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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ J Listing

Service #
JACKMAN, Michael Newbridge, St. Mary's Bay  
JACKMAN, Thomas St. John's 332
JACKSON, Phillip Brigus, Conception Bay 1400[Forces]
JACKSON, Stanley St. John's 333 [Home Guard]
JACOBS, Walter E. Springdale 2851
JACOBS, William Little Hearts Ease, Trinity Bay 1852
JAMES, Albert W. Rencontre East, Fortune Bay 2573
JAMES, John Old Shop, Trinity Bay 1574
JAMES, Norman Corner Brook 49
JAMES, Thomas Georgetown, Conception Bay 2220 [Forces]
JANES, Charles J. Greenspond 2405
JANES, Geoge Codroy 2535
JANES, Gilbert Old Shop, Trinity Bay 246
JANES, Phillip Deer Lake ~ Died Overseas 48
JARVIS, Charles Clarenville, Trinity Bay 1905
JEANS, Millard Bishop Falls 2719
JEANS, Samuel Port aux Basques 2545
JEANS, Walter T. Catalina 1674
JEANS, William Catalina 1673
JEDDORE, John N. Morrisville, Bay D'Espoir 3361 [Home Guard]
JEFFERIES, Bramwell Exploits 811
JEFFREYS, Lloyd Exploits 810 [Forces]
JENKINS, Lewis Twillingate 158 [Home Guard]
JENKINS, Manuel Twillingate 806
JENKINS, Robert G. Twillingate 159
JENKINS, Wilson Twillingate 160
JENNINGS, Ambrose Bridgeport, Notre Dame Bay 807
JENNINGS, Benjamin Twillingate 808
JENNIX, John Port aux Choix 2955 [Forces]
JENSEN, Oscar Harbour Breton 3313 [Home Guard]
JESSEAU, Ernest Windsor 2720
JESTICAN, Samuel Trinity, Trinity 1731
JEWER, Frederick Botwood 2721
JEWER, James J. Botwood 1287
JEWER, John Bishop's Falls 2722
JEWER, Max Botwood 1288
JOE, Michael Conne River 3362
JOE, William Conne River 3363
JOHN, Gregory Conne River 812
JOHN, Lewis E Conne River 3364
JOHN, Louis Glenwood 1352 [Home Guard]
JOHNSTON, Agustus [sic] St. Anthony 3480
JOHNSTON, Arnold Jacques Fontaine 486
JOHNSTON, Gordon Michaels Harbour 809 [Forces][Home Guard]
JOHNSTON, Hugh Jacques Fontaine 2574
JOHNSTON, James Millertown 1398
JOHNSTON, Leslie Jamestown, Bonavista Bay 1807
JOHNSTON, Robert W. Port Rexton 1732
JOHNSTON, Thomas Jacques Fontaine 0485
JONES, Albert Whitbourne 680
JONES, Albert H Trinity East, Trinity Bay 1732
JONES, Eleazer Whitbourne 677
JONES, Frederick Whitbourne 681
JONES, Harry R. Trinity East, Trinity Bay 2319 [Home Guard]
JONES, Heber Moreton's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 813
JONES, Kenneth St. John's 2171
JONES, Lawrence Moreton's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay ~ Camp Foreman 157
JONES, Louis Grand Falls 156
JONES, Sam Corner Brook 402
JONES, Samuel Whitbourne 678
JONES, Walter Whitbourne 679
JONES, Walter Lockston, Trinity Bay 1733
JORDAN, Edward Ferryland 3528
JOY, Richard St. Patrick's, Notre Dame Bay 2852
JUDGE, Hubert Point Verde, Placentia Bay 2258
JUDGE, Patrick Placentia 1996
JUDGE, Rodger Placentia 1990

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