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Members of the Royal [Newfoundland] Artillery
Surname Listing - T

Date of Death
971027 TAPPER George Augustus Bryant  
971227 TARGETT Peter  
970181 TAYLOR Arthur Wilson  
971564 TAYLOR Charles Frederick  
970251 TAYLOR Edward Northcliffe  
970169 TAYLOR Ernest Chaney  
970980 TAYLOR Gordon Anderson  
970967 TAYLOR John Charles  
970342 TAYLOR Joseph Donald  
970391 TAYLOR Maxwell  
970213 TAYLOR Reginald Garland  
970933 TAYLOR William  
970530 THISTLE Aubrey Ralph  
1158086 THISTLE Bernard  
971679 THISTLE Charles John  
970208 THISTLE David Rudolph  
970394 THISTLE Harris Mosdell  
971883 THISTLE Harvey Bector  
1158281 THISTLE James 25 Feb 2010
971288 THISTLE John Baxter  
971356 THISTLE John Moores  
970550 THISTLE Joseph William  
971535 THOMAS Basil Ludwig  
971125 THOMAS Cecil Augustus  
970106 THOMAS Edgar George  
970343 THOMPSON Alec Raymond  
971137 THOMPSON William Anthony  
1158181 THOMPSON William John  
970837 THORBURN Joseph Bonaventure  
971100 THORNE Frederick Bastow  
971800 THORNE George Robert  
970241 THORNE John Francis  
971944 THORNHILL George Dixon  
971990 THORNHILL Guy  
971083 THORNHILL Russell Birkett  
1158087 TIBBS William Robert  
970401 TILLEY Alphonsus John  
971259 TILLEY Arthur Ray  
971787 TILLEY Francis Franklyn  
970242 TILLEY Franklyn Varney  
1158088 TILLEY Frederick James  
971209 TILLEY Wallace Chester  
1158282 TIPPETT Baxter Eric  
971991 TIZZARD Wallace Francis  
970310 TOBIN Gerald Benedict  
971405 TOBIN James  
1158344 TOBIN Martin John  
970392 TOBIN William Aloysius  
971093 TOBIN William Robert  
971593 TOMPKINS Donald Patrick  
1158346 TOMS Edward Harold  
970154 TOOTON Edward Patrick  
970197 TRAINOR Dermot Edward  
1158089 TRAVERSE Aloysius Ronald  
970273 TRENCHARD John Thomas  
970214 TRENCHARD Walter 29 Jul 1983
971680 TRENCHARD William Thomas  
970999 TROAKE Wilfred  
970320 TUCKER Bertram Wallace  
970321 TUCKER Gerald Calvin  
971569 TUCKER Gordon Edgar  
970690 TUCKER James Brendan  
971536 TUCKER James John  
971884 TUCKER Stephen  
970855 TUCKER Stephen Sylvester  
970442 TUCKER Walter Baxter  
970951 TULK Beaton  
971597 TULK Cyril George  
971065 TULK Freeman  
970210 TULK Harold Donald  
971992 TULK John Joseph  
970908 TULK Ronald Horace  
1158345 TURPIN James Joseph  
970975 TURRETT Leo Francis  

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