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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
17th Contingent 315713 Nash, Aloysius M* Branch
3rd Contingent 181693 Nash, Gerald Branch
1st Contingent C/173329 Nash, Leonard Branch
7th Contingent D/201737 Nash, Raymond Branch
5th Contingent P/188839 Neil, Edward F.* Spaniard's Bay
5th Contingent P/188838 Neil, James Spaniard's Bay
15th Contingent 277313 Neil, John C Bell Island
5th Contingent D/191494 Nelson, George 42 William St., St. Johnís
6th Contingent C/195252 Nelson, Leonard* Kenmount Rd., St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277314 Neville James F North River, Conception Bay
1st Contingent C/173331 Neville, Arthur* Bell Island
1st Contingent C/173314 Neville, Richard Topsail Rd., St. John's
1st Contingent C/173321 Neville, William Joseph* Bell Island
7th Contingent P/200065 Newbury, Frank E St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247994 Newell, Edward Summerville, Bonavista Bay
11th Contingent 220952 Newell, Felix P Summerville, Bonavista Bay
4th Contingent P/188924 Newell, Jacob Pouch Cove
4th Contingent P/188917 Newell, Jacob R. St. John's
9th Contingent 211444 Newell, James Summerville, Bonavista Bay
Forestry Transfer 228050 Newell, Joseph Summerside, Bay of Islands
5th Contingent C/188382 Newell, Richard W.* 3 Edinburgh St., St. Johnís
  P/KX98871 Newell, William* St. John's
16th Contingent 299649 Newhook, Cleophas Normanís Cove, Trinity Bay
18th Contingent 316655 Newhook, Hedley Botwood
16th Contingent 299650 Newhook, Hubert 2 Lord Russell P Edinburgh Scot
16th Contingent 299651 Newhook, William Long Cove, Trinity Bay
10th Contingent 216762 Newman, Harry WT Triton, Notre Dame Bay
12th Contingent 246624 Newman, John Fogo
17th Contingent 315714 Nippard, Archibald Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay
12th Contingent 246625 Noble, Bertram Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay
8th Contingent 208967 Noble, Everett G Windsor
12th Contingent 246717 Noble, Wilfred J* Big Brehat
Forestry Transfer 280347 Noel, Andrew Badger
4th Contingent C/186004 Noel, Reuben J. Freshwater, Carbonear
Forestry Transfer 280565 Noel, Thomas J. Woody Point, Bonne Bay
2nd Contingent 181122 Noel, William R. Bonne Bay
5th Contingent P/188791 Noftall, Clarence D. Corner Brook
9th Contingent 211443 Noftall, Eldred 89 Lime St., St. Johnís
Joined in the U.K. P/SSX28570 Noftall, Gordon J. Grand Falls
11th Contingent 221018 Noftall, Robert T Bell Island
1st Contingent C/173330 Nolan, Edward* Bell Island
2nd Contingent 180987 Nolan, Frederick* Mount Carmel, Salmonier
2nd Contingent 180986 Nolan, Michael J. Mount Carmel, Salmonier
Forestry Transfer 241687 Nolan, Richard Mount Carmel, Salmonier
16th Contingent 299600 Nolan, William I St. Joseph's, St. Maryís Bay
4th Contingent D/187450 Norberg, Robert A. 23 Carnell St., St. John's
16th Contingent 299615 Norman, Baxter G Pacquet
16th Contingent 299616 Norman, Henry Pacquet
10th Contingent 216764 Norman, Leo Long Harbour, Placentia Bay
18th Contingent 316622 Norman, Malcolm Pacquet
14th Contingent 230153 Norman, Patrick F 9 Hower Pl., St. Johnís
10th Contingent 216763 Norman, Ralph H Harry's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay
14th Contingent 230189 Normore, Reginald L Corner Brook
17th Contingent 315715 Norris, Bernard J Coachman's Cove
2nd Contingent 181232 Norris, Walter R. Salmonier
4th Contingent P/188874 Norris, William H. 61 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
6th Contingent P/194566 Noseworthy, Carl St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246626 Noseworthy, Cecil Pouch Cove
1st Contingent C/173335 Noseworthy, Charles H. St. John's
8th Contingent 208966 Noseworthy, Donald G 79 Monroe St., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211442 Noseworthy, Gordon 132 Pennywell Rd., St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200066 Noseworthy, Gordon S St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208965 Noseworthy, Gordon W* Southside, St. John's
11th Contingent 220953 Noseworthy, Harold J Bishop's Falls
5th Contingent D/191493 Noseworthy, James F. 305 Pennywell Rd., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 183545 Noseworthy, John St. Jacques
17th Contingent 315716 Noseworthy, John Codroy
13th Contingent 247988 Noseworthy, Lionel G Flowerís Cove
7th Contingent P/200072 Noseworthy, Ralph J St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208914 Noseworthy, Warrick L* Portugal Cove Rd., St. Johnís
1st Contingent C/173346 Noseworthy, William L.* Spaniard's Bay

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