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Bonavista Bay Name Changes
A Work in Progress
(by Martha Warren and Emily Mullett)

The following are Communities that we know of. If you can provide additional information,
we will be glad to add it to this beginning list. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bonavista Bay Community Name Changes
Early Name When Changed to or Abandoned
Bennett Island Resettled to Wesleyville
Bennett's High Island Abandoned
Bird Island Cove Elliston (TB)
Bishop's Harbour Part of Salvage
Bloody Bay Alexander Bay
Broom Close Abandoned
Burnside East of Glovertown and north-west of Eastport. In 1921 the three settlements of Squid Tickle, Hollett's Tickle, and Hollett's Cove were changed to Burnside.
Bragg's Island Abandoned
Brighton, Bonavista District Salvage Bay
Broad Cove Duntara
Cape Island Abandoned
Castle Cove Long Islands - a group of islands at the mouth of Chandler's Reach about 12 km south of Salvage
Cat Harbour Lumsden
Charleston On west side of Southern Bay. The 1921 Census showed that the east side had retained the name of Southern Bay.
Cottel's Island Appeared on most 1994 maps as St. Brendan's, Shoal Cove or Mole Cove. In 1887 people living at Cottel's Island were recorded Sholes Cove, Highmore's Cove and Dog Cove.
Coward's Island Abandoned
Damnable In late 1890's changed to St. Chad's - 5 km north-west of Eastport.
Deer Island Abandoned
English Harbour On Greenspond Island
Fair Island Abandoned
Fisher's Cove A resettled fishing settlement near Bonavista on the part of the coastline known as "The Shore".
Flat Island Abandoned
Flower's Island Abandoned
Fox Cove Templeman
Gooseberry Island Abandoned
Glovertown In 1954 incorporated to include Alexander Bay (Northwest Arm), Rosedale, Angle Brook, Norton Cove, Saunders Cove,
Glovertown North, Glovertown Central, Glovertown South.
Green Island Abandoned
Greenspond Greenspond is an island community composed of Greenspond Island, Batterton and Ship Islands, and, uninhabited now, Newell's, Wing's, Pig, Maiden's, Groats, and Puffin Islands.
Hay Cove Abandoned
Hodderville A resettled community (by 1971) located near Knight's Cove, B. B
Indian Arm Summerville
Inner Pinchard's Island Newtown or Inner Islands
Loo Cove Port Nelson (abandoned)
Muddy Hole Musgrave Harbour
New Harbour Newport. Located on either side of New Harbour, abandoned in 1950's
Northwest Arm Resettled to Valleyfield
North West Arm, Sweet Bay Winter Brook
Norton's Cove Brookfield
Open Hole Open Hall
Pinchard's Island Abandoned
Pond Island Greenspond
Safe Harbour Abandoned
Sandringham Sandringham
Seal Cove Princeton
Shoal Bay Wellington, then renamed to Dover.
Southeast Arm or Hopevale or Hopeville Lethbridge. Nomenclature Board affixed this name in 1912 to include that portion of Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay, containing the Railway Station and the neighbouring residences.
Silver Fox Island or Abandoned Silver Hair Fox Island
Southward Bay Charleston
Swain's Island Abandoned, resettled to Wesleyville
Troy Town Traytown
Vere Island Fair Island (now abandoned)
Thanks to Martha Warren, Don Tate and Thomas R. Cole for their contributions.
If you have any further information - please contact Emily Mullett

Compiled by Emily Wicks Mullett March 23, 2000
Page revised July 2002 (Terry Piercey)
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