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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
5th Contingent P/188822 Raines, Richard C. Corner Brook
15th Contingent 277323 Ralph, Donald Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
15th Contingent 277322 Ralph, Percy L Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
Joined in the U.K. JX280942 Randell, Arthur G.  
3rd Contingent 181420 Randell, James Bonavista
Forestry Transfer 280225 Randell, John B. Port Rexton
11th Contingent 220961 Randell, Leslie B Twillingate
7th Contingent D/201694 Randell, Lloyd D Corner Brook
13th Contingent 248030 Randell, William P Grand Falls
11th Contingent 221021 Raymond, William Goulds
4th Contingent D/187463 Reader, Montague Bell Island
14th Contingent 230158 Reardigan, Michael F 33 Bannerman St., St. Johnís
10th Contingent C/216658 Reardon, Anthony X Goose Cove, Western Bay
7th Contingent P/200061 Reardon, Frank B St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216659 Reardon, James F Goose Cove, Western Bay
12th Contingent 246633 Reardon, William 8 Stewart St., St. Johnís
7th Contingent D/201741 Reddigan, Joseph Calvert
10th Contingent 216824 Reddy, Patrick Richard* Harbour Grace
7th Contingent C/204785 Reed, Edward M St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211510 Reelis, Harold F Torbay Rd., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208976 Rees, Charles Bell Island
18th Contingent 316627 Rees, Charles M Bell Island
16th Contingent 299565 Rees, Eldred Bell Island
17th Contingent 315764 Rees, John C Bell Island
17th Contingent 315677 Rees, Walter L Bell Island
1st Contingent P/174393 Reid, Aaron H.* Whitbourne
4th Contingent C/186009 Reid, Albert Upper Island Cove
5th Contingent D/191518 Reid, Ambrose Sunnyside, Trinity Bay
10th Contingent 216769 Reid, Ambrose T Harbour Buffett
3rd Contingent 181308 Reid, Edmund Dildo
2nd Contingent 181294 Reid, Edward J. Marystown
Forestry Transfer 242391 Reid, Elwood Codroy
Forestry Transfer 228066 Reid, John N. Codroy
1st Contingent P/174385 Reid, John William Bell Island
13th Contingent 248039 Reid, Kenneth B Fosterís Point, Trinity Bay
14th Contingent 230184 Reid, Leonard BK Corner Brook
9th Contingent 211508 Reid, Levi F Ireland's Bight, White Bay
15th Contingent C/277325 Reid, Louis J Heartís Delight
15th Contingent 277324 Reid, Sidney T Corner Brook
14th Contingent 230206 Reid, William J Little Catalina
14th Contingent 230241 Reid, William J Marystown
Forestry Transfer KX124981 Reid, William T. Codroy
9th Contingent 211500 Rendell, Augustus William* Redcliffe, Bonavista Bay
7th Contingent C/204794 Rendell, Edwin W Heart's Content
11th Contingent 220962 Rendell, George H Barríd Island, St. Barbe
Joined in the U.K. C/JX186812 Rennie, Graham St. John's
Forestry Transfer 228065 Renouf, Llewellyn St. David's
8th Contingent 208973 Reynolds, Harold J Caplin Cove, Bay de Verde
6th Contingent C/195261 Reynolds, Norman Bell Island
16th Contingent 299631 Reynolds, Robert J Caplin Cove, Bay de Verde
18th Contingent 316664 Rice, Jeremiah F Major's Path, St. Johnís
11th Contingent 221022 Rice, John R Bay Bulls
9th Contingent KX112757 Richards, Allan 69 Golf Ave., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181687 Richards, Arthur J.* St. Anthony
7th Contingent C/204814 Richards, Henry Bareneed, Conception Bay
1st Contingent P/174394 Richards, Herman Bareneed, Conception Bay
14th Contingent 230098 Richards, John E Bareneed, Conception Bay
8th Contingent 208996 Richards, William 39 Spencer St., St. Johnís
4th Contingent 231286 Richards, William C. Bareneed, Conception Bay
9th Contingent 211504 Richardson, Arthur C 30 Warbury St., St. Johnís
1st Contingent P/174363 Richardson, Francis* St. John's
14th Contingent 230217 Ricketts, William A Winterbrook, Bonavista Bay
9th Contingent 211503 Ride, Ernest Pilley's Island, Corner Brook
7th Contingent P/200059 Rideout, Alexander J Foxtrap, Conception Bay
9th Contingent 211497 Rideout, Edward Long Pond, Manuels
Joined in the U.K. FX77417 Rideout, Ernest [F.A.A.] Upper Humber
9th Contingent 211507 Rideout, Hiram Mark Indian Cove, Notre Dame Bay
12th Contingent 246634 Rideout, Hiram T Indian Cove, Notre Dame Bay
12th Contingent 246635 Rideout, Hubert T Beaumont, Notre Dame Bay
10th Contingent 216770 Rideout, James A Twillingate
15th Contingent 277376 Rideout, James D Long Pond, Manuels
17th Contingent 315752 Rideout, Peter J Long Pond, Manuels
7th Contingent P/200086 Rideout, Philip E St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277326 Rideout, Raymond Corner Brook
2nd Contingent 181280 Rideout, Sandy W. Moreton's Harbour
8th Contingent 208997 Rideout, Sidney* Moreton's Harbour
8th Contingent 208972 Rideout, Walter J Bishop's Falls
  P/KX98864 Rideout, William K. Foxtrap, Conception Bay
1st Contingent P/174371 Riggs, Harrison K. Bay de Verde
3rd Contingent 181258 Riggs, Leonard Bay de Verde
2nd Contingent 181170 Ritcey, John S. Rodney Street, St. John's
15th Contingent 277244 Roach, Cyril J Glovertown
11th Contingent 221023 Roache, James Topsail
9th Contingent 211495 Robbins, Eleazar Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay
2nd Contingent 181195 Robbins, Frederick St. John's
7th Contingent P/200082 Robbins, James A St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216771 Roberts, Andrew McL Twillingate
Forestry Transfer 281022 Roberts, Daniel Newtown, Bonavista Bay
4th Contingent D/187470 Roberts, George H.* Spaniard's Bay
1st Contingent   Roberts, Herbert Brigus
15th Contingent 277327 Roberts, James H Brigus
17th Contingent 315753 Roberts, James S 113 Long's Hill, St. Johnís
13th Contingent 248018 Roberts, Joseph G Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
5th Contingent P/188819 Roberts, Malcolm B. Corner Brook
8th Contingent 208998 Roberts, Maxwell JJ 113 Long's Hill, St. Johnís
13th Contingent 248017 Roberts, Melvin M Grand Falls
Forestry Transfer 280774 Roberts, Percy Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay
9th Contingent 211498 Roberts, Roland A Bonne Bay
4th Contingent D/187462 Roberts, Thomas Spaniard's Bay
11th Contingent 220963 Robinson, George R Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
4th Contingent P/188911 Robinson, Llewellyn F Deer Lake
3rd Contingent 181665 Roche, Francis J.* Branch
5th Contingent P/188818 Roche, Lawrence Placentia
1st Contingent P/174392 Roche, Leo Branch
Joined in the U.K. P/JX570230 Rockwood, Hayward Heart's Content
8th Contingent 208974 Rockwood, John E Heart's Content
10th Contingent 216826 Rockwood, Marcus J Heart's Content
15th Contingent 277328 Rockwood, Stuart Heart's Content
1st Contingent P/174373 Rockwood, Walter R. Whitbourne
1st Contingent P/174360 Rodgers, Foster St. John's
14th Contingent 230159 Rodgers, Harold 47 Stephen St., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277329 Rodgers, Kenneth Wesleyville
8th Contingent 208999 Rodgers, Peter Torbay
3rd Contingent 181306 Rodgers, William Brownsdale, Trinity Bay
6th Contingent P/194577 Rodgers, William J St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216733 Rodway, Victor J Kingswell, Placentia Bay
15th Contingent 277330 Rogers, Christopher Newport Harbour, Bonavista Bay
12th Contingent 246679 Rogers, Elijah Old Perlican
16th Contingent 299589 Rogers, Frederick Fair Island, Bonavista Bay
6th Contingent P/194575 Rogers, Gilbert Grand Bank
4th Contingent C/185982 Rogers, James H. Foster's Point, Random
4th Contingent P/188689 Rogers, Joseph M. St. John's
Forestry Transfer 218358 Rogers, Raymond Durrell's, Twillingate
16th Contingent 299590 Rogers, Robert Fair Island, Bonavista Bay
12th Contingent 246680 Rogers, Stanley G Old Perlican
16th Contingent 299588 Rogers, Stephen Paul's Island, Bonavista Bay
14th Contingent 230126 Roland, William P 62 Colonial St., St. Johnís
18th Contingent 316663 Rollings, Albert E 117 Craigmillar Ave., St. Johnís
4th Contingent P/188689 Roper, Joseph M St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299566 Rose, Albert G Bell Island
10th Contingent 216825 Rose, Alfred L Bell Island
8th Contingent 208995 Rose, Bernard St. Johnís
6th Contingent P/194574 Rose, George S* Little Bay West, Fortune Bay
4th Contingent C/186010 Rose, John A. Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
6th Contingent P/194576 Rose, Myril Belleoram
4th Contingent D/187455 Rose, Pleman Bell Island
14th Contingent 230099 Rose, Seymour Georgetown, Brigus
2nd Contingent 181253 Rose, Winston J. Burgeo
12th Contingent 246636 Ross, Malcolm Percy* Quidi Vidi Rd., St. Johnís
1st Contingent P/174357 Rotchford, Michael Conception Harbour
12th Contingent 246637 Rowbottom, G Dunfield Lushís Bight, Notre Dame Bay
14th Contingent 230250 Rowe, Allan Whiteway Trinity Bay
9th Contingent 211499 Rowe, Daniel Long Pond Rd., St. Johnís
1st Contingent P/174388 Rowe, Dominic Point Verde, Placentia Bay
8th Contingent 208994 Rowe, Eric Stocker 14 Beaumont St., St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216774 Rowe, Harold Grand Falls
7th Contingent C/204787 Rowe, Hedley John* Whiteway, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent P/188876 Rowe, James A. 25 Cook St., St. Johnís
7th Contingent C/204783 Rowe, Selwyn R Heart's Content
7th Contingent C/204786 Rowe, Wilfred C Whiteway, Trinity Bay
5th Contingent P/188800 Rowe, William J. Winterton, Trinity Bay
16th Contingent 299574 Rowsell, Frederick L Corner Brook
14th Contingent 230236 Rowsell, Frederick S Millertown
10th Contingent 216772 Rowsell, Gordon W Grand Falls
9th Contingent 211506 Rowsell, Kenneth A Pilley's Island, Corner Brook
11th Contingent 220964 Rowsell, Richard T. Leading Tickles
13th Contingent 248019 Ruby, Richard TK Ruby Line, Goulds
Forestry Transfer 280508 Rumbolt, Austin Port aux Choix
Forestry Transfer 280566 Rumbolt, Jerome Port aux Choix
7th Contingent D/201707 Russell, Alex M Winterbrook, Bonavista Bay
5th Contingent P/188809 Russell, Clifford P. Bay Roberts
  248037 Russell, Clifford William Grand Falls
13th Contingent 249037 Russell, Clifford WP Grand Falls
10th Contingent 216680 Russell, Hubert G Southern Bay, Placentia Bay
10th Contingent 216679 Russell, James Bonavista
17th Contingent 315719 Russell, Llewellyn G Horwood, Notre Dame Bay
2nd Contingent 181140 Russell, Walter Bonavista
10th Contingent 216827 Russell, Walter H Bay Roberts
4th Contingent P/188886 Ryall, Patrick Joseph* 23 Brazil St., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181684 Ryan, Augustus

Torbay †

10th Contingent 216775 Ryan, Daniel J Aquaforte
9th Contingent 211509 Ryan, David Princeton, Bonavista Bay
10th Contingent 216828 Ryan, Edward F Spaniard's Bay
1st Contingent P/174348 Ryan, Frank J. Ferryland
1st Contingent P/174353 Ryan, Gerald P. Holyrood
2nd Contingent 181197 Ryan, Hayward A. Nipperís Harbour
10th Contingent 216776 Ryan, Henry J Aquaforte
2nd Contingent 181016 Ryan, Henry* Pouch Cove
2nd Contingent 181017 Ryan, John J. St. Mary's
16th Contingent 299601 Ryan, Lawrence J Riverhead, St. Mary's
4th Contingent D/187453 Ryan, Maxwell  
6th Contingent C/195282 Ryan, Michael Colliers, Conception Bay
7th Contingent C/204800 Ryan, Michael* Marysvale, Conception Bay
11th Contingent 221024 Ryan, Patrick C Red Island, Placentia Bay
Forestry Transfer 241996 Ryan, Patrick T. Plate Cove, Bonavista Bay
5th Contingent D/191506 Ryan, Peter R. Aquaforte
4th Contingent C/185983 Ryan, Raymond S. Buchans
8th Contingent 208975 Ryan, Richard* Spaniard's Bay
9th Contingent 211502 Ryan, Wallace G Round Harbour, Notre Dame Bay
9th Contingent 211501 Ryan, William J Bell Island

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