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Place Name Changes
Trinity Bay, NL

Previous Name Present Name
Aspen CovePetley, Random Island
Bald NapWeybridge, Random Island
Bay Bulls ArmSunnyside
Bird Island CoveElliston
Bistern MereRobinson's Bight, Random Island
Black Duck Covenear Ireland's Eye
BonaventureNew Bonaventure
Britannia Cove, Random IslandBritannia
British CoveLower Lance Cove, Random Island
Broad Covepart of Clarenville
Broad Covepart of Dildo
Brown's MeadBound's Mead, Random Island
Burgeons CoveBurgoyne's Cove
Caplin CoveMiddle Lance Cove, Random Island
Careless HarbourKerley's Harbour (SW of Trinity)
Catalina Trinity Bay North (Port Union, Melrose and Catalina amalgamated 2005 01)
Centre Covebecame Bay Bulls Arm and then Sunnyside
Chance CoveBig Chance Cove
Clay Pittspart of Little Heart's Ease
Colliers BayThornlea
Cuckhold's CoveDunfield
Daniel's CoveWaterville
Dark Holenear North West Brook
Dear HarbourLower Deer Harbour, Random Island
Deer Habour BoundsDeer Harbour, Raandom Island
Delby's Coveentrance to Smith Sound
Filthy HarbourBritish Harbour (abandoned)
Foster's PointWeybridge, Random Island
Fox HarbourSouthport
Green Bay, NW Trinity Bayresettled to Champneys
Harbour Grace JunctionWhitbourne
Havre ContentHeart's Content
Heart's Ease Beach Abandoned in 1920's (Note)
Hodge's HoleHodge's Cove
House Covenear Little Heart's Ease
Inglewood Forestabandoned to Clarenville
Island CoveDunfield
Island CoveIslington
Ivany's CoveSW Arm, Upper Trinity North
John Brown's Deer HarbourLower Deer Harbour, Random Island
Kerley's Harboursouth of Trinity (abandoned)
Ladle CoveBritannia Cove, Random Island
Lally CoveLady Cove, Random Island
Lance Cove SouthBrownsdale
Lee's BightAdeytown
Lolly CoveLady Cove, Random Island
Lower Rocky BrookClifton (near Clarenville)
Lower Sandy PointHarcourt
Maberlynear Elliston
Maggoty CoveInglewood Forest (abandoned)
Melrose Trinity Bay North (Port Union, Melrose and Catalina amalgamated 2005 01)
Mills SidingShoal Harbour
Muddy BrookMaberley
Northern BightHillview
Northwest Arm (or NW Arm)Lockston
Numin's Covefor Norman's Cove
Old TiltIvanhoe
Pistern MereRobinson's Bight, Random Island
Porridge CoveBritannia Cove, Random Island
Port Union Trinity Bay North (Port Union, Melrose and Catalina amalgamated 2005 01)
Ragged HarbourMelrose
Ragged Rock Covenorth of Bonaventure Head (abandoned)
Red Head BeachClarenville
Reeke's HarbourHickman's Harbour, Random Island
Rexman's HarbourHickman's Harbour, Random Island
Rickman's HarbourHickman's Harbour, Random Island
Ridar's Harbourfor Rider's Harbour, Random Island (abandoned)
Rider's Harbour, Random Islandabandoned to Thoroughfare & Deer Hr
Rise's Harbourfor Rider's Harbour, Random Island (abandoned)
Robin Hood Baypart of Port Rexton
Robun BightRobinson's Bight, Random Island
Rocky BrookMonroe
Round HarbourLittle Harbour
Russell's CoveNew Melbourne
Salmon CoveChampney's
Sandy PointHarcourt
Scilly (or Scylly, Scilley, Silly) CoveWinterton
Seal CoveNew Chelsea
Seal CovePrinceton
Ship Covepart of Port Rexton
Shoal Bay (Harbour)Cavendish
SilldownSeldown, Random Island
Skimmer's CoveBritannia Cove, Random Island
Skimmer's CoveLower Lance Cove, Random Island
Snook's BrookBarton
South West Arm, CatalinaPort Union
Spaniard's BaySpaniard's Cove
St. JonesSt. Jones Without & St. Jones Within
The BottomBay Bulls Arm and then Sunnyside
Tickle HarbourBellevue
Upper Lance CovePetley, Random Island
Upper and Middle Rocky BrookMonroe
Upper and Lower Rocky Pond BrookClifton (near Clarenville)
Witler's (Witless) BayWhiteway

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