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Members of the Royal [Newfoundland] Artillery
Surname Listing - K

Date of Death
971920 KAVANAGH Frederick Francis  
971442 KAVANAGH Gerald Patrick  
970867 KAVANAGH James Joseph  
970718 KANE Arthur Lorraine  
971921 KEAN Cecil Edward  
971396 KEARLEY John Benjamin  
970452 KEARLEY Wesley  
970744 KEARNEY Gerald  
970050 KEARNEY Joseph Francis Kieran  
970956 KEARNEY Richard 09 Jul 1982
970388 KEARSEY Edward Francis  
971745 KEARSEY James Alexander 30 Oct 1986
971402 KEARSEY Lawrence Cornelius  
970853 KEARSEY Lawrence Joseph  
970255 KEARSEY Thomas Joseph  
971652 KEATING Edward Patrick  
971429 KEATING Sylvester  
1158165 KEATS Douglas Bruce  
971551 KEATS Gideon  
970349 KEATS William Stanley  
971015 KIELEY George Augustine  
971283 KELLAND Charles  
970220 KELLOWAY Ralph  
971922 KELLY Bernard Franklin  
1158055 KELLY Bryan Patrick  
971395 KELLY Charles  
970018 KELLY Ernest Frederick William  
970889 KELLY Francis Lewis  
971122 KELLY Frederick Joseph  
970125 KELLY George Edward  
971412 KELLY John Clarence  
1158327 KELLY Philip Edwin  
970429 KELLY Richard  
970412 KELLY Richard Joseph  
970470 KELLY William  
1158253 KENDELL Wilson  
971352 KENEALLY John Francis  
970642 KENNEDY Cyril  
970057 KENNEDY Edward Francis  
971431 KENNEDY Gerald William  
970523 KENNEDY Maurice Joseph  
970761 KENNEDY Michael Francis  
971204 KENNEDY Rudolph  
971363 KENNEDY Terence Edward  
971153 KENNEDY Thomas Bernard July, 3, 1991
970537 KENT James Mary  
970129 KENT Patrick Joseph  
971252 KENT Richard  
970866 KEOUGH James  
970467 KEOUGH Richard Michael  
971974 KILFOY Jerome Francis  
970636 KING Alfred  
971080 KING Allan  
1158254 KING Eleazer  
970226 KING Francis Edward  
971521 KING Frank  
971081 KING George Aaron  
970434 KING James  
1158056 KING James Eldridge  
971040 KING John  
971522 KING John Myril Crocker  
971075 KING Samuel  
970150 KING William Edward  
1158185 KINSELLA David Francis  
970860 KINSELLA Richard  
970045 KIRBY Cyril LeMessurier  
949715 KIRBY Howard Clifton  
971289 KIRBY Isaac  
971997 KIRBY Roy Garfield  
971387 KIRBY John Thomas  
971166 KIRBY Wilbert Clifford  
970087 KIRBY William  
1158054 KNEE Seymore  
949589 KNIGHT Geoffrey Clinton Hewett  
117690 KNOWLING G.R.O.  
970107 KNOWLING Jack Uphan  
970964 KNOX Frank  
1158187 KNOX Leo Francis  

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