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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
4th Contingent P/188868 Tapper, Albert P. Torbay
6th Contingent P/194583 Tarrant, Henry Lawn
Forestry Transfer KX131220 Taylor, Abraham B. Channel
Forestry Transfer 280559 Taylor, Albert N. Millertown
5th Contingent P/188811 Taylor, Alonzo G. Grand Falls
7th Contingent P/200122 Taylor, Anthony EH St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188372 Taylor, Arthur William 132 Duckworth St., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181428 Taylor, Clarence LeRoy 1 Dunford St., St. John's
5th Contingent D/191495 Taylor, Donald A. 70 Barterís Hilll, St. John's
3rd Contingent 181288 Taylor, James* Bristol's Hope
7th Contingent P/200117 Taylor, John A St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200108 Taylor, Otto St. John's
5th Contingent C/188373 Taylor, Raymond 13 Blatch Ave., St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299654 Taylor, Walter Clarke's Beach
10th Contingent 216685 Templeman, Donald Bonavista
5th Contingent P/188789 Tetford, Robert Harbour Grace
5th Contingent P/188795 Thistle, Allan Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
17th Contingent 315756 Thistle, Cyril Roy* 11 Field St., St. Johnís
1st Contingent P/174370 Thistle, Earle Corner Brook
14th Contingent 230183 Thistle, Harvey W Corner Brook
8th Contingent 208860 Thomas, Eric J 65 Freshwater Rd., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181295 Thomas, Gordon Grand Bank
6th Contingent P/194581 Thomas, Peter W* St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216833 Thomey, William L Harbour Grace
11th Contingent 220886 Thompson, William L Coley's Pointt
13th Contingent 248041 Thoms, Frank C Carbonear
  P/KX98870 Thomson, Charles St. John's
16th Contingent 299655 Thorne, Clarence Thornlea, Trinity Bay
14th Contingent JX230169 Thorne, Leonard A Torbay
13th Contingent 248010 Thornhill, Carl R Grand Bank
16th Contingent 299609 Thornhill, Lloyd G Grand Bank
11th Contingent 220969 Thorns, Fred Boydís Cove, Notre Dame Bay
10th Contingent 216723 Tibbo, Hubert M Grand Bank
2nd Contingent 181200 Tilley, Arthur G. Round Harbour, Notre Dame Bay
9th Contingent 211518 Tilley, Clifford HG 40 Field St., St. Johnís
18th Contingent 316665 Tilley, Gladstone Kelligrews
7th Contingent P/200057 Tilley, John Pennywell Rd., St. Johnís
14th Contingent 230254 Tilley, Lewis S Kelligrews
5th Contingent C/188374 Tilley, Louis St. John's
7th Contingent P/200124 Tilley, Richard St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216781 Tilley, Samuel W Round Harbour, Notre Dame Bay
2nd Contingent 181227 Tilley, Victor Kelligrews
8th Contingent 208858 Tilley, Warwick C Grand Falls
2nd Contingent 181193 Tilley, Warwick R. Nipper's Harbour
Forestry Transfer 224443 Tilley, William Bell Island
4th Contingent C/185985 Tilley, William J.R. Little Bay Islands
16th Contingent 299591 Tippett, Gordon S Musgrave Harbour
13th Contingent 248008 Tizzard, John H St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277259 Tobin, Amedic E St. Georgeís
12th Contingent 246703 Tobin, James Oderin
7th Contingent P/200129 Tobin, James J Kilbride
3rd Contingent 181429 Tobin, Leo J. Witless Bay
11th Contingent 221030 Tobin, Martin J. 43 Adelaide St., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208859 Tobin, Michael Western Bay
11th Contingent 220970 Tobin, Michael F Deer Lake
11th Contingent 221029 Tobin, Peter William Placentia
3rd Contingent 181430 Tobin, Ralph Corner Brook
6th Contingent P/194582 Tobin, Richard T Oderin
15th Contingent 277377 Tobin, Vincent P Macklin St., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277343 Toope, Alfred Wm. Dark Cove, Gambo
11th Contingent 220971 Toope, Cyril W Ireland's Eye, Trinity Bay
15th Contingent 277245 Toope, Eliol F British Harbour, Trinity Bay
9th Contingent 211519 Torraville, Reginald A Fogo
16th Contingent 299572 Touchings, Edgar J Francois
11th Contingent 220972 Trabers, Richard Wm. Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
16th Contingent 299621 Traverse, Anthony Joseph* Fleur de Lys
3rd Contingent 181431 Traverse, Jabez William* Corner Brook
3rd Contingent 181309 Tremblett, Albert G. Bonavista
3rd Contingent 181260 Tremblett, Percy Bonavista
1st Contingent P/174391 Trenchard, Edward George Bay Roberts
1st Contingent P/174381 Trerise, William J. Brigus
5th Contingent P/188793 Trickett, Roy Spout Cove, Bay de Verde
4th Contingent D/187440 Trimm, George T. Petries Crossing
2nd Contingent 181327 Trimm, Henry N. Grand Bank
6th Contingent C/195279 Trowbridge, Hector Harbour Buffett
2nd Contingent 181213 Troy, Leo P. Goose Cove, Western Bay
15th Contingent 277345 Tuck, Harold L Bishop's Falls
15th Contingent 277344 Tuck, Joshua Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
12th Contingent 246725 Tucker Roland Cape Onion
15th Contingent 277246 Tucker, Allan C St. Jones
12th Contingent 246724 Tucker, Charles H Ship's Cove, Western Bay
Forestry Transfer 280334 Tucker, George Port Saunders
17th Contingent 315679 Tucker, George St Claire* Bell island
3rd Contingent 181432 Tucker, Gerald Battery Rd., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 280337 Tucker, Henry Port Saunders
17th Contingent 315757 Tucker, Moses St. Philips
11th Contingent 221031 Tucker, Philip Belvedere Lodge, St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216834 Tucker, Wilfred Bell Island
1st Contingent P/174372 Tuff, Benedict St. John's
4th Contingent P/188893 Tuff, Frank P. St. John's
15th Contingent 277378 Tuff, William C Pouch Cove
10th Contingent 216724 Tuff, William F Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
16th Contingent 299562 Tulk, Stephen Port Union
15th Contingent 277247 Turner, Cecil T Happy Adventure
Forestry Transfer 280628 Turner, Hebert St. Brendans
7th Contingent P/200116 Turner, John F St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299581 Turner, Thomas C Happy Adventure
Joined in the U.K. SSX26930 Turpin, Alonzo L. Windsor
17th Contingent 315758 Turpin, John J St. Pierre

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