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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ W Listing

Service #
WADDLETON, John St. John's 647
WADE, Edward Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2036
WADE, Richard Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1973
WAGG, Edward Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2036
WAGG, James Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 936 [Forces]
WAGG, Kenneth Port Albert, Notre Dame Bay 97
WAKLEY, Daniel Safe Harbour, Bonavista Bay 2440
WALBOURNE, Agustus Fogo 922
WALBOURNE, Edward Fogo 925
WALBOURNE, Leo Fogo 927
WALBOURNE, Raymond Fogo 924
WALBOURNE, Stanislaus Fogo 929
WALBOURNE, William J. Fogo 926
WALKER, John St. Patricks, Notre Dame Bay 2894
WALL, Alexander Colinet 295
WALL, James J. St. John's 639
WALL, John J. Pouch Cove 1113
WALL, Peter J. Whitbourne 707
WALL, Samuel Cottles Cove 941
WALL, Thomas Whitbourne 706
WALSH, Alfred J. Lawn, Placentia Bay 3305 [Home Guard]
WALSH, Allen Ferryland 1004 [Forces]
WALSH, Bartholomew Grand Falls 1190
WALSH, Bernard Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2805 [Home Guard]
WALSH, Carl Pools Cove, Fortune Bay 523
WALSH, Clement Lawn, Placentia Bay 2672
WALSH, Dennis Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2806
WALSH, Edward Islington, Trinity Bay 1258
WALSH, Edward Traytown, Bonavista Bay 1491
WALSH, Ernest Ferryland 3562
WALSH, Frances M. Placentia 2004
WALSH, Francis Flowers Cove, St. Barbe 3467
WALSH, Francis P. St. Catherines, St. Mary's Bay 1972
WALSH, Frederick Ferryland 1005
WALSH, Henry Ferryland 3561
WALSH, James Cape Broyle 1006
WALSH, James Ferryland 1007
WALSH, James J. Lords Cove, Lamaline, Placentia Bay 2441
WALSH, James H. Ferryland 1008 [Forces]
WALSH, John O'Donels, St. Mary's Bay 3112
WALSH, John J. Lords Cove, Lamaline 2442
WALSH, John M. Holyrood 3113
WALSH, John Sr. St. John's 2146
WALSH, Leo Flowers Cove 3466
WALSH, Leo J. Point Verde, Placentia Bay 2003
WALSH, Louis Fleur de Lys 415
WALSH, Louis A. St. John's 2194 [Home Guard]
WALSH, Martin Point Verde, Placentia 2275
WALSH, Martni E. Lawn, Placentia Bay 3303
WALSH, Patrick Lords Cove, Placentia Bay 3304
WALSH, Robert Calvert 1009 [Forces]
WALSH, Ronald Stephen Norris Point, Bonne Bay 3463
WALSH, Stephen Lords Cove, Placentia Bay 2443
WALSH, Thomas Corner Brook 413
WALSH, Thomas J. Ferryland 1010 [Home Guard]
WALSH, Walter Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 198
WALSH, Walter Avondale 1106
WALSH, Walter St. Albans 3395
WALSH, Walter P. Harbour Grace 2445
WALSH, William St. Albans 3396 [Home Guard]
WALSH, William Ferryland 3174
WALSH, William Traytown 1492
WALSH, William Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2033
WALTERS, Gordon Isle aux Morte 2554
WALTERS, John S. St. Theresa's 525
WALTERS, Roland Isle aux Morte 3028
WALTERS, William C. Champney's, Trinity Bay 1779 [Forces]
WARD, Michael Dunville, Placentia Bay 2276 [Home Guard]
WARD, Zacheaus Middle Brook, Gambo 1464
WAREHAM, Reuben G. Victoria 2245
WARFORD, Alex Grand Falls 2749
WARFORD, John Point Leamington 2750 [Home Guard]
WARFORD, Nelson Point Leamington 98
WARR, William R. Twillingate 194
WARREN, Clarence Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 3232 [Home Guard]
WARREN, Ephraim Winterton, Trinity Bay 1259
WARREN, Francis Chapel Arm, Trinity Bay 1601 [Forces]
WARREN, Fred Grand Bank 94
WARREN, Gordon Chapel Arm 1598
WARREN, Hy Carbonear 1257
WARREN, James Normans Cove, Trinity Bay 1599 [Forces]
WARREN, John New Perlican, Trinity Bay 2444 [Home Guard]
WARREN, John C. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 1260 [Home Guard]
WARREN, Lewis Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 193
WARREN, Matthew Humber Mouth 2460 [Home Guard]
WARREN, Norman Corner Brook 2477
WARREN, Philip Flowers Cove, St. Barbe 2979
WARREN, Ralph J. Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 2246 [Forces]
WARREN, Wilfred Normans Cove, Trinity Bay 1602 [Forces]
WARREN, Wilson Tacks Beach, Placentia 3114
WATKINS, Elmo Twillingate 946
WATKINS, George N. Summerville, Bonavista Bay 2893
WATKINS, William Twillingate 931 [Forces]
WATSON, Alex St. Vincents, St. Mary's Bay 3115
WATSON, Peter St. Mary's, St. Mary's Bay 2247
WATTON, Alfred Change Island, Notre Dame Bay 930 [Forces]
WATTS, Percey Windsor 1192
WAY, Arch Elliston, Trinity Bay 1651
WAY, Darius Savage Cove, St. Barbe 3463
WAY, George St. John's 2135
WAY, Henry Savage Cove, St. Barbe 3487
WAY, Moses Savage Cove, St. Barbe 2980 [Forces]
WAY, Richard Savage Cove, St. Barbe 3468
WAY, Stephen Savage Cove, St. Barbe 3465
WEBB, Benjamin Flat Bay, St. Georges 2510 [Forces]
WEBB, Leonard Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 935
WEBB, Paul Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 933 [Forces ]
WEBB, Wallace Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 934 [Forces ]
WEBBER, Clyde Harbour Grace 3116
WEIR, Eric B. Petty Harbour 2195
WEIR, Harold Petty Harbour 1108
WEIR, William Twillingate 195
WELLMAN, Cyril Botwood 1331
WELLMAN, Roland Wellman Cove 3583 [Home Guard]
WELLON, Walter R. Lewisporte 938 [Forces ]
WELLS, Alpheaus Port Blandford, Bonavista Bay 1530 [Home Guard]
WELLS, Bert Botwood 2751 [Forces ]
WELLS, Ford Exploits Bay, Notre Dame Bay 92 [Forces ]
WELLS, Joseph Millertown Junction 1428
WELLS, Maxwell Botwood 1330
WELLS, Richard Pouch Cove 381
WELLS, Scott Glovertown 1494
WELLS, Stanley Glovertown 1493
WELLS, Theophilus Jr. Springdale 2895 [Home Guard]
WELLS, Thomas Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2446
WELLS, William M. Head of Bay D'Espoir 3397
WELSH, Michael William St. Catherines, St. Mary's Bay 296
WELSH, William Twillingate 197
WELSHMAN, John Petries Crossing 2474 [Forces]
WEST, A. Stephenville 3165 [Forces]
WESTCOTT, Richard Petty Harbour 1105
WESTCOTT, Robert Petty Harbour 1107
WESTGUARD, Leif Corner Brook 416
WHALEN, Edgar Caplin Cove, Trinity Bay 2355
WHALEN, Frank Caplin Cove, TB 1884
WHALEN, James Bishops Falls 1427
WHALEN, James Fishells 562
WHALEN, Lawrence Colliers, Conception Bay 2032
WHALEN, Martin Cape Broyle 1011
WHALEN, Matthew Fishells 561
WHALEN, Michael Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1821 [Forces]
WHALEN, Patrick North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay 3117
WHALEN, Paul Paradise, Conception Bay 0378
WHALEN, Thomas Riverhead, St. Mary's Bay 3118 [Home Guard]
WHALEN, Walter Chapel Cove, Conception Bay 2034 [Home Guard]
WHEATON, Harvey Frederickton, Notre Dame Bay 945
WHEATON, Jonas Fogo 923
WHEATON, Walter Frederickton, Notre Dame Bay 944
WHEATON, Wilbert Frederickton, Notre Dame Bay 943 [Forces]
WHEELER, Albert G.   419
WHEELER, Alfred Windsor 1191
WHEELER, Donald B. Springdale 380 [Home Guard]
WHEELER, Harold S. Springdale 2908 [Home Guard]
WHEELER, M. Greenspond 3169
WHEELER, Walter M. Windsor 1189
WHEELER, William Windsor 1187
WHELAN, George Jr. Fishells 2515
WHIFFEN, Leonard Windsor 1188
WHIFFEN, Herbert Southern Harbour, Placentia Bay 93
WHITE, Agustus Stephenville 457
WHITE, Alfred Corner Brook 417
WHITE, Alfred Corner Brook ~ C/F 524
WHITE, Ambrose Gambo 294
WHITE, Austin St. Georges 521
WHITE, Austin Trout River 2981
WHITE, Caleb Normans Cove, Trinity Bay ~ C/F 710
WHITE, Cecil Grand Bay, Channel ~ Died Overseas 2547
WHITE, Cyril Point La Haye 3124
WHITE, Daniel Gambo 1466
WHITE, Douglas Stephenville 456 [Forces]
WHITE, Edward Torbay 418
WHITE, Edward St. John's 2196 [Forces]
WHITE, Edwin Cottles Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2896
WHITE, Ernest Twillingate 196
WHITE, Felix Stephenville 455 [Forces]
WHITE, George Normans Cove, Trinity Bay 711
WHITE, Harold Twillingate 932
WHITE, Henry Corner Brook 96
WHITE, Herbert Channel 2552
WHITE, James Stephenville 454
WHITE, James St. Brendans, Bonavista Bay ~ Died Overseas 2447
WHITE, John T. Point La Haye, St. Mary's Bay 1426 [Forces]
WHITE, Joseph St. John's 2136
WHITE, Joseph F. Doyles 602
WHITE, Laban Port Blandford 1531 [Forces]
WHITE, Lawrence Ferryland 2248 [Home Guard]
WHITE, Leo Gambo 1463 [Forces]
WHITE, Lewis Max Long Harbour, Trinity Bay 1600
WHITE, Matthew Windsor 192 [Forces]
WHITE, Patrick Flat Bay, St. Georges 2490 [Home Guard]
WHITE, Ray W. Greenspond 2448 [Home Guard]
WHITE, Raymond Lewisporte 939
WHITE, Ross St. Georges ~ C/F 522
WHITE, Samuel Trinity, Bonavista Bay 2449
WHITE, Sidney S. Trout River 2983
WHITE, Simeon Trout River 2984
WHITE, Stewart Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay 2450 [Forces]
WHITE, Thomas Shallop Cove, St. Georges 2499 [Forces]
WHITE, Thomas G. Gambo 1465
WHITE, Walter Corner Brook 414
WHITE, William Upshall Station, Placentia Bay 3119 [Home Guard]
WHITE, W.T. Port au Bras 2673 [Home Guard]
WHITTEN, Ches S. Topsail, Conception Bay 379 [Home Guard]
WICKS, William Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay 2451 [Forces]
WILCOX, Walter Millertown ~ 2nd Lieut. 2897 [Home Guard]
WILKINS, Caleb Harebay, Bonavista Bay 2452
WILKINS, Hubert Harebay, Bonavista Bay 1467
WILLCOTT, Alexander St. Albans 3398 [Home Guard]
WILLCOTT, Arthur St. Albans 3399
WILLCOTT, Charles St. Albans 3400 [Home Guard]
WILLCOTT, Edward St. Albans 3401
WILLCOTT, Fintion St. Albans 3402 [Home Guard]
WILLCOTT, Gordon St. Albans 2606 [Home Guard]
WILLCOTT, Joseph St. Albans 2607 [Forces]
WILLCOTT, Ralph St. Albans 3403 [Home Guard]
WILLIAMS, Albert Ferryland 1003
WILLIAMS, Albert E. St. John's 1110
WILLIAMS, Allan Ferryland 3563
WILLIAMS, Ambrose G. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 714 [Forces]
WILLIAMS, Charles Gaskiers, St. Mary's Bay 3123
WILLIAMS, Edward J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1974
WILLIAMS, Ernest G. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 297
WILLIAMS, Francis E. Pouch Cove 382
WILLIAMS, Herbert T. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 716
WILLIAMS, Hubert Current Island, St. Barbe 3462
WILLIAMS, James Whitbourne 3560 [Home Guard]
WILLIAMS, John St. John's 1109
WILLIAMS, John F. St. John's 1111
WILLIAMS, Joseph Gaskiers, St. Mary's Bay 3120
WILLIAMS, Joseph H. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 712
WILLIAMS, Leo Gaskiers, St. Mary's Bay 3121
WILLIAMS, Martin G. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 713
WILLIAMS, Martin Jr. Peters River, Botwood 1329
WILLIAMS, Pete Gaskiers, St. Mary's Bay 3122 [Home Guard]
WILLIAMS, Robert Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 3233
WILLIAMS, Thomas New Harbour, Trinity Bay 709
WILLIAMS, William New Harbour, Trinity Bay 708 [Home Guard]
WILLIS, Artie Fogo 95
WILLIS, Thomas Fogo 928
WILLMOTT, Frederick Head Bay D'Espoir 3404 [Home Guard]
WILLMOTT, John Head Bay D'Espoir 3405
WILSON, Edward St. John's 1112
WINSOR, Anthony Exploits, Notre Dame Bay 942 [Home Guard]
WINSOR, Benjamin Wesleyville, Bonavista Bay 1468
WISEMAN, Alex Dunfield, Trinity Bay 1782 [Forces]
WISEMAN, Edwin Harebay, Bonavista Bay 2453
WISEMAN, Henry A. Little Harbour, Trinity Bay 1783 [Forces]
WISEMAN, Nelson J. Trinity, Bonavista Bay 2454
WISEMAN, Richard Bishops Falls 1380 [Home Guard]
WISEMAN, Wentworth Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2906
WITCHER, Job Valleyfield, Bonavista Bay 2455
WOLFREY, Reginald Lewisporte, Conception Bay 940 [Forces]
WOODFORD, J.J. Harbour Main, Conception Bay 2036
WOODFORD, Thomas Harbour Main, Conception Bay 2037
WOODFORD, William J. New Melbourne, Trinity Bay 1256 [Forces]
WOODLEY, Samuel J. St. John's 2197
WOODMAN, Robert Wilson New Harbour, Trinity Bay 298
WOODMAN, Thomas B. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 715
WOODWORTH, Arch J. Point Leamington 3261 [Home Guard]
WOODWORTH, Joseph Point Leamington 2752 [Home Guard]
WOOLFREY, Harry Moretons Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 937
WOOLRIDGE, Bert Botwood 1332
WYSE, Anthony Placentia 2277
WYSE, John Placentia 2279
WYSE, Richard Placentia 2278 [Home Guard]

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