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The First Naval Draft November 27, 1939

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ABBOTT, Austin Sandy Point, Bay St. George
ANDREWS, Arthur Winterton, T.B.
ANDREWS, Eric R. St. John's
ANDREWS, Samuel C. Winterton, T.B.
ANSTEY, Fred G. Sceviour's Island, N.D.B.
ARNETT, Gordon St. John's
BAILEY, Edward New Chelsea, T.B.
BARRETT, Leslie Bishop's Cove, C.B.
BEST, Ronald Merasheen, P.B.
BLUNDON, Alfred B. Bay de Verde
BLUNDON, Donald Bay de Verde
BLUNDON, Malcolm Bay de Verde
BONNELL, Leonard Lamaline
BOONE, Isaac Bareneed, C.B.
BRIGGS, Harrison Bay de Verde
BRINSTON, Albert St. John's
BROWN, Everett St. John's
BROWN, George Bay Roberts
BRYAN, Frederick J. Fogo
BUDGELL, Albert C. Pilley's Island
BUTT, Harry Bonne Bay
BUTTON, Norman Old Perlican
BUTTON, William J. Old Perlican
BYRNE, Gerald St. John's
CAHILL, Patrick Avondale
CAMMIE, Bernard Grand Bruit
CAMPBELL, Arthur Campbell's Creek, P. au P.
CAMPBELL, Arthur J. Branch, P.B.
CAMPBELL, James Jr. Branch, P.B.
CAMPBELL, John F. Campbell's Creek, P. au P.
CARTER, John J. St. John's
CHAFE, Howard Petty Hr.
CHAMBERS, Neil P. St. John's
CLARKE, Harold Spaniard's Bay
CLARKE, Robert Paradise, C.B.
CLARKE, Samuel C. New Melbourne
COLBERT, Edward Job's Cove, B. de V.
COLE, Howard C. Torbay
COLE, James Conception Hr.
COLE, Patrick F. Kitchuses, C.B.
COOKE, Freeman Rose Blanche
COOMBS, Albert Portugal Cove, South
CORBETT, Michael Conception Hr.
COSTELLO, Thomas Kitchuses, C.B.
COSTELLO, Vincent Ferryland
COSTELLO, William Conception Hr.
CRANE, John C. Upper Island Cove
CRITCH, Harvey W. Hant's Hr.
CROCKER, Frank Corner Brook
CROKE, Thomas R. St. John's
CURRAN, Patrick Ferryland
DAVIS, Murdoch S. Job's Cove, B. de V.
DAWE, Albert S. Cupids, C.B.
DAWE, Arthur Flatrock, St. John's East
DAWE, Eric Clarke's Beach
DAWE, Vernon Port de Grave
DAWE, William R. St. John's
DOYLE, James Avondale
DOYLE, Timothy Gull Island, B. de V.
DUNPHY, Edmund Holyrood
DWYER, Daniel Bell Island
DWYER, Joseph Bell Island
EMBERLEY, Corbett Bay de Verde
EVERETT, Everett Holyrood
EZEKIEL, Leo Holyrood
EZEKIEL, Patrick Bell Island
FAREWELL, George Burin
FLEMMING, Alban T. Portugal Cove, C.B.
FORD, Ron Harbour Grace
FRANEY, Peter P. Shearstown, C.B.
FURLONG, Edward St. John's
GEORGE, Andrew New Harbour, T.B.
GOODWIN, William F. New Melbourne
GOOSE, Charles E. Whitbourne
GREAVES, Herbert St. John's
GREEN, Henry J. Placentia
GREENE, Louis Point Verde. P.B.
GRIFFIN, Stephen St. John's
HALL, James A. Highlands, B. St. G.
HANN, Cyril L. Holyrood
HARDING, George St. Phillips
HARNUM, George N. Green's Hr., T.B.
HAYWARD, Gerald St. John's
HEALEY, James Petty Hr.
HEARN, Allan J. St. John's
HENNESSEY, Lawrence Avondale
HERALD, Wilson Harbour Grace
HIGDON, Alfred New Harbour, T.B.
HOBBS, Robert S. Brigus Junction
HOBBS, Thomas New Perlican
HOWLETT, Alphonsus Cape Broyle
HUSSEY, William A. Upper Island Cove
HYNES, Thomas J. Ferryland
HYNES, Vincent Merasheen, P.B.
HYNES, William Ferryland
JANES, Dermott St. John's
JENNINGS, Michael Torbay
JOHNSON, Edgar St. John's
JONES, Albert Whitbourne
KEATING, John L. Burin
KELLY, Harold A. Holyrood
KELLY, Peter Freshwater, P.B.
KENDALL, James W. Miltown, F.B.
KENNEY, Thomas Kitchuses, C.B.
KENT, Peter J. Bell Island
KEOUGH, James A. Ferryland
KING, Hubert C. Holyrood
KING, Michael Marysvale, C.B.
KINSELLA, James Logy Bay
KITCHEN, Robert Max Bell Island
LAHEY, Michael Holyrood
LARACY, Gerald Conception Hr.
LEE, Cyril Petty Hr.
LEE, Theo. Petty Hr.
LeMESSURIER, Eric F. St. John's
LUFFMAN, John Holyrood
LYNCH, David Upper Island Cove
MAHON, James T. St. John's
MAIDMENT, Max Hant's Hr.
MATTHEWS, George M. Burgeo
McGRATH, Gregory Patrick's Cove, P.B.
McGRATH, John B. Avondale
McGRATH, Milton Branch, P.B.
MERCER, Clare N. Chamberlains, C.B.
MERCER, Graham Shearstown, C.B.
MERCER, Heber Shearstown, C.B.
MERCER, Max Shearstown, C.B.
MERCER, Robert J. Bay Roberts
MOORE, James Avondale
MOORE, Raymond W. Dildo
MORGAN, Walter Port de Grave
MULCAHEY, John A. Bay Bulls
MUNDEN, William Brigus
MURPHY, William Chapel's Cove, C.B.
MUSSEAU, Charles W. Curling
NASH, Leonard Branch, P.B.
NEVILLE, Arthur Clarke's Beach
NEVILLE, Richard St. John's
NEVILLE, William J. North River
NOLAN, Edward Holyrood
NOSEWORTHY, Charles St. John's
NOSEWORTHY, William L. Spaniard's Bay
O'KEEFE, Ron Stephenville Crossing
PARSONS, Archibald Bay Roberts
PENNY, M. J. Burin North
PENNY, Vincent Burin North
PICOTT, David St. John's
PIERCEY, Arthur Heart's Content
PIERCEY, John Winterton, T.B.
PIKE, Lloyd J. St. David's (Crabbe's)
PITCHER, Archibald C. Winterton, T.B.
POTTLE, George English Hr. T.B.
POWER, Charles Joseph Holyrood
POWER, Cyril Branch, P.B.
POWER, Herbert Branch, P.B.
POWER, Jeffrey St. John's
POWER, Leo Branch, P.B.
POWER, Michael Holyrood
POWER, Michael St. John's
POWER, Osborne Branch, P.B.
POWER, Robert B. Holyrood
PRETTY, George A. Bishop Falls
PRETTY, Walter O. Dildo
PUDDESTER, Alexander Northern Bay, B. de V.
PUDDESTER, Felix Northern Bay, B. de V.
PUDDESTER, Fred Northern Bay, B. de V.
PUDDESTER, Thomas Northern Bay, B. de V.
RATCHFORD, Michael Conception Hr.
REID, Aaron Whitbourne
REID, John W. Famish Cove, P.B.
RICHARDS, Herman Bareneed, C.B.
RICHARDSON, Francis St. John's
ROBERTS, Herbert Brigus
ROCHE, Leo Branch, P.B.
ROCKWOOD, Walter Heart's Content
ROGERS, Foster Old Perlican
ROWE, Dominic Point Verde, P.B.
RYAN, Francis J. Ferryland
RYAN, Gerald P. Holyrood
SHARPE, Hubert Heart's Delight
SKANES, Lemuel Holyrood
SMITH, Herbert South Port, T.B.
SMITH, Melvin Hant's Hr.
SMITH, Norman New Perlican
SNOW, Edward L. Bay Roberts
SPENCER, Fred Harbour Grace
SQUIRES, Arthur St. Phillips
SQUIRES, Fred St. John's
SQUIRES, George C. Chamberlains, C.B.
SQUIRES, Henry Old Perlican
SQUIRES, Herbert St. Phillips
SQUIRES, Joseph Chamberlains, C.B.
STEPHENSON, William C. St. John's
STEPHENSON, William J. Mobile
SULEY, Joseph Whiteway, T.B.
TRENCHARD, Edward Coley's Point
TRERISE, William Brigus
TUFF, Benedict Lamaline
WALKER, Francis Brigus
WALSH, Bernard Harbour Grace
WALSH, Jerome Holyrood
WALSH, Richard V. Ferryland
WALSH, Thomas Bacon Cove, C.B.
WARREN, William Winterton, T.B.
WHALEN, Matthew Colliers
YOUNG, Max Petty Hr.

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