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Royal Canadian Air Force
Honour Roll

Date of Death
F/Sgt Baird, David Monroe 31 May 1942
P/O Barrett, John Hamilton 14 Oct 1942
Sgt Bates, Michael Joseph 29 Jan 1944
WO2 Bates, William David 20 Apr 1943
F/Sgt Buckingham, John Alexander 15 Jun 1944
F/Sgt Cook, John Leo 03 Apr 1945
F/O Cuff, Roland Walter John 29 Jul 1944
Sgt Davis, Charles William 19 Jun 1941
Sgt Downey, Bernard 16 Feb 1944
F/Sgt Dwyer, Eric 15 Mar 1945
P/O Farrell, Edward Joseph 18 Dec 1944
Sgt Fitzgibbon, Joseph Francis 29 Jan 1945
P/O Fitzpatrick, Robert Joseph 13 May 1944
Sgt Follett, Albert 07 Nov 1943
F/Sgt Fudge, Howard Philip 14 Nay 1943
F/Sgt Gibbons, Anthony James 31 Jul 1943
F/L Goodyear, Hedley Charles Cormick 23 Apr 1944
P/O Goodyear, Sandy Harold Kendell 15 Feb 1943
F/O Gordon, Nelson Leslie 01 Feb 1945
F/O Hall, Paul 05 Mar 1945
P/O Harris, John Alfred 31 Mr 1944
Cpl Howse, William Palmer 14 Oct 1942
F/Sgt Isaacs, James Earl 17 Apr 1943
F/O Kerr, David Simpson 02 Feb 1944
F/Sgt MacNaughton, William Gordon 20 Oct 1943
P/O Morris, David Gordon 09 Jun 1942
P/O Munro, Alexander Milton George 26 Feb 1944
F/O Neil, David Llewellyn 18 Feb 1945
F/Sgt Roberts, Ernest Wilson David 09 Jan 1943
F/Sgt Robertson, George Macklin Lascelles 17 Apr 1942
F/O Shirley, Alfred Wilson 26 Feb 1944
WO2 Stick, James Robin 14 Feb 1943
Cpl Symmonds, Gordon Arthur 16 Dec 1944
F/O Taylor, Adrian Ralph 06 Jun 1944
F/Sgt Taylor, Cyril Garfield 13 Oct 1941
F/L Thistle, Lawrence Bruce 13 Jun 1944
P/O Toms, Robert MacPherson 09 May 1945
P/O Tulk, Hayward Selby 31 Mar 1945
P/O Wareham, Harold Baxter 16 Dec 1943
Sgt Wheeler, Clarence Edmund 24 Oct 1941

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