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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ T Listing

Service #
TAIT, Ronald Deer Island, Bonavista Bay 2130 [Forces]
TAPLIN, John J. Holyrood ~ Asst/Supt ~ 2nd Lieut. 289 [Home Guard]
TAPPER, Mogue Torbay 2192 [Home Guard]
TARRANT, Charles Botwood 3584
TARRANT, Isadore Lawn 3302 [Home Guard]
TARRANT, Patrick Sr. Lawn ~ 2nd Lieut. 2669 [Home Guard]
TAVENER, Charles Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 1255 [Home Guard]
TAVERNER, Eric G. Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 2350
TAYLOR, Abram Channel 2537 [Forces]
TAYLOR, Albert N. Millerton 1425 [Forces]
TAYLOR, Charles Bear Cove, Harbour Grace 2084
TAYLOR, Charles S. Harbour Grace 2082
TAYLOR, Evorette [sic] Cyril Morrisville, Bay D'Espoir 2603 [Home Guard]
TAYLOR, Herbert St. John's ~ M/F 988 [Home Guard]
TAYLOR, Hugh Grand Falls 191 [Forces]
TAYLOR, John S. Burin Bay Arm 2670
TAYLOR, Kenneth R. Morrisville, Bay D'Espoir ~ Died Overseas 2604
TAYLOR, Maurice J. St. John's ~ C/F ~ Asst/Supt ~ Lieut. 2199 [Home Guard]
TEMPLE, Angus Bishops Falls 1379 [Forces]
TEMPLE, Esau Norman Cove 1597
TEMPLEMAN, Job Bonavista 1645
TEMPLEMAN, John Bonavista 1650 [Forces]
THISTLE, Albert St. John's 646
THISTLE, Harvey Corner Brook 412
THISTLE, Roy Hickmans Harbour, Trinity Bay 1926 [Forces]
THOMAS, Cyril Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1881
THOMPSON, Allan Botwood 1324
THOMPSON, Frank Grand Falls 2747
THOMPSON, Hedley Botwood 1326
THOMPSON, James A. Botwood 1323
THOMPSON, John Botwood 1327
THOMPSON, Lloyd Botwood ~ C/F 1328
THOMPSON, Thorl Botwood 1325
THOMPSON, W. Bay Roberts 3163
THORNE, Adolphus Henry New Harbour, Trinity Bay 705
THORNE, Alfred New Harbour, Trinity Bay 1596
THORNE, Eric Famish Cove, Placentia Bay 920
THORNE, Norman M. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 290 [Forces]
THORNE, Robert J. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 291
THORNHILL, Guy [See photo] St. Albans 3321
THUROIT, David St. Theresa's 2501
TIBBO, Clyde Harbour Breton 2605 [Home Guard]
TIBBS, Frank Trinity, Trinity Bay 1784
TILLEY, Aaron Clarenville 1927 [Home Guard]
TILLEY, Augustus D. Nippers Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2888 [Home Guard]
TILLEY, Basil Clarenville 1924
TILLEY, Earl Kelligrews ~ C/F 1102 [Forces]
TILLEY, Frank Topsail, Conception Bay ~ C/F 374
TILLEY, Fred Southport, Trinity Bay 1880
TILLEY, Gladstone Kelligrews 1104
TILLEY, Lawrence Clarenville 2351 [Home Guard]
TILLEY, Noah Robinsons Station ~ C/F ~ 2nd Lieut. 2522 [Home Guard]
TILLEY, Raymond Kelligrews 1103
TILLEY, Raymond Clarenville 2352 [Home Guard]
TILLEY, William Elliston, Trinity Bay 1646
TILLEY, William G. Bell Island, Conception Bay 376 [Forces]
TIPPETT, Edward Little Catalina 1685
TIPPETT, Nemshi Little Catalina 1684
TIPPLE, F. Bay Roberts 2150
TITFORD, Grant Lawrenceton, Notre Dame Bay 919
TOBIN, Austin Witless Bay 1001
TOBIN, G. Witless Bay 3160
TOBIN, M.J. Witless Bay 3177 [Forces]
TOBIN, Moses Gaskiers, St. Mary's Bay 3108 [Home Guard]
TOBIN, Peter Corner Brook 3026 [Home Guard]
TOBIN, Thomas Fermeuse 1002
TOMS, Willis Springdale 3260
TOOP, Arthur E. Throughfare, Trinity Bay 1925
TOOPE, Alfred Dark Cove, Gambo 1462
TOOPE, Benjamin Current Island, St. Barbe 3460
TOOPE, Isaac Pond Cove, Bug Bay 3459 [Home Guard]
TOOPE. Oliver Plum Point, St. Barbe 2975 [Home Guard]
TORRAVILLE, Ross Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 918
TRACEY, Andrew St. John's 645
TRACEY, Andrew P. Plate Cove, Bonavista Bay 1777
TRASK, Clarence Bonavista 1647 [Forces]
TRASK, Hebet Grand Falls 1186
TRAVERS, R. Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands 3164
TRAVERSE, John Coachmans Cove, Conception Bay 2804 [Home Guard]
TRAVERSE, Wallace Allan Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 3559 [Home Guard]
TREMBLETT, Edward Bonavista 2353 [Home Guard]
TREMBLETT, Frank Bonavista 1649
TREMBLETT, Michael J. North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay 3109
TREMBLETT, Thomas O'Donels, St. Mary's Bay 288
TREMBLETT, Walter Bonavista 1648
TRICCO, John St. John's 375
TRIMM, Arthur New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 1254 [Forces]
TROAKE, Peter Twillingate 917
TROWBRIDGE, John Broad Cove 3110
TUCK, Edwin Bishops Falls 2748
TUCKER, Ebenezer Winterton, Trinity Bay 3230
TUCKER, George Reefs Harbour, St. Barbe 2976
TUCKER, Gordon Bunyans Cove, Bonavista Bay 2354
TUCKER, Henry Reefs Harbour, St. Barbe 2977
TUCKER, James English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1776
TUCKER, Joseph Reefs Harbour, St. Barbe 2978
TUCKER, Josiah Indian Bay, Bonavista Bay 2434 [Forces]
TUCKER, Philip Shoal Cove, St. Barbe 2982 [Home Guard]
TUCKER, Philip Jr. Reefs Harbour, St. Barbe 3461
TUCKER, Stephen Harbour Grace 2083
TULK, Clayton Ladle Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2889
TULK, Clyde Ladle Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2890
TULK, Scott Deer Lake 91 [Forces]
TULK, Simon Ladle Cove, Notre Dame Bay 1424
TURNER, Herbert St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2436 [Forces]
TURNER, Michael St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2435
TURNER, Patrick St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2437
TURNER, Bernard J. St. Lawrence, Placentia Bay 2671 [Forces]

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