John LYNCH, Harbour Grace, 67.

Mar. 17
Michael J. COLLINS, Placentia, 55.

Mar. 19
Mrs. Albert GEORGE, Dildo, 68.

Mar. 24
Capt. Geo. MANUEL, formerly of Catalina, died in New York, 81.

Mar. 30
Josiah MAHANEY, Carbonear, 84.


Apr. 2
Nathan ROACH, Glovertown, 30.

Apr. 6
Parmenas BROWN, Laurencetown.

Apr. 16
Mrs. Lousia DINN, Carbonear, at Sydney.
John SHEPPARD, Light keeper, Harbour Grace Island, 44.

Apr. 17
Mrs. COLLINS, Placentia, 85.
John KNEE, Safe Harbour, 70.
W. H. HIBBS, Torbay, 78.

Apr. 22
Harold E. THOMPSON, Harbour Grace, at London, Ontario, 21.

Apr. 23
John MARKS, Carbonear.
Frank KELLY, Badger's Quay, 19.

Apr. 25
James MIFFLIN of Wm., Bonavista.

Apr. 26
Mrs. Susan ANDERSON, Burgeo, 84.


May 3
Mrs. William KENNEDY, Conception Harbor, 67.

May 5
Charles DODMAN, Grand Bank, 72.

May 10
Miss Belle MOULTON, Pouch Cove.

May 11
Miss Stella MIFFLIN, Greenspond, 21.

May 20
John WHALEN, North Arm, Holyrood.

May 24
William HUSSEY, Clarke's Beach, 63.

May 27
Mrs. Jane RENDELL, Heart's Content, 83.

May 28
Capt. Josiah H. PENNEY, Carbonear.


June 2
Mrs. Norah DOYLE, Petty Harbour, 64.

June 8
Vincent KENNEDY, Harbour Grace, 15.

June 10
James M. A. HOLDEN, Cape Broyle, 14.

June 11
Mrs. Sarah BOYD, Carbonear, 82.

June 14
Mrs. Michael KEHOE, Harbour Grace, 80.

June 15
John MURRAY, Harbour Main, 62.

June 17
Mrs. George DAWE, Port de Grave.

June 18
Francis J. PARSONS, Glovertown, 67.

June 21
James REDDY, Harbour Grace, 90.

June 22
Mrs. Frederick STEVENSON, Harbour Grace, 76.
Capt. William MARTIN, New Perlican.

June 25
Rev. Father CLARKE, formerly of Torbay, at Clontarf, Ireland, 69.


July 6
Elizabeth HICKS, Bonavista, 70.

July 7
William SMITH, Harbour Grace, 38.

July 9
Rupert C. MATTHEWS, Burgeo.

July 12
William FREEMAN, Twillingate, 68.

July 18
Mrs. Mary MEANEY, Avondale, 81.

July 20
Mrs. William TEMPLEMAN, Bonavista, 81.

July 22
George ALLEN, Brooklyn, B.B., 69.

July 24
Joseph MIFFLIN, Bonavista, 80.

July 26
John A. MIFFLIN, Bonavista, 35.

July 30
Job TARRANT, Harbour Grace, 75.


Aug 1
Miss Ann A. ABBOTT, St. George's.

Aug 2
John O'BRIEN, Colliers, 23.
Miss Bertha DEVEREAUX, Bell Island, 22.

Aug 3
Noah YETMAN, South Side, Harbour Grace, 27.

Aug 4
Joseph CHAFE, Petty Harbour.

Aug 5
Michael Francis DUNN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 15.

Aug 7
Miss Rachel VERGE, Harbour Grace, 18.

Aug 11
Alexander KERR, Carbonear, 82.

Aug 12
James TAYLOR, Middle Bight.

Aug 18
Mary Victoria FOWLOW, Trinity East, 14.

Aug. 22
Mrs. Bernard WALSH, Otterbury, 55.

Aug. 23
Mrs. Emily Jane HOPKINS, Heart's Content, 68.

Aug. 28
Mrs. Johanna DOBBIN, Harbour Grace, 78.

Aug. 30
Francis PENNEY, Carbonear.


Sept. 3
Maurice HARRIGAN, Carbonear.

Sept. 5
Mrs. Nicholas PEDDLE, Harbour Grace, 52.

Sept. 8
James KEEFE, Harbour Grace, 34.

Sept. 9
William GILL, formerly of Harbour Grace, at Sydney, 60.

Sept. 10
Mrs. Ann SHOGRUE, Riverhead, harbour Grace, 60.

Sept. 11
Miss Annie Kathleen WALSH, Bona, P.B.

Sept. 13
Mrs. Mahala BROWN, Harbour Grace, 76.

Sept. 15
John LAHEY, Harbour Grace, 52.

Sept. 16
Charles WELLS, Harbour Grace, 86.
Mrs. Mark STEVENSON, Harbour Grace, 52.

Sept. 18
Mrs. David CURRIE, Britannia Cove, 80.

Sept. 19
Mrs. John MALONE, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 80.

Sept. 20
Mrs. James CALLAHAN, Harbour Grace, 52.
James DUNPHY, Harbour Grace, 90.

Sept. 24
Daniel DUGGAN, Harbour Grace, 67.
Mrs. Ella SPURDLE, South Side, Harbour Grace, 71.

Sept. 26
Mrs. Elizabeth QUINN, Harbour Grace, 81.

Sept. 30
Rev. W. M. MUIR, Old Perlican.


Oct. 3
Isaac HILLIER, Point aux Gauls, 57.

Oct. 7
Mrs. Charles CAMPBELL of Harbour Grace, at Sydney.

Oct. 8
Mrs. Benjamin PARSONS, Harbour Grace, 63.

Oct. 11
John SNOOK, Victoria.

Oct. 13
Mrs. Edward TAYLOR, Bristol's Hope, 31.

Oct. 16
Eugene ADAMS, Bear's Cove, Harbour Grace, 41.

Oct. 20
Capt. Nathan MERCER, Bay Roberts.

Oct. 25
Mrs. John FITZGERALD, Trepassey.

Oct. 27
Cornelius McCARTHY, Harbour Grace, 83.


Nov. 5
Mrs. Sarah Long, Carbonear.

Nov. 7
Mrs. James REDMOND, Carbonear.

Nov. 8
Mrs. Jane ASPELL, Harbour Grace, 80.

Nov. 12
Thomas CAHILL, Carbonear.

Nov. 14
Alexander HAMPTON, Bonavista, suddenly on train at Clarenville, 60.

Nov. 18
John SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace, 76.
Mrs. Robert FRENCH, Harbour Grace, 67.

Nov. 23
Mrs. Alec. SUMMERS, Clarenville, 46.

Nov. 28
Leonard FIFIELD, Bonavista, 18.
Mrs. Andrew WHELAN, Jersey Side, Placentia.

Nov. 29
Corbett TILLEY, Clarenville, 15.

Nov. 30
Frederick BROWN, Harbour Grace, 84.


Dec. 4
John VAIL, St. Mary's.

Dec. 10
William Owen WILLIAMS, Harbour Grace, 62.

Dec. 12
John CULLEN, Carbonear, 27.

Dec. 13
Mrs. Ann ARNOLD, Troytown, Bonavista Bay, 97.

Dec. 19
Mrs. William NOSEWORTHY, South Side, Harbour Grace, 75.

Dec. 20
Mrs. Margaret TAYLOR, Harbour Grace, 62.

Dec. 26
Mrs. Fredrica A. LEAMON, Brigus.



Jan. 3
Samuel PEYTON drowned near Botwood, 35.

Jan. 6
Fire at Edward DEAN's home Botwood, results in death of his little boy, and of a little girl, Ella KNEE.

Jan. 9
Charles PERNAM, Fortune Bay, dies on Deer barrens from exhaustion. William John HERRIDGE and Henry PAUL who left Conne, deer hunting on Dec. 30th, missing.

Jan. 16
John MULCAHEY fatally burned at Dry Dock.

Jan. 17
Robert POWER, aged 10, drowned at Ferryland.

Jan. 22
Charles BRONSON and J. M. WHEALAN, drowned from schooners Pontiac and Elsie, Gloucester, Mass.
Capt. MARSHALL, of Attila, reports from Pernambuco, drowning of Seaman BURSEY.

NOTE: This next date is out of sequence. I'm transcribing as published.

Jan. 21
John J. MacKENZIE, Underground Manager of the N.S. Company at Bell Island, accidentally killed.


Feb. 7
William HANDCOCK and Joseph BAMBRAY of Belleoram drowned from schooner Acme, off rose Blanche.

Feb. 12
John PHILLIPS, Bonavista, died in a storm from exposure.

Feb. 24
Michael YOUNG, St. John's, accidentally killed at Halifax, 30.

Feb. 25
Edward NOEL, Carbonear, accidentally killed at Boston.


Mar. 3
Patrick O'NEIL, drowned while copying in the harbour, aged 13.

Mar. 10
Lorenzo BARTLETT of Sacred Island, St. Barbe, perished on ice from exhaustion.

Mar. 19
George Brown of Red Brook, St. George's, found dead, shot in the breast.

Mar. 20
Schooner Gordon Hollett arrived at La Poile, reporting drowning of John FOOTE on fishing grounds.

Mar. 21
Ambrose CLARKE, Harbour Grace, killed by a falling roof of mine at Bell Island. Henry PRIDHAM died on S.S. Bonaventure, result of accident at ice. 39.

Mar. 31
S.S. Southern Cross lost off Freels Rock, Cape Pine, with all hands, as follows: Capt. CLARKE, Brigus, married.
Thomas CONNELL, St. John's, married.
George PARSONS, St. John's, married.
Henry J. CHAFE, Petty Harbour, married.
William HAMMOND, St. John's, married.
William WALSH, St. John's married.
Michael SCAMMEL, St. John's, married.
John WHALEN, St. John's.
Gregory BRENNAN, St. John's.
Patrick STAPLETON, St. John's, married.
David PARSONS, St. John's, married.
James KELLY, Brigus, married.
Noah SPARKES, Bull's Cove, Brigus, married.
Thomas SPARKES, Bull's Cove, Brigus, married.
Angus WINSOR, George Town, Brigus.
Joseph YOUDON, Bull's Cove, Brigus, married.
John CLARKE, Brigus, married.
Birkett WATTS, Brigus, married.
Herbert BUTLER, Cupids.
Kenneth TAYLOR, Cupids, married.
William NORMAN, Cupids, married.
Thomas BUTLER, Turk's Cove, Brigus.
William WALSH, Northern Bay.
Abner HARRIS, Adey Town, T.B. , married.
Leonard SKIFFINGTON, Newman's Cove, married.
Benoni ROBBINS, Lower Island Cove.
George BUTLER, Foxtrap.
William C. BUTLER, Foxtrap, married.
Ambrose TAYLOR, Foxtrap.
Alfred BUSSEY, Foxtrap.
Thomas BUSSEY, Foxtrap, married.
Noah BUSSEY, Foxtrap, married.
Gordon BUSSEY, Foxtrap, married.
Joseph BUTLER, Foxtrap, married.
Henry LEARY, Kelligrews.
William J. BUTLER, Kelligrews.
Samuel RIDEOUT, Kelligrews.
John J. STANLEY, Long Pond, married.
William STANLEY, Long Pond, married.
James MURLEY, Kelligrews.
Joseph BURSEY, Kelligrews, married.
Samuel BUTLER, Kelligrews, married.
Uriah BUTTON, Kelligrews, married.
John BISHOP, Kelligrews, married.
William BUTLER, Kelligrews.
Elias MASON, Catalina.
Chesley NORMAN, Catalina.
Walter PIERCE, Catalina, married.
James W. HOLLETT, Arnold's Cove, Widower.
James SQUIRES, Broad Cove.
John FIELD, St. John's.
Charles QUETAL, St. John's, married.
John EVANS, Torbay.
Walter CARROLL, Outer Cove.
Walter O'ROURKE, Outer Cove.
Ambrose REILLY, The Goulds.
Joseph CORBETT, Otterbury, St. John's.
Elijah MOORE, Clarke's Beach, married.
Edward KENNY, Fermeuse.
Walter CLARKE, St. John's.
Fred. SQUIRES, St. John's.
Robert James PORTER, St. John's.
William KEARNEY, Seal Cove.
Samuel KENNEDY, Seal Cove.
Alexander MORGAN, Seal Cove.
Joseph MORGAN, Seal Cove, married.
James NOSEWORTHY, Bryant's Cove.
Lemuel JAMES, Bryant's Cove, married.
Isaac JAMES, Bryant's Cove, married.
William Henry JANES, Bryant's Cove, married.
Elias JANES, Bryant's Cove, married.
Ernest NOSEWORTHY, Bryant's Cove, married.
William WEBBER, St. John's, married.
Alfred COOMBS, Upper Island Cove, married.
John Charles CRANE, Upper Island Cove.
John COOMBS, Upper Island Cove, married.
John Charles MERCER, Upper Island Cove.
John MERCER of Elijah, Upper Island Cove, married.
John T. HISCOCK, Carbonear.
Alfred PIKE, Carbonear, married.
Oscar FORWARD, Carbonear, married.
James FITZPATRICK, Carbonear.
James WALSH, Conception Harbour.
John MANSFIELD, Conception Harbour.
Daniel Joseph COSTELLOE, Conception Harbour.
John CONWAY, Colliers, married.
Patrick BURKE, Colliers.
John COLE, Colliers.
Edward COLE, Colliers.
Michael CONWAY, Colliers.
John WALSH, Colliers.
George HALL, Colliers.
Norman PENNEY, Carbonear, married.
Benjamin REID, New Melbourne, married.
John LANDRY, New Chelsea, married.
Arthur BENSON, Harbour Grace.
Thomas MANNING, Torbay.
William GOSSE, St. John's.
John EBBS, St. John's, married.
Patrick DYER, Logy Bay.
Lawrence YEO, St. John's.
John MANSFIELD, St. John's, married.
Thomas HICKEY, St. John's, married.
Thomas BRIFFETT, Bryant's Cove.
James BLUNDON, Caplin Cove.
Frederick FOLLETT, Western Bay.
Alexander SQUIRES, Topsail.
William Edmond SQUIRES, Chamberlains, married.
Henry Ford SMITH, Manuels.
George HISCOCK, Chamberlains.
William J. HOWELL, Carbonear, married.
George H. MURRAY, Carbonear, married.
Henry CLARKE, Carbonear, married.
Robert GILLETT, Carbonear, married.
Amos PENNEY, Carbonear, married.
John BUTT, Carbonear.
Robert PENNEY, Carbonear, married.
James LYNCH, Harbour Grace, married.
Frank POWER, Low Point, Bay de Verde.
Edward GIBBONS, St. Vincent.
William WHITE, St. Mary's.
James WALSH, St. Vincent, married.
Cornelius FLEMING, St. Vincent.
Thomas GIBBONS, St. Vincent.
Sebastian GIBBONS, St. Vincent.
Lawrence GIBBONS, St. Vincent.
Alexander FIELD, Torbay.
Laurence O'DRISCOLL, Tor's Cove.
William H. COOMBS, Harbour Grace.
Lorenzo PARSONS, Harbour Grace, South Side.
Norman NOEL, Harbour Grace, South Side.
John GRIFFIN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace.
Theodore TAYLOR, Harbour Grace, married.
Ronald KNIGHT, Bear's Cove, Harbour Grace.
Herbert PYNN, Harbour Grace.
Arthur MARTIN, Harbour Grace.
James BRAY, Harbour Grace.
George PERRY, Harbour Grace.
John BRADBURY, Harbour Grace.
Michael MORRISSEY, Harbour Grace.
John RUSSELL, Riverhead, Harbour Grace.
Wilfred PARSONS, Harbour Grace.
George VOKEY, Spaniard's Bay, married.
Isaac VOKEY, Spaniard's Bay.
William CLARKE, Tilton, married.
Arthur CLARKE, Tilton.
Edward CRANE, Tilton.
Thomas BARRETT, Tilton.
George CHIPMAN, Spaniard's Bay.
William VOKEY, Spaniard's Bay.
Nathaniel CHIPMAN, Spaniard's Bay.
Robert GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay, widower.
Edward BARRETT, Tilton.
Albert CLARKE, Paradise.
Walter LYNCH, Paradise.
John William CLARKE, Paradise, married.
Ambrose SHARPE, Paradise.
William John SHARPE, Paradise, married.
Isaac CLARKE, Tilton.
Joseph H. YETMAN, Tilton.
George SMITH, Spaniard's Bay.
James QUILTY, St. John's.
James ROBERTSON, St. John's, married.
Alexander LINDSAY, St. John's.
James MARTIN, St. John's.
Arthur MOULAND, Doting Cove.
Edward POWER, St. John's.
James FOLEY, Gray Islands.
John BOLAND, St. John's.
Victor DAY, Channel.


Apr. 1
S.S. Newfoundland tragedy, 78 died and many permanently injured. The deaths occurred between March 31st and April 2nd. The names of the deceased are:
John A. RYAN, The Goulds.
Stephen DONOVAN, The Goulds.
Joseph WILLIAMS, Ferryland.
Nicholas MOREY, St. John's.
Michael JOY, Harbour Main.
George Lee WHITING, Harbour Grace, married.
Henry Thomas JORDAN, Pouch Cove, married.
Charles OLSEN, Signal Hill, City.
John BRAZIL, Prospect St., City, married.
Allan WARREN, Hant's Harbour.
Fred. PEARCEY, Winterton.
Ernest John TAYLOR, Long Pond.
Fred. CARROLL, Bonavista.
Simeon CUFF, Bonavista.
Thomas HICKS, Bonavista.
William FLEMING, Bonavista.
Reuben CREW, Elliston, married.
Albert J. CREW, Elliston.
Alexander GARLAND, Elliston.
Noah TUCKER, Elliston, married.
Benjamin CHAULK, Elliston.
Charles COLE, Elliston.
Samuel MARTIN, Elliston, married.
W. OLDFORD, Elliston.
Charles WARREN, New Perlican.
Hezekiah SEAWARD, New Perlican, married.
Robert MATTHEWS, New Perlican, married.
Peter SEAWARD, New Perlican, married.
John MERCER, Bay Roberts, married.
John BUTLER, Pouch Cove.
Valentine BUTLER, Pouch Cove.
Thomas JORDAN, Pouch Cove, married.
Bernard JORDAN, Pouch Cove.
Ambrose MULLOWNEY, Bay Bulls.
Abel TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
W. J. TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
George CARPENTER, Little Catalina.
Theophilis CHAULK, Jr., Little Catalina.
Edward TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
Norman TIPPETT, Little Catalina.
Benjamin MARCH, Deer Harbour, T. B.
John KEEL, Bonavista, married. Died in hospital April 18th.
Charles FOLEY, St. Bride's.
Patrick CORBETT, Clarke's Beach.
J. BRADBURY, Shearstown.
C. DAVIS, St. John's, married.
William PEAR, Thorburn Road.
James RYAN, Fermeuse.
Joseph HISCOCK, Carbonear.
Job EASTON, Greenspond.
Robert MAIDMENT, Shambler's Cove, married.
Albert MAIDMENT, Shambler's Cove, married.
Percy KEAN, Valleyfield, married.
Philip HOLLOWAY, Newport, B.B., married.
Fred. COLLINS, Newport, married.
Daniel DOWNEY, St. John's.
David LOCKE, St. John's, married.
James PORTER, Manuels, married.
Arthur KELLOWAY, Perry's Cove.
M. MURRAY, Carbonear.
Patrick GOSSE, Torbay.
Robert BROWN, Fair Islands, B.B.
Joseph PICKETT, Fair Islands, B.B.
Henry DOWDING, Templeman, B.B.
Alphaeus DOWDING, Newtown.
Eli KING, Pound Cove, B.B.
Raymond BASTOW, St. John's.
David ABBOTT, Doting Cove.
Daniel CUFF, Doting Cove.
Peter LAMB, Red Island.
Adolphus HOWELL, Newtown.
Mark HOWELL, Newtown.
Edgar HOWELL, Newtown.
Fred. HATCHER, Cat Harbour.
Ezra MELINDY, Cat Harbour, married.
James HOWELL, Templeman.
William LAWTON, Horse Cove.
William CUFF, Doting Cove. Apr. 13
Arthur GARLAND of Saddle Island, drowned off Gaultois. Apr. 21
Jonathan ELLIOTT, lost in blizzard at Change Islands. Apr. 23
Thomas CHEATOR smothered in blizzard at Fogo. Apr. 24
Gideon TUCKER of Lawrencetown, killed by falling from the schooner Maud at Goodridge's wharf. Aged 18. Apr. 27
Alexander KEAN killed on Morey and Co.'s premises, South Side, 43. Apr. 29
James POWER, aged 5, killed by a cart on George St.


May 2
Garland SWEETLAND, 11, drowned in Bonavista Harbor Pond. William Crew of Danson Cove, Fortune Bay, drowned by upsetting of boat.

May 4
Walter PARSONS of Freshwater, Bell Island, killed while bird shooting.

May 26
Benjamin ROSE, Hermitage Cove, 56, drowned from his fishing boat.

May 28
John NEWMAN, Rushoon, washed off schooner Palanda.


June 3
Thomas LITTLEJOHN gets astray from train at Terra Nova Junction. Not since heard of.

June 5
Archibald BUNGAY of Seal Cove, Fortune Bay, drowned through upsetting of dory.

June 10
A little girl named WARD, aged 5, accidentally shot at Gambo, by a boy of 14.

June 11
G. CROWELL and William BATH drowned in the Gander River through upsetting of canoe. Both were youths. Bodies recovered on the following Tuesday.

June 18
Raymond JANES, 5, fatally injured by tram car.

June 24
Valentine SNOW, 3 , fatally burned.

June 26
Patrick CONNORS, 16, killed by motor express accident.

June 30
Linda PARDY arrived at Brigus and reports Robert HATCHER, 32, married of Grand Bank, washed off the jib-boom.


July 3
Thomas FITZGERALD, 29, found dead under a bridge at Bell Island.

July 4
Ethel Lavina DOWNING, 2, died from accidental poisoning.

July 7
John PEDDLE, accidentally killed at Brittania Cove Mine, British Colombia.

July 10
Alphonsus DEVINE of king's Cove killed in a train accident in the States, 27.

July 18
Peter HALL, drowned near the Narrows whilst fishing, 30.

July 28
Deborah BEANS, Current Island, drowned.

July 29
Seven year old son of Captain Charles KEAN, drowned at Brookfield, B.B.


Aug. 4
James McGRATH, 33, drowned at Brooklyn, New York.

Aug. 20
Elizabeth FAULKNER, Bonavista, died through fall over cliff.


Sept. 10
Norman SHEPPARD, 5, dies from exposure at Carmanville.

Sept. 18
James LOVEY of Western Bay, drowned.

Sept. 19
Frank ENNIS, Merasheen, drowned.
Jeremiah COLBOURNE, Geo. WILLS and Frank WILLS drowned at Goose Cove, St. Barbe.


Oct. 1
Capt. Michael CONNORS of the Gaspe, drowned off the Narrows. Two aged women and a boy of Stone's Cove, Fortune Bay, found dead. Lost while berry-picking.

Oct. 4
Thomas WALL dies at General Hospital, the result of injuries received on the Fortune Bay Branch railroad, the previous day.

Oct. 15
William PINE and james MILLER of Davidson, Placentia bay, drowned off Cape St. Mary's.

Oct. 18
Mrs. E. LANDY missing. Not since heard of.

Oct. 23
Walter BUTLER, Bonavista, drowned off Cape Bonavista.


Nov. 3
Infant son of Robert JOYCE died from scalding accident, 2 years.

Nov. 5
Walter POTTLES, Conductor, killed in shooting accident at Gaff Topsails.

Nov. 6
Joseph and Elias CASSEL, brothers, and Joseph RICHMOND, all of Herring Neck, drowned through boat swamping.

Nov. 14
Daughter of george SIMMS, Baie Verte, 7, died from fire accident. Seaman HANLON of schooner St. Anthony drowned with four others, off Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Nov. 18
Richard LAWLOR died in Dominion No. 2 Pit at Sydney, 54.

Nov. 24
Eric BRADLEY, Lewisporte, drowned an Indian arm Pond, 19.

Nov. 25
A youth named BAILEY, 17, died from injuries received through attempting to board a train in motion at George's Brook, Bonavista.


Dec. 23
Herbert MORRIS, 35, drowned in North Sydney Harbour.



Dec. 23
John HICKS of Catalina and Miss Agnes TEMPLEMAN of Bonavista.

Dec. 27
Philip COSH and Miss Sarah F. THORNE at Collins Bay Cove.

Dec. 29
Guy KING, of St. Jones Within, and Miss Hannah BLUNDON of Hatchet Cove.
John Williams and Miss Mary Anne BALDWIN at Pouch Cove.

Dec. 30
William Morison STEIN and Miss Norah WRIGHT, at Glasgow, Scotland.

Dec. 31
James CHURCHILL and Miss Maggie DIAMOND at Glovertown.


Jan. 1
Mr. GALWAY and Miss McCARTHY at Harbour Grace.
Mr. McCARTHY and Miss LYNCH at Harbour Gace.
A. W. MILLER and Miss Mabel PARSONS at Flat Islands, P.B.

Jan. 3
J. MEEHAN and Miss Mary BLACK.

Jan. 6
Murray ANDERSON and Miss Genevieve LYON at Lakewood, New Jersey.

Jan. 7
Arthur Priestman CAMERON and Miss Ethel HANN.
Terence O'TOLLE and Miss May E. CAREW at Pouch Cove.

Jan. 10
J. KEEFE and Miss Sarah HARE at Harbour Grace.

Jan. 12
Noah SHEPPARD and Miss Hilda PRESTON at Badger's Quay.

Jan. 15
George A. MOULTON, Jr., and Miss Beatrice TEMPLEMAN at Bonavista.
William HAYES and Miss Mary Ann MOSDELL of Brigus.

Jan. 16
Victor A. MOORES and Miss Barbara CHURCHILL at New Bay.

Jan. 18
Frank BATEMAN and Miss Clara FITZGERALD at Harbour Grace.

Jan. 21
Richard COLFORD and Miss Kate HENNESSEY at Northern Bay.

Jan. 22
James SWEETLAND and Miss Jessie LITTLE at Bonavista.

Jan. 24
Thomas MEANY and Miss Winifred COSTELLOE at Avondale.
John POWER of Logy Bay and Miss Maggie MURPHY of Colliers.

Jan. 27
James GREENE and Miss Maggie KEATS at Newtown. B.B.

Jan. 28
Chesley S. PUDDESTER and Miss Ethel J. GARLAND.


Feb. 4
Frank PERRY and Miss Ellie BUTLER at Brigus.
Gilbert HARLEY and Miss Clara RUSSELL at Bonavista.

Feb. 5
Silas SWEETLAND and Miss Blanche GROVES at Bonavista.

Feb. 12
Capt. Ambrose BENNETT and Miss Carrie R. HOLLETT of Burin.

Feb. 17
Mr. DUNN of Cupids and Miss HICKEY of Harbour Grace.

Feb. 21
Hayward McCARTHY of Philadelphia and Miss Lizzie MUGFORD of Clarke's beach, at Chelsea, Mass.

Feb. 23
Harold TEMPLEMAN and Miss Lynda MIFFLIN of Bonavista.

Feb. 26
James H. LEAMON of Brigus and Miss Frederica A. ENGLISH.

Feb. 27
F. J. NEWBURY and Miss Olive Jean SCOTT at Halifax.

MARCH Mar. 18
William ASHBOURNE, J.P., of Twillingate, and Miss Janie HILL at Toronto.


Apr. 15
Fred. G. REID and Miss M. H. SPOONER.

Apr. 16
Dr. F. W. BURDEN and Miss Janet M. L. BROWN.

Apr. 21
James FOX and Miss Rosemary CUNNINGHAM, at Montreal.

Apr. 22
P. J. HALLEY and Miss Bride DOODY at Carbonear.
Harold G. MADDOCK and Miss May Lilian SOPER at Carbonear.
John P. MAHER and Miss Sadie B. GARLAND.

Apr. 23
E. R. PIPPY and Miss Lilian Emma REID.

Apr. 30
Augustus C. SELLARS and Miss Elsie M. CHARLES at Topsail.


May 4
Charles NEIL of Birmingham and Miss May EBSARY.

May 18
William J. POWER and Miss Lizzie CURRAN of Holyrood, at Bell Island.

May 23
George E. STOREY and Miss Katherine WHITE.

May 29
Walter BRAY and Miss Mary Jane MERCER of Upper Island Cove, at Harbour Grace.

May 31
James O'BRIEN and Miss Lilian RYAN of Sommerville, Mass.


June 2
W. J. HOWELL and Miss Eleanor FORSEY at Topsail.
Thomas WHITE and Miss May GOODYEAR at Millertown.

June 3
Andrew GRANFIELD and Miss Agnes FOWLOW, Brigus, at Harbour Grace.

June 6
Walter O'GORMAN and Miss Annie COOK at Avondale.

June 9
Rev. A. CLAYTON and Miss Frances Ella WARREN at St. Thomas's.
W. SYMONDS and Miss Lillie R. MARSHALL.

June 10
J. R. MORGAN and Miss Bertha GODDEN.
John DUFF and Miss Nellie LAMB.

June 17
William Pike TAYLOR and Miss Elsie COUCH.

June 24
Victor CARLSON and Miss Evelyn Elsie PYE.
D. M. DEMPSEY and Miss Minnie ENNIS.


July 1
Albert E. CHOWN and Miss Mariel E. SAMWAYS.

July 8
James Hayward MELVIN and Miss Julia May NORMAN.
W. C. MORAN, Blackhead, B. D. V., and Miss L. MARCH, Exploits, at Carbonear.

July 9
Sir Cavendish BOYLE and Miss Louisa SASSOON at Brighton, England.

July 15
Harry DUNN and Miss Lillian POWER.
John E. FORSEY of Lewisporte, and Miss Belle JANES, Clarenville.

July 17
Rev. Roy D. FULLERTON, M. A., and Miss Effie S. HENDERSON.
Reginald Wallace NETTEN and Miss Ina Frederica CORNICK at Pouch Cove.

July 19

July 22
Alfred CAHILL and Miss Annie FITZGERALD, at Bell Island.

July 27
J. H. WILSON and Miss Evelyn FOGWILL at Port Arthur, Ontario.
Wm. POWER , Tor's Cove and Miss Christina CONRON of Bell Island, at Sydney.

July 29
Frank MILLER and Miss Lilian DUFFETT.

July 30
Rev. A. S. ADAMS and Miss S. A. WELDON, at Halifax.


Aug. 6
Stuart A. LONG and Miss Josephine M. SMYTH.
Joseph McNAMARA and Miss Margaret O'NEIL.

Aug. 9
Nicholas AYLWARD, Kilbride, and Miss Winnifred CAREW of Mobile at Tor's Cove.

Aug. 13
Robert P. KING and Miss Gertie STANLEY at Foster's Point.

Aug. 19
Gilbert SHEPHERDSON and Miss Martha Jessica THORNE at Brooklyn, New York.

Aug. 20
Benjamin TULK and Miss Ethel PARSONS at Newtown.

Aug. 24
T. J. ROLLS and Miss Lizzie GRIFFITHS.

Aug. 30
John CULL and Miss Minnie ROBERTS, at Joe Batts Arm.


Sept. 5
Adam Reid PROUDFOOT and Miss Marion SHEPPARD, at Harbour Grace.

Sept. 8
John Francis GILLIS and Miss Margaret Louise GOFF at Harbour Grace.

Sept. 9
James BAIRD Jr., and Miss Helen Marguerite BROWN.

Sept. 10
William QUINN and Miss Winnie Snook at Harbour Grace.

Sept. 15
John O'NEIL and Miss Minnie SHEA at Harbour Grace.

Sept. 16
Hal HUTCHINGS and Miss Julia may CROWDY.
Harold C. HARVEY and Miss Sally Nielson RICE, at New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Frederick KIELLY and Miss Martha jane GROUCHY at Topsail.

Sept. 18
Dr. C. A. FORBES of Bonavista and Miss Irene MATTHEWS, at Montreal.

Sept. 20
William A. LACEY and Miss Winnie BONNELL, at Gloucester, Mass.

Sept. 22
Frederick MARTIN and Miss Hannah Norah SHEEHAN, at Harbour Grace.

Sept. 24

Sept. 27
Engineer Lieutenant Commander Richard A. HOWLEY, R. N., and Miss Norah Eileen DELAMERE at Weymouth, England.

Sept. 29
Joseph PARTIDGE and Miss Martha EVANS.

Sept. 30
Robert MADDOCK and Miss Diademia PIKE at Carbonear.


Oct. 1
J. J. MURPHY and Miss Gertrude WADDEEN.

Oct. 5
Amos WHELAN and Miss Elsie May LeGROW, Bauline.

Oct. 7
Dr. S. B. Boyd CAMPBELL, and Miss Isabella AYRE.

Oct. 14
Duncan HOWELL and Miss Clara TAYLOR, Carbonear.

Oct. 15
Francis Caleb POWELL and Mrs. Susie Strathie HALL, at Dawson City.

Oct. 18
Theodore SWEDIN and Miss Lizzie MILLER.

Oct. 22
Laurence A. KILEY and Miss Minnie RYAN at Sommerville, Mass.

Oct. 28
William OAKLEY, Trinity, and Miss Jessie LAYMAN, Fogo, at St. John's.


Nov. 5
William BUTLER, Foxtrap, and Miss Lizzie SQUIRES od Chamberlain.

Nov. 7
Elijah COOMBS and Miss Edith MARTIN, Harbour Grace.

Nov. 12
James A. GUSH and Miss Mary CROCKER.
D. J. BARRON and Miss Nellie VINNICOMBE.

Nov. 14
Capt. W. TUCKER and Miss May TAYLOR at Harbour Grace.

Nov. 17
Henry R. RENDELL, Heart's Content, and Miss Clara Edith PAYNE.
John BAILEY and Miss Dorothy LYNCH at Western Bay.
John BRENNAN, Little Paradise, and Miss Anne LEONARD, St. Leonard's, at St. Kyran's.

Nov. 18
Philip MILIS of Thoroughfare, T. B., and Miss Hattie Loder of Ireland's Eye.

Nov. 21
M. MURPHY and Miss Mary CALLAHAN of Carbonear.

Nov. 23
Thomas OATES, Fermeuse, and Miss Maud SMART, Bell Island.

Nov. 25
Arthur H. WALKER and Miss Mary J. WINSOR, of Wesleyville.
James McGRATH and Miss Mary Ellen POWER at Argentia.
Garfield HARRIS and Miss Maggie Dicks FOOTE, Grand Bank.

Nov. 26
Nils HANSEN, Norway, and Miss Lucy MURPHY. Arch. Bishop. Western Bay, to Miss Annie Anthony, Clarke's Beach.

Nov. 28
Michael BRODERICK and Mrs. Sadie HOGAN of Grate's Cove.


Dec. 1
William CRANFORD, and Miss Elsie May WILLIAMS, at Harbour Grace.

Dec. 2
John LYNCH and Miss Elizabeth DAVIS, South Side, Harbour Grace.
George THOMAS and Miss Lilla Rose MINTY.

Dec. 3
Albert NEWMAN and Miss Jane JONES, Harbour Grace.

Dec. 8
Moses HUTCHINGS, Spaniard's Bay, and Miss Bertha CLARKE, at Harbour Grace.
Moses GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay, and Miss Jessie CLARKE at Harbour Grace.
Ezekiel NOSEWORTHY and Miss Jane YETMAN, Harbour Grace.

Dec. 9
Williamn LONG, Clarenville, and Miss May TUCK, Shoal Harbour.
Silas PENNEY, Victoria, and Miss Flossie BEST, Wesleyville.

Dec. 10
Issac AVERY, Grate's Cove, and Miss Josephine Sophie LANNON of Leading Tickles.
Charles MILLEY of Burnt Point, and Miss Maud STEELE of Northern Bay.

Dec. 1?
James DAVIS and Miss Belle FURLONG at Montreal.

Dec. 16
Harold ROWE, Heart's Content, and Miss Kate WELLS, Bristol's Hope.

Dec. 28
Dr. Arthur H. CARNELL, Newtown, B. B., and Miss Margaret HARVEY at St. John's.

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