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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
16th Contingent 299619 Sacrey, Andrew Pacquet
16th Contingent 299620 Sacrey, Gidues P Woodstock, Western Bay
10th Contingent 216681 Saint, Frederick Bonavista
2nd Contingent 181141 Salter, Cecil St. John's
2nd Contingent 181286 Samms, Fred James Codroy
8th Contingent 208982 Samms, James Eric Codroy
15th Contingent 277252 Samms, James Walter Cape Anguille
8th Contingent 208980 Samms, James Wilfred Codroy
17th Contingent 315720 Samms, Maxwell Codroy
Forestry Transfer 242733 Samms, Reginald Codroy
2nd Contingent 181345 Sampson, Michael Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay
2nd Contingent 181252 Sampson, William J. Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211513 Samson, Clayton Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
8th Contingent 208856 Samson, Daniel Outer Battery, St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246638 Samson, Gilbert Outer Battery, St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277331 Samson, Lloyd F Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
3rd Contingent 181421 Samson, Thomas* Brig Bay, St. Barbe
5th Contingent P/188841 Samway George Roy Shearstown
4th Contingent C/185984 Sanger, Alexander W Grand Falls
Forestry Transfer 265423 Sanger, Walter Corner Brook
Forestry Transfer 280029 Sanson, Oswald Monroe
7th Contingent P/200063 Saunders, Beatty Blackhead Rd., St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200067 Saunders, Douglas St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246639 Saunders, Douglas M 38 Powers, St. Johnís
7th Contingent C/204813 Saunders, Edwin St. Johnís
18th Contingent 316628 Saunders, Eli J Deer Lake
Forestry Transfer 280013 Saunders, James Badger
Forestry Transfer 203618 Saunders, Oliver Herring Neck
4th Contingent P/188908 Saunders, Plemon Herring Neck
13th Contingent 248016 Saunders, Stanley 369 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277332 Saunders, Thomas G Greenspond
10th Contingent 216777 Saunders, William Leading Tickles
7th Contingent P/200099 Saunders, Wm Charles Long Pond, Manuels
12th Contingent 246702 Savory, Noel Belleoram
6th Contingent C/195256 Sceans, Robert C St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216682 Sceviour, Frank British Harbour, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer FX605731 Sceviour, Harold Exploits, Notre Dame Bay
14th Contingent 230245 Scott, Albert Mose Ambrose Fortune Bay
7th Contingent C/204799 Scott, Jacob A Grand Falls
9th Contingent 211569 Scott, John S Upper Gullies, Conception Bay
16th Contingent 299575 Scott, Ralph Corner Brook
12th Contingent 246647 Scott, Samuel G Upper Gullies, Conception Bay
5th Contingent D/191504 Searle, Benjamin G Bell Island
12th Contingent 246640 Sears, Basil 40 Stephen St., St. Johnís
14th Contingent 230160 Sears, Cyril J 3 Howe Pl. St. John's
Forestry Transfer 225715 Seaward, Charles Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
5th Contingent C/188379 Seaward, Frank J. 41 Goodview St., St. Johnís
5th Contingent D/191531 Seaward, Lloyd Clarenville
17th Contingent 315721 Seaward, Ronald Clarenville
17th Contingent 315754 Sellars, Harold* 11 Macklin St., St. Johnís
13th Contingent 248020 Sellars, Harvey I Bell Island
8th Contingent 208977 Sellars, Roy P 15 Blatch Ave., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188378 Sellars, Samuel M 22 Blatch Ave., St. Johnís
6th Contingent C/195263 Sellars, Wilson Western Bay
10th Contingent 216717 Senior, Adolphus H Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
18th Contingent 316629 Seward, Bernard Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay
6th Contingent D/202001 Sexton, Chesley Corner Brook
17th Contingent 315755 Sexton, Harold* Topsail
7th Contingent P/200125 Sexton, Leslie R Topsail
2nd Contingent 181230 Sharpe, Arthur J. Bonavista
12th Contingent 246641 Sharpe, Boyce C South Brook
1st Contingent P/174359 Sharpe, Hubert Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer KX1159212 Sharpe, Thomas Kelligrews
4th Contingent P/188927 Sharpe, William* 99 New Gower St., St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216778 Shave, Charles P Harbour Buffett
9th Contingent 211575 Shaw, Henry W Blackhead Rd., St. Johnís
11th Contingent 221025 Shea, Ambrose Pouch Cove
12th Contingent 246642 Shea, Edward F Pouch Cove
9th Contingent 211577 Shea, Gerald Fleur de Lys
18th Contingent 316630 Shea, James J Bell Island
Forestry Transfer 280767 Shea, Joseph Fleur de Lys
3rd Contingent 181698 Shea, Michael Georgetown, Brigus
4th Contingent D/187461 Shea, William* Georgetown, Brigus
15th Contingent 277333 Shears, Roland C Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay
11th Contingent 220965 Shears, Walter B Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay
5th Contingent P/188821 Sheppard, Archibald M Corner Brook
14th Contingent 230235 Sheppard, Arthur St. Brendans, Placentia Bay
18th Contingent 316657 Sheppard, Arthur J Grand Falls
12th Contingent 246646 Sheppard, Baxter Indian Island, Fogo
Forestry Transfer 256171 Sheppard, Cornelius Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
14th Contingent 230234 Sheppard, Fred Marshall* Grand Falls
12th Contingent 246645 Sheppard, Frederick T Sandy Point, Bay St. George
4th Contingent P/188888 Sheppard, George S Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
4th Contingent P/188904 Sheppard, Gordon Corner Brook
3rd Contingent 181422 Sheppard, Gordon K 84 Mayor Ave., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181423 Sheppard, Heber Brig Bay, St. Barbe
18th Contingent 316631 Sheppard, John HB Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
3rd Contingent 181263 Sheppard, Norman C Catalina
12th Contingent 246643 Sheppard, Oliver J Badger's Quay
14th Contingent 230107 Sheppard, Ralph Rencontre East
12th Contingent 246644 Sheppard, Raymond C 23 Franklin Ave., St. Johnís
4th Contingent 194712 Sheppard, Reginald* Grand Falls
16th Contingent 299576 Sheppard, Ronald R Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
6th Contingent P/194580 Sheppard, Samuel A Rencontre East
8th Contingent 208978 Sheppard, Victor Spaniard' s Bay
13th Contingent 248014 Sheppard, William H Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
7th Contingent P/200119 Sheppard, William J Mundy Pond, St. Johnís
13th Contingent 248015 Shields, James H St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277258 Short, Harold K Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
12th Contingent 246649 Simmons, Arthur D Shaw St., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 280521 Simmons, Cyril Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
2nd Contingent 181223 Simms, Alexander St. Anthony
2nd Contingent 181234 Simms, Ernest Twillingate
12th Contingent 246720 Simms, Francis B St. Anthony
9th Contingent 211511 Simms, Reuben J St. Anthony
2nd Contingent 181221 Simms, Robert Arthur C.* St. Anthony
2nd Contingent 181233 Singleton, Richard Salmonier
5th Contingent P/188798 Sinyard, Clement Heart's Content
8th Contingent 208981 Skanes, Freeman Bell Island
13th Contingent 248021 Skanes, George M Bell Island
5th Contingent D/191505 Skanes, Gerald Bell Island
12th Contingent 246681 Skanes, Gerald B Bell Island
1st Contingent P/174366 Skanes, Lemuel* Bell Island
18th Contingent 316632 Skanes, Robert M Bell Island
12th Contingent 246648 Skeard, George P Buchans
4th Contingent D/187466 Skehens, William Clarke's Beach
14th Contingent 230161 Skiffington, Gerald A 20 Colonial St., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181209 Skiffington, Howard Bonavista
2nd Contingent 181247 Skiffington, Rex Musgravetown
2nd Contingent 181299 Skinner, Cecil Harbour Breton
10th Contingent 216718 Skinner, Elgar J Rose Blanche
14th Contingent 230233 Skinner, Jesse L Grand Falls
10th Contingent 216719 Skinner, Walter Grand Bank
5th Contingent P/188801 Slade, Harry Salmon Cove, Carbonear
10th Contingent 216779 Slade, Richard AW Spencer's Cove, Placentia Bay
7th Contingent C/204781 Slade, William F Western Bay
13th Contingent 248012 Small, Arthur L.J. Tizzard's Harbour
15th Contingent 277334 Small, Ellwood B Moreton's Harbour
8th Contingent 208857 Smallwood, Augustus Southside, St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299637 Smart, Wilson J Indian Cove, Herring Neck
11th Contingent 220881 Smith, Arnold E Bishopís Cove, Conception Bay
10th Contingent 216683 Smith, Chesley Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay
14th Contingent 230162 Smith, Clarence 22 Bond St., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 280020 Smith, Claude Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
6th Contingent C/195281 Smith, Corbett Spaniard's Bay
11th Contingent 220882 Smith, Donald R Bishopís Cove, Conception Bay
12th Contingent 246721 Smith, Edward N.R.* St. Anthony
4th Contingent C/186011 Smith, George H Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
1st Contingent P/174384 Smith, Herbert Southport, Trinity Bay
7th Contingent C/204801 Smith, Jacob Tilton, Conception Bay
Forestry Transfer 258897 Smith, James Conception Bay
8th Contingent 208854 Smith, James R Buchans
7th Contingent C/204811 Smith, John Tilton, Conception Bay
12th Contingent 246561 Smith, Lawrence Sunnyside, Trinity Bay
11th Contingent 220966 Smith, Maxwell A Elliott's Cove, Trinity Bay
1st Contingent P/174395 Smith, Melvin Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
10th Contingent 216684 Smith, Moses S Butter Cove, Bonavista Bay
11th Contingent 221026 Smith, Patrick B Argentia
2nd Contingent 181201 Smith, Robert Twillingate
14th Contingent 230248 Smith, Roland H* Bishopís Cove, Conception Bay
17th Contingent 315722 Smith, Ronald* Windsor
Forestry Transfer 280263 Smith, Stanley Corner Brook
18th Contingent 316602 Smith, Thomas Chance Cove, Trinity Bay
18th Contingent 316603 Smith, William Chance Cove, Trinity Bay
15th Contingent 277335 Smith, William C Spaniard's Bay
5th Contingent P/188830 Smith, William T Sunnyside, Trinity Bay
16th Contingent 299605 Snook, Henry St. Albans
13th Contingent 248038 Snooks, Ernest Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
Forestry Transfer 212489 Snooks, William* Cox's Cove, Bay of Islands
9th Contingent 211573 Snow, Albert G Campbellton, Notre Dame Bay
9th Contingent 211576 Snow, Albert W Moreton's Harbour
11th Contingent 220967 Snow, Charles Norris Point, Bonne Bay
11th Contingent 220885 Snow, Donald D* Bay Roberts
  211370 Snow, Edward Leslie St., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277337 Snow, Edward AA Bay Roberts
8th Contingent 209000 Snow, Edward C Howley
1st Contingent P/174362 Snow, Edward L. Bay Roberts
9th Contingent 211570 Snow, Edward W Leslie St., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211515 Snow, Frederick S Horwood, Notre Dame Bay
5th Contingent P/188844 Snow, Gordon Gerald Clarke's Beach
8th Contingent 208979 Snow, Henry Harbour Grace
11th Contingent C/220968 Snow, Herbert R 27 Memorial, Grand Falls
13th Contingent 248032 Snow, Howard L 23 Cook St., St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200107 Snow, John T St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216829 Snow, Mark Carbonear
13th Contingent 248040 Snow, Marmaduke WSC, Buchans
17th Contingent 315678 Snow, Ronald J Bell Island
14th Contingent 230100 Snow, Wallace L Bay Roberts
15th Contingent 277336 Snow, Warwick NB Lewisporte
3rd Contingent 181697 Snow, Willis Coleyís Point
  282697 Snow, Willis Coley's Point
8th Contingent 208855 Solo, Austin Jr Corner Brook
5th Contingent P/188820 Solo, Hasan M Corner Brook
10th Contingent 216840 Somerton, Charles Portugal Cove
3rd Contingent 181425 Somerton, Edgar E Portugal Cove
4th Contingent P/188864 Somerton, Herbert A Portugal Cove
2nd Contingent 181150 Somerton, Michael L Portugal Cove
10th Contingent 216841 Somerton, Peter Portugal Cove
4th Contingent P/188894 Somerton, Raymond Portugal Cove
3rd Contingent 181424 Somerton, Samuel C Portugal Cove
3rd Contingent 183015 Somerton, William J Portugal Cove
15th Contingent 277338 Sooley, Bernard F Heart's Delight
13th Contingent 248013 Soper, Fred H Bonavista
4th Contingent P/188934 Soper, Moses Corner Brook
5th Contingent D/191489 Sparkes, Bertram B St. John's
13th Contingent 248011 Sparkes, George R Outer Battery, St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181315 Sparkes, Hedley Sibley's Cove, Trinity Bay
11th Contingent 221027 Sparkes, Robert A 201 LeMarchant Rd., St. John's
7th Contingent C/204823 Sparkes, Roy Georgetown, Brigus
Forestry Transfer 217873 Sparkes, Wesley Georgetown, Brigus
7th Contingent D/201735 Sparrow, Benedict Argentia
2nd Contingent 181235 Spencer, Arthur G Twillingate
1st Contingent P/174375 Spencer, Fred 10 Calver, St. John's
10th Contingent 216720 Spencer, George R Cul de Sac
15th Contingent 277339 Spencer, James M Morrisville
16th Contingent 299608 Spencer, John H Fortune
7th Contingent D/201699 Spencer, Matthew* Corner Brook
14th Contingent 230232 Spracklin, Ernest Brigus
14th Contingent 230240 Spracklin, Harold F Seal Cove, Conception Bay
13th Contingent 247962 Spratt, Herbert A St. Johnís
5th Contingent P/188823 Spurrell, Arthur Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay
3rd Contingent 181696 Spurrell, Douglas G Coley's Point
7th Contingent D/201736 Spurvey, Matthew Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay
4th Contingent P/188891 Squires, Albert St. Phillips
3rd Contingent 181259 Squires, Allen J. Sibley's Cove, Trinity Bay
1st Contingent P/174350 Squires, Arthur St. Phillips
14th Contingent 230163 Squires, Arthur E St. Philips
1st Contingent P/174347 Squires, Clarence Chamberlains
6th Contingent P/194578 Squires, David J St. Johnís
1st Contingent P/174364 Squires, Fred R. St. John's
7th Contingent D/201712 Squires, George Bonavista
5th Contingent C/188369 Squires, George Malcolm Topsail
9th Contingent 211578 Squires, Harvey St. Phillips
1st Contingent P/174361 Squires, Henry George* Old Perlican
1st Contingent P/174352 Squires, Herbert St. Phillips
1st Contingent P/174356 Squires, Joseph F. Upper Gullies, Conception Bay
14th Contingent 230164 Squires, Richard W St. Philips
1st Contingent P/174354 Squires, Robert St. Phillips
3rd Contingent 181426 Squires, Thomas St. Phillips
2nd Contingent 181336 St. Croix, Alfred Point Le Haye
10th Contingent 216722 Stacey, Leslie J* Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
10th Contingent 216721 Stacey, Stanley E Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
14th Contingent 230165 Stack, Frederick Petty Harbour
14th Contingent 230166 Stack, William M Petty Harbour
3rd Contingent 181323 Stagg, Anthony Catalina
Forestry Transfer 218044 Stagg, EpHarbouriam Catalina
9th Contingent 211572 Stamp, Gerald G 82 Brazil St., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188371 Stamp, James Joseph* Upper Battery, St. John's
10th Contingent 216842 Stamp, Patrick J Top Battery, St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211541 Stanfield, Arthur Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay
9th Contingent 211571 Stanley, William F Kilbride Rd., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188370 Stansbury, Cecil* 22 Duckworth St., St. Johnís
5th Contingent P/188832 Stares, Euan Meshack* Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay
5th Contingent P/188831 Stares, Neville T. Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay
15th Contingent 277340 Starkes, Albert J Nipper's Harbour
10th Contingent 216780 Starkes, Arthur S Nipper's Harbour
13th Contingent 248009 Starkes, Charles J 26 Field St., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181427 Starkes, Henry James 6 Knight St., St. John's
2nd Contingent 181198 Starkes, Willis L Nipper's Harbour
5th Contingent P/188842 Stead, Dugald Catalina
9th Contingent 211512 Steele, Gordon E Musgrave Harbour
Joined in the U.K.   Steele, Owen [S/Lt.] St. John's
5th Contingent D/191510 Stein, Bernard Grand Falls
5th Contingent P/188828 Stein, Gerald Grand Falls
1st Contingent P/174242 Stephenson, Charles Wm St. Johnís
1st Contingent P/174378 Stephenson, W. John Mobile
15th Contingent 277341 Stickland, Harvey M Burgeo
15th Contingent 277342 Stickland, Joseph W Burgeo
5th Contingent P/188788 Stirling, Clarence H. Harbour Grace
Forestry Transfer 218327 Stockley, Stanley J. Twillingate
5th Contingent D/191528 Stockley, Thomas M. Botwood
12th Contingent 246650 Stockwood, Allan G 233 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246722 Stone, Bede Gardiner Henley Harbour, Labrador
7th Contingent D/201700 Stone, Charles H Curling
13th Contingent 248051 Stone, Hubert Cecil* Windsor
4th Contingent C/187456 Stone, James A.* 25 Goodridge St., St. John's
18th Contingent 316633 Stone, Theodore Deer Lake
13th Contingent 248029 Stoodley, Frank Grand Bank
Forestry Transfer FX84640? Storey, J.Colin G. St. John's
12th Contingent 246723 Strangemore, Everton St. Anthony
3rd Contingent 181669 Strickland, Joseph W. Port aux Basques
5th Contingent P/188843 Strickland, Moses W. Spaniard's Bay
17th Contingent 315737 Stride, Garland Baie Verte
Forestry Transfer 216864 Stringer, Isiah* Hodges Cove
5th Contingent P/188827 Stringer, Lester Hodges Cove
12th Contingent 246651 Strong, Colin A Little Bay Islands
9th Contingent 211574 Strong, Henry G Little Heart's Ease
2nd Contingent 181186 Strong, Howard W. Little Bay Islands
12th Contingent 246652 Strong, Maxwell Little Bay Islands
5th Contingent D/191534 Stroud, Cleves A. Windsor
6th Contingent P/194579 Strowbridge, Alfred J Point Rosie
2nd Contingent 181155 Stuckey, Herbert* Herring Neck
2nd Contingent 181043 Stuckless, Alfred C. Tizzard's Harbour
16th Contingent 299638 Stuckless, Frederick W Twillingate
Forestry Transfer KX144117 Sullivan, Archibald Pouch Cove
7th Contingent P/200123 Sullivan, Edward Pouch Cove
Joined in the U.K. D/JX19875A Sullivan, Edward P.  
14th Contingent 230167 Sullivan, Harold Pouch Cove
2nd Contingent 181044 Sullivan, Joshua Pouch Cove
12th Contingent 246653 Sullivan, Richard F 12 McFarlane St., St. Johnís
14th Contingent 230231 Sullivan, Ronald Grand Falls
1st Contingent P/174358 Sullivan, Suley, Joseph Whitbourne
14th Contingent 230168 Summers, Patrick S Torbay Rd., St. Johnís
6th Contingent C/195262 Sutton, Charles Victoria, Carbonear
7th Contingent D/201733 Sutton, Richard Lance au Loup
3rd Contingent 181682 Sweeney, Alphonsus J. Bell Island
11th Contingent 221028 Sweeney, James Joseph* 15 Woods Range
18th Contingent 316634 Sweeney, James K Bell Island
16th Contingent 299567 Sweeney, John Patrick* Bell Island
10th Contingent 216830 Sweeney, Norbert A. Bell Island
Forestry Transfer 217853 Sweeney, William Ferryland
3rd Contingent 181314 Sweetapple, Geo. Ches. Glovertown
7th Contingent P/200088 Sweetapple, Gideon St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211517 Sweetland, Harry M Bonavista
9th Contingent 211516 Symmonds, Garfield* Bonne Bay

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