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Newfoundland Casualties of the Royal Navy

Service Number
Date of Death
JX191524 AB ALEXANDER, Joseph HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX201720 AB ASH, John Edward HMS Itchen 23/09/43
JX208919 A/Smn ASH, William Robert HMS Polyanthus 20/09/43
JX188870 L/S AUSTIN, Allister Charles HMS Copra [Killed in France D-Day] 06/06/44
JX181440 OS AVERY, Wilson HMS Jervis Bay 05/11/40
JX181712 OS BAGGS, William F HMCS Ottawa 13/09/42
JX212472 OS BAKER, Andrew L HMS Hood 24/05/41
LT/JX225722 OS BAKER, George HM Trawler Cramond Island 02/04/41
JX247913 OS BALLAM, Clifford HMS Victory [Killed in Air Raid] 10/03/41
JX200098 A/Smn BARNES, Harry George HMS Polyanthus 20/09/43
JX188416 OS BARRY, Francis HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX208927 OS BARTLETT, Fintan E SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX181443 0S BATH, Frederick P HMS Forfar 02/12/40
JX216793 OS BECKETT, Oscar HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX185964 OS BENNETT, John Gerard HMT Orfasy 22/10/43
JX280397 OS BENNETT, Stanley HMT Bedfordshire 11/05/42
JX194517 AB BENNETT, Wallace F HMS Fleur de Lys 14/10/41
JX181246 A/S BISHOP, Alexander HMS Fencer 16/01/44
JX315667 OS BISHOP, Eli M SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX211412 OS BISHOP, Thomas F HMT Rubens 21/02/41
JX315743 OS BLAGDON, Hubert HMT Sulla 25/03/42
JX220896 OS BLANCHARD, Richard W HMT Simpson 17/01/42
JX180809 AB BLANDFORD, Darius Cluny HMS Polyanthus 20/09/43
JX277265 OS BOLAND, Alexander S HM Whaler Cocker 04/06/42
JX194522 AB BOND, Albert Cluett HMS Striker 23/10/44
JX194526 OS BOWDRIDGE, Gordon HMS Javelin 29/11/40
JX280005 OS BOWN, Charles HMS Irvana 08/12/41
JX315668 OS BENTON, George Norman HMT SuIla 25/03/42
JX212473 OS BREWER, Arthur W HMS Hood 24/05/41
JX212474 OS BREWER, George HMS Hood 24/05/41
JX188411 OS BRIGHT, Walter S HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX181399 OS BRINSTON, Gordon HMS Forfar 02/12/40
SSX31760 OS BRINSTONE, Douglas V HMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX247911 OS BROWN, Heber S HMS Culver 31/01/42
JX220898 OS BURKE, William C HMS Vortigern 15/03/42
JX246665 AB BURSEY, Graham HMS Dasher 27/03/43
JX188412 OS BUTLER, Aubrey B HMS Ibis 10/11/42
JX188852 OS BUTLER, Ernest HMS Kashmir 23/05/41
LT/JX280226 AB BUTLER, John Edgar HMBY Minesweeper 2154 [Killed in Air Raid Boulogne] 03/10/44
JX277273 AB BUTLER, William Albert HMS Dasher 27/03/43
JX188859 AB BUTT, Cyril Elijah HMS Orfasy 22/10/43
JX315673 OS BYRNE, Gerald HMS Grove 12/06/42
JX173675 OS CAHILL, Patrick HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX188878 OS CANNING, Weston K HM Lighter A2 13/10/41
JX181272 L/S CARPENTER, Clyde HMS Harvester 11/31/43
JX181226 AB CARPENTER, James Ronald HMS Drake 180/4/43
JX200110 AB CHAFE, Robert HMS Victory 18/05/46
JX315669 AB CHISLETT, Percy Ellwood HMS Shrapnel 30/08/45
JX181403 OS CHURCHILL, Thomas HMS Forfar 02/12/40
JX218201 OS CLOUTER, Sydney HMS Ranchi 24/06/42
JX188887 Smn COADY, Ronald Joseph HMS Lawford 08/06/44
D/JX173642 A/Smn COLE, James Died Naval Hospital St John's 11/08/43
JX181404 OS COMBDEN, Edward HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX211538 AB COMBDEN, James Primmer HMS Asbury 08/06/43
JX181405 OS CONNOLLY, John M HMS Forfar 02/12/40
JX315731 OS CONNORS, Fergus B HMS Grove 12/06/42
JX185987 AB CONWAY, Philip T P/War Malaya Killed 26/06/44
JX185988 AB COOMBS, Albert HMCS Avalon 09/02/43
JX173636 AB CORBETT, Michael HMS Harvester 11/03/43
JX315691 OS CORNECT, Algernon J HMS Grove 12/06/42
JX173644 Smn COSTELLO, William HMS Asbury 18/12/43
JX185969 L/Smn COSTELLO, William J HMML 1154 14/05/43
JX299568 AB COX, Frank Allan HMCS AvaIon 11/11/44
JX208874 OS CRANE, Edward HMS Stanley 19/12/41
SSX31756 OS CRANE, John W HMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX180754 OS CRITCH, Michael J HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX185990 OS CROCKER, William C HMS Forfar 02/12/40
JX191517 OS CROSS, Frank HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX185970 OS CROSS, Joseph HMT Rochbonne 07/04/41
JX24666 AB CRUMMEY, Edwin Wilson HMS Asphodel 09/03/44
JX216800 Smn CULL, Andrew John HMLST 198 18/03/44
JX188810 Sup CULL, John Rowlands HMS Halsted 11/06/44
P/MX/704278 Asst      
JX201709 OS CULLIMORE, Elijah HMS Europa 19/08/41
JX280374 OS CURRIE, Thomas William HMS Rosemonde 22/01/42
JX246668   DAVIS, Herbert Alston HMCS Avalon 20/10/43
JX220951 OS DAVIS, Reginald GM HMS Coventry 14/09/42
JX230130 OS DAWE, William J HMS Walney 08/11/42
No number issued OS DECKER, Chesley Died enroute UK 25/10/41
JX180761 OS DELANEY, Patrick Joseph HMS Electra 27/02/42
JX246579 OS DEVEREAUX, Albert HMS Hood 24/05/41
LT/JX217817 OS DEVEREAUX, Nicholas HMT Solon 06/11/40
JX220907 AB DIAMOND, Woodrow Wilson HMT Bengali 06/12/42
JX201998 OS DICKS, Thomas HMT Bedfordshire 11/05/42
JX181412 OS DONNELLY, Leo J HMS Forfar 02/12/40
JX201743 OS DONNELLY, Michael HMS Cavina 12/08/42
JX225706 OS DROVER, Willis HMS Viva 08/05/41
JX220988 OS DRUKEN, Valentine HMS Hood 24/05/41
JX194531 AB DURNFORD, James W HMS Victory 08/04/41
JX208833 OS DWYER, Milton E HMS Maloja 17/05/41
JX195237 OS EARLE, Albert B HMS Grove 12/06/42
JX188879 AB EARLE, Robert C HMS Cossack 23/10/41
JX277366 OS EVANS, Clarence HMT Elbury 13/11/41
JX216802 AB EVELEIGH, Malcolm Sydney HMS Franc Tireur 25/09/43
JX188399 A/S EVERARDM Henry Joseph Survivor HMS Repulse [P/War died New Zealand] 17/04/46
JX188400 OS EWING, James T HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX185993 OS FARRELL, William J HMS Forfar 02/12/40
D/JX 208837
AB FITZPATRICK, Bernard Joseph HMS Hermes [Killed off the coast of Ceylon] 09/04/42
C/JX 173285 AB HOBBS, Thomas SS Lady Hawkins [New Perlican, Newfoundland] 19/01/42
JX194550 OS HOLLETT, Malcolm P HMS Javelin 16/01/41
JX181310 AB HOLLOWAY, William Kirby HMS Nubian 20/07/43
JX220936 L/S HOUSE, Gordon Henry A HM Landing Craft 99 14/08/44
JX212483 OS HOWLETT, Patrick HMS Hood 24/05/41
JX 195242 OS HOWLETT, Robert HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX315705 AB HULEN, James Emmanuel HMS Saker 01/05/43
JX1188846 OS HUNT, William Thomas HMS Branlebas 14/12/40
JX208843 OS HUSSEY, James HMS Stanley 19/12/41
C/JX277296 A/S HUTCHINGS, Samuel HMS Sainloin 10/10/45
PX180284 L/S JACK, James A Widestone 19/02/42
JX188861 OS JANES, William HMS Nelson 01/02/41
JX180937 OS JENNINGS, Daniel HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX202020 AB JESSEAU, Frederick HM LST 404 13/04/43
JX188387 OS JESSO, Henry J HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX191501 OS JOHNSON, Arthur HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX221002 OS JOYCE, Patrick HMS Voltaire 09/04/41
KX 98861 Stoker Cl 1 KEATING, Bernard HMS Formidable 28/05/41
JX247990 OS KEEFE, Abel HMS Neptune 19/12/41
JX246694 AB KEEPING, Chesley HMS Broadwater 08/10/41
JX216749 OS KELLOWAY, Pearce B HMS Veteran 26/09/42
JX173292 OS KELLY, Peter LIMS Fortan 02/12/40
JX202021 OS KELLY, Ronald HMS Lewes 23/04/41
JX191522 OS KELLY, Samuel HMS Galatea 15/12/41
JX221003 OS KENNEDY, Mervil C HMS Manistee 24/02/41
JX230117 AB KENNEDY, Richard Augustine FIMS Snapdragon 19/02/42
JX315763 OS KENT, Peter Kevin HMS Grove 12/06/42
JX195245 AB KERRIVAN, Bernard HMS St Elstan 10/08/44
JX230144 OS KING, David HMS Heythrop 20/03/42
JX221005 OS KING, Herbert UMS Manchester 25/12/41
JX247977 OS KITCHEN, Frank W HMS Derbyshire 20/03/42
JX315676 OS LAHEY, Robert Joseph HMS Grove 120/6/42
JX188918 OS LAMBERT, Levi George Transylvania 10/08/40
JX181086 AB LANE, Herbert Kitchener HMS Achates 31/12/42
JX220941 OS LASAGA, Michael B HMS Salvia 24/12/41
JX315736 OS LAVIS, Joseph HMS Bedouin 15/06/42
KX98863 Stoker LAWRENCE, Everett ElMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX208953 OS LAWRENCE, George HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX230146 PO LeDREW, Rexford S HMCS Valleyfield 07/05/44
ALX92699 ERM      
JX211560 OS LEWIS, Joseph HMT Capricornus 07/12/40
JX187439 OS LEWIS, Walter Patrick HMS Drake 25/12/42
JX200114 OS LIDSTONE, Albert HM Submarine 514 21/06/42
JX185998 A/S LILLEY, Henry HMS Pembroke 27/01/44
JX247986 AB LINFIELD, William Stephen HMS Dasher 27/03/43
JX316619 A/S LOADER, Francis Conrad HMS Boadicea 13/06/44
JX230209 OS LOCKE, Raymond HMS Europa 19/08/41
JX220944 OS LUFF, Ralph H HMS Manistee 24/02/41
JX188867 AS LUSH, James Malcolm HMS Hunter 28/10/43
JX277302 OS MacDONALD, William J HMT Juliett 07/01/42
JX173315 AB MAHON, James Thomas HMS Dasher 27/03/43
JX217858 OS MAHONEY, Stanley G HMS Rosabelle 11/12/41
JX191530 OS MAIDMENT, Ernest HMS Stanley 19/12/41
KX119013 Stoker MARTIN, Guy K HMS Tweed 07/01/44
JX204808 OS MASTERS, Edmund HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX194562 A/Smn MAY, Esrom HMS Hebe 2[Killed attempting escape P/War Germany] 15/07/43
JX220947 AB McDONALD, Peter HMCS Avalon 14/02/42
JX246616 AB McFATRIDGE, Arthur Rodney HMS Empress of Canada 13/01/43
JX188885 OS McGRATH, Austin HMS Transylvania 10/08/40
JX173344 OS McGRATH, Milton A HMS Thanet 26/01/42
JX220948 OS McKINNON, Allan HMS Manistee 24/02/41
JX2O1730 OS McLENNON, William SS Rosecastle 02/11/42
JX181713 AB McLEOD, Roy B HMS Laurentic 03/11/40
JX195265 OS MERCER, John H HMT Irinovia 02/11/40
KX98866 Stoker MERCER, Philip A HMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX220884 OS MERCER, William HMS Manistee 24/02/41
JX204818 OS MESSERVEY, George H HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX181236 OS MIFFLIN, Reginald HMS Hartland 08/11/42
JX915712 OS MILES, James T HMS Brontosaurus 27/08/42
JX188900 OS MILLER, Albert Lester HMS Victory 03/07/42
JX188384 OS MILLS, Loyal W HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX188931 OS MITCHELL, Hayward S HMS Deptford 20/02/42
JX181319 AB MOORE, Leslie B HMS Patroclus 03/11/40
JX521438 OS MORRISSEY, James Patrick HMS Victory 26/10/43
C/JX186002 AB MORRISSEY, Thomas J HMCS Avalon 30/08/44
JX181116 OS MOULAND, Carl HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX280394 OS MUNDEN, Frederick HMT Kingston Ceylonite 15/06/42
JX246622 Smn MURPHY, James Joseph HMT Asphodel 09/03/44
KX98867 Stoker MURPHY, John J HMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX188930 AB MURPHY, John Joseph UMS Trollope 06/07/44
JX208906 OS MURPHY, William John HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX315713 OS NASH, Aloysius M SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX188839 OS NEIL, Edward F HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX195252 OS NELSON, Leonard HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX173331 OS NEVILLE, Arthur HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX173321 AB NEVILLE, William Joseph SS Lady Hawkins 19/01/42
JX188382 OS NEWELL, Richard HMS Avenger 15/11/42
KX98871 Stoker NEWELL, William HMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX2467l7 Std NOBLE, Wilfred J HMCS Valleyfield 07/05/44
JX173330 OS NOLAN, Edward HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX180987 OS NOLAN, Frederick HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX208965 OS NOSEWORTHY, Gordon W HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX208914 OS NOSEWORTHY, Warwick L HMT Aberonia 07/09/40
JX173346 AB NOSEWORTHY, William L HMS Avenger 13/11/42
JX181095 OS O'BRIEN, Maurice J HMS Forfar 02/12/40
JX181097 Telegraphist O'CONNELL, Arthur HMS Vimiera 09/01/42
JX211445 OS OLDFORD, Augustus A HMS Skudd III 27/08/41
JX204821 OS O'NEIL, Henry HMS Martin 10/11/42
JX280376 OS OSMOND, Isaac G HMT Leyland 25/11/42
JX204796 Smn O'TOOLE, Thomas V HMS Asbury 18/12/43
JX299618 AB PACKWOOD, Harold HMBY Minesweeper 2077 25/10/44
JX246676 OS PARROTT, Edgar T HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX211451 OS PARSONS, Wilfred HMT Strathborve 06/09/41
JX230156 OS PAYNE, Raymond E HMS Walney 08/11/42
JX202008 O S PEARCEY, Raymond HMS Barham 25/11/41
SX31755 OS PECKFORD, Francis CR HMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX246628 OS PENNELL, Bernard HM Armed Drifter Liberty 07/05/41
JX181415 AB PENNELL, Ronald C HMS Teviotbank 19/08/41
JX181293 AB PENNEY, Alphaeus HMS Polvanthus 20/09/43
JX181416 OS PENNEY, Cyril H HMS Forfar 02/12/40
JX220956 AB PENNEY, Maxwell George HMS Magdalene 29/12/42
JX211488 OS PENNEY, Robert HMS Royal Arthur[ Died wounds air-raid Skegness] 22/08/40
JX200121 OS PENNEY, Samuel C SS Empire Clough 09/06/42
JX173360 OS PENNEY, Vincent HMS Avenger 15/11/42
KX98862 Stoker PERCEY, Maxwell C HMS Penzance 24/08/40
JX280518 OS PERRY, Arthur HMS Cocker 04/06/42
JX246678 OS PIERCEY, Frederick HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX202028 OS PIKE, Douglas HMS Palomares 09/11/42
C/SSX26929 AB PIKE, William J HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX246560 AB PITTS, William James HMS Defiance 19/06/43
JX246701 Smn POOLE, Philip Owen HMS Blackwood 15/06/44
JX208990 OS POOLE, Wilfred George SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX280358 OS PORTER, George HMT Leyland 25/11/42
JX299571 OS PORTER, Philip H HMS Cocker 04/06/42
JX181418 OS POWER, Charles Joseph HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX200120 AB POWER, Dermot M HMS Cairo 02/11/41
JX173363 AB POWER, Michael HMS Kent 06/10/41
JX173365 OS POWER, Osborne J HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX212487 OS QUIGLEY, John J HMS Hood 24/05/41
JX277321 OS QUINLAN, Edmund R SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX216824 OS REDDY, Patrick Richard HMS Diamond 27/04/41
JX174393 OS REID, Aaron H HMS Victory 29/09/40
JX211500 OS RENDELL, Augustus William HM Whaler Swona 14/02/42
JX181687 OS RICHARDS, Arthur J HMS Drake 26/08/40
JX174363 OS RICHARDSON, Francis C HMS Quebec 11/03/42
JX208997 OS RIDEOUT, Sidney HMS Rajputana 13/04/41
JX187470 OS ROBERTS, George H HMS Roach Bonnie 07/04/41
JX181665 AB ROCHE, Francis J HMS Laurentic 03/11/40
JX194574 OS ROSE, George S HMS Victory II at Dieppe 19/08/42
JX246636 Stoker ROSS, Malcolm Percy HMS Stalker 12/01/43
JX204787 OS ROWE, Hedley John SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX188B86 OS RYALL, Patrick Joseph HMS Victory [Killed at Dunkirk] 12/06/40
JX181016 AB RYAN, Henry HMS Polyanthus 20/09/43
JX204800 OS RYAN, Michael HMS Drake 21/04/41
JX208975 AB RYAN, Richard HMS Polyanthus 20/09/43
JX181421 OS SAMSON, Thomas HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX315754 Stoker SELLARS, Harold HMT Horatio 07/01/43
JX315755 A/S SEXTON, Harold HMCS Avalon 02/08/45
JX188927 OS SHARPE, William HMS Barham 25/11/41
JX187461 OS SHEA, William HMS Cameron 05/12/40
JX230234 AB SHEPPARD, Fred Marshall HMS Harvester 11/03/43
JX181422 OS SHEPPARD, Gordon K HMS Jervis Bay 05/11/40
JX194712 AB SHEPPARD, Reginald HM LST 422 26/01/41
JX181221 OS SIMMS, Robert Arthur HMS Andania 25/08/40
JX174366 OS SKANES, Lemuel HMS Transylvania 10/08/40
JX246721 OS SMITH, Edward N HMS Newmarket 05/04/42
JX230248 OS SMITH, Roland H HMS Queen Elizabeth 18/01/42
JX315722 OS SMITH, Ronald SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX212489 OS SNOOKS, William HMS Hood 24/05/41
JX220885 OS SNOW, Donald D HMS Manistee 24/02/41
JX2O1t99 L/S SPENCER, Matthew SS Askeaterinni 21/01/44
JX174361 OS SQUIRES, Henry George HMS Scotstoun 13/06/40
JX216722 OS STACEY, Leslie J HMT Strathborve 06/09/41
JX188371 OS STAMP, James Joseph HMS Jervis Bay 05/11/40
JX188370 OS STANSBURY, Cecil HMS Jervis Bay 05/11/40
JX188832 A/S STARES, Euan Meshack HMS Bluebell 17/02/45
JX248051 A/S STONE, Hubert Cecil HMS Victory 15/05/44
JX187456 OS STONE, James A HMS Stanley 19/12/41
LT/JX217864 A/S STRINGER, Isaiah HMT Avanturine 01/12/43
JX181155 OS STUCKEY, Herbert HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX221028 A/S SWEENEY, James Joseph HMS Flash 29/02/44
JX299567 OS SWEENEY, John Patrick HMT Bedfordshire 11/05/42
JX211516 OS SYMMONDS, Garfield C HM Lighter A 2 13/10/41
JX181288 OS TAYLOR, James HMS La Maloune 05/05/41
JX315756 AB THISTLE, Cyril Roy HMS Dasher 27/03/43
JX194581 AB THOMAS, Peter W HMS Fleur de Lys 14/10/41
JX22 1029 AB TOBIN, Peter William HMS Portzic 27/08/43
JX299621 AB TRAVERSE, Anthony Joseph BYMS 8 [Mine Sweeper] 07/05/43
JX181431 AB TRAVERSE, Jabez W SS Lady Hawkins [en route to join HMS Circassia] 19/01/42
JX315679 OS TUCKER, Geo St Claire HMS Grove 12/06/42
JX216686 AB VATCHER, Kenneth HMS Hermes 09/04/42
JX225705 OS VEY, William James SS Caribou 11/10/42
JX194584 OS VICARS, Ronald HMS Victory [Killed air-raid Portsmouth Barracks] 17/04/41
JX246657 L/S WALSH, Patrick Joseph HMT Horatio 07/01/43
JX194587 OS WALSH, Patrick Joseph HMS Fleur de Lys 14/10/41
JX195264 OS WAREHAM, Douglas HMS Calliope 30/09/41
JX280018 OS WARREN, Francis SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX194585 AB WARREN, Lawrence HMS Fleur de Lys 14/10/41
JX218360 OS WEBB, Paul HMS Rooke 01/01/41
JX230230 OS WELLS, Roy Gordon HMS Galatea 15/12/41
JX181178 OS WEST, Joseph B HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX230101 OS WHALEN, John SS Argyle 19/08/41
JX230181 OS WHEELER, Reginald HMS Avenger 15/11/42
JX299639 OS WHEELER, Sidney M HMS Cleopatra 22/03/42
JX248022 Smn WHELAN, Wallace HMS Vervain 20/02/45
JX181437 OS WHITE, Charles L HMS Salopian 19/08/40
JX191515 OS WHITE, Cyril Joseph HMS Stanley 19/12/41
JX202005 OS WHITE, Llewellyn O HMS Cocker 04/06/42
JX202009 OS WHITE, Raymond SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX299664 OS WHITEWAY, William J HMS Cleopatra 22/03/42
JX181438 AB WILLIAMS, Harold SS Lady Hawkins [enroute to join HMS Circassia] 19/01/42
JX299665 OS WINDSOR, Joseph VVH SS Caribou 14/10/42
JX216787 OS WINSOR, Bertram P HMS Neptune 19/12/41
JX246664 OS WISEMAN, Norman L HMS Galatea 15/12/41
JX221036 OS YETMAN, James M HMS Botanic 18/02/42
JX3I6666 AB YOUNG, Cecil Augustus HMS Dasher 27/03/43
JX280375 OS YOUNG, Leo Joseph HMS Rosemonde 22/01/42

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