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Changes in Place Names
in the
Ferryland District



Admiral's (Cove) [Fermeuse]
Admiral's (Rock)
Port Kirwan - this area, located on the north shore of Fermeuse Harbour, was renamed in the 1960s, in honour of Reverend Mother Bernard Kirwan, foundress of the Presentation Sisters in Newfoundland (1833). She established the first convent of her order on the Southern Shore at Admiral's Cove in 1853. Sister Kirwan died in 1857, and was buried at Admiral's Cove. Port Kirwan (along with Clears Cove) was incorporated as a separate town in 1965.
Athlone Calvert, (part of North Side) - Athlone was an early name for the area on the north side of Calvert (Caplin Bay) midway between Stone Island and the Beach.
Baleen, Bauline Bauline East - official name to distinguish it from another town with the same name on the south side of Conception Bay.
Bear Cove & Bear Cove Point Bear Cove - now part of the town of Renews-Cappahayden. In earlier times it was a small fishing settlement on the north shore of Renews Harbour. About 1914 a lighthouse was built farther east, at the headland generally referred to as Bear Cove Point. Both of these areas are now part of the town of Renews-Cappahayden.
Brickus, Breakas, Brigus-by-South, Brigus, Brigus South Brigus South - official name to distinguish it from another town with the same name at the head of Conception Bay. In the 1960s, the name of Brigus South was changed to Hillsdale to distinguish it from Brigus, Conception Bay. However, local residents refused to acknowledge the new name and it was changed back to Brigus South a short time later.
Burn Cove, Byrne Cove, Bryne Cove, Burnt Cove Burnt Cove - official name; now part of the Local Service Area of Burnt Cove - St. Michaels - Bauline East .
Vaughan's Cove, Broad Cove Cappahayden - part of the town of Renews-Cappahayden. This cove was renamed in 1913 in honour of the birthplace of long-time Roman Catholic priest of Renews, Father John Walsh. Father Walsh was born abt. 1842 in the townland of Cappahayden, parish of Callan, Co. Kilkenny. He served the RC parish at Renews, as their parish priest, for approximately 39 years (1873-1912).
Capelin Bay, Caplin Bay Calvert - renamed January 1922 in honour of Sir George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore, leader of a failed attempt to start a permanent colony at Ferryland in the 1620s.
Capelin Cove, Caplin Cove St. Michael's - renamed in 1904; now part of the Local Service Area of Burnt Cove - St. Michaels - Bauline East. Sometimes confused in various documents with Caplin Bay.
Chain Cove, Chance Cove abandoned settlement about midway betwen Cappahayden and Cape Race - now the site of a Provincial Park. Supposedly in the late 1800s the entire community of Chance Cove, boarded a vessel bound for the United States, where they settled, in Maynard, Massachusetts, and surronding towns. Local storytellers surmised that something sinister must have happened to "frighten" the people into leaving so suddenly. Clam Cove, near Chance Cove, was the scene of the tragic wreck of the S.S. Anglo-Saxon on April 27, 1863. Several hundred people were drowned and about 100 victims were said to be buried in that area. It appears that superstition (belief in ghosts /spirits) related to this earlier occurrence may have been used by storytellers to explain the sudden departure of the entire community.
Clare's Cove, Clears Cove, Clears Cove Clears Cove - incorporated as part of Port Kirwan. It is the site of a current archaeological dig of what is believed to be an old planter's fishing room.
Freshwater abandoned small fishing and farming settlement south of present day Cappahayden. Now part of the town of Renews-Cappahayden.
Seal(s) Cove abandoned small fishing settlement south of present day Cappahayden. Now part of the town of Renews-Cappahayden.
Seals Cove Part of the community of Baleine East
Stone Island Calvert, (part of North Side). In earlier times, Stone Island, located at the northern headland of Calvert (Caplin Bay) was considered a separate community. It was eventually abandoned by the original settlers, who moved further in the bay. However, fields and woodlands at Stone Island are still used by their descendents.
Tar Cove abandoned settlement located between Island Cove (part of Admiral's Cove), Cape Broyle Bay and Brigus South. In earlier times a number of families lived there.
Toad's Cove Tors Cove - Its old name, Toad's Cove, is believed to be derived from the Old English word "tode" meaning fox. It appears that there may be a valid basis for this conclusion, since an island near the shoreline is known as Fox Island. The name was officially changed in January 1910.

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