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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
5th Contingent C/188383 Oakley, Austin L. 29 Raleigh St., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211446 Oakley, Darius M Greenspond
4th Contingent C/186005 Oates, Eben Carbonear
15th Contingent 277357 Oates, William L Fermeuse
7th Contingent P/200076 O'Brien, Albert P Topsail
7th Contingent D/201722 O'Brien, Aliston Bell Island
4th Contingent D/187446 O'Brien, Austin Cape Broyle Harbour
8th Contingent 208968 O'Brien, Bertram F 1 Bond St., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188380 O'Brien, Cornelius P. St. John's
3rd Contingent 181096 O'Brien, Denis F. 10 Signal Hill, St. John's
5th Contingent C/188381 O'Brien, Frederic C. St. John's
10th Contingent 216817 O'Brien, Frederick J Bell Island
5th Contingent D/191502 O'Brien, James B. Bell Island
3rd Contingent 181095 O'Brien, Maurice J.* 10 Signal Hill, St. John's
14th Contingent 230154 O'Brien, Richard J Wishingwell Rd., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246627 O'Brien, William P Ferryland
3rd Contingent 181097 O'Connell, Arthur* Petries
8th Contingent 208832 O'Dwyer, Michael J Northern Bay
Forestry Transfer 212486 Ogden, Michael Fogo
7th Contingent C/204817 Oke, Frederick Corner Brook
5th Contingent 194607 O'Keefe, Albert Ferryland
6th Contingent C/195254 O'Keefe, James M St. Johnís
17th Contingent 315751 O'Keefe, John J Codroy
1st Contingent 181098 O'Keefe, Ronald [Group Photo] Humbermouth
9th Contingent 211445 Oldford, Augustus A* Redcliffe, Bonavista Bay
5th Contingent P/188817 Oldford, Kador Elliston, Trinity Bay
5th Contingent C/188375 O'Leary, Leo Francis 10 Knight St., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246718 Ollerhead, Roland C Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay
12th Contingent 246558 O'Neil, Edward P Sweet Bay, Bonavista Bay
7th Contingent C/204821 O'Neil, Henry* Corner Brook
13th Contingent 248047 O'Neill, Patrick A Conche
Joined in the U.K. KX122035 O'Quinn, George  
14th Contingent 230188 Oram, Nelson H Corner Brook
13th Contingent 247987 O'Reilly, Bernard Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay
2nd Contingent 181276 O'Reilly, Desmond J. St. George's
9th Contingent 211447 Organ, Hayward A Lomond
9th Contingent 211505 O'Rourke, Bartholomew Branch
3rd Contingent 181667 O'Rourke, Michael Branch
3rd Contingent 181313 Osbourne, Eli Bishop's Falls
6th Contingent D/202027 Osbourne, Frank Buchans
3rd Contingent 181670 Osmond, Cecil Port aux Basques
16th Contingent 299617 Osmond, Gordon R Sops Arm
Forestry Transfer 280376 Osmond, Isaac G.* Channel
Forestry Transfer 280399 Osmond, Peter Greenspond
11th Contingent 221019 Osmond, Ralph H 2 Gill St., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211448 Osmond, Ronald R  
Forestry Transfer 530135 Osmond, Wilson Jersey Harbour, Fortune Bay
7th Contingent C/204796 O'Toole, Thomas V* Conception Harbour
4th Contingent D/187457 O'Toole, Timothy Colliers, Conception Bay
15th Contingent 277315 Oxford, Lemuel Little Bay Islands

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