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Newfoundland Navy
World War II

1939 - 1945

* indicates those that did not return

Service #
2nd Contingent 181289 Daley, Brendan M. St. Joseph's, Salmonier
10th Contingent 216735 Dalton, Patrick J Bishop's Falls
7th Contingent C/204779 Dalton, Roland P Conception Harbour
6th Contingent P/194533 Darby, Enos W Burin
3rd Contingent 181409 Darrigan, William S. Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
3rd Contingent 181411 Darrington, Walter Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
1st Contingent D/173648 David, Murdoch S St. Johnís
6th Contingent D/201997 David, Norman W Freshwater, Carbonear
7th Contingent C/204797 David, Ralph Grand Falls
12th Contingent 246578 Davis, Arthur R 48 LeMarchant Rd., St. Johnís
11th Contingent 220905 Davis, Bernard R Grand Falls
8th Contingent 208824 Davis, Frederick Port aux Basques
12th Contingent 246668 Davis, Herbert Alston* Freshwater, Carbonear
5th Contingent P/188808 Davis, Howard N. Harbour Grace
  D/JX173648 Davis, Murdock St. John's
11th Contingent 220951 Davis, Reginald GM* Port aux Basques
4th Contingent C/185972 Davis, Vincent F. 42 Prince of Wales St., St. John's
13th Contingent 247926 Davis, William J 37 Goodview St., St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173643 Dawe, Albert S Cupids
15th Contingent 277284 Dawe, Andrew Foxtrap, Conception Bay
1st Contingent D/JX173626 Dawe, Arthur J Flat Rock, Conception Bay
3rd Contingent 181410 Dawe, Charles Seal Cove, Conception Bay
4th Contingent C/185973 Dawe, Edward Grand Falls
1st Contingent D/JX173620 Dawe, Eric Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay
4th Contingent D/187436 Dawe, Gordon Upper Gullies, Conception Bay
15th Contingent 277238 Dawe, Melvin Sandy Cove, Placentia Bay
7th Contingent P/200094 Dawe, Ralph St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173632 Dawe, Vernon Corner Brook
14th Contingent 230130 Dawe, William J* 126 Bond St., St. Johnís
4th Contingent D/187472 Dawe, William J. Cupids
1st Contingent D/JX173623  Dawe, William R St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247941 Day, Frederick A Port Rexton
14th Contingent 230131 Day, Heber C 106 Merrymeeting Rd., St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208823 Day, James Grand Falls
  P/KX98865 Day, William Windsor
Joined in the U.K.   Dean, ECW [Rusted Chaplain] St. Johnís
16th Contingent 299623 Dean, William A Trepassey
18th Contingent No # Issued Decker, Chesley* Woodstock, Western Bay [Died enroute U.K.]
12th Contingent 246712 Decker, Edgar A Cape Onion
11th Contingent Lt/JX220906 Decker, George W Joe Batts Arm
12th Contingent 246711 Decker, Havlock J Cape Onion
12th Contingent 246710 Decker, Maxwell L Cape Onion
2nd Contingent 181209 Decker, Reg. A. M. Joe Batts Arm
8th Contingent 208829 Deering, John Bishop's Falls
4th Contingent D/187475 Delaney, James P. Bay Roberts
2nd Contingent 180761 Delaney, Patrick Joseph* Corner Brook
7th Contingent C/204810 Dennis, David C Curling
Forestry Transfer 280402 Denty, Garland Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay
13th Contingent 247920 Denty, George Boat Harbour, Placentia Bay
12th Contingent 246579 Devereaux, Albert* Ferryland
Forestry Transfer 217817 Devereaux, Nicholas* Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay
13th Contingent 247925 Diamond, Hubert M Lethbridge
11th Contingent 220907 Diamond, Woodrow Wilson* Port Saunders
4th Contingent 231287 Dicks, Augustine Humbermouth
9th Contingent 211466 Dicks, Charles H Harbour Buffett
4th Contingent P/188866 Dicks, George Humbermouth
6th Contingent P/194530 Dicks, Rodney C Burgeo
6th Contingent D/201998 Dicks, Thomas* Harbour Buffett
13th Contingent 247924 Dillon, John J 431 Southside Rd., St. Johnís
5th Contingent C/188404 Dinn, Augustus J. Goulds
5th Contingent C/188405 Dinn, John T. Goulds
15th Contingent 277363 Dinn, Philip F Goulds
Forestry Transfer 280400 Dobbin, Brendan B. Port Saunders
18th Contingent 316610 Dobbin, David I Bell Island
4th Contingent P/188902 Dodge, Joseph Little Heart's Ease
3rd Contingent 181412 Donnelly, Leo J.* 56 Signal Hill, St. John's
7th Contingent D/201743 Donnelly, Michael* Bell Island
8th Contingent 208825 Donnelly, Thomas Bell Island
15th Contingent 277365 Donovan, Ambrose Goulds
6th Contingent C/195273 Donovan, Francis J Goulds
15th Contingent 277364 Donovan, Martin J Goulds
Forestry Transfer 522315 Dooley, Clarence Gambo
6th Contingent C/195235 Dooley, Henry J St. Johnís
11th Contingent 220908 Dooley, John Thomas Plate Cove, Placentia Bay
5th Contingent D/191533 Dormody, Michael Bishop's Falls
2nd Contingent 181296 Douglas, Leslie Bay L'Argent
8th Contingent 208827 Dove, Francis T Harbour Grace
10th Contingent 216736 Dowden, Cyril H Tack's Beach, Placentia Bay
10th Contingent 216705 Dowden, Wilbert Port au Bras, Burin
3rd Contingent 181291 Dower, Thomas B. Grand Falls
11th Contingent 220909 Dower, Vincent J Corner Brook
13th Contingent 247915 Dowland, James N Botwood
2nd Contingent 181206 Downer, Cyril Fogo
5th Contingent C/188406 Downes, Frank R.P. 30 Mayor Ave., St. Johnís
17th Contingent 315694 Downey, Patrick J Coachman's Cove
8th Contingent 208827 Downey, Victor R Winterton, Trinity Bay
17th Contingent 315747 Downton, Arthur C 60 Prince of Wales St., St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173619 Doyle, James Avondale
12th Contingent 246580 Doyle, Kevin P 40 Prescott St., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181304 Doyle, Thomas Bay de Verde
16th Contingent 299602 Drakes, William J Coomb's Cove, Fortune Bay
16th Contingent 299626 Driscoll, Robert A New Melbourne
8th Contingent 208828 Driscoll, William 8 Notre Dame St., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211464 Drodge, Maxwell 342 Hamilton Ave., St. Johnís
3rd Contingent 181705 Drover, George Upper Island Cove
7th Contingent C/204792 Drover, Joseph Whiteway, Trinity Bay
5th Contingent C/188407 Drover, Thomas W. 33 Scott St., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer 225706 Drover, Willis* Hodges Cove
11th Contingent 220988 Druken, Valentine* St. Thomas, Conception Bay
6th Contingent P/194532 Duff, Gordon D St. Johnís
8th Contingent 208830 Duffett, Chesley 37 Spencer St., St. Johnís
13th Contingent 247922 Duke, William T 5 Convent Sq., St. Johnís
6th Contingent P/194534 Dunford, Lawrence Burin Bay
2nd Contingent 181337 Dunford, Leonard F. Grand Bank
14th Contingent C/230214 Dunn, Bertram H. Bonavista
5th Contingent C/188402 Dunn, Edward F. Topsail Rd., St. Johnís
4th Contingent D/187482 Dunn, George C. Clarke's Beach
14th Contingent 230132 Dunn, Harold J 67 Craigmillar Ave., St. Johnís
Forestry Transfer FX144051 Dunn, William St. John's
8th Contingent 208831 Dunne, Raymond Grand Falls
6th Contingent C/195236 Dunphy, Adrien J St. Johnís
12th Contingent 246581 Dunphy, Albert 32 Scott St., St. Johnís
1st Contingent D/JX173634 Dunphy, Edward Holyrood
11th Contingent 220910 Dunphy, Michael J 173 Craigmillar, St. Johnís
2nd Contingent 181284 Dunphy, Michael J. Freshwater, Placentia Bay
5th Contingent C/188403 Dunphy, Thomas L. 108 Water St., St. Johnís
9th Contingent 211465 Dunphy, William P Dunville, Placentia Bay
Forestry Transfer 222608 Duphney, Cecil Aquathuna
18th Contingent 316641 Duphney, William West Bay Centre
6th Contingent P/194529 Durnford, Frederick Rencontre West
6th Contingent P/194531 Durnford, James W* Rencontre West
1st Contingent D/173633 Dwyer, Daniel J Bell Island
9th Contingent KX112756 Dwyer, James J Bell Island
1st Contingent D/JX173622 Dwyer, Joseph Bell Island
8th Contingent 208833 Dwyer, Milton E* Curling
4th Contingent D/187497 Dwyer, Vincent J. Woodsford, Conception Bay
11th Contingent 220987 Dyer, Walter Joseph Logy Bay
3rd Contingent 181320 Dyke, Frank Greenspond
4th Contingent C/185974 Dyke, Nelson Grand Falls
16th Contingent 299580 Dyke. James A. Eastport, Bonavista Bay

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