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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
Joined in the U.K   Hackett, Thomas  
13th Contingent 247958 Hagan, Patrick J Fermeuse
8th Contingent 208889 Haggett, Charles Leading Tickles
3rd Contingent 181073 Haines, Charles Kelligrews
Forestry Transfer 222624 Haines, Earl Kelligrews
11th Contingent 220997 Haines, Hedley A Kelligrews
2nd Contingent 180923 Haines, Ronald Port au Bras, Burin
12th Contingent 246597 Hale, Donald R Corner Brook
10th Contingent 216666 Hale, Gordon JJ Change Islands
13th Contingent 248050 Hale, Roy Garland Corner Brook
18th Contingent 316659 Halfyard, Douglas Haystack, Placentia Bay
1st Contingent D/173651 Hall, James A Corner Brook
Forestry Transfer 280342 Hall, Stephen Codroy
15th Contingent 277292 Hallett, David W Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
17th Contingent 315700 Halliday, Abel G Britannia
3rd Contingent 181074 Hammond, Albert R Portugal Cove
2nd Contingent 180925 Hammond, James Portugal Cove
7th Contingent D/201734 Hammond, Mark Portugal Cove
3rd Contingent 181075 Hammond, William J Portugal Cove
10th Contingent 216657 Hancock, Charles CN* St. Anthony
10th Contingent 216668 Hancock, Robert J Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay
3rd Contingent P/181261 Hancock, William C 14 Raleigh St., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181249 Hanlon, Albert J Salmonier
5th Contingent C/188394 Hanlon, Charles B 50 Hayward Ave., St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299659 Hanlon, Cyril J St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211478 Hanlon, Edward 9 College Sq., St. Johnís
7th Contingent P/200054 Hanlon, Michael J St. Johnís
Joined in the U.K JX400200 Hann, Arthur  
1st Contingent D/173613 Hann, Cyril L Bell Island
10th Contingent 216745 Hann, Emanuel J Port aux Basques
14th Contingent 230128 Hannaford, Stephen B 299 Water St., St. Johnís
11th Contingent 220925 Hannam, John Leading Tickles
3rd Contingent 181076 Hansen, Halfdon G Cox's Cove, Bay of Islands
  220925 Hansen, Halfdon G Cox's Cove, Bay of Islands
17th Contingent 315701 Hapgood, Robert B Isle au Valen
6th Contingent P/194554 Hardiman, Charles Bay L'Argent
  P/SSX31749 Harding, Chesley St. Philips
1st Contingent D/173682 Harding, George Wm St. Philips
14th Contingent 230137 Harding, Joseph St. Phillips
3rd Contingent 181077 Harding, Tasker Bell Island
16th Contingent 299569 Hardy, Simeon J Cul de Sac
  LX23293 Harlick, Edward St. John's
11th Contingent 220926 Harnett, Ambrose Seldom Come By
7th Contingent C/204790 Harnum, Ernest J Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
1st Contingent D/173650 Harnum, George N Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent C/185996 Harnum, Gordon Famish Cove
4th Contingent C/185995 Harnum, Hayward Winterton, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer 281468 Harris, Edgar W.G Lethbridge
5th Contingent C/188395 Harris, Frederick F St. John's
13th Contingent 247966 Harris, Geo H Y Caplin Cove, Bay de Verde
15th Contingent 277368 Harris, Raymond St. Joseph's, Placentia Bay
10th Contingent 216669 Hart, Albert S Bonavista
2nd Contingent 181204 Hart, Charles N Fogo
5th Contingent P/188854 Hart, Eric G New Perlican
16th Contingent 299641 Hart, Thomas Wm Fogo
5th Contingent C/188391 Hartery, Edward F Topsail Rd., St. Johnís
4th Contingent D/187477 Hartery, Frank Cape Broyle
7th Contingent P/200079 Hartery, John St. Johnís
7th Contingent D/201739 Hartery, Richard J Dunville, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211475 Hartery, William J St. Johnís
11th Contingent 220998 Hartley, Leonard J Dunville, Placentia Bay
  220998 Hartley, Leonard J Dunville, Placentia Bay
Forestry Transfer 265152 Hartston, Pius Burin
18th Contingent 316615 Harvey, Clayton* Bell Island
12th Contingent 246598 Harvey, Edgar A Upper Gullies, Conception Bay
8th Contingent 208947 Harvey, Herbert E 135 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
18th Contingent 316643 Harvey, Lewis Carter's Cove, Notre Dame Bay
11th Contingent 220927 Harvey, Nicholas Fogo
3rd Contingent 181677 Harvey, Ralph Boswarlos
4th Contingent P/188906 Harvey, William R Southside, St. John's
Forestry Transfer 265391 Harvien, Richard Port au Port
2nd Contingent 181328 Haskell, Robert William Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
2nd Contingent 181338 Hatcher, Joseph A Ramea
7th Contingent P/200096 Haurley, Wm B St. Johnís
6th Contingent P/194548 Hause, Hubert* Grand Bank
2nd Contingent 180928 Hawco, Leonard J Salmonier
15th Contingent 277256 Hawkins, Andrew Stephenville Crossing
12th Contingent 246599 Hawkins, James M Mount Pearl, St. Johnís
5th Contingent D/191527 Hawkins, William Grand Falls
6th Contingent P/194546 Hayden, Allen M Petit Forte
3rd Contingent 181689 Hayden, Cyril Harbour Grace
6th Contingent P/194545 Hayden, Gordon Petit Forte
6th Contingent C/195234 Hayes, Angus P Petit Forte
7th Contingent D/201706 Hayley, Tobias Chamberlains
12th Contingent 246692 Hayman, Gordon Fox Island
11th Contingent 220928 Haynes, Albert J Catalina
16th Contingent 299658 Haynes, Maxwell 12 Edinburgh St., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246600 Haynes, Wilfred T 15 Mullock St., St. Johnís
Joined in the U.K KX87041 Haynes, William  
10th Contingent 216806 Hayter, Alan C* Carbonear
13th Contingent 247962 Hayter, Frederick Corner Brook, Box 444
Forestry Transfer 347191 Hayward, Arthur R St. John's
Forestry Transfer 265360 Hayward, Edward Channel
1st Contingent D/173611 Hayward, Gerald St. John's
9th Contingent 211480 Head, Harvey Joe Batts Arm
6th Contingent D/202016 Head, John Comfort Cove, Notre Dame Bay
3rd Contingent 181307 Healey, James Windsor
1st Contingent D/173612 Healey, James Petty Harbour
17th Contingent 315749 Healey, Maxwell 36 Belvedere St., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208840 Healey, Patrick Grand Falls
8th Contingent 208898 Healey, Philip L Woodfords, Conception Bay
1st Contingent C/173297 Hearn, Allen J St. John's
6th Contingent C/195270 Hearn, Richard Colliers, Conception Bay
7th Contingent C/204777 Hearty, John Turks Cove, Trinity Bay
11th Contingent 220929 Heath, [Goward][Gower] [Edward] H Fogo
12th Contingent 246713 Hedderson, Edgar Noddy Bay via Quirpon
10th Contingent 216807 Hedges, Lockhart Carbonear
8th Contingent 208839 Hedges, Simeon J Grand Falls
18th Contingent 316644 Hedges, Thomas Carbonear
17th Contingent 315702 Hefferan, James Goulds
11th Contingent 221000 Hefferman, Francis J Goulds
11th Contingent 220999 Hefferman, Henry J Goulds
Forestry Transfer 241867 Hefferman, Michael Goulds
11th Contingent 220930 Hefferton, Calvin E Trinity, Trinity Bay
15th Contingent 277293 Hefferton, Jacob 81 Lime St., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246714 Hefler, Francis E.D Cartwright, Labrador
16th Contingent 299622 Hellier, Francis H Griquet
5th Contingent C/188392 Hennebury, John F 9 Gower St., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188393 Hennebury, Ronald J.* 51 Cookstown Rd., St. John's
14th Contingent 230174 Hennessey, Arthur B Grand Falls
1st Contingent C/173303 Hennessey, Lawrence Avondale
11th Contingent 220931 Hepditch, Michael L Clattice Harbour, Placentia Bay
1st Contingent C/173298 Herold, Harold Wilson Harbour Grace
11th Contingent 220932 Herridge, Warren* Channel
14th Contingent 230212 Hewitt, Harvey G Joe Batts Arm
2nd Contingent 181205 Hewitt, John A Joe Batts Arm
11th Contingent 220933 Hewlin, Llewellyn* Spirity Cove
8th Contingent 208887 Hibbs, Hubert Portugal Cove
14th Contingent 230140 Hibbs, John L Topsail
Forestry Transfer 242731 Hibbs, Kenneth F.* St. Andrews
8th Contingent 208893 Hibbs, Tasker Portugal Cove
4th Contingent P/188916 Hickey, Garrett J 29 Flower Hill, St. John's
8th Contingent 208841 Hickey, Jerome Harbour Main
4th Contingent D/187442 Hickey, John F Torbay
2nd Contingent 180931 Hickey, Ronald J Salmonier
6th Contingent P/194547 Hickey, Vincent P Petit Forte
16th Contingent 299585 Hicks, Harry L Musgrave Harbour
2nd Contingent 180887 Hicks, John Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
10th Contingent 216667 Hicks, Willis J Bonavista
1st Contingent C/173299 Higdon, Alfred New Harbour, Trinity Bay
3rd Contingent 181703 Higdon, Noah New Harbour, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent D/187468 Higgins, Thomas E Spaniard's Bay
10th Contingent 216746 Hillier, Albert Grand Falls
12th Contingent 246690 Hillier, Albert J Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
12th Contingent 246671 Hillier, Alfred Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
3rd Contingent 181316 Hillier, Clarence St. John's
2nd Contingent P/181333 Hillier, Clyde Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
3rd Contingent 181078 Hillier, Donald Griquet
10th Contingent 216670 Hillier, Edgar M Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
16th Contingent 299606 Hillier, Eric Point aux Gaul
12th Contingent 246601 Hillier, Freeman H Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
11th Contingent 220934 Hillier, Henry S Grand Falls
13th Contingent 247951 Hillier, Isaac Point aux Gaul
10th Contingent 216709 Hillier, John R Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
5th Contingent D/191508 Hillier, Walter M New Harbour, Trinity Bay
16th Contingent 299648 Hillier, William T Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
6th Contingent P/194553 Hiscock, Albert L Grand Bank
11th Contingent 220935 Hiscock, Alfred John Trinity, Trinity Bay
7th Contingent D/201710 Hiscock, Cyril St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 217863 Hiscock, Edgar Trinity
9th Contingent 211479 Hiscock, George 51 Charlton St., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 217862 Hiscock, Harold* Trinity
3rd Contingent JX181238 Hiscock, Lewis Trinity, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer 280030 Hiscock, Mark Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
17th Contingent 315703 Hiscock, Sylvester St. Chads
8th Contingent 208892 Hiscock, Willis New Perlican
1st Contingent C/173300 Hobbs, Robert S Whitbourne
13th Contingent 247967 Hobbs, Samuel New Perlican
1st Contingent C/173285 Hobbs, Thomas* New Perlican
8th Contingent 208894 Hobbs, William M New Perlican
2nd Contingent 180889 Hodder, Charles E Ireland's Eye, Trinity Bay
15th Contingent 277294 Hodder, Charles H Creston, Placentia Bay
9th Contingent 211476 Hodder, George R Horwood, Notre Dame Bay
6th Contingent P/194549 Hodder, James Port au Bras, Burin
17th Contingent 315706 Hodder, Raymond K Creston, Placentia Bay
11th Contingent 220877 Hodder, Simeon W Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay
14th Contingent 230094 Hodder, Theophilus Marystown
2nd Contingent 181231 Hodder, Thomas Beatty Ireland's Eye, Trinity Bay
14th Contingent 230173 Hodder, Walter G Grand Bay, Port aux Basques
17th Contingent 315704 Hodder, William D Birchy Bay, Notre Dame Bay
Forestry Transfer 280404 Hoddinott, Gordon S Brig Bay, St. Barbe
3rd Contingent 181079 Hoddinott, Walter Corner Brook
10th Contingent 216710 Hodge, Thomas J Lamaline, Musgrave Harbour
3rd Contingent 181080 Hoffe, Eric B Corner Brook
15th Contingent 277686 Hogan, John Mundy Pond, St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246691 Holby, Alexander Point Rosie
7th Contingent D/201725 Holden, Gerlad* St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246670 Hollett, Austin R Great Burin
Forestry Transfer KX140745 Hollett, Edward R Summerside, Bay of Islands
10th Contingent 216747 Hollett, George C Harbour Buffett
6th Contingent P/194551 Hollett, Harold E Grand Bank
4th Contingent D/187437 Hollett, James D 21 Barters Hill, St. John's
5th Contingent P/188796 Hollett, John W Adams Cove, Bay de Verde
6th Contingent P/194550 Hollett, Malcolm P* Great Burin
15th Contingent 277369 Hollett, Robert FK 14 Signal Hill Rd., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181302 Hollett, William R Burin
8th Contingent 208895 Hollihan, Edward J Top Battery, St. Johnís
17th Contingent 315734 Holloway, Harold G Portland, Bonavista Bay
3rd Contingent 181310 Holloway, Kirby William* Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay
16th Contingent 299614 Holmes, Edwin FK Pacquet
13th Contingent 247949 Holwell, Frederick J 13 Pilots Hill, St. Johnís
  277395 Holwell, Stephen Marystown
7th Contingent P/200070 Holwell, Walter St. Johnís
15th Contingent 277295 Hooper, Stephen Marystown
16th Contingent 299586 Horlick, Ambrose G Trinity, Bonavista Bay
14th Contingent 230141 Horwood, Harold A 127 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211477 Horwood, Lloyd G 79 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 180893 Hoskins, Edgar Greenspond
Forestry Transfer 241973 Hoskins, Lawrence Port Blandford
2nd Contingent 181283 Houlihan, Joseph A Argentia
Forestry Transfer 280510 House, Gordon Bellburns, St. Barbe
11th Contingent 220936 House, Gordon Henry A* Catalina
Forestry Transfer 261882 House, Levi N Catalina
8th Contingent 208897 Howell, Adolphus H Corner Brook
1st Contingent C/173302 Howlett, Alphonsus P St. John's
4th Contingent C/185978 Howlett, Frank J Goulds
  C/188681 Howlett, Frank J Goulds
6th Contingent 219399 Howlett, Jack Corner Brook
6th Contingent 219397 Howlett, Patrick Corner Brook
Forestry Transfer 212483 Howlett, Patrick* Petty Harbour
6th Contingent C/195242 Howlett, Robert E* Goulds
4th Contingent P/188922 Howlett, William A 30 Waldegrave St., St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246602 Howse, Herbert C Wesleyville
5th Contingent P/188826 Howse, Nelson McK Hillview, Trinity Bay
6th Contingent D/202026 Hudson, Fraser Bradley's Cove BAY DE VERDE
8th Contingent 208896 Hudson, George Pouch Cove
12th Contingent 246603 Hudson, Ralph H Pouch Cove
Forestry Transfer 529385 Hulan, Augustus Robinson's Station
16th Contingent 299597 Hulan, Elva S Cartyville
Forestry Transfer 265151 Hulan, Godfrey Jeffreyís
2nd Contingent 181340 Hulan, Isaac R Cartyville
17th Contingent 315705 Hulen, James Emmanuel* Codroy
14th Contingent 230195 Hull, Frederick AW Corner Brook
16th Contingent 299642 Hull, Roland W Botwood
11th Contingent 220937 Humber, Reginald F John's Beach, Bay of Islands
14th Contingent 230211 Humby, Ambrose Summerville, Bonavista Bay
14th Contingent 230210 Humby, Henry C Summerville, Bonavista Bay
13th Contingent 247963 Humby, Manfleld Summerville, Bonavista Bay
14th Contingent 230172 HumpHarbouries, Robert L Botwood
5th Contingent P/188803 Hunt, Duncan Harbour Grace
6th Contingent P/194552 Hunt, Isaac J Grand Bank
17th Contingent 315675 Hunt, Reginald C BelI Island
Joined in the U.K P/KX64438 Hunt, W  
7th Contingent C/204778 Hunt, Walter E Harbour Grace
8th Contingent 208842 Hunt, William J Windsor
5th Contingent P/188846 Hunt, William Thomas* Bonavista
6th Contingent D/202014 Hunter, Eric Windsor
Forestry Transfer 242359 Hurdle, Arthur William Dunfield, Trinity Bay
Forestry Transfer MX725039 Hurley, Les J Herring Neck
12th Contingent 246604 Hussey, Frederick Portugal Cove
12th Contingent 246605 Hussey, Geo P 8 Sebastian St., St. Johnís
11th Contingent 221001 Hussey, Isaac J Oxen Pond Rd., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208843 Hussey, James* Oxen Pond Rd., St. Johnís
1st Contingent P/174374 Hussey, William A Upper Island Cove
3rd Contingent 181081 Hutchings, Clayton St. John's
Joined in the U.K PO/X4162 Hutchings, Hiram M 82 Avalon St., St. John's
Forestry Transfer 241689 Hutchings, John St. John's
18th Contingent 316616 Hutchings, Rufus Cow Head
15th Contingent 277296 Hutchings, Samuel* 55 Flower Hill, St. Johnís
  SSX31750 Hyde, Harry F Change Islands
3rd Contingent 181082 Hynes, Benjamin Fox Island River
12th Contingent 246606 Hynes, David Portugal Cove
16th Contingent 299598 Hynes, Douglas L Port au Port
6th Contingent D/202018 Hynes, Fred M Port au Port
6th Contingent D/202015 Hynes, Gregory Port au Port
8th Contingent 208891 Hynes, James J Woodfords, Conception Bay
7th Contingent D/201726 Hynes, Joseph E Kelligrews
13th Contingent 247960 Hynes, Kenneth R Corner Brook
1st Contingent C/173301 Hynes, Thomas J Ferryland
1st Contingent C/173287 Hynes, Vincent Bell Island
12th Contingent 246693 Hynes, Walter F Grand Falls
1st Contingent C/173309 Hynes, William P Renews

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