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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ XYZ Listing

Service #
YATES, Ira H. Twillingate 949
YETMAN, David St. Mary's, St. Mary's Bay 3125
YETMAN, Matthew St. Mary's ~ Const/F ~ Lieut 299 [Home Guard]
YETMAN, Roy Bay Roberts 2110 [Forces]
YOUNG, Albert Jr. Fishells Siding 2502
YOUNG, Albert Sr. Shallop Cove, St. Georges 2467
YOUNG, Andrew St. Georges 2489
YOUNG, Arthur Twillingate 200
YOUNG, Augustus Jr. Journois Brook, St. Georges 2514 [Home Guard]
YOUNG, Augustus Sr. Fishells Siding, St. Georges 2521
YOUNG, Bertram Placentia 2280
YOUNG, Francis St. Theresa's 530
YOUNG, Fred Corner Brook 102
YOUNG, Garfield Millertown 2898 [Forces]
YOUNG, Harold Deer Lake 100
YOUNG, Harold Stephenville Crossing 459 [Home Guard]
YOUNG, Harvey Twillingate 199
YOUNG, Henry G. St. John's 2198
YOUNG, Henry J. St. Georges 526 [Forces]
YOUNG, Hubert Stephenville Crossing 2494
YOUNG, Israel Flat Bay, St. Georges 2505
YOUNG, James Twillingate 603 [Forces]
YOUNG, James Placentia 2005
YOUNG, John N. Corner Brook 420
YOUNG, Leo Fishells 2503 [Forces]
YOUNG, Leslie R. Birch Head, Bonne Bay 2985
YOUNG, Mattis Marche's Point 99
YOUNG, Norman March Point, Cape St. George 442
YOUNG, Paul J. Flat Bay, St. Georges 528
YOUNG, Phillip Deer Lake 101 [Forces]
YOUNG, Richard Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 1261
YOUNG, Roland A. Burlington 2899
YOUNG, Samuel Bridgeport, Notre Dame Bay 947
YOUNG, Wallace Stephenville Crossing 458 [Forces]
YOUNG, Wallace Fishells 564
YOUNG, Wallace Twillingate 948
YOUNG, William A. Fishells 563
YOUNG, William L. Spruce Brook ~ Died Overseas 527

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