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Place Name Changes for St. George's District

Old Name

Current Name
Cape Ray Area
Big BrookLong Grade
Grand Rivercommon name for many places, including South Branch
Jack of ClubsCove Aguathuna
Little RiverTompkins
Little RiverSt. Andrew's
Long GradeIncluded with Red Rocks
Net Cove (near Millwille)Abandoned, date unknown
The BlockIncorporated into town of Searston
The GutSearston
Trois CaillouxThree Rock Cove
Woody Head CoveWoodville, Woody Head
Wreck HouseMcDougall Gulch / Siding
St. George's Bay
Bank HeadSt. Teresa
Bear CoveCrabbes East
Crabbes EastJeffery Crossing
Crabbes (West)St. David
Crabbes StationSt. Fintan's
Fishers BrookFischells
Flat Bay BrookFlat Bay
Flat Bay EastFlat Bay
Flat Bay WestFlat Bay
Jeffrey CrossingJefferys
Journois Cove of St.TheresaStephenville & St. George's
Little BaySt. George's
Mathie's PointMattis Point
Matt's PointMattis Point
Middle BarachoisMcKays
Middle BrookMcKays
Muddy HoleFlat Bay
Rattling BrookHeatherton
Robinson's HeadRobinsons
Sandy PointResettled
Second Barachois RiverMcKays
Second BarriswayRobinson Head
South BarriswaySt. David's
South SideSt. George's
First BarriswaySt. David's
Port au Port Peninsula
Port au Port Peninsula
AguathunaPort au Port West
Bellmans CovePort au Port West
Calm Bank CoveLourdes (No reference to "Clam Bake Cove")
Felix CovePort au Port West
Fiots CoveJerry's Nose
Harry's BrookIncorporated with West Bay
Indian HeadStephenville
La Grand'TerreMainland
La GrangeStephenville Xing
Lead Cove 
L'isle RougeRed Island
RougesRed Brook
Bellmans CoveL'isle Rouge
Port au Port EastBerry Head
Shoal CoveBlack Duck Brook
The GravelsPort au Port
Tommy ToucherIncorporated with Jerry's Nose
Trois CaillouxThree Rock Cove
Victor's BrookIncorporated into West Bay Centre
Bay of Islands
Baken Cove, Batteau Cove, Clarkes Brook, Hawke's Cove Benoit's Cove
Allen's Cove, Ballantine Cove, Brook's, Cove, Chile's Point, Petrie Valley, Pleasant Cove, Shoal Point Blow Me Down
Bottle Cove 
Allen's Cove, Ballantine Cove, Brook's, Cove, Chile's Point, Petrie Valley, Pleasant Cove, Shoal PointCook's Brook
Child's Point Mount Moriah
Corner Brook 
Cox's Cove 
Birchy Cove, Deep Cove, Sprucy Point Curling
Long Cove Frenchman's Cove
  Goose Arm
Weeball / Weebol Guernsey Island
  Halfway Point
  Hughes Brook
  Humber Arm
Riverhead Humbermouth
  Johns Beach
  Lark Harbour
  Massey Drive
Barber's Cove, Brake's Point, Middle ArmMeadows
  Mount Moriah
  North Arm
Big Island Pearl Island
PetriesPetries Point
  Serpentine River
Christopher's Cove, McCarthyville, Petipas Cove, Quilty's Cove Summerside
Wood's Island Thibault Cove
  Tweed Island
  Wild Cove
Innismara and Wood's Isle. Harbour Woods Islands
  York Harbour
Green Island Eagle Island

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Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)
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