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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ D Listing

Service #
DALEY, Austin J. St. Joseph's, Salmonier 0218
DALEY, Charles F. St. Joseph's, Salmonier 1938
DALEY, Garrett St. Joseph's, Salmonier 3060
DALLEY, Harold Botwood 1281 [Home Guard]
DALLEY, James Twillingate 125
DALLEY, Lei Twillingate 755
DALTON, Daniel Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2011
DALTON, Edward Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2014
DALTON, James Harbour Grace 424
DALTON, James Catalina 1665
DALTON, Ronald Cape Broyle 964
DALTON, Thomas Little Catalina 1664
DALY, Edward Riverhead, St. Mary's Bay 214 [Forces]
DALY, Joseph St. John's 1040
DART, Garfield Exploits 124 [Home Guard]
DAVIS, Brendan F. [Major] Bishop's Falls ~ D/Supt. "A" Co. 3rd Inverness 1532 [Home Guard]
DAVIS, Cecil St. Alban's 2567
DAVIS, Earl K. Glovertown, Bonavista Bay 1474
DAVIS, Harold Norris Arm 1390
DAVIS, Herbert Norris Arm 2828
DAVIS, Leo P. Harbour Grace 2079 [Home Guard]
DAVIS, Richard St. Alban's 3343
DAVIS, Samuel St. Alban's 3344 [Home Guard]
DAVIS, Thomas Fortune Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2829
DAVIS, Thomas St. Mary's, St. Mary's Bay 3061
DAWE, Arthur E. St. John's 1035
DAWE, Clarence Grand Falls 1148
DAWE, Patrick Flatrock 314
DAWE, Philip S. Jackson's Arm, Western Bay 2799
DAWE, Reuben H. Bishop's Falls 2690 [Forces]
DAY, Simeon Little Catalina 1666
DAY, Walter Portugal Cove 313
DAY, William Fred Old Shop, Trinity Bay 219 [Forces]
DEAN, Alfred Botwood 1280 [Forces]
DEAN, Arthur F. Southport, Trinity Bay 1895 [Forces]
DECKER, Emmanuel Baker's Brook, Rocky Harbour 3469
DELANEY, Harold Kelligrews, Conception Bay 1042
DELANEY, Malcolm Broad Cove, Bay de Verde 3135
DEMPSEY, Patrick J. Canada Harbour, Western Bay 2771 [Forces]
DEMPSEY, Joseph St. John's 1034
DENTY, Caleb Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2384
DENTY, Garland Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2385
DENTY, Lewis Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2386
DEVEREAUX, Henry Broad Cove, Bonavista Bay 1706
DEVEREAUX, Nicholas Broad Cove, Bonavista Bay 1707 [Forces]
DEVINE, Patrick St. Mary's, St. Mary's Bay 2691
DEWEY, John Glovertown 1475
DEWLING, Edmund R. Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1704
DEWLING, Esau G. Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1705
DIAMOND, Levi Deer Lake 25
DIAMOND, Nelson Deer Lake 26 [Forces]
DICK, Frank Clarenville 1885
DIDHAM, Edward J. Colinet 1942
DILLON, John Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay 220
DILLON, John St. John's 613
DILLON, Matthew Bishop's Falls  
DINN, Austin J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 217 [Home Guard]
DINN, James Goulds 1036
DINN, Leo Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1941
DINN, Michael J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 3508
DIXON, Stewart Goulds, Brigus 3507
DOBBIN, Brendan B. Port Saunders 2933 [Forces]
DOBBIN, Lawrence St. John's 611
DOBBIN, Pius Port Saunders 2991
DOLLAND, Freeman Nippers Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2830 [Home Guard]
DOLLIMONT, Howard St. Joseph's, Bay D'Espoir 3345
DOLLIMONT, Ralph St. Alban's 3346
DOLLIMONT, Owen St. Joseph's, Bay D'Espoir 2568 [Home Guard]
DOOLEY, Clarence Gambo 1436 [Forces]
DOOLEY, Jack Gambo 1438
DOOLEY, James M. Gambo 1437
DORMODY, John Bay Bulls 966
DOUCETTE, Arthur Port au Port 432
DOUCETTE, Ronald Port au Port 431
DOVE, Abner Twillingate 758
DOVE, Israel Harbour Grace 2062
DOVE, Robert Twillingate 757
DOVE, Stewart Twillingate 756
DOWNER, Malcom Main Point, Gander Bay 759
DOWNEY, Bertram Great Codroy 572 [Forces]
DOWNEY, Cyril J. Colinet 216
DOWNEY, Leo H. Great Codroy 571
DOWNEY, Robert F. Colinet 215 [Forces]
DOWNTON, Oliver Windsor 1149
DOWNTON, Stewart Windsor 1150
DOYLE, Henry New Ferrole, St. Barbe 2931
DOYLE, James New Ferrole, St. Barbe 2932
DOYLE, John St. John's 1037
DRAKE, David Lawn 3271
DRAKE, David J. St. Lawrence 2620
DRAKE, John R. St. Lawrence 2619
DRAKES, John Conne River 3347 [Home Guard]
DREW, John J. Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3348
DREW, Lawrence Bay Bulls 1039
DRODGE, Leander Little Heart's Ease, Trinity Bay 397 [Forces]
DROHAN, W.A. Haricot, St. Mary's Bay 1940 [Home Guard]
DROVER, Albert Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1845
DROVER, Chesley Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1841
DROVER, George Whitbourne 657
DROVER, James Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1840
DROVER, John Whitbourne 656
DROVER, John Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1844
DROVER, John Jr. Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1562
DROVER, Josiah Random, Trinity Bay 27 [Forces]
DROVER, Kenneth Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1536
DROVER, Robert Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1842
DROVER, Willis Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1843 [Forces]
DRUNKEN, James St. John's 312
DRUNKEN, William St. John's 311
DUFFEY, Charles Corner Brook 23 [Forces]
DUFFNEY, Andrew Benoits Cove 24
DUFFNEY, Cecil Lourdes, Port au Port 435 [Forces]
DUFFNEY, Gerard Benoits Cove 28
DUFFNEY, Henry Port au Port 434 [Forces]
DUFFNEY, Leo Lourdes, Port au Port 433 [Home Guard]
DUFFNEY, Norman Benoits Cove 2483
DUGGAN, Martin J. Salmonier, St. Mary's Bay 1937
DUGGAN, Michael St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay 1939
DUGGAN, Peter J. St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay 3509 [Home Guard]
DUMARESQUE, John Forteau, Labrador 3422
DUNN, Robert St. John's 612 [Home Guard]
DUNN, William St. John's 2167 [Forces]
DUNNE, Andrew P. Hopeall, Trinity Bay 655
DUNNE, Patrick Witless Bay 965
DUPHNEY, William West Bay Centre 3589
DURDLE, Henry Bonavista 1616
DURDLE, William S. New Melbourne, Trinity Bay 1208
DWYER, Augustine Fogo 754
DWYER, Frank St. John's 2166
DWYER, James Bell Island 3591
DWYER, Patrick St. John's 1041
DWYER, Walter Norris Arm 1391
DYKE, Isaac D. St. John's 1038

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