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The Carbonear Herald and Outport Telephone



The CARBONEAR HERALD and OUTPORT TELEPHONE Is Presented and Published from the Office, west of the Post and Telegraph Offices, Water Street, Carbonear, every Thursday Morning. All communications to be addressed to the Editor, Proprietor and Publisher, J.A. ROCHFORT, Herald Office, Water Street, Carbonear, Nfld.


Not published: Sept. 23, Sept. 30,  Nov. 18; Dec. 16

Missing: Jan. 7, Jan. 28; Feb. 4, Feb. 11, Feb. 18, Feb. 25; Ma. 4, Ma. 11; Aug. 12; Sept. 2

January 14, 1881

We are requested to state that Mrs. Dr. CLEARY, whose death was announced in our last issue was 56 years of age.

We regret to learn the death, at Harbor Grace, on Tuesday last, of the wife of Mr. John LYNCH, manager of the Water Company.

March 31, 1881

Died at West Bend, Washington, Co. Wisconsin, on the 11th ult., Mr. SAMUEL DOWLAND, in the 74th year of his age.  Deceased was born in England, and emigrated to Carbonear, Nfld. in early life.  In 1847 he emigrated to Wisconsin, where he spent the remainder of his days.  He leaves a large family of children to mourn his loss.

A young lady named ANNIE STAPPLETON, left her house to call on a friend on Tuesday night between 8 and 9 o’clock, as is supposed she mistook the firebreak going down between Goss & Parsons’ and Messrs. Udell for that going down to the police station and walked over the breastwork.  Her body was found the next morning in four feet of water, she was about 28 years of age.

It is also our painful duty today to record the death of Mr. NICHOLAS KENNEDY, an old and respectable inhabitant of Crocker’s Cove in the 74th year of his age.  He was interred on Tuesday last.

April 15, 1881

A very sad accident occurred on board the sealing steamer Falcon, while at sea, on the 6th inst.; by which a young man named HODNETT, belonging to Twillingate, lost his life.  While at dinner, with others of the crew, a loaded gun accidentally fell near him and discharged its load into his thigh. All that could be done for him on board was unavailing, and the poor fellow died on the following day.  We learn that a brother of his who was on board a neighboring vessel, and was, of course, unaware of the accident, went on board the Falcon to see him. But arrived only to be told the melancholy tidings of his brother’s death. – Newfoundlander.

An accident of a very serious nature and one which we fear may terminate fatally occurred last evening about 9:30 on board the Neptune on the Southside, while coaling, previous to starting on her second trip.  It appears that a man named RICHARD FRY, while working on board the above named vessel, accidentally fell into the hold, down a considerable depth, from which he was taken almost senseless, his back upon which he fell, being severely injured; medical aid was immediately procurred, and poor Fry was removed to the hospital.  Fry is quite young and possesses the character of being a very honest and hard working man. – Advocate, April 13.

The Lady Glover brought to Cupids yesterday, the dead boy of a young man named SMITH, one of the crew of the steamer, Wolf, Captain Smith, who died of measles at the seal fishery.

Died – On the 8th inst., ELIZABETH, beloved wife of Robert VEY, aged 44 years.

Died – On the 7th inst., after a protracted illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Divine Will, NICHOLAS ROB’, son of Mr. William EVANS, aged 23 years.

Lost at sea, on the 4th January, Mr. JOHN RYAN, seaman, brigantine Brunnette, aged 34 years.  The deceased was a native of Harbor Grace.

Died on the 17th inst., after a painful and protracted illness, FANNY, daughter of the late Mr. Nicholas WHITE, Keeper of Bonavista Light House, in the 13th year of her age.

April 22, 1881

Birth – At Fogo, on the 14th March, the wife of Rev. A. HALL, of a son.

Died – On the 19th March, after a lingering illness, JOSEPH J. PEARCE, Esq., J.P., aged 71 years, for upwards of 30 years sub-collector HM Customs at Twillingate.  The above gentleman was brother-in-law to our worthy Magistrate I.L. McNeil, Esq.

Died – At Fogo, on the 25th March, MARY RORKE HILL, beloved daughter of Rev. A. Hill, aged 11 months.

Died – Lately at South Africa, of fever, STEWART MUNN, eldest son of Capt. Duncan Munn, of Harbor Grace.

April 29, 1881

Married on the 26th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father by the Rev. George Boyd, assisted by the Rev. Joseph Jackson, ALBERT DesBRASSY BOYLE, Esq., of Charlottetown, P.E. Island, to SOPHIA, eldest daughter of R. MADDOCK, Esq., of this town.

May 13, 1881

The five prisoners convicted of barratry and conspiracy to defraud, were sentenced on Monday, as follows: -

WILLIAM BUTLER to 18 months imprisonment with hard labor in the Penitentiary.

WILLIAM J. BUTLER to 18 months imprisonment with hard labor in the Penitentiary.

HENRY C. WATTS – 18 months imprisonment with hard labor.

JAMES PARSONS – 18 months imprisonment with hard labor.

WILLIAM GLINDON – 12 months with hard labor in the jail of Harbor Grace.

Died at Adam’s Cove, on the 8th inst., Mr. LEVI HUDSON, aged 51 years. He has life a wife and 6 children to mourn their loss.

May 20, 1881

Died – At St. John’s on the 15th inst., after a lingering illness, Mrs. ELLEN RENDELL, aged 84 years.

Died on same day, after a lingering illness, Mr. PATRICK COSTELLO, aged 58 years.

Died at South Boston, Mass., April 18th, MARY, the beloved wife of Mr. John GRACE, aged 44 years, a native of Nfld.

Died – On Friday, 13th inst., the 74th year of his age, Mr. JOSEPH GRAHAM, a native of County Cavan, Ireland, and 40 years a resident of Harbor Grace.

Died – On Tuesday, the 17th inst. JAMES F. REYNOLDS, a native of Exmouth, Devonshire, England.

May 27, 1881

Died – On the 20th inst., of consumption, at the residence of W.C. Hawker, WILLIAM SMITH, aged 24 years.  Deceased was a native of Venison Islands, Labrador.

On entering the cells in the Lock-up this morning (May 21) Constable Peet and Sage were horrified by the spectacle presented to them.  There, prone on the floor, they behold the dead body of a man named PATRICK NEIL.  It appears that at 11 o’clock last night the deceased and a man named GALLAGHER, who had been drinking together at Hogan’s public house, Water Street were brought to the Lock-up, in a state of intoxication by Constables Furlong and Lee, and placed in one of the cells. At 12 Neil’s wife called at the Lock-up, ascertained that he was in custody and saw him in the cell.  At 3 a.m., the officers in charge went to the cell and gave the unfortunate man some warm tea. He appeared to be suffering from nothing more than the ordinary effects of strong drink.  About a quarter-past four they saw him again and had some conversation with him; but on visiting the cell at 6 they found that his death had taken place only a few minutes before, the body being still quite warm.  Gallagher, who, as already stated, occupied the same cell, knew nothing of what had happened until informed by the officers.  Death dropped so suddenly on poor Neil as not even to disturb the slumber of his companion.  Deceased was 45 years of age and a native of this city.  He leaves a family to whom any assistance will be timely. – Telegram

June 3, 1881

Married at New Perlican on the 20th ult., at the residence of Mr. John Mullally, by the Rev. Richard Walsh, C.C., Carbonear, Mr. THOMAS COOMBS, to ELLEN FITZPATRICK, both of Heart’s Content.

Married at Carbonear, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Richard Walsh, Mr. JOSEPH LEAHY, of Heart’s Desire, to ELIZABETH LANGER(?),  of Heart’s Content. (? Ink was faded, difficult to read)

Married at the same time and place, by the same, Mr. EDWARD PHELAN to BRIDGET KEEFFE, both of Carbonear.

June 10, 1881

Died at St. John’s, on May 16, after an illness of seven years, SAMUEL L. BROIL, Esq., at the premature age of 25 years.  Gone home.

About 7 o’clock Wednesday evening crowds might be seen wending their way towards St. Patrick’s Church, for the purpose of witnessing a marriage ceremony announced for that evening.  About 7 ½ o’clock a number of carriages halted in front of the church and all eyes were leveled on the fair couple who were to be united for life.  They entered the church and proceeded to the front of the altar, where the marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. R. Walsh, C.C. After the marriage ceremony the bridegroom escorted his fair young bride to the carriage, and the several guests also took their seats and the carriages then proceeded down Water Street, turning at Harbor Rock Hill and proceeding to the residence of the bride’s father, where the wedding was celebrated and kept up until the “wee small hours of morn,” when all, after enjoying a pleasant night sought repose.  The couple above referred to is Mr. FAHEY, planter, of Hope All, to Miss MARY HAMILTON, daughter of Mr. P. Hamilton, planter, of this town.

June 17, 1881

It is our painful duty today to record the death, after a lingering and painful illness, of Mr. AMBROSE FORWARD. He passed away in peace yesterday morning at the age of 63 years. – Com

Died at Brigus, on Friday morning, 3rd inst., MARY KATIE, the beloved child of William and Lucy TALBOT of Carbonear, aged 3 years and 7 months.

June 24, 1881

Birth – At Heart’s Content, on the 10th inst., the wife of A.A. THOMPSON, of the Anglo-American Telegraph Staff, of a daughter.

Married – At Northern Bay, by the Rev. M. Hanly, Mr. WILLIAM FAHEY, of Western Bay, to MARY, daughter of William TOBIN, Esq., Merchant, Northern Bay. – (Boston papers please copy.)

July 8, 1881

A man named FENNEL, was killed yesterday by falling over the stairs.  We have not as yet got full particulars. He was son of Mr. Fennel, late Clerk of the Peace for Hr. Grace.

July 15, 1881

A cak\blegram was received at Harbor Grace on Wednesday last stating that Capt. Cordiner, of the brigintine Blue and White, had been washed overboard during the last passage from St. John’s to Dundee.  Captain CORDINER was well known in Harbor Grace and Carbonear, having been engaged in the Nfld. Trade for several years, and this year landed a cargo of salt to Hon. John Rorke.

July 22, 1881

Married – At  the residence of Mr. John Lindberg.(St. John’s), by the Rev. C. Ladner, Captain JOHN F. OLSSON, of Sweden, to WILELMINA, eldest daughter of Captain Wodbine PIKE, Carbonear.

September 12, 1881

A short time since, at Western Bay, a man named KENNEL went on board Mr. Frost’s trading schooner to purchase a barrel of flour, and a very few minutes after alighting on the deck, be dropped dead.  We have not ascertained the cause of death as there was neither a post mortem examination or a magisterial enquiry.  He was buried without a word save a prayer.  Who knows, we can’t judge. But where is the Conception Bay Medical Society, or are all the Government Officials asleep?

Married at Heart’s Content, on Saturday last, 3rd inst., at the residence of Alfonse Coopard, Esq., by the Rev. Richard Walsh, C.C. of Carbonear, Mr. CHARLES P. WALLACE, of the Anglo-American Telegraph Co., to Miss ELODIE DeBROISSE, of St. Pierre.

October 8, 1881

A man named ALEXANDER SPENCE, aged 38 years, died very suddenly at Port de Grace, on the 20th Sept.  He and Capt. Henry Dawe, were in a punt putting a line ashore from a craft in the harbor.  Spence had hold of the sculling oar, and was keeping the punt off the rocks, when Capt. Dawe, who was forward with the line in his hand, happening to look round saw him in the act of falling.  He sprang forward and caught him, Spence gave just a sort of sob and died immediately.  He had always been a very healthy man, and apparently was perfectly well until the moment of his death. He leaves a widow and no children. – Ibid

October 28, 1881

It is with feelings of sympathetic regret we have to record in our columns today the demise of Mrs. MAURICE DOYLE, at the age of 62.  The deceased was a daughter of the late Patrick KEOUGH, Portugal Cove.  Her remains were carried on Tuesday last to her resting place in the R.C. cemetery.

Married – On Saturday last, at St. Thomas’ Church, by the Revd. A.C.F. Wood, M.A., Rector, Hon. JAMES S. WINTER, Q.C., M.E.C., eldest son of James Winter, Esq., H.M. Customs, to EMILY J., second daughter of the late Capt. W. J. COEN, H.M. Service.

November 26, 1881

Died at Gull Island, on the 11th inst., of diphtheria, THOMAS PATRICK, and WILLIAM SAUNDERS, aged respectively 7 and 4 years.

It is with sincere regret we have to announce the death of JOHN RENDELL, Esq., M.H.A., for the district of Trinity, and son of our much respected fellow citizen the Hon.S. Rendell, of the old and highly respectable firm of Job Brothers & Co., of this city.  The intelligence of this melancholy event which occurred at Twillingate on Tuesday morning last, whether he had arrived per steamer Hercules, on his way to his mercantile establishment at Round Harbor, was received here last evening.  It appears that the deceased left here the previous Friday evening, became so seriously indisposed during the voyage that he had to be landed at the harbor above mentioned, where notwithstanding medical assistance being promptly at hand, he gradually sank, death supervening on the morning above mentioned.

Married – At Lower Island Cove, on the 9th inst., at the bride’s residence, by the Rev. W. Jennings, Mr. ELIL GARLAND, to ELIZABETH MARIA, fifth daughter of John LOUIS, Esq., both of Lower Island Cove.

Married – At Little Bay Mines, on 27th October, by the Rev.W.Scott Whittier, to Mr. PHILLIP McVICAR, Mining Captain of Loch Lomand, C.B., Miss ELIZA CRANE, youngest daughter of James Crane, Esq., of Upper Island Cove, Conception Bay.

Married – At the bride’s residence, on the 13th inst., by Rev. M. Hanley, Mr. MICHAEL RYAN, Assistant Light Keeper, Baccalileu, to SARAH J., daughter of Mr. Patrick OLLIVER, Gull Island.

Married – On the 17th inst., at the Cathedral, by the Most Rev. R. McDaonald, assisted by Rev.S. Flynn, brother of the bridegroom, Mr. JOHN FLYNN, son of M.F. Flynn, Esq., to MARGARET, eldest daughter of Capt. Thos. LYNCH.

December 2, 1881

Married – At Brigus, by the brother of the bride, assisted by the Very Rev. E.F. Walsh, MARY MAGDALENE, only daughter of the late Captain P. SHEAN, to THOMAS F., eldest son of John KAVANAGH, Esq., St. John’s.

A Schooner Capsized at Random – Six Men Perished on the Wreck – But One Left to Tell the Tale (Special to the Herald).   The Hope, Capt. Strong, which left Old Perlican on the 23rd ult., bound for the northwest arm of Random, Trinity Bay, with a cargo of provisions for the men who were cutting Railway sleepers in that locality. After landing provisions and leaving Foster’s Point for Shoal Harbor, about a mile distant, a squall struck her turning her over, one of the men made an attempt to cut the boat which was lashed in the rigging, but after cutting the after lashing he lost his knife and had to abandon the attempt.  All hands then got on the weather side of the bulwarks where one by one they died from exposure during the night, and dropped into the water with the exception of SAMUEL STRONG.  JOHN COLLINS tied himself  to the maintopmast by means of his cravat, where he perished about 20 minutes before the rescuers came to their assistance next morning, Saturday, when all, including the survivor, were taken off and brought into Random, where the craft was afterwards towed.  The following is the names of the drowned: - Captain STRONG, JOHN COLLINS, JAMES STRONG, JAMES CHIRLEY and LIAS CHIRLEY.

December 9, 1881

A letter from the Norhward  informs us (Newfoundlander) of the recent death by accidental drowning, at Little Bay, of a young man of this place, named MICHAEL KIELLY, son of Mr. John Kielly, of Kilbride.  He and two others name Joy and Hurley, were in a punt, which they  in some way capsized, and all fell into the water.  The two last named contrived to save themselves, but poor Kielly failed to do so.

Our New Harbor correspondent, writing on the 3rd, says: - “THOMAS and ANDREW PENNY, sons of William Penny of Green’s Harbor, aged respectively 16 and 12 years, were crossing Long Pond, by the Brook, at Green’s Harbor, on the ice, with “cat” and ‘dog’ on Thursday last, for the purpose of tending their rabbit slips.  The dog unhappily ran right into a large sheet of open water, about the middle of the pond, which had quite escaped the notice of the lads, who were, of course, immediately precipitated into it.  Thomas, the elder, seemed to have gone to the bottom at once, and, when he rose to the surface, made no effort to save himself.  The younger, fortunately, succeeded in keeping afloat till a gang of men, who happily were on the pond at the time and had seen the accident had got to the spot. One of them luckily had in his hands a withrod, one end of which being seized by Andrew, and the men extending on the ice, linked together, he was saved from sharing his unfortunate brother’s fate.  The body of the drowned lad was subsequently brought up from the bottom by means of a jigger. The father is a widower. – Telegram

Married – At St. Andrew’s Manse on St. Andrew’s Day, by the Rev. L.G. Macneill, M.A., Mr. D.W. McVICAR, of Little Bay Mines, to Miss MARTHA E. DAWES, of Nova Scotia.

Married – On December 1st, by the Rev. T.H. James, Mr. FREDERICK JAMES WOLFE, of Hull, Yorkshire, England, to Miss SUSANNA JANE BRANSFIELD, of Carbonear.

Died – On Wednesday, 30th ult., Mr. JAMES HALLAHAN, Printer, in the 50th year of his age.

December 22, 1881

Died at Red Head Cove, of diphtheria, on June 17th, JERAMIAH and MARY FRANCIS, aged respectively 17 and 7 years, children of Thomas and Mary BRADY.



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